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Christina Bothwell (American, b. 1960, New York, NY, USA) - 1: Force Of Nature, 2014  2: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair, 2011  3: Octopus, 2010-2011  4: Octopus Girl, 2003-2006  5: I Fell Into A Dream, 2005  6: True Love, 2010  7: Octopus Girl, 2015  8: Flightless Woman, 2007-2009  9: Together Forever, 2012  10: Evolution Is A State Of Mind, 2008

Magical Disney Girls as Benders

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So Moana has some kind of connection to the ocean.

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And Elsa, of course, has the ice thing going on.
So we’ve got two canonical water benders.

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Pocahontas is practically an airbender, spiritual nature and all.

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And Rapunzel’s sun-generated powers are the closest an animated Disney Princess movie will get to a heroic firebender, I think.

Unless, since her powers also come from a flower, she’s more an earthbender?

If we don’t count that, I’m surprised none of the Disney Heroines has ever had influence over the earth. I mean, so many were close to animals, but none to plants?

Thoughts, anyone? Just for fun.



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This is the Spring Sprite from the Fantasia 2000 Firebird Suite sequence! 

She’s admittedly not very well known, but I’m counting it. She’s female, she’s animated, she’s magical, and she’s definitely connected to the earth.

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Although Rapunzel wasn’t aware of everyone else the
younger girl had gotten close to leaving at some point,
she didn’t see that in her future. Truth be told, she loved
Vanellope; she adored her fiery spirit, her competitive
nature, her enthusiasm… 

                                    In a way, she reminded Rapunzel of herself.
                        That, and she was fun to be around; WHY would she leave? 

At the seemingly sudden demand to pinkie promise,
Rapunzel’s head tilted slightly; though she didn’t exactly
KNOW what the promise was about, she took promises
VERY SERIOUSLY - the verbal promises AND those of
the pinkie nature. 

                                                Without hesitance, Rapunzel lifted her right arm and
                                                extended her pinkie finger, wrapping it around Vanellope’s,
                                                smiling lightly. “I pinkie PROMISE.”

A tiny bit more on Rapunzel’s hair in Tangled Before Ever After

Today, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Kait Ritter, one of the story crew working on Tangled Before Ever After. Naturally, the subject of Rapunzel’s hair came up, and with her permission, I am posting this quote from her:

“The change in the hair is an important part of the big story that has been planned. There’s reason, there’s intention. We promise. (: But the hair is not the ONLY important thing about Rapunzel. There’s a lot more to Raps than her glorious locks and our show is going to explore that too.

We can’t answer all the questions of “WHY” and appease all demands to “EXPLAIN” today because otherwise, why make a show about it? (Also, I’m not trying to lose my job! I have a cat to feed.) Alls I can say is: please watch the show and, in time, all questions will be answered.“

So, I hope this gets around so people will understand that they aren’t just brushing continuity under the rug. I was one of the people who was outraged when the very first promotional image came out. But when I spoke to Stephen Sandoval a few months ago and he assured me that there would, indeed be an explanation, I calmed down. I hope you can all join me in putting your trust in the writers and the rest of the crew that they know what they’re doing. :)

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