that moment when he says joy

In his review of HYYH Pt. 1, Yoongi talks about how it took him multiple takes to get his lyrics confirmed for the Intro, and that he probably wrote around 100 lines in total before the final version was approved.

It’s super obvious that Yoongi is very much a perfectionist, who stresses and agonizes over detail. There’s no hint of playful laziness or complacency when he’s working; he is absolutely serious and even critical at times, as even the rest of the members will attest to without hesitation. We can only imagine how much time and energy went into every single word of every single line, and how disheartening it must have been when his lyrics were rejected. He even said that he was thinking Namjoon could probably do it instead if he was rejected again. 

When his lyrics were finally approved he said that he jumped around the studio and danced with joy. I’m not sure why but hearing him say that made me want to cry. It was obviously such a monumental moment for him: the fact that he worked so hard on the lyrics even amidst rejection and finally reaped his harvest, and the fact that it was his very first time rapping in an intro by himself… the first time he would shine not as underrated Daegu rapper Yoongi, but as Suga, the dark jewel of BTS. And that was a reason to be proud.

Quite frankly as a fan, I felt almost as proud as him.

“What am I doin’ with my life
This moment won’t ever come again
I’m asking myself again, am I happy right now?
The answer is already there, I’m happy”

I miss being held. Nights where he would sleep over and cradle me in his arms. His skin plastered onto mine. Our warmth igniting like fire. He hated being hot.

I miss hold his hand. We’d walk with our fingers locked, arms swinging until our hands became clammy. He hated sweaty palms.

I miss lusty glares. As if his eyes found joy in viewing me like art, he would stare and smile for no reason at all. He hated when I asked why he stared because it ruined the moment.

I miss kisses. Our lips meeting for what felt like the first time each time. The sweet taste of his saliva. He hated when my kisses were sloppy.

I miss being in love. To feel nothing but joy knowing that he, only he, could control my happiness. He hated that I was so dependent on his love.

I guess I miss the wrong things…then again, they say people would have you think you ask for too much when it’s them who can’t offer the much that you ask. I miss the idea of him. I miss being in love.

—  kemimarie

150718 sehun’s current chinese characters reading capability : [在一起的] 第四年 ;  the fourth year, [be together]

the worst thing that ever happened to me

so yesterday in study hall, my friend was drawing a picture and asked “should i turn this into a drawing of jar jar binks”

so i say to her, “boy oh boy, do i have a WEIRD picture of jar jar binks saved to my phone”

the picture came to me through a whatsapp group, in which any picture sent to the group is automatically saved to my camera roll

right at that moment, a teacher walks by, sees only the body of jar jar, and yells “NAKED PICTURE”

i become a useless, sputtering mess, turn bright red, and struggle to get any words out at all. i slam my head on the desk, and yell “no” a few times.

“WHY ARE YOU OBJECTIFYING MEN” (he was joking, but i shit you not, he actually said this) “YOU DON’T LIKE IT WHEN MEN DO IT TO WOMEN”

“IT’S JAR JAR BINKS” my friend manages to say through her tears of joy


“HE’S NOT NAKED HE’S WEARING JEANS IT’S JAR JAR BINKS” i am not saying at an acceptable volume, i am shouting

everyone is study hall, and i mean literally everyone is staring, but the teacher calls another specific teacher into the mix. a teacher who does drama stuff and who ran the camp i have gone to since the 4th grade and learned my love for theatre at.

“cece” he says “i have never seen your face so red”


i slam my head on the desk again. all my pens go flying. i hear someone whisper “oh my god.” everyone in study hall pretends they aren’t still watching me. later someone asks if it’s true i had jar jar porn in study hall. i take a deep breath and retell my story. the pain is never ending.

tl;dr i got caught in study hall with a picture of jar jar binks photoshopped onto a shirtless man and caused a huge scene

I think I can finally say that I just see you as a friend now. After all the heartbreak, confusion, butterflies, wondering, late nights, laughing, smiling, flirting, talking, think, I can say I’m over you. You were my first love, and it was an amazing journey. It bugs me when people say they hate love because falling for you was the best time of my life. It was beautiful insanity, and no he never felt the same. But it was the vulnerability stored inside my heart – the kind of love that you can only feel once because once your heart is broken it is never the same. You build up walls, and it ruins the joy of falling in love. Thank you for giving me the time of my life. Falling for you will forever be one of the greatest moment of my life. A story that I will forever love to tell the whole world, an inside joke we will always laugh about, and a heart that will always be yours.

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Hi. Just wanted to let you know, your tag rant about Ten being a good boyfriend is awesome and I agree with every word.

Thanks! I mean… look at him.

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From the start–absolutely smitten with Rose Tyler. 

And then…

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He takes care of her. (I wish there was a gif of the next moment, when you can see his face and how all the concern melts away when she says she’s okay.)

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He has fun with her.

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The thought of losing her makes him tear up.

(Skipping GITF because I refuse to base character meta on the most out of character episode ever.)

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He can’t say no to her when she smiles at him like this.

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-no caption necessary-

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His fury when her face is taken, and his relieved joy when it’s restored

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They laughed together earlier at the idea of leaving, and now they’re comforting each other at the idea of being stuck. They’re partners.

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See? Partners. He’s doing his part, and he trusts her 100% to do hers.

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When she’s upset, he steps out of the way and lets her take care of things. (Well, after tracking down Elton just because Rose asked/Jackie was upset… then he lets her do the talking.)

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Let’s just say he’s a sapiosexual, and she’s being very clever. What do you think is happening in this scene?

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He asked her to stay with him forever–before, he’d just told her she could, but now he wants a commitment. 

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Losing her devastated him, just as much as losing him devastated her.

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And not finishing his sentence probably hurt him more than it hurt her.

I’m not saying he’s perfect, because he’s not. And I’m not saying that simply being attracted to her (like in the Fear Her gif) means he’d be a good romantic partner. 

But I look at the preponderance of evidence here–he adores her, he’s protective of her, he knows she brings out the best part of himself, he treats her like a partner, he trusts her to take care of herself, he believes in her, and he was willing to make a commitment to her–and I’m not sure where the idea that Ten would be a lousy, or even constantly fumbling, boyfriend comes from. 

Well. I think part of it comes from GITF, but as I said, I refuse to base meta on that episode. I know other shippers approach it from the angle of wanting to find a way to make it fit into what else we see of his character, but here’s my reasoning for not doing that. Let’s say I have 40 pictures of my cat where her eyes are blue, but one picture where they look green. It makes more sense to me to discard that as a bad picture–the lightning was off or something–than to find a way to explain the discrepancy. Now, if it were more evenly split, then maybe I would wonder if there were certain situations that made her eyes look green. 

And if the Doctor regularly treated his companions–regularly treated Rose–the way he does in GITF, I’d want an explanation. Even if it were say, 5-8 episodes out of Ten’s run. Heck, if there were one non-Moffat written episode where he demonstrated the same lack of care for his companions, or lack of interest in Rose, I’d be more interested in reconciling that. But this comes from a source that most Doctor/Rose shippers believe to be a poor authority on character and relationships… so I’m not going to expend the energy, or skew my view of the ship to fit what happens in that episode.  

I’m an author, so I understand that fiction needs tension and conflict to work. But I’m not a fan of stories where the conflict boils down to, “the Doctor is a jerk.” Insecure, uncertain, afraid to lose Rose–yes. But overall, he’s a good man who is head over heels in love with Rose Tyler. He’s not going to treat her like crap… and beyond that, she wouldn’t let him. 

Haikyuu 224 - The New King of the Court.

Something amazing and extraordinary has just happened.
I’m exploding with joy; Kageyama is a new person now.

First of all, he realized his mistake. And when I say “mistake”, I’m only referring to his unpolite and too much straightforward way to speak. What he said was right, though.
He realized and felt sorry. His teammates understood that he was right after all, he wasn’t doing anything wrong actually.

The real problem was communication itself.
I already said it last week: Kageyama believes that communicating in that way is his only way. He’s just like this. He actually can’t stop behaving like a King, because he is a King.
A King who can guess what’s better to do in every situation. A King who knows how to exploit his teammates’ talent perfectly. A King who is able to give his best in front of the strongest opponents.
This is the true King of the Court.
This is what Kageyama is.

And if people around him have a problem with it, they just have to say it in the same direct way Kageyama does. Hinata has always known it. That’s why he didn’t say anything in the last chapters, because he’s used to confront directly with him if they disagree about something.

And this is all wonderful and special, because thanks to Hinata who has never had problems with Kageyama’s behaviour, Kageyama learned to accept what he repressed about himself after middle school. He accepted his true nature. He accepted the fact that he is a King and is allowed to be a King, as far as it allows him to communicate and understand his teammates.

He’s finally able to be himself. Not a two-goody-shoes, not a tyrant.


Here we are. These are my four photo op from the JIBCON5. 

Ok, let’s make this clear: I was dying. He acted like a real goofy big brother, taking my wrists in his hands, cuddling me and saying sweet things. I was on the verge of tears (of joy obviously). He made me smile and when he swept me into his arms I just… l leaned forward and rested my head against his chest. I clearly remember thinking “I don’t care how the photo will come out, just let me stay here for a while”

I don’t have words for these two photos. I’m incredibly jealous about them ‘cause I keep playing in my head the exact moment I walked into that room and he was there hugging and smiling at the other fans. I was trembling and I had tears in my eyes. My mind sort of blacked out for a moment or two and the only thought that I had was “keep breathing, keep breathing or you’re gonna faint, you idiot”. I walked in front of him, stretched out my hand and stuttered some sort of greeting. He took one look at my face, I don’t know what kind of expression I had but a big smile lighted up his whole face. It was like watching into the sun. Dear God this man… I said that I was nervous and he just took me in his arms saying something like “there’s no need to be nervous, c'mere sweet”. I was lucky. I was really really lucky, 'cause the first shot the photographer told us the photo has come out blurry and we had to re-take it (more time pressed against him, yay!), and then one person in the room accidentally turned off the light while we were taking the second shot. I’ll never forget his arms tight around my shoulders and his laugh in my ear. I could feel it deep in my bones. He’s an amazing person. Sweet, gentle and considerate. He’s a shy prince.

Well, what can I say about him? He’s one of the best. He’s able to make you feel beautiful, important and happy. 'Cause he’s spontaneous and he loves being with fans, he doesn’t care about rules. He just look at you with those big beautiful blue eyes and you lose yourself in a deep sea of emotions. He’s just a big teddy bear and I love him.

don’t repost. thank you.

Ok guys

So in the Steven Universe episode “Joy Ride” it can kinda be infered that Sour Cream’s stepdad is Onion’s dad. It can kinda be infered because of the way Sour Cream portrays his stepdad speaking and the fact that he says he’s a fisherman.

So that would mean he and Onion are stepbrothers.

So now you’re probably thinking “Oh, Sour Cream and Onion. Haha that’s funny.

But wait, it gets better.

Onion’s dad is a fisherman, right?

Fish and chips.


A long overdue update from mama bear… 

So this week has been one of those magical fairytale weeks that make me think I want to stay home forever. That’s not to say it’s been without its struggles - we’ve had scraped knees, missed naps, and plenty of rough moments…. but, we’ve also had so many fits of laughter and joy that it makes me feel like this is how life is meant to be lived. 

Jeff’s schedule changed recently so he’s no longer working graveyards (Woohoo!) This means sleeping in the same bed seven nights a week and being able to have breakfast as a family every day. (When I say “sleeping” I really mean dodging limbs during all hours of the night as both of the girls are total bed hogs, but we wouldn’t have it any other way) We’ve been taking advantage of his new hours and going on morning hikes to tire the puppy out and get the girls some sun! 

I’m slowly, but surely finding my groove as a stay at home mama. While I have yet to make new mommy friends (its so hard!), I have been spending some serious quality time with the few gems I have! We love to hit up the local farmer’s market, walk the zoo, and have endless princess tea parties with our friends. My next goal is to tackle homeschool preschool, but I’ve been putting off getting my old supplies out of the garage. It’s shocking how much stuff I managed to hoard in four short years of teaching preschool. Until I can tackle some serious curriculum planning, we’ve been doing a lot of letter/number recognition practice, fine motor skill drills, and boatloads of arts and crafts. Ashtyn’s made it her goal to “spookify” the whole house with halloween crafts and I’m loving every second of it. This girl’s art skills are on point!

Riley bear is growing bigger each day, and her little personality is just to die for. She is so full of joy and love for her sister. The way they seem to communicate with a simple look or touch just blows my mind and makes me excited for the years ahead. She is starting to crawl around despite my best efforts to immobilize her (kidding…) and I’m simultaneously excited and horrified about what the next few months have in store for me. Also new are her adventures in solid food - our little chunk can NOT get enough! So far, favorites are apples, blueberries, and butternut squash. Lowest on the list are brussels sprouts - clearly, she is Jeff’s child -__- 

Our days are going by more quickly, and without the gnawing feeling of loneliness that I struggled with during the first part of my maternity leave. I’m looking forward to our daily adventures and soaking up the beautiful little moments of ordinary magic that fill our lives. While watching my sweet littles play naked in the pool yesterday, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for this incredible life that we’re living and the fact that I get to wake up to these adorable faces each and every day. 

- Lindy 


“When Freddie died, it was like losing a family member, and we all handled it in different ways. For a time, I really wanted to escape from Queen; I didn’t want to know about it. I think that was my grieving process. But I’m very proud of what we did together. My God, we really did go on some interesting excursions! Mostly, it makes me feel good. […] I have been to the extremes, where I have found it very painful, and I couldn’t talk about him. But I don’t feel that any more. He’s part of our lives, still, in a very real way. I’m not saying there aren’t moments when I don’t get tearful, because there are, but most of the time it’s a joy.” (Brian May)

Steve Rogers Imagine- Amused

When he saw her for the first time he was amused. She was sassing Stark and scolding him, all the while she was battered and bruised. She was the only one who could rival him. So when she made her way to Steve, he was speechless. Speechless because of the fiery but sweet woman before him.

When he saw her again she was clean and laughing with Natasha. The moment she saw Steve, she waved to him and he felt those butterflies in the pit of his stomach flutter. He smiled in reply while she broke away from Nat so she could speak with him privately.

When he asked her out to dinner he was nervous. Did he make a grand gesture? Did he keep it simple? Steve decided to simply as her. When she said she would love to, he nearly jumped for joy. He reigned it in though until he was alone.

When he saw her on the date he smiled to himself. How did a gorgeous girl like her say yes to him? Steve offered his arm and they took off on their adventure.

When he said ‘I love you’ for the first time it just slipped out. He hadn’t meant for it to and was a little embarrassed. She just smiled at him and repeated the words back to him. They spent the rest of the night saying it to each other.

When he saw her on their wedding day he was once again speechless. She looked heavenly in her dress as she headed towards him. Steve smiled while he cried as he thought about spending the rest of his life with her.

When he saw her for the first time he was amused.

Happy Easter!!

So today I was thinking about episode 10x12 when Dean says that Sam believed in the Easter bunny until he was 12, and smiling at the thought of Dean always trying to scrounge up (more likely steal) some candy to give his brother every Easter <3

 If Sam believed for that long, Dean must have allowed or encouraged the thought.  Despite the difficult life they lived, Dean still tried to preserve Sam’s childhood hopes and joys. And by correcting himself and saying Sam was in fact 11 and a half when he stopped believing, he shows that he really remembers those small details about raising Sam. For a thick-skinned man dealing with the Mark of Cain ruining his life, it’s very sweet. 

Hope you all have a great day doing whatever traditions you do! Whether it be egg hunts, church services, or just eating a lot of candy…

Spend it with the people you love and treasure every moment! <3 Happy Easter!

David’s emo teenager wrangling in this episode was one of my favourite favourite things despite all the Jones goodness (yep, and there was wet!Killian and all) I have an 11 year old and I feel the pain of the kid who won’t tell you anything and doesn’t want to hear anything you have to say and the way he turned that around and talked about himself and the moment when Henry realises he’s been conned into a lesson and the way Dave just says “Too late” and keeps right on going is such a wonderful bit of parenting/grandparenting and it filled me with joy.

NOt bad for a bloke who had so many doubts about his ability to be a father. He’s knocking this grandpa thing out of the park!


Last week Ashtyn and I went out on our very first mommy-daughter date since Riley was born. We got all dressed up in our fancy outfits, met up with our best friends, and had tea with Santa.

We munched on scones and raised our pinkies as we sipped Christmas Noel tea in the glow of festive lights. Ashtyn made a picture for Santa before leaving the house because she wanted to say “thank you for working hard to make toys in the North Pole.” When he walked into the tea room, her entire face lit up with joy and she immediately rose to greet him with a hug.

Our day was perfect from start to finish and left me feeling so grateful for these incredible moments that I get to share with her. Her gentle spirit, unending kindness, and heartfelt generosity make me so proud to be her mama. As I watch her grow up each day, I am continually astounded by the endless bounds of my love for her. This sweet bird is such a light in my life and I treasure each adventure we share together <3

- Lindy


Rumple finally seeing Belle after 30 years was one of the best moments on OUAT for me. He was so confused at first but then so relieved and full of joy. And poor Belle. She was even more confused. She had no memories and had been locked up in an asylum with no sunlight for 30 years (Seriously Regina!!! It was cruel. I will never forgive Regina for that). The first thing Belle says after she gets her memories back is his name and that she loves him. He just lights up when he hears her say ‘I love you!’ It was so refreshing to hear them declare their love for each other. I loved that part. I noticed that after the purple smoke starts coming out of the well, the camera zooms out and we can see Belle and Rumple’s figures from behind. I paused the video at 4:40 and it looks like Rumple’s front side is pressed against Belle’s back side (I’m not too sure because they are too far away for me to see). It’s like he was giving her a hug from behind. They were so happy to see each other. It’s like fitting two puzzle pieces back together.

Some Thoughts on Emotion

Human emotions we think to be so complicated, aren’t. Just as every color can be made from the primary colors so we have primary emotions. Fear, sorrow, longing, anger, joy. We might add a neutral emotion, contentment.  Notice how nature gives us four negative emotions and only one positive emotion. Nature is stingy on joy. 

These emotions are “felt” in our solar plexus. Mixed together they make up all of our spectrum of emotion. Love for example is a combines joy and desire. We seek joy and seek to avoid the negative emotions. Many philosophical traditions hold that the real purpose of life is to be happy and content for as many of the moments of our lives possible. 

So, lets say a man lives a comfortable life. He is not wealthy or powerful but he is well, has plenty to eat, gets sex when he wants it, has easy work, has no fear of enemies and lives 80 years and dies in his sleep. That is one life. He is never in danger and never strives against the elements to overcome obstacles. He lives in joy and contentment. This is literally the common idea of “heaven”,

Now another man is a great king. He is wealthy beyond measure. His word is life and death. He lives in a great castle with all the creature comforts; however, he spends much of his life on the battlefield facing death. He worries constantly about losing his throne, being overthrown. He lives in fear every moment. Yet he builds a great civilization, brings order to the country and is honored by all who know him. He dies, sick and worn from his struggles at the age of 50.

Both of these men are dead. One was joyful and content his entire life. The other was rich, powerful and admired by all.

Who had the better life?

I see lots of posts about Lavellan seeing a memory of Solas in the Fade, but what about Solas seeing a memory of Lavellan in the Fade? 

Sometimes she’s smiling. Glowing. Staring at him with such joy in her eyes. Sometimes the reflection laughs or speaks his name. Sometimes for just a moment Solas believes it’s her. For a fraction of a second his heart fills with happiness, joy, and even love. Only for a moment, she is only a memory, he knows that. He’s reminded of it when she disappears just as quickly as she appeared. 

Sometimes she’s crying, staring at him with such betrayal in her eyes. She repeats “Tell me you don’t care.” “I can’t do that.” He says back. “I can’t do that.” A memory, she’s not really there, she’s a memory just a memory! Then she vanishes, he’s left there alone. Just as he thinks he deserves; but he will never forget. 

He will always remember her. 

Over the course of the series, the story of Emma and Killian both individually and as a couple, most especially last season, has been one of great beauty and poignancy. After overcoming darkness and death, it is only natural for the two of them to want to find a happy and quiet moment together where words are no longer necessary. It was a joy to watch them together in their home in a moment both passionate and sweet, filled with kisses and giggles, overjoyed to be safe in each other’s arms and ready to finally express their love for each other physically. And seeing Emma smile when she hears Killian say there’s no need for her to remove her red leather jacket because he likes it was not only undeniably adorable, but also a way of him once again telling her that he loves every part of her, including her walls and her armor which her red leather jacket has often represented.