that movie was so good jfc

one of my other favorite things about beyond is how incredibly gay kirk, spock, and bones all were for each other on various occasions (esp kirk and spock like jfc boys could you be more in love) and how i managed to come out of this movie shipping like fifty different things like i already was mildly interested in spirk and kirk/spock/uhura but now i’m like “lets throw bones in there for good measure” and also scotty/jaylah like she could kick his ass and he’d thank her for it and it would be glorious and yeah welcome to the multishipping hell that has become my life

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Multiples of 7!

((OOC: Math. 

7. Top five Ships?

(In no particular order…)

Jily, because honestly…

(Ash is a basic bitch)

14. Character you hate for no good reason? 

 I mean, I like to think I hate characters for a good reason, but popular opinion hating Dumbledore because jfc

21. Centaurs, mermaids, or ghosts? 


28. The Knight Bus or broomstick travel? 

 Broomstick, obvs. I like feeling zoomy.

35. Your broomstick type? 

 Racing broom. I mean, I’m broke as hell, but if I could get a loan for a Firebolt, you better believe I’m taking that errwhere.

42. Favorite of the Golden Trio? 

 Harry.(So basic)

49. Favorite movie? 

 the absolute hair porn that is POA because idk WHAT they did in between that and Goblet of Fire, but that hairstylist was ON POINT

I mean, ))

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(( And let’s not forget this bae here… ))

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just because suicide squad isn't a marvel movie doesn't make it bad jfc

lmfao bitch i’m a dc????? like always and 5ever

and i’m sorry imo (which is correct btw) it’s just. not good????

like what even was that script??? yikes

do you have three hours for me to drag jared leto and the way harley and joker’s relationship was portrayed??? also harley was almost a caricature like??? if you’re gonna bring her to life you’ve got to make her more than just constant one liners??? even her more serious scenes felt like…margot…you’re trying so hard……just…be real…. for one second…..

 look i actually like most of the characters in suicide squad but good characters can’t always make up for just bad filmmaking

Look at this boss noodle soup! It contains: miso paste (as the broth), shiitake mushrooms/mushroom soup mix from woolies, Bok choy, bean sprouts and fried tofu. So delicious.

🍀 Also bought some sea weed chips which I have a feeling I will repurchase tomorrow because jfc they were good
🍀 Finished my 4 day work week (next week is a 6 day week)
🍀 Found a new trashy tv show to watch. It’s called ‘Good Witch’ and it’s basically every ridiculous hallmark movie rolled into one minus a dead body (so far)
🍀 I’m taking myself on a holiday in about 3 weeks to America + Canada. I’m just going to be super chill about it and not plan much (except for Drake concert on the 18th of September - but that’s it)