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oh no the sinners from the slelelodge have come to kiss Q too! *grabs broom* BACK, BACK YOU FILTH, HES THE ONLY ONE THAT IS NOT TAINTED BY ANON KISSES!! BACK!!!!

* (Q laughs) hey kid, you willing to work full time? i’ll pay! with all the mistletoe around this time of year, i think i might need someone proficient in broom-fu to watch my back.

Christmas AU

So some big company Is holding their annual Christmas party and everyone gets a big tipsy.

Someone thinks putting up mistletoe would be fun.

Dancing, stuff happens OTP kiss.


Swaying gentle to the music, sipping my glass of champagne, I spoke cheerily with my friends and colleagues. The few alcoholic drinks I’d had by now were clearly going to my head. I was feeling relaxed (which was rare enough for me in any social situation), zoning in and out of the conversation, and probably grinning dreamily like some idiot.

I jolted back to full consciousness as there came loud music started up from somewhere. Me and my best friend span around with our peeked interest and curiosity.

Bestie(or some other name) gasped excitedly and grasped my arm, in alarm I looked at them wide eyed. “Look, look! People are dancing come on let’s go dance!”

Frowning immediately at that idea I shook my head. “Ok I may be tipsy but I haven’t lost all my common sense yet.”

They groaned loudly and slumping over my shoulder dramatically they said, “Oh come ooooon, you know you’ll end up dancing in a bit anyway so just give in and come now,” lifting my practically full glass to my face, “down this and come on.”

Looking thoughtful I weighed up my chances of escaping, not likely as they’d already latched onto my arm, with their persuasive ways and puppy eyes I’d most likely give in at some point, and they were right. I would end up dancing later anyways.

Defeated before the fight I sighed, halfheartedly glaring at them. That triumphant grin already plastered on their face. “Mmmmmm, fine,” they began to basically vibrate on the spot with excitement, so I necked the last of my drink, “okay let’s go.”

My arm was nearly yanked out of its socket as I was dragged towards the dance floor. We stopped in what looked like the middle of the group dancing. However, just off to the side of me there was a large space that had been made, raising an eyebrow I glanced briefly at my friend. They simply shrugged, gabbed both my hands and forced me into some strange form of awkward dancing. I wondered, perhaps no ones standing in that space because a drink or something has been spilt.

As the night steadily went on, with song after song and with more drinks between dancing, I loosened up and began to have more fun. Honestly I was really getting into the whole dancing thing.

Me and Bestie had just been stood at the sidelines for a moment taking a much needed rest from dancing when the song ‘all I want for Christmas’ came on. I squealed excitedly with my mouth full of cheap booze. Quickly swallowing that and putting what was left of my drink down I shouted over the music, “Oooh we have to dance to this one, it’s my fave Christmas song!”

Bestie looked at my face, looking somewhere between mortified and shocked. “I am absolutely exhausted, I have to opt out of this one, dance without me.”

Turning to stand in front of them I slowly began to walk backward making a grabby hand motion, “Oh come on, you’re no fun,” I laughed.

They shook their head in disbelief, chuckling quietly, “No, go on if you want to dance this one so much.”

I dropped my hand, and as childish as I am, I scrunched my face and stuck my tongue out at them. Then span around on my heel and hurriedly walked away to the dance floor.

Once there I practically just melted into the crowd of people there, however as I didn’t have my own group I was being pushed around in different directions. Shuffling around on the dance floor I finally managed to find a space in which I wouldn’t be elbowed. There was plenty of space here, as if no one wanted to fill this space, I wondered why.

Finding my groove once again, I found myself with my eyes fluttering closed, dancing freely to the beat of my favourite song.

Although this meant I hadn’t noticed the intruder of my little bubble, but they had neither noticed me. Ending in which we collided into one another then frantically trying to turn ourselves to see who or what had hit us.

After turning to face each other, for some unknown reason just seemed to stare wide eyed and shocked. Being unable to think that I should probably apologise I was like a bunny in the headlights.

It also seems that others had noticed around us and for some reason were gaping at us. There was a brief and awkward silence as we took each other in and I suddenly realised that this person facing me was a ridiculously attractive person and began to blush profusely. I was about to babble some incoherent apology when I was interrupted. Someone from the surrounding crowd had wolf whistled, followed by more whistles. To which my shocked expression became even more distraught and my face reddened a few shades darker.

A small consolation was that the so far nameless and gorgeous creature in front of me seemed some what embarrassed as well.

A voice called out from one of the gatherings around the room, which sounded suspiciously like Bestie’s, “Look up you idiots!”

We both startled slightly and looked upwards, I’m not sure there’s a shade of red bright enough to describe the colour I then turned. As above our heads was a sprig of mistletoe hanging innocently. Looking back to the person before me I was about to laugh I off and run off to some corner and contemplate my existence.

But when I did, they were staring straight at me, smirking.

I was once again was left speechless, admittedly partly because of how beautiful they were, but some part because of my confusion. They seemed to grow in smugness, and I reeled back as much as I could while frozen to the spot as the leaned down to whisper some what seductively in my ear. I admit I flinched at their words, “You do realise you’re meant to kiss when stood below mistletoe?”

I shivered and shook slightly all over at their words, yet they didn’t move from the proximity. I did then realise that they were, in fact waiting for a response, I barely managed to choke out, “U-um ye-i do und-um yes.”

To my relief they did give me some space to breath in air that wasn’t filled with their heavenly smell. Though my heart didn’t slow. They grinned down at me kindly as if attempting to give me some comfort in my state of panic. It didn’t last long however as I once again jumped as they gently slipped their hand around my waist, squeaking I stiffened all over. They leaned towards me but paused, oh that was cruel, just get it over and done with, let me die and my spirit ascend into heaven above. “Shall we?”

Confused I blinked, what? This person is asking… for permission? Oh my goodness not only are the beautiful they are gentlemanly? Again it took a moment to process that they were in fact waiting for a response, looking at me with one perfect eyebrow raise. I forced my neck to relax enough to nod clumsy.

They seemed pleased with this response, smiling before closing their eyes and leaning in. I should have done the same but I was to dazed to do so. When their lips touched mine I felt so inadequate, they were magnificent in every way I knew, even their lips felt like velvet. My eyes fluttered and I went slightly cross eyed at the sensation, before seemingly melting into the body before me. The grip around my waist tightened and the other hand joined it, holding me up. I felt them smile against my now pliant lips.

My hands found grip on their upper arms, now fully leaning against them as I wouldn’t be able to support my own weight.

I felt a tongue dart out and swipe across my top lip before they pulled back and looked down at me softly. I gasped silently, my blush having died down slightly as I stared up at them dreamily. They smiled gently then whispered, “I think I found what I want for Christmas this year.”

In that moment my heart stopped and I thanked whatever idiot thought it would be funny to put mistletoe up for the party.

Kiss Me|| Sana

♚REQUESTED:Jealous Sana where her gf is under a mistletoe with someone else instead of her

♚A/N: I’ll add a moodboard later! I’m posting this quickly

Sana smiled and walked around the house, almost scurrying to get get ready as you giggled. You were ready but waited for Sana. You stood up and looked in the mirror at you gold sparkle dress and smiled as you brushed it off. You tightened the tie on the back just to make sure. Sana ran back into your room as she put on the red velvet dress she had as you smiled at her. “Ready?” You looked at her hopefully.

She shook her head. “No, I still need to do my hair and makeup,” she fixed the dress as you blinked a few times. “What have you been doing then?” You looked at her as she swallowed. “I was showering, drying my hair,” she nodded and ran to the bathroom as you giggled. “Don’t fall!” You yelled out as she nodded. “I won’t,”

You smiled as she walked out and to the car both of your heels clicking on the pavement. You got in the driver’s side and started the car as she got in pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear as closed the door. Her lazy bun had a sort of elegance. She smiled as she noticed you. “What? Did I do something?” She blushed softly.

“Nope,” you shook your head as you made your way and pulled into your friends driveway. The both of you got out as you held her hand and knocked on the door with the other. “Y/N!” Your friend smiled and gave you a hug as you introduced Sana and made your way in.

You smiled and walked around as you mingled with people. Sana smiled at you. “I’ll be right back! I’m going to get a drink,” she kissed your cheek and walked into the kitchen as she opened the bottle of coke and poured some into her cup. She looked at the scenery of the living room and noticed the Mistletoe on the ceiling and leaned against the doorframe and looked down from the mistletoe.

Sana’s smile dropped as she noticed you and another girl were underneath it. She calmed herself down as she realized neither of you spotted it then watched the other girl talk to you carefully. “Look the two of you are under the mistletoe!” Your friend ran over as you giggled and nodded. “I guess so,” you looked at her then the other girl. “Well you have to kiss!” She giggled.

Sana put her drink down carefully and ran over to you as looked at the other girl. “Give me a second,” sana looked at her as she nodded and backed away. Sana smiled and planted her lips on yours as you kissed back then pulled away. “Were you jealous?” You giggled at Sana as she nodded. “I wasn’t going to let you kiss someone other than me!” She looked at you. “I wasn’t going to let that happen.” You giggled and shook your head


Harry: Malfoy…

Draco: No, don’t even think about it.

Harry: We’ve been here for hours!

Draco: So I’m sure you can wait a couple more.

Harry: It doesn’t have to mean anything. Just a quick peck and –

Draco: I don’t want a quick peck.

Harry: Alright, I’ll use tongue then.

Draco: Potter! Don’t be crass.

Harry: I’m tired. And I’m hungry. And my legs hurt. So I’ll be as crass as I want, thank you very much.

Draco: So uncivilized.

Harry: At least I’m not such a proud snob that I can’t even lower myself to kiss someone just for a second.

Draco: The mistletoe can only hold us in place for seven hours so we’re already halfway there. Stop being so impatient.

Harry: Come on, Malfoy. I want to go to bed. Just let me kiss you.

Draco: No.

Harry: Why are you being so difficult about this? It’s just a kiss.

Draco: It’s not just a kiss, Potter. It’s never just a kiss.

Harry: What does that mean?

Draco: It means I am not kissing you.

Harry: Come on, it could be fun.

Draco: What did you just say?

Harry: I’ve been told I have a wicked tongue.

Draco: Potter! Stop. I can’t unhear that. What is wrong with you?

Harry: You’re really going to make us stand here for another three hours?

Draco: The mistletoe is making us stand here, Potter.

Harry: You’re infuriating.

Harry: Free at last! No thanks to you, Mal -  

 Draco: Do you still want to kiss me?

Harry: Excuse me?

Draco: I’m asking if you would be amenable to us kissing now, Potter?

Harry: You want to kiss me?

Draco: Yes. If –

Harry: So we’ve been standing here all night and now you’re telling me you want to kiss me?

Draco: Yes.

Harry: Are you having me on?

Draco: You haven’t answered my question. Are you amenable – “

Harry: Why didn’t you let me kiss you before?

Draco: I don’t want you to kiss me because you have to. I want you to kiss me because you want to.

Harry: You bloody bastard! Why didn’t you say this earlier? We could have solved this in two seconds if you just told me this. WE’VE BEEN STANDING HERE FOR SEVEN HOURS.

Draco: There’s no need to shout. If you’re not amenable to –

Harry: I AM AMENABLE. THAT’S WHAT I’M TELLING YOU. You made us wait seven hours for nothing. I’ve wanted to kiss you long before we got stuck under this stupid mistletoe.

Draco: Oh.

Harry: Seven hours. I can’t believe you.

Draco: Does this mean I can kiss you now?

Harry: No. Come find me in another seven hours and –

Draco: Potter!

Harry: Fine. But only because I can’t bear to wait any longer. Seven hours. You absolute twat.

I like to think there came a point that Harry and Draco got stuck under the mistletoe together on purpose. 


Someone take photoshop away from me I have been sitting on my ass all day but I am having a FUCKING GOOD TIME even though I have literally no idea what I’m doing ok

Also, I’m dedicating every single christmas related thing I post this season to @xx-thedarklord-xx H A you ASKED FOR IT

Mistletoe // Shawn Blurb

You don’t regret bringing Shawn along to the Christmas party. Until the moment you do. The two of you somehow ended up in a doorway that had two little sprigs of mistletoe hanging from the door frame. Neither of you notice because you’re just talking about your friend Scott’s ugly Christmas sweater and how it was so visually offensive it should be burned. 

It’s not until someone says, “Oh look! Mistletoe!” and you and Shawn both look up slowly. There it is, the horrible little leaves and their berries hanging above you. Shawn looks down at you and grins. It wasn’t like you hadn’t kissed before, he was your best friend and damn good looking. Get a few drinks in the two of you and things happen. 

But this time you were both sober. Mostly. He’d been nursing a whiskey ginger all night and you’d had a few wine coolers. You were nowhere near drunk enough to kiss him but he looked like he was ready to go at it. You start remembering things that you and Shawn had gotten up to while pretty wasted and a blush rises on your cheeks. It was things like that, that made you want Shawn as more than a friend. But you would never tell him. What if he didn’t think of you like that? Things would get messy and awkward. 

“Shawn, I’m not kissing you,” you say with a laugh and his hand slides into your hair. It’s too intimate and you can’t help but swallow the butterflies threatening to come up out of your stomach.

“But it’s the rules. If we don’t kiss then we won’t get presents from Santa,” Shawn smirks.

You roll your eyes and back away from him, his hand falls to his side. “I don’t believe in Santa. I’m too old for that.” 

Shawn steps forward, backing you against the door frame as he brushes your hair off your shoulder. “I believe, and I can’t risk not getting presents.” 

“Shawn,” you whisper, eyes searching his as he leans down. 

“We’ve kissed before. What’s the problem?” His lips are so close to yours you can feel his breath. “Are you afraid of what you might feel for me because you’re not drunk?”

You narrow your eyes at him and he just kinds raises his eyebrows. Cocky son of a bitch could read you look a book. “And if I am afraid of that?” 

“Only one way to find out,” he grins before closing the short distance between your mouths and presses his lips softly against yours. 

It’s wonderful. His lips are soft and just damp enough to move against yours easily. His hands come up and he holds your face gently. Your eyes fall closed and you melt into the kiss, lips moving against his perfectly. Your hands find his hair and his back and just as you let him lick into your mouth, he’s stopping. It’s over almost as soon as it starts and you’re left a little breathless with your forehead pressed against his. 

“So? Feel anything?” he asks quietly.

“Maybe. Did you?”

Shawn smirks. “Your lips did all the talking I needed to hear.” He puts his arms around you and lifts you up so you can wrap your legs around his waist. You wave to your friend Belle as you head for the door, literally wrapped around Shawn. 

“Where are you taking me?” you ask with a little giggle. 

Shawn kisses your cheek and says, “I’m taking you home because you’re one present I’d like to unwrap in private.” 

BTS Christmas Ideas 🎄

- Namjin making cookies.

- Yoongi trying to put Hobi on the top of a Christmas tree.

- Vminkook watching a movie while snuggling in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate.

- Namjoon as Santa and the rest as reindeers.

- OT7 opening Christmas gifts together.

- Member 1 : Hey I got you a present!

Member 2 : Really? What is it?

Member 1 : Me :)

Member 2 :

- Gamer!Jungkook doing a Christmas live stream while playing games.

- Rapline singing Christmas songs badly.

- Jikook wearing the same Christmas sweaters and Jimin saying “I bought this first”

- Taehyung trying to spray everyone with snow spray.

- Jin putting mini Santa hats on Eomuk and Odeng

- Member 1 and member 2 under the mistletoe.

- Hobi drunk flirting with Yoongi because someone spiked the eggnog (I bet it’s Kookie)

- Tae carrying Jimin so he can put the star because Jimin is too short to reach the top of the tree.

- Taekook feeding each other cookies.

- OT7 stacking the presents into a pyramid and hold hands around it like they’re doing a satanic ritual.

Feel free to use them.

The Cast of FFXV: Twelve Days of Christmas Edition Pt. I

Hey, guys!

Immediately after Thanksgiving in my house, it’s Christmas, which means that the greatest holiday of the year (in my opinion) is actually a good month and a half long! Therefore, I thought it might be all good and well to kickstart the month with a Christmas Edition of my usual head-canons!

I will be choosing one character each day from December 1st - 12th and giving them holiday canons! Today’s cast member is the boo, the bae, Ignis!

Enjoy! uvu/)

Ignis Scientia

  • If there is one man who isn’t playing around during the holiday season, it’s fucking Ignis Scientia. This man has everyone’s Christmas gifts picked out and ordered in July, because there is no way that new video game is selling out before he gets his hands on it, and you can bet he’s not stressing over what to get anyone come December 25th. 
    • Prompto likes a snazzy set of guns from the armory? Ordered immediately after he ogled them on March 14th.
    • Gladiolus sees a new boxed set of his favorite classic romance series? Bought within 24 hours of mentioning it offhandedly - with the goddamned gold-leafed pages and leather binding, pal. 
    • Noctis salivates at the E3 announcement of a game coming out December 24th, 2017? Ignis Mother-Fucking Scientia has that shit preordered September 2016.
  • Everyone gets the same amount of gifts because he is all for equality under the Christmas tree.
  • Noctis, Gladiolus, and Prompto are allowed to open one of Ignis’ gifts on Christmas Eve, their pick.
  • He takes notes on their reactions for later gift ideas, as well as keeps track of any and all series items they own in order to help them fill a collection. Completion is everything.
  • Ignis is a lover of mistletoe. He doesn’t mind the excuse to show someone he cares about affection, whether it’s a kiss on the cheek or a well placed smooch; this will only be allowed once a year, the bros get it while they can. 
  • If anyone misses the annual photoshoot for the Citadel Christmas Cards, he gives them the silent treatment for a week, no excuses - King Regis still gets a little mopey about it.
  • Receiving gifts on Christmas is an interesting event for Ignis, as he gets the most darling things…
    • Noctis: “Oh, excellent! Another monogramed pocket square.” He has quite the collection now, it excites him, even though he seems disinterested.
    • Gladiolus: It is always a weapon or book of some kind and, on rare years, an overly expensive pair of gloves. The man knows Ignis well.
    • Prompto: A long letter explaining how much the man means to him and how much he loves being his friend, always accompanied by a chocobo doodle - which Ignis admits, has been getting exceptionally more artistic over time. He keeps all of them in a box.
  • He makes everyone’s favorite dessert and delivers it himself, neatly wrapped in a box with curled ribbon in their favorite color. 
  • If his friends haven’t memorized all the carols on the song score by December 24th’s Annual Christmas Party, they’re in fucking trouble. Looking @ you, Clarus Amicitia. 

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#14 with Bucky!

14. We hate each other, but we’re standing under a mistletoe and our friends won’t let us leave until we kiss AU.

You loved Christmas. Bucky hated Christmas. You loved how everyone was so cheerful around this time. Bucky hated how cheerful everyone was around this time.

You loved the Christmas traditions. Bucky hated the Christmas traditions.

You hated Bucky. Bucky hated you.

You didn’t know if it was your change of heart or just the magic of Christmas, but you decided to become nicer towards Bucky. He was making it very difficult, however. 

Bucky was a total Scrooge and Grinch. A Scrinch? A Grooge? 

Anyway, he was always grumpy and distasteful, but that was all year around. But it seemed like the Christmas season heightened it.

Despite your attempts of being nice towards him, he still glared at you like he wanted to kill you in your sleep. He insulted you until someone interfered. You wanted to know what this guy’s deal was. Everyone wanted to as well.

That’s where this intervention came in.

“There’s so much sexual tension between them. It’s starting to piss me off,” Sam said as he and the rest of the team, minus you and Bucky, sat around the kitchen.

“I agree Tweety Bird Number Two. We gotta do something about them.”

“Guys, c’mon!” Steve said, “Let them handle things on their own.

Natasha scoffed, “Right. Like that’s ever gonna happen. We need to to take things into our own hands. Gotta see what’s up with them, especially Barnes. One moment I see him staring at her like she’s a godsend, the next he’s insulting her like no tomorrow. We have to do something, Steve.”

“I got a plan!” Tony exclaimed. Everyone groaned and he feigned offence, “I promise you, it’s a good one this time!”

Clint sighed, “Alright. Lay it on us, Stark.”

You were in your room journaling when FRIDAY announced that Steve wanted to see you in his office. You told her you’d be there in a minute. You finished up you entry and closed your notebook. You hopped out of bed and started to make your way towards the elevator. 

When you got to the office floor, you stepped out and walked towards Steve’s office. You stopped when you saw Bucky waiting outside. You began to mentally prepare yourself for whatever the asshat was going to say to you.

Bucky heard someone coming and he turned towards you. His face grimaced, “What are you doing here?”

You rolled your eyes, “Don’t flatter yourself, Barnes. Steve-”

“MISTLETOE!” You heard someone holler.

You both looked down the opposite end of the hallway to see Sam and Wanda standing there. Sam pointed up and you and Bucky both tiled your heads up to see that a sprig of mistletoe hung from the threshold of Steve’s office.

You scoffed, “Right like I’m gonna kiss this jerk.”

“Yeah, likewise, sweetheart.” Bucky opened the door and came face to face with Steve, “Step aside, Steve.”

Steve crossed his arms over his chest, “Nope. Not until you kiss her.”

“I don’t have time for this,” Bucky mumbled and went to walk away but Vision appeared out of nowhere.

“Mister Barnes, I don’t think that is wise. You see, none of us will let either of you leave until you kiss each other.”

You grunted, “Guys! This is so-”

“JUST KISS ALREADY!” Nat yelled from over Steve’s shoulder.


You couldn’t finish your sentence because Bucky’s lips were suddenly on yours…and you liked it? You began to kiss back and it wasn’t until you heard some cheers and whistling from the team that you two pulled apart.

“Wow,” was all Bucky could say.

You cleared your throat, “If that’s all I was called here for then I’m leaving,” you immediately rushed back to the elevators leaving behind Bucky, whom was smiling to himself like an idiot.

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Decorating with my family has put me in a Christmas mood ❤🎄 Do you have any headcanons about the Egos decorating?

aw, that’s always so much fun! and sure i got a few for ya! 💙

  • schneeplestein knits in his spare time and he makes the best christmas sweaters for the other septic egos. they’re always custom made to them too. like chase’s has skateboards on them, anti’s has knives, robbie’s looks like skeleton ribs, etc.
  • marvin loves decorating for christmas. he’ll conjure up lights, ornaments, wreaths, everything! his favorite little prank he does is that he’ll make it snow sometimes in the house, mostly on anti who flips out.
  • chase gets anti a new knife every year. anti always jokes that he can’t wait to try it out on him and laughs when chase grows pale before ruffling his hair.
  • jackieboy man in a warm comfy flannel and glasses tho! and when jackie asks chase’s kids what they want for christmas, his face lights up when chase’s son says that he wants a jackieboy man action figure.
  • dapper/jameson got emotional when he hung a stocking with his name on it over the fireplace next to the other egos’ stockings. it really hit him that he’s now officially an ego like the others.
  • wilford absolutely loves christmas. the second that thanksgiving is over, he’ll blare christmas music around the house. it’s enough to give dark a headache but he doesn’t stop him. he likes seeing the pink boi happy.
  • bim hangs up mistletoe every year and tries his luck to get someone to stand underneath it with him. it usually doesn’t work. the jim twins crab walk by around every time.
  • picture this: dark in a big black comfy christmas sweater curled up on the corner of the couch holding onto a nice hot cup of cocoa. soft boy.
  • the host also knows what all the presents are, but he doesn’t spoil the surprise. and he’s always grateful when dr iplier gets him a new microphone for his radio shows. 
  • wilford absolutely dresses up as santa every time and tries to get all the other egos to sit on his lap lmao
  • google is always in charge of cooking because he knows how to get shit done lmao and not to brag, he does make the best christmas cookies. he always makes sure to make extra for the jims.

Mistletoe // Ivar the Boneless // Vikings imagine 🥀🖤

I’m taking part in @dani-si and @dangerousvikings Christmas promt challenge! I decided to do #3 with Ivar

#3: “Christmas party when you and [character name] sneak out”

Look through the ‘#daniandmiaholidays’ for more stories 🥀🖤

You had been looking forward to the annual Christmas feast all month long. The feast happened on Christmas Eve every year, the food was to die for, every one was happy, laughing, drinking. Just getting along, you hadn’t seen anyone in such high spirits the whole year, even Ragnar and Aslaug weren’t arguing.

You ate all your food, practically licking the plate because it was just so good. You looked around the hall, with a smile in your face, until you saw Ivar. Ivar wasn’t one for the the whole happy mood, but this wasn’t Ivar being Ivar, something was bugging him. You wanted to make your way to talk to him but decided to leave it as you didn’t want your mood ruined. You were asked to dance by a tall, muscular, long haired and tattooed man. You accepted the invitation and joined him.

You were jumping, spinning, moving around like you hadn’t done before, you were having a blast. During the dance there was a part where you had to spin and change partners, as you spun around for the second time you noticed Ivar crawl out of the hall, you danced for the rest of the song and were asked to have another, you politely declined and said

“I would love to dance, but I think I should sit this one out, get some fresh air and catch my breath”

Your dance partner was perfectly fine with that.

As you walked out of the hall you looked around hoping to see Ivar, you couldn’t see him so you decided to sit down on a rock, actually catching your breath, you looked at the sea in front of you from the view, you turned and looked up at the rocks, to see Ivar staring at you from afar

“MIND IF I JOINED YOU?” You shouted up to him

“OKAY” he replied back

You climbed up the rocks as fast as you could

“How did you get up here?” You asked subconsciously, not being aware you just made a remark of his handicap

“Oh no, I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, forgive me, I’m so stupid” you added quickly after

“There’s a trail where there aren’t rocks, it’s fine” he said throwing stones

“I didn’t know there was a trail” you said

Ivar pointed to the trail where he came from.

There was a friendly silence for a minuet

“What’s getting to you?” You ask him, breaking the silence

“Nothing” He said continuing to throw stones

“Yes there is! Tell me, I won’t tell anyone, you have my word” you said

“Nothing is wrong” he kept saying

You kept bugging him so he finally gave in and told you

“Everyone has someone, you know? Like who loves them, they have children and they’re all kissing under the mistletoe. Björn has Torvi, Ubbe and Hvitserk are sharing Margarethe, Mother and Father, Floki and Helga. I have no one. I’ll never be able to kiss someone under the mistletoe, have children with, that’s what wrong!” He said looking down trying to find rocks to throw

“Everyone has someone, Ivar” you said putting your arm around him and your head on his shoulder, surprisingly he put his hand on yours and held you back

Some drunk Vikings stumble out of the hall, throwing up shouting “MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSSS”

You and Ivar turn to each other and laugh before taking the position you were in back

“You really think I have someone?” He asked

“Yes! She’s out there, you just have to look” You said looking deep into his eyes

You stared at each other for a few seconds

“You want a kiss under the mistletoe? I never thought you’d be one for that or any festivities for that matter” you said laughing

“I want to be like everyone else!” He quietly said

“You are Ivar, you are” you kept saying

“STAY HERE DON’T MOVE ILL BE BACK, I PROMISE!” You ran down the trail Ivar showed you as fast as you could

“Dance?” The man asked

“No sorry I have something to do” you said grabbing the mistletoe and running off as quick and your legs would allow you.

You finally got up the hill, Ivar was still sitting there

“Close your eyes!” You told him

“Why?” He said

“JUST DO IT” you demanded

You put the mistletoe above and between both of you

“Okay, now open” you said

He opened his eyes and saw you arm was holding something up, he looked up to see the mistletoe and let out a smile

“Now you can be like everyone in the hall” you said smiling back at him

You told him to close his eyes again, guiding his neck and head with your hands, you kissed him, tenderly and passionately, letting out a little tongue, but not too much, the kiss went on for a while until you both stopped

“Thank you, [y/n]” he said slowly opening his eyes

“You’re welcome, Ivar” you said smiling

A/N: Ayyyyyeeee hope you enjoyed a big thank you to Dani and Mia for letting me take part! If you want to take part in Christmas festivities, go on either of their pages, they still have a few slots left to write for I think 🥀🖤

AO3 Teen and Up Drarry Fic List

this is my third drarry fic rec list and also my 300th post in general so here we go

Fate in the Cat’s Paws by NamelessSoul / 1,202

Stolen Diary by Aquien / 1,283

The Urge by matchst_ck / 5,037

Bets by lealamalfoy / 2,521

I could deny it if I liked. I could deny anything if I liked. by digthewriter / 3,280

Life In Three Acts by Moriavis / 1,751

Emotions and Squashy Armchairs by ceresilupin / 2,584

Kissing Booth by Sarea Okelani (sarea) / 1,605

He Most Certainly Doesn’t Care by fracturedtime / 1,231

Life Is The Flower (For Which Love Is the Honey) by bafflinghaze / 15,462

The Reason by EowinSymbelmine / 1,318

White Lies by cassisluna / 170,290

got wood? by monaesque / 1,624

The Problem wtih Potions by InTheShadows / 10,977

The Best Hot Chocolate by Vaysh / 3,145

Keep Your Eyes on Me by ahhhnorealnamesallowed / 2,786

He’s my partner?  Seriously? by FrostyIcecream / 1,975

The Florist by Hannah22110 / 3,021

Inner Thoughts by ephemeralslytherin / 1,430

The Squad by vala (valinorean) / 23,041

Kiss Someone Else by Ritual_Union / 1,207

The Mistletoe Hex by QueenOfMayhem / 1,750

Alohamora by myrtle_beach / 935

There’s You by epsilonargus / 19,254

Much Ado About Nothing by wtfmalfoy / 8,962

A Portrait of the Artist by firethesound / 5,309

The Fancy Dress Party by Omi_Ohmy / 6,378

Tale as old as Time by Jamiejamesd / 1,395

The Lion Deception by pansypxrkinson / 1,041

Draco Malfoy: The Time He Rewrote Himself into the Narrative by HeereNotQueer / 1,178

punch-drunk fingerprints by tamerofdarkstars 1,983

Zapped Out of Obliviousness by fanerinogirl / 2,511

Definition by pir8fancier / 3,989

All Is Dust That Is Not His Heart by Lomonaaeren / 3,414

Blue by PKlovesDW / 6,241

Diagonally by highway_to_hell / 5,905

Back to the start by felixfvlicis / 2,173

The Boy With The Books by KiroAngel / 2,909

in the ocean we’ll be born anew by AWickedMemory and (ReadyPlayerZero) / 11389

Where your heart is set by hazel_wand / 13,370

Somebody to Love by khasael / 31,274

The Meeting by GingerFerret / 2,072

A Special Blend of You and Me by germankitty and hdremix_mod / 4,512

There Is Always the Moon by firethesound / 159,318

The Sunlight Of Your Company by bafflinghaze / 19,119

make my wish come true by terminally_underwhelmed / 12,296

Moment of Madness by leekycauldron / 2,922

Tea For Two by betweentheloins / 14,187

Professor Potter and his Magical Menagerie by dracogotgame / 7,530

Thar Be Dragons by ProfessorDrarry / 43,717

Inevitable as Tragedy by Lomonaaeren / 8,084

Saving Draco by JosephineStone / 24,810

Discipline Cuddles by SquadOfCats / 4,422

Because They Have Air-Conditioning and You Don’t by gracerene / 883

Delightful Hair and Delicious Mockery by Jmej / 2,047

Out of Sight, Still in Mind by Alisanne / 2,107

Sunrise by parkkate / 2,156

What I’m Missing by agentmoppet / 5,655

Constant Vigilance by Shewhxmustnxtbenamed / 3,378

Truth or Dare, Potter? by aebirdie / 6,555

You don’t say! by parkkate / 1,310

Notice Me by 4_Myra_7 / 16,687

Artwork On Your Skin by thecurtainrises / 1,453

what dreams leave behind by kayxpc / 1,217

The Vow (Or Draco Malfoy’s Bum) by Weasy / 2,226

What A Match We Make by aroceu / 8,392

Harry and Abigail by Aquien / 2,700

The Four Times Harry’s Hair Made Draco Jealous (and the one time it didn’t) by Annesterling / 2,704

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Portrait Painter (or How Harry Came To Realise Draco Has A Magnificent Arse) by create_serenity (Sivany) / 1,612

Due to a Malfoy by CloverTheFaun / 1,484

Unbearable by chibaken / 2,437

Harry Potter and the Scarf of Sexual Preference by ChannelTheFlannel / 8,495

Alcohol and Apologies by CaramelDarling / 1,377

All Saints’ Eve by eMJanine (janinne_malfoy_potter) / 5,628

Fireworks (Eighth Year Version) by emeraldine087 / 16,232

It’s All Fun and Games Until… by emeraldine087 / 9,071

Malfoy’s Little Problem by elenawrites / 1,766

Veritaserum Truth or Dare by ElectricBlueLilies / 2,289

Tattoos by dracolucivs / 4,757

Something About Draco Malfoy by Prongs_Smitch / 1,450

Ten points for Gryffindor by AliceAmy / 9,286

The Importance of Colloportus by sopdetly / 4,301

Not a blind date by Craftybadger1234 / 2,156

Lonely For Two by Im_a_Hufflepuff_okay / 8,168

Chivalrous Ambition by utterly / 73,151

A Healing Grace by Lomonaaeren / 4,678

Sore Muscles by Brynn_Jones / 1,174

Learning to Laugh  (That one time it took five years to grow a pair) by JET_Playin / 4,267

Tried, Failed, Failed Better by carpemermaid and Maccadole / 9,743

Dusty Shelves and Soft Quills by FleetofShippyShips / 1,007

Meaningless by GingerTodgers / 2,680

The Potter case by tenshi6 / 13,632

Weekenders by carpemermaid / 9,477

Date of a Lifetime by DorthyAnn (JenniferMarie) / 14,767

The Black Retreat by sesheta_66 / 11,111

Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Wizards by pessen03 / 4,922

The Potions Tutor by Inell / 1,541

Check Me Out by lumosed_quill / 3,043

Chopsticks by orphan_account / 2,205

Dragons in Winter by Lexen (bluedragoninamber) / 1,193

Flower Shop Boy (draco likes flowers) by alchemicals / 7,892

bedhead by transharry (fortyfiveangrycats) / 4,240

A Conversation Long Overdue by Starrik / 1,578

One Shared Bed by caplanbuckybarnes / 43,150

I Choose Him by aboutmalfoy / 44,960

He’d Pay Ten Galleons by infernhoes / 1,204

Potions Partners by GingerFerret / 8,056

The Vicious Destroyer of All Crups (Or How Harry Rescued a Cat from a Tree) by 100SleeplessNights / 6,384

Winter Hols, Fifth Year by lolneptune / 3,824

Okay so there were A LOT more teen and up rated fics in my history and I was NOT PREPARED haha whoops


missyriver  asked:

Prompt #8 or is it 9 🤔 First time home for the holidays after years away, Felicity is surprised at the change in her old childhood friend Oliver Queen. Also his hotness and is he flirting with her?

sooo….. this took kind of a different turn (with slightly more angst) than I think you were expecting with this prompt lol but I hope you enjoy :D

*check out the tag for my countdown here if you missed any of the previous days (and to read last year’s countdown fics)*

Felicity looked out the window of the plane as they landed on the tarmac in Starling City. She hadn’t returned to her hometown since she and her mom had taken off for Vegas following the implosion of her parents’ marriage, but there was something comforting about seeing the once familiar skyline for the first time in almost a decade.

Once she had retrieved her luggage she made her way out to the street where the car she had requested was waiting for her.

“Starling Grand,” she told the driver.

“You visiting for the holidays?” the woman asked as she began to navigate them through the city traffic. Snow had begun to lightly fall and she looked out the window at the old and new stores and restaurants they passed by.



“No,” she shook her head. “They don’t live here anymore.”


“Uhh…” She didn’t want to invite pity by being honest that she wasn’t exactly sure what she still had by way of friends in Starling and she was just planning on spending the holidays alone, so she answered, “Yeah.”

“That’s nice.” They pulled up outside the hotel, “Well, have a Merry Christmas.”

“Oh umm… I’m Jewish.”

“My apologies, Happy Hanukkah—and welcome home.”


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Mistletoe - Barry Allen

Summary : you go to Barry’s house for Christmas eve and you don’t realize you’re standing under the mistletoe with him until someone points it out. After you two kiss you stay and things get heated very quickly.

Word count : 2560

Warnings : alcohol, smut

Pairing : Barry Allen x reader

A/N : okay so this was my first time writing smut, please don’t hate me for writing it okay? okay, please enjoy. :)

Originally posted by nitratediva

Originally posted by nao-acorde

It was Christmas Eve, and you had no where to go, that was until your crush Barry Allen invited you to dinner with him and the rest of his friends. You agreed, seeing as you had no where else to go and no other family or friends in Central City. 

As you walked up to the front door of the address Barry gave you a few days before, you flattened out your hair and straightened your dress till it was the way you wanted in. You knocked on the door and after one knock Barry stood on the other side, a grin across his face.

“Hey, Y/N.” He smiled, taking a quick look at your dress. It was a short red dress, probably far to fancy for this occasion. “Here, here come in.” He said almost instantly once he realized that that you were still standing in the cold. You gladly walk in, letting the warmth of the house wrap around your body like another coat. Barry waited until you took your coat off and then he hung it up on the rack. He lead you down to the dining room, where everyone was standing around, drinking wine and chatting.

As soon as you walked into the area everyone’s conversations ceased to exist. Iris and Caitlin glanced at each other, smiling and then turning back to you. “Was this to much?” You ask, becoming self conscious of your outfit for the night. Caitlin shook her head as Iris walked over to you, looping her arm into yours.

“You look wonderful, Y/N.” She looks over at Barry, a grin playing along her face. “Doesn’t she, Barry?” His gaze snaps back from you to Iris. Gulping quietly he nods. 

“Yeah, you look great, Y/N.” You couldn’t help the blush that spread up your cheeks. Joe walked in, a grin also on his face as he handed you a glass of red wine. You glance over at Iris, hoping that she had told her father that you couldn’t drink any kind of alcohol. 

“Oh shit, right.” She mutters, looking at her father. “Dad, Y/N can’t have any wine.” She said plainly, He pulled back his hand, scrunching his eyebrows together and looking at you confused. 

“I used to be an alcoholic, Mr. West, so I stopped drinking around two years ago.” Everyone’s eyes widened, including Barry’s.

“Oh, um…I can get you a soda? Or would you like some coffee?” He asks, handing the wine to someone else.

“Coffee sounds great, actually.” He nods, heading back to get you cup of coffee. The group retreats to the couches, talking some more and constantly glancing at you and Barry. You were acting like you couldn’t tell, but you could see Barry looking at you from the corner of your eyes. Joe comes back out with your coffee and announces that supper was ready.

After a very filling meal you insist on helping clean up, since you didn’t want Joe, Barry, or Wally to be alone in the kitchen while the rest were laughing and having fun in the living room. Joe agreed, saying that you and Barry could do the dishes. 

“You know I can I just get this done in under a minute right? You really don’t need to help.” Barry chuckled. You shrugged, looking down as the water filled the tub of water.

“I know, but I’m a guest and -” Barry cut you off.

“Exactly, a guest so just let me do this and then we’ll go out to the group. Deal?” He smiles, raising his eyebrows. 

Huffing you hand him the towel and lean against the counter. “Fine, but only this once, Allen.” You always called Barry by his last name, you were one of the very few people that could. Within seconds all the dishes were washed, dried, and then put back into the covers. Barry clapped his hands and looked down at you. 

“Done.” You playfully roll your eyes and the two of you walk out to the living room. It was almost as if everyone had purposely filled up all the chairs and couches, making you and Barry stand next to each other. 

Cisco coughed awkwardly, which caught your attention. He pointed up at the ceiling. You and Barry both looked up, your faces flushing red as you both realize you were standing under the mistletoe. You glance at Barry and he shrugs, a grin on his face. 

“Just kiss already, we all know you two want to.” Wally said, groaning and slouching back against the couch cushion. You turned to Barry, his hands reaching out and cupping your face softly. He pulls your closer to him, connecting you lips in a slow, long kiss. You finally pull back after thirty seconds, your skin glowing a bright red from embarrassment. Barry couldn’t stop starring at you the rest of the night. 

Once everyone had left you thought that it was also time for you start heading back home. As you were putting on your jacket, Barry stopped you.

“Stay? It’s far to cold for you to walk out there by yourself. I’ll let you borrow some sweats or you can ask Iris for some pajamas. Just please stay?”  You sighed and nodded, deciding it was best not to argue with him since you were both very tired.You walked down to Iris’s room, explaining the situation to her. She had a grin on her face the whole time, and when you finished she handed you a pair of pajama shorts without a shirt.

“Just use one of Barry’s shirts.” She said winking. You mentally groaned and walked back to his room.  You walked in just as Barry was pulling on a pair of sweats. You averted your eyes, scanning the floor. 

“You get something to wear?” He asks. You nod looking up at him. “Well then go ahead and change, I won’t look.” He says, turning his body in the opposite direction. You quickly change, your arms crossing over you body. 

“Can..can I um, borrow  a shirt? Iris didn’t give me one.” You mumbled. Barry nodded, using his super speed to get you a shirt and hand it to, then turn back around. You pulled the material over your body, the hem stopping right above your knees. “You can turn now.” You say. Barry turns around, a smile slowly going from ear to ear.

“I like seeing you in my shirt.” He says, blushing lightly. He just stares at you for a minute and then rushes out of the room, leaving a breeze behind him. You didn’t even see him come back up, but when your brain finally processes everything you notice that Barry is barley a foot away from you and he’s holding the mistletoe above the two of you. “Is it alright, if I um…kiss you again?” He asks nervously. You giggle and grab the mistletoe, setting it to the side.

“You don’t have to use a plant to kiss me, Allen.” He grins and doesn’t waste another second before connecting his lips to yours. He swipes his tongue along your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You gladly let him in, opening your mouth a little and letting his tongue explore the new space. Barry grabbed the back of your thighs and hoisted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist tightly. He walks you two over to his bed, laying you down gently and then hovering over you.

“Is this okay? We can just go to bed if you want, I don’t want to force you into anything.” Barry rambled on nervously and you pecked his lips to shut him up. 

“You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this, Barr. I’ve wanted to be with you for years, god I’ve waited so long.” You mumbled, pressing your forehead to Barry’s. He nods and inches his hands up your shirt, caressing your sides and stomach before pulling the shirt off your body. You shivered at his touch, the contrast between your cold body and his warm hand sent a chill down your spine. 

Barry pulled your shirt off, throwing to the side and then raking his eyes up and down your body.You covered up your body, seeing as though you’ve never really liked letting anyone see your body. Barry gently removed your arms, kissing your knuckles and then leaving little butterfly kisses down your stomach.

“You’re beautiful, Y/N, don’t cover yourself up.” You nodded slowly. He stopped at the hem of your pajama shorts and then looked up at you, asking your for permission to take them off. You nodded and he slid them down your legs, putting them in the pile with the shirt. He looked you up and down for a minute, taking in the way you looked. “Beautiful, so, so beautiful.” He mumbled, leaning down and catching your lips in another kiss. You blushed, pressing your lips firmly to his in return. Your hands tugged at the sweats Barry was wearing. He got the message and pulled them down, leaving the two of you in your underwear. 

Sitting up you unclip your bra and throw it to the side. Barry couldn’t help but stare at the sight in front of him. The blush on your cheeks was very bright, and heating up every inch of your body. You two got rid of the remaining clothing. Barry knelt in between your legs, slightly moving his fingers up and down your soaking core. 

“Jesus, baby, you’re soaking.” He mutters. His thumb circles your clit, making you buck your hips up. “I’m just gonna warm you up okay? Tell me if I hurt you.” You nod and cross your arms behind your head. Barry slowly inches one thick, long digit into you end slowly pumps in and out. A moan escapes your throat, causing Barry to grin up at you. “Gotta be quiet, don’t want Joe or Iris to hear us.” He says as he pushes in a second finger. You whimper slightly at the stretch, not having been with anyone for quite a while now. 

After stretching you out just enough he grabs a condom, sliding it onto his thick shaft and then lining up with your entrance. 

“Please tell me if I hurt you, I really don’t want to hurt you.” Barry says, placing his hands on either side of your head. You nod wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I’m ready, Barr.” You say, taking in a deep breathe. Barry slowly pushes in, watching your facial expressions. You squeak as you have never been so full before. Once you take in a few deep breathes you peck Barry’s lips, a signal for him to start moving. 

He starts out at an slow, steady pace and then eventually speeds up. You moan out, trying your hardest to stay quiet but failing as this just felt to good. You pulled yourself closer to Barry’s body, biting softly on his shoulder to muffle out  your noises. He groans in your ear, sitting back with his legs crossed and holding you closer to him. His lips travel along your neck, kissing, sucking, and biting; sure to leave marks the next morning.

“You’re so tight, god you feel amazing.” He moans against your neck, bucking his hips up slightly. You bite your lip, moving your hips in circular motions. You leave marks across his neck and collarbone, trying to place them in certain areas where they couldn’t be seen. You clench around Barry, earning a low groan from him. 

“Barr, I want to ride you.” You say softly, pushing Barry onto his back and changing your position once more. You place your hands on his chest as leverage and move yourself up and down his length. You moan, throwing your head back. Barry moves one hand up to cover your mouth, since you couldn’t quite follow the rule of being quiet, his hand went up to your chest and cupped your breast, giving it a tight squeeze. 

With a few more thrusts of Barry’s hips and your movements, you were clenching around him. “Barr, I’m gonna cum.” You whimper, furrowing your eyebrows and trying desperately to keep your eyes open. He nodded, locking your lips together and thrusting one last time, and with that you could feel yourself in a high, and you could feel the warmth of Barry’s seed filling the condom. The sounds he made as he came made your orgasm even stronger, making you rock your hips to ride out your high.

Barry pulled out after the two of you caught your breathes and threw away the condom, then laid with you on the bed. You had pulled on your panties and his shirt, and he put on his sweats once more. 

“I love you Y/N, and I hope now that we’ve just done this, that you’ll be my girlfriend?” He asked, rubbing his thumb along your cheek. You smiled at him tiredly and nodded, making him smile back at you.

“I’d love to be your girlfriend, Barry.” He pecked your forehead and then your lips softly. “And I love you too, have for years. Barry chuckled, pulling you close and humming softly to get the two of you to fall asleep. 

The next morning you woke up to Barry shaking you. You groaned and turned onto your other side, covering your head in one of his pillows. You could hear him chuckle which made you swat at him, hoping you were aiming for his face. “Leave me alone, I’m tired.” You groaned. Barry turned you around, making you open your eyelids. 

“Merry Christmas beautiful, want some breakfast? I can smell the cinnamon rolls from up here.” He says, rubbing your stomach softly. You smile lazily, still trying to wake up. Barry smiled and got up, putting on a new pair of boxer briefs, sweats, and shirt before handing you the pajama shorts from the night before. 

The two of you walk downstairs hand in hand. Joe and Iris sat on the couch, laughing and talking with steaming mugs of coffee in their hands. When they notice the two of you walk down they automatically burst out into a grin. 

“Looks like you two had a fun night, last night.” Iris said winking. You tilt your head and she points to a certain spot on her neck. Your hand flies to your own. “You both have a few marks.” She states. You blush, inching closer to Barry because of embarrassment. Iris chuckles and Joe gets up to get you two coffee. 

“Yeah and next time you two do the do, at least be quiet, do at Y/N’s place, or make sure we aren’t  here, okay? You guys were loud last night.” The blush on your cheeks only heated up more and became brighter.

“Sorry.” You mumbled. Barry hugs you tightly, kissing the top of your head. 

“Don’t be, I loved the noises you made.” He whispered, kissing the side of your head. 

You were now very appreciative of the mistletoe.


Merry Christmas!!

I woke up the other day with this scenario in my head, so here it is, even if it took waaay too long to draw….(i suck at hands. and clothes. those too. ugh.) i actually really like how jack and katherine turned out though so i’m happy and am fangirling over my own drawings someone help.

Crutchie, specs, and les helped jack with his plan… the little dorks…