that moment when your fandom is showing

the worst thing about trying to decide to read a fic:

-horrible writing.

-the summary is good but the story is written in a different language or is badly written.

-opening it to find no spaces between the paragraphs.

-both your otp and notp is tagged and you have no clue if you want to take a risk or not.

-tagged major character death and you start sweating.

-hasn’t been updated in 80 years but the summary is on point and their the best fucking writer ever.

-you start reading only to find that the person updates every ten years and you just happened to catch them on a day they finally updated.

-you find a writer and check them out, only to find out they mostly write about your notp - and of course they always update, have perfect writing and have stories that are epic.

-stories with so many fucking tags, you just shake your head and move on.

-the “i suck at summaries please check it out still” and you just, pause because it has your otp and you debate whether or not to take the risk.

-you find a pairing you never considered before and think holy shit, that could be hot and spend all day hunting through the tag.

-you ship a pairing so fucking hard, only to find like two fics and you start weeping.

-when you find a perfect story only to check the tags and see some weird shit that disgusts you and you scream why.

-a fic with good writing and summary but it’s so short or is only fan-art.

-a crossover fic where you have both of your fandoms but don’t have both of otps, just one.

-one shots that are so good you wish they were longer.

-when your notp is tagged but it’s labeled as a past relationship or says your otp is endgame, and you have to go through the notp’s awkward breakup in order for your otp to happen.

-when someone doesn’t tag properly and a plot twist hits you and you want to cry.

-you finally find a great fic that has been updated and the last update says writes block, personal issues- can’t do this, asks for co-writer, discontinues it or says lol i hate how this is turning out, deleting.

-when a writer as twenty stories to update and you cry because you like all of them and you have to wait.

-when you remember a story from like five years ago and you search for it, only to find it’s been deleted or can’t seem to find it anywhere.

-when a writer gives you an update schedule and you’re excited because they follow it but then they start missing it and you just…

-when a writer deletes a story and rewrites the same story but you like the original better.

-when your reading a story about a rare pairing that interests and your otp hate each other or just friends and it’s just so weird to read.

-when one half of your otp is in another relationship and the other half shows up with someone else and then you remember, right i’m not reading a story about my otp so i can’t get mad.

-when your otp is popular but it’s not as popular as another ship in the fandom and you hate how the other ship as so much more stories than your ship.

-when you try to read an ot3 relationship because it has two characters you love but the other character is usually from your notp and you hate when your notp share moments.

-when you beg an author (usually one where they aren’t in the fandom really) to write more stories about your otp and they say maybe and it never happens.

-when the writer literally shits on your favorite character and you can’t go through it anymore.

-when your otp isn’t the main pairing and you don’t really care about the other pairings in the story and skip to your otp parts.

-when a story has a million words and it’s so good and you know that you will spend all day and night reading it until your eyes hurt.

-when a story have 200 parts to it and you lose all hope after a while because the story is dragging.

-when your otp is going through something and so many stories are filled with angst, fluff and hurt that it makes you cry because yup, i need to read about my pain for my otp.

-when the writer refuses to write the smut you been waiting for and your otp is stuck in unresolved tension mode forever.

-when the writer unexpected changes the story’s events and you are disappointed by the direction.

-when you find a great au and the characters are so out of character… it makes you sad.

-when you open a fic only to find you hate the point of view and you scream.

-when you request a prompt and the author writes it but you are disappointed and just smile through the pain.

-when you have such a good idea in your head and you try to write it but it’s so bad that you delete it and cry, hoping someone else writes the brilliant idea that you had.

-when you don’t ship something anymore but see a great plot and you click the story and take a deep breath - because shit is about to go down.

-when you reading a great story but get distracted and skip some parts, shit goes down in between and then you think fuck, and have to start over.

-when it’s tagged “slow burn” and you say i can do this and it’s chapter 30 and my ship still hate each other like what.

-when the author says this is their first time writing smut and you think on god they better do this right - only to find out they writing eight pages on your otp making love. like yes.

-when the smut is so rushed or improper you feel cheated and log off because done. like so done.

-when it’s tagged “everyone lives” and your eyes water because that’s all you ever wanted in life.

-when the author leaves a cliffhanger and says in the author’s note “lol sorry about the cliffhanger, i’ll update soon”. you ain’t sorry, stop lying.

-when you see that the story is complete and do a happy dance, only to realize that it ended badly or the sequel/series hasn’t been updated.

Fred Weasley dating a shy girl would include…

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- The first steps would’ve been quite difficult

- He would try to get your attention by openly flirting with you, such as winking at you or just loudly telling you how cute you were

- You however would feel quite uncomfortable with this kind of attention, getting more and more distant towards him

- After talking to some of your friends, not really realizing what the problem was, he would suddenly see what made you so uncomfortable

- Knowing how you felt now, he would do his best to let you know how much you mean to him with more subtle matters

- He’d take you to library dates, knowing how much you enjoyed to read and guessing that you’d most certainly also like the quiet atmosphere 

- On rainy days, he’d suggest a walk on the lake. Barely anyone would be outside in the rain, giving you two some space from the crowded common rooms

- Him leaving you tiny notes instead of openly telling you how gorgeous you look, figuring you’d appreciate it a bit more subtle 

- You thanking him as you realized how much he got out of his usual behavior to make you more comfortable

- Which kind of made you want to show him that you were thankful to have him

- You’d gather all your strengh and after some weeks of dating, you would walk up to him after a Quidditch game and kiss his cheek

- He’d look at you stunned by your sudden display of affection, having to take a moment to process what was going on at first

- When he catched on however, he couldn’t hold back a grin before pulling you into a short, yet incredibly loving kiss

No one ever talks about abusive friendships so I'm going to and you better pay attention because this is important

People know all about abusive relationships- how to spot the signs, how to leave, etc. But no one ever talks about abusive friendships, which can be just as damaging and often is. It’s also a more dangerous trap because people don’t even realize that they’re actually being abused by their friends

I’m writing this post based off of my own experiences and what I’ve seen in others’. Feel free to add anything you might find relevant upon reblogging, because you could seriously help someone. 

The vast majority of my ‘friendships’ have been abusive to me (as much as I hate to admit that), and it’s a horrible experience that I never want anyone else to live through.

I just want to add the things one should look for so no one else has to deal with the same bullshit I always did:

  • You’d rather be by yourself than hang out with that person (NOT the same feeling as being drained because you’re an introvert- you just really don’t want to hang out with that person specifically)
  • You have to always be on guard and watch what you say because your friend might bitch you out or get irrationally angry
  • He/she/zhe insults you and tries to pass it off as “I’m just saying…” or “I’m just trying to help you”
  • Seeing their name on your caller I.D. puts the fear of God in you because you’re not sure whether they’ll be kind or ready to tear at you for some unknown reason when you pick it up.
  • You’re always there when they have problems, but when it comes down to YOUR problems they brush them off as unimportant, give shitty, half-asses advice (when it’s easy to tell they just don’t care), or turn it around to make it about them and effectively have a “my problems are more important than yours so shut up” moment
  • They insult the things you find joy in (yes, this includes fandoms) but heaven forbid you show any distain for something they like, even if you only respectfully disagree- you MUST like what they like OR ELSE YOU’RE STUPID!
  • They tell other people your secrets or tell other people your worst personality traits and basically talk smack about you. Which prevents others from wanting to be your friend.
  • They ask for your advice/opinion and then get mad when you give it
  • They insult your family for really insignificant reasons or for no reason at all (I’m not even kidding guys. It can get out of hand. I had a friend who constantly insulting my parents and my brother and even said my mother couldn’t cook worth shit. Rude.) 
  • Say you are unable to do things because they “know you” and use that as an excuse to say you can’t do something you want to do. “You can’t do that, you’re too short LOL” yeah fuck you too asshole
  • You’re afraid that if you end the friendship they will go into Bitch Mode and tell all your darkest secrets and talk crap about you to everyone.
  • You have reason to believe that their Bitch Face is actually their True Face
  • They can’t seem to find anything to talk about except talking crap about other people and expecting you to agree with them (my 'best friend’ insulted another friend of mine, who I had ASKED OUT ONCE and was quite fond of, and got mad at me when I said anything in her defense.) 
  • The previous point leads me to the one where they insult your other friends. 
  • THEY ALWAYS TRY TO PIN THEIR PROBLEMS ON YOU EVEN IF YOU HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Usually this happens after they ask for your “advice” and then blame you for everything later or make another problem out of YOUR OPINION.
  • They consistently use the wrong pronouns (if you’re trans*- and this doesn’t include times when they have to use the wrong pronouns because of safety reasons for you) or out you (as LGBTQA+) at inappropriate times, and then get angry when you call them out on it- “but it’s obvious you’re gay anyway, so why does it matter?” “It’s too hard to use the right pronouns! Just deal with it!” (even though they’ve known what the correct pronouns are for MONTHS and after constant reminders)
  • And lastly if something feels off to you or you just feel upset or off-put by your 'friend’ (or GROUP OF FRIENDS in some cases) It’s a toxic friendship and it’s NOT good for you!

If you feel you’re in a toxic friendship, end it. Right now. It may hurt, the other person may throw a hissy fit and try so say YOU’RE the bad friend (you’re not!), you might not want to hurt the person’s feelings (which you shouldn’t worry too much about because they didn’t really care about your feelings, now did they?). Just end it, and don’t look back, even if you’re left completely friendless.

Being friendless is by far much healthier for you than staying with a group of toxic friends who put you down and make you feel like shit. I know that sound convoluted but it’s absolutely true.

And remember that it’s not the end of the world and that you WILL find new friends- hopefully ones who are decent human beings and you’ll have a real friendship waiting for you.

Don’t continue to just live with it. Do something about it and in the long run you will be much happier, trust me. If in reading this list you were heavily reminded of a 'friend’ I’d suggest looking at the friendship again- it’s probably toxic, and not the Brittany Spears kind.

It crossed my mind and I ended up with this ^~^ Sorry for my inactivity ;^;


RFA+Saeran As Your Friend

Yoosung – The Friend Who Gets Angry for You

  • Whenever anyone even tries to make fun of you, he’s already glaring at them with fire in his eyes. 
  • Will grit his teeth and growl in attempts to intimidate them, but he ends up looking like an adorable (but angry) puppy. 
  • When he’s seriously pissed, though, even you’re surprised by the coldness in his eyes. His voice low, steady and firm: “Fuck off.” 
  • He rarely swears because his mother had always reprimanded him about it when he was younger, but it slips his mind in the heat of his anger. He only really gets that angry for his friends though 

Zen – The Friend You Vent Your Problems to

  • Any time you need someone to talk to, he’s there for you! 
  • His doors are always open to you,
  • his shoulders ready for you to cry on,
  • his arms ready to hold you,
  • his lips ready to whisper sweet, comforting words in your ears… 
  • And sometimes, he even wants to kiss you but… 
  • He doesn’t want to ruin your friendship, especially when he doesn’t know if you feel the same, and he wants to respect your feelings. As long as you’re by his side, even as a friend, he’s happy with it. 
  • He’ll always try to be there for you, because he wants to be.

Jaehee – The Friend with the Best Advice

  • She always has the most practical solutions to your problems! 
  • And when it doesn’t work out, she’ll quietly sit with you, offering all that she can: her affection, her words and her presence. 
  • Albeit simple, spending time with her really helps you calm down!

Jumin – The Friend Who Always Gives Presents

  • He’ll make use of even the smallest occasion to gift you something. 
  • “A token of my appreciation,” he’ll say—for listening to him, for letting him walk you home, for inviting him over, for lending him notes, for recommending songs… 
  • Anything. 
  • He can be a bit awkward expressing his love through words, so he tries to express it with gifts instead.

Seven – The Friend Who Pushes His Interests onto You

  • No, it’s not like he really forces it, but he’s always sending you addictive songs, tv show recommendations and time-consuming games… among all the memes, of course. 
  • And he never fails to drag you into fandoms. 
  • Putting aside the lighter side of things, however, he’s actually the one you talk to when you feel depressed and burdened with stress. In those moments, he’s always serious. 
  • He appreciates that you’d trust him, of all people. And he lives up to your trust, never bringing up your secrets and/or depressing thoughts afterwards, instead simply trying to brighten up your days.

V – The Friend You Go to When You Argue with Another Friend

  • He never judges you for your decisions, and he always listens about your conflicts with a calm demeanour. 
  • He’s the best person to talk to when you get in a fight with your friends, and he tries to negotiate with the other side for you.
  • But when he’s the friend you’re fighting with, which is rare but it happens, he’ll always apologize first
  • It ranges from seconds to days, or when he’s really, REALLY mad…. a week. It’s not that much, really, but to him, the guilt of hurting your feelings would haunt him everyday and he just feels like he has to apologize to you

Saeran – The Friend Who Protects You

  • Although he doesn’t talk a lot (or as much as the others, at least), he’s always got an eye out for his friends. 
  • When someone insults you or makes fun of you, his eyes will narrow at them, just subtly, setting his target. 
  • And while you’re occupied, he’ll hunt them down and beat the crap out of them. 
  • But if anyone DARES to lash out at you in his presence, Saeran won’t hesitate to hit them. “I don’t care what happens to me. I want to protect you.”

I keep seeing posts that says that Waverly shouldn’t have been so harsh to Nicole because of one minor fight. Listen here kids, Waverly’s anger wasn’t just about their fight. Okay? Waverly’s anger was also about the fact that she was possessed by a demon for a good part of the show and finding out that she’s not an actual blood Earp ( she will always be an Earp no matter what). She took it out on Nicole because Nicole was there and she made a mistake in the last episode. What? You’ve never taken your anger out on someone? If you haven’t, good on you but I bet a lot of you have. Seriously, it’s part of being human. Part of being so upset about something, so emotional in that moment in time that you take it out on the first person that just pisses you off even if they didn’t even do anything wrong.

I know I’ve done that. I try not to but there are times when it’s too much and I have to somehow let it out and I happen to take it out on the first person I see. I regret it immediately afterwards. And you can see that Waverly regrets her actions right after. Who are you to judge a person for doing something that you’ve probably done yourself?

Is it excusable? No.

No one should do that. Waverly shouldn’t have done it either but it’s human nature and it happens. That’s probably why Nicole was still happy and hopeful thinking that it was Waverly at the end of the episode because she understood what Waverly was going through. She understood because she has probably done the same exact thing before.

Now, on to the cheating.

Cheating is a horrible thing. Cheating is unjustifiable. Cheating is inexcusable. I hate cheating.

Now that being said, on the flip side: There is a difference between someone cheating with no remorse or regret and they pin the blame on their significant other for why they cheated and someone cheating because they were literally put through the ringer and going through an emotional roller coaster and got somewhat drunk and kissed the first person that comforted them and then immediately realizing that they’ve done fucked up.

And when I said that I hated cheating, the first part was what I meant. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the second part is something you shouldn’t do but it isn’t out of spite or maliciousness. I know how horrible cheating can be, I was cheated on and my mom cheated on my dad multiple times (and it wasn’t the nice slightly better type of cheating either) and I still haven’t really forgiven her for it.

But what Waverly did was not out of negative intentions, it was out of confusion and being emotionally drained and just needing someone by your side.

Is it justified? No.

Is it excusable? No.

Is it still a shitty thing to do? One hundred percent.

Nicole definitely deserves better than that.

But what Waverly did was understandable. I mean, seriously, the things that she has gone through during this entire season, I’m surprised she somehow waited until now to break down and fuck up in the process. I don’t care if you say this was out of character or say that it isn’t character development I’m going to say: It is. This was character development. This was a part of her character that we thought we would never see and I think that’s amazing because it really hits close to reality. Sometimes people do things that you would never think that they would do in a million years in real life. There are more to people than what you think. They do things that surprises you. They have flaws that you would never think of. Now is it a good part of her character development? Not really but it’s a flaw.

Waverly has flaws. Waverly can make mistakes. Waverly is not perfect.

Same goes for Nicole.

Read it. Take it in. Acknowledge it.

Sometimes, we put characters (and people) and shows on this perfect pedestal and idolize them and suddenly when they show a flaw, we freak out and start to hate them for it. Then we start to play the blame game. Start to blame the producers, showrunners, and directors for writing them this way. And going back to taking our anger out on other people thing, we start to take our anger out of the actresses/actors and the people behind the show for doing this to the character/show.

We start to cross that line between fiction and reality.

I really don’t want Earpers to do this. I know there are still a lot of Earpers who understand the situation. This post are for those who don’t. For those who are considering of not watching the show anymore of because of a flaw. Take a moment. We all need one. And think about it. If you still feel the need to stop watching the show then do so, it’s your choice, but don’t you dare try to make this fandom into something toxic and negative because that is not what it is.

Everyone is so unforgiving sometimes. Seriously, we ask for character development and angst and equality and when they give it to us, we just freak the fuck out and try to set what we love on fire just because we didn’t agree with the end product.

Also, cheating is not an LGBTQ+ trope. Love triangles is not an LGBTQ+ trope (I don’t think there’s going to a love triangle anyways, we already have one on the show and it seems Rosita doesn’t seem like she wants to get in the way of wayhaught). These are things that constantly happen to heterosexual relationships on any type of media. And honestly, we got the better end of the deal with the cheating. Because it could have been so much worse. It could have been something that really ended the relationship for good. Waverly could have continued after that kiss, but she didn’t. She realized she fucked up and then immediately stopped it from continuing. It sucked that it even happened in the first place but we should thank our lucky stars that she didn’t have sex with Rosita and ended the relationship right there.

Anyways, this rant has gone on too far and honestly, I don’t even think I even made sense and said what I really wanted to say and I probably sounded really pretentious and high and mighty and seemed like I never do anything wrong but I do. I really do. I do the same things sometimes but I’m getting tired of all the negativity that is trying to seep itself into the Earper fandom. So I’m going to stop the post right here.

Point blank: Waverly fucked up but what matters in the end is whether or not she fights for Nicole’s forgiveness and I think she will. It looks like she will.

I have faith in this relationship and I have faith in this show and Emily Andras. So let’s all be a little rational about this and realize this was just a plot point and we’re all going to move on after this.

PS: Don’t take it out on the actresses/Emily/the show for what the characters did.

When your ship is non-canon(yet):
*scrambling for canon events*
*scrambling to find dialouge between the two*
*posting several paragraph long essays on the history of these two characters*
*finding any possible hints from the creator*
“you dont have to kiss! at least confess your love goddamit!!”
*screeching in dismay when you see more canon interaction of another possible ship with one half of your ship*
*looking at fanart/fanfics in canonverse to calm down*
*finding literally any picture of em in the show sitting next to each other or interacting*

When your ship is canon:
you: *slips on shades* We canon betch
*throws around the canonizing moment around everywhere and rejoicing*

I’m so baffled that some people apparently see this picture and think “Waaaahhh! what if Cas and Kelly hook up?”

have we been watching the same show? and are we talking about the same Castiel? you know, that character who hasn’t hooked up with anyone since that one time in season 9? that Castiel who is so uninterested in realtionships most of the time that a huge chunk of the fandom headcanons him as asexual?

All of your panic deprived you of a beautifull moment.

The first feeling I had when I saw this picture was absolute joy. Because cas might be getting a moment of real character developement here.

He is probably under orders to somehow get this child to heaven so that it can be killed. But instead, there he is, forming a connection with it and with Kelly.

He has already expressed regret about killing Lily’s innocent child and this might be the moment where he realises that Kelly’s child, nephilim or not, is still an innocent. I really hope the show will start to examin what it means to be innnocent, that inherited sin is directly contrary to the idea of free will. And this child is in a verily similiar situation that cas has been in many times. Hunted by heaven for what he is (”spanner in the works”, y’all)

Also, I just live and die for these scenes where Cas interacts with children. Here you have this ancient, gigantic creature of eldritch horror, but put him in the presence of children and he just melts.

I just can’t wait for this scene to happen!


*Sniffles* I have found my true apprentice. I can’t wait to see who she likes most. Maybe I should start reccing her some fanfic to read? No! No, not yet. I’ll let the show fuck her up/piss her off first, and then swoop in with all the fic. Eeeee.

…oh my god, what if she ends up participating in this fandom? WHAT IF SHE ENDS UP MAKING CLONE WARS FIC? *clutches head* Holy shit.

2017 Positivity FTW

Hey there, OUAT fandom! Feeling confused and anxious about the upcoming season? You might have noticed that I have been … so now seems as good a time as any to focus on some positivity. In my experience the best way to fight bad feelings is to focus on good ones.

Or maybe you are already really excited about the new season and just want to see more positivity on your dash?

Let’s focus on the things we love … this Friday, July 28 marks ten weeks to go until the Season 7 premier … so this year, my Positivity Project is going to focus on theme days! 

How is this going to work?

Every day of the week will have a different theme and in the ten weeks ahead of us let’s celebrate that theme! You can post anything you want pics, gifs, metas, fic, fanart … or just us the gif search to find all the things that you love and post them!

  • Fridays - Friendships - brOTPs if you will … friendship plays such an important role in the show, let’s celebrate the friendships that we love!
  • Saturdays - Villains - So many villains have tried to mess with Storybrooke - what villains did you love … or just love to hate?
  • Sundays - Families - the show has really explored what family means and how flexible the definition can be, tell us which ones warm your heart
  • Mondays - Cast Events - Six seasons and counting have given us lots of different events - conventions, premieres, interviews - let’s get nostalgic for our favorite events!
  • Tuesdays - Kisses - There have been a LOT of kisses on this show but which ones will forever make you weak in the knees?
  • Wednesdays - I see you, Disney - Hidden Mickeys, lines from a song, movie costumes … what was your favorite Disney reference?
  • Thursdays - Hero Moments - Admit it, when the hero gets their big moment on this show it can be incredibly inspiring. What moments had you cheering on your fave?

I’m in need of a big dose of positivity so please, spread the word! I love it when people from all parts of the fandom can get involved! I want to spread the positive vibes as much as I can and leave the negativity in the past.

I’ll be reblogging many of the posts for this project so please use the tag #ouatpositivity17 so I can find them!

Don’t say that NCT didn’t work as hard as the others

Don’t put down Pentagon

Don’t call SF9 ugly and untalented to make your faves look better

Don’t ignore Astro’s hard work

Don’t forget that we all knew as soon as it dropped that KNK’s Knock was a bop

Putting down other groups does NOT make your group look any better. 

NCT promoted as SMROOKIES for 3 years, gathering a lot of fans in that time, also getting promoted on shows like exo 90:2014 and mickey mouse club. They were not just handed their fame, most of them have trained for years for this. Ignoring their talent just because they’re under SM is dumb, SM picked them all for a reason, some of them even giving up on some school to become a trainee. So many people aren’t even acknowledging that Mark debuted 3 times and he’s only 17. He probably still gets good grades in school too. Truly amazing.

Pentagon has been through so much. They have a fairly big fandom at the moment, even though they just debuted. Their survival show made you clench your heart, especially when the babies got eliminated. All of them, especially the ones that were eliminated on Pentagon Maker, have been working extremely hard to be as best as they can. E’Dawn even got to promote with Hyuna last year for Roll Deep while Ilhoon was busy.

SF9 has also been through a lot. We started with 11 members and had to face the fact that Alex and Jinkyu didn’t make it into the lineup. From then on, we got to watch Click Your Heart and D.O.B. D.O.B was their survival show where they battled against the band team to see who would debut. This was really good news, actually, because for a long time we had been told all 9 members wouldn’t be able to debut. SF9 made the choreography for their dance covers on D.O.B and really proved their talents. They ended up winning D.O.B and debuting on October 5th with the bop known as Fanfare and will be continuing promotions with K.O soon! (also sf9 and astro are gonna be promoting at the same time i hope moonbin and chanhee meet again)

Astro, where do I even start. I’ve been a fan of Astro since mid-2015 so I’ve really seen them grow. From doing performances at Lotte World to performing in different countries, they’ve really made it big. To Be Continued and OK Ready were super iconic, both becoming pretty popular. They debuted with Hide and Seek, getting lots of attention and new fans. Seeing them grow up and becoming these popular idols has really been amazing.

KNK have not released a bad song yet. Knock was a bop, Back Again was a bop, and I’m anticipating their new song to be a bop also. I only found out about KNK when Knock was released but immediately I knew they were special, their heights are not everything. They have all worked hard, especially coming from a pretty small company, to get their popularity and I am so proud they got nominated for MAMAs. 

Please don’t put down any of these groups. They’ve all worked extremely hard to get where they are now

Hayden Christensen day in the Star Wars fandom

Today is Hayden’s birthday, and the last week he said in the SWCO that he didn’t knew that the fandom remembered him, I bet that this is cause all the backlash on the prequel trilogy. So to prove him wrong we’re going to promote our love for this sweet human being in every single social media that you can think of. So here by the power of the Force and my own stubbornness as defender of Hayden and Anakin, I declare that from now on April 19th is the Hayden Christensen appreciation day. Reblog with one thing that you like of Hayden or Ani, also post your favorite scenes or moments in your other social media, let’s give this man a bit of love in his birthday cause he deserves it. I’ll start. One of my favorite things from ROTS is how expressive is Hayden’s face when he realizes there’s no turning back after helping killing master Windu, he can’t go back, but he also knows is the only way to save the woman he loves and it’s a beautiful scene. One more thing, this is to show the love on the Star Wars fandom, but not exclusively, you can also speak about other movies or how good guy he is. So come on and let’s do this

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Okay, guys. This is very important.

ToppDogg debuted almost 4 years ago and they’ve worked really hard for us all this time.

They never fail to impress us with their outstanding performances. They can sing, their rapping skills are no joke, choreos are as hot as fire, visuals are on point and they are kings of entertainment for us. They proved that they are just a bunch of incredibly talented people and although we had so much struggles and falls, we also had so much beautiful and bright moments that made us all happy, am I right?

ToppDogg never fail to make us laugh. ToppDogg never fail to make us sing and dance along with them. ToppDogg never fail to make us love covers more, than original songs. ToppDogg never was and never will be a flop as long as we show them our support. As long as we show, how highly they are being loved and appreciated.

Notwithstanding the fact, that our boys are currently on a hiatus, we are not. We are here and we are ready to prove everybody that we need our TD Boys, that we appreciate them, that they deserve to be.

That’s why on 17th of May 00:00 AM KST we are going to trend #NoRainyDaysForToppDogg.

You can express your love, share your most memorable moments with other fans and just let TD and the whole world know that you support and love ToppDogg no matter what, when and where.

Let’s show ToppDogg that their fandom is literally a top class!

I’ve been seeing posts from friends that there are people saying that philinda came out of nowhere. I find that shit hilarious. and to make it a bit funnier, some also said that Melinda Qiaolian May opening up to Phillip J. Coulson is out of character. Interesting.

So, here’s me shoving philinda down your throat because apparently that’s what season 4 does. I will not even be going to put ‘read more’ to this to shove it further. deeper. Until you gag.


  • Them..

Before we actually start, just so you know, Phil Coulson and Melinda May had been in each other’s history. That’s a fact.

We first saw Philinda back in season 1 during the Pilot episode. Melinda had been briefed about the group that Phil had been assembling. Words like these had been exchanged:

“and you don’t need me”
“I do, cause we’ll be running ourselves, making the ops, making the calls…”

Words that somehow showed that they already knew each other back in the day. What they were to each other wasn’t clear for us then. Phil was also reassuring Melinda that they will not have a combat op but technically, it was inevitable because by next episode, they encountered one, in which Phil Coulson specifically visited Melinda in the cockpit to apologized because it wasn’t supposed to be that. And so, we found out that she wasn’t just a pilot considering Grant Ward knew her—heard of her, whatever. She’s a Legend. Even the Fitzsimmons heard things about her. (see: Season 1 Episode 2) It was something odd because why would a freaking legend be in administration? Turns out, Phil Coulson knew the story but well not all of it. (See: Season 1 Episode 9) Boundaries and all. (see: Season 2 Episode 20).

Phil described her as always quiet, warm, fearless in the different way, getting in trouble, pulling pranks, thought rules are made to broken. (See: Season 1 Episode 9) We’ve seen those traits back in Melinda episode on season 2 and in The Man Behind SHIELD episode in our current season, season 4.  In which by the way, they’re basically a huge part of each other there.

In Melinda episode, we’ve seen that Philinda were already partners there. Melinda was married to Andrew, and they were partners. Phil was there when Melinda walked out of that building that scarred her. Phil was there to tell her to let the girl go. Melinda there was all smiley, she’s different from the Melinda that we’ve seen in past episodes. The Melinda in this was playful and impatient. She still is but it’s more obvious.

In Man Behind SHIELD episode, we’ve seen snippets of their relationship before Bahrain and before their respective relationships. Melinda even teased Phil about their first undercover job where they were married couple. In which it seems as though, this particular undercover is Sausalito that they talked about back in 2x04, where Melinda said she just took the dance pre-requisite to graduate and Phil said she wasn’t thrilled when they were assigned in Sausalito.

And then, Bahrain happened. Phil died and he was resurrected so now we are watching this damn show and you obviously meet your favs, in my case, those dumb idiots called Phil Coulson and Melinda May.

Season 1 Episode 17: Turn Turn Turn. This episode is one of the most pivotal moments for the fandom. While patching her up—in which apparently, he’s the only one who can patch her up (see S01E13) – in the episode was where the lines that are carved in every philinda fans head came from. 

“You mean a lot to me. A lot.” 

Let’s talk about “I didn’t do it for Fury, I did it for you, to protect you, I— “line first. Fury may have ordered her to do what has to be done because Fury knew that they’re inseparable. Fury trusted Melinda for Phil’s safety but he also trusted her to make the right call and he knew that Melinda will always have his back. However, Melinda didn’t go back to field because Fury asked him to but because she wanted to. Maybe there’s guilt since she’s supposed to be part of Avengers initiative (see Melinda Episode S02E17) but Bahrain happened, she wasn’t there to protect him and he died. But noticed the “I—“part there and how she stopped and changed it to “You mean a lot to me.” and to even emphasized the point she repeated “a lot” If that doesn’t tell you something then I don’t know what to say really. And to help you more, Phil did say on season 4 this line: “Her name is Melinda May and she means everything to me.”·         

  • “An open Melinda to Phil is OOC” 

FZZT Philinda End Scene, Melinda asked Phil a simple question before she said a line that engraved on every Philinda Shipper. She asked him this:               

 “Do you know how long it has taken me?” Phil nodded. 

That scene was just a small scene compared to the big “The point of these things is to remind us that… There is no going back, there's only moving forward. You feel different because you are different.” But that one scene actually show that Melinda had always been opened to Phil, in terms of feelings. Phil is her constant. We found out in Bahrain how things got shitty. And shitty is an understatement.  If you’re going to point out another type of openness? Have you watched the episode where she called him “rusty?” or that part where she actually smirked when she said she wanted the solitude? They even had a conversation in which Phil is the only one speaking while she’s doing tai-chi… like it’s the most normal thing to do for them. How open exactly are you talking about? I mean, Melinda had always been like that to Phil. Her LMD however, had no chill. 😉  

You see, they are also each other’s driving force. Not to mention, they didn’t know each other in the framework but they immediately trust each other.

What they have is loyalty, trust, friendship and deeper understanding of each other. There are signs all over the place that points out that they have something for each other. Have you seen May’s face when she thought Phil’s gone? Have you watched the sigh of relief every fucking time she figured out that he’s not dead? Where were you when Phil said “it’s like you never left?”, “i lost my right hand too?” or that moment when he prioritized her than the president? It’s been there all along. Out of nowhere? yeah right…

And really, no matter what points I say in this, in which, I basically missed probably more than half of it… but yeah, It’ll be hard to notice their subtlety back in season 1, 2, and 3 especially when you’re too focused on something else and not them. Only this time they were given this huge amount of acknowledgement because they are both finally healing. And just like what the writers and exec prod said, they’re finally giving this two a chance because it seemed like they sidelined them a lot.. that alone is already a point that Philinda had always been there. Melinda May and Phil Coulson already had something way before season 4. So if you do not know Melinda May or Phil Coulson or Philinda.. then, just rewatch the damn show. Have a good day! 

ps.. to those who were saying that Melinda May has no feelings and all that other non-emotion ice queen crap.. this is from season 1 episode 1: (the woman shows her emotions to people who are worthy of it.)

WOW  — just wow. I hit 1k followers just about five months ago and last night i actually reached that 2k milestone  🎉 I’m a little bit speechless, because i never thought that so many people would enjoy and love those shitty edits of mine and would actually want to talk to me about my fave characters, my life and literally just anything? It’s amazing and i’m beyond grateful for all of the support and appreciate each and everyone of you; especially my lovely mutuals. And even though all of this is still beyond me, i wanted to give the following people a big and plushy shoutout!
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of course my sweet parabatai has to be the first person on my list that’s going to be mentioned  — i don’t make the rules. mags, you lovely human being. i don’t think i can put my feelings for you into words that actually make sense, but i’m going to try. you’re one of the most amazing people i ever got to meet and i’m beyond grateful for your existence. we’re basically the same person which, let’s be honest, sometimes creeps the shit out of us, but at the end of the day that’s probably one of the reasons why i love you as much as i do. you share my love for harry shum jr and don’t even get me started on necks and collarbones and all the thirst (yes, we need some holy water, babe.) you also share my love for poetry and prose and you’re one of those people i can talk to about literally anything. you talk to me about life changing decisions, drag me for my typos, encourage and support me to be the best version of myself, send me cute pictures of your kitties to cheer me up, send me funny memes and videos, bless my day with your beautiful selfies and most importantly you’re always there for me. and you always make sure that i never forget about that. i’m honoured to be your friend and i love you so much! 

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“Bland” Headcanons

Who started calling them bland? Those tiny headcanons that make so much sense that you start to forget that they’re headcanons and not canon? Those are the best headcanons. Those are my favourite headcanons. I’ll be honest, those are my only headcanons.

Making up small moments in the lives of the characters you love, coming up with their likes and dislikes and fitting them so subtly that they become part of them, small inserts of your own that help to flesh them out and make them that much more real? That’s my favourite part of being part of a character’s fandom. 

For example, I headcanon that Cass’ favourite show is Tom and Jerry, and one of the people who inspired her enough to mimick her own behaviours after them is Charlie Chaplin. In my headcanon, Barbara showed her some clips from his movies back when she couldn’t understand language, and she was inspired by a man who managed to communicate so effectively without saying a word. In turn, it helped her communicate with Barbara. None of that is part of comics, but adding it in anyway brings Cass just that much further off the pages for me.

I headcanon that Tim plays Kung Fu Fighting every time he and Cass spar, and they always dissolve into complicated and dynamic martial arts poses when the lyrics prompt it while singing along.

I headcanon that Dick’s favourite song is The Man On The Flying Trapeze by Eddie Cantor and he quotes it all the time, and that Damian’s favourite song is I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young but he never plays it because it embarrasses him with how personal it is.

I headcanon that Jason once sang Fragile by Sting to his headstone on the day of his death. In fact, I’m writing a fanfiction about it right now.

I headcanon that Jason’s favourite book is the Count of Monte Cristo. I already wrote a fanfiction with that one.

What makes a headcanon not bland, if those are bland? Those are the best things ever. They bring me joy while I’m writing fanfiction and they suddenly pop up in my head and I have no idea where they came from, but I’m nonetheless grateful.

Discussing these ‘bland’ headcanons also create some of the happiest conversations I’ve ever had. So, on that note, what are some of your guys’ favourite ‘bland’ headcanons?

Kissing Who? - Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 701 (Is that a one-shot or a drabble? I’m gonna call it a one-shot…)

Warnings: Kind of panic attack, language, slight angst at the beginning, fluff ensues.

A/N This is for @straightasdeanwinchester 2000 follower challenge. My prompts are bolded, also… Congrats! You deserve it. Hope you enjoy.

You were standing off stage at your first panel of your first convention, and you were a nervous wreck. Ever since you had started on Supernatural you chose to learn about the fandom and how so many characters were hated by them and you hoped, you weren’t one of them. That was the most terrifying thing for you at that moment, then it didn’t help your boyfriend, Jensen Ackles was late to show up and dating him meant some people hated you.

You were rolling the microphone in between your hands when all of a sudden you could feel someone grab your shoulders, you turned around swiftly ready to hit them in the face with the mic for startling you.

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On this International Women’s Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate all of the incredible women in this fandom for the creativity, the flailing, and even, yes, the discourse around our favourite little show that hasn’t always understood women. When parts were broken, we came online and fixed them. Our stories, our art, and our headcanons filled the gaps. 

May we always support each other on our shared quest to fix Chris Carter’s mistakes.

*Taps microphone*

Hello Tog Fandom, listen up for a moment: Chaol Westfall is good. Chaol Westfall needs all the love we all can give. Chaol Westfall doesn’t deserve all the free hate everyone is giving him. We should show our support to Chaol Westfall because he teaches us that everyone can lose hopes yet hopes are all we have in bad situations. He teaches us that friendship is important, care for your favorite person is and try to do everything to help, when no one is by your side too because he believed in himself when no one did. Give up on dreams for love, changes you. Chaol Westfall is a character who loves and loves but do not receive all the appreciation he deserves. So now, let’s not focus on mistakes, every character makes mistakes but shouldn’t be hated that much because of them. So now, someone give me medals because this was emotional. Thanks and goodbye.

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Okay, sometimes I don’t understand those people who always complain about how suck it is when the whole fandom explodes whenever there is a Hiccstrid scene! They say the movie is about friendship and relationship between families and hiccstrid is just a miner part of the whole movie and series.
Seriously??? The whole movie and the most of the episodes are JUST focused on dragons and the riders friendships with their dragons! The Httyd 1 and 2 were completely focused on that! We barely get some hiccstrid moments ( I’m not complaining becuase that’s one of the reasons why Hiccstrid is a unique ship!)
But really? Even when there is a Hiccstrid moment the dragons are involved! The friendship can be seen obviously. Then the fandom has the right to explode when Hiccstrid kiss or hug! There are not very much and they don’t get the whole episode on hiccstrid, EVER!
So for those who think that fandom gets lame when it comes to hiccstrid, I just say :“ Please rewatch the whole show!”