that natural rapunzel

They Glow (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Vera is the Moon to Rapunzel’s Sun, together they talk flower crowns and fashion

Happy belated birthday to the best @zenwisterias you are amazing and I still can’t believe we’re friends! I decided to draw two of my favorite girls, who are also two of your favorite girls, and it just worked out perfect that they both glow lololol

Love you to pieces!

When you think about it, it’s only natural that Rapunzel has serious issues when it comes to opening up to people and being honest about her feelings. She was raised by Gothel to be sweet, grateful and agreeable. This can be seen with their interractions in the original movie.

With Gothel, Rapunzel was very nervous to voice her wish to see the floating lights and leave her tower, even just for a little while. She tries her best to express this wish in a cute, harmless way and needs to be encouraged by Pascal to go through with it. And when Rapunzel pushes, Gothel snaps. And Rapunzel immediately gives up, visibly shaken and almost tearful.

It’s really not an issue about expressing wishes itself. Rapunzel quickly patched things with Gothel by making a simpler request (as a ruse, but still). Rapunzel has issues with being disagreeable and demanding to people she cares about. It’s no wonder she now has issues opening up to anyone, even people she trusts. She tries her best to be still sweet and easygoing. She actually has issues even explaining and admitting her feelings to herself. The depth and detail they put in this series is remarkable.

TRIGGER WARNING- EMOTIONAL ABUSE: I love helping people I care about, but many fake friends have used this trait to boost their ego. If they did something wrong, they’d convince me it was my fault and this emotional abuse eventually made me develop depression and anxiety. But Rapunzel gave me the courage to stand up for myself and distance myself from such people and helped me see my creativity and over-caring nature as a strength”