that might be how you spell his name

This fucking guy. I had forgotten about this fucking guy.

First of all, “Estormo?” “Estormo the Lightning Mage?” Surely that’s an ancient Ehlnofex name of grand esteem! Fucking “Estormo.” If he had been a fire mage, he’d be, what? “Eferno?”

…Actually, “Eferno” is kind of cool. “Estormo” is NOT.

And let me try to figure this out. Ancano finds out I’m going to Old Bromjunaar to get the Staff of Magnus from Morokei, who they KNOW has awoken like the other dragon priests, raising a horde of ethereal draugr slaves and setting up magical traps all through Labyrinthian. They also know by now that I’m the Dragonborn, because of that time I ABSORBED A DRAGON’S SOUL IN THE COURTYARD OF THE COLLEGE.

I’m the Chosen One, out to claim one of the most powerful artifacts in all Tamriel from a demi-litch, and Ancano is apparently like, “Well, okay, he might survive that. But if he does, HE SHALL BE NO MATCH FOR ESTORMO!”

Look, Ancano. It’s real cute you have faith in your boyfriend like that. But he’s a dude in a black robe who shoots lightning from his hands. I thu'umed him up against a wall and face-changed him with three hits from a frost mace.

Granted, I guess Ancano’s relative sense of Thalmor “might” is fundamentally screwed up, because when I actually show up with the Staff and start shooting the Eye with it, he seems genuinely amazed that his stupid plan of “shoot ball with lightning, see what happens” is now failing.

I guess when you’re raised constantly hearing how “superior” your race is, it never occurs to you that MAYBE your stupid level 4 destruction spells are exactly as shitty as anyone else’s stupid level 4 destruction spells.

Either way, I would think Ancano would have realized that if a guy is a lightning mage who named himself Estormo, he’s got to be a fucking idiot who is DESTINED to fail hilariously.

Fucking Estormo.

Paper Cut (Percival x Reader)

A/N: Hi!! Wow I haven’t written a Percival one for so long but I mean I only written one before so yeah haha anyways, I hope it’s alright. I got excited writing this because I love Graves and it’s just nice to write something a bit different haha😊 Enjoy!!

Request: if you’re still asking for requests, could you write a percival graves one where you get hurt and hide it from him but he finds out and gets angry but then it’s just really fluffy?? i’m a sucker for fluff and i need more graves x reader stuff. please and thank you ! 😊❤️

You entered the building, wincing slightly at the wound at your side, ignoring the pain as you headed up to your office, needing to do some paper work for the case you just solved involving wizards using the dark arts. You had gotten into a fight with those dark wizards and one of them managed to get you on your side.

Sighing, you sat down at your seat, pressing against your injured side to see how bad it was, jerking your hand away as you felt the pain shoot through even though you weren’t pressing that hard. You took in a deep breath before sorting and filling up anything necessary for the paper work.

When you were done, you grabbed the folder and headed straight to your superior’s office. Knocking on the door, you waited for him to ask you to enter before walking in.

“Good morning, Mr. Graves, I’ve finished the paper work for the case I worked on yesterday,” you greeted, looking at the man sitting behind a desk, signing some papers. He looked up at you passed him the file.

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My Club (Alec x Reader) Imagine

You sat on your couch as you watch everyone dancing and partying around you. There were so many different species here. You spotted Mundanes, Vampires, Warlocks, Foresakens and Shadowhunters. Wait shadowhunters you thought. Why were they here? You got up from you seat with your drink in hand and made your way towards them.

“The last time I checked I don’t remember anyone inviting shadowhunters to this club” You spoke as you appeared in front of them.

“They didn’t now move” A blonde haired boy said as he pushed passed you with three more shadowhunters following him. You started to follow them when they all suddenly stop. Quickly the blonde boy was in front of you.

“Stop following us” He spoke

“What are you doing here?” you questions

“You don’t need to know” He said

‘Jace she proably knows where he is ask her” A redheaded girl told him.

“Are you a warlock?” The blonde haired boy who you figuerd was Jace asked you.

“I am but what does that mean to you shadowhunter boy” you tease

“Magnus Bane do you know him?” Jace once again asked.

“Nope doesn’t ring a bell” you said as you turned around “Now get out of my club” you started to walk away when an arm grabbed you pulling you back. It was Jace.

‘Your club? The last time we checked it was Magnus Bane’s” Jace said. You looked around them, they had you trapped in.

“Well it’s not anymore” you rolled your eyes hoping they wold let you go but they wouldn’t.

“Your lying” A black hair girl said

“What if I am? It shouldn’t matter to you where a warlock is” You sass back

“We need his help with something” The other boy spoke “He’s not in trouble, so where is he? It’s his club so he must be here”

“Like I told you already this is my club too he’s no-“ you were saying but the redhead cut you off.

“Wait your club too? You never said that early” You cursed in your mind that you let that slip out in front of them. How could you be so stupid.

“Oops must of forgot” you said with a grinned “ I owned this club with Magnus”

“So you do know where he’s to” Jace yelled

“Not at the moment, I say he gone off with one of his lovers but I’m not sure so leave me a message and he will get back to you” you spoke as you took a sip of your drink.

“We need him now not later” the redhead girl demanded

“Well I can’t hel-“ you started to say but stopped when your vision started to get burry.Why was this happening?

“You put something in my drink” you yelled soon your feet gave out from under you and the black haired boy caught you.

“Why did we do this again” the boy asked

“We need to know where Magnus is’ Jace told him


  You woke up in a strange room. Soon everything came back to you.Those damn shadowhunters. You should of known they would pull something like this.

“Look at who’s awake” Jace said

“Who are you?” you asked

“You don’t need to know that” He answerd

“Well Jace since I know you, you might as well tell me who your fellows shadowhunters are”

“How do you know that?”

“You don’t need to know that, names?”

“Clary” the redheaded girl

“Isabelle” the other girl said

“Alec” the black haired boy said

 “That’s great. I’m not going to tell you where Magnus is so you might as well stop trying” you said standing up onto your feet. Truth is you didn’t really know where he was but they didn’t seen to care.

“Please we’ll do anything” Clary bregged

“What do you need his help with?” you questioned. There had to be a good reason if they were going through all of this trouble.

“Our friend that’s a werewovle got hurt and Bane is the only one that can help”

“Why him”

‘His magic is the only one powerful enough” Maybe you can help them you thought. After all you were warlock too with the same power.

“I’ll do it” you said

“Your not Magnus” Alec replied

“But I am a Bane” you told them “My magic is the same as my brother it will still work”

“Magnus has a sister?” Izzy asked

‘Yes and I’m right in front of you, never saw that one coming did you?” you laugh. All of them stood there in shock looking at you. You didn’t know if it was because you were Magnus sister or was it your weird sense of humor. Who cared anyway.

“Are we going to go or what?” you asked.

‘Yeah lets go” Isabelle said as they left, with you following not to far behind them.


  “Nice place you got here” Alec said while looking down at you while you crushed up spices for the spell.

“I’m trying to save your friend life and your talking about how nice my house is?” you laugh while Alec turned the color of a tomato. “Can you hand me some of those tea leaves?” you asked pointing towards the ones you wanted. Alec walked over to get them and handed to you while asking

 “Are you sure this going to work?”

“Yeah it’s one of Magnus spell I’ve seen him used it before.Trust me I know what I’m doing”

‘You seems different”

“What do you mean?” you questioned

“When we first got to you earlier you seems like a different person. Like you didn’t really care about anything. You had this whole evil vibe about you” Alec told you.

“Yeah I could see that, I guess when I’m protecting something like my brother and my club I put on a fake act so no one would really get me.” You made your way over to the sofa where their friend Luke was laying. You sat down in front of him and started to wave your hand over him, you were started to heal him as you could see the purple smoke that was coming from your hands. After a while you could feel your energy starting to fade.

“Alec come here” you yelled as he made his way over towards you. “Sit please” You grabbed ahold of his hand when he sat. “I’m sorry I need some of your energy I hope you don’t mind”

“If it helps him I don’t care” Without Alec’s energy you didn’t know if you could do it so when he let you, it took a weight off of your shoulders. Soon you were done and when you finally remove your hands you fell right back on Alec.

“I’m sorry” you said slowly as you try to get up.

“Hey don’t worry about it, just rest” you didn’t even have time to argued as you eyes slowly shut as you fell alseep with your head resting on Alec’s shoulder.


  “Alec we told you to help her, not sleep with her” Jace said as him and Clary enter into the house. Alec glared up at the boy.

“She resting, after all she used up all of her energy healing Luke.” He said as he pointed towards the man on the sofa.

“LUKE” Clary yelled as run over to the man laying down.

“Quite” Alec said “She’s sleeping”

“Oh what does Alec have a crush” Jace tease

“Shut it” Alec said. Right after that your eyes started to flutter open. You sat up from leaning against Alec. Your first thought was to look over at Alec

“Thank you” You said as you got up and walking over to a now sitting up Luke with Clary. He looked fine and you were happy that the spell worked.

“How are you feeling” You asked Luke handing him a drink from your table.

“I’m good,thank you for helping” He said as he sipped the drink.

“No worries, I have magic might as well do something useful with it every once and a while”

“Warlock? He questioned

“Oh yes, sorry I forgot you were out of it when I met you. My names Y/N Bane” you told him as you held out for him to shake his hand. He shook it back and asked “Would I be able to leave? I have a pack that needs me.”

“Yes you can leave, but try and take it easy for the next little bit”

“Don’t worry he will” Clary said for him as she helped him put on his jacket. Jace walked over to help the two and to also help them leave. As they left Jace said “Help the girl clean up Alec”.

“What do you need me to do” Alec asked

“Umm” you said looking around. You really didn’t need any help, you were just going to used your magic. “I think I’m good” you told him as you waved your hand around making your purple magic appear once again. You soon had everything back in place.

“I forgot about your magic” Alec stated

“Don’t worry about it, I think Jace did too” You said as you turn to face him. For the first time, you atcually got a good look of his face. His hazel eyes stared down at your Y/E/C eyes. You both leaned in when you heard a voice.

“Really Y/N? I leave for a few days and you already have a boy in our house” It was Magnus. You both pulled back and turned to look at your brother.

“Oh at least he’s cute” Magnus said as you stood there rolling your eyes. Giving your brother one last glance you pulled Alec towards your room.

anonymous asked:

wait... Dan will change his name in the new video? Where did you get this Information from? I''m confused ._.

Why are you thinking Dan might change his username? Have I missed something?

little clues and hints that were still pretty damn obvious from dan himself, much like the ones he dropped about the move. full breakdown below, but forgive me bc i’m going to be copy pasting from some posts i’ve done on this topic a while ago (so if you’ve been here for a couple months you may already have seen most of this): 

first, in his 2/7 live show, dan broaches the topic of regretting his user name and wanting to change it two separate times. at 44:02 he wraps up a story about how people have been misspelling it and then says: “it’s the worst. it just makes me hate everything. i’m like okay i know a whole important funny ironic part of my story is that this was my yt account when i was 13 and i just kind of kept it or whatever and .. same time i really regret that—you know people, everybody has used the youtube feature where you can just change the display name to something so i feel like i should just do that at some point … you can just change the display thing like—so I should at some point when i can be bothered.” this is the first time he explicitly mentions regretting dinof as a user name and wanting to change it. he then repeats it at 57:53, when someone compliments his tumblr queue and he says he needs to change his layout which he says is an item on “dan’s long list of 2017 changes. right up there with danisnotonfire.” so again. he explicitly stated TWICE that he wants to change his youtube name and that it’s on his list of things to do in 2017.

the following week, during his 2/14 live show, he mentions a new video idea for a danisnotonfire video for the first time at 44:51. he says “i have an idea for what my next one will be. i don’t know–i’m trying–i’m trying to get something like organized so i can like do something and be like, ‘POW, here’s a video.’ and i think it’ll be funny. if you’ve heard me moaning about some things that’s been kinda like an ongoing issue in my professional life, you might have an idea. which could be quite funny. i’m deciding whether to name it something which i think is hilarious but might–some people might be like ‘you motherf–’ but we’ll see …” and then he goes on for a bit about how he should use trashy clickbait titles more.

these instances together are why i and many others assumed that this video idea would be about him wanting to change his youtube user name and make a video about how consistently people fuck up their formatting/spelling of the dinof name. the bit about the idea for naming it something hilarious (which he mentions after a different ramble about how he should use clickbait titles more often) is why i thought he was probably planning on calling this video something like “the end of danisnotonfire.”

THEN in the 2/21 show, dan talks about an important video idea again here, and this time says this about it: “i have a very, very cheeky idea for the next danisnotonfire video, um, which might be a long time coming. especially for the people who watched the–i don’t know. i don’t know if i’m ready. it’s a big deal, and also not, and also quite funny. and that’s another one, if you love cringing and just looking–if you love laughing at my life being turned into a joke  you might enjoy that one. we’ll see, maybe it will be the video after next.”

this is the one where everyone freaked out and thought he could be coming out, and a whole range of other suggestions. while there’s no EXPLICIT confirmation that this latter video idea is the same one as he mentions in the 2/14 show, it just makes the most sense that it’s a continuation of the same concept. “cheeky” because of the clickbait title.  “long time coming” because he’s been complaining about his user name for, like, years. “especially for the people who watched the–” probably was him about to say for ppl who’ve been watching the last few live shows where he hints so heavily at this idea. “a big deal, but not,” because, quite literally, it both is and isn’t a big deal for him to change his user name. “cringing” and “laughing at my life being turned into a joke” because he views people fucking up the user name as intensely cringe-worthy. 

the very next liveshow, however, on 3/7, things get a little bit derailed. dan makes two interesting statements: 

first, when someone asks him at 34:43 about filming for dinof he says: “i was gonna make a video and then i didn’t, so that kind of ruined my plans. and then i decided to do another video so i filmed like half of it, and now i’ve got to do the other half of it and then edit it …”

so he pretty clearly states that an existing video idea (almost certainly the one he’d been talking about for a while) has been pushed to the back burner. for whatever reason, he decided against going through with that video and started filming a second one. we can reasonably conclude that the second one that he had done half of at that point was isg 9, and that the idea he’d been teasing for nearly a month was shelved for the time being. 

a little bit later in this live show, at 36:36, things get even more confusing bc dan is complicated like that. someone in the chat asked him “what about the rebranding video?” and he said: “there is no rebranding vi–. honestly are people still–? rebranding is a meme. there is no rebranding … make it sound so dramatic. everything’s the same. just with more attractive graphic design. but let’s see how many months it takes for me to change my youtube banner …”

confusinggggg. my thoughts about this comment are that dan has a specific understanding of the term “rebranding” and doesn’t think that a change of his user name would constitute a rebranding. dan also perceives that a lot of people misuse this word and therefore seems to dislike using it. he talked about the word being a form of “advanced humor” in this segment of his 12/20 live show last year. he suggests in this clip that the term is supposed to be a joke but too many people misunderstand it to be something a lot more serious like a change in the genre of content he and phil might make. in short, he doesn’t think “branding” or “rebranding” apply to serious things but he feels like a lot of his audience DO think that 2017 is going to bring a serious rebrand, by which he means a change in CONTENT. 

dan is correct in stating that the terms ‘branding’ and also ‘rebranding’ have become incredibly confusing because some people do use those words as a joke (like ‘drop the thicc branding’ even though thicc is obviously nothing to do with their ‘brand’ or their genre of content) and then many people also use it seriously (like phil changing to be more sexual in recent months is him ‘rebranding’ away from his innocent image). 

following in this confusion, a lot of people then also used “rebranding” to apply to this potential user name change even though a user name doesn’t fall into any of the above usages. it’s not a change in content. it’s not a change in persona. it’s not a joke either. it’s just,,, a name change? is that branding? i suppose? but it’s more legitimately “serious business” branding than the term “branding” has actually come to mean to most people including, crucially, dan. this is why every time i’ve talked about this video idea i’ve intentionally tried not to use the term “rebranding” because i don’t think that’s what dan thinks it is and i don’t think the word has a very clear meaning anymore.

so…. in short. i think dan said “there is no rebranding … everything’s the same,” because when he saw that question he got more hung up in the fact that everyone seems to expect some sort of monumental shift in dnp’s content/careers/personas during 2017, and, to his credit, it has meant different things to different people (some people see their new flirtiness as a rebrand. some people think they will make some more serious content changes. some people thought, going into this year, that phil would “drop the amazingphil persona” altogether, whatever that means.) dan probably has seen many posts speculating about these much larger issues and calling them a “rebrand” and got upset that people expect something this dramatically different from them. in that moment, it is possible to me that he didn’t think about “rebranding” as being applicable to dropping his user name. 

therefore, taking all of these comments together and looking at them chronologically i think dan definitely wanted to change his user name and make a video about it, eventually ditched the idea and did isg 9 and the quizzes video bc they were quick and easy to do in the midst of everything else happening in their lives (which we now know was moving and a shit ton of prefilming for dapg for while they were on vacay), and also probably bc he thought it would be fitting to make the user name video his last video in his old room before starting to film in the new place. 

Casefile #0139
The Riddler

Casefile #0139

anonymous asks: The interpretation of Edward Nygma on Fox’s Gotham?


anonymous asks: I was wondering how you felt about the show Gotham?


anonymous asks: How do you feel about the newest version of you from the fox show Gotham, any thing they got wrong?


zoemoegames said: Riddler, I was wondering what is your opinion of how the Gotham TV Series has decided to represent you?

[Transcript Included Below]

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I can't be the only one who is trying to think how would Tomoyani (I may have spelled his name wrong. I might have murdered his name) how he kiss someone.

Tokoyami Fumikage but he is known as Toko-yummy here. Honestly, I don’t think that he can kiss. How can he? He has no lips. So his s/o presses little kisses to the tip of his beak and face. Tokoyami would probably just nuzzle his head against you in an affectionate gesture (I’ve seen birds do it). At least, that’s what I think. 

awkward-nerd-in-some-fandoms  asked:

Star labs and Team Arrow reactions to Ray bringing home Mick and Barry bring home Len.

Ray is not particularly nervous about the dinner right up until the moment he rings the doorbell. Mick is right by his side, scowling at the door like it has personally offended him, or like he’s expecting the evening to take a particularly unpleasant turn. Ray had to wheedle for about an hour before Mick relented to make an appearance, but he’s here, and Ray thinks that’s what matters in the end.

He did ask Felicity if he could bring someone - it never occurred to him to mention that someone was Mick Rory. His presence in Ray’s life has been a constant, a fact, and most people Ray talks to these days are aware of that, so it never crossed Ray’s mind to specify.

When Felicity opens the door, though, Ray wishes he said something; her eyes widen when she spots Mick and she almost takes a step back, but she schools her features almost immediately.

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we never did have a chance

because if ron and hermione got a moment during the battle at hogwarts so did harry and draco

Everywhere Harry looked there was complete and utter chaos. Pieces of ceiling were falling down, spells were flying left and right, people were scrambling back and forth. It was hard to tell who was fighting for who. 

“Potter,” Draco grabbed onto his arm tightly; so tightly Harry thought he might lose blood flow. “How in Merlin’s name do you suggest we get out of here?”

“We’re not getting out of here,” Harry turned to look at him. His glasses were cracked and dust covered the lenses. It was hard to make out Draco’s features, but he was sure he looked just as scared as Harry felt. His heart pounded away in his chest and he could feel blood on his temple. Whether it was his or someone else’s he didn’t know. “We have to fight.”

“He’s going to kill me,” Draco’s voice cracked. “I’m dead if I go out there. I can’t do this.”

“Draco I do not have time for-” 

“Listen to me!” Draco yelled, moving his hand up to Harry’s shoulder. Harry was suddenly standing in Dumbledore’s office begging for people to just fucking listen to him. “For once forget everything else and just fucking listen to me!”

Draco’s eyes were wild and his chest moved rapidly due to his heavy breathing. Harry took off his glasses and repaired them while Draco watched, his agitation rising. 

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hi mom i just saw your barista!bts and seventeen and omg do you think u can do one for vixx (unless you already did but i couldn't find it in the masterlist) (ps ily and im trash for ur writing) (ily)

Hakyeon is such a social and friendly person, he’d always be at the register giving customers recommendations off the cafe menu and making small talk. He’d remember little details about regulars and it’d be really heartwarming. When you come up to order though, he seems to know just a little more and you wonder if it’s because he’s paying special attention to you (you’re right, he is). 

Ken is kind of bad with orders, he tends to mix them up because he’s too busy playing around or doing something cute to get a customer to buy something more expensive to drink so the boss ends up putting him outside with free samples because Ken could sell a hairbrush to a baldman and he’s just great advertisement for the cafe + the added bonus that he’s tall and handsome. He keeps trying passing you free samples when you walk by in the mornings, but there’s always a cute note attached to them too.~

Leo is an actual barista as in he makes the drinks that are ordered and actually has a lot of fun doing it. He likes to come up with new ideas for the menu, but really just keeps them to himself. He doesn’t like running the register because talking a lot isn’t his forte, plus he forgets people’s names like in the span of a second, but when he sees you order he kind of just smiles to himself and everyone is like “……..what’s….Leo…up to…..?” plus he always get the spelling of your name right. 

Hongbin is a little too nervous to work the register and if spooked by Ravi walking behind him or something like that he might spill the coffee so he goes out in his little apron to wipe down tables and mop the flowers and to be honest the boss is like “He’s pretty, that’s why we keep him around.” and it secretly hurts Hongbin’s feelings but then he meets you and you always talk to him while he’s cleaning and you’re genuinely interested in how he’s doing and it makes working in the cafe totally worth it for him. 

Ravi is also a barista who works the coffee machines with Leo, but unlike Leo he actually laughs at Ken’s antics and tries to engage in conversation with the patrons. He’s kind of daydreamy every now and then so he once let the milk overflow out of the cup he was pouring it into, except that one time he also happened to be staring at you so Leo let it slide. 

Hyuk is also on the register alongside Hakyeon. He can make coffee and all that, but sometimes his size really gets in the way. If there’s more than Leo and Ravi workin the back, having another over-six-feet-tall boy there doesn’t really add much help so he just smiles and cutely draws emojis on people’s cups and receipts and things like that. For you though, he like legit draws a bunch of stas around your name, it’s very cute. 

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who is calling people hood rats and all that crazy stuff? i haven't seen that. is it someone that i might already have blocked?

They haven’t done it recently, but they have a history of doing it periodically and it’s etceteria or however you spell his name.

Like these bloggers I follow seem nice, but like how can you follow and reblog someone like that?

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Okay what about a headcanon with Ignis like this; You lost your memories, you have amnesia. You woke up into a dirt street and ignis is finding you. How he would help you and what would happen if they got closer and got feelings?

Duuuuuude someone please write an actual fanfic with this plot :))))


~ Ignis was driving to pick up some ingredients one day when he found you laying on the side of the dirty road. Of course he would stop to help you

~ When you tell him you don’t remember anything about your past besides your name, Ignis decides to take you back to his house and care for you

~ He’s a pretty intelligent individual and starts the theorize what might have happened to you and how to help you get your memories back

~ Over the next two months, you help him out with cooking for Noct and the others, chores around the castle, and eventually go demons hunting with the crew

~ Noctis recruits you as a Kingsglaive and Ignis teaches you how to summon a weapon and cast spells.

~ One day the two of you are in Ignis’ living room reading and you both reach for the same blanket because it’s cold. Your hands brush and you feel a spark. Blushing, Ignis asked if you wanna share the blanket. That’s when you two fall in love, reading together under the same blanket

~ A few weeks later, the five of you encounter a strong demon that ends up hurting you. You’re thrown across the battlefield and knock your head painfully against a rock. You lose consciousness and pass out

~ Later you wake up in Ignis’ bed. Bandages are wrapped all over your body. But, you seem to finally remember everything.

~ Ignis walks in the room to see you awake and crying. He runs to you concerned but when you tell him that you have your memories back, he smiles brightly and hugs you

~ You thank him for taking care for you. He nods and pulls you into a passionate kiss. You respond with just as much force and love

~ Ignis asks you to continue living with him, which you gladly accept

Glitch (40k) by @simplestardust

“He’s not hot!” he said, spitting the last word.

“I think he is. If you don’t, you’re the one who has issues.”

“It’s not that he’s not…” Grantaire gritted his teeth and made a choking sound. “He’s not hot, he’s… he’s beautiful. It’s like he was sculpted by Michelangelo. Or by the gods themselves.”

“Are you fucking kidding me.”

“Normal people are hot. Idiot celebrities are hot. Enjolras, he’s… he shines. He-”

“Oh my god, would you just shut up, you sound like a moron. He’s hot. End of.”

Love at First Sight by @nerds-are-cool 

The reaction is instantaneous. The blond guy spins around, turning to face Grantaire fast as lightening. His eyes are wide and he looks startled.

Grantaire returns the stare and sings the rest of the song, ignoring the way Courfeyrac and Combeferre are staring and muttering. When he’s done he sets the guitar down on the ground and stands up, raising one eyebrow at the stranger, a challenge.

Love Is Touching Souls (14k) by @theladyragnell

“Tell me if I do anything you don’t want, or if I’m not doing anything you do, okay? We’re going to have cliché soulmate sex and stare in each other’s eyes and probably trace our names a lot, brace yourself.”

perfect for you (13k) by nightswatch

“So, what’s the problem?” Jehan laughed. “You can’t be together because your marks don’t match?”

Grantaire rolled his eyes. “Right.”

Jehan propped up his chin on his hands. “He’s fond of you.” He smiled. “I mean it,” he added when Grantaire gave him a doubtful look. “Those marks don’t mean anything. That’s what he’s fighting for, he doesn’t want them to constitute who people should be with. He wants everyone to be able to choose. And you do the same.”

some things you just can’t plan (3k) by slightlytookish

“How do you spell that?”

Enjolras feels the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end as he slowly turns to face the barista. By some early morning miracle they are the only two people in the shop, so there’s no chance that the question might have been directed to someone else. He stares hard at the barista as he reaches for a cup, his eyes darting between the guy’s dark curls and stubbled jaw before finally settling on the nametag he’s wearing (Grantaire, Enjolras notes distantly, and that looping scrawl spelling out his name looks horribly familiar), and finds himself speechless for the first time in his life due to sheer panic.

“You can’t be serious,” he manages after a long moment, because a) is this really happening right now, b) how does someone not know how to spell Tom, and c) is his soulmate really someone that can’t spell Tom????

you often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it (2k) by crooked  

From the expressions on their faces alone, Courfeyrac would’ve known what had just happened between Enjolras and Mystery Wallet Returner. But he’s seen Enjolras in his boxers (and less because what trio of friends hasn’t dared each other to skinny dip in a canal at some point) and so he knows just what the tattoo on his thigh says. And judging from Mystery’s face, he has Enjolras’ pained protestations somewhere on his body.

Ohhhh,” he says, sliding off the tabletop he’s sitting on. He grabs Combeferre’s sleeve and tugs enthusiastically on it. “This is it! That’s his soul mate!”

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This is the funniest thing I’ve read in months omfg

I present… Kevin. Be sure to check out the original source because the OP goes into more detail/elaborates on some things in later comments.


It’s not uncommon as a teacher to have students who are a bit behind the curve in certain aspects, but 99.99999% of the time they are keen on something. They might not understand how to identify a noun or what theme is, but they somehow know how to make a mean plate of nachos. You learn pretty quick to not judge fish for their tree climbing ability, ya know?

I thought this was the rule when I was teaching until I met Kevin. Kevin isn’t his real name, but it doesn’t matter because he can’t spell it anyway. Kevin was a student of mine during my last year of teaching. He came to my classroom with very little to show for his academic past. He had moved a few times and thus was missing a lot of typical test scores that we use to try and ballpark their ability (Don’t worry, it was a ballpark…..we didn’t make major decisions until we actually had a chance to talk and work with a student for a bit.) I thought “That’s fine. I’ll just do some one-on-one with Kevin and see what’s up” One on One with kevin was like conversing with someone who’d forgotten everything in a freak, if not impossible, amnesia incident. There was no evidence that he had learned anything past the 2nd grade….and now he was in 9th grade. Flabbergasted, I figured we needed to get more serious with this. If he was going to be in my class, I needed to know why and how.

I decided to meet with him, his guidance counselor, his parents, and another teacher to see what was really going on. This is where it all became clear. It was by some incredible fluke that his family hadn’t been wiped off the face of the Earth years ago. Odds are his entire heritage was based on blind luck and some type of sick divine intervention that saves his family every time a threat presents itself. Kevin was the genetic pinnacle of this null achievement. Even my instructional lead, a woman who could find a redeeming trait in a Balrog, failed to see any reason this kid or his family should be alive today.

So here’s a list of events that made it abundantly clear that god exists and he’s laughing uncontrollably.

  • Kevin frequently forgot when/where class was. On more than one occasion, I had to retrieve him from other classrooms.
  • Kevin ate an entire 24 pack of crayons, puked, and then did it again the next day. This is 9th grade. I have no idea where he got crayons.
  • Kevin’s dad wrote tuition checks and mailed them to me…his English teacher. This was a public school. When I gave it back to Kevin, voided, to give to his dad with a brief note explaining that this is a public school, Kevin got in trouble for trying to spend it at 711 after school.
  • Kevin was removed from the culinary arts program after leaving a cutting board on the gas stove and starting a fire….twice
  • Kevin threw his lunch at the School Resource Officer and tried to run away. He ran into a door and insisted it wasn’t him.
  • Kevin stole my phone during class. I called it. It rang. He denied that it was ringing. (Not that it wasn’t his, not that he did it…, he denied that the phone was actually ringing). He tried it three times before the end of the year.
  • Kevin called the basketball coach a “Motherfucking Bitch” during gym. Basketball tryouts were that afternoon. Kevin tried out. It didn’t go well.
  • Kevin’s mom could never remember which school he went to. She missed several meetings because she drove to other schools (none of which he ever went to)
  • Kevin tazed himself in the neck before a football game
  • Kevin kept a bottle of orange koolaide in his backpack for about 4 months. He thought it would turn into alcohol. He drank it during homeroom and threw up.
  • Kevin say the N-word a lot. Kevin was white. The highschool was 84% black. Kevin got beat up a lot.
  • Kevin stole another student’s Iphone….and tried to sell it back to them.
  • Kevin didn’t understand that his grade was dependent on tests, quizzes, homework, classwork, and participation. Kevin finished his first semester with a 3% average. He tried to bribe me with $11.
  • Kevin spit on a girl and said “You should get out of those wet clothes”. The girl was the Spanish Student Teacher.
  • Kevin didn’t know dogs and cats were different animals.
  • Kevin tried to download porn onto a computer in the library… the circulation desk….while he was logged on.
  • Kevin asked a girl to prom (he was in 9th grade and freshmen don’t go to prom) by asking for her phone number and then texting her his address
  • Kevin got gum in his hair, constantly.
  • Kevin regularly tried to cheat on assignments by knocking the pile over, grabbing one before I had picked them all up, and then writing it name on it wherever there was room.
  • Kevin had several allergies, but neither his parents nor he could remember what they were. They were very concerned that “the holiday party” (it’s high school, we don’t have those) would have peanuts. When they finally got a doctor’s note….he was allergic to amoxicillin
  • Kevin and his parents took a trip to Nassau (how the fuck did they even get airline tickets?) and forgot all their luggage at home. I didn’t believe him when he told me until I talked to him mom, who told me 1st thing when I saw her at the bi-weekly meeting.
  • Kevin’s grandfather apparently died in a chainsaw accident. I can only assume God was looking the other way that day.

lemurianprincess  asked:

Do you summon your spirits or did you come across them at an online shop? If so, may I ask where? I am a spirit companion too, but I don't really like the shop I found my spirit at. I'm looking for other places. Thanks :)

I came across them through some sellers! I’d love to learn how to conjure one day, but maybe later on down the line when I have my own home! (Need that peace, you know?)  Anyway, I would call these sellers reputable, as I’ve always had activity with their spirits/entities, or just have had pleasant experiences with the seller themselves. Some wouldn’t agree with me, but this is my take on them. I’ll be more than happy to link you to them as well!

Blujay76 (Jamie) - I’ve worked with her and her spirits for about four years now! She’s a sweet woman, but is a little slow to reply to emails now and days. I believe there’s some health issues in her family at this moment in time, so that might be the reason why. She’s always willing to help though.

JulesMagickMoon (Jules) - She’s been around for a while and her vessel quality is pretty great, from what I’ve seen! My guardian angels came from her and their vessel is exceptional, I’d say! Prices are kind of steep for my taste but her spirits/entities are very much active!

Citrine Stars (Caron) - I love the energy I’ve sensed from her spirits, and Caron herself is a delight to talk to! She’s always offering support and just comes off as the most caring person! The times I’ve spoken with her, she always responds within a day or two! Prices are fair, I’d say…I would be lying if I said I didn’t have trouble connecting to her spirits at times though, but that’s mostly my fault. (Depression can be a p.o.s sometimes. Not the entity’s fault) :/

Wintermournings - This lady is pretty sweet too, but her store is “away” at the moment. I’m not too sure when she’ll be back. She specializes in Vampires of all kinds! Her customs are priced very well! The thing is though, the vessels they’re in are usually tiny gemstone beads. Considering how present her entities are though, it’s not a bad trade off. You can get better vessels for them anyway later on down the line when you bond with them! (I kind of see it as a great chance to bond and see where their taste lie when it comes to vessel shopping anyway, but I know not everyone is like that.)

Eternus Amici (Jessica) - I personally know the ladies that run the shop and I consider them to be my friends! They’re very knowledgeable with the entities they have. Jessica runs it for the most part, and she responds promptly to the messages received. I know she’s spoken to some people over on Skype, and I think that’s pretty cool for a seller to do that. First time I’ve seen something like that done, anyway. Vessel pricing…it’s costly, I won’t lie. Their entities are very much present though.  I’ve never had a custom done, but they’re relatively reasonable considering the other’s I’ve seen. Jess is pretty nice and understanding! Always willing to answer questions about the entities she has!

Jinandtonics - They’ve been around for a good while, and have a interesting selection to choose from! I’ve been a huge fan of their dragons, and I have a Sea Dragon from them who’s very subtle, but his energy is soothing. Like a gentle breeze on a spring day! I’ve enjoyed his company for the past 3 years now. I’ve never really messaged them with questions, so I don’t know how they are in terms of responding and stuff. They only give you the name of the entity, as they feel like their companion should be the ones to bond with them and get to know their personality. Not a lot of people like that approach, but it’s a good inciter to really bond with your companion! Their customs are priced reasonably well, and their prebounds…well, they’re somewhat pricey to me but hey, that’s just me.  They don’t have sales much, but around December, I believe they have like a 30% - 50% off sale…? Don’t quote me on that though!

Dolphinwing’s Healing -  FB Group (Leisa) - Leisa is the sweetest lady, I’m telling you! She’s a delight and just absolutely oozing with kindness. She hosts events every month that includes reverse adoptions and various auctions for certain spirits that present themselves to her during the event. She’s open to all questions about her spirits/entities and responds in a prompt manner!  She’s currently away on vacation and won’t be back until December 3rd though.

Moonspirit Boutique (Alexendaria) - I’ve been talking to her for maybe a month now? Something along the lines of that, and she’s pleasant as can be! She might come off as a little “strong” for some, but she’s willing to sit down and address any questions you might have in regards to what she does, and the entities she works with! Her customs are reasonable, and she’s very personable. I don’t have any companions from her, but I’ll still vouch for her. She might be young, but she’s way more professional than the 40+ year olds that have been in the online Spirit Keeping community since the start. That says a lot, if you ask me.So click on her link with confidence.  Hopefully I’ll be called to one of her entities someday, haha.

Mystic Morning Treasures (Lisa) - Lisa has been around for a long long time, and for good reason! Her prices are more than reasonable and her custom conjures are too! She responds within 24 hours of sending your message and is always willing to answer your questions. I’ve kind of felt intimidated by her a little bit but she’s really a nice lady. She didn’t do anything to make me feel uncomfortable, I just always feel like a dork when I message conjurers and stuff though.

Magickal Menagerie - FB Group(Carmen and co.)- This group is really understanding. I had a calling to a Qilin of theirs and messaged them about it. We talked and I mentioned I didn’t have enough to pay him at the time. He was like $25, but I only had $20, but since the Qilin audibly manifested, it was a legit call and Carmen was willing to lower the price for that reason. Received a little freebie and a “thank you!” card and it was just a overall awesome experience. They have a reverse adoption events here and there but I’ve never been able to catch any of them, so I can’t say much about them.

Lilith’s Treasure Tavern (Lilith) - Lilith is a great person! Has all sorts of entities in her store. The one’s I have from her are quite strong and even if you’re not sensitive, you’ll be able to sense them in the room. Her prices are a bit high but if you’re feeling a real call to the spirit/entity, don’t be afraid to shoot her a message! Even if it’s not the entity you’re messaging about, she’ll check to see if someone else was actually trying to grab your attention! She’s also super kind! The thing is though, if you order from her, you’ll need to be at your house to receive the package. (You have to sign for it, you see!) That part is a little annoying but if you don’t mind that, she’s fantastic!

The Dragon’s Library - Etsy - (Kaitie) -  I’m friends with her too and she’s fantastic! I don’t have any spirits from her personally but the vibes that I get from them in her store really puts me at ease! I wish she was around when I was starting out as a companion!  If you’re feeling uncertain or anything, I encourage you to send her a message! 


The following are sellers I haven’t spoken with or dealt with, but I figured I would leave links to them so you can give them a peek!

Dark Desires


Mystic Oceans (Etsy, FB Group: Magickal Shoppe) - I’ve heard really great things about her. She post the majority of her entities in the Magickal Shoppe now and days since Etsy slammed their ban hammer on spirit related things. It’s also a place where a handful of people post/sell other metaphysical stuff as well as Wicca/Witchcraft and spell related things, so it’s a pretty chill place! There’s also another conjurer in the FB group named James who runs Magick and Mysticism, but his entities are way cheaper in the group.

I hope this helps you! I know of a few other sellers but they’re not coming to mind at the moment, so I might update this list later! I know how you feel about not liking the store where the spirit reins from. Oh Gods, do I know. I hope you have luck with some of the ones listed here though! If you need me to talk more about any of the sellers above, I’ll gladly do so! Just shoot me another message! ^-^

If anyone else reading this wants to join the FB groups listed, please read their rules before joining. Be respective of them as well. Don’t jump in there and act like a unruly child. These people don’t have to accept you and if they do, you should be grateful. So leave your drama at the door if accepted.

Cool? Cool.

“For old time’s sake,” says Lucius, sitting down next to his son.

Draco rolls his eyes, “Really father, I don’t think-“

“Too old for such foolishness, or scared of losing?” Lucius asks him.

Please. You’ve never played Quidditch in your entire life.”

“Ah,” says Lucius, stretching out his legs, “I haven’t. But your mother has. She was very good too.”

“I’m not going to play Quidditch with mum.”

“No. I suppose not. But you might, at the very least, pretend to be happy, for her sake.”


Draco’s earliest memory of Christmas involves him running out on to the lawn, his new broom in his hand (and a trail of paper-wrapping in his wake), demanding that they all come and play Quidditch with him.

It’s the first time he sees his father smile genuinely, before settling comfortably on the sidelines while his wife takes up the rather more arduous task of refereeing the match being played between Draco and the house elves.

Not, to say, that Lucius is any less enthusiastic from the sidelines and about halfway through the match he and Narcissa end up arguing over whether Draco has committed a foul or not when he momentarily latches on to the handle of one of the house elves’ brooms and Draco laughs until he has a coughing fit at the sight of his father and mother trading insults aimed at each other and their mothers and their families.

Of course, once Draco starts coughing they abandon their fight and rush to his side and the rest of the memory is now very hazy, but Draco remembers that. Lucius’ cool reserve all gone in a moment and his mother making impassioned defenses over the artistic integrity of the sport (it’s a foul Lucius, if he’s going to foul he might as well do it artistically – he’s five ‘Cissa he doesn’t know how to foul artistically – well he’s your son you ought to teach him).

One of the few rare times he has ever seen them both lose their cool and composed exteriors in the name of good fun.


The next most significant Christmas is his ninth one, because they give him a practice wand and he spends the whole day attempting to do spells and ending up blowing up some priceless artefacts.

Draco doesn’t notice the way Lucius winces every time a priceless vase smashes to pieces, only that his father praises him for being so clever and talented and skilled and the very best.

It’s Christmas, he’s happy, his mother and father are happy and he has a wand and magic and that’s all that matters at nine.


Draco knows that it is as much of an effort for his father and mother as it is for him, to be cheerful these days.

It is more than just the ominous presence of his aunt hanging over their heads.

Perhaps it is the knowledge that for the first he knows that they both know that he is going to fail at what he has been appointed to do and worse still, that they are preparing to receive the worst of the punishment that will surely follow after he fails. Maybe it is the knowledge that all the years that have gone before have been nothing more than mere illusions. Pleasant ones, but illusions nonetheless.

“We have always been a happy family,” says Lucius, presently, “Perhaps not the warmest of families, but both Narcissa and I have given you what we never received as children.”

“You raised me to follow in your footsteps,” says Draco with some asperity, “Forgive me if I can’t bring myself to believe you, but if you had wanted me to be my own man, you’d have raised me the same way Charles Nott raised Theo.”

Lucius sighs, “We tried, as best we could, to look to the future and predict it in all its nuances. We failed-”

Draco’s head snaps up at that. For his father to admit failure, that is no small thing.

“But,” continues Lucius, “You have the blood of the Blacks and the Malfoys in you and I have no doubt that you will manage as we have always managed.”

“I am not blind, Father. I know –“

Lucius rises, “Draco, my son, whatever happens, we do not wear our hearts on our sleeves,” he places his wand under his son’s chin and tilts it up, “We keep our chins up, cut our losses and carry on. And for your mother’s sake, this Christmas, you will be happy.”

Draco bows his head in assent and is nearly out of the room when he hears the words –

“Merry Christmas, Draco,” Lucius comes alongside him and places something in Draco’s hand.

He opens his hand later, much later and looks at the signet ring in his hand, with the Runsepoors entwined around a sword and their family motto on it.

Sanctimonia Vincet Semper.


In 1998, Draco and Narcissa sit down to eat dinner at Christmas, all alone in rented rooms in Paris and Draco forces himself to smile and entertain his mother, laughing along with her as she methodically dissects Parisian society and skewers it. Cheap and gaudy, like their chateaus with their plaster of paris ceilings and gilded columns.

And over the dinner, it becomes easier. As easy as it will ever be to remember that there are now only the two of them to share their Christmases.

“Chin up, Draco,” says Narcissa, when they’re strolling along the Seine later, “Or you’ll curve your spine.”

He straightens his back and tilts his chin upwards although he knows, just as well as she does, that her words have deeper meaning.

“Merry Christmas, Draco,” she says later, giving him his present.

This is the third present he treasures the most. His father’s pocket watch, now his own. Compared to a broom, or indeed, his first wand, it seems so very trifling, but this is as precious a memory as the times he has seen his mother and father laughing unreservedly – only ever on Christmas – or his father praising him unreservedly (praise offered only rarely after that first day) or indeed, his father passing on his signet ring to him.

“It suits you,” says Narcissa and Draco smiles. Genuinely, this time.

“Merry Christmas, mother,” he says, lightly squeezing her hand.

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教師たちの秘密の放課後 or ‘After School Affairs’ Season 2 Adult of Dormitory Life prologue

Waiting for Kiyonori Taishi and craving more Rikiya story so I find myself reading the S2 prologue for ASA I’ve been saving xD

A rough translation/summary of the prologue. If there is anything inaccurate please let me know. 

beware for spoilers and my rambles. Other than that enjoy!!! 

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Forgetting Love

Request: hi do you think you could make a story where the reader is dating george and then shes by accident hit by a forgetting spell. so they all try to help her remember again and she falls in love with george all over againg and its just so fluffy? Thank YoUU

You woke up with your head throbbing like mad. Your eyes didn’t open just yet, but tons of voices murmured around you. You couldn’t really hear them, but you felt a strong hand squeezing your own. 

“Y/N, you’ll be alright, Y/N…you’ll be alright,” Someone whispered in your ear. 

The name Y/N sounded unfamiliar. Was it supposed to be you? Now that you think about it…what is your name? Fog overtakes your mind once more, and you fall back asleep.

You jolt awake from your slumber, inside what appeared to be a very plain room. You were laying on a plain bed in equally plain clothes. Next to you, a tall orange-haired boy was gripping your hand tightly while he was dozing off in a chair. You didn’t know who he was, but looking at him made your heart go in circles. Did you know him. 

You wanted to call out to him, tell him to wake up and that you were right there, but how could you when you didn’t even know his name? When he probably knew everything about you whereas you didn’t know anything…about anyone!

“Y/N! You’re awake! Thank Merlin!” The boy suddenly woke up and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your neck. 

“I-I….” You tried to find words. This person…who was he and why did he care so much about you? “I’m sorry…but… I don’t know who you are…” You blurt in short bursts, trying not to sound rude. 

The boy immediately backed away, staring into your eyes. “Y-you’re only joking right? Please….please Y/N tell me you’re only joking…” He looked at you with such familiarity…you couldn’t bring yourself to stare into him. Without a word, he let go of your hands and swiftly left the room. 

You lay back in your bed, staring at the windows, wondering how in the world you ended up like this. You remember one thing about this entire experience. You were face down on a grassy plain..and you were pretty sure you were bleeding…but everything else was drawing a blank.

A few minutes later, the boy returned with someone else. He wasn’t even looking at me anymore. His eyes were glued to the ground, always averting mine.

“Hello. I’m Dr. Gina. It has come to our staff’s attention that you’ve been hit with a memory charm and can’t remember some things, is that correct?” The doctor asked. 

“I…I think so..” You answer, digging deep into your mind to find something..anything that might resonate with you at all. You could clearly remember your entire spell vocabulary. List all the essays you’ve done, all the potions you know how to brew, but you don’t remember anything about people. Who your family is, who you can and can’t trust. It was all…gone.

After a bit more discussing about what you do and do not know, you were left alone in the room with the boy, who introduced himself as George, in order to sort things out. 

“So, uh, I guess you know by now that your name is Y/N L/N,” George rubs the back of his neck, trying to think of more things to say.

“So…George…what exactly…happened to me?” You question.

George’s face falls a little. “Well…you were out walking…to get something for me and Fred for the shop..and the next thing we know, you….” George looks down, about to cry. 

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…I mean..ugh this is hopeless,” You bury your face in your hands, trying to see if you can still remember something. You feel a hand on your shoulder and look up to see him softly smiling at you. 

“It’ll be alright…we’ll find a way to help you remember. You ended up better than Lockheart anyway..” George chuckled to himself. You didn’t know what happened to Lockheart, but you gave a small grin, happy to have someone to help.

After that, the day was full of re-introductions. You met George’s twin, his entire family, their friends, your friends, and too many others to count for. You got your identity sorted out for the most part, and you were very glad to know what you did at the end of the day. 

“So, uh, I know it’s strange that you don’t really know us anymore…but you used to live with me and if you’d like a place to stay you’re always welcome to-” George offers. 

“I’d love to,” You beam at him. Something about George just felt so right. He was at your side all the time, making sure you weren’t overwhelmed. Something about the way he looked at you made you think that he was lying about the just best friends thing. 

“Are you ready?” George looks at you like that again, and you felt heat rise to your cheeks. His hand outstretches to reach yours by instinct, and you grab it before he could pull away. 


10x09 "The Things We Left Behind

A Mother’s Love

I adored the Rowena Crowley interactions in this, because she knows exactly how to push her sons buttons. Even though Crowley might not admit it, but secretly he has been longing for family, for a companion. That is to a good extent why he wanted Dean by his side. Of course that wasn’t the real thing, not like Sam and Dean and Cas are family. The demons in hell they might follow Crowley, but they don’t love him, they aren’t family. Not what he craves.

Crowley admitted it in 8x23 “Sacrifice” what he craves, what he wants. he just wants to be loved. And in that regard, it is absolutely genious of Rowena to play on that one insecurity of Crowley. That’s how she gets him in the end. It’s one small word that does the trick.

Aside from that the exploration of identity is pretty amazing here as well since Rowena repeatedly calls Crowley by his real name - you know that is what lifts the spell every time in the fairytales, right. Knowing someone’s real name means power. It’s the same with Smeagol/Gollum in Lord of the Rings, Voldemort/Tom Riddle in Harry Potter or Rumpelstiltskin. Crowley has built his own identity, left his human name behind (but still craves some human things), picked up the pen and write his own story.

For his mother he might always be Fergus, but he identifies as Crowley. Fergus is her truth, not his.

her golden voice

hey guys

haha i think this is the longest fanfic i’ve ever written

it’s kinda waffly but i like it

hope you enjoy

I loved you as soon as I saw you. I loved you before I knew you.

You were beautiful – screaming and crying and kicking, but still beautiful. You already had a full head of hair – my hair. And my eyes. There wasn’t a speck of Davy in you. I loved you so much.

But I knew – I knew – that this wasn’t what he wanted. The greatest mage the world has ever seen hadn’t come to pass yet. It didn’t work.

I could see it in his eyes. The anger. The fury. The disappointment.

And in an instant, I knew – I knew – that he would never love our child. Our Simon.

But that didn’t matter.

All that meant was that I’d have to love you twice as much. And that wouldn’t be a problem.

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