that movie was so good jfc

ok so psycho pass movie comes with:

- tsunemori BADASS akane

- kougami shinya (he’s BACK EVERYONE)

- ginoza in a ponytail jfc ahahaha LMAO

- some sort of world war idk

- mentions of makishima shougo (we know he’s dead but him being mentioned is making me happy oh god)

- terrorists

- ling tosite sigure sings the theme once again 

I’m so excited to see Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn

I’m so excited to see Jared Leto’s Joker


Zootopia US Trailer like

Good points that already sound hilarious and promising for the movie :

  • Nick smiling at Judy like he knows her by heart
  • Judy smiling confidently at Nick
  • Ginnifer Goodwin being so ON POINT doing Judy’s voice it’s just too good
  • Judy being unamused about the pregnant joke (it’s even funnier when you think Ginny is pregnant again now)

Bad points :

  • is there even one bad point tho

oh my god
“Kili’s most important scenes were with Tauriel: this didn’t add anything to Kili’s character" 

Kili most important scenes were with Tauriel?! lol because that scene with Kili and Thorin was nothing, right? and shut up because his scenes with Tauriel were important for his character because it shows how much Kili doesn’t care about the fact that she is a elf, it also shows how much pure and brave Kili is!

"Aidan had no Fili with him, but he didn’t substitute him with Tauriel, either”

first of all… AIDAN IS NOT KILI! HE’S THE ACTOR WHO PLAY HIM.  jfc i swer to god.

This person is probably forgetting the fact that Aidan and Dean were promoting the movie together since the first movie, and fili and kili are brothers, good looking and charismatic so of course they were together, also they spent like almost 2 years together?! i’m not sure. Evangeline was casted after that. And Evangeline promoted the movie with Lee and Orlando because guess what, they are elves!! and they have connection in the history, and yes Tauriel and Kili have a relationship in the movie but it doesn’t mean that she had to promote with Aidan, i mean, why? just because tauriel and kili have a thing? grow up srly.

You know what isn’t real? this person’s concept of friendship and promote movies.

Cinderella was so so so so so so BEAUTIFUL.

Oh my god. Lily James is absolutely ENCHANTING. So absolutely gorgeous and elegant and breathtaking and perfect.

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve shed TEARS. I didn’t expect this movie to be so heartbreaking jfc

That was such a good adaptation. AND CATE BLANCHETT IS EVERYTHING.

Goal: I want to find a boy who will look at me the way Kit looked at Ella when she accepted his hand for the first dance.

EVERYONE WATCH THIS MOVIE. It’s so beautiful and captivating and magical and UGH I’m watching it again!

Oh, my heart.

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nickname: ok so everyone back where i lived used to call me “elo” which is short for my real name (pls dont call me elo its a rly personal nickname and just dont pls) also since nobody foreign can rly pronounce it correctly all my foreign friends call me “leafy”

star sign: virgo!!

height: fucking 158 cm what the fuck the what im so small

time right now: 01:02 am

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hogwards house: slytherin

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favourite colour: black probably im emo man idk

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how many blankets do you sleep with: 2 im cold as fuck yall

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Saw the Magnificent 7 and it got me thinking about how much I love westerns so went onto Netflix and The Good The Bad and the Weird is on there jfc if M7 has given you any sort of interest in the genre GO WATCH THAT MOVIE RIGHT NOW IT IS A KOREAN STEAMPUNK  WESTERN STARRING BYUNG-HUN LEE (Billy Rocks) AND AN ABSOLUTE BLAST and is honestly a way better movie like M7 doesn’t have the right feel and it used all the wrong shots in the action sequences GO! NOW!