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So, going by show canon, Berry's actually a huge bitch? Damn, she's too cute.

[Cerise is they type of person who is really nice and supportive….if you are also nice and respectful to her and her family/friends! If you are NOT then…lets just say that Cerise can and WILL get what she wants. She can become very scary at times when people are rude to her family/friends. a basically ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ because if you dont, she can deliver it right back at ya 10x]

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I love seeing your fangirling over holby city lady it's so cute, but I just saw your post about Michelle Gomez, do you only like older women haha :P this is a joke but I worded it awkwardly but it's anonymous and I'm sending anyway okay bye

bless u nony lmao honestly you’re a saint if you’re still here after all my gay holby yelling

also i wish i was joking when i say that i don’t fancy anyone unless they’re like, at least 35. this is……  a problem™