that movie with a lot of bryan adams

I was tagged by @weareonejazzhand @pinkislouder and @iamnotbeingsarcastic even though they know I don’t really have excellent taste in anything

Rules: tag 9 people with excellent taste (or apparently just any people will do)

Colour(s) I’m currently wearing: jeans blue and emerald green

Last band t-shirt I bought: is Harry Styles a band because then I bought his Cologne show t-shirt

Last band I saw live: Harry Styles’ band? Imagine Dragons? Oh no wait MUNA!

Last song I listened to: Heaven by Bryan Adams…so what SUE ME

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick

Last movie I watched: Cabin In The Woods. Such a bad bad idea…

Last 3 tv-shows I watched: well I always watch and re-watch more than one show at the same time but if we’re talking new episodes then Stranger Things (STEVEEEEEEEE), Brooklyn 99 and How To Get Away With Murder

Last 3 characters I identified with: what a complex question…I identify with a lot of characters at least in part, but today let’s say Peppermint Patty

Book I’m currently reading: Vale is having me read the second part of Proust’s Swann’s Way

I’m tagging @soulmatesandfate because obviously and also @harryenthusiasm (I almost typed your old URL my brain is still in denial ;P) @wesninskey @aurrorpotter and @intenselouis

You are all very free to ignore this!