that night i fell off the bed

Jet Lag

Cute & cuddly Harry :)

You had just finished your post-workout shower when you made your way into your shared bedroom to go to bed. It was already late and you had an early morning, so you were surprised to see Harry still sitting up in your bed with his jeans on.

“M'sorry, baby. Jet lag is killing me, I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight.” He sighed.

You shrugged nonchalantly, choosing not to think about spending another night with Harry tossing and turning.

“You’re not tired at all?” You asked, slipping the rings off your fingers and unclasping your necklace.

“I fell asleep while you were shopping earlier. I’ve been tryin’ to get my sleep schedule back on track, but I jus’ can’t seem to make it work.”

You nodded understandingly and slid your glasses on. He’d been halfway around the world- twice- within the past week and you felt like you owed it to him to keep him company during his sleepless nights.

“I’ll try to stay up a little longer, maybe you’ll get tired by then.”

He opened his mouth to protest, but you shook your head at him as you grabbed your book off the shelf. As soon as you sat down, he pulled you close to him and tucked you into his side.

You’d only read a few pages when you began to feel his eyes practically staring holes in his shirt you were wearing. After a few more minutes of attempting to concentrate, you closed your book and set it on the nightstand.

“Need something?” You grinned playfully up at him and he laughed in return.

“No, just thought you looked cute, s'all.” He shrugged, and kissed the top of your head.

You could feel your eyes starting to get heavy, but you didn’t want to drift off to sleep and leave Harry’s presence just yet.

“You don’t have to leave again for a while, do you?” You asked, wide eyed as the possibility of him flying across the world again crossed your mind. You were relieved when he shook his head.

“I’ve gotta be in London next week for somethin’, but I was hoping you could travel with me for a bit.” He smiled, pushing a few stray hairs out of your face as they fell from your ponytail.

You smiled at the thought. There was nothing better than traveling with Harry, because he was always sure to show you around places he’d been before and explore all the places he hadn’t. You were relieved when you concluded that your schedule was clear enough to go with him.

“Of course I’ll go, H. Not sure I can keep up with the jet lag though, hm?” You giggled, snuggling closer and letting the warmth of his body soothe you into shutting your eyes for a few more seconds.

“S'alright. I won’t mind you falling asleep on me… kinda like you are right now.” He joked.

“Hey, m'not asleep!”

He laughed and rubbed your arm gently, settling himself against the pillows so you could be more comfortable.

“Go t'sleep, angel.” He prodded you gently, even though your eyes were still fighting to stay open.

“No… I’ll stay up with you, I promise..” You drawled.

“Don’t have to do that, love. I’ll still be right here when you wake up.” He said, but he hoped that by the time you woke up he’ll have gotten a little sleep.

It’s almost like you were waiting for his affirmation that he’d be okay waiting up alone, because you were out like a light as soon as he pulled the blanket over you.

Before he turned on the TV and muted it, he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek, muttering one last “I love you” before he let you sleep peacefully.

It’s My Job- Lin x Reader

I’m not putting any warnings, because if period talk bothers you, you need to be educated on the female body. 


You were laying on the bed cramping when the bedroom door opened. Your husband of six years rushed into the room, barely looking up until he saw you still in bed.

“Morning, (Y/N). You feeling okay?” His hair fell against his shoulders, slightly wavy from where his hair band had been the night before. Stubble adorned his cheeks, and the ever-present bags under his eyes were a light purple. He stripped off the t-shirt he wore to bed and tossed it in the hamper before crawling over the bed to you.

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Dammit Scott - Theo Raeken Imagine

Based on this

Warning: suggested smut,shook scott mccall and hot Theo 

A/N: enjoy x

Theo and I decided tonight was the night we’d move our relationship to the next level. Theo began kissing me more passionately to which i melted into I fell back onto the bed and took off my shirt leaving my pants and my bra on, Theo looked at me and took off his jacket revealing he had nothing underneath. 

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Theo moved toward me and climbed onto the bed making it dip, “Baby i’m gonna tear you apart tonight” he groaned I giggled, he grabbed my waist and made me squeak. Theo kissed my lips then moved down my neck leaving love bites I felt his hardened member on my thigh so I lowered my hand to touch him making him growl. I lifted myself up so Theo could remove my bra,he was about to when Scott walked in “y/n mom’s n- OH MY GOD!” Scott was shocked 

“Scott!” I shrieked getting Theo’s jacket and zipping it up “Dammit Scott” Theo groaned in frustration

“Um” Scott coughed then realization hit him his face became serious “Theo get away from my baby sister!” Scott’s eyes turned red so I quickly got up to calm him “Scotty,Scotty calm down” I was afraid to touch him out of fear of him lashing out “Scotty nothing happened, hey look at me” I calmly told him but Scott just kept glaring at Theo.

“Scott I didn’t mean to upset you” Theo finally spoke “but calm down okay” Theo pleaded “Scotty please” I hugged him not caring anymore if he would hurt me or not. Scott held me back meaning his was back to normal I pulled away to check his eyes and they were back to brown “I-I’m sorry guys didn’t mean to do that” he scratched behind his neck as Theo stood beside me “that’s okay Scott” I smiled “I’ll be out of the house Stiles and I are hanging out so I’ll be out of you hair” he smiled back “Mom’s working late that what i came here to say” Scott informed me “okay thanks”.

Scott left the house soon after but not before telling Theo to take care of me or else. I turned back to Theo smiling and pushing him to my bed “where were we” I kissed him then sucked a deep purple hickey on his neck,Theo flipped me over so i was under him “oh that’s how it was” I smiled “yup this is how it was” Theo smirked kissing me again. 

This was going to be fun.


morning, winchester

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader

Summary: you and the morning not a good combination.

A/N: Im not a morning person at al and really not today. It is Friday and I almost fell asleep in the class. I hope you guys like it

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You and mornings are not a good combination. You hate the morning and really when you need to get up soon. This time you needed that for a hunt. Last night you sat up late because you needed to find something for the hunt. You said it going to be a half hour but it became 3 hours. You brothers knew that you hate mornings and that is a good reason to bother you.

You were lying in your bed still sleeping. You knew that you alarm get off soon but still you keep your eyes close. 15 min later you alarm goes off and isn’t it you phone than it was already smash in the wall. You turned it off and goes to the bathroom. You showed and everything and chanced in your clothes. You wanted to stay in your sweat pants and your over size dean t-shirt but yeah monster don’t kill them self.

You goes to the kitchen where your brothers where. Dean and Sam where eating cereals and looked info about what you were going to hunt. You grabbed your cereals and eat it next to dean. You knew that in every second dean or Sam is going to say something how tired you looked.

“hey Y/N/N, you look tired. Did you sleep last night?” dean said. You looked him in the eyes and turned back to your cereals.

“oke, sorry, grumpy.” Dean did the same and continue eating.

The whole day you were feeling a little of because you really tired. The hunt was done and you and your brothers rode back to the bunker. On the way you were feeling you eyelids feeling heavy and before you knew it you fell asleep. Dean saw that you were sleeping on the backseat from the impala.

“hey, look behind you. Miss grumpy fell asleep. She was really tired.”

“she was a little off to. I think of exhausting.” Sam said.

You where arrived at the bunker. Sam scooped you up from the backseat and walked to your room. He placed you on bed.

The next morning you waked up in your bed. You didn’t want to but you need to help your brothers. You finally get out of your back and walked to the kitchen. Sam and dean where sitting on there original place and eating cereals.

“hey sleepyhead, you can go back to sleep.” Dean said. You looked confuse he never said that to you.

“what? Why? I need to help you guys even when I’m tired.”

“no you get in your bed now and get some sleep. You looked terrible yesterday. You slept the whole ride back. You get to your bed now and get you sleep.” You didn’t hesitate because it is dean and you really want no trouble with him.

You get to your bed and fell asleep. You always love your brothers when they were worried about you and that are family for.

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Mysme imagine for RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who talks in their sleep? And not cute murmuring, like scary muttering and night terrors. Tysm! ;v;

bruh night terrors sound absolutely horrifying and i do not wish that upon anyone :< this ended up being more centric on the concept of night terrors and less of sleep-talking >< sorry about that



  • nearly fell off the bed when you suddenly sat upright in bed and started screaming
  • he immediately scrambles back onto the bed and asks what’s wrong 
  • you’re not responsive though, you’re just sitting there trembling and crying
  • at this point he’s ready to cry because he has no idea what to do
  • runs to turn on the lights (and grab a box of tissues)
  • will try to wipe your tears as carefully as he can without startling you 
  • but halfway through you suddenly go quiet, lie down, and fall back asleep
  • he’s crouched on the bed with a wad of tissues wondering if he imagined the whole thing
  • quietly gets off the bed, covers you with the blankets, turns off the lights, and steps out of the room
  • frantically calls zen to relay what happened and ask for advice
  • zen has no idea what happened, but helps in searching what it could’ve been and they both come across night terrors
  • now yoosung’s crying because he can’t believe you have to deal with such a terrible thing and zen’s too tired to deal with this
  • he tells him to go to sleep and talk to you tomorrow morning
  • you’re horrified when he brings it up the next day and apologize that he had to see that
  • it’s something you’ve been dealing with lately, but you never remember when it happens
  • he declares that he’ll be your hero and help you through it though
  • cause no one should go through that alone
  • now whenever you get the occasional night terror, yoosung immediately sits up and waits for you to calm down just a bit before carefully pulling you into a hug
  • whispers “you’re going to be okay. i’m here” in your ear until the episode passes and you fall back asleep in his arms
  • you always know when you’ve had a night terror because when you wake up, he’ll already be in the kitchen trying to make breakfast


  • when he first heard you screaming, he thought someone was breaking into the house
  • leapt out of bed and grabbed one of his bedside trophies it was a sculpture of him, ready to fight someone
  • when he was fully awake, he realized it was just you and him in the room, except you were definitely not fine
  • instantly gets back into bed and gently grabs your shoulders, trying to get you to focus on him
  • tries to wipe your tears away with his sleeve 
  • you aren’t responding and he’s ready to full-on panic when you take a deep breath and fall back asleep
  • he sits there baffled and terrified, still holding you up
  • aggressively cuddles you for the rest of the night
  • you wake up completely tangled in his arms and you actually have to fight to get out
  • he wakes up at the movement and immediately starts fretting and asking what’s bothering you
  • you have no idea what he’s talking about until he mentions what happened
  • you’re embarrassed it happened in front of him, but you tell him it’s something that happens once in a while and that it should go away on its own when there’s an episode
  • he’s upset when you suggest that you can sleep in a different room so he doesn’t have his sleep disturbed
  • insists that he’ll stay near you and comfort you whenever it happens even if you’re not actually “awake”
  • every time you have night terrors now, you wake up buried in his chest
  • he’ll dote on you extremely for the rest of that day prepare for endless cups of tea and hugs/kisses


  • the concept of sleep is foreign to her so she’s still at her desk when you had a night terror
  • she ran over when you started screaming, thinking you saw another spider or bug
  • but you’re just there trembling under the covers and mumbling something
  • assumes it’s a nightmare and gently tries to jostle you awake
  • she’s confused cause it looks like you’re awake, but you won’t respond to anything
  • panic starts settling in her stomach but she focuses on trying to make out what you’re whispering
  • but halfway through you go quiet and she realizes you’re asleep again
  • well there goes any chance for her getting an ounce of sleep after that
  • abandons work and spends the rest of the night searching up what might have been affecting you
  • you’re surprised in the morning when you see she hasn’t left for work
  • even more surprised when she says she requested a day off jumin was shook at how adamant she was
  • you think she just wanted to rest but then she’s suddenly sitting on the bed and going through a list of possible causes for your nightmares
  • you’re like “nightmares???” and she mentions what happened last night
  • you’re reluctant but you tell her it’s actually night terrors and she’s like “wut”
  • she needs a few more minutes to go and research what that is
  • offers that she’ll look up some places to try and make them better but you tell her you’ve already tried them before, and they should improve with time
  • she’s not really on board with letting them be, but trusts your decision
  • you have the occasional night terror since then
  • when they happen, she gets up from her desk and sits by your bedside holding your hand until it ends
  • will then wipe your tears and adjust your blankets before going back to work
  • except she’ll bring her laptop on the bed with her so she could be near you


  • he didn’t even know the feeling of fear existed in him until he heard you having a night terror
  • bolts up in bed and immediately turns on the lights
  • you’re sitting up in bed, head between your hands and mumbling something between sobs
  • like jaehee, he thinks it’s a nightmare and instantly goes to carefully grab your shoulders and let you know he’s there
  • “my love, it’s just a bad dream. wake up.”
  • you haven’t moved from your position, the crying reduced to ragged breathing, but you make no indication you heard him
  • he slightly freaks out yet another emotion he didn’t know existed and sits helplessly while he tries to figure out the best way to approach the situation
  • when you suddenly fall back asleep, he carefully places you back down and immediately calls someone
  • you wake up in the morning to quiet talking from the kitchen, and see it’s jumin and another man sitting at the table
  • the man’s jumin’s personal doctor, and he says that he was called to attention by a severe nightmare you seemed to be having last night
  • oh god that’s embarrassing you apologize for causing a scene but jumin’s having none of that
  • he wants to help you with it, since he wants you to be nothing but happy
  • you eventually tell the doctor it’s night terrors though, and that past treatments have only helped slightly
  • the doctor suggests talking to a psychologist for further information, since this is more their field
  • jumin gets a psychologist to his house in less than five minutes
  • the psychologist suggests that some sort of psychotherapy might help, and to make sure you’re getting enough sleep
  • jumin literally escorts you to bed every night now and makes sure you’re tucked in at a proper hour
  • one time he was on a business trip so he had one of his guards order you to go to bed talk about awkward
  • pulls you into a hug every time you have a night terror and showers you with kisses until you fall back asleep
  • he usually stays awake a bit longer after that just watching you and making sure you’re fine
  • if you thought he was possessive already get ready cause that wasn’t even his final form


  • being one that hardly sleeps, he’s busy on his computer when you’re screaming from the other room
  • heart literally drops to his stomach and he books it for your bed
  • completely panics to see you crying and shaking
  • he doesn’t even know if he should touch you
  • does an awkward pace-like run along the perimeter of the bed while he tries to figure out how to approach you without making things worse
  • when you go quiet, he finally chances a step and reaches for your hand
  • he’s about to ask what’s wrong when you promptly lie back down and fall asleep
  • actually so upset because he barely did anything to help
  • he could do everything he could to keep you physically safe, but not when it comes to something inside your head
  • ignores his work obligations and spends the rest of the night lying in bed and holding you close against him
  • you’re shocked in the morning to see him in bed for the first time in like so long
  • then you’re worried at how serious he looks before he sits you up and asks what kind of nightmare you had last night
  • looks terrified when you say it was probably a night terror cause wtf the name itself sounds horrifying
  • you have to urge him to not worry and get back to work since he has a deadline for tonight
  • even then, he’ll send you a funny picture or cute cat video every so often to brighten your mood
  • programs his robot cat to waddle into your room and say “i love you” 
  • but whenever there’s a night terror, he without fail runs to your room and hugs you for the rest of the night


  • he doesn’t even think, his body immediately moves to grab you when he hears you screaming
  • his first priority is getting you to calm down and not be afraid
  • will sit there hugging you and caressing your head for as long as it takes for you to fall asleep
  • afterwards he’ll lie down in bed again with you, but he can’t fall asleep
  • so he just closes his eyes and listens to your breathing
  • you’ll wake up to him giving you a warm cup of tea
  • he’s reluctant on bringing it up because it seems like a touchy subject, but does so because he’s concerned
  • even when you tell him they’re probably the night terrors you get once in a while, he’s pretty calm about it
  • of course, he’s worried, but he doesn’t want to panic and make you feel anxious
  • says he’s willing to do whatever you want in terms of how you want to treat it, even if you say that they should improve on its own
  • this angel never complains whenever your night terrors wake him up in the middle of the night
  • it’s the same routine of hug, comfort, and then tea in the morning
  • you feel terrible about it since you never remember it happening, but he says he’d rather be able to help you through it instead of having you go experience it alone
  • whenever you feel really exhausted from an episode, he’ll laze around in bed with you and show you his old photo albums since they always calm and relax you


  • at first he doesn’t even react because he thinks the screams are from one of his own nightmares someone hug this poor child
  • but he eventually realizes they’re coming from you 
  • he was used to nightmares, but for some reason it felt even more painful when he saw it happening to you
  • he’ll go to wake you up, although he’s a bit more aggressive about it since he wants to stop the nightmare as quickly as possible
  • he’ll shake your shoulders a bit, he’ll call your name loudly, but you still don’t respond
  • it’s almost a bit haunting to see you staring blankly at the blankets with tears streaming down your face because it reminds him of his past self
  • and it bothers him to no end
  • he doesn’t react much when he realizes you fell back asleep, he’ll quietly lie you back down
  • except he ain’t sleeping anymore
  • you wake up and he’s sitting cross-legged next to you
  • why is he glaring did you kick him in your sleep 
  • “uhhh, saeran…? whatever i did, sorry?”
  • “do you always have nightmares like that?”
  • you’re confused as to why he’s persistently asking about the cause of your nightmares until you realize they’re probably the night terrors
  • he frowns even more when he hears your explanation, since it seems like there’s nothing you can do to immediately stop them
  • “so you just let these happen?”
  • “i never remember them, though… maybe they’ll go away if you buy me a teddy bear to chase the night terrors away, saeran~”
  • “stop that, you’re not a kid”
  • you laugh and apologize again for waking him up, and say that you can always sleep somewhere else if it becomes too bothersome for him
  • he gets so salty that you’d even suggest such a thing oops
  • the second time you wake up in the middle of the night with a night terror, he’ll awkwardly pull you against his side and rub circles on your back until you fall back asleep
  • that morning you wake up to pans clattering in the kitchen and a brown teddy bear propped up next to your pillow
  • saeran got lots of hugs that day he’d act annoyed about the barrage of physical contact, but you note he never made a move to escape your hold

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Natsu lucy 53 😼 challenge

I guess this is alright. I’m trying to get back into the hang of writing. Is this even a drabble? Hope you like it!

53. “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!”

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

Lucy woke up for the third time that night. She’d tried everything to get a full night’s sleep, but for some reason, it was eluding her. The first time she woke up, she went to the bathroom and fell asleep after she was comfortable in her bed once again. The second time she woke up, she had become too hot. After stripping off her pajama pants and sticking one leg out from under her comforter (the demons could drag her away if they wanted to), she fell asleep once again.

This time, she was startled from her sleep. In her dream, someone was knocking on her door, and she was trying to find a way to escape. Once the door burst open, she woke up.

Suddenly, there was a loud tapping noise coming from the other side of her bedroom. Lucy rolled away from it, gripping her chest from the heart attack she nearly had. Perhaps it wasn’t just her dream…

Quietly slipping out of her bed, Lucy grabbed her cell phone and pepper spray, ready to spray the burglar while also calling the cops. She tiptoed over to her window where another onslaught of tapping occurred, and quickly drew back the curtains, pepper spray in attack position.

She screamed when she noticed her pink-headed friend crouched on her windowsill, finger perched to tap again if she hadn’t answered. He greeted her with a large, toothy grin, and then his eyes slowly slid down from her face.

Lucy was suddenly very aware that she wasn’t wearing pants.

She screamed again and drew the curtains closed, sprinting over to where her pajama pants were in a heap on the floor from when she’d previously removed them.

After properly dressed, she stomped over to the window again. From behind, Natsu was shouting, “Luuuucy! Come back and let me in!” She yanked the curtains back once again, halting his shouting.

“Lucy, there you are!” His grin returned. “Open up!”

Reluctantly, Lucy slid her window open. Grabbing Natsu by the collar, she yanked him in and quickly shut the window and curtains behind him.

“Ouch, why so violent?” Natsu asked. “Well, I guess you’re normally pretty violent. But not so much as Erza. She’s—”

“What do you want?” Lucy growled, sleep deprived.

“I’m hungry,” Natsu explained, cheesy grin in place. “I figured you’d want to come with me to get some ice cream. Let’s go!”

Lucy’s eye twitched. “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!”

“Me!” Natsu proclaimed proudly. “It’s like you barely even know me.”

“I’m not going,” Lucy said, crawling back into bed.

“But Luuucyyyy,” Natsu whined, crawling over to her bed. “You love ice cream!”

“I also love sleep,” she said, pulling the covers up further.

“Well, if you’re not going to go with me, you could at least scoot over.”

“What?” Lucy asked, but before she could fully process what was being requested, Natsu easily slid her over and crawled under her blankets. “Natsu!”

“For someone who wants to go to sleep, you sure are loud,” he complained, digging a finger in the ear Lucy yelled in.

“Get out of my bed!”

“Will you go get ice cream with me?” 


“Then no!”

Lucy groaned and rolled over, attempting to bring all the blankets with her so he would have none. She failed.

“I just wanted to hang out with you…” she heard Natsu mumble behind her.

Sighing, Lucy rolled back over and rested her head on his shoulder. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt for him to stay one night if he truly just wanted to be with her.

“You know, bunny panties suit you.”

Maybe it would hurt. It would especially hurt when she kicked him off of the bed.

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“Hey Cas, stay please?”

Cas stopped at the door turning back to you.

“Of course, I’ll sit in the chair and watch over you.” You had just gotten back from an especially bad hunt, and you didn’t want to be alone.

“No, umm lay next to me.”

You pulled the blankets aside to let cas in. He pulled off his coat, and his shirt walking over to the bed.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’m right here”

So that night you fell asleep in Cas’ arms feeling better than you ever had

Harlivy One-shot

so i finally got around to writing a one-shot for harley and ivy

enjoy :) 

Title: The Punch Line 

Pairing: Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy 

Summary:  “Three weeks ago, it had started off the same as always. Like every other night the Joker got to be too much, Harley showed up at her doorstep with nothing but the clothes on her back and mascara running down her cheeks.”

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Random reminder that your eyes are like starlight.

I misread this this morning when I woke up and thought you said “random reminder you are straight” and I just about fell out of my own goddamn bed in outrage, let me tell you. 

I’m pretty sure you don’t know what my eyes look like (if you did, I’d be concerned) but the fact you think they look like starlight regardless is a beautiful thing, nonnie. A beautiful thing. 

P.S. I’m very sure Stiles thinks the same thing about Derek, just saying. Just. Saying. He probably says it one night, when he’s sleepy and drifting off in Derek’s arms, and Derek goes all awkward and stiff until Stiles yawns and says, “night, sourwolf”, all soft and vulnerable, and Derek can’t help but pull him closer and smile. 


Better Angels - Ch. 16

“So,” Lena noted as she shucked her jacket and ‘working’ gear, “Amé seems to be doing pretty well.”

Emily nodded from where she lay on the bed, enjoying the show. “She’s getting better at doing things just because she feels like it, rather than needing a mission or a justification.”

Lena paused to pull her sports bra off, then grinned back over her shoulder. “Like making us breakfast?”

“Like making us breakfast,” Emily agreed with a smile, “she didn’t mention a word of that to me before we fell asleep last night.”

Lena nodded, then paused as something occurred to her. “How’s she been sleeping?”

“Decently, I think. We haven’t shared a bed every night, but she hasn’t woken me up with a nightmare since…hm. Week after you went out, I think.” Emily’s smile turned a bit wicked. “Aside from that, well, you’ll just have to try for yourself and we can compare notes later.”

Lena’s eyes widened. “You…oooo. Sure I can’t hear a few details?”

Emily sat up, running her hand over the sheet. “Are you asking me to kiss and tell, sweet?”

Joining her on the bed, Lena considered that. “Well…I suppose that would be pretty rude.”

Emily leaned in, her arm slipping around the shorter woman’s waist. “It really would. But I think she’d feel comfortable with me letting you know the blue goes all the way down.

Did you know today is World Storytelling Day? I just found out so I thought I’d tell you guys a story…

The other night I was awoken by a loud noise that my sleeping mind imagined was a jet engine but when I opened my eyes was in fact my hairdryer lying on top of me blowing air on me. Completely confused by it being on my chest at the max setting I immediately turned it off and unplugged it. I put it back into my bathroom which is directly across from my bed and crawled back to sleep next to my husband dismissing it as a bizarre incident and nothing more. I fell back asleep.

My eyes shot open as I felt a thumping sensation on my chest. There was a strange neck massager (I don’t own one) vibrating on top of me. This time when I got up to shut the device off it wouldn’t shut down. I reached past my nightstand and yanked the cord out of the wall socket figuring this is the best solution to turn off the faulty device. I unplugged it but it didn’t stop. It continued to vibrate in my hands and that’s when I felt the presence. I looked around my dark bedroom not seeing anything but knowing that something was watching. I started to feel a terror boiling up in my belly as I kneeled on my bed scanning the dark for whatever was staring at me. That’s when I decided that I needed my husband. I turned to him starting to tell him to wake up. He didn’t answer me so I started to shake him yelling WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! He never did. But then I did.

I opened my eyes frozen in my bed. I realized then that I’d been sleeping. I felt my eyelids struggle to stay open as a strange paralysis kept me from moving any other part of my body. That’s when I noticed a strange shape forming in the corner of the room only a couple of feet away from me. It was like watching an invisible shield flicker off. Where there was just a strange distortion of darkness suddenly a being was visible. It hovered in the air soundlessly for a few seconds. Unable to move or speak I couldn’t do anything but watch as it turned with its glowing green eyes to look at the wall behind my bed then drift from the corner of the room into the wall.

When it passed disappeared my body felt liberated and I immediately sat up in my bed. That’s when I saw Loki, my dog, out of his little bed standing on all four paws staring at the space where the being had materialized.

I don’t know what I saw, I could have been hallucinating but what really freaked me out is why my little French bulldog who can sleep through a thunderstorm was awake and looking at the exact spot I saw the being.

Don't Tell Me Its Over

@lclb12 inspired this sequel to my Adam Cole fic All in the Game.​

Your relationship is growing with Adam but then things get serious.

A little smutty, a little fuffy, a little angsty.

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Giving Birth To Your Child

 I got kind of bored last night and this is the result! I hope you like it~ It was fun to write!!!

((For the record, (b/n) a means boy’s name, and (g/n) means girl’s name~))


  Another wave of pain washed over you as a contraction hit you hard. You screamed out with the pain and tensed up, causing your upper body to rise off the hospital bed. After what felt like an eternity, the contraction released you from its painful grip and you fell back onto the bed. You looked up at your husband with a dazed smile as he pushed stray strands of hair out of your face with a worried look in his eyes. He had always hated seeing you in pain. “Don’t worry Tamaki, the contractions are getting closer, so it’ll all be over soon!” He smiled down at you, momentarily reassured. “Then we’ll have our son…” he stated quietly, almost as if in a trance. You smiled widely up at him, excited. “We’re going to be parents Tama!” He nodded at you, looking excited at the concept that was slowly becoming more real.  Another contraction hit, causing you to grip his hand and grit your teeth. “Almost there.” Tamaki mumbled into your adjoined hands, which he had brought up to his mouth.

                                                      ~6 hours later~

  “I SWEAR TO GOD TAMAKI YOU JUST SEE IF I EVER SO MUCH AS LET YOU LOOK AT ME EVER AGAIN!” Everything was in chaos. Tamaki had regressed to only speaking in his native tongue, and you were screaming at him for doing this to you. “AS SOON AS THIS BABY IS OUT, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!” you threatened through yet another contraction. Tamaki was speaking rapidly in French, sounding like he was trying to reassure you, but it wasn’t going nearly as well as he had hoped. “Juste lutter à travers elle l'amour, nous allons avoir un fils!”** he stated,  prompting you to take an, in your opinion, well deserved break from pushing to look up at him in confusion. “If you’re trying to sweet talk me, it won’t work,” Before you could finish your thought, the nurse cut you off, telling you to keep pushing. 

  You gave one last push, and out came your beautiful baby boy. You sighed in relief and collapsed back onto the bed. The nurse handed your baby to Tamaki, and he looked down at your little miracle with tears in his eyes. “He’s beautiful (y/n).” You closed your eyes, overwhelmed with emotion. “Would you like to hold him mon amour?” You nodded, unable to speak past the emotion clogging your throat, and held out your arms for your son. He was handed over to you, and suddenly everything was worth it. All of the pain and suffering you had gone through to get him here made sense, and you would go through all of it again for him. ”What shall we name him?” Tamaki asked you. You thought for a moment, then managed to choke out, “(B/n).”

**Translation: Just fight through it love, we are going to have a son (I got it from Google Translate, I’m sorry if it’s weird. Feel free to correct me~)


  “I don’t wanna. I’m not ready. You know what, I’ll just come back later when I’m ready! Okay, bye guys, thanks for the help!” You went to get up, when a gentle but firm hand pushed you back onto the hospital bed. It was Kyoya, of course. “Relax love. You’ll be absolutely fine. Besides, you can’t leave now, the baby’s almost here.” His words comforted you, but you were still scared. How were you supposed to take care of a baby?! You could barely take care of yourself! Kyoya gently gripped your hand, causing you to look up at him. Seeing his gentle smile helped to calm you the rest of the way. Kyoya. That was how you were going to do this. He was your rock, he grounded you, and there was no doubt in your mind that he was going to be the greatest father ever. With your confidence renewed, you were ready to rock it. “Let’s have a goddamn baby Kyoya!” His smile widened and he laughed softly. “That’s more like it (y/n). You can do this.” Your responding laugh was cut off with a strangled groan caused by a wave of pain from another contraction. Your grip on Kyoya’s hand tightened, and you panted, focusing all your energy on riding the wave. His free hand went up to your stomach, rubbing soothing circles. It felt good, but at the time, it seemed like the worst thing he could do. 

  “Hands off Ootori, before I bite them off.” He smirked, amused by your sudden change in disposition, and lifted his hands up as if surrendering. Well, hand. You still had a death grip on his right hand. “Darling, how am I meant to get my hand off if you refuse to let it go?” You growled in response. Screw his logic. At a time like this? “My hand,” you managed to pant out between waves of pain. He chuckled at your response, but simply nodded. “Very well. Your wish is my command.”

                                                ~2 hours later~

  It was out. Your baby was out. After 4 hours of labor, your beautiful baby was born. “It’s a girl!” the doctor cheerfully announced, as she handed you your daughter. You looked down at her, and tears clouded your vision. She was beautiful. She was perfect. She was so, 100% worth every second. Kyoya leaned over, so you shifted so that he could see her better. “What do you want to name her?” you asked him, still in too much of a daze to name a child. “(G/n).” Kyoya said softly. You smiled lightly and looked down at the baby you were holding, who was cooing softly, looking perfectly content despite having just been born. “(G/n) Ootori. Welcome to the world (g/n).”


  It was time. You were finally going to meet your child. You were incredibly excited! But there was one problem… You had forgotten about the actual giving birth aspect of it. As soon as your water broke, you realized what was coming next, so naturally, you freaked out. “HIKARU!!!!” you screamed. You heard something hit the floor with a thud in the other room, a muffled scream, then you heard footsteps running towards you. “(Y/n)? What’s wrong?” he asked, panting slightly from the shock you had just given him. “My water broke and now we have to go so that I can push a human being out of me!” He paled slightly and froze, but then he snapped to it, nodding rapidly before running around the house like a maniac to get what you needed. He finally procured everything and met you at the door, then helped you to the car.

  You had reached the hospital and had been rushed to a maternity room and were now simply awaiting the actual birth and riding through the contractions as well as you could. During one particularly bad contraction, you opened your eyes and noticed that Hikaru was holding up a phone. You soon put two and two together and attempted to yell at him. “Oh my- HIKARU! Are you TAKING A SELFIE?!” he put down the phone slowly. “No…” he mumbled. You panted angrily. “Why would you do that?” He shrugged. “What if we want to remember this moment?” You glared at him. “There’s no way I would EVER want to remember this moment!” He put his hands up as if surrendering. “Alright, alright. Phone’s away. Just concentrate on pushing love.” You nodded, and breathed out, relaxing before you had another contraction. 

                                                  ~9 hours later~

  “One more push hun, then you can meet your baby!” the nurse encouraged gently. You gave one last push with everything you had, and heard the most beautiful sound ever. The sound of your brand new baby’s cries echoed out of the room. You breathed out in relief and slouched against the hospital bed and closed your eyes as they prepared the baby for you. “It’s a girl!” the doctor announced excitedly. Hikaru was oddly excited, so, being curious, you focused all of your energy on opening an eye and you saw him staring over to where they had taken your daughter, watching carefully with sharp, overly protective eyes. But, once you looked closer, you noticed that he had tears brimming in his eyes. You smiled slightly before closing your eyes. You tugged on his sleeve. “Yeah (y/n)?” With a half smile, you responded. “I want to call her (g/n). Is that okay?” He was quiet for a while, but eventually, you heard him agree. With that, you were asleep.


  You screamed as another wave of pain swept over you. You clenched onto Kaoru’s hand as though it was the only thing tethering you to the bed. This was all his fault. Okay, so maybe not entirely, but you were willing to blame this on him. He got you pregnant. Okay, so maybe you were the one whose idea it was at first to have a baby, but why couldn’t he be the girl?! Okay, you could probably actually blame your dad for that one… But who cares whose fault it actually was?! Kaoru was closest, so he gets the blame. “It’s your fault!” You panted out between waves of pain. “What?” He looked confused. “You did this to me.” You clarified. At that moment, the contraction ended, so you leaned back against the headboard again. “I’m sorry (y/n). But hey, at least we get a baby, right?” You nodded hesitantly. That was one point for him, he did give you a baby… “You’re rig-” 

  You were cut off by yet another contraction. This one hurt more than all of the previous contractions combined. “JUST SEE IF YOU EVER SEE ME NAKED AGAIN HITACHIIN!!” you screamed angrily.  He snorted out a laugh at your proclamation. “Whatever you say baby.” he said, wincing slightly from the pressure you put on his hand, but also looking amused. “No, you think I’m kidding, but like, never! I’m going celibate after this!! No more anything because no!” He laughed aloud at your statement. “Alright (y/n).” You pouted at his laughter. “I’m serious!” He jut nodded, then proceeded to pet your hair as another contraction punched you in the stomach. 

                                                ~3 hours later~

  It was done. You had just successfully delivered a human being. It only took 6 hours too! That was good, because you had heard that it took up to 16 hours for some people. You didn’t think that you could have done that for another 10 hours. The doctor handed you your son. “Look Kaoru! We have a baby!” you said softly. He nodded, speechless and laid his head gently on the resting baby’s head. “What should we call him?” you asked him. He deliberated for a moment, but eventually spoke up. “(B/n).” You smiled, nodding. “(B/n) is perfect.”


  You grunted in pain, cursing whatever whim possessed you to have a baby. You gripped tightly to the hand that was holding onto yours. Being in labor, you decided, was your least favorite thing in the world. “This baby better be worth it!” you grunted out as the pain intensified. Your husband ran a hand through your hair in a soothing manner, hoping to relieve some of the pain you were experiencing in any way he could. But, being in a slightly bad mood because of the pain you were currently experiencing, you were having none of it. “Get your hand out of my hair Morinozuka! I’m giving birth not getting my hair washed!!” He withdrew his hand from your hair, a slight, amused, smile on his face. “It’s not funny,” you insisted, “this is very serious business!” He nodded in agreement, and said “I know (y/n), and you’re doing very well.” You smiled slightly, pleased with the praise. “Thank you!”

                                                  ~7 hours later~

  ‘One more push,’ the doctor had said. She had said that, 5 HOURS AGO! You had pushed too many times for your taste since then, definitely more than one anyhow. But here she was, saying it again. “One more push, then you’ll have a baby!” “No shit!!” you shouted, as you gripped onto Mori’s hand like a lifeline. You screamed in pain, pushing with all of your might, when your screams were joined by the thin cries of your new baby. You fell back against the hospital bed, relieved that it was over. They whisked away your baby, getting her cleaned up and ready for you. “You did it (y/n).” You looked up at Mori, who was looking down at you with a proud look in his eye. He touched the side of your face gently, and you leaned into his touch. “I did.”

  “Would you like to meet your baby Mr. and Mrs. Morinozuka?” came the cheerful  voice of the nurse. You looked up and agreed excitedly. She was passed to you, and it was worth it. Everything you had gone through was worth it, because she was perfect. “Hello (g/n).” You had already decided on the name together before, so you felt well prepared to welcome your new baby into the world. You gazed down at (g/n) as if in a trance, amazed. Looking up at Mori, you noticed he had the same look on his face. You smiled fondly at him. “We made this Takashi. This human being was made by us. We literally, created life.” He chuckled lightly, amused by your statement, but he was nodding. “That we did (y/n)… That we did.”


  You were exhausted. You had been in labor for 15 hours. You were ready for your baby to just get here already. 15 hours was too much time to wait for anyone! Plus, you were starving. You hadn’t eaten anything more than a light snack since nearly 18 hours ago. The nurses said there was no eating while in labor, so you made Honey promise to take you to an Italian place as soon as you were released, Mori had already offered to watch the baby while you ate.His promise was probably half due to the fact that you were screaming in pain while you were asking him, but you knew he liked babies enough to keep said promise. You had made him leave though once your labor had gotten more serious. You didn’t want anyone but the doctors and your husband in there while you were like this.

  You looked over to Honey, hoping for something to take your mind off of the pain, maybe a nice conversation or something. But no. You looked over and you saw him… eating cake. No way. He was not. “Mitsukuni…” you said lowly, in a dangerous tone. He stopped moving altogether, then turned his head towards you slowly, only to be greeted with a dark glare. “Yes (y/n)-chan?” he asked timidly. “What is that?” you growled. “It’s a cake.” You hummed in agreement. “I thought so… And why do you have a cake in here?” He swallowed hard. “Because I was hungry…” You nodded, then closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. “I haven’t eaten in 18 hours. I swear to God, if you don’t get that cake out of here, I will get birth juices all over it!” He paled significantly, then raced out of the room with his cake, screaming apologies.

  3 hours later, you gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. Honey snuck you in some cake after hours, and all was forgiven. <3


  Thank you for reading~ I hope you enjoyed!!

~Ashes <3 xo

Dating Luke would Include...

•"Where the fuck is my hair gel"
•singing you to sleep (omg yes pls)
•his legs hitting your dashboard in the car
•"will you get a bigger car, my legs fell asleep"
•complimenting his legs 24/7
•him trying to teach you how to play the guitar
•"Luke why the fuck is this guitar so long"
•him being longer than your bed
•his legs dangling off your bed
•"can we just fucking cuddle on the floor"
•when you try to steal his sweatpants but they’re too long
•Late night food runs
•You trying to make him go to the mall
•"I’m just going to sit on a bench for 10 hours while you shop"
•you telling him you’ll buy him food
•"sign me the fuck up, let’s go"
•"where’s the food? You promised me food"
•him whining 24/7 at each store you walk in
•him finally shutting up when you buy him food
•"gotta show these people you’re mine babe"


Seth Rollins x reader

Drunk Seth goes to (y/n)’s house and confesses he is in love with her and falls asleep in the couch. Next day he remembers everything. {the final is in your hands}

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Sunday morning thoughts

Fell into bed last night and before falling asleep managed to make two eBay purchases that I’d forgotten about until I saw the emails this morning. Think I’m fighting yet another sinus thing; hoping I can stave it off before it turns into full blown sinusitis.

The husband isn’t working today so we get yet another family day - three in three weeks! How novel and exciting. Some months we’re lucky to get two. (Woes of him working retail).

A whole bunch of my friends are going to this hippy festival camping over Easter. I’ve got FOMO but equally as much as I’d like to go it all seems to hard and anxiety inducing. I’d like to be a family that goes camping. And this could be a way of getting into it. But it would just be F and me (plus whole bunch of my friends and their kids). And I haven’t been tent camping since Easter 2009 (which is the last time we got our tent out - god only knows what condition it’s in), and the last time we went any form of camping was October 2009. It’s in the lead up to our trip too, so I really shouldn’t be spending anything extra. Then I ask myself it really my “scene” and would I fit in? Which is a yes and no because they’re my friends and I grew up as a kid who loved being dirty and went camping (even if it was only in backyards and paddocks) fairly often as a teen. Maybe next year? Urgh.

I can’t believe F is starting school next year. We have to start booking in some school tours, even though we’re 99% sure he’ll go to the one that’s walking distance from our house. Some deep anxieties from my own schooling experience hang around.

Anyway, he’s just jumped on my bed. Time to get up!


when I get drunk I sleep for a very short amount of time before getting restless. The bed pushed me out at 4:30 and I fell deer-legged into the morning. in the night my eyes had swollen shut from cat hair on the pillow and I sat blanketed in a wounded, discarded chair on the sidewalk and waited for my heavy lids to shake off their weight. I exhaled the dust and inhaled spring’s pollen. I gave my body full attention as the open world nursed it, gave sweet and fragrant breath into my lungs, gently pried open my eyes for the blue that was spreading across the sky’s cheek. 6 in the morning now, I’m drinking coffee and watching fat little birds pick yellow blossoms up from the ground. I was at the doctor yesterday and picked up a magazine on pregnancy while I waited. I can’t get my mind off of birth.

Happy Valentine’s Day: Phan Oneshot ^w^

“Dan wake up!”


Phil flopped onto Dan’s bed in exasperation, purposely landing on the lump curled up under the sheets that was Dan.

“Go away” Dan groaned sleepily.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, Dan!” Phil sang.



Dan rolled over, shoving Phil off his bed. He had stayed up late last night —what had he done last night? probably something useless like binge watching a TV show or browsing through memes. Dan sat up begrudgingly, yawning and tousling his mess of curly hair. Then, he turned to Phil who was lit up with a blindingly bright smile.

“Get your happiness away from me, you ball of sunshine,” Dan sneered playfully, pushing Phil’s face away with one hand.

Phil yelped as he fell back but immediately popped back up with a cheeky grin. “A ball of sunshine, huh?” he teased.

“I was being sarcastic,” Dan rolled his eyes, but a smile was already tugging at the corners of his mouth. “You’re blinding me with your good mood. It physically hurts.”

“Get out of bed already, let’s go out today,” Phil pleaded with a pout.

He grabbed Dan’s arm in an attempt to pull him out of bed. Dan resisted at first before going limp and tumbling onto the floor with Phil. Phil’s arm wrapped protectively around Dan’s bare chest as if his first instinct was to cushion his fall. Dan let out a burst of a laugh and twisted around to face his friend, but Phil had already rolled over so that Dan laid on his back, looking up at him. Dan’s heart fluttered, his stubborn attitude completely dissolved. He never quite got over how blue Phil’s eyes were and how beautiful his sweet smile was.

Phil was always amused by how Dan looked at him. From the way Dan’s brown eyes seemed to glow in admiration, you’d think Phil held the universe in his hands, but he was just a simple boy in love. He couldn’t help himself; Phil leaned down and gently kissed Dan. For a moment, time stood still.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Dan,” he said, breaking the ephemeral silence.

Then, he pushed himself off of Dan and walked out of the room as if nothing had happened, calling, “Cereal or cereal?”

Dan sat up, breathless with wonder. His fingers hovered over his mouth, as if touching his lips would wipe away the sweetness of Phil’s kiss.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Phil,” he whispered.