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Why do you have such antipathy for the EU? Given all the material out there there's a wide range in quality between all the books and comics, and some of them are really quite good. Why do you write it all off and hate every bit of it so much?

Several main reasons, anon, two of which are contained right there in your ask:

  1. The wide range of material out there is actually part of it. I’m always leery of any fandom that expects people to consume vast amounts of media (and, more often than not, spend the money necessary to do so) in order to participate in the fandom. It’s an accessibility issue, and a storytelling issue. If a movie doesn’t make sense without referring to secondary sources, then that’s a failure of storytelling. (This is part of why I think ROTS is the weakest of the prequels, but I digress.) Not everyone has the time, energy, money, or inclination to put in the work of learning all that vast amount of EU material. And not everyone wants to be constrained by it, either. Which leads me to…
  2. The canon policing in this fandom would have turned me off of the EU completely if the content of the EU itself hadn’t already done so. I’ve long ago lost count of the number of messages, comments, and asks, some of them mostly polite and others downright nasty, that I’ve received correcting my understanding of canon (by which, of course, they really mean the EU). I’ve seen new writers told to stop writing because they don’t have sufficient knowledge of “canon.”
  3. On a more personal note, I absolutely detest being told that I should try to like something I’ve repeatedly said I have no interest in. “Just give it a try!” and “There are some good things, you shouldn’t judge it all by the bad!” etc etc etc - those are things I hear all the time, and I’m not just talking about fandom here. Those kind of arguments are something I never respond well to, whether the thing people are talking about is the Star Wars EU or the concept of dating.
  4. Of course, what underlies all of this is that I just plain don’t like the EU. And I can only assume, based on the number of asks I get from well-intentioned and very informative people about various elements of the EU (always either beginning or ending with “I know you don’t like the EU but…”), that people think I’m not familiar with the EU. Plot twist, friends: I am quite familiar with the EU. I’ve actually read large portions of the old EU, and I spend enough time in fandom that I’ve picked up even more. I’ve been on Wookieepedia. There’s nothing y’all are telling me that I don’t already know. I just don’t care.
  5. The old EU is full of things like this. It’s full of mangled characterization and things that don’t really fit well with what we actually see in the movies. (Things like Vader being second in command of the Empire, for example.) It’s full of things like Lando Calrissian - a man who, in the movies, was a capable and responsible leader caught between his duty to his people and his loyalty to a friend, who somehow managed to pull together out of a shitty situation and do his level best to save both, who became a general and led the decisive Rebel victory - being reduced to a suave conman and gambler. And look, I could go on, but tbh I don’t want to expend any more energy on this.

If you like the EU, great! Have fun with it, write awesome fics, make art, write meta, go to town. Enjoy it.

Just stop trying to tell me I have to like it, too.

For the last eight years, Marvel and their tyrannical overlords at Disney have been making cinematic soda pop.  It’s bubbly, it’s sweet with just a little acidic bite, it gives you a little extra energy, and it’s addictive as all hell.  It’s not a particularly memorable drink, but that ultimately works in its favor, since you can have one after another without ever really getting tired of it.

So with everyone conditioned to think of Marvel as the Coca-Cola of
superhero movies, it would make perfect sense to expect DC to come out as Pepsi, right?  That’s how these things work: you have two slightly different flavors of basically the same thing, and then everyone fights forever over which one is better.

Zack Snyder, the folks at DC, and their own tyrannical overlords at WB, however, eschewed soda altogether and have instead been offering glasses of really stout porter.

You can’t drink a porter the way you drink a soda.  It’s dark, and it’s
bitter, and there are a lot of little flavors that you can only parse out if
you savor it, and even then it takes a good amount of effort to acquire a taste for it.  It’s very easy for people who aren’t big beer drinkers to look at a glass of nearly flat-black beverage and decide they’re not going to enjoy it, or spit the drink out after the first sip of a flavor they don’t like and never try it again.  And if you are a big beer drinker, there’s the chance that your own personal tastes are more towards a blonde ale or a Pilsner.

People who particularly like really dark beer aren’t commonplace (the ten most popular beers in the world are almost exclusively light), but those who do are generally very enthusiastic about their beverage of choice.  Meanwhile, basically everyone in the world drinks Coca-Cola, but the people who are die-hard Coke fans are generally considered oddballs, since most people will be perfectly fine drinking Pepsi instead.


On Civil War, Dawn of Justice, Foamy Beverages, and a Dash of Ayn Rand, by Andy C.

I don’t like any of these beverages, but I like the analogy and I completely agree with it.

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DC fandom, I mean, that’s what I primarily blog about lol 

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English, broken Hmong, and bits of Japanese and Spanish.

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I am so bad with years, lmbrb. (I just realized 2015 was a year ago, I don’t know why I read it as 2005. Don’t ask…) 

I really loved “Jurassic World” (2015), it was the only movie I didn’t have many complaints, only that it makes no sense how she outran a T-rex in heels.

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I just read a TEDtalk about how video games (Civilization, Minecraft, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft) are good for kids. Honestly, I loved the piece that was written, it wasn’t necessarily a research article, which I would’ve loved if it was a more thorough piece (or even just a video or podcast), but more-so a quick review on their research or experiences with their ongoing research.

3 Songs from Shuffling My Music:

I’ll get some random songs from my YouTube “Watch Again” recommendations, since that’s where I listen to a majority of my music:

1. ENGLISH “Re:Re:” Erased OP & ED ( AmaLee )

2. Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - You And I

3. Vampire Diaries - 5x04 Music - Sara Bareilles - Gravity

Last Thing You Bought Online:

A bath bomb. It was good. I just wished I bought candles to go with.

Zombies and Spiders. Don’t ask, it’s a phobia, they are always unexplainable. 

I don’t even get it.

How Would Your Friends Describe You:

Online Friends: Very opinionated, sometimes comes off as a jerk, but overall, pretty cool. Very salty.

Facebook Friends: Always putting husband on blast (in a funny, respectful, way). Very passionate about politics and humanitarian movements. Loves to throw shade.

In-Person Friends: Overly friendly, clumsy, asshole with jokes, talks to every person she meets and every thing, she is that person who talks to the cashier. Loves too much, gives too much, and takes too little. Talks a lot. Is very passionate and opinionated. Very salty. Petty - forgiving but will remind you on a daily basis, along with embarrassing moments.

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first:

I would buy something, anything for my husband. I stay at home, trying to get my shit together, while he’s working, and I want him to have something to make him happy - be it materials or just a good vacation.

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Notting Hill ZimBits!AU

 6.5K word ZimBits AU based on the film Notting Hill. Bitty owns a Bakery/Bookstore, Jack is an NHL player. You don’t need to have seen the movie for this to make sense.

…   …   …

Bitty bought the bookstore with an inheritance left by his MooMaw. It does nothing to ease his feeling of loss, but every time he steps inside he is overcome by a feeling of rightness. That she would somehow approve of his bakery-bookshop combination. He hadn’t wanted to get rid of the books, and customers come in to relax and start reading something with their coffee and pie. They often walk out with a book as well as more pie. It won’t ever make him rich, but it does make him happy. 

He has his regulars, and then he has the people that work with him, and then he has the tourists that inundate the area every spring, summer and fall. So he gets by and makes enough to pay the mortgage on his little two-bedroom apartment a few blocks over, and he doesn’t feel like his life is lacking anything. Sometimes he wonders what it might be like to have someone to share everything with, but he’s had a couple of disastrous relationships and actually had to share everything, so he’s happy. Content.

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Okay wait it’s not quite over. 

And I really love this song ok. Look at their little faces. They’re so happy for the unexplained and confusing magical fireworks. 

I’m really going to miss this Tomoyo. I just. I know we were joking about this earlier but I SINCERELY FEEL THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH TOMOYO IN THIS FILM. THERE COULD HAVE BEEN MORE TOMOYO. 

Rudebutwellmeaningguard is having a fun time though and I really appreciate his arms reunion with his princess. 

(Do you think Kurogane is bitter about this, just a little bit?)

Oh speaking of Kurogane 




Okay so my Feelings™ on POC Spot Conlon mostly apply to canon time.

    • So let’s assume he’s Black/Irish since that was a more common combination in the 1800′s, because of the fact that the Irish people were actually sold as slaves as well by the British until 1839, so they would often be “bred” with African slaves by the owners.
    • These people, at least while they were slaves, were called “mulatto” slaves, and although the “breeding” was stopped by a slave trading company in 1681, black people and Irish people still remained intermingled because of their shared experiences, so the most common mixed-race kids in the Newsies timeline would be Irish/black, plus Conlon is an Irish name.
  • So young Spot Conlon was only somewhere around 14 when the strike happened if I remember @newsiesandhistory correctly, so it’s already impressive that he;s a feared and respected leader among the newsies.
  • But imagine being a mixed race kid, in the just barely over twenty years since the Civil War, who’s mother was a freed slave and who’s father was Irish, in a time when Irish people were not very much liked by Americans.
    • Irish immigrants would often be scammed for boarding until they lost all their money and then tossed out on the streets.
    • People viewed them as “clannish” and thought they “bred like rabbits” and just didn’t like the Irish in general.
  • So poor little Spot Conlon is living on the streets, maybe with his family, maybe not, pretty young, because his father lost his money to the scammers and it’s pretty hard for a mixed race couple to find lodging anyway, especially since interracial marriage wasn’t legal until 1967, meaning Spot was an “illegitimate child” and thus life would be even harder.
  • So he’s pretty used to people discriminating against him for his family and the fact that he’s visibly not white, but he’s not resigned to it.
  • Before they were on the streets, he listened to his parents, who told him to ignore it, since fighting would only make things worse, but when they’re on the streets, he stops listening to that and starts to fight.
    • His reasoning is that his life is already horrible, fighting might make it better, not worse, and it does get people to leave him alone more.
  • Eventually, he starts selling papers to try and get his parents some money so they can get back on their feet, but he has to fight a few newsies before they let him sell.
  • The Brooklyn newsies are tough, so it take a while before he fits in, but he shows that he;s not scared to fight and that he will fight any time it’s necessary, so he slowly earns their respect.
  • And eventually he just kind of works his way up to be King, as more and more of the newsies rally behind him and he makes sort of friends with them.
  • His race is only another aspect of what makes him scary to other boroughs, since it seems like if a not white person managed to take control of Brooklyn, he must be even tougher than a normal king, since the Brooklyn newsies tend to not let people they don’t like sell in their borough.
  • And even though they’re right, Spot is pretty tough from the way his life has worked, they don’t realize that the Brooklyn newsies also just genuinely do like Spot, and that’s one of the reason they let him sell (even though their liking stemmed from his fighting everybody who looked at him wrong).
  • And of course there;s always going to be the newsies who don’t like Spot simply because he;s not white, but it doesn’t stop him from being a great leader.
  • And he doesn’t forget his family, and he never stops giving them as much of what he makes as he can afford, but he does stop living with them so he can have the trust of his newsies.
  • He probably collects things like Boot’s shooters to sell so he can give more.
  • His family is one of his secrets that’s not really a secrets, all of his newsies know, they just don’t mention it.
  • And when his father finally gets a job and they get back on their feet, even though Spot probably doesn’t leave his newsies, he does go back for meals at least a couple times a week and he definitely moves back in when he’s too old to keep selling and continues to use the money he makes to help out when he can

And those are my feelings about POC Spot Conlon. 

@spotconlonsarms @aroskywalker and @vitariesocks, because you all expressed interest.

Miroku’s Moving Castle

A/N: This is just a snippet, written based on one of my favorite scenes from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. I’ve been talking about this AU for Mirsan forever, and one day I’ll do it properly, but ‘til then… 

713 words of not explaining things properly, so you have to know the story lol.

Sango looked around at the crumbled kitchen of Miroku’s Moving Castle. She knew this would happen as soon as she had to dislodge Inuyasha the fire demon, but finding Miroku—saving him from Lady Midoriko’s army—was far more important than having a roof over their heads.

Now, she needed to make the ruins of the Moving Castle move.  

“Come on, wench, be quick about it!” Inuyasha urged from the empty fireplace, glancing at the shovel she had put him on. She looked back into the yellow eyes of the white fire, seeing his panic reflected there. “It’s wet here!”

As if on cue, the rain outside seemed to fall harder. Sango started gathering some wood from the mess on the ground, instructing Shippo, Miroku’s assistant, to bring Grandma Urasue in to warm herself in front of Inuyasha.

“There’s hardly anything left of the castle,” Shippo remarked, and Sango saw a flicker of sadness in his green eyes.

“What a pretty fire!” Urasue sighed contentedly as Shippo guided her to a wooden stool, her violet eyes glowing under Inuyasha’s white flame.

“I would feed you with some foxfire, Inuyasha, but I don’t think—” Shippo started saying, but Inuyasha interrupted him.

“That’s really not a good idea, runt! I’m not just any fire!”

Panting from the exertion, Sango came over and tossed what was left of the wooden stairs in the fireplace.

“You are our last hope of saving Miroku, Inuyasha,” she said, leaning down to look at him. “I know you have the power to move this castle!” She went on determinedly. “No one can do it but you!”

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Have any of you seen that kind of shitty Christmas movie called The Holiday? Like I’m just thinking of that as a Burramy AU (and an Angelica/Maria AU)

But just picture it, Bellamy is rich and successful and living in LA, but he finds out his significant other is cheating on him and ends their 3 year relationship. Then he can’t focus on work and ends up coming across a website where you can contact someone and switch houses with them for awhile and just get away from your life. So he comes across the name Angelica Schuyler, who lives in England, and is like hell yeah that is far away and sounds amazing.

So the email back and forth and Bell finds out that Angelica is also looking to get away, because they have been hung up on their boss (Thomas Jefferson) for years and then he gets engaged to Madison and it’s all just affecting her life and her work and she needs a break. So they agree to let each other swap houses for a month.

So Bell gets to England and to Angelica’s house, which is this tiny little cottage and is super excited. But the first night there some drunken stranger shows up at their door and Bell is just all ?!?!? and the man apologizes and says that Angelica always lets him crash at her place when he gets drunk and Bell doesn’t know what to do so he just lets the guy in to sleep on the couch.

Meanwhile Angelica makes it to Bellamy’s house which HOLY SHIT is huge and just kind of runs around it in excitement. Then a girl, Maria, stops by with some stuff that Bell needs for work (Maria is a co-worker) and Angelica introduces herself and Maria offers to show her around town.

Bell wakes up to the smell of coffee the next morning and learns that the drunk man’s name is Aaron Burr and he apologizes for the intrusion over and over. They kind of flirt back and forth but then Aaron gets a call, and Bell sees the name “Theodosia” flash over the screen of his phone and is all “oh is he taken?”

Angelica is still havin the time of her life in LA, and she meets a neighbor (idk who it would be from Hamilton no one really fits the old man category so) and she helps them home and finds out that they are a famous writer and kind of geeks out. She tells Maria the next time they meet up and both of them get excited and continue to go talk to the neighbor and listen to him tell all these great stories.

Bell and Aaron keep meeting, and there is like an instant attraction between them and they end up sleeping together pretty quickly but they both say it’s just casual. Plus Aaron keeps getting calls from Theodosia so Bell is suspicious. But they keep going out together and damn it Bell is falling for Aaron.

Angelica and Maria spend a lot of time together, and both of them talk about they’re failed relationships and the neighbor notices how well they seem to fit together and starts trying to set them up. They both laugh about it but both of them actually like each other.

One night Bell goes to Aaron’s house to see him and Aaron answers the door looking flustered, and Bell thinks there must be another woman there but then Aaron sighs and let’s him in, where Bell then meets his five year old daughter Theodosia, named after her mother who passed away three years ago.

So then Bell and Aaron sit and talk and Aaron says he didn’t say anything because he knew Bell was only staying for a month, and that there was no point in getting him involved in his and his daughter’s life if he wasn’t going to stick around. But Bell stays for dinner and Theo takes an instant liking to him and dammit Aaron isba great dad and Bell falls a little bit in love with him that night.

Angelica gets a visit from Jefferson, who said he found out where she was and wants to win her back. Angelica almost falls for it but then she finds out Jefferson is engaged to Madison still, and she kicks Jefferson out. Then she calls Maria over and they both have some drinks and fall asleep all cuddled up while watching a movie.

It’s Christmas and Bell spends it with Aaron and Theo since he knows no one else, and he has a great time. Then Theo goes to stay with grandparents and Bell and Aaron sit down to talk and admit that they have feelings for each other. But Bell can’t drop everything and move to England and Aaron can’t go to LA. So they sleep together and say goodbye in the morning (it’s time for Bell to go back home)

Angelica and Maria spend Christmas with Angelica’s neighbor and watch a ton of old Christmas movies and have a blast. Then Maria walks Angelica home and they kiss in the snow and Angelica is sad because she has to leave tomorrow.

Bell is on his way to the airport when he suddenly realizes that he can’t leave Aaron and he basically runs back to his house and flings himself at Aaron and says he’d be willing to stay and find a job here and be with him, and Aaron kisses him to shut him up and says they need to call Angelica.

Angelica is so excited to hear about Aaron and Bell, and she tells them that she is actually in love with Maria, which makes Bell basically jump up and down in glee.

Basically they are all happy and all of them move to England to live there and are happy and in love.

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Headcanon: Daniela yells at movie characters when they do something stupid

TBH not even just movies, she’ll yell at songs that don’t make sense, she’ll yell at billboards that are offensive or stupid, she never lets anything pass if it’s not up to her standards. 

It’s absolutely impossible to watch movies or TV with her, she’s constantly comment on the characters’ choices, on the plot, she’ll try to guess what happens next, she’s impossible. Except for Carla, who is such a sweetie she genuinely listens to what Dani is complaining about, tells her she’s right and so smart for having noticed. They often have movie nights together. Used to invite Nina or Vanessa as well but they stopped coming because they couldn’t handle it.

outofchara; omg its like the ending of naruto all over again. next thing you know there’ll be a next gen spinoff about their kids & how ichigo is a shitty father to boring underdeveloped brats and rukia is reduced to nothing more than a housewife.

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Sooooo... there's a rumor that one of the deleted scenes on the Civil War DVD features a shirtless Bucky...

I can’t think of any context within the movie where it would make sense for him to be shirtless except that part where Steve tells everyone to suit up before the airport fight? So now I’m just imagining him saying that and then there’s this whole slow motion thing where Bucky pulls his shirt over his head and flips his hair out of his face and soft jazz music plays in the background while everyone’s mouths slowly fall open.