that might be my new selfie tag for 2014

Hey everyone! So I and a quite a few other people don’t have real set plans for New Year’s Eve tonight. So, we decided that it would be fun to have an impromptu mini-meetup to celebrate the new year. Here are the details you need to know:

When: It will start at 8:00 pm PST (If you live in another timezone, even if it is already the new year, you are still welcome to hang out!)

Where: Here, on tumblr. The tag is #team internet nye hangout

Who: Anyone who wants to join is welcome! 

What: This is a chance for us to make new friends and get to know each other! Post selfies, celebratory things, follow each other, post resolutions/goals for the new year, edits, etc.

Please spread this around (even if you can’t come) so that people who might be feeling a bit lonely tonight see it and join in! 

These people have responded with interest so far (even if you only liked the first post or it turns out you can’t come, I’m tagging you <3)

inoccentnicoteens ibelieveinthegreatperhaps beingabitchmatters problematicotps troylersmissingselfie justanothersillylife lost-in-my-own-dreams- bellatrixwillo xpozzi lollipop-2014 alittle-fall-of-rain loveandfandom creysandfeels troylerismyfetish smallirishpotato jumper-not-sweater iamawerewolfgirl troylerismyotpforeverever trainquility malumerican tyleroakleylsqueen aslayzingtroyler ytmackenzieb perfectlyfricklefrackle amanda-finch danosaur-howell slayyyy-troyler averageobsessedfangirl hayley1sfabulous percys-timelord-wizard missing-endorphine free2bemma howboutthemfandoms slaymetro frantasticly-troyler okaysoo 295thpresident aesthetic-styles nearly-professional-fangirl nobodyhastimeforusernames ohtyluhyouresodreamy lucifersfuckbuddy shrecklicher midnightcityoflights

I hope to see all of you guys this evening! Happy New Year <3