that moo shit

Can you believe the hwarang cast will all go to BTS’ wings concert despite their busy schedules just to support their sunshine child Taehyung??? Wow, kings of loving and supporting their maknae

Bryce is the youngest
  • Del: If you're gonna take anybody take Bryce please!
  • Brock: *giggles*
  • Bryce: WHAT why me ????
  • Ohm: oh yeah ? Are you guys gonna give me Bryce ??
  • Del: yes , we're gonna give you Bryce because he's the youngest and probably has better insurance.

Lol, where is the lie??

Credit time!! The beautiful person that made Evan with flowers is hashtag-brockward

The beautiful person that made Marcel with flowers is basicallyidominiladdd

The beautiful person that made Tyler with flowers is madkingpancake