that movie makes no sense


Disney Channel has uploaded the first episode of Tangled: The Series to Youtube, not counting the TV movie that actually started off series and this episode doesn’t make sense unless you’ve seen that, but who cares! It’s Rapunzel time!


the calendar // panic! at the disco


If ever there’s a tomorrow when we’re not together, there’s something you must remember. 

Y’all acting like predicting an alien threat to MCU’s Earth is some wildly amazing thing that no one could do unless they were ‘paranoid’! 

Aliens have already attacked! They actually attacked out of a big giant hole in the sky! And they whooped our asses but for the grace of six people, some really brave police/firemen, and a re-directed nuke. We also have big shiny fuck-off energy stones all around our earth that are clearly not from around here that people keep fighting over, and we know that Loki wasn’t acting alone.

Tony was the only one who saw the full might of what one attack brought, Tony is the only one beside Thor (and Fury) that is appreciating just what kind of force could be brought to bear against Earth, but Tony has apparently informed these suckers multiple times about what they’re up against and nobody chose to listen. Also Tony, “The Futurist is here!”, Tony Stark, Actual Genius, has been established as hyper-vigilant about future threats, both homegrown and far-flung.

Tony already had a plan in place for preparing for extraterrestrial threats before Wanda fucked with his head and before the Mind Stone fucked with Ultron that wasn’t ready for implementation but was a big idea in his head. “But his PTSD just made him paranoid” yes his PTSD is a big part of his character, so thrilled you finally noticed, he still did it and no one else did and this has been established for multiple movies so take your L and piss off.


“It’s not something we’ve explored,” Gadot said of Wonder Woman’s potential bisexuality. “It never came to the table, but when you talk theoretically about all the women on Themyscira and how many years she was there, then what [Rucka] said makes sense. In this movie she does not experience any bisexual relationships. But it’s not about that. She’s a woman who loves people for who they are. She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts.”

honestly newt is probably one of those people who keep photos of their family in their wallet, except of his creatures. and there’s that plastic slip that falls out when his wallet is open and he tries to keep it to his favourite animals but he loves all of them, so there’s basically a photo album of photos in his wallet. and its not just one of each animals, he probably has two or more for every each individual animals. i love him.

Oh noes! The girl’s getting carried away by the tiny monster things!

However, because they’re pulling on the random guy’s hair and ears…

…that apparently makes it impossible for him to just walk over and save her? Despite his attempts to do so?

After a while, though, he summons the “strength” to grab the little pipsqueaks and go after her…

…but two monsters trip him…

…and immediately leave, follow after the others.

At which point, despite her being carried away at what can’t even be described as a brisk pace…

…he immediately gives up. 

Because standing up and running after the creatures that move slower than an old lawnmower is apparently not an option, here.

He lays there, dejected, until his friend turns up…

…when suddenly, he’s teleported to a completely-different spot that has tents and surfboards around.

This movie makes no freakin’ sense, and I love it.

is anyone else becoming increasingly uncomfortable with this current trend of hollywood making movies out of incredibly recent political/social events (ex: that flint movie with cher, the snowden movie, etc.) and therefore creating a fictionalized, biased, and often sanitized narrative that will probably reach more people than the actual facts and will permanently alter the perception of the event in the public consciousness? 

I watched Civil War yesterday again, and just like @marvelingjules I had a few thoughts, not only about inconcistency and time problems, but more in general.

The gas mask Crossbones is wearing over his face mask is doing nothing for him.

Tony said to Maria ‘You did your best’ which implies that she really wasn’t the best mother, but Tony is willing to accept that she did the best she could in a horrible situation.

Given the Thor short movie/trailer (which I treat as canon now, thank you Marvel) Tony knew the whole time where Bruce was, he just didn’t tell the team and more importantly he didn’t tell Ross.

I know there has been a lot of talk about this already, but there is no way Zemo actually drowned that guy in the water. No way. It was already overflowing before it really reached his nose.

Tony is taking painkillers for his headache.

Natasha tells Steve that Clint said he was retired (look how that worked out).

You want to tell me that T’Challa had no seat during the conference and had to stand at the window?

Why are there German police forces in Bucharest? Why are they suddenly in charge if the bombing happened in Vienna?

Bucky gained a lot of muscle mass since he was last seen. Did the metal arm grow with him? Because technically it should be a lot slimmer than the rest of his body.

Where did the Freeman!Ross get such a convenient glass cubicle for Bucky that fast?

Why does Steve even think that Tony brought Pepper with him to Berlin? As if he would drag the CEO of his companies all around the world to accompany him to an imprisoned super soldier and two other heros more or less ont he run.

Where did Steve go after he threw the pen back at Tony? He is not allowed to leave the office. Sam isn’t either. Did he just sit out of frame the whole time and pretended not to listen? Did Steve go to the other end in hopes that Tony would leave?

After Steve ‘left’ Tony immediately put his sunglassese on.

Steve asks a very good question with who in their right mind not involved in Zemo’s plan would publish the picture with Bucky. So who did it? That never got answered.

Bucky’s whole fighting style heavily favoures the left side.

If Sam had stayed quite until he was up and able to move he would have caught Zemo looking down into the elevator.

Bucky did not hit Tony anywhere near his left arm. So what happened to it?

How could T’Challa jump down onto Bucky and the stairwell if Bucky was going up and away from T’Challa?

When Wanda goes up against Vision, she controlls the Infinity Gem.

Clint says ‘You’re doing me a favour’. With what? Making him a criminal? Getting him away from his family? What the fuck does he mean.

Scott doesn’t spare one second on his daughter or the fact that she was the whole reason for him in Ant Man to be not a criminal, but sure, ‘I have no clue what’s going on but let’s break some laws’.

During the airport fight Tony’s left arm is blinking red in the HUD the whole time.

After Tony shot him down after Rhodey fell, Sam is already getting up again while Vision is still in the process of landing. So don’t come and tell me Tony aimed to hurt him.

According to FRIDAY Zemo ran a Sokovian covert kill squad. I don’t understand how that exactly fits into his whole story of ‘I have much experience with decrypting stuff’ and also this whole time line doesn’t fit. The files he was talking about were dumped during CA:TWS, so probably two years ago in MCU timeline. During that time Sokovia was still fine and not a floating rock, so I’m assuming his task force was still active then. Which means he would not have had time to read all the files. AoU happened a year later, and I assume at this point most of the files are taken off the net and destroyed because come on, no one wants them around. So when did he have time to decrypt them? He makes it sound like he started two years ago, but also according to him he had ‘nothing but time’ which is most likely not true. And he wouldn’t even have thought about getting his hands on these files then, because Sokovia was still fine and his family still alive. This whole Zemo thing just doesn’t make any sense (and don’t even get me started on his horribly flimsy plan).

The Winter Soldier hesitated when Howard called him by his name.

Why even introduce the five other Winter Soldiers if Zemo immediately kills them and it leads to nothing?!

The beam from Tony’s hand during the end doesn’t even destroy rock.

As if Tony wouldn’t know how many missions Rhodey flew during his career.