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May I please ask whom you would cast as Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Batman opposite your own personal pick, the absurdly-charming Mr Oscar Isaac? (Also, may I please ask just what sort of Batman you would want to appear alongside this Superman?).

For the most part, while I know how I’d do the DCEU if I could do it from scratch, actors aren’t my thing with that by and large - I just don’t know enough of ‘em. For these three though, I’d keep Amy Adams as Lois, go with Bryan Cranston as Luthor since that’s what everybody and their mother wants and he’d be good in the part, and I’d trust George Miller’s instincts and have Armie Hammer as Batman (I’m good with Affleck’s performance, but his age seems a deliberate contrast to Superman in ways that underscore a shortsighted view of them and their relationship). A lot of how I’d do a set of DC movies at least initially extends outward from New Frontier, so pretty much the Batman of that, hard-nosed and unnerving but by no means a monster, on good terms with Superman and more visibly softening up over time with the introduction of Robin.