that movie makes no sense


Here’s why only having white people in your movie about Hawaii is a huge problem.

A new movie staring Bradley Cooper and a version of Hawaii seemingly populated only by white people has brought “whitewashing” back to the forefront.

If you’re unfamiliar, whitewashing occurs when a play or movie is set in a place with a rich culture, but most (if not all) of the main characters in it are white.

This is an issue because it robs people of their culture and gives it to people who are not from that place. Essentially, it’s appropriation and it’s wrong. Not only does it make for a bad movie, but it doesn’t seem to make business sense either.

But picture this:

the Young Avengers get invited to the Avengers Tower weekly movie night (thanks Clint and Kate!) maybe it’s around Christmas and the semester’s over and Billy and Teddy are back in town and Eli’s come to visit

And it’s Disney night, and Billy lets slip that Kate’s never seen Lilo and Stitch (THOUGH I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE)

and somehow Steve and Kate’s respective teams are in the kitchen watching Darcy and Natasha make the popcorn because Thor and Clint always burn it and Natasha isn’t allowed to make it so much as season it for the same reason

and Billy and Natasha get into this weird argument about which team leader is tougher and then bets start getting made about who can out-tough the other, Steve or Kate.

Billy’s arguments are that Steve is an enhanced super-soldier who has seen a lot of shit

and Natasha’s are that Kate is a woman who has also seen a lot of shit.

Teddy all I’ve only seen Kate cry once and Tony is like I’ve never seen Steve cry, ever

and they’ve started creating a challenge of sorts, to see who’s the toughest

and Clint and Thor are halfway through a bowl of popcorn, and the betting pool is almost 1k before Clint shares a look with Thor and says

“I bet you don’t have to do any of that. I bet they’ll both be crying within the hour.”

Tony takes that bet with a laugh and fuck if Clint doesn’t go home with a thou that night


Steve was already tearing up at the genetically enhanced/created for destruction alien and Kate was at the lost parents bit and by the time it got to “ohana means family. family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten’ they were passing the kleenex and they were holding hands at the little broken family bit.

and eventually the bets get taken over who is going to cry first on movie night because Steve and Kate are tough as nails but they are also human people with big marshmallows for hearts.

Do you ever just get really mad and frustrated with the movie Taken because while it does bring some light to the issue of human trafficking, it feels like it just focuses on action and cool stunts and killing the bad guys in ridiculously unrealistic ways and strategy and the badassness of the dad finding his daughter (which is great don’t get me wrong) but all of that seems to take away the severity and very prominent issue of this multi billion dollar slave industry?

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Im weirded out by ppl who hold movies not set in the us up to us racial dynamics but keep on keeping on with your us-centrism i guess. i mean i can't tell you to stop but it's rly shitty.

it’s a post apocalyptic movie marketed towards a north american audience with north american movie stars i dont understand what youre trying to say but whatever

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I think I finally get what Sasukes VA meant when he said "marriage proposal" in that interview. In a lot of eastern cultures marriage isn't like a big "get on one knee" event. My parents themselves just one day sat down and talked about it, just a casual conversation. The intention that one day I intent to marry you is in itself seen as the proposal. I think that's what his VA meant, not that Sasuke and Sakura will start planning a wedding but that Sasuke one day has the intention of marriage.

I agree. I think when he said I will see you when I back he meant that I will come back and we’ll get married (talk to your parents etc.). It makes sense. Even in Hindi movies when they promise to return it’s to get married. 

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I agree with you on Heather. I don't mind her, in fact I like her. But it annoys me that the writers are giving her so much screen time and importance while Ruffnut and Astrid get almost nothing to go in the show. It's very unfair and makes no sense since Heather is not even a movie character.

I know, right? That’s kind of why I treat her like a Hiccstrid foil in my writings because that’s how I feel her character makes the most sense. That’s not to say I dislike her being in the show. I enjoyed the Heather Report episodes because I like the Hiccstrid drama it stirred up. Astrid jealous over Hiccup giving his attention to another girl, even though he didn’t have feelings for her? Yes. Yes, please. That’s relationship development, even in the form of conflict.

Heather coming back in her armor, on some new dragon all, “Lol Hai guyz! I’m a badass now, too. K?” Just made me go:

All I care about as far as Heather in RTTE is, A.) Will she stir up Hiccstrid drama? Please, and thank you. B.) What is her history with Dagur?

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I rewatched aou today and I was struck by how much better the barton farm scenes would be with Barney instead. The kids are more plot points than characters and keeping such a huge thinf from the team. Keeping his brother is more understandable and their childhood would contrast wirh the maximoffs. Who Clint should bring back after the movie bc pietro's death makes no sense.

I really wish it had been Barney at the farm.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:What time period does the movie Up take place in? I mean I know it doesn't matter and it's probably best that we don't know but I was just wondering because all the characters sort of dress in older clothes and the movie has an older aesthetic. But what's REALLY interesting is that after the credits roll, they show a picture of Russell and Mr. Fredricksen going to the opening showing of the movie Star Wars: A New Hope which came out in 1977. But if the movie took place in the 70s then that wouldn't make sense because If that photograph was canon to the story AND if Mr. Fredricksen was about 70 years old in that photograph, then he'd be born in 1907, and if he was about 7 years old when he met Ellie, then it would have been 1914. But that doesn't seem right because there were semi-modern cars when he was young and it just didn't look like the 1910s at all. And even when he found out that Ellie couldn't have kids, there was obviously some sort of modern technology that could examine Ellie's reproductive system and idk a lot about history but I don't think that kind of stuff existed in the 30s. And also the technology to make dogs understandable to humans????? WHEN DID THIS FREAKING MOVIE TAKE PLACE???????
  • what she says:I'm fine.
  • what she means:why does Lela from the record breaking Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie not have a New Jersey accent? All of the other bikers, including her brother Butchy, head of the bikers, have this accent, so why doesn't Lela? Why? Was she adopted? Did she move away at a young age and come back later? Are all of the bikers from New Jersey and come up to the beach during the summer, or is the beach in New Jersey and the its the surfers who come up during the summer? Or could it be all of the other bikers accents are merely part of their image, and Lela just decided not to use one? Why doesn't she have one.
why you should watch community
  • abed nadir
  • he’s autistic which is stated in the first episode
  • also he’s a palestinian/polish neuroatypical muslim who experiences delusions
  • his special interest is pop culture and claims everyones on tv so he makes a ton of references but also it allows for some really good fourth wall breaking (like pointing out tropes and cliches that are actually happening. it also makes the show really self-aware)
  • he knows he’s not “really” on tv but he uses the structure of tv and movies to help make more sense of his life and understand what’s going on and relate to other people
  • he has a lot of traits such as getting annoyed when people chew gum, 
  • repeatedly not understanding when people are sarcastic or what their facial expressions mean
  • infodumping
  • and having problems relating to people
  • because of the way he’s written he’s often sympathetic and since he actually is on a tv show he’s not shown as that “insane” autistic person who needs to come to terms with reality and often the audience is on his side when other characters get frustrated with him
  • he has a really great friendship with troy barnes and theyre like the best “bromance” ever
  • he’s adorable
  • honestly he’s great and if you want to watch a tv show with an autistic character pls watch community

why are people fighting over oil and bullets and all they do is waste oil and bullets driving all over the desert if immortan joe rationed out the water there would be enough for everyone why are they feeding tons of food to women just to collect their breast milk that’s not a good return on calories the premise of this entire movie doesn’t make sense!!!

This Weekend on ABC Family
  • Jurassic World People:Hey ABC, we're letting you show an exclusive clip of Jurassic World on Saturday.
  • ABC Family:Great, we'll show it during a Harry Potter Weekend.
  • Jurassic World People:...What?
  • ABC Family:We'll show it during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and everything!
  • Jurassic World People:...Wouldn't it make more sense to show the three Jurassic Park movies.
  • ABC Family:Harry. Potter. Weekend.

– So, where do we go from here?                                                                           – Back to New York, I’m afraid. I, um, I just accepted my very first big, grown-up lawyering job.                                                                                                           – Good for you, Veronica. I don’t envy opposing counsel.

why dreams have to be that meaningful in movies or books? I mean, my dreams never makes sense??? like, once I dreamed I hit a man, who insulted my grandma, with a jar of mayo.