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Imagine Woozi feeling thankful for all the Carats who always show love and support for Seventeen music.

BMC Characters As Things I've Said While Doing Illegal Things


Jeremy- “Am I allowed to stand up or is that weird?”
Michael- “I can’t tell if it’s from the drunk, but I’m gayer than ever right now.”
Rich- *crying about the one time I ate a lobster and how it ‘stared’ at me*
Chloe- “She needs to stop, and like, I hate her face, stop her, I’m so mad like can she just stop getting in everyone’s business?” *insert 5 more minutes of angry high rambling*
Brooke- *paranoidly runs into CVS to spray on perfume to cover the scent of weed, only to panickingly spray deodorant onto my jacket, not realizing the perfume was right next to the deodorant, and continuing to speedwalk out of said CVS*
Jake- “Guys. Stop saying fish are dumb. They probably can understand us and feel bad about themselves and- oh my god they can’t cry because they’re in water already.” *cries for 30 minutes*
Christine- “I sing better when I’m drunk.” *continues by belting out showtunes*
Jenna- *laughing uncontrollably because someone said they needed their 'ralph machio helmet’ as they tied paper towels around their forehead*

Just home from an amazing couple of days in Telford where I did both Supergirl panels and one of the Guest lounges with Jeremy Jordan…because I really couldn’t resist. Writing out some highlights I learned before I forget them.

Jeremy would like to see Winn in alternate Earths - Flash style - and his ideas were either the now infamous following in father’s footsteps Toyboy/Boytoy version, or a bodybuilder, ‘compensating for days’

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ok so hear me out

I’m so happy BTS is getting recognition and doing all these really awesome things, having more opportunities etc. Like the BBMAs is a huge deal, and they are doing really awesome working the carpets and interviews. 

but riddle me this: why in the bloody hell are they filming things with a nobody Disney channel actress?? 

damn i been cracking jokes all night but fr,,,im so proud and happy for bts,,,,they out here doing what they love and having the time of their lives :( thats all i want from them. i want them to continue to grow and build their fan base and get all the love they deserve :( i love them so much yall,,,,n they out here at di billboard music awards!!!!! doing the damn thing omg im tearing up i gtg

anonymous asked:

hello!im a freshman and the middleschool for my highschool is a music and arts school, so all the people who came from there (a majority), are significantly better than me.I always feel that in my section I need to prove myself to everyone, and I'm not sure if thats a good feeling to have. Is it? I'm an RCM pianist, and that automatically puts me in the 'elite group', but do i really belong there? I'm taking music again next year because I love it, but do things ever stop becoming a competition?

music is only a competition if you let it be. you can easily compare your skill to others based off of range, ability to navigate scales, the difficulty of repertoire, etc. but music does involve a bit more of a personal and emotional element. if you let music be more about how every individual interprets and connects with a song, then it stops being a competition, because everyone has something different and important to bring to the table

I was tagged by @theburningcreation to do the thing! Thank you so much :’) Be prepared to see how strange my current music taste is folks. 

RULES: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to, then tag 10 mutuals

1. Blue Lamp - Stevie Nicks

2. Veteran of Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult

3. I Must Be Dreamin’ - Cheap Trick

4. Carry Thy Lies - PERSON:A

5. Everything I want - Push Button Press

6. Ecstasy - Soviet Soviet 

7. Dreams - n u a g e s

8. Cat People - David Bowie

9. The Demon King - MCC

10. Седьмой элемент - VITAS (i hate this song so much but i have to include it bc i secretly think it’s catchy and the guy reminds me of solas)

 I tag @nicchessa, @meanghouls  @grucified, @hobbithorse19, @skeletorcum, @becoming-ellis, @murderousvehk, @lacellie, @belphegorical, @witchesgrove. And anybody else who wants to do this, go for it!! :)

Playlist Meme

So, I’ve been tagged by @piningforthefords, @witete, and @snapback-gravity-falls to do the music playlist thing, and while I do have music, I actually haven’t updated my playlist with new songs in a while. So, bear with me — these are all gonna be songs my high school-era self was absolutely addicted to. Doesn’t mean I don’t like them anymore, but…well, I’m not as addicted as I was.

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims.

1.) Kingdom Hearts (Live) — Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra – never played the games, but LOVE the music and the story.

2.) New Divide — Linkin Park – I mostly got it because of the Transformers connection, but I do like the song. Transformers was one of my Big Obsessions when I was in high school, and while I may not like the live action movies (this song was in Revenge of the Fallen), the music is still pretty good.

3.) We Can: Theme of Team Sonic — Sonic Heroes – Here’s another one of high school-era me’s Big Ocsessions. Big enough that I’d say most of the songs I own are these, in fact. Let’s see how many Sonic songs slip into this playlist.

4.) The Touch — Stan Bush (from the Transformers G1 cartoon) — Ah, yes. 1980′s era rock. I actually find these a lot more upbeat and use these kinds of tunes to help me get moving.

5.) In Defense of Humanity — Brain Tyler (Transformers: Prime Soundtrack)

6.) The Cons Are Back — (see above)

7.) Next Day After School — (see above) – Wasn’t expecting those three to come together at once. Hm. Well, they’re all from a Transformers cartoon that was on-going when I was still in high school, so it was obvious for me that I was gonna get my hands on it.

8.) Knight of The Wind — Crush 40; Sonic the Hedgehog – And we’re back to the Sonic for a while. Crush 40 is a rock group that plays most of the songs they have in their video games. This one’s from Sonic and the Black Knight.

9.) Open Your Heart — Crush 40 – Sonic song from Sonic Adventure 2. Case in point with above.

10.) Twilight — Electric Light Orchestra/ELO (Time Album) – Aha! Here we have a song that is part of the collection that my family has on CDs and used to play often at home. After the electronics invaded, that sort of stopped, but the music sticks with me.

11.) Seven Rings in Hand — Crush 40 – Another Sonic song. Told you I had a lot of these guys.

12.) Hero — Skillet

13.) The Space Bridge — Brain Taylor – Another Transformers: Prime soundtrack number.

14.) Free — Crush 40

15.) Lead Me to the Cross — Chris and Conrad – I heard this once and I felt like it was a good song to have nearby. Yes, I happen to be Christian; what of it?

16.) Sweet Child O’ Mine — Guns N’ Roses – We played this in pep band sometimes. Thought it’d be good to have this to practice on a drumset with headphones between homework assignments.

17.) Dare — Stan Bush – Best song to listen to if I ever need a pick-me-up!

18.) Un-gratify — Crush 40

19.) Revvin’ Up — Crush 40

20.) Louie Louie — The Kingsmen (the band, not the movie!) – Another pep band song from high school!

As you can see, I need a little bit more variety in my personal playlist. I plan on fixing that.

Okay, so, victims, victims… @howtotrainyournana @happy-fazzbear-ponies2 @impishnature @gollageek @llyrica @thoroughlymodernhippie @battyblazing…and anyone else who wants to take this and mess with it!

the kind of music asks i always want to see

so i made my own list:

1.    a song from the year you were born
2.    a song that reminds you of school
3.    a song tied to a specific moment in your life
4.     a song that is not sung in your native language
5.     a song over 5 minutes long
6.     a song under 2 minutes long
7.     an instrumental
8.     a classical piece
9.     a song with no percussion
10.   something you’ve heard performed live
11.   something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live
12.   a song by an artist who’s from where you’re from (town/city/state/country)
13.   a song made suddenly precious because of a special someone
14.   a song made suddenly awful because of a special someone
15.   something to BELT SHAMELESSLY/do DIVA HANDS to
16.   something to SCREAM ALONG to
17.   a song for raging
18.   a song that demands lipsyncing into a makeshift microphone
19.   the last song you had stuck in your head
20.   a song you’re dying to master all the words to
21.   a song that you could SLAY at karaoke
22.   a song you can’t help but dance to
23.   a song that makes you want to dance on a table
24.   a song that makes you wanna STRIP
25.   a song with a great music video
26.   a song that makes you act out the music video when you hear it
27.   a song with counting
28.   a song with spelling
29.   a song with lots of clapping
30.   a song 40 years older than you
31.   a song you wish your parents didn’t know the words to
32.   a song whose lyrics shocked you once you were old enough to understand them
33.   a song you have ZERO patience for
34.   a song you’d like your favorite artist to cover
35.   a great song you discovered thanks to a movie
36.   a great song you discovered thanks to television
37.   a song you’re ashamed to have in your music library
38.   ok what’s the song you were too ashamed to even post for #37
39.   the most played song in your music library
40.   favorite disney song

Flip Wizard
Lillian Kraack (bluespacequeen)
Flip Wizard

A stupid song about a stupid elf wizard with an acrobatics modifier of +7. (Feat. the McElroy Brothers)

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