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Stigma: Do you want to perpetuate it, or do you want to end it?

The thing with “all or nothing” thinking with ANY disability is you run over peoples’ autonomy.

Shut up and stop saying “well what about cancer?” Cancer is a disease that threatens life that should of course be cured! Degenerative conditions that make a person deteriorate over time should be researched and cured if the person with the condition wants it because the increasing needs and sudden changes in ability are hard on the person, maybe more so than caregivers.

Comparing disabilities or mental illnesses like blindness or autism or a spinal cord injury or bipolar disorder or PTSD to degenerative conditions or life-ending diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s or cancer is stigmatizing. It suggests our lives are not worth living unless we get a cure. Some may want a cure, but the choice should be the person alone, not society.

I just said the answer, but I’ll ask anyway. Do you know what the biggest problem is for all disabilities and illnesses (physical and mental) besides accessibility? 


Stigma is turning disabilities and mental illnesses into jokes, tropes and stereotypes. 

Stigma is ignoring disabled voices and focusing on caregivers instead of the people who really need the care and help.

Stigma is society taking its own beliefs about disability instead of hearing about it from disabled people, and sticking to its own beliefs instead of letting their wrong ideas be challenged.

Stigma is movies making the villain “crazy” with an unnamed mental illness who ends up either dead or in an asylum, which implies mentally ill people are dangerous or evil, and that the only way to be safe is to kill them or lock them up.

Stigma is “mental patient” being a Halloween costume.

Stigma is villains being disfigured or disabled to imply disability is something bad or evil. (Davros on Doctor Who is a GREAT example of this. He’s very similar to Stephen Hawking, except he can talk with his mouth and move one hand!)

Stigma is being asked “like Rain Man?” when I tell people I’m autistic because that is the only “autism” people know.

Stigma is being told I don’t know what I’m talking about when I talk about being autistic…and the person saying that is not. 

  • Look, non-autistic parents, I don’t know what your kid’s favorite snack is, who their favorite TV character is or what their favorite color is, but I know that marshmallows feel like a disgusting pulsing mess in my mouth, a rough shirt seam can feel like sandpaper rubbing blisters into my skin and a room full of people talking might as well be church bells clanging right next to my ears for all the sense the noise makes to me. 
  • It doesn’t matter if I can talk and your kid can’t, I understand what they are feeling in a way you, a person who is not autistic, *never* will.

Stigma is mentally ill people being dehumanized and mistreated because TV and movies teach society that they’re bad.

Stigma is turning mental illnesses into a threat, “Ohhh behave before they cart you off to the nuthouse!”

Stigma is able-bodied neurotypical people turning away from and ignoring those who are disabled and neuroatypical.

Stigma is people whose voices will never be heard being force-fed bleach until they vomit or poop bloody mucus, and nobody will ever know or bring their abusers to justice because their abuse is “treatment”.

Stigma is disabled lives being devalued so much that people who can’t save themselves are killed EVERY DAY because they’re “such a burden” and society thinks that is okay and shouldn’t count as murder.

The only way to beat stigma is to bring these things out in the open and let people who live those conditions talk. No, not caregivers, the actual people who have or are those conditions! 

Make people uncomfortable! TALK! That’s the ONLY way!!! 

Call out Hollywood when it uses mental illness to make characters evil or dangerous instead of it being a typical person who has a vendetta. 

Call out Hollywood when it makes a disabled character the villain!

Call out people who call autistic people the R-word or make fun of them!

Call out people who use the R-word on intellectually disabled people!

Call out charities like Autism Speaks that use fear mongering to raise funds for research that is not helping autistic people!

Call out abusive “therapies” that aim to make life easier for caregivers at the expense of the comfort and safety of the disabled or mentally ill person!

Call out news articles that “okay” the “mercy killings” of disabled or mentally ill people!

Call out stigma. Call it out. Be annoying. Don’t stand down. 

Keep talking. 


And notice stigma when you perpetuate it yourself, too. I probably do it a dozen times a day or more, and I have to say “hold on, girl, wtf did you just say?! Don’t say that! No!”

Stigma: Do you want to perpetuate it, or do you want to end it?

  • Kirishima: If you could go back in time and change one thing, what thing would that be?
  • Bakugou: Deku.
  • Kirishima: You’d change that?
  • Bakugou: Yeah
  • Kirishima: How would you change that?
  • Bakugou: Murder

headcanon that Kirishima keeps calling Bakugou funny hero names, even when they’re pros

Kirishima: hi, I’m Red Riot and this is Explosion Hero: Sparky Sparky Boom Man

Bakugou: for the love of fuck, Ei, stop calling me those weird names at least at work

Kirishima: but when else would it be funny?!

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