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I was tagged by awhitewingdove to do this music challenge, here we go :)

~ all the beautiful worlds/ stevie nicks
~ rattlesnake shake/ fleetwood mac 
~ starshine/ stevie nicks 
~ the man who sold the world- david bowie
~ diet mountain dew/ lana del rey 
~ novocaine/ fob
~ roar/ katy perry
~ fucked up world/ the pretty reckless 
~ you make loving fun/ fleetwood mac 
~ the jean genie/ david bowie 
~ tusk/ fleetwood mac 
~ blank space/ taylor swift 
~ alone together/ fall out boy 
~ lady/ stevie nicks 
~ go your own way/ fleetwood mac 
~ crystal/ fleetwood mac 
~ hello little girl/ into the woods soundtrack (johnny depp) 
~ burn/ the pretty reckless 
~ science fiction double feature/ rocky horror picture show soundtrack 
~ sisters of the moon/ fleetwood mac

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I was tagged ages ago by the amazing efflorescence-of-life (tysm) to do this music tag thing but I kept forgetting to do it (whoops) so I’m doing it now :)

Rules: Only use song titles from 1 band/artist. Cleverly answer the questions. Pass it on to 15 people afterwards. Try not to repeat song titles. I’ve chosen Taylor Swift! 

1. Describe yourself - Girl At Home
2. How do you feel? - Enchanted
3. Describe where you live - A Place In This World
4. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? - Wonderland
5. Favourite method of transportation? - White Horse
6. Your best friend is - Fifteen (some of them are anyway :))
7. You and your best friends are - Forever & Always
8.What is the weather like? - Cold As You
9. What is your favourite time of day? - Starlight
10. If your life was a tv show, what would the title be? - The Story of Us
11. What is the life for you? - Sweeter Than Fiction
12. Your relationship? - Invisible
13. Your fear? - Haunted

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YourFriendElle. Not mine. Holy crap.

I have an exceedingly small amount of notoriety in a community of dorks, nerds, geeks and other people who know the name of Spock’s childhood pet. I have just enough juice to get invitations to appear at conventions and talk about things like game music and Star Trek, which are two things I do professionally.

I’m fairly well-known, so I get lots of opportunities to support people’s crowdfunding efforts. I don’t support them, but I tend to do the next best thing: I tell people that when their product is available, I’d be happy to take a look at it – And if I think it’s cool, I will share it with a lot of people.

That’s what I want people to do with the products that my company makes, by the way. Even if you didn’t buy it, if you liked it please tell other people that you did. It’s a huge advantage for us.

This point-of-view, while very sensible to me, was not shared by YourFriendElle, who wrote to me privately to ask if I would tell people about her crowdfunding effort.

That’s probably the weirdest response I’ve ever gotten – or so I’d thought – but I guess that’s fine. There are a lot of people who follow me on Twitter, a lot of them have crowdsourced projects, I guess a lot of people are going to have a wide array of opinions. An insulting opinion, but whatever. Takes all kinds, right? Right. Except…

Okay. I was wrong. This was the weirdest response I’ve ever gotten. Holy shit. Holy shit. That’s insanity – And if she was willing to throw that kind of vaguebook fire at me, it stands to reason that she would probably do it with others. You can already tell that this isn’t going very well. It’s going to get worse. Hold on tight.

So, I let people know what was going on, and the obvious responses started appearing.

I started reaching out to other people who had supported her crowdfunding thing and letting them know what she’d said to me. On one hand, I’m glad they decided to promote her project, because I’d seen first-hand what happens when they don’t. There were a lot of posts like Matt’s, saying that since this is how she chooses to manage things, she wouldn’t be getting their attention or money.

Then… then this other thing happened.

You need to understand a careful and very, very important shift at this point in time. YourFriendElle decided that people saying that she was wrong was harassment. She said that she was being bullied, that people were being hostile.

It is important to understand that some people are bullies, and that that behavior should never, ever be tolerated. It is an actual problem experienced by actual people, and they need our understanding. They need our attention. They require our defense – And if we do nothing, we are monsters. If we stand by and let it happen, especially in our geeked-up community, we do not deserve its benefits.

But bullying wasn’t what was coming from YourFriendElle’s detractors. What was coming from YourFriendElle’s detractors was the kind of defense I just talked about. She was the one with the vaguebook name-calling, she was the one causing the problems, and I’m extremely thankful that she was called out on it.

Called out on it by many, many people, but one I need to mention specifically. 


Not a lot of people know who Noelle Hannibal is, and that’s a shame because she can sing the bones right out of your body. I’ve seen her take the stage with just a microphone and no background music, and she can bring it on the real. She’s also an actress: She played the first female Vulcan on Earth in the movie ‘First Contact.’ She is just as protective of our community as I am, and you should really get to know her, if you haven’t already.

Lots of people, men and women alike, weren’t taking the bait.

This strategy was a non-starter. It made things much, much worse. YourFriendElle’s project was at a standstill, her ‘NerdOut’ app’s Twitter page completely wrecked by people who expressed annoyance. YourFriendElle expressed that she had been snarky, and that what was being said wasn’t untrue – She owned up to saying what she’d said.

The time for an apology for all of this was long overdue. If not for what she had said and done, at least for trying to paint people as hostile bullies. In a stunning move to pretty much everyone, that’s not what happened.

Then she started blocking people. 

I don’t really know what happened next. I can only imagine that people started reaching out to her, letting her know that she had turned her reputation into a smoking ruin. That the impact of the conversation had gotten to the point that it was going to have long-lasting effects, probably socially and professionally. She needed to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

I don’t buy it.

Don’t get me wrong – I feel bad for her. I think she caused herself a tremendous amount of grief. I feel very bad for people with whom she’s associated; Geek Girl Brunch is a great example of an excellent group with a fantastic reputation – YourFriendElle is (was?) one of their officers. I feel terrible for anyone working on her app, and if they reach out to me I’ll do everything I can to find work for them, both within my company and with others outside.

I don’t think YourFriendElle understands what it means to call other people bullies and accuse them of harassment. While her initial response and post was absolutely unprofessional, those kinds of accusations have the ability to be incredibly damaging to people. I don’t think she understands that a lot of us aren’t just fans, we’re professionals that pay our bills by making the things that geeks, nerds and dorks enjoy.

Believe it or not, this is the shortest possible way I could tell this story. There’s a hell of a lot more of it through the Twitter stream, but I’m trying to be respectful of your time.

What’s next for me? I’m back to work. What’s next for YourFriendElle? I have no idea. I really hope her apology is sincere, and that she never does this ever again. That would be pretty great. 


Art dump of Shrek the Musical, part 1 of ???? 

Still can’t get over how incredible the Broadway cast was in this musical. And they are SO MUCH FUN TO DRAW - everyone’s so wonderfully expressive!! 

(I’m psyching myself up for drawing snippets of ‘Who I’d Be’ because that may probably be my most favorite song I’ve ever heard and I must do it justice aaaaa) (also, can’t wait to draw Farquaad ahahaha)

Max & Furiosa — A Modern AU mix

01. here comes the night time ll — arcade fire 02. hanging in a void — barcelona 03. despair hangover & ecstasy — the do  04. love in stereo — sky ferreira 05.  kiss with a fist — florence & the machine  06. earth — imogen heap 07. body work — morgan page ( feat. tegan and sara ) 08. hair down — cold war kids

Listen here

Hello!! My name is Elder McKinley, district leader of Uganda District 9! We’re here to help spread the word of Jesus Christ and the Book of Arnold. Feel free to ask me and any of the other elders of District 9 any questions!

(ok well this is a thing now. this will prob be v ooc since its made for my own joy and pleasure. gosh. ask questions if u wanna!! this will be a fun time. usually mckinley, price, and cunningham will answer questions unless the question is aimed at a specific elder.

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graphic design is my passion

Final Fantasy XIII - The Promise 

 There’s no way I can finish that binding rod in time for AX…might as well have a little piano therapy to take out some stress. 

Arrangement from here.

I always get a little bit more shy on giving my opinion to him just because with music, how can I tell him about music? He loves getting peoples’ opinions. He knows more what he’s talking about than I do, especially when it comes to music. I like to let him do his thing because he knows what he’s doing.
—  Kim about Kanye, Rolling Stone