that needs to include benefits

Winter Event—THE WINNERS

DJ Mary was in an impeccable mood.  The lights, the music, the setting… everything was perfect!  In fact, it was going even better than she’d originally planned.  Even the Director was pleased—he even promised a possible promotion!  Aaahh, don’t get too worked up!  It hasn’t even happened yet!  Still, Mary couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.  “I can’t wait to tell Ben!” she squealed.

Patrons milled about the festively-decorated National Park with food, drinks, and their Pokemon.  This holiday season, DJ Mary and her associates—to DJ Ben’s encouragement—decided to celebrate by having everyone together, not just Trainers and potential donors.  The holidays were for everyone, even those that included a benefit for abandoned Pokemon in need.  Maybe with all this added attention, people would spread the word.  Kindess!  Love!  Family!  That’s what the holidays were all about.

So Mary smiled, and laughed, and played the perfect host.  She worked the crowd in ways only she knew how, and at the end of the party she felt like she did a wonderful job.  Breathless, she sat on a bench, taking in the brilliant moonlight above.  Meowzie, her favorite Meowth, came to sit on her lap.  She purred and purred and purred.

DJ Ben, dressed in a ridiculous sky-blue suit, sauntered over to where she was sitting and plopped down beside her.  He massaged her back with a gentle hand.  Mary’s cheeks flushed beet red.  Ben was always good at this sort of thing.  She leaned against him, head resting against his shoulder.  “I really love this time of year,” she told him.

He grinned.  “I can’t imagine why!”

Mary nudged him but laughed, and playfully grabbing his hand.  Squeezed it.  “These winter holidays make me feel at home.  As if what I’m doing means something.  And all the people that came out here tonight…”  She shook her head.  Laughed.  “I never want this feeling to end.”

Ben laughed along with her.  Held her tightly in his arms, held her so she rested against his chest, and his mouth rested in her hair.  Mary flushed.  And in the dim lamplight of the evening, high above the National Park, fireworks exploded, erupting the night in an boomburst of color.

N, LYRA, and ARCHIE—Congratulations!  Your names were the first to be drawn in the raffle.  You may now pick one (1) shiny Pokemon as your very own, so long as it is a Ice-,  Rock-, or Steel-type. There is no need to wait for the other winners to make their pick; everyone can choose whichever type they desire, regardless of what other types were chosen.

CYRUS—Congratulations!  Although you weren’t part of the Top Three winners, you will still receive a prize. Head on over to DJ Mary’s booth at the Radio Tower to claim your reward; she has something very special for you.