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“Well, they think they can just get my brother arrested and get away with it? Bullshit!”
“Hey! Look at me. Look at me! We get back at these guys by winning, you hear me?
Now let’s go out there and win this game.”
“Just give me the ball. …Give me the ball!

UNDRAFTED: Dells & Maz


“What the hell are you guys doing?” You laughed, covering your mouth and having to look away from the screen for a moment to collect yourself.

“We’re obviously doing very important research,” Dean said unconvincingly with a shit eating grin, and Sam nodded along adamantly.

“Yep, very important,” Sam agreed and the two high-fived comically before the camera turned around and suddenly Castiel filled up your phone screen. His eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled, an all too rare sight, and he fidgeted nervously, not sure what to do.

“Hello, Y/N,” Castiel greeted, waving at you cheerily before turning serious. “I’m glad that I have the chance to talk to you, but I must report that they are in fact not doing research. They have been-”

“Hey, man!” Dean cut in, lowering his phone so that you were looking at the ground, listening to them squabble. “You were supposed to go along with it!”

Castiel made an indignant noise, and you could perfectly picture his face. “Dean, you did not inform me beforehand. Deception does not come as easily to me as it does to you.”

“What the hell does that mean?” You sighed and rolled your eyes, setting your phone down on the table and picking up a book to read. You had a feeling this was going to go on for a while. 

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Obligatory Voltron post

Things to like about Voltron: Legendary Defender

  • Shiro. Just… all of Shiro.
  • Allura flinging things.
  • Pidge being snarky
  • Everyone just being ‘oh, ok’ at Pidges reveal and not making it a big deal at *all*
  • Did I mention Shiro
  • Keith and Lance. Ok, I get everyone ships them but as characters, I like how fucked up of a red oni, blue oni team they are. Like, they’re literally red and blue, fire and ice, but their personalities don’t match the trope at all.
  • Hunk is a delight and a voice of reason and I will defend him and his common sense to my dying breath
  • Even the stupid butler is kindof a badass
  • Is he a butler? Wtf is he supposed to be? Is he, like, the prince consort or something?
  • The show actually gets so much better as the season progresses? Like episode 9 is super emotional, and 10 is just amazing.

Things not to like about Voltron

  • Give me my god damned Keith-centric episode! I want to know all the things!
  • I’ve seen the 'form Voltron’ clip, thanks. I know you’re proud of it, just.. that’s about enough of that clip.
  • Also: that’s your season ending?

Being excited about your bias having abs doesn’t mean you only like him because of the abs
It doesn’t mean you want him to starve.
It doesn’t mean you are only interested in his physical appearance.
It doesn’t mean you are a fake stan.
Can’t someone just be just proud of his or her idol?
Can’t I just like him for who he is?
I don’t care if he keeps them or not.
I will love him either way.

My boss went on a rant how entitled Millennials are and how she has friends who think so too but like the first week I was there one girl said her life goal is to have a small but comfortable apartment that she’s paying for on her own, snuggled up to someone with it raining outsidr, with Chinese food on the way. And like 10 interns all agreed that sounded pretty ideal???? Like talk to a baby boomer or a gen xer and they’d at least include owning a house, or like a sports car or something. Like where I the entitled we just want to be paid a living wage, have food, and not be up to our eyeballs in student debt

Between a boss that’s the devil in disguise, an almost certifiable best friend, thousands of social media followers judging her every move, an international popstar by the name of Liam Payne on her tail, and the annoyingly flirtatious and definitely not charming Harry Styles the reason for her every headache, it’s safe to say that Hollis Metcalf is truly beginning to understand why New York is the city that never sleeps.

A tale of late night adventures, an inside scoop of New York’s elite, and sex on every surface imaginable.


we are the foxes, coming later this year.
This guy used over 80,000 old photos to create a Google Street map of New York City in the 1800s
Developer Dan Vanderkam collaborated with the New York Public Library the plot old photos of New York City on an interactive map.
By Nathan McAlone, Business Insider

Oh wow, this is awesome. There goes my weekend. 


Welp hhhh

So for the past few weeks,I thought I wouldn’t be able to stream anymore ‘cause 1:My laptop,Tim,is being a douche bag.And 2:My mic wasn’t working.
Today,I found the settings and realized that my mic was muted the whole time.Never have I thought I would be played by my own tech….

…Guess i’ll be streaming again soon once I get an idea on what to draw!

PS:Sorry for not streaming and promising that I would hhh Reasons why i can’t promise anything hhh

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Some may say I am only doing this, because I am mean, or I enjoy teasing you all - but…I am 99% sure the next bit for Little Decisions is finished! YAY! 

- Happy Dance - 

Let me sit on this for a bit, just to make sure, but I think you’ll all like it. It’s sort of short, but it also has some huge things taking place. I mean huge things! Like major, superduper, uber, massive, gigantic things going down! 


I would like to bring to your attention this and this because One Ok Rock makes some of the best music out there and I still don’t know how the kpop fandom among all fandoms isn’t going crazy over them yet