that moment where seamus was wrong

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I have this headcanon/hope that Dean and Seamus secretly eloped in the seventh book (because a lot of people were getting married because of Voldemort and whatnot) and I imagine they'd wear their rings on necklaces and hide them under their shirts. Can you write something with that?

oh dear just reading that made me very emotional I hope I do this justice xx

“You’re really doing this?”

“What other choice do I have, Shay?”

They were alone in Dean’s room, both his parents having gone out for dinner and leaving the boys. Dean had taken advantage of this by preparing his escape from the wizarding world. It was no longer safe for him there, half-blood or muggleborn. If Dean couldn’t prove his blood status in this new age, he’d only be safe if he disappeared completely.

Seamus was losing his oldest and best friend and his only boyfriend all in one go, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Except- No, he’d never let me.

“I…” Seamus’ voice faltered. Stay, he thought. 

Please, I don’t care how, just stay with me, I can’t make it through this without you. 

Or just let me come. Just let me be there. I’ll go anywhere for you.

Dean stopped fussing with his bag and took a seat next to Seamus on his bed.

“I’m sorry. I know,” he whispered, and Seamus could feel his body trembling next to his own. “I wish it could be different just as much as you do.”

That was all Seamus could take before he threw his arms around Dean, burying his face in his neck, gripping his torso tight. Dean’s arms came up around him, and he could feel one hand in his hair and another curling around his waist.

“Christ, Shay,” Dean said, his voice muffled, “I’m going to miss this- miss you- so much.” Both hands pulled Seamus in closer.

“D-Don’t, or I’ll-” And then Seamus was crying in soft, almost silent sobs that stained the edge of Dean’s t-shirt.

“I know. I know, I’m sorry, if there was any way I’d-”

Seamus took a deep breath and looked up at Dean. “There- there is a way, but you’d never agree.”

“Tell me. Please. Any way we can stay together, I need to know.”

“I… I’d have to go with you, Dean.”

Dean began to open his mouth to speak, but he was cut off as Seamus finished.

“And I’d like to marry you.”

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Deamus prompt Its the night of the end of the war both boys end up in the end hogwarts bathroom both consider themselves very straight (esp. Seamus) but they start talking about how much they missed each other etc... which leads to dean pressing seamus against the bathroom wall-and cannot keep from moaning not matter how much he tries and in shock at how good it feels and how good dean is at this ( you can take liberty obviously but the NC-17 is the better hehe *runs away hides in shame*)

(Ahhh thank you!!  This was fun to write, I hope you like it!  <3)

“Dammit, dammit, dammit!”

Dean stepped over the fallen door and walked into the bathroom, following the sound of the cursing.  He paused when he saw Seamus standing at a sink, scrubbing furiously at his hands.  The Irishman’s clothes were torn and ragged, and nearly every inch of him was covered in soot.

“Shay?” Dean said slowly.

Seamus looked up at him, his blue eyes bright spots on his blackened face.  His expression crumpled and he went back to washing his hands.

“Shay - ”

“I…I can’t get this bloody blood off,” Seamus growled out. “It’s - I can’t - “

Dean walked over and shut the sink off.  Seamus glared up at him, but Dean could see through the false anger, could see the pain and misery behind it.

“Let me help you,” Dean said softly.

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