that natural hair though

Happy Birthday Hungary! :D
  • A beautiful sequence will take place the morning of her birthday, she’ll get up, do a bit of yoga to wake up, has a shower, breakfast and finally, realize what day it and calls work for the day off.
  • No way she’s going to work today, nope! She’s going to treat herself today and ain’t nothing or no one is going to ruin it for her. After the call to work, she’s going to call a few friends over!
  • To make herself feel good she would put on one of her favorite outfit and tie back her hair. No make-up though, she’s a natural beauty and doesn’t need any after all.
  • So, what’s she going to do? Pamper herself of course! She is rather famous for her amazing hot springs and baths, why not go to one with a few friends and relax! She deserves it after all~
  • For extra relaxation purposes, she’ll get one of Szechenyi bath’s for private uses. People are nice and all but maybe just some quite time would be nice.
  • Before meeting everyone outside the bath houses, she’ll walk around for awhile. A Little sightseeing and chatting with the locals is always rather fun, plus hearing the new ways of baking is rather useful. 
  • After her walk n’ talk she’ll head to the baths. Quite a few of her friend are already there, some are still to come. They will ll wait outside for a bit so they can all go into together.
  • Once in the baths, full relaxation mood will be set into place. A massage and steaming along with a dip is a great way to loosen the muscles! That doesn’t mean certain people won’t mess around though. (guess who~)
  • Baths aside a nice dinner is next on the menu! Depending on the weather the heated patio might be used. If not a fine wine and dine will happen inside, and of course the food is top class!
  •  Last of all, a traditional dance in traditional clothing! Sometimes it’s nice to get back into the roots of things whilst dancing your heart out. What a perfect day it shall be!

To steal and rephrase that post I just deleted:

Compulsory femininity is compulsory because it refuses to let your body just be. Simply being a woman isn’t enough: you have to constantly prove you’re a woman by altering the natural state of your body. Body hair is considered “manly” even though it’s not on a man. Refusing or being unable to wear makeup is considered “manly” despite makeup obviously being an ADDITION to whoever’s face.

You don’t need to prove your womanhood to anyone. Accepting and loving your womanhood despite what people tell you it should be instead is the strength of womanhood all on its own.

Things I personally love about dark brown skin women

1. They age like fine wine. You’ll have a 25 year old wife FOREVER…dark skin women who take care of themselves do not age.

2. Their skin literally glows when absorbing the sun’s energy.

3. Melanin, melanin and more melanin….and all its wonderful benefits that comes with it.

4. Because dark brown skin women have little to no neanderthal DNA their genes are the closest to being a complete human without defects. In essence dark brown skin women are the original (eve gene) master copy which all other variations of humans come from.   

5. Deep dark brown eye’s are not only genetically perfect without any defects but also exuberate a sense of depth and wholeness. Like glazing into the dark sky on a moonless night.

6. “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”… actually true. An abundance of melanin does give dark skin a slightly sweet scent so long as the host is healthy. 

7. “The darker the flesh, the deeper the roots”…..Yes dark brown skin women can genetically trace their lineage back further than any other human being without genetic interceptions.

8. It’s totally natural to love dark brown skin women. In fact it takes several generations of abuse, brainwashing and psychological conditioning to NOT (colorism) LIKE darker skin tones. We must literally be psychologically trained to dislike dark skin. 

9. Dark brown skin women are absolutely beautiful no ifs ands or buts about it. 

10. Despite the global melanin envy we’re experiencing today, there is absolutely nothing more desirable, sexy and attractive than a dark brown skin woman who’s totally in love with her complexion……despite the envy.  

……..but y’all not listening though

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I searched in a lot of tags already but was wondering if there was a specific tag that would go more in depth for black hair in post-apoclyptic settings. I only found one post. I'm specifically looking for care and maintainance of 4b hair, and styles that would be best for a fallout universe situation, as well as styles that would be most likely based off of the 1950's and what to take into consideration when one goes from having the means to take care of hair to suddenly no clean water

Black Hairstyles for the Apocalypse II: Post-Nuclear  

For a situation like the Fallout game universe, post-nuclear with limited/no clean water, I can only reinforce what has already been said in Black Hairstyles for the Apocalypse; a character with afro hair would need those dependable protective styles on lock down (braids, dreadlocks, etc. look up and take your pick of protective natural styles), more so with little to no safe water to dip her head into.  


Everything you read up on regarding afro hair’s needs is still relevant; Black hair generally needs lots of moisture and protection.

Afro hair routines tend to involve a lot of water, oils, gels, butters and creams. You mention the character’s hair type is 4b, but hair type isn’t even the most important factor when it comes to Black hair maintenance. 4A, 4B, AC, or a mixture of– these numbers are more of a general assessment of what that hair type looks like, needs and reacts, but every individual is different. Hair width, density, and porosity is super, if not more important. Research, research, research. This information is quite accessible nowadays.

My favorite natural hair site is Pinterest has an addictive mash-up of natural hair tips, info and DIY solutions too. Note that doesn’t mean everything is relevant to your character, or even accurate so i’d check with other sources on any information you find.

Important Takeaway: Water to moisturize + Oil to keep it in.

Hair needs water (or water-based moisturizer, typically referred to as leave-in conditioner) to moisturize, and oil to seal it in lest it deplete rapidly (take it from me; my hair gulps down any bit of moisture it gets). 

Most oils do not moisturize by themselves because it cannot penetrate the hair shaft (save a privileged few like coconut oil).

Research key terms: natural hair + moisturizing/sealing, L.O.C. method

If your character has a protective style in most of the time, i’d also be researching “natural hair care with [x].” Though hair needs lessen, they do not disappear.


Depending on what resources can be scraped up, there may be opportunity to make or find items that would work as extra hair protection that add and seal in moisture, or even a silk scarf or bandana for extra coverage and for sleeping.

Whether a character does come across these things is mostly out of their control, so the protection that comes with a long-term style like braids is the main tool they’d have to rely on.

As for the 1950s: If this is America, you could look up African American hairstyles in the 50s but the popular styles you’ll see will likely be unfitting for the apocalypse, especially one of this nature. Straight, loosened-textured looks for afro hair won’t thrive well and will be sweated out to one’s natural state quickly, plus their hair weakened from the straightening process. 

However, there were some braided styles popular in the 50s (unspecific to Black people) that could be done for afro hair and would serve as protection. 

For example: the “crown braid” comes up a lot in a quick search (See the image above). Not sure how much one would care to style their hair to stay “with the time’s” in this situation, but that’s for you to work out.


Protection is the key here. Reliable long-term styles like braids that tuck in the ends endure breakage and tangling way more than any free-flowing style. It’s that low manipulation and vulnerability to the elements (and hands) that’s key.

For other maintenance questions, do your research and see what you come up with in terms of what the character may scavenge and make do with.


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fic title: ankle porn

(send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it!) 

l o l omg I love this. Okay, so this takes place either late in the Summer of Mutual Pining or early in the Autumn of Soon-to-be-Requited Pining.

Victor gets Yuuri a sponsorship with Uniqlo. Although really it was more like Victor (with a translation assist from Minako) just kind of asked “do you want to sponsor Katsuki Yuuri,” and the Uniqlo reps were like “oh holy shit yes we’re huge fans of Skater Katsuki, actually we’ve sent him several messages about sponsorship and he’s never responded so we assumed he wasn’t interested.”

”I thought those were pranks,” Yuuri says. Victor takes several deep, calming breaths.

Yuuri does a photoshoot in their fall line. He wears his hair ungelled and his look is soft and natural, though they have him take off his glasses. (“Maybe not so much of a glare,” the photographer tells him. “Try to look gentle, like your lover has just come home.”

To the photographer, Yuuri says “Okay.” To Victor, he kind of grimaces and mouths “I can’t see shit.” Victor’s heart skips a beat.)

The clothes are all big sweaters and knits and cropped pants. Victor thinks he’ll be fine. Victor is not fine. Victor is driven to distraction by the clean line of Yuuri’s ankles from the soft tapered cuffs of those pants. Yuuri curls his bare toes and Victor suddenly has the urge to lie down, or maybe scream into a pillow.

Do I have a foot thing, he texts Chris in a panic.

Chris very kindly does not tell him that he has a Yuuri thing. 


Reign Meme: [1/8] costumes 

Monsieur Le Dauphin François II de France in “Pilot”



Why does BSD have so many gorgeous redheads? <33

I mean…

Somebody arrest the author and their illustrator cuz I’m so weeeeeheeeheeeaaaakkk when it comes to pretties with red hair… ヽ(;▽;)ノ

What if Viktor’s hair isn’t naturally straight but curly and he hates it? Imagine him waking up early every morning to straighten his hair. One reason he cut his hair so short was because it took him so long to straighten.

The first time Yuuri finds out about this he’s more than surprised to say the least and he wonders how Viktor manages to keep it straight in the humid hot springs. (Let’s just say Viktor has the dopest and most foolproof hair products ever.)

Yuuri obviously loves Viktor’s natural hair just as much as he loves Viktor’s straight hair. Sometimes when they’re watching a movie or just cuddling he’ll unconsciously roll a lock of Viktor’s hair round and round his finger. He loves to see it curl and bounce back like a spring. He especially loves it when Viktor has just woken up because it’s so big and soft and floofy!

One day Viktor’s flat iron breaks and he refuses to leave the house sporting his natural hair. Yuuri tries convincing him to wear a hat but Viktor is appalled and disgusted. He hates hats because no matter how he wears them, they always end up making his forehead look huge. In the end Yuuri leaves for the rink by himself, Viktor gets a very colorful phone call from Yakov for missing practice, and Yuuri buys a new flat iron for his boyfriend on his way back home. 

Viktor avoids the rain like the plague and always carries an umbrella in case it ever starts raining suddenly because as amazing as his hair products are, they aren’t perfect. Same with snow.

One time during practice Viktor really pisses Yurio off and unthinkingly Yurio douses Viktor with water from his water bottle. That day everyone in the rink finds out that Viktor has curly hair. Viktor almost cries even though everyone assures him his natural hair is beautiful (of course Yurio is cackling in the background and making comments about how Viktor looks like Makkachin–”like master, like pet”–until Mila threatens to lift him and throw him across the ice).

With Yuuri’s help, Viktor becomes more confident in his natural hair. He starts straightening it less and less until he sees the beauty that Yuuri sees and he thanks Yuuri everyday for making him stronger than he was before.  

From Blue To Purple (Draco Malfoy x Metamorphmagus!Reader)

Request: Could you do a Draco x Metamorphmagus!reader? She’s a Slytherin and gets picked on by other students. So when she’s sitting by herself in the common room Draco comes by and comforts her. Can you make it fluffy?

A/N: Gotta love fluffy Draco. Sorry it’s a tad late, but I hope you enjoy it. Requests are open!

Originally posted by imagine-everything41

You fell to the ground, books flying everywhere and a couple of laughs sounded from behind.

You looked up to see a few Ravenclaw students laughing and smirking down at you, one in particular had her arms folded across her chest as if she had just won an argument.

Feeling both anger and sadness swell inside of you, you tried to retain whatever dignity you had left.

“Oh yes that was incredibly funny, how cool you are to have tripped me up like that. Go on, go brag to your fellow brainiacs how hilarious you are.” You snapped, gathering your things as you stood up.

You attempted to control your emotions and not let the silenced students take satisfaction in seeing how sad you actually were. Your hair remained it’s natural colour, though you could see a single blue streak appear out of the corner of your eye.

“Honestly, I thought Ravenclaws were supposed to be clever.” You mumbled under your breath as you dusted yourself off and stormed away to your next class.

Later that evening, you sat in the common room alone. No one bothered you as they knew that you didn’t want to be disturbed, probably due to your shining blue hair.

Draco didn’t seem to get the same message as he sat himself down next to you. He was in his pyjamas and his hair was wet from a shower, you assumed.

You looked over at the blonde, eyebrow raised ever so slightly, as if questioning his motives.

“What happened? Why are you sad?” He asked with a soft tone to his voice.

“I’m not sad.” You lied blatantly. Draco took a strand of your unnatural blue hair and twirled a lock between his fingers.

“Then why is your hair indicating something different.” He tucked the strand behind your ear, fingers lingering for a moment.

“I was trying a new spell, didn’t work out as I had expected.” You hoped he would leave it at that, but Draco being Draco definitely did not leave it at that.

“(Y/N), please tell me.” He pleaded, giving you the look that he used whenever he wanted something, it always worked.

“You’ll laugh at me.” You mumbled, not wanting to tell him that you were sad because some idiot tripped you.

“I promise I won’t.”

“Yes you will, its stupid.”

“I swear I won’t.”

Realising that he wasn’t going to stop until you told him, you sighed.

“Some Ravenclaw smartass decided to trip me up today in the courtyard and people laughed, that’s all.” You sighed again, looking down at the open book you had abandoned when you got lost in thought.

“Were you hurt?” His grey eyes held worry.

“My pride took most of the hit.” You smiled at him to try and lighten the mood.

Switching the topic, you saw Draco’s eyes flicker down to the book in front of you.

“What are you reading?” He asked quietly as he nimbly picked the book up to look at the cover.

“You wouldn’t know it.”

“Another one of your Muggle books?” He questioned, placing the book back down.

“Muggles write good books.” You shrugged and pretended to ignore his infamous Malfoy smirk.

As the night went on, the common room grew emptier and emptier until you and Malfoy remained. Your hair had now changed back to its natural colour.

“(Y/N)? Can I ask you something?” Draco said once the common room was yours for the rest of the night.

“You just did but proceed.” You laughed a little at the expression he gave you.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while, but I’ve never gotten the chance until now…” He trailed off, you placed your hand on top of his, urging him to continue. He flashed you a quick smile.

“I was wondering, only if you would like to of course, but um, this Saturday I was hoping that you would like to go to Hogsmede with me.” He mumbled the last bit, in a rush to get all the words out but you heard him perfectly. Your hair changed colour once more but to a bright purple.

“I’ve never seen this one before, what does it mean?” He asked, picking up a stand of your hair for the second time that evening.

“I would love to.” You replied, ignoring one question and answering the other.