that multitasker

And finaaallllyyyyyyy… he was granted access to Queen Hatshepsut’s tomb.

But only the first part.  Because this game is a butt.  :D

So he gets in…

… sticks a keystone in a hole, does some tertiary garbage that is boring and…

Finds another goddamned bedroom.  Like… this quest lays this on THICK.  Perhaps it wants you to bring a love interest in or something to desecrate all these beds.

Bonus points if your sim awes AND can’t pathfind worth shit at the same time.

By the time he was done with this, the sun came up.

Peak Slytherin is, when you can verbally obliterate your enemy but get anxiety when it comes to ordering food from a complete stranger.

Peak Slytherin is, when you over think something so much you don’t even realise that you are talking out loud until someone stares at you weirdly because you just yelled at thin air to shut the fuck up.

Peak Slytherin is, when you can multitask a thousand things and still fuck up a simple task such as drinking water.

Peak Slytherin is, being so dubious and scientific that you can get all the research done in one night and still not do do it b ed cause you can’t see a good enough reason to do it.

im not allowed to relax even if im relaxing like if im just sitting and watching a youtube video im like “i could be multitasking something else while watching this video”

So, let’s try an AU where the bats are complete isolationists.

I mean, they’ve had contact with the world outside Gotham and villains outside Gotham, but they’ve completely and totally avoided other heroes.

So, There’s a Justice League, but no Watchtower.

There’s a Teen Titans, but without the Robins.

There’s a Red Hood, but no Outlaws.

Tim’s Young Justice never existed because they just joined the Titans.

No one is allowed in Gotham - meta or not. Gotham is theirs.

So, you have all the other heroes and then you have the Bats.

And, frankly, the other heroes are a little wary of the bats. They have no idea who they are or what they’re capable of?

They’re from Gotham - they live in Gotham and take care of Gotham and Gotham is one of the most dangerous cities in America, if not the world. Gotham’s villains are crazy. 

And if the bats are taking care of that, then they have to be… well, pretty dangerous. No one wants to cross them. And even though they want to find out what their powers are, no one wants to risk going into Gotham after that time Superman tried it and came out 5 minute later with a sliver of kryptonite embedded in his arm (just because no one knows about the bats, doesn’t mean the bats don’t now about everybody.)

And then comes the moment when the bats have to break their isolation.

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There’s this part of that interview with Rebecca from earlier this month (here) where she talks about how when Patti LuPone was recording the lines for Yellow Diamond, at the bit where Peridot says the ship was destroyed, the line in the script said “By who?” and she corrected it “That should be ‘by whom’.”

and ever since hearing that I cannot shake the headcanon of Yellow Diamond being, like, a real stickler for grammar. Like a Gem would be giving her their report and she wouldn’t even seem to be paying attention but they make a grammatical error and she just stops them dead and corrects them and now they have her undivided attention and it is terrifying


humans multitask… like a lot and many of us doesn’t really noticed that or even considered it as multitasking. 

for example, we are walking and talking to our friends. another example is that, some of us (im not sure if all we can do it) can talk (by facing them) and write at the same time without looking at the paper. 

imagine an alien specie that doesn’t understand how humans are doing this, they think what we are doing is just impossible.  or a alien specie who doesn’t have the ability to multitask but they do have some members in their society who able to multitask, but with hard work and dedicationand they are usually the leaders in their society? 

so the aliens in that society would freak out of how many of us can multitask because to them, its like talking to the leader.