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Tell Me You Love Me// Alex Summers Imagine

a/n: that gif of him licking his lips actually makes me want to punch him in the face how dare he be so good looking. Also this imagine kind of reminds me more of Peter Maximoff than Alex but oh wellllll

8: “Tell me you love me” from this prompt list

Request: 8 or 12 with alex summers? (idk which one i like better so go with whichever one you like best!) thank you! 💗

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Alex Summers x Reader

How in hell were you supposed to pass this class with him sitting right next to you, trying his very best to distract you at every possible moment. Your lab partner, Alex, had done everything a nine year old boy would do to get a girl’s attention. Which was ridiculous considering the fact he was seventeen for god’s sake. He passed you notes that you got in trouble for, tapped his foot on the ground oddly and repeditively, and even on rare occasions tugged at your hair when you had it up in a ponytail.

You tore your eyes away from your professor who was explaining how mutations are created, and narrowed your eyes at the pestering boy next to you.

Today, he was clicking his pen continuously, knowing how much it bothered you. 

“Would you quit it?” You hissed at him, trying to keep your voice low so you wouldn’t get caught talking during a lecture. “You know it drives me crazy!”

Alex gave you one of his famous smirks and your stomach flipped. You thought it was just plain cruel that such an annoyance in your life had such a gorgeous bone structure. 

“Well, darlin’,” he said with a slight hint at an accent, “you drive me crazy every god damn day, ‘Bout time you felt the same way.”

Rolling your eyes, you turned your attention back to the lecture and tried your hardest to take notes and not think about Alex’s latest declaration of affection. He always flirted with you but you weren’t sure if it was real or not, so you felt the safest bet was to ignore it.

As the professor kept drowning on the clicking pen didn’t stop. You couldn’t focus like this and soon enough you snapped, 

“Alex I swear to god if you don’t stop clicking your pen I’m going to drop kick you out of the room!’ You whispered/yelled. 

Despite your threat, the clicking didn’t stop and you were getting desperate. 

“Alex, please, what do I have to do to get you to stop?” You asked him hopelessly.  

Immediately, you knew that was the wrong thing to say. As the smirk crept back onto his face you groaned internally for asking such an open ended question. 

He leaned in really close to you, his nose almost brushing yours and said in a voice that you had never heard him use before, “Tell me you love me.” 

You were shocked, Alex was never this forward with his flirting and his words caught you off guard. All you could do was stare into his cursedly gorgeous blue eyes and watch as his smile spread even farther across his face.

“Miss y/l/n and Mr. Summers, detention after school. No canoodling in my classroom!” Your teacher yelled. At the very word, canoodling, the class erupted into laughter and a blush found it’s place on your cheeks. You were unsurprised to see Alex laughing along with them, his chill attitude never faltering. 

Detention was 2 hours of sitting across the room from Alex trying to piece together if he actually had feelings for you or not. 

You obviously had feelings for him, how could you not? Yeah sure he was sometimes a bit too headstrong and a bit too childish, but after spending almost every day with him since you arrived at Xavier’s three years ago, it was impossible for you to not fall for him. His smile made your heart melt and your knees weak and you knew you wouldn’t be able to deny how you felt very much longer.

At the end of detention Alex immediately stood up and strode across the room to meet you at the desk you just stood up from.

You sighed, resting your hands on the side of the desk and leaning across it to meet his eyes. 

“What do you want,” you asked, trying to keep your feelings hidden.

Alex duplicated your actions and put his hands across from yours and leaned in. He was dangerously close to you and you could smell his aftershave. You prayed he couldn’t hear how fast your heart was beating.

“I already told you what I want. I want you to tell me that you love me,” he said as if it was the simplest thing in the world. 

Your breath caught in your throat, you were fairly certain he was just going to drop this topic from class but the fact that he brought it up again made you feel unprepared for your answer. And the way he was looking at you, for once in his life looking serious and sincere, you didn’t have any other options than tell him the truth.

“I love you,” you said quickly and before he had time to react, you ran out of the room. Or at least you tried to run out of the room. 

Before you could get very far, Alex had his hand wrapped around your wrist and spun you around to kiss him. 

Instantly, your lips fell into sync with his and you lost track of time. Your hands found their place in his hair and his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him than you had ever been before. You don’t know how long it was before you pulled away from one another but you were glad you did. That smile he was wearing on his face could top any kiss in the world. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he whispered breathlessly. 

You smiled softly and responded, “Me too.”

Colors (Part 22) [Reader x Min Yoongi]

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Genre: Gang - Mafia AU || Angst (m)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12/ Part 13  / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17/ Park 18 /Part 19 / Park 20 / Part 21/ Part 22

Min Yoongi was 7 years old when he saw his father for the first time. One late evening, when he and his mother came back home, there was a tall man standing outside their house, he stood on their porch and paced around the area impatiently as if he had been waiting for a long time. The man stopped when he saw the two of them. Yoongi still remembers the dark gray suit he wore that day and the rectangular box he held in his one hand, neatly wrapped in bright yellow wrapping paper, he remembers how it had caught his attention. Yoongi hid himself well behind his mother as she approached him unhesitant. He listened to the two adults having a conversation while occasionally glancing at the ‘strangers’ face.

“Why are you here?” mother had asked the suited man, she sounded hurt. “Why did you come back?”

“To see my son, why else?” the man had answered back. She had tried to walk past him, with little Yoongi still clinging to her shirt from behind but he came in-between, blocking their way. “You don’t get to walk off like that every time. He’s my son too! Let’s talk inside please”

“You left us. You were the one who left us.” It was the first time Yoongi saw his mother so angry and on the verge of crying. And mother was never angry. She always smiled for everyone.

“I was in an awful lot of shit. I needed some time to think—

“Was 6 years enough for you?”

“Mi-Ran(-ah) please-

The man had pleaded.

“Cause it was enough for me to realize what kind of awful human being you really are Seong. I can forgive you for leaving me, but not him. Now please leave us alone and never come back.” after that the only thing the man had asked before mother barged inside the house was a name.

“Tell me his name at least. I deserve to know that much.”

And mother had replied just before she slammed the door on father’s dejected face

“Min Yoon Gi. His name is Min Yoongi

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Age Gap ~ Joe Sugg (Requested)

Request: I was wondering if you could write a Joe Sugg imagine where there’s quite an age gap between him and the reader and she’s insecure about what people are saying but Joe is really comforting and makes her calm down

Word Count: 1,482

Warnings: Cursing? Idk.

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Yo peeps.
Here’s my little experiment on the Drama CD4 Cast Talk track.
What was supposed to take only two hours of my time today took 4, so yeah, I have to cram chores and unpaid overtime work for the rest of the day. My job is quite chaotic at the moment, with people resigning left and right, so I needed to distract myself. And this is the result!

Forgive the quality, my laptop is 8 years old and can only render/upload videos for a maximum of 2 minutes otherwise it will overheat and shut down, so I can only do short 480p vids. I’m too destitute to afford a new one, so you guys will have to make do. Unless someone wants to take over?  *wink* *wink* I have half of the script pretty much translated (*loud coughing*), so yeah, shout out if you want to give me a hand.

I’ll do vids per character, so watch out for more! I’ll try to do one character per week, and Ryuuzaki is up next! :)

Brother, you deserve the world

Characters- Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Sister reader Warning - Swearing, angst, fluff etc.

I kept my shotgun, knife and other weapons in my bag and zipped it tightly, I looked over at my father and saw that he was staring at his notebook with deep concentration, his dark busy eyebrows were pressed together and his fingers were crossed over his lips. I have noticed on countless times that my father acquires this pose when he is in deep predicament.

“Do you need some help, Dad?”, I asked him cautiously as he sometimes gets mad when I disturb him or ask questions.

My dad looked up at me and shook his head,“No y/n/n, I was just going throw some notes of mine” he then closed his journal and walked towards his bag to keep it for safe keeping.

He then turned towards me and asked in gruff voice “Everything ready for the hunt? ” I nodded firmly and then sat on the edge of the bed to wait for my elder brother Dean.

“Your brother should be back by now, why is it taking him so long?”

“Maybe he went to a shop which sells brains” My father looked at me with an angry expression on his face.

“Y/n, listen this non serious attitude, joking about every little thing will not work. You are a hunter, you are supposed to be serious, mature, not have this childish, ridiculous attitude. Grow up y/n” I felt the tears burn in my eyes but I could not let them drop, knowing that this will give my father another opportunity to critize me. I nodded my head in obedience and whispered in a cracked voice, “Yes Sir” My brother chose to show at that very moment, and with the way his grin dropped I knew he could pick up the tension in the room. “Dean, you are back”, my father stated. “Yeah, I am sorry I am late sir, the were not allowing us to take the vehicle out of the parking lot for some reason so I had to wait” “Never mind, your sister has packed and hopefully kept all the weapons in the bag, so let’s not delay any longer and just kill this damn thing” “Yes sir” my brother and I responded in perfect sync. “I just need to use the washroom sir, I will be come out in a second” My father nodded at Dean and extended his hand to take the car keys from him, he then walked out the front door of the motel. I was close behind him but my brother grabbed my wrist and turned my body so I could face him. “What the hell happened? ” “Nothing Dean” “Really because I can see that you were crying and not too mention like really quite” “Dean, you came in like 5 minutes ago, what the hell do you want me to say!?!” “Did he say something to you? ” “No! ” But the way I had replied,the quickness in the answer and my green eyes shifting from his identical ones was all the proof Dean ever needed. “Sweetheart, just because Sam is not here doesn’t mean you hide things from me, I can help you but just tell me what the bloody hell happened” I sighed heavily and said, “We are getting late, Dad will be mad at us”. So I picked my bag and swung it over my shoulder and walked out of the door. Dean’s POV I know that something has happened, I know dad must have said something, lately he has been too hard on her. The entire car ride had this tense environment and my little sister was sitting too quietly. She was hurt and I hated that she was feeling such emotions this also made me extremely angry at my father. I hate it when he hurts her, I hate seeing her hurt. She is my entire life, I love her. How dare my father hurts her but I know that I can’t say a word against him so I keep my mouth shut. “okay, listen to me werewolf is somewhere here, keep a look out and be very attentive, I don’t want mistakes, Dean it is your job to protect her ” my father instructed this and started to walk on the other side of the deep words. Y/n and I walked around, my mind kept wandering back to my sister who was hurting inside and my blood seemed to boil every minute when I tried to imagine what he would have told her. So lost in my thoughts I was that I didn’t notice the werewolf which was trying to attack me. “Dean watch out!!!! ” I heard y/n yell but the werewolf was too fast and I could not shoot it in the heart, but then I also felt a sever shove which was given to me by my sibling and had me falling to the ground. I looked up and saw that my baby sister had pushed me out of the way and had put herself in harm’s way. The werewolf got more pissed when y/n tried to shoot it but couldn’t, I saw with bewilderment when the monster slashed my little sister’s arm and threw her in the tree. “Y/N!!!” I screamed and picked up my gun to shoot it, but as soon as I picked up my gun, the werewolf was shot in the heart and fell down on the ground dead. I turned back around and saw my father with a furious glare on his face, I didn’t care much about it as I rushed to my little injured sister. I reached her and saw that her head was bleeding slightly but it was the arm which worried me because it had so many deep cuts which were bleeding profusely. I carefully put her head on my lap and carded my fingers through her hair. “Dean, my arm hurts a lot ” she sobbed and my heart clenched at the sight of her in pain but I had to be strong. For her. “Shhhh sweetheart, don’t worry we will get that arm fixed and everything will okay. Aren’t you brave little girl, I promise nothing will happen to you. Shhhh don’t cry” She tried to but she could not stop crying. So I picked her up gently at which cried a little but I soothed her. I turned towards my father who still wore the furious expression on his face. When we got home, dad fixed up her arm and gave her some medicine for the pain. I couldn’t help but feel guilty, had I been paying attention this would not have happened. My little sister got hurt because of me. “How did this happen?” an angry voice which belonged to my father interrogated me, I glanced at my little sister who was propped on the bed with a scared expression on her face. “I wasn’t paying attention sir, I am sorry” I answered in my obedient voice. “Sorry will not fix your sister’s arm boy, look what happened because of you, she could have died, you irresponsible, ridiculous boy. Had I not come in time both of you could be Dead. This is outrageous, you have one simple job Dean Winchester watch out for your sister, and you can’t even do that. Today you are not only a bad son but a cowardly brother” The whole room was silent after my father’s cruel words, I felt weak and pathetic and yes a cowardly brother too. “You son of a bitch” I heard a female voice which belonged to sister, she was off the bed and was facing my father in that moment I can say she looked fearless. “What did you say young lady? ” “I said you son of a butch. How dare you speak to my brother like that, how dare you call him a coward. You have no right or authority to say that to him” “ I am your father, I have every right” “You called my big brother, my hero, the man who raised me since he was 8 years old a coward. He is anything but a coward, he made a small mistake tonight but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, he is human please let him be one, and I think the only coward in this room is you and no one else” What happened next was absolutely unbelievable, my father raised his hand and hit my baby sister so hard that she fell the ground. “DAD!! ” I yelled at him and grabbed him by the collar. “You can do whatever you want with me, but if you raise a hand at her, I will not be responsible for my actions now get out! ” My father took his bag and went outside, I looked at my sister who was still on the ground sobbing her heart out. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. “Shhhh baby, it’s okay, don’t cry it’s okay ” my little sister looked up with tears in her eyes which were spilling on her cheeks. I ran my hand down her back to comfort her. “ I am sorry, I am so sorry, I couldn’t control it, he was attacking you and I could not help it De. You are not coward Dean, you are a hero, you deserve the world and what he said was horrible” at this she started to cry more. I sat on the bad and put her in my lap, so her head was against my chest, I started rocking her to soothe her. When she called me her hero and told me that I deserved the world, I felt loved . My baby sister was protecting me so I kissed her head softly and spoke to her. “ listen baby, thank you for standing up to dad for me you know no one has done that for me, but don’t put yourself in harms way, I physically can’t see you get hurt, you are my little baby sister and I love you and want to protect you, so next time just sit quietly don’t worry about a thing,okay” “ But you are my big brother and I can’t stand by and watch while the world hurts you, I am sorry but I can’t, I will protect you from everyone who tries to hurt, sorry you just have to live with that fact” I looked down at my little sister with tears glistening in my eyes she smiled at me and brushed those tears which managed to make it down my cheeks. I took her hand in mine and kissed it I then kissed her forehead and saw that her eyes were fluttering that means she was getting sleepy so I rocked her until she feel asleep and then put the blanket around us keeping her arm secure, we were both fast asleep, with my baby sister snuggled into my side. @winchesters-favorite-girl @dreamin-of-somewhere-else @u-snavi @straightasdeanwinchester @nickiwinchester97 @blacktithe7 @percussiongirl2017 @peachwizard @spnsisimagines
Alternative Release

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where the reader has a rubber band around her wrist. She used to cut as a young woman, and this is what she uses to cope instead of that during particularly rough cases. One day, Spencer asks her why she does that, so she tells him. @coveofmemories

Warnings: Talk of cutting and past sexual abuse


“Late last night, two girls, identified as 8-year-old Kelly Clavin and 9-year-old Alyssa Smith were found raped and strangled just outside of Kelly’s home,” Garcia started, clicking the remote to bring the girls’ pictures up on the monitor. Your lovely technical analyst was to pure for this world, and would rarely look at the gruesome pictures for fear they would change her as a person. She was fundamentally cheerful and didn’t want to compromise that. 

You were a different person however.

Over many years, you’d experienced some shit. After being sexually-assaulted in college and then told by the school that they weren’t going to do anything about their star athlete because you happened to be drunk, you were determined to go into law enforcement. If you saved one person that kind of torment, your life and experiences would have been worth it. The assault had sparked a hatred of yourself inside you, and for quite a few years, whenever you needed a release, you would take the blade from your cabinet and slice at your thighs. 

One night, you took it further, cutting your wrists and passing out in the bathtub, only to wake up a day later with your crying mother at your side. She’d begged you that day to go to therapy and you’d reluctantly agreed - for her sake more than your own. As a single mother, she didn’t deserve this, so you helped yourself for her. In the course of your therapy, your doctor had suggested you wear a rubber band around your wrist as an alternative release.

And now here you were.

Garcia continued to brief the team on the circumstances of the case, but all you could focus on were the light bruises around the girls’ necks, reminding you of your own - the ones you had to cover up with a turtleneck all those years ago. You had been nearly 10 years older than Kelly and Alyssa at the time of your attack, and although you’d been somewhat drunk, you remembered every bit of fear that coursed through you that night. If you were petrified at the age of 18, then how were an 8 and 9-year-old feeling in their final moments. 

Your doctor had said not to focus on one bad thing for too long, so you tore your eyes away from the screen and turned your attention to your wrists that were under the table. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap.

It was a dull sound, but it provided the release you needed and everyone was too focused on the case to pay attention to whatever the sound was or where it was coming from. “Right now, this seems like an isolated incident,” Hotch said, “But considering this was a double child murder in a town that hasn’t experienced much more than an armed robbery in the course of the past decade, the locals called us in. They are at a complete loss. Wheels up in two hours.”

As the rest of the team filed out of the room to grab their go-bags, you leaned back and continued to flick at the band on your wrist. “You okay?” Spencer asked, his eyes soft and caring. Spencer was another one who somehow always managed to keep somewhat positive despite the things you’d seen. And he was infinitely caring.

“Yea,” you said quickly, not realizing that you’d started snapping the band even more quickly. “Just this case. Cases involving kids are always more difficult for me.”

Spencer nodded. No one could handle kids’ cases very well. “I just noticed that you’re snapping a rubber band. I haven’t heard you do that before.”

You looked down. The snapping had gotten much louder than you’d anticipated. Normally, you tried not to draw attention to what you were doing. “Sorry,” you said. “I didn’t realize how loud that was.”

“It’s okay,” he said with a shy smile. “I doubt anyone but me actually heard it. I’m just pretty sensitive to noise. Ummm…do you mind if I ask why you do that? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

As the gap between your past assault and subsequent cutting, and your present got wider and wider, you found yourself more comfortable talking about these things. You didn’t go around parading the information, but if someone asked, you’d answer. “Sure,” you said, flicking at the band a couple more times. “When I was in my first year of college, I went to a party, got a little drunk, and the star of the football team took me out back and assaulted me.” Spencer’s mouth dropped open. He was about to tell you that you didn’t have to continue, but you wanted to. “I tried to get him off me, but I couldn’t and he assaulted me and I remember very distinctly about the bruises around my neck afterwards.” You motioned toward the screen where the girls were still staring back at you. “Anyway, after it happened, I was obviously very disturbed, and I started cutting myself. When my mom found me in a bathtub, she took me to the hospital and the next day she begged me to get help. My doctor suggested this as a way to handle stress as opposed to cutting.”

Spencer’s mouth was still agape. “I’m so sorry. Did…did anything happen to the man that assaulted you?”

“Not at the time,” you spat quickly. “Back then, I was a poor kid there on a scholarship, but he was there on a full-ride scholarship as the school’s star athlete, so they did nothing. After, he went on to rape someone else, a woman with more money and a dad who had more pull than my parents did, so she took him to court and he went away for ten years. I think he’s still there.”

“Can I…can I hug you?” he asked. You smiled and extended your arms. Spencer was without a doubt one of the sweetest men you’d ever known.

“Of course, Spence.”

“I’m glad he went away, but I’m sorry you didn’t get any justice for yourself,” he replied, rubbing his hands up and down your back. For a moment, you just stood in his arms as he told you how sorry he was for what happened and for even asking.

You pulled away and smiled. “It’s okay, Spence. I wouldn’t have answered if I didn’t want to.”

“Well,” he said, grabbing your hand and giving it a slight squeeze, “If you ever forget your rubber band, or you feel like you want another option, I’m always here. However I can help.” He blushed, not used to being the one offering comfort and instead being the one asking for it. 

Leaning up, you kissed the side of his cheek. “Thanks, Spence. I think I might just do that.” You looked toward the screen one last time and then out the door. “Now, let’s go grab our go-bags and go get some justice for Kelly and Alyssa.”

Royalties Part 1/

Genre - Fluff/Angst 

Word count - 1733 words 

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader

Summary - Jungkook was a prince, you were not, he was royalty, you weren’t even close. But somehow you two were in a relationship. But will it be able to withstand all the rules and boundaries with his Position as a royalty, soon to be king?

Authors note - I didn’t proof read anything yet, so there may be mistakes. You may send in requests for anything you want, inbox is always open x 

Part 1/ 

Admin - Admin Jungkook

’Father! You can’t do this! I thought you supported whatever and who ever I choose to love!’’ Jungkook screamed mad.

‘’I do son, but there are standards, and she, she is not in those standards.’’ The king said. I stopped struggling a while ago, seeing that it made no sense.

‘’Please father, I will marry whoever you want me to, but please, I can’t go on with my life If I can’t see her’’ Jungkook said. He was on his knees in front of the king. Jungkook has never bowed to his father on his knees, but now he did.

The king was shocked to say at last, he didn’t expect his son to bow down for a girl like her.

‘’You really love her don’t you son’’ the king asked his son. Jungkook didn’t dare to look up and stayed on his knees and nodded his head. ‘’Well-


1 Year prior

It all started from secret meetings in the castle library to you sneaking into his room and vice versa. You didn’t know that a small friendship started in the library could turn into something more, nonetheless with the heir of the country.

‘’Psshhh Y/N! Y/N!’’ Jungkook whispered next to me. I was trying to stay concentrated on my book that I was reading, but with Jungkook whispering in my ear.

‘’I would appreciate it if you didn’t distract me your highness’’ I whispered back. We were currently seated in the castle library.

‘Ya! Y/N I told you not to call me that, just say Jungkook’’ he said.

 ‘I’m sorry your high, I mean Jungkook’’ I said bowing slightly with my head.

‘’Aishh stop being so formal, we’ve spent how many months here together, I would’ve thought the formalities are gone now’’ he said.

‘’I’m sorry Jungkook, I’m just scared that someone finds out about these secrets meetings, and that I’ll have a punishment to go through’’ I said.

‘’Fine, then let’s not meet anymore’’ Jungkook said. My eyes widened hearing that because that was not how it was supposed to go, I loved hanging out with Jungkook, I was just scared of the consequences, seeing my status and his.

Truth is, Jungkook is the prince of the country and I was just a daughter of a maiden of the castle and knight. There was a big difference in status, and Jungkook and I meeting wasn’t the smartest thing to do. If someone ever found out, I could be whipped or be removed from the castles and forbidden from ever meeting with Jungkook again.

The first time I met Jungkook was when I was 6 years old. I was roaming the halls of the castle when I wasn’t supposed to leave the room. I got lost when the queen found me crying in the halls. She asked me who I was and introduced me to a young Jungkook. She returned me to my mom’s room who was crying when she saw me, she thought I had run away. After that I hadn’t seen him until I was 17 years old, reading a book in the library.

He asked me if I could help him find a book for his studies and that I had to help him with his homework. So the secret meetings started from there on out. If I have to be honest, Jungkook was a very handsome, kind and has the sweetest most down to earth personality a prince can haven. You could say I’ve developed a tiny crush on him, but I knew it couldn’t be returned, because he’s a prince and I’m nowhere near the royal status.

‘’Jungkook, you know that’s not what I meant’’ I said now turning to him and pouting. But Jungkook wasn’t giving in and was just looking straight forward with a stern look, not once breaking his demeanour. He was ignoring me.

‘’Jungkook! Kookie, please forgive me, you know I didn’t mean it like that’’ I said clinging to his arm. I could see the right side of his lips curling up a little and knew I was breaking his stern demeanour. ‘’Please, please, please for me’’ I said pouting. His eyes shifted to mine.

‘’Fine’’ He said and I started to grin widely. ‘’But! I want a kiss in return’’ he said smirking. His comment made my mouth fall open and my cheeks heat up.

‘’Wh- What’’ I said shocked. Surely he didn’t mean that, right?

‘’I’ll forgive you, in return of a kiss’’ he said. My cheeks started blushing crimson red. I leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and returned in my seat quickly, looking down on my lap, playing with my fingers.

‘’What was that?’’ Jungkook asked shocked.

‘’A, a kiss your, Jungkook’’ I said not looking up. I knew my cheeks were flaming red right now. ‘’You didn’t tell me where you wanted that kiss’’

‘’I meant on my lips Y/N’’ Jungkook said. I looked up so quickly, I thought my neck was gonna break.

‘’This might have not been the best timing to announce it but’’ Jungkook said and took a deep breath and turned to face you better. He grabbed your hands in his and made you look at him.

‘’Y/N, I’ve met you once when we were little and I couldn’t get you out of my head since then. I was only 8 years old then, but I couldn’t. I met you again 1 year ago, at exactly this place, and I fell for you right that moment. I didn’t necessarily need help on my study then and I still don’t now, but Y/N I like you, and I’m okay if you can’t replicate these feelings, I just wanted you to know’’ he said and released a big breath.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, that the prince Jeon Jungkook returned my feelings for him. I didn’t know what to say and just sat there with my eyes wide open and mouth wide open.

‘’Y/N please say something, I’m dying here’’ Jungkook said with a nervous chuckle.

‘’Jungkook I like you too’’ I said without even processing the information. I swear Jungkook’s smile went so big and bright, I never want to see anything else in my life again.

‘’You do?!’’ he asked shocked and I nodded with a shy smile.

‘’yeah’’ I said and looked back down on my lap and continued playing with my fingers. When suddenly my head was lifted and Jungkook was much closer than I expected. His nose barely grazing mine and his eyes staring into mine.

‘’Then it must be okay to do this now’’ he said and before I know it I felt his lips on mine. To say this was my first kiss would be a lie, but to say that his lips were the softest I’ve ever felt. His lips tasted like vanilla and they were so soft. Jungkook nibbled on my lower lip to ask for access and I happily granted it. His hand on my waist and my hands in his hair. I never expected something like this to happen to be honest. Once we broke the kiss to catch a breath his head was still leaning on mine.

‘’Wow’’ he said out of breath 

‘’Wow indeed’’ I said equally out of breath.

‘’I never thought you would have returned my feeling Y/N’’ he said leaning back but pulling you with him so you sat on his lap.

‘’and why would you think that?’’ I asked playing with the back of his hair. My book that I was reading long forgotten.

‘’Because you are so beautiful, kind and way out of my standards.’’ He said which made my mouth fall open, again.

‘’Are you kidding me’’ I asked and slapped his chest and he just grinned.

‘’Ya! I’m still the prince you know, and that hurt Y/N’’ he said rubbing the spot on his chest I just hit him. Shit, I forgot for a moment who we are.

‘’Eh, eh, I’m sorry your high-, I mean Jungkook’’ I said quickly scrambling off to sit back on my chair. Jungkook pouted at me when I moved from place, but who knows who could come in any moment. We were still in the castle and Jungkook is still a prince.

‘’Ah I didn’t mean it like that jagi, please come back’’ he said pouting and holding his arms out to me.

‘’No I know, but I don’t want anyone catching us’’ I said.

‘’Then, lets meet elsewhere’’ he said.

‘’Like where’’ I said looking at him.

 ‘’My bedroom’’ he said which made my eyes grow big. ‘’or the garden, or both’’

‘’Your bedroom? but Jungkook, we, I,’’ I was at loss of words. His bedroom was his room, his private place, his safe place. And going there would be breaking the law, even if I’m already doing that, this would make matters worse.

‘’We’d have more privacy there Y/n, and the guards won’t say anything, I’ll even tell them to let you in whenever you come without questioning, I would rather be with you all the time but I know how scared you are of the king and breaking the law, but I’ll find a way for us to be together, but please, for now?’’ he asked. He was holding my hands to his lips and staring at me with his big puppy eyes, which he knows I can’t resist.

‘’Fine’’ I said letting out my breath and his smile grew again. ‘’but when? And what did you say about the garden?’’ I asked.

‘’every evening if possible? And the same time as the library? Or I can send for you, and If I pass you in the halls myself, I could give you a sign like rubbing my ear if I wanted to meet?’’ he said. He had it all planned. I can’t believe we were going to do this.

‘’Fine, but what about the gardens? You said gardens?’’ I said.

‘’No one ever comes in the gardens, only the garden maid, but she’s very nice and is like a grandma, she won’t tell, so we can also meet there if we want to’’ he said.

‘’Fine, but’’ I said.

‘’But what jagi?’’ he asked.

‘’what am I to you now than?’’ I asked.

‘’You’re my girlfriend of course’’ he said grinning and kissed me again.


Let’s Play Nurse

Sister Winchester - Let’s Play Nurse

Pairings: Young Sam Winchester x young Sister Reader, teenage Dean Winchester x young Sister Reader // teenage Sam Winchester x teenage Sister reader, Dean Winchester x teenage sister reader, 

Y/N = Your Name

Warnings: Blood, cuts, gashes and Dean in pain 

Disclaimer: PLEASE DO NOT USE BULL DOG CLIPS TO HELP CUT ARTERIES. I had heard of a off duty nurse doing this once on TV just letting you know. I have no medical experience what-so-ever. 

Word Count: 1712

Summary: When you were little you loved playing nurse with your brothers, now at 15 you have to put your skills to use to save Dean after a hunt goes wrong. Everybody is counting on you to pull Dean through. 

A/N: Hey firstly i have medical experience at all so sorry if some of this stuff doesn’t add up to those of you who know more in the area of health. Like I don’t even know if it’s plausible to cut an artery in your abdomen. Anywho Secondly,whilst re-reading through this one I realised I have put my Australian lingo in a little so I don’t know where you guys come from but it should still work. Also hopefully you will enjoy this new little story. Thirdly the gifs are not mine obviously and the last one of Dean is a lot older then I envisioned but just use your imagination hahaha. Please enjoy and sorry for my rookie skills once again. Love you lots. 

“c’mon Sammy please”

“it’s only a little cut Y/N, calm down it’ll be fine”

“Please Sammy I need to disinjecte it”

“It’s dis-in-fect, not disinject sweetheart” Sam chuckled as he wiped his cut finger on his shirt. He was just cutting up an apple for you when he lost concentration and the knife slipped. He swore loudly making you run into the motel kitchen hugging your favourite teddy. You took one look at the blood running down Sam’s hand and ducked back out of the kitchen. You returned to Sam with your nurse costume, a plastic stethoscope around your neck and was pushing the first aid kit along the worn motel carpet.

At this moment Dean looked through the window to see the situation playing out. Dean was returning from the corner store with a newspaper under his arm and a grocery bag in his hand. Dean was 12 so he could go out of the house by himself. That left 8-year-old Sam to look after you, the 6-year-old baby of the family. Dad was a salesman, Dean said and should be home tomorrow or the next day after that.

Originally posted by wheres-my-pie-sammy

Dean saw you in the nurse costume and Sam’s bleeding hand and put two and two together and smiled. He stepped right into character as he walked through the front door of the motel. He walked over to Sam inspecting the cut. “Hmm this is not good, not good at all, Sammy. You could end up losing your hand with this cut, maybe even your arm if we don’t act quickly” he stated shaking his head with a frown crossing his face. Dean turned to you with importance, “Nurse, thank goodness you’re here, this boy needs immediate attention”. Sam rolled his eyes and gave one hell of a bitch face to Dean. Dean just sniggered at Sam but you were beaming. Grabbing Sam by his good hand and pulling him to sit at a kitchen chair.

20 minutes later, Sam’s hand was cleaned, disinfected, had two Band-Aids applied in a cross formation. It was wrapped up in a bandage, and then you had also made a sling for Sam’s hand to rest in, across his chest.  “Thanks squirt I feel a lot better now” Sam went along with your game even though all the bandaging made his hand more uncomfortable then before. He went through all this just to see your proud smile at the end, “My pleasure, patient Sam.” You beamed, “Now it is very important that you drink plenty of water and get some rest, Nurses’ orders” you winked.

You had been pacing in front of the motel window for the last half an hour before returning to sitting on one of the arm chairs and staring at the uninteresting news. Surely they shouldn’t have been this long, you thought. Dad, Dean and Sam had been going on hunts together for a few years now. Sam was 17, Dean was 21 and you were 15. You hated being left home by yourself waiting. You did research mainly and prepared a meal for them to come home too, but you felt useless just waiting. 

You had matured quickly in this lifestyle and had taken the role of the comforter of the family seeing your mother couldn’t serve this role anymore. Your family depended on you even though you were the youngest, your wisdom and strength out shone there’s on occasion. They couldn’t believe you were 15, when it seemed only yesterday you were applying an excessive number of bandages to minor cuts and grazes between the boys. You continued this line of interest and became a talented healer and nurse. You were always stitching the boys up, popping a shoulder back into place and cleaning a wound.

Then the flash of headlights pulled into the car park belonging to the Impala pulled you back to reality. You jerked up from the uncomfortable armchair, when the door flew open with Sam helping a limping Dean into the room, your father closely behind. All of them had blood on their clothes from fresh cuts.

“Bring him here” you commanded Sam as you pushed everything off the table top to make a makeshift bench. You supported Dean’s lolling head as he was placed on the table, “Dad can you grab a pillow for Dean’s head…Dad!” John snapped back to reality and did as you told, he was never very good in these situations, “Could you also boil some water please…thanks Dad” you added. You were never hard on anyone in these situations because everyone will always handle high-stress situations differently. So, you tried to be soft and sweet as you knew they will copy your lead as this was the only time when you were in control of the family.

“We thought we had it cornered and we were almost done with the job” Sam informed in a shaking voice as you were removing Dean’s jacket to discover the blood soddened shirt underneath, “But then it ran up the trees and before we could see where it went, it launched at Dean and…”. You pulled Dean’s sticking shirt from his flesh to see three jaggeder claw marks. They belonged to the werewolf they were hunting. 

Originally posted by eventhedevilwasonceanangel

“I pulled it off Dean and Dad killed it soon afterwards” Sam finished. He had his own set of claw marks across his left cheek. But for now you were more concerned with Dean. The gashes begun at the top of Dean’s left shoulder and slid down to the bottom of his rib cage. Dean’s breathing was erratic and uncontrolled mixed with gasps and grunts of pain. You were worried as you suspected him to be going into shock. You picked up Dean’s hand in the hope to ground and support him. Dean held onto you hand tightly “Hey Dean-o, shush, you’re alright now” You soothed as Dean’s weepy eyes darted to find yours. He looked scarred and that was unusual for him. Your throat started to choke up as you couldn’t help but be affected by seeing your brother in pain and fear, “Hey, you’re okay mate, I’ll get you something for the pain but I need you to try and control your breathing, Sam will help you alright”, Dean nodded and you smiled back at him whilst you past Dean’s tight grasped hand over to Sam. You exchanged a look with Sam to check he was alright himself but Sam just nodded and held Dean’s hand. You crossed to Dean’s other side as Sam started to instruct Dean to breathe with him. “Sammy I’m going to need you to push down firmly where my hand is, whilst I get something to help Dean’s Pain” you instructed Sam. You lifted your hand and blood started to spew out immediately before Sam’s large hand pressed down on the cloth soaking the wound. Dean winced in pain as silent tears trickled from the corners of his eyes as you were trying to find a suitable pain reliever. You would do anything to have access to actual hospital medicine but you settled for the powdered Kratom for now. You mixed two ounces of the brown powder with honey and half boiling water and half tap water (you didn’t want to burn Dean’s tongue) before tilting Dean’s head up to painstakingly tip the drink down his throat before resting his head back down. He let out a sigh a little while afterwards and stopped to shake, it had worked. You then began to inspect the gashes themselves. You peeled back the bandage that Sam was pressing down and your worst fear was brought to life, a cut artery. You felt the world spinning as the blood continued to gush out. “Y/N? What is it?” Sam fretted. He was worried seeing you losing your grounding. The memory of Dean’s young voice floated into your mind, “Nurse, thank goodness you’re here, this boy needs immediate attention”. You collected your breaths and thoughts, you would not crumble, you would not give in. “Bull dog clips Sammy” you deadpanned. Sam’s eyebrows became lost in his hair as they rose so high and his eyes bulged. He knew what that meant and quickly let go of Dean’s hands to retrieve the clips before throwing one to you. You didn’t look into your brothers faces as you fastened the clip to the severed artery. Even under the natural sedative Dean screamed in pain from the pinching bull dog clip. 

He was pale and sweating as he thrashed in pain. Sam was trying to calm him whilst holding down his good shoulder. “Dad!” you called and John ran into the room, “Please hold Dean down” you instructed in your disconnected monotone voice. Please clot you thought, Please God just clot. It was an excruciating waiting for it to clot but when you checked the artery again and it had just clotted but was extremely fragile. You kept the bulldog clip in place and administered more of the pain reliever. Then you began to work on the rest of the gashes. You pulled out pieces of the werewolves’ nails, leaves and small rocks. You cleaned the wound and started to sew them up in neat stitches. You fetched a cold tea towel and dabbed Dean’s forehead and behind his neck. Whilst you waited, you cleaned yourself and then attended to Sam’s gashes on his face finishing with securing them with paper stitches. Sam was falling asleep whilst you attached the last one in place. Finally, the artery had clotted, blood could move freely through it and you were free to disinfect the surrounding tissues and sew up the deep gash. With gentle hands, you wrapped dean up from the top of his shoulder to the bottom of his rib cage in fresh, soft bandages. You stood back and stretched. After about three hours working on Dean you had finally finished. You pulled his boots off and fetched a rug and draped it across his body. You washed his shirt in the sink and heard the peaceful snores of your sleeping brother and sighed in relief. With heavy eyes, you pulled a chair next to the table Dean was sleeping on and rested your arms and head on the table. Dean woke from his light slumber to put an arm around your shoulders before both of you falling asleep.  

New Year’s Kiss, Bodhi x Reader

Prompt: New Year’s kiss with Bodhi / AO3
Warnings: None
Word count: 630 
For @memyselfandwifi who requested some kisses for our angel boy Bodhi.
Masterlist / WIP List 

The entire base at Yavin IV was celebrating the incoming new year in the docking bay. For one blessed night, the strain of war faded to the background and people smiled, laughed, danced, as if the morning would never come and there was only now, this moment, to revel in as much as possible.

Fingers curved over my elbow with a feather light touch and I flinched in surprise.

“Sorry,” Bodhi said, leaning a little closer so I could hear him over the noise of the docking bay. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

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Rebelcaptain fic: take me out tonight (7)

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6 

Read on AO3 

Thanks yall for reading this fic and being patient after all this time. I love you guys. Also huuuuge thank you to @rogue-stars for letting me rant to ya and being overall amazingly supportive of this fic! xox 
(Also #sorry everyone) 

Chapter 7: let’s go out tonight 

The time to fight is now, she’d said.

Rebellions are built on hope, she’d said.

“What is the point in a rebellion,” Jyn fumed, storming through the base’s corridors. “when it refuses to rebel when it actually needs to?”

Bodhi, who was taking the brunt of her bitterness, continued to stay silent.

The Alliance High Council was deciding that inaction was the better course here than fighting. Of course it was! She should have known from the moment she had found out that their plan all along was to have her father terminated. They had never intended on hearing him out, and they certainly weren’t going to believe her now without some kind of proof, so naturally that left fleeing with its goddamn tail between its legs.

But there was a hunger in her. The entire flight back from Eadu, the need to see this through to the end had only grown until now, it was almost a necessity. She wasn’t going to die like Saw or her father, alone and regretful. She was going to fight hard, and fight dirty. She would prove the rebellion wrong, she would storm Scarif by herself if she had to! 

“We’re going to do it,” she’d murmured to Cassian, his arm slung around her shoulders as they’d tried to rest on their way back. “We’re going to get those plans, you’ll see.”

He’d pressed his lips to her hair, but hadn’t answered.  

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Just watched the Supergirl season 3 premiere

Here’s my top 10 favourite things about the episode. (feel free to add)

    1. Lena and Kara
    2. Maggie and Alex
    3. Cat Grant Low key dragging Trump and calling him an uneducated 8 year old (it was really smart how they did this)
    4. The sense of family
    5. When Alex asked J’onn to do that thing. I almost cried
    6. Also in that scene, right after Alex asks him his eyebrows do a full caterpillar. Watch it again, it’s great
    7. “The biggest and gayest wedding national city has ever seen.”
    8. Lena being a badass mutha fucker
    9. Katie McGrath’s accent slipping in every now and again
    10. Some sister bonding moments that season 2 missed
    11. I know I said 10 but i realised that another one need to be added. They have a new opening title which looks so much better than the previous two. 
“Happy Sissy Day” // S.W. //

Originally posted by paintingtherosecrimson

Happy Sissy Day

Pairing(s): Sam x Older!Sister!Reader, Dean x Older!Sister!Reader, OMC x Reader(Will be explained further into the story)

Member: Kat

Fandom: SPN

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 1607 (I regret nothing)

A/N: This fic was inspired by @winchesters-favorite-girl. My first SPN fic!(Yay!) Also, I kid you not, this took almost a month to write because I was writing other fics and writer’s block. Check out my Teen Wolf fics at @silvxrteenwxlfimxgines.

Y/N’s Age: 16 Dean’s Age: 11 Sam’s Age: 7

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source | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | MY TUMBLR BLOG

Epic Ice. Ice makes everything better. You like cream? How about ice cream! You like caves? How about icecaves! Yeah! You like people, iceman!

Speaking of iceman, I would be the worst iceman ever. Because you know how iceman makes an entrace by materializing ice and simultaneously skating on it. Yeah nope, can’t do that. I once went into an ice rink and tried to iceskate, I literally fell 100 times on my butt and on my knees just so that I could “sort of” skate. I was concentrating intensely as an 8 year old kid passed by me doing a quintuple axel flip D: I then literally did that Dragon ball move where you become so determined to succeed. I probably turned super sayain in that breif moment. There was fire in my eyes. I literally had some epic song playing in my head. As I stood slowly back up cinematically I look forward and told my self I could do it. I took my first step and splat, I fell right back down, so I just went screw it and just ate some pizza. I can’t be iceman, but if you need a pizzaman, I’m totally the dude for it.

“You’re the Best Nurse Ever!” (Nurse!Damien x Mika)

Damien loved being a nurse. He loved the smiles on the kids’ faces whenever he showed up at the hospital. His bag was always filled with carefully crafted and labeled gift bags, each one made for a unique and special child. Blue was Mary’s favorite color, and Damien made absolutely sure to only have blue M&M’s, a small blue airplane toy and a carefully folded blue ribbon in her bag. Black was Jesse’s favorite, and he had black licorice with a race car and a spinning top in his bag. Some children had a favorite shade or combination, like Lizzy who only liked light shades of yellow and purple together at once, or Sam (a young boy with bone cancer in the west wing of the hospital, who Damien made extra special care to visit every day) who loved black and orange things and tough looking action figures.

With careful hands and loving eyes, Damien made sure that each child had something to look forward to every week. Monday was Treat Day, Tuesday was Story Day, Wednesday was Adventure Day (in which he traveled around the hospital with them on a treasure hunt he put together himself) and Thursday was Magic Day (he had learned some slight of hand tricks from Matthew, and the kids LOVED it). He didn’t work weekends, but he always made sure to stop by to make sure the children’s spirits were high and the smiles remained.

He loved his job, and the children loved him.

Mika was extra careful this year. All her secret notes were in a hidden drawer in her grandfather’s study, and she only ever checked them when her husband was at work. Leafing through the pages, she double checked all the names and the plan before nodding and putting the small planner away. She looked through her bag and double checked the contents before nodding once more. 

“Alright, now to make sure everything is going according to plan over there…” Mika pulled her phone out and dialed a number she had memorized the month before, to avoid arousing suspicion from her husband. After a few rings, a young girl’s voice, maybe about 14, answered.

“Hey, Ms. Mika! Are you on your way?”

Mika smiled. Of all the children at the hospital, Anna was the oldest. A trustworthy girl, Mika would have been sad that she lost her legs in a car accident, but the girl’s energy was so infectious that she couldn’t even dream of being sad around her.

“Yup! I’m about to leave the house now. Are you guys ready?” She could hear the jingle of Anna’s earrings, a gift from Damien, as the girl nodded on the other end of the call.

“We are all set! Nurse Damien is on the other end of the hall doing a story time with the younger children, and he never skimps on that no matter what day it is. You have about another hour before he starts his rounds to everyone.”

“Awesome, thank you! Make sure everyone knows not to announce me being there, otherwise the surprise will be ruined.”

“Will do! See ya soon!”

A happy smile covered Mika’s face as she left the mansion and got into her car. Driving to the hospital was simple, as it wasn’t too far away. Her thoughts wandered to when Damien first mentioned how he wanted to be a nurse. Despite his current career path, he decided that working with children was something he wanted to do, especially children who needed something to cheer them up. As a nurse, he would be able to work directly with kids who needed a ray of sunshine, and he was determined from the beginning to be that exact ray. 

“Damien…you sweet cinnamon roll…I love you…” Mika murmured to herself as she pulled into the parking lot of the children’s hospital 15 minutes after she left her house. Some of the staff were waiting outside for her, and they quickly ushered her in and led her to one of the staircases. Damien’s floor wasn’t that high up, and there was less of a chance of him seeing her if she took the side staircase. She was careful to stay behind the wall of nurses and one doctor as they all crept past the play room (Damien was in the middle of acting out The Three Little Pigs, so he didn’t notice them) to Anna’s room further down the hall. Once there, Mika pulled the bag off her shoulder and handed everyone their items.

“Dr. Sampson, here are the noisemakers. Maddie, you hand out the hats. Josh and Max, make sure they have these wrist bands…”

One by one, each person involved was handed their mission and they slipped out of Anna’s room to the other rooms, gently shushing giggling children as they gave them wristbands, noise makers and hats. Small signs were placed on the doors and a tray of cupcakes was pulled out of it’s secret hiding spot in the staff lounge. Mika went to the middle of the floor and set up Damien’s birthday cake and his present on the front counter. Candles were lit, and Anna (her wheelchair was right next to Mika, though it was a tight squeeze considering that all the kids insisted on waiting in the hallway) cleared her throat just as she saw the silent okay from the wife of everyone’s favorite nurse.

“Nurse Damien! Could you come here, for a moment? I could really use your help!”

She gently hushed an excited squeal from 8 year old Mary, who proudly wore the red heart necklace Damien got her on her birthday that year. She didn’t have much in terms of family, and the family she had was usually really busy, so her birthdays were uneventful. When Damien heard this, he made sure to never miss her birthday, and he always got her something red, her favorite color.

Damien, who had just finished telling the children in the play room the moral of The Three Little Pigs, looked up in curious surprise. Anna never had to call him for anything, so what could it have been? Mild panic whelmed up in his chest before he remembered that there were other nurses and doctors available. So, what could it have been?

“I’ll be right there, Anna! Just give me a moment.” He excused himself from the children in the playroom, not paying any mind to the odd hurried shuffle of the doctor who took his place. He didn’t notice the odd silence in the hall as he walked down to where Anna’s room was. However, he did notice the large group of people standing around the front desk in the middle of the hall. He did notice Mika staring at him with the biggest smile on his face. And, he noticed the cry of “Surprise!! Happy birthday, Damien! The best nurse in the world!!!” ring in his ears from not only in front of him, but behind him. When he turned, he saw the kids and the doctor from earlier donned in the same hats and wristbands as the kids and staff in front of him. Behind his wife was a cake, and an oddly shaped and wrapped gift next to it.

He didn’t notice the tears that came to his eyes. He didn’t notice the grin that bloomed on his face. But, Damien did notice the crowd of children that awww’d and hugged him from all sides, the pats of his co-workers, and the warm embrace and kiss of his wife. Her murmur of “Happy birthday, my love” earned a tight hug in response from him as his heart soared in disbelief and happiness.

His very own birthday party, thrown by the kids he encouraged and the woman who encouraged him. It was so much more than he could ask for!

In fact, he didn’t think it could get any better when he blew out the candles on the cake, or when Mika handed him presents from his brothers and the staff. But, when he questioned the one on the counter, all wrapped up and oddly shaped, the looks he got from her and the kids made him realize that it could indeed get better.

His hands shook as he tore open the wrapping paper. His eyes widened when he saw the cover, and as he flipped through the pages a new wave of joyful tears sprang to his eyes. Wiping his face and clearing his throat, he read the title out loud to everyone, sure that they knew it already:

“’Happy Birthday, Nurse Damien! We Love You!’ By ‘The Kids of Lurie Children’s Hospital’.”

Every page was made by a child. Hand drawn and hand written, words of happiness, gratefulness and love were directed to him from each and every child in the hospital. Each page was unique, displaying the unique personalities of every child that Damien was careful to visit and cheer up every single day.

They made him a book. A book! And there wasn’t a single child who didn’t create a page for him! How could he be so blessed?

He thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart, and as everyone cheered at his acceptance of the gift, he hugged and kissed the one woman who truly gave him everything he could have ever wanted, and more.

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” He said into the crook of her neck as he held her, inhaling her scent and basking in her presence. Mika returned the tight embrace, overjoyed that the surprise party was welcomed and loved by him. She had wanted to let him know that he was appreciated dearly by those around him, and she was so happy that she succeeded. Of course, she couldn’t have done it without help from the kids.

“Damien, the truth is…” She pulled back and looked him deep in his beautiful blue-purple eyes, shiny with tears, “What did we ever do to deserve you?”

Damien wouldn’t tell you of a happier moment in his entire life. To this day, he reads the book every chance he can get, and he can’t help but cry every time. To be accepted and loved by so many people, and for them to make him his very own book…

He didn’t deserve them, but he couldn’t imagine life without them.


AN:// Hey kids! Here’s my first Stiles imagine! I will definitely be making a second part to this. You do not have to be caught up on teen wolf to read this. There’s also a brief english lesson for y’all lol. Sorry if the gifs are annoying. I hope you like it! Feel free to let me know what you think :)

Author: skiesofthesketchy

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Freya Roberts

Word count: 3,144 (woah I kinda got carried away)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

The bell rang throughout the halls, signaling the start to first period. “Oh shoot,” I muttered under my breath as I scurried to my English class. I was struggling to hold onto the textbooks in my arms as I practically ran to class. I slipped inside the classroom silently, trying not to draw attention to myself, and took my regular seat at the back of the room. I was huffing trying to catch my breath, my hair was completely disheveled and my face was probably all red and blotchy from my “morning run.” I’m so glad nobody noticed my entrance.

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Coming Soon...

Since the January 1st. I have received a bunch of requests for Sherlock and Supernatural fanfics. I can’t do them all at once, although I wish I could, but I figured I would let you know which ones are coming to create an aura of anticipation.

*I can’t promise specific dates, but I can promise to write them all. ;)*

Sherlock x reader:

1. Sherlock and reader are dating. One day, reader goes tot he flat and finds Irene Adler there, flirting with Sherlock. Who will Sherlock choose?

2. Rough sex with Sherlock, is there really much else to say about this one?

3. In which reader is Sherlock’s first girlfriend and he only listens to her when he’s bored.

4. Sherlock goes back home from a case covered in blood and bruises. He can’t really understand why reader is so concerned about him.

5. Reader is Sherlock’s daughter, who gets hurt and almost killed by the same killer Sherlock is trying to capture on his case. He can’t help but to feel worried, guilty and super protective.

John x reader:

6. Reader likes John, and she gets super jealous when he gets a date. She can’t help but to spill the soup to Sherlock,w ithout knowing John hadn’t left and heard everything.

Dean x reader:

7. The reader is a bit wild - drinking, smoking, all that kazz - and Dean is starting to get over his head with her. Will he break up or stay with her?

8. In which reader and Dean have been together since John went missing. They already have two twin boys and live moments of normalcy between the hunts. Which shenanigans will happen after Dean decides to finally ask her to marry him?

9. In which reader is Dean’s five year old daughter, who forces Dean to play dress up with her.

10. Dean and reader are dating, however, the girl they just saved during the hunt doesn’t really care and flirts shamelessly with Dean, right in front of reader.

11. Dean and reader have been married for years. She gets pregnant and Dean doesn’t feel ready to be a father, so they split up. Years go by and just when he’s about to marry another woman, he realizes how much he misses reader.

Sam x reader:

12. Reader is sick, and she doesn’t want Sam to find out because he gets all worried. Of course, Sam finds out eventually.

Dean x reader x Sam:

13. Reader is Sam’s perfect girl. When he meets her, he can’t help but to tell Dean how much he likes it; sadly, Dean is already dating her.

SURPRISE! i also have a Joker one.

14. The continuation of Assault on Christmast Eve. (Only and only because it’s gotten a lot of requests).

Also, and I need you to tell me, Curious Man and Curious Man 2 (Sherlock x reader) have gotten plenty of notes, incluiding a person asking if I will write a thrid part. I want to know if you would like a third part, or maybe even a complete, short-series of it.(?

Thank you so much for your attention. Remember, no matter how busy I am, requests are ALWAYS open.

Come check my masterlist while I write these requests! ;)

Quick note: These are only requests, I do have more fics coming, but those are a surprise. ;)

Becca out.

Also, sorry this is so long, I’m a wordy asshole.

Basements man

“This happened a long 12 years ago in 2004 when I was just 8 years old. It was sometime during the spring between February and April in Arlington Virginia. I was home from school this particular day. A case of “mom, I don’t feel well,” but actually stayed home to play games and watch TV. My mother had headed out to the store to run some errands leaving me home alone since my siblings went to school. Our house had a rather large basement where I spent most of my alone time on the computer with a rec room, 2 guest rooms, laundry room and a bathroom. Being that the basement had no heating and no real insulation or wood floors (it was all tile); it got quite cool during the late afternoons. Right at the bottom of the stairs to the right is the computer against the wall, facing away from the rest of the basement. In my usual 8 year old attire which was just wearing plain undies, I went on the computer and started to surf the web for games to play as I normally do.

However, this time was different. Before I had even gotten on the computer I started to feel uneasy, but brushed it off as just being afraid of being home alone. Should’ve listened to my gut instinct and what I felt. Not even 5 minutes later, I started to shiver out of no where like I was in a cold winter rain. 8 year old me didn’t know too much so of course this freaked me the f*ck out. I was frozen in fear in front of that computer. Shivering and too afraid to move. Right at that moment, I felt 3 long fingers that felt like dried leather run down my right shoulder blade to the middle of my back. Instantly I stopped shivering. It stopped, just like that. This gave me a brief moment of grace, no longer shivering or frozen in fear. You guys heard of Olympic runners right? I assure you I could’ve qualified for the next Olympic games at the speed I ran up those stairs and slamming the door shut.

When my mom came home she found me cowering in my bedroom upstairs in my bed under the covers. After some coaxing and bribery of snacks I reluctantly told her what had happened. She told me it was just my imagination being all hyped up from my fear of being home alone and doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing. At that age I believed her but never went down into that basement alone again for the next 2 years that we lived there.

When I became older at around age 15 this memory started to surface again. At this age I had already become intrigued by paranormal events and hauntings and decided to do some research on the house. Turns out one of the previous owners of the house during the 80’s had passed away in the basement after she fell  down the stairs while repairing one of the railings and broke her neck. She was wearing a pair of leather gloves when her body was found. It was ruled an accidental death.

To this day thinking back on it always puzzles me. Was there another presence at play that day that made me shiver and freeze in fear and she helped free me from its grasp? Was it only her? Was she trying to warn me? That I’ll never know but I’d like to think she was there to help me since her touch freed me so to speak.”

By: @zombiesdemise

An analysis on Kanae/Karren’s gender

Ever since Chapter 52 I wanted to make a post about this subject, but I wanted to wait and see if any more info would come out and with the production of Chapter 57, I think we have about all we can get on the matter.
Please bear with me because this is going to be kind of a long post.

Also take everything in this post as you will, the opinions expressed here are simply a production of my own interpretations of Ishida’s writing and I am no way trying to force everyone to share my views. If you agree with me, that’s great. If not, that’s okay too. I can understand and respect everyone’s different points of view, but for now this is my own assessment.

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Tips for homework/studying

So, like most teens, I procrastinate. A lot. Hell, I’m even procrastinating right now. I have an essay to write for English, as well as a giant project that basically has at least 9 essays within it. I’m 13 years old, almost 14, and I’m in year 8 in Australia. This is a lot considering my grade and age. The entire project is due on November 1st and we’ve had basically all year to do it. 

Now, here are some tips that I have personally discovered:

1. If you catch a bus or two after school, use that time to do any homework that you can easily do whilst keeping track of time. I notice that I have more motivation to do homework right after school.

2. The moment you get home, grab your books and anything you need for your homework. Make yourself a cup of tea, put some music on (I recommend Connor Franta’s playlist on spotify called ‘insomnia | connor franta’) and get into a calm and relaxed mood. Let nothing distract you. I often like to use the app 30/30 as a timer for how long to spend on each task.

3. Give yourself a break. Not a social media break- trust me, you’ll keep scrolling and never get back to your homework. Use this break to drink tea (yes, more) and to have a little snack. Keep track of time and only let yourself have a maximum of 10 minutes. Also, make sure you only have a break after you finish a task. Not after a certain amount of time.

4. DRINK WATER! This is important. I know I’m good at forgetting to drink water, so make sure you have your drink bottle near by whilst doing your homework.

5. Don’t overwork yourself. Make sure you have dinner and go to sleep at a reasonable time. I promise you eating some food and sleeping will make you feel much better in the morning.

no but think about how interesting it would be if the comics explored dick, jason and cass’s issues assimilating into bruce’s lifestyle. like obviously we were shown how they reacted to their parents deaths/cass’s learning disabilities but the jump from their previous lives is such a drastic change 

i mean dick went from watching his parents brutal murder to being thrown into gotham juvie bc social services was ‘full’. it’s canon that he was repeatedly beaten and abused by inmates and staff (at the age of 8!! or 12 depending on the canon). he’s adopted by bruce but bruce pays so little attention to him that dick runs away to try and find zucco. it’s only after bruce reveals himself as bats does their relationship improve but. we have 8 year old dickie dealing with grief and trauma (so much ptsd the poor kid) who was then abused by the system that was supposed to protect him, then adopted by a billionaire who was never around (we know he was solving the crime but dickie didn’t!!) and was left to navigate the strange world of high society like i have absolutely no doubt that the kids at his school and most definitely the press made racist remarks about dick and his adoption there is no doubt in my mind

jason wow. he watched his mother slowly die from drugs while he was caring for her, scraping for food wherever he could and after her death being so desperate for money he took to stealing tires from cars despite the fact this could have gotten him killed by thugs in crime alley like this little kid was stealing from crooks in crime alley how dangerous do you think that was fuck. so bruce finds him and sticks him in a school for troubled youths which turns out to be yep, you guessed it. a school run by criminals and thieves. bruce adopts him and once again decides that fighting crime is an appropriate outlet for a small child instead of jesus, therapy bruce!!! so along with this trauma we then have one of jason’s first outings as robin being with two-face who we find out killed his father. nice. bc of bruce not telling him anything about two-face jason begins to believe he can’t talk to bruce about his problems - now he’s keeping everything inside and his emotions are tumbling out in the wrong way. bruce raised dick who didn’t deal with his trauma in the way jason did. jason’s already hearing how he isn’t as good at acrobatics as dick is, comparing himself and now he’s got bruce on his back about being ‘violent’. then lets throw in having to deal with crimes like rape and suicide and after garzonas dies bruce immediately blames jason and accuses him of actually murdering the guy. ten points from slytherin bruce christ. problems are dealt with in typical bruce manor - ignore it or punch it and we then get the events of death in the family haha gr8. jason comes from the street and is thrown into high society much like dick was but whereas dick has the charm to blend in jason just couldn’t. too brash, too jason to sit there daintily and let everyone shit talk his mother and crime alley, let me tell you the first person who trash talked his mother and her addiction at one of bruce’s high society balls got a plate of foie gras in their eye socket you just know he did. 

cass cass cass. deprived of speech and abused from the moment of her birth, being forced to murder by her father and realizing in the last moment that this was so so wrong this shouldn’t happen and god. this small child realising every little moment in her life was abuse and her father was not a good man. unlearning everything she thought was right, dealing with the emotional scarring of this and having to make the decision at such a young age to run from her family. living on the streets in fear that cain would find her. nine years on the run. 17 when she came to gotham so eight years old surviving on her own after years of abuse. 8 years old. finding bruce and barbara and being so traumatised that bruce notices her having a death wish and forces her to choose between suicide or self-preservation. like still to this day there had to be a better way to do that bruce. cass trying to learn to read and write and being called stupid by barbara in a moment of rashness. even tho babs didn’t mean it can you imagine? being called stupid by someone who’s had so much (it’s canon babs was a congress woman at a young age, was so well educated) and been so privileged to have that education. wow it still hurts to think about that scene. losing her ability to read body language after a psychic altered her mind. losing everything and being so frustrated bc you’ve trained so hard, gone through so much and to just lose it? lose a part of yourself and bruce can say he understands but he doesn’t. being forced by slade to commit sins your father would have forced on you and being abused again, your body being taken without your consent and coming back to find so much mistrust and anger from people you thought loved and understood you (yeah fuck you during that arc dick) and then finally being adopted into the family by bruce, being told you’d always have a family while he’s around and then bruce

dies? like bye father figure and family, hang up your mantle give it to steph and be forced back on the streets, running again like you did when you were eight years old. then there’s what comes with being adopted by a billionaire - press press press but bc cass is a girl here comes the sexism, and more racism and the ableism once they find out about her learning disabilities 

but i guess we could write about the joker again i mean that’s cool