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Thanks to @you-had-me-at-e-flat-major I wrote a piece that sounds like like how the worst burrito I’ve ever had tasted in b# minor.

Unfortunately musescore wouldn’t allow me to use 9 sharps so here you have my beautiful handwriting.

Just a quick post to let people know that I’m fine and all my family and friends are too. My brother was on his way to the place where the attack took place, but thank fuck he hadn’t gotten there yet.

I’m back home and will come back to blogging soon. Best wishes and hugs to everyone in Barcelona. Stay safe!

you know when you appreciate two friends separately and then when you’re all together you realize that one of them cares way more about the other friend and you just want to jump out the window and never experience that feeling again


I was originally going to save this name for a Brendon smut but what better name for Part II of Praise than Hallelujah?
Pairings: Churchboy!Joshua Dun x Fem!Reader
Warnings: tipsy and touchy on communion wine aka underage drinking, car sex, slightly less praise kink, just two young kids living life
Word Count: 2.8k

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         Friendly reminder; Toshiro is A N T I S O CI A L, he doesn’t like to engage in irrelevant discourses.  He  is  B L U N T,  he will say  what ‘s on his mind whether  it is harsh or not.  He  isn’t F R I E N D L Y, he will not hesitate to use brute force when deemed necessary. He isn’t A F F E C T I O N A T E,  physical contact  repulses him unless it is given by Hinamori … And even then he’ll generally respond angrily.  Therefore, he will react coldly to any such gestures. He’s a W O R K A H O L I C, he will fulfill his duties no matter the length he must strive.

                 In other words; He is N O T a teddy bear. He is to be T A K E N seriously.

Fun fact about CA-

one of his fears is glitching out, or doin anythin of that glitching thingy

Despite all the bull he speaks and says of death he’s still p scared of it, but even more terrified of being a glitch or glitching, because you aren’t dying, you are disappearing to nothingness, and the thought of that honestly terrifies him-


Summer job photo album pt.3

And here we see Nila being a cat even more than usually. That character was a shaman linked with her spirit animal so closely that she started to show its physical features. Her name was Ai and she was over a thousand years old and too powerful. And had tiny ears made from space-buns :)

@niylah ily too 💚
@scarmander @ginamarti-n thanks! I am glad you like it