that night i knew the exact order of cosmo clock's light plays

Astrosparkles: Its epic shit time

Just stumbled onto this one and couldnt agree more! Honestly been some huge waves of energy hitting us but for me its been generally postitve and motivational so it isnt necessarily bad but moreso powerful!


Approach With Caution.

The next 3 days - and hey, let’s just include the last few in there as well for good measure - have a real edge to them. A Real Edge.

What we’re experiencing now is Energy Overload. Actually - and I can’t stress this enough - it’s ENERGY OVERLOAD. And even if you’re not feeling it yet, the person next to you most likely is. So use of the hazard lights is advised.

The reason for this overload is quite simple - MARS is now activating that JUPITER/PLUTO trine. And while I will stick to my guns regards the Window Of Wonderful that is that Jupiter/Pluto trine, there is a side entrance here which we need to take heed of.

On any given day, Mars is the Great Activator. Mars is about energy, action, activity - and, in his darker essence, he’s about anger and war.

When Mars meets Pluto in an aspect, it signals energy overload, regardless of the aspect. As I noted recently, Pluto is the higher octave of Mars - so where Mars is energy and action, Pluto is transformation - and where Mars is anger, Pluto is rage.

This energy, which exacts in just over a day but is well and truly being felt right now, has the potential to do great things - if channelled properly. It’s a trine - but don’t make the common mistake of associating a trine aspect with *good* - as I say to anyone who asks if something is *good* or *bad*, define *good*. Or *bad* for that matter.

Yes, trine energy is often associated with the nice or beneficial stuff - but just as easily - and there’s the key word - it’s an aspect that happens easily. Almost before you know it. Which is why trine energy can often be the most easily overlooked. Because it can be taken for granted. Or just happens.

In this case, there’s no overlooking - there’s too much energy on offer. Some of it is volatile, some of it is powerful, most of it is in-between there somewhere. And, with Jupiter in the mix - Mars exacts his conjunct to Jupiter at 14deg11 Virgo in 3 days - it all gets Bigger than Big. To the point of Overload.

You might think this shouldn’t be happening in Earth Signs, usually the grounding element of the Zodiac - but it’s almost the opposite - because releasing this powerful combination is actually more difficult in Earth than it is in Fire, Air or even Water. It could feel like the need to lash out, exercise madly or something in between - I recommend walking on earth in barefeet where possible.

I had a real example of this energy last night. Actually, yesterday was quite the crappy, surreal and ungrounded day for me but then I’m right in the midst of this energy, with my natal Jupiter at 13deg Taurus meaning it’s (a) a Grand Trine for me, (b) I’m Mars ruled via Ascendant and © I’m Mercury ruled via Sun Sign. This energy has me in its cross hairs.

So last night, while waiting for a taxi, we got to the street at the same time as someone else. There was a little confusion as to who had hailed the cab that stopped first, but the other person (a he) was fine to give it to us, and I put my friend in the cab and on her way and waited for another to come along. When it id, I asked this guy if he wanted it - it was the polite thing to do, or so I thought. His retort - and I quote - was, “do I look like a dickhead, do I have dickhead written on my forehead?” In the split second before the words “well, you didn’t before you opened your mouth” came out, I clocked Mars/Jupiter/Pluto - and just politely smiled. And got in the cab. At the time I knew it was the right thing to have done, much as I wanted to say the rest - in hindsight, it’s absolutely the best thing I could have done.

We are sitting on tinderbox energy - and we will be for the next few days. Don’t be fooled by it being in Earth Signs. Channel and use it wisely, and there are powerful possibilities and opportunities in play to be used. Succumb to it and fear, isolation, rage and desperation are all symptoms. 

In the midst of it all, we have a VENUS/NEPTUNE opposition (exact in 2 days) which will provide little relief, particularly if a heart felt dream or desire is not panning out the way you want. In fact, it could just fuel it all. 

The important thing to remember through all of this is that it’s a Test. Remember the first piece on Jupiter/Pluto - it held a very clear message. Nothing comes from Nothing. In order to get the goodness from this energy, you will need to work it. Here’s the First Real Test. 

So, 3+ days of potential squirm, self-doubt, energy overload and the rest - and also 3+ days of becoming very deliberate about what you want, what’s working & what’s not - and what you need to do to embrace your power and move forward. 

It’s Epic Shit Time.

I’m off to Tasmania tomorrow for a few days, so may well be off-line through this energy, but this should be enough background to get us all through. Once it’s complete, we actually have a bit of a break. Once again, the Cosmos tests us, and then let’s us take on the lessons, sit with the energy and reflect before moving on. I love how this works time and time again after big energy.

The MOON is currently in SCORPIO - so well and truly feeding into the “fear factor” this energy may be prodding - and will move into SAGITTARIUS in a day and a half. Normally that would signal a big lift - the side note is that she will of course then be ruled by Jupiter, who is in the midst of all the action. So actually, no relief from her - but perhaps a different (and dare I say more optimistic/uplifting) take. 

On every level then, this is energy overload - perhaps the saving grace coming from the SUN in LIBRA - so our core energy, doing its best to stay balanced and in equilibrium.

It’s a long update, it’s a Big Energy. It’s getting hot in the Cosmic Kitchen, Sparklers.

This energy holds all sorts of possibilities - and all sorts of consequences. Don’t let your buttons be pushed. Take the high road, take control, make it count - and take care. More Power To You. And Me smile emoticon ~ AstroSparkles