that moo shit

Can you believe the hwarang cast will all go to BTS’ wings concert despite their busy schedules just to support their sunshine child Taehyung??? Wow, kings of loving and supporting their maknae

Unsuccessful Impersonations

Context:  Minotaur barbarian, avian monk, and enlightened black pudding (weird group, I know) trying to liberate a goblin occupied town.  They arrive, lots more goblins than expected, try to hide in an abandoned shop. 

DM:  You hear the goblins approach, roll hides.

Avian and black pudding:  Success

Minotaur:  Nat 3

DM:  Goblins enter, they see your head under the stairs, Minotaur.

Minotaur:  Uhhh…. moo?