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Maladaptive Daydreaming Starter Pack™

• “Wait, this isn’t normal?”
• “I thought everyone does this!”
• Steals every movie and book plot that I know.
• Not being able to sleep well because of the urge to daydream before sleeping.
• Not being able to wake up because of the urge to daydream after sleeping.
• “I actually didn’t study at all because I was too busy daydreaming last night.”
• Long car rides are heaven.
• Always brings earphones everywhere along with 50 music playlists.
• Making facial expressions in public and end up being seen by 50 random strangers.
• Overlapping universes and characters that aren’t real.
• “Recovery? A life without daydreaming? Nah, I don’t know them.”

So like….the X-men movies kinda suck at continuity? I binge watch all six x-men movies in November when I was pretty sick, and I just saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine and I’m just kinda like???? Because it has Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in it, but I believe that the Deadpool movie is supposed to fit into the X-Men continuity so how does that work?  And it looked like Emma Frost (she was the diamond skin girl mentioned in the movie, right?) was the same age as Scott Summers, which also….really doesn’t work?  And it’s not like this is the only movie - Days of Future Past really didn’t fit with the ending of The Last Stand, like, at all?  And how does the new movie Logan work with ANYTHING?  Am i just expecting too much because the MCU was so well planned out and executed so that everything fits together perfectly?  Is x-men even supposed to be a single continuous universe? I just have so many questions as someone who didn’t come to the fandom from comics. 

Taking on a role means committing to it. You have to maintain that same dedication that you had on the first, fresh, new day all the way through Day 80, when production has gone overtime and over budget, and Steven Spielberg is screaming “ACT, YOU SHIT. AAAAAAAACCCCCCCTTTTTT.” And then, if the film leaves room for a sequel and does well enough to warrant one, you might end up coming back. This cycle repeats itself, usually until the money goes away, which means that actors are not only forced to answer the question “What will this role do for my career?” but also “What will my cameo in an almost completely unrelated spinoff to this film do for my career 10 years from now?”

But that’s the nature of the beast, and to disregard it means to disregard a hundred years of cinema history. We’ve been sequel-crazy since we decided that Frankenstein needed a bride. These things have a tendency to make a metric ass load of money and then spiral out of control, meaning that, unless you’ve signed on for a certain number of movies like Evans did, it’s never going to be certain when exactly you’ll be finished. You could either learn that the movie flopped and that no one ever wants to see The Amazing Dogman again (until the inevitable dark, angry reboot). Or you could get a phone call the next day telling you to pack your bags and fly to Vancouver, because both BIRTH OF DOGMAN and DOGMAN VS CATBRO are being shot simultaneously.

But no matter what an actor is told or what they read in an initial script, they have to realize that the demands of a blockbuster (and especially a blockbuster with sequel potential) will overcome any sense of creative fulfillment that they might have. What started as ideal because of the dramatic range that it allows will inevitably turn into running from explosions… again.

4 Complaints From Actors We’re Sick Of Hearing

Does anyone else think that Glee honest to God had the best fan fiction writers ever? Like, am I the only one who joined 10 fandoms after Glee ended and yet is not capable of enjoying fan fiction anymore because I can’t find that sense of emotion that came with Glee stories, the narrative, the peculiarity of characters, the way emotions were handled, the complexity … like, I ain’t saying other fandoms don’t have talented writers, I’m just saying Glee fandom wrote masterpiece movies in the form of written words, how?!?


“And that is what RENT the movie ends up being. Sympathetic to an underclass that was violently screwed over by the system, but ultimately the embodiment of the voice of the ruling class … Rent takes an inherently political issue and depoliticizes it to make something comforting and consumable. Rent looks pretty, and does as little as possible.”

I highly recommend watching this video essay. To understand all of her points, you really have to watch the full thing. It’s long, but well worth it! She addresses both the musical and the film and does an excellent job pointing out where it’s message is weak, compares it La Bohéme, and even briefly discusses the similarities between aspects of Rent and Hamilton, another show that’s largely about a revolution. This includes (briefly) bringing up one of Hamilton’s major criticisms, which is basically that it glosses over some of the real problems of one of the “whitest things to ever happen”, and fails to really dig into any current issues in the American Dream™, etc. Even if you disagree, I think it’s a really interesting video! If nothing else, you’ll learn some stuff about those musicals about revolutions we all know and love.

No, Ben Affleck will no longer be directing The Batman.  Yes, that disappoints me.  However, I can see why he chose to lighten his load a bit– his concerns about being able to split his energy between operating in front of and behind the camera while in the Batsuit are valid, and I’d rather have an A-game performance from the man than a B-game acting job and a B-game directing job.  And with the DCEU under a constant and ultra-critical microscope with every decision they make, I’m sure the loads of unneeded stress didn’t help.

I sincerely hope the new director is one who works well with Ben and will bring the same level of passion to the project as he is, especially since whoever it ends up being will be able to devote 100% of their energies to directing it.

And just a reminder, Affleck walking away from the director’s chair does not mean he’s walking away from The Batman.  He’s still all up in this movie, folks, and is still doing to put his heart and soul to make it the best movie he can.

So no, Ben Affleck is not going to be directing The Batman.

But yes, Ben Affleck is still producing The Batman.

Ben Affleck is still writing the screenplay for The Batman.

And Ben Affleck is still starring in The Batman.

It’s going to be okay, y’all.

When You’re Sleeping

Person A knowing that person B does cute things when A is asleep (plays with their hair, gives forehead kisses, tracing lips, gentle snuggling, draws them, etc). One day person A pretends to be asleep, but ends up being unable to hold back a smile as person B begins displaying their rare affection

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The first time it happened, it was so quick, it might as well have been an accident.

It was movie night at Erica’s, and there was a heavy weight on Derek’s shoulder, a soft snoring in his ear. He didn’t need to look to know Stiles was fast asleep on him, had been for several minutes now.

Stiles had been yawning from the moment Derek walked into Erica’ apartment, arms full of the extra snacks she had made him buy on the way over. Because apparently they didn’t have enough already, despite the whole living room table being full of bowls and plates with them. Erica went all out to impress everyone though, had been stressing about it for weeks before, so Derek hadn’t thought twice before he’d said he’d do it.

The movie had started and not ten minutes after, Stiles was fast asleep on his shoulder.

Had it happened a few years ago, Derek would have shoved him off with an annoyed grunt and told him to not drool on him. But now – after everything they had been through together, and after they stopped pining and started dating – he just smiled fondly for a second and let him stay there.

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I want the actual Percival Graves to be in the next fantastic beasts movie. Is he good? Bad? Does he work for Grindelwald or is he a victim of Grindelwald? Did he know Credence? What would be Credence’s reaction to seeing the real Graves after everything that happened in the first movie (lots of anger and confusion I bet)? How would Tina and Newt react?

I really hope they tie up the loose ends concerning Percival Graves well. I’m interested in who he is.


NaruHina is better at giving kilig seizures than any Naruto OTP, pero what makes SasuSaku better than NaruHina is that it explores different ways to show love.

Hinata’s feelings for Naruto were revealed both in the series and in the movie: (1) When Naruto was looking for another member and bumped into Team 8. Hinata passed out upon seeing him (Shippuden); (2) Hinata was motivated to do her best because well, Naruto (Naruto to Shippuden); (3) Her confession during Pain vs Naruto battle (Shippuden); and (4) Hinata wrote Naruto’s name when asked with whom do they want to spend their last day before the world ends, also their exchange of I love you’s and them kissing (The Last Movie). But it was only in The Last movie that Naruto realized he has feelings for her. No part in the series confirms that he does because we knew that he had feelings for Sakura. Moreover, it was only natural for him to protect Hinata because he saw her as a comrade, a friend. There was no shred of romance at all until The Last movie. So what is my point? My point is, when NaruHina showed love, they did it by exchanging I love you’s and kissing and getting married. Very romantic and touching indeed, but common. Meanwhile, SasuSaku never had anything like exchanging I love you’s or Sasuke having an epiphany. SasuSaku’s romance is not as elaborate as that of  NaruHina’s but it has the potential to give you greater kilig feels.

Sasuke has this image of being cold, stoic; basta his personality is very different from Naruto. He was very reserved (maybe he still is) during their genin days that you would not expect him telling Sakura his desire to avenge his clan, his hatred, his desire to gain more power and to kill Itachi. Although brief and was not very much elaborated, he told all these things to Sakura on a deeper level. When did he tell her? When Sasuke finally decided to join the Sound 4, Sakura tried to stop him by reminding him of the memories Team 7 shared and when he told her she was really annoying, he said that because Sakura almost convinced him; such has made his decision to falter but went on anyway. There was a point during Chūnin exam when Naruto and Sasuke were unconscious that it left the kunoichi no choice but to protect them even if she wasn’t completely confident of her skills. She was lucky, Lee and Team 10 were nearby to help her. Team 3 gets in the scene with Lee and Ino-Shika-Cho defeated, but Neji knew he didn’t have to fight the enemies because he saw Sasuke getting up. Provoked by anger upon seeing Sakura beaten up, Orochimaru’s curse mark appeared in his arm, in his face. He then asked Sakura who did those things to her and as he was approaching the enemies, Sakura hugged him from behind, telling him to stop. Only something strong like that would make Orochimaru’s curse mark disappear.

Many Shippuden episodes later, Sasuke became an international criminal for kidnapping Raikage’s younger brother, Bee, and for joining Akatsuki. Konoha 11 (Teams 3, 8, and 10) and Sai except original members of Team 7, Naruto and Sakura, gathered and agreed to kill Sasuke with their own hands. But when Shikamaru approached Sakura to get her consent, she decided to kill Sasuke on her own. Fast forward, Kakashi and Naruto arrived at the scene and her plan to kill Sasuke went awry. Sasuke was someone she no longer knew but her feelings remained the same. She loved Sasuke so much that her resolve (i.e to kill Sasuke) had no conviction at all. Perhaps the only thing that had driven her to kill Sasuke (even if it was a very difficult decision) was because she couldn’t bear seeing that others have made up their minds to kill him. That was why when Naruto was saying things to Sasuke like friendship and memories of Team 7 and the pain of being alone and bringing him back to Konoha, she realized that her resolve was weak because love made her irrational.

During and after 4th Great Ninja War, SasuSaku moments can be observed: (1) When Sakura gave her all to bring Sasuke back when Kaguya sent him to a different dimension; (2) When she tried to stop him from destroying Konoha by saying “if I have a place in your heart blah blah blah…”; 3) When Sasuke apologized to her for everything he has done; and (4) Sasuke poking Sakura’s forehead, a gesture of affection he learned from Itachi, and said, “I’ll see you soon!”

Although there was also no part in the series that confirmed Sasuke’s feelings for Sakura, he considered her a friend, a comrade. He developed a bond with Sakura albeit not romantic during their genin days, back when Team 7 had been on different missions. Had he not gone to Orochimaru, I believe Sasuke would have developed feelings for her, too, eventually. It was only in 479th episode that Sasuke was finally able to acknowledge Sakura and her feelings and even if that episode does not completely confirm Sasuke’s feelings, his apology and his poking-forehead gesture to Sakura were a subtle hint of his affection. Kilig because Sasuke, whose character isn’t really affectionate, did that. Kilig because Sakura, who was almost killed by him twice, still wanted to come with him and join him in his atonement. There was no exchange of I love you’s yet their affection was evident.

Kishimoto, creator of Naruto, has barely emphasized romance in the series. The anime was never shoujo to begin with anyway. But when you see an interaction of your favorite OTPs, no matter how casual, no matter how obvious or covert, you feel extremely happy.

I love my fellow DC fans, I really do, but jeez sometimes i just wanna slap some sense into yall. You can’t fret every single wild rumor that some rando journalists plops out online. Especially for a movie that won’t come out for years. This is important so it’s worth repeating, Suicide Squad 2 is still in very early development. Nothing is set in stone. Studios approach several directors this early on before finding someone they like. Someone like Mel Gibson is used to total creative control, he would not mesh well within the blockbuster formula. This entire deal is dependent on Mel Gibson not being an egotistical shit heel, so make your bets. And if he does take the gig it’s still not the end of the world. You still have Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman, Black Adam/Shazam and the motherfuckin’ Justice League. I hate the Doctor Strange movie and everything it stands for but it’s not gonna stop me from enjoying Black Panther. Wonder Woman comes out in a few months, so I’m gonna celebrate and support that. You wanna send a big ol’ fuck you to an antisemitic, misogynistic asswipe? Let’s make a movie starring a jewish woman and directed by a woman bigger than anything he’ll ever be able to do in this genre and never let him forget it.

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The Pet

*reminder y/l/n means your last name, also reblog with a photo of the pet you got!

You sat on the lounge with your head rested on Dan’s shoulder. It was nearly midnight in the Howell-Lester-y/l/n household and Phil was fast asleep after the long movie night.

The three of you had decided on Hotel For Dogs. Well, I really wouldn’t say the three of you decided on it as Dan had begged you with his heart eyes to watch the movie. Phil and you ended up giving in and sat through Dan’s whinnying and the gushing of wanting the dog.

You were scrolling through your tumbler fed as Dan did whatever he does on the laptop. You would mumble every few minutes and squirm around to find a comfy position.

“Here,” Dan mumbled shifting his position so he was leaning against the back. He raised his arm for you to tuck yourself under. “Good?” He asked looking down at you curled up.

“Better.” You sleepily mumbled into his shirt. 

As you started to doze off, the clicking of his laptop became more constant. You grounded, sliding out from under his warm arm and sitting up to get a look at his laptop.

You coughed to get his attention. His head quickly shot over towards you with his heart stopping smile.

“Yes, Y/N?” He giggled dragging out the symbols in your name.

You playfully scowled, “Why are you looking at pictures of a dog/cat.” (you pick what one you want!)

Dan laughed, closing the laptop he leaned over to softly kiss you on the cheek. “I really want a pet, could we please get one Y/N?”


Two weeks had gradually gone by since you caught your boyfriend Dan looking at pet photos. You wanted more than nothing to see the smile on his face when Phil and himself come home to find the one he wanted sitting in the lounge.

“Where home!” Dan’s yelled. You grinned placing the pet gently on the sofa.

“Daniel, can you come here?” You shouted out.

Putting the small animal, you looked towards the doorway to see both Phil and Dan grinning widely at the new addition.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Dan mumbled running over to you and covering your face in kisses.

Unpopular Opinion Time

I, a die-hard Tangled fan who runs not one, but two Tangled blogs, legit DO NOT WANT a live action Tangled movie. Above and beyond me thinking that Disney is really overdoing it with the live action remakes, I don’t think it would translate well at all into live action.

  • One of the major characters is a horse cop dog, which they would have to render in CGI, and would end up looking ridiculous in a live action setting. Unlike Pascal, Maximus is a character who is never left out of stage show productions, because he’s actually important to the plot. (It doesn’t matter how much you like Pascal, you have to admit that he’s not actually important to the plot of the movie. Everything he does can be done in a different way with little to no effort on the writers’ parts.) He’s also a comical character, which would get awkward fast.
  • There’s a lot of slapstick in Tangled that would either have to be omitted (thus leaving out a good chunk of Eugene’s charm), would have to be rewritten into a wordier kind of slapstick (which they do in stage shows at the Disney Parks, and which works fine in that format where the whole plot is condensed down and narrated), or would end up looking as ridiculous as a CGI horse cop dog in an otherwise serious setting.
  • I can almost guarantee you that I would be disappointed with one or more casting choice. I am extremely picky when it comes to these characters.

This does not mean that I would not welcome a live action Rapunzel from Disney. I just don’t think they should go with the characters and plot of Tangled. Frankly, if they chose to make a live action Rapunzel, I would like to see them tackle Glen Keane’s original story idea, with Bastion and Grifol and Xavier the Blacksmith.

Wolfstar AU where Remus is a big film director and he’s working on a film, and Sirius is a film star who is starring in Remus’ film

And Remus can’t take his eyes off him while they’re shooting because god, he’s so beautiful, and so talented, and he wants nothing more than to yell cut and have his wicked way with him off set

But he can’t (because “God, Remus, you’re supposed to be a professional”), so he instead ends up unable to focus on anything but Sirius Black’s lips while they’re rolling, and almost always forgets to say cut at the end of a take because he’s in a daydream

But enough is enough, because if this movie goes well, it could do loads for Remus’ career, and he’s not going to let some pretty boy ruin that for him with his chiseled features and shiny hair! 

So instead he starts to criticise every little thing Sirius does, because its better than before, and if he’s constantly shouting at him, there is no time for inappropriate thoughts

“Louder, Black. This film is intended for humans.”

“I’ve seen more emotion in my sandwich at lunch!”

“Sirius, you’re supposed to be sad, not constipated.”

And it’s all a lie, because everything Sirius damn Black does is so fucking perfect, but it does help Remus a little

Sirius however, is fuming, and most days end with Sirius and Remus having shouting matches after almost everyone else has gone home

And Remus is like “Oh yeah, well if you’re so pissed then why don’t you just leave?”

And Remus is always terrified of his response because on one hand, Sirius leaving would be fantastic because Remus could actually focus on the film rather than his arse, but on the other, he really does not want Sirius to leave the film

But as always, Sirius merely glares at him and scowls before storming off the set and going home (because Sirius feels the same way about pernickety director who won’t shut up and has no real intentions of leaving)

And then one day, where Remus is extremely tired and nothing seems to be going right, and his female lead is even more annoying than usual, they film the kiss scene

And no matter how many takes they do (every one more painful than the last), the chemistry just isn’t right and no amount of shouting from Remus does anything at all

So something snaps inside him, and he goes “Oh for fuck’s sake” and gets up off his seat and grabs a fistful of Sirius’ shirt and kisses him

And its even better than anything Remus has been imagining for weeks

And when he pulls away, he says “More like that next time”, and walks back and sits back down in his seat

And everyone is speechless for a moment, including Sirius whose face is unreadable

But Remus shouts again and they’re back to filming, and he can’t focus on the scene any more because oh god, he’s ruined the film and he was going to have to look for another job, because you CAN’T JUST KISS ATTRACTIVE FILM STARS REMUS

And there is absolutely no way they’re getting the scene shot that day, because on top of everything else, Sirius has now forgotten all of his lines and blocking and every take is awful

So Remus sends them all home for the day and he puts his face in his hands because he is an idiot, a total idiot

And Sirius waits behind, no doubt to shout at Remus again because just what did he think he was doing kissing him and it was so unprofessional and honestly what even makes him think he’d want to kiss him anyway

But instead, when Remus gets up, he’s met with Sirius’ lips on his, and oh god, its even better the second time round, and Remus is too caught up in it to care whats happening

And finally Sirius pulls away with a grin on his face, and Remus almost swoons, and Sirius goes “like that?”

And Remus smiles back and shrugs “you could use a bit more practice”

And Sirius chuckles and kisses him again

And Remus is finally able to concentrate on his film, which goes on to be highly successful and win lots of awards and they end up living in a massive mansion with lots of babies and they live happily ever after the end

Being In a Mental Hospital

Sometimes, I have been asked what it is like to be in a mental hospital and what are they like – that’s why I decided to write about the subject. I tried to shorten the text but it’s still quite long.

Ending up in a mental hospital doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It seems that for most people, when they hear the term “mental hospital”, “psychiatric hospital”, “psych ward”, or “asylum”, they automatically think it is a scary, isolated building with insane, violent people and cruel doctors who use harmful medication, restraints and does torturous experiments to their patients. Mental hospitals are not like that. Well, maybe in horror movies, but not in real life…

Mental hospitals can often feel like institutions, but in the end, that’s exactly what they are… Some people feel like it’s a safe place but some can feel like it is a prison, even it’s not. It is understandable that someone is scared, when someone needs to go to a mental hospital, especially if it is her/his first time being in one… But in the end, it is a place where you can get help and proper treatment, whatever it is you are dealing with!

If you are a minor, you are most likely being sent to an adolescent psych ward, which can be a little different place than a psych ward for adults but still, basically the same. Everything you bring with you or whatever anyone brings to you will be inspected for forbidden items and the staff will confiscate them from you during your stay at the psych ward. Forbidden items includes: wires of any sort (including chargers for electronic devices), medication (the staff will give you the medication you need), anything sharp, like glass, knives, shavers and even tweezers among other things. You can bring your own clothes, but with some restrictions – too revealing clothing or clothing with references to violence or drugs are forbidden. You’re usually allowed to have visitors, and they can bring you things like books, clothes and food (something else than hospital food).

There is at least one isolation room where a person can be taken to if she/he is behaving aggressively. The isolation room is quite small and there are nothing more than a mattress on the floor with a pillow, a blanket and a camera on the upper corner of the room. In the place where I was, the toilet was in another room, for our own safety (I suppose). The restraints are only used in serious cases if the patients are at immediate harm to themselves or others.

When you get your own room, you usually will be roomed with at least one other person of your gender. All sorts of people are sent in a mental hospital with all sorts of mental problems, which can be scary sometimes. But people usually starts to adjust to the environment they are put in so it’s good to know it does get easier!

The wake-up is around 8 a.m. and a nurse comes to wake you up. There will be medication times and meal times regularly. The dining room reminded me of a school cafeteria but much smaller. There were three meals throughout the day at specific times and a snack break/coffee break. The medication times were usually after breakfast, snack break/coffee break and supper. What can I say about the food? Well, it’s the same processed food they serve in institutions – not too bad but not too good…

During a stay at the hospital, there are typically strict rules and a tight schedule. This is to ensure that people receive the help and routine they need. I remember the rules being stricter and a tighter schedule in the adolescent psych ward, but this probably is because we were all minors. In the adult psych ward, there are more free time between meal times, doctor appointments, family therapy sessions and activities, when you can watch TV, read magazines and books, socialize with the other people, play cards, etc. In the adolescent ward we needed to go to bed around 8 p.m. but in the adult psych ward we could stay up later.

At least where I have been, you couldn’t have your cigarettes in the adolescent psych ward and they were confiscated by thew staff, it was forbidden to smoke and there were no smoking room. In the adult psych ward you could have your cigarettes and there’s a room just for smoking…

Being in the mental hospital is being in a place where you are under a constant supervision, by a psychiatric nurse, a psychiatrist, etc. The nurses are there to help you 24/7, even at nights. Most of them were nice, but they were all people so there were also some not so nice nurses. I sometimes had a nurse to come and get me to sit down and talk with me, asking me how I had been or take me outside for a walk in case I was not allowed to go outside on my own. There are checks every now and then. There were more checks in the adolescent psych ward than adult psych ward.

You will see a doctor at times who will ask you how you have been and you can discuss your situation with him/her. The doctor can make changes to your medication if she/he thinks it’s best for you. At times, there will be family meetings where the patient, the doctor, a nurse and the patient’s family/relatives would all meet in the same room and talk about what was going on, why they were there, goals, etc. Getting privileges, like getting a chance to go outside for a walk alone or getting a weekend vacation, requires good behavior. The doctor makes the decision about giving you privileges along with the other staff members who are assigned to treat you during your stay in the mental hospital. The doctor also makes the decision to let you out.

Being in a mental hospital can be not as intimidating as one might think. There always seems to be a reason when a person goes/are sent in a mental hospital – voluntarily or involuntarily. In the end, a mental hospital is not a prison even it may feel like one for some people. But it is always good to remember that you will not be treated like a criminal, because you’re not criminally insane – the whole point is to help the person with a mental illness to get better. You are not being sent there for the rest of your life, but only as long so you’re well again! As harsh it may sound, but mental hospitals try to get people out as soon as possible, which means they won’t keep you there forever! Most people needs to stay there at least 72 hours period which is three days.

Mental hospitals can vary about what they are like and what kind of staff they have. Also, depending are you sent there with a voluntary or an involuntary referral, can have a huge influence on how the whole experience will make you feel. The first impression can be negative if someone is forced into a mental hospital against their will. But it can feel bad at first even if you have not forced to go there because it’s a whole new surroundings – but you can leave there with a whole new attitude than what you first go there with, which can be a positive one!

If you still have something to ask about mental hospitals or what it is like to be in one, if I didn’t noticed to write about something, you can ask me about the subject by sending me a message. :)

~ Schizophrenia Confessions

SHINee World 2017 in Kobe Day Two–170204

Taemin: Well everyone, soon… this is bad news. Soon, (loudly) we’re going to finish [the concert!]

Jonghyun: Are you angry?

Taemin: No, I just wanted to say it with confidence. It’s the time when we’ll end soon. Everyone, the flow of time can be stopped by no one. This is “musubi.” Does everyone know what “musubi” is?

[T/N: For the 70th time, this is a “Your Name” reference. According to the movie, musubi refers to the movement of time, life, and other things–how they flow, interact, tie together, break apart, and then tie together again.]

Cr. miyuki3700 Trans: Professorjjong

  • Me, hearing about a new ship: Cool, I have new fanfiction to read
  • Me, reading fanfiction: Oh wow they actually work really well together! But I shouldn't watch the show just for their interactions, I'm already invested in so many shows
  • Me, watching the show: Oh
  • Me, reading more fanfiction: Oh no
  • Me, completely invested now. There's no turning back: I SHIP IT