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Ava Le'Ray Barrin, 17-year-old transgender girl, killed in Georgia

  • Seventeen-year-old Ava Le'Ray Barrin, a black transgender girl, was killed on Sunday morning in Athens, Georgia, transgender news blog TransGriot reported. 
  • Barrin died after an altercation with Jalen Brown, an acquaintance.
  • TransGriot pointed to stories in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Athens Herald, both of which initially misgendered Barrin.
  • According to the Constitution, Brown shot Barrin in the chest during an argument. Brown is being held in Athens-Clarke County jail on charges of murder and aggravated assault. Read more (6/28/17)

everyone’s posting about the first markiplier video they watched, so i thought i’d join in! unfortunately, i can’t exactly remember which exact video was the first one i watched, but warfstache plays slender was certainly amongst the first ones i watched! 

looking back on it now, it’s so interesting to see who the character of wilford was and comparing that to what kind of character he is now. i love character development and i love the fact that mark has kept this character around for so long, and i can’t wait to see what else he has in store for this pink mustached man. i really hope mark brings back wilford playing video games, or any other of the egos playing video games too for that matter! it’d be really cool. 💖


Kids Who Kill
The Murder Of Craig Sorger

On the 15th of February 2003 in Washington, Evan Savoie & Jake Eakin, both 12, went to the home of classmate Craig Sorger and asked him to come out and play. Sorger who had mild autism struggled in school but was well liked. When Sorger failed to return his mother became concerned as he hated the dark. At midnight his partially clothed body was found, authorities described his head “smashed like a pumpkin”.

The two friends claimed Craig fell out of a tree, however autopsy revealed different. Sorger’s injuries included being beaten around the head 16 times as well as 34 stab wounds.

No real motive was discovered but Savoie told Eakin, “I want to go on a killing spree”.

Evan Savoie was sentenced to 26 years whilst Jake Eakin got 14 years

A retrial for Savoie was granted and in 2014 he was sentenced to 20 years.

On the 14th of June 2016, Eakin escaped prison and was recaptured later


Nitro Plus Chiral is currently accepting online reservation for Dramatical Murder Morphine jacket, Uiro Yamada’s Dekiniku Pin and the Chiral Live 2017: Naitoukun Acryllic stand that was sold during the Chiral Live 2017 Rhythm Carnival.  For those who are living outside Japan, you can buy the goods in Nitroplus online shop’s english website.

skipping through most of the episodes to get to the gay stuff like

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Reasons to love Katsuki Bakugou

Here are just a few reasons why everyone should be completely in love with Bakugou from My Hero Academia.

Reason #1:

He is angry all the time.

He has to be the angriest person I have seen and it is the greatest thing in the world like he is even angry when he is simply brushing his teeth. 

Reason #2:

He’s actually a fragile emotional angel.

Even tho Bakugou can put up a very tough and rigid appearance he’s really just an innocent emotional cinnamon roll that needs to be hugged, but more than likely if you tried he would blow you up lol

Reason #3:

He is a complete badass.

Be it taking on multiple enemies at once, coming up with strategies on the fly in the heat of battle, or just simply punching through solid air with only his bare fists Bakugou does it all like a BAMF.

Reason #4:

He is completely blunt about everything.

He doesn’t care if he is talking to All Might himself Bakugou will say what is on his mind and not think twice or give a f*** about it. 

Final Reason: 

His level of creativity.

Who couldn’t love this guy for the simple fact that he wanted his hero name to be Lord Explosion Murder lmao

To simply put everything: Bakugou is the greatest. End of story.

Discussing Teleportation at 3AM
  • Gallusrostromegalus: I mean, that's allegedly how teleporters work
  • Gallusrostromegalus: but with more murder
  • Gallusrostromegalus: depending on your point of view.
  • CloudyDrake: yeah, good point
  • CloudyDrake: breaks down your molecules, beams the data to the computer at the other end, it rebuilds an exact copy of you
  • CloudyDrake: you literally die every time scotty beams you up.
  • CloudyDrake: Highest body count in the federation
  • Gallusrostromegalus: HE'S A MONSTER
  • Gallusrostromegalus: and since he's from scotland
  • Gallusrostromegalus: he could be
  • CloudyDrake: :D?
  • CloudyDrake: :D :D :D?
  • Gallusrostromegalus: THE LOCH NESS MONSTER

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Welcome back everyone to the second N+C exchange!

With the new year, comes more news from Nitro+Chiral. Last year announced a new title, Slow Damage. This year brings Rhythm Carnival, a crossover rhythm game following the story events of N+C’s Chiral Night back in November. More people are joining the fanbases and our continued goal is to bring everyone together!

As with last year, this exchange will be focusing on N+C’s current four main titles (Togainu no Chi, Lamento: Beyond the Void, Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder). The event consists of the following:

  • Submitting an application with all the required details (such as what you would like to receive, what you wouldn’t create, means of contact, etc) into the submission box – you have until 11 pm PST on July 19th to do so;
  • Receiving a form from another participant with the details they submitted;
  • Creating a gift for said participant;
  • On the final day, you will submit your created gift for your assigned person;
  • And, in exchange, you’ll receive a gift too!

The rules are as follow:

  • This event focuses on creating new fan-made works, so gifts can only be fanart and fanfiction;
  • For legal reasons, if you are under 18 years old you cannot create or receive sexually explicit material;
  • Please stick to the deadlines! If you are unable to meet a deadline, please contact us as soon as possible so we can give you an extension and notify your giftee;
  • If you need to drop out of the event, please contact us as soon as possible so we can contact and assign a pitch hitter to your giftee;

A pinch hitter is someone who replaces a participant who has had to drop out of the event, and who creates a gift for the withdrawn participant’s giftee (further information about this can be found in the FAQ)

  • Also, keep your submit box open! This is how you’ll receive your giftee’s information!
  • Last but not least, any kind of harassment towards anyone involved in the event will not be tolerated. 

If you want to know extra details, you can check the following links!
Rules & Guidelines | FAQ | Calendar | Participation form & Submission box

Remember the deadlines, everyone! You are also welcome to follow this blog to keep up to date.

  • July 19 (11 pm PST); Applications period ends
  • July 22 – 24; Assignments are sent
  • August 4 – 6; Check in
  • August 30; Final day and posting

Everything will still be organized under the event tag #ncexchange, as well as the AO3 Collection that was created to compile the fanfiction works. Remember to track these if you want to see and read all of the new (future) content for the fandoms!

If you need help or further information, send an ask or contact one of the mods in the chat system!

Now, this event has been created to be fun, to introduce fans who may not have met one another otherwise outside of this event. We all are a part of this because of our love for Nitro+Chiral and their VNs. So, let’s continue that. Let’s continue giving them the love we give them together. We look forward to seeing you all share your enthusiasm with one another and create to your heart’s content!