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hey hey you want some angsty darkstache ideas?? How about: both Wilford and Dark are touch-starved, for obvious reasons (they've both been isolated for god knows how long). In response Wilford is clingy and overbearing, which only amplifies when he gets manic, but Dark's the total opposite. When you're born of hatred and revenge, thrown into a broken body and driven to manipulate others to kill the man that ruined your live(s), being in any sort of relationship is useless at best. Consider. ;>


but seriously, i’ve thought about this a lot because i’m sure both dark and wilford struggle with their mental illness. wilford’s symptoms tend to be more noticeable – the attention-seeking, the need for physical contact, the abandonment issues, etc. so yes, he can be clingy and overbearing sometimes, which clashes with dark’s issues.

dark tends to isolate himself and withdraw from others, deny himself any kind of pleasure and remind himself that he’s a monster, he’s incapable of love, he shouldn’t be loved, etc. so sometimes when wil gets clingy, he becomes agitated and, eventually, unresponsive. i feel like dark often shuts down and becomes apathetic so that he doesn’t take out his anger on wil.

but doing that often just makes it worse because at least dark still responds to him when he’s angry – wil would rather deal with that than be ignored entirely. so it’s something they definitely have to work through. wil makes an effort to respect dark’s boundaries and need for solitude; dark makes an effort to acknowledge wil’s needs and tries not to ignore him too much (or at least warn him if he’s going to shut down).

it’s far from easy, especially because both of them fall into the self-loathing ‘i’m a villain’ mentality. wilford covers it up with denial and memory repression, but the feelings are still there. and while dark seems to embrace it, even flaunts it, that’s just an excuse to not feel guilty when he hurts wil. dark tries to focus on the hatred and need for revenge because it takes the responsibility and pressure off him. how can you be a good person if you’re a monster? you can’t. and so there’s no point in trying. 

TBH i imagine dark truly doesn’t care or feel guilty for seeking revenge, manipulating others, etc. but – and maybe it’s the sap in me – i like to think he has a soft spot for wil and there’s some empathy there for him. like, even if it’s not affective empathy, dark definitely has cognitive empathy. manipulators have to understand how their actions/words effect others, so he’s definitely aware of what he’s doing. whether he cares or not is a different story.

…….sorry for the tangent anon, this is very personal to me and BELIEVE ME i’ve thought about it a lot


2nd batch of requests!

I’m glad that I got a request for the aqua/magma grunt couple from the battle maison area. Those two need more attention honestly :’))

I haven’t seen much on the new samurai jack series, so the request was based on the older version. For Voltron, I’ve caught up with the series, but I don’t normally draw the paladins, so Shiro is a little off.

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I mean people are allowed to feel unhappy or in a slump or whatever and post about it but after every post & 500 replies of validation, they go, thanks everyone for your support it means so much to me, I don’t feel that way anymore. Then two days later you see the exact same post about how bad their art is, just paraphrased. I won’t unfollow them or anything usually but I feel like it means they need to take a break and maybe personally work on their own self worth, and self love (2/2)

Thank you for your thoughts! I thought it was just me that felt like that.  I very much agree. It feels draining when I try to help and just see it doesn’t, and hope that they do take some time to get help if they need it or sort things out with themselves or improve to the level that they want or if that level is unattainable, set more reasonable goals.     When people need some love and attention which we all do and call out for it and get help, hey, thats great! But when the negativity is very constant and not extreme, and others helping seems ineffective, then it feels draining.

I mean blogs here are like, mostly unprofessional, so ppl can post what they want and audiences are not obligated to get involved with the bloggers personal issues, but in a way they are connected and their messages and thoughts are read and payed attention to by followers. So in a way they are connected with the fans. Its hard for some to read “im so bad” “my art is crap” and not respond with something positive they feel about the art and not feel somewhat invested.

The human trafficking crisis in Africa needs more attention. Africans are being sold like slaves and there has yet to be outrage in the western world. There is literally video footage of Africans being sold to Arabs. SLAVERY IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL

me: I don’t understand why people always call Four Jews in a Room a useless opening song. It not only introduces the men of the show, it also does an amazing job of introducing the show’s theme of misogyny. The entire point of the song is to clue the audience into the fact that the men of the show all see themselves as major characters but don’t regard Trina in the same light, ergo the reason the song isn’t ‘Five Jews in a Room Bitching’. Throughout the song, Trina’s only function is to play stage hand to the show’s male characters: taking their staffs off stage for them, running the Red Sea across the stage, taking their clothes, setting up the blocks properly while they dance and sing in the foreground. And if that weren’t clear enough, the song also suggests Trina’s low self-esteem and her dependence on the men in her life. The only lines she really has are ‘slavery, slavery’ (a nod to the fact that she’s doing all of their ‘housework’ on stage) and ‘four Jews in a room’, confirming the fact that she doesn’t even recognize herself on the same level as the men. While Tight-Knit Family does a good job of really letting the audience know what’s going on in Marvin’s life, Four Jews is primarily there to introduce some of the show’s key themes and ideas. 
my mom: your soup is getting cold.

one of the biggest issues with the cw as a network is that they refuse to take criticism to heart. they will not talk about the big issues fans are bringing up such as: abuse/racism/misogyny/homophobia/etc. they just try and gloss over the subject in the hope that we’ll stop talking about it eventually. but the fact of the matter is that talking about these issues is what improves television. they won’t become more inclusive overnight, they have to make a conscious effort, but that means acknowledging when they’re wrong. it means listening to the thousands of fans watching your show who care about it enough to flood the writers/cast with tweets telling them why they’re hurt. when something like this happens, or something like the lexa thing, or the numerous articles about the sexism surrounding the karamel relationship, they need to start having serious conversations about it. things like this are not just about a few disgruntled fans, when there are thousands of people telling them that they messed up, it’s not the time to be defensive. it’s time to delve a little deeper and look at the bigger issues. i really don’t understand why this is so difficult, but they’re going to continue having drama like this on multiple shows if they don’t get their act together.

daichi just wants to watch the movie in peace

How to get over a heartbreak

1. Know that your heart is strong.
Breaking happens only after a lot of pressure and endurance. It wouldn’t have been able to take so much if it wasn’t strong.

2. Know that your heart will heal.
Have some faith in it. It had so much faith in you all this time even though you didn’t always make the right choices.

3. Time heals everything words cannot.
You can read this post and hundred others but what you need is time. It passes, it always does. Remember how the good times passed away?

4. You can’t get over it, you have to get through it.
It is a tunnel decorated with pictures of good times that aren’t accessible anymore. Some parts have glass shards and some have wilted flowers. You will hear echoes of laughter and loveable words but they fade away. There isn’t much light but there is light. Once you get through it, you will be able to look back and not bleed. You will be able to carry on and be happy.
5. Take your time with discarding their things. Pictures, letters, texts, gifts. It’s been a year and I still can’t do away with the letters. I don’t read them anymore but I can’t throw them out just yet. And that’s okay.

6. Don’t assume how happy they are or what kind of life it seems like they are living now. Because your Instagram may be filled with happy pictures but is your heart right now? Others are no different. Assuming will only cause you unnecessary pain and comparing will further empty your heart.

7. Your heart doesn’t need any more emptying. It needs to be filled. With your attention and care. Sign up for that yoga class. Go for that open mic. Say yes to sleeping in on Sundays and having full breakfasts.

8. Don’t talk in absolutes. Don’t say you will ‘never’ love again or will ‘never’ meet/trust someone again. Remember when you said your love was ‘forever’? Absolutes are redundant. Stop using them. Stop believing in them. Good and bad comes and goes. It’s a cycle like everything else natural.

9. Don’t bad mouth them or yourself. Don’t obsess over what you said and did and everything they didn’t. Dragging the past into your present is like tying your legs to a rock. How can you walk ahead?

10. Don’t be in a rush to forgive them. It’s okay if you aren’t ready. True forgiveness takes time. And it’s only true forgiveness that lets you genuinely move on and get out of the tunnel. Wanting to and actually being able to are two very different things.

11. Breathe.
Your lungs are functioning even though your heart may make it seem like nothing is. Run if you have to. Your legs are functioning too. Cry as much. Your cheeks and eyes won’t hate you.

—  Nikki Kaur

I am BEGGING people, please go see the MLP movie in theaters to show the movie support. 2D animated movies really need to be given more attention, it’s amazing they even managed to make it a theatrical release. This is our chance to show the industry we still love and want 2D animation.

If you can afford to go see it, DO NOT PIRATE IT.

Alright so I’ve seen nothing but happiness from the bluepulse fandom regarding Traci 13 but I just want to say this preemptively in case that changes:

If something happens in canon between Traci and Jaime (as it’s likely to) I do NOT want to see anybody throwing hate at Traci. Let’s not be one of those slash fandoms that hates on a woman because she stands between our ship, ESPECIALLY not a teenage girl of color, okay? Can we just promise not to do that, please?

So I’ve been listening to “Attention” by Charlie Puth a lot recently and of course my mind goes straight to drarry.

Like what if Harry and Draco accidentally start snogging after a fight one day during eighth year and then it just keeps happening for a few weeks. Until one day they just look at each other and are like yeah no we really shouldn’t be doing this. So they break it off and go back to normal, completely ignoring each other.

But about a month later Harry starts dating a seventh year Ravenclaw guy and Draco. Just. Can’t. Handle. It.

So he starts taunting Harry again just like the old days and starts spreading random rumors about him all the time.

And Harry tries his best to ignore it for a while until one day he hears a group of third year Hufflepuffs whispering about how they heard Harry slipped the Ravenclaw a love potion just so he could finally lose his virginity and Harry’s just done.

He pulls out his map and marches straight to Draco’s location in a corridor near the Slytherin common room. He pulls Draco into an empty classroom and is just like “what the fuck? You need to stop.”

And Draco’s all “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But secretly so giddy that it all finally got to Harry.

And Harry’s just like “whatever Malfoy. Stop acting so jealous.”

And Malfoy tries to deny it, but Harry keeps accusing him and they end up fighting and then shagging.

And afterwards they’re both lying on the cold stone floor, sweaty and out of breath. Harry looks over at Draco and says “if you wanted to get back together all you had to do was say so.”

Draco’s quiet for a minute before he responds with “we can’t get back together if we were never together to begin with.” He gets dressed and leaves without a word.

Harry breaks up with his boyfriend the next day and Draco goes back to ignoring him.