that moo shit

Unsuccessful Impersonations

Context:  Minotaur barbarian, avian monk, and enlightened black pudding (weird group, I know) trying to liberate a goblin occupied town.  They arrive, lots more goblins than expected, try to hide in an abandoned shop. 

DM:  You hear the goblins approach, roll hides.

Avian and black pudding:  Success

Minotaur:  Nat 3

DM:  Goblins enter, they see your head under the stairs, Minotaur.

Minotaur:  Uhhh…. moo?

okay,,,,,,,,,,, so,,,,, the awkwardly adorable deer boy in the music video for sugar we’re goin down,,, but it’s brock n he’s an awkward lonely moose boy chillin up in canada??? (+evan as the cute girl whose dad is a hunter? i’ll draw him later)*

* also. the shirt (tanktop?) is dark for a reason.. but yall gotta ask me if you wanna know abt the swgd au at all.**

** just send me asks plz

Um what Moo?

Vanoss’s newest Guess Who: Vanoss is spectating Moo when Moo walks into a bathroom that is entirely empty save a single NPC Vanoss crouching on the floor. 

Vanoss: (about the NPC) Hey! Look who’s here!

Moo: This is like my fantasy…

Vanoss: (chuckles nervously)