that naturally turns into trust and comfort around each other

But we still hold on...

I think the most amazing part of Brandon and Callie’s journey is that it is grounded in reality despite these extra dramatic elements in it. When the series started I shipped them almost immediately in the pilot. Brandon said “Yes, I did” and I could feel their connection potentially lasting the whole series. I wasn’t wrong even if we haven’t reached the end that continues to hold true. Their trust, honesty and emotional tether with each other continues to remain. I think people reduce their appeal to forbidden love. Sure, it is but it’s so much more and with the passing seasons this becomes more and more visible. 

An important part was how truly they showed Brandon and Callie reacting to their feelings in season 1. They were impulsive and naive teenagers and you could tell their age from their actions they committed. And I love this because teenagers can’t act very mature with a first experience. You find a lot of TV shows having teenagers act way too maturely at first so I really appreciate this. Despite this, there was still that connection that held the promise of surviving and surpassed just teenage love.

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