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what are your personal favourite labels?? (and why, if you'd like to answer)

❞ HELLO LOVELY !! Oh, I don’t know why but I find this a hard question ?? Because I feel like a lot of labels are quite interesting… But, if I have to give some of my favorites I’d say:

  • the peter pan: I just love this one ?? And not just because I adore Peter Pan (the story, the movie, everything that slightly has to do with it), but because the idea of having a role who refuses to grow up is pretty intriguing ?? Especially if you make it a bit, like, mind fucking… Leaving other people to wonder “what – is he really… No, Peter Pan’s just a movie figure, he doesn’t exist…”, if that makes sense ?? There are a few amazing option with this label, seeing you could use Neverland as a place they hide away at or create in their mind, like f.ex. when they’re high ?? So, yeah, there are so many super interesting ways to look at this which I love.
  • the hopeless romantic: Dude, who doesn’t like a cute role who adores romance, longs for it, holds so much hope despite heartbreak and criticism etc… I just love portraying roles like these.
  • the poet: You can make this one so interesting as well ?? Make ‘em this tortured soul, constantly torn between reality and fantasy – believing that there has to be more to life than what they’re getting right now. Not feeling good where they are, with who they are as a person… You know ?? Escape in writing, poetry… Something like that.
  • the buffoon: A nerd kind of role but in a cute, funny way ?? Constantly pushing memes into someone’s face, geeking around, not your typical ‘popular guy/girl’ but not your typical ‘nerd’ either ?? Like lowkey everyone likes them because they’re fun when you get to know them but they’re just cute and smart and geeky and lovable ?? I don’t know, I love the idea of that. 
  • the wannabe casanova: Okay so I really love this one because fuckboys are too overly used and this is kind of a nice, original variation to it ?? Like, wanting to be a fuckboy but simply not having the skills ?? Always embarrassing themselves while trying to impress girls… You see ?? It has lots of potential, I think.
  • the spitfire: A badass, brutally honest and frank role. I love it – not your typical mean girl/guy. They’re just them, no reason, no bad intentions… They just say what they want, fight for what they want, being a (what a surprise) real spitfire.
  • the thespian: normally an actor/actress – but I like to use this in a more figurative speaking kind of way ?? Like, someone who hides who they are behind piles and piles of lies. For some reason, they can’t just be themselves. They need to lie and hide away, to act their way through life.
  • the southern belle/gentleman: I feel like this one could be a bit of a mixture of an old soul, a wallflower and a paracosmist/benevolent kind of role. I love playing sweet, kind, innocent roles without them being push-overs. And I feel like a southern belle/gentleman could be all that.

Okay, honestly, there are a lot more labels I like ?? But yeah, these are definitely some of my favorites !! Xoxo 

About Me Meme!

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Relationship Status: Spinster

Favorite Color: Green and purple
Pets: None. Too much responsibility. We had a dog growing up, though. 

Last song I listened to: The last song I heard on the radio was “Material Girl” by Madonna. 

Favorite TV show: Parks and Recreation but other shows share space in my heart
First Fandom: Well, I was a fan of a lot of shows pre-Internet. But in the sense of an online fandom, The X-Files. I came to the show late but with syndication and online forums, including TWOP, I was able to catch up pretty quickly. 
Hobbies: Getting angry about all sorts of things. Watching sports. Reading. Trying to make sense of inconsistent chronologies in movies and TV shows (500 Days of Summer was really frustrating and I could talk for hours about Parks Season 3)  
Books that I’m currently reading: “The Silkworm,” which is the second Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) novel, and “TV: The Book” by Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz, which makes me want to watch many more shows than I possibly have time for. 
Favorite Book: Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, Anne of Green Gables series, Pride and Prejudice. Those three books/series will probably never be topped for me. 
Worst Thing You’ve ever Eaten/Tasted: Raw oyster. I like most foods but cannot eat slimy goods like oyster or okra. I ate it by mistake as a kid at a Japanese buffet, thinking it was a clam. Smoked oysters or Oysters Rockefeller are fine, but that is the first and last time for a raw one. 
Favorite Place: On my couch, watching a TV show I like, with a hot beverage and something to read by my side.

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If ever there’s a tomorrow when we’re not together, there’s something you must remember. 


surgically modified and trained as a living weapon


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“GALLY!!!!!!! Notice in the movie, he never once says something you can truly disagree with.”

- James Dashner on #mazerunnerfriday