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CPR | Part 3

Hello! This is part 3 of a short fanfic about Dan Howell. We leave off where part 2 ended, so if you haven’t read that yet, you can go read it here!

You parked your bike in its regular spot as you got to school and much to your surprise, your best friend Lily was waiting for you right there. She usually never did this, so something special must have happened to cause this behavior. “What are you doing here? Also, good morning.” You greeted her and you locked your bike before she could take your hand and squeeze it. “Megan saw you and Daniel together. Yesterday. In the park in front of your house.” Lily spoke, obviously excited and confused about this information that had apparently been spreading. “Uh, yeah, we hung out there, yesterday.” You stumble, unsure how to explain this exactly to your best friend without giving her any hopeful ideas. “That is not a casual thing Y/N! What happened? And why did you not tell me? I’m your best friend!” She exclaimed, pouting at you like she usually did when she pretended to be hurt. “You are, and I didn’t tell you because there was no need to. He was just making up for some prank his friends pulled on me, just clearing his conscience. Nothing else. And nothing happened, Lily. I know you.” You squinted your eyes and pointed a finger at her after which the both of you laughed while walking into school. “Okay, I believe you. But I’m sure Megan has already made up some Shakespearian tragedy for the both of you, so I’d watch my back a little if I were you.” Lily assured you and squeezed your arm softly before the two of you separated to go to your individual classes.

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Home Base

It’s a proven fact that when I write Cockles fic I write it for Madd’s birthday.
So have some chubby!Jensen and JMDV family chillen, @deancasheadcanons

Misha isn’t sure how Jensen does it, but here he is, dead asleep in a lawn chair, surrounded by screaming children.

Maison and West are a little older now, but no less rambunctious. They’re curious and confident and full of ideas for adventure, only fostered by their own adventure-seeking parents. Their hyperactivity was only amplified when JJ was around, both of them wanting to be more interesting so JJ would pay attention to them. JJ, for her part, seems to like to play with them both equally, but they wouldn’t be Misha’s kids if they weren’t at least a little competitive.

“Should we take him to a doctor or something?” Misha asks Danneel as they both watch the kids circle Jensen, darting towards him and away again. It seemed to be an involved game of ‘poke the bear’, with Jensen cast as the bear. “It’s not healthy for him to sleep through this, is it?”

Danneel shrugs, taking a sip of her beer. “I think he’s just getting old, babe.” He snorts, rubbing at his own hair, graying despite the last dying he’d had to endure to keep Castiel looking timeless.

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krym-dela-krym  asked:

Hi I just commented on ao3 but I gotta tell you again how much I loved Shrine of Your Lies and how much it hurts my heart. And I want to politely beg you (without being pushy, please only if you want to) with all my heart for a continuation

hi!! i saw your comment on ao3 and obviously this one here and it seems to be the popular consensus that i need to write another part where the boys make up and everyone is happy and they’re happy with each other and i’m not gonna lie, that was how the fic was supposed to end. they were supposed to realize how much they love each other and they are happy and everything but then i was like “does anything really ever go according to plan in the winchester’s lives?”

and the answer to that question would be no. it doesn’t so that meant that obviously i had to end the fic painfully.

however, i am still open, very open to writing another part to the fic where they do make up and things might turn out alright. just not at the current moment. i wrote that fic in a matter of days and so i’m kind of tired of it. i need to rest my brain and work on other pieces but i am thinking about making another part.

shrine of your lies

I’m literally waiting for someone to congratulate me on this development?? Like I tell people and they don’t react or don’t react happily. Someone congratulate me please? XD

EDIT:  ahhh thanks you guys! *throws confetti* I’m gonna be really embarrassed later but for now I’m just basking in it lmao

EDIT 2: Now I am embarassed lol knew it was coming back around to bite me.

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So yeah.. about that whole studying for finals thing… I’ve currently fallen into a bottomless pit and can’t seem to stop drawing things from @doodledrawsthings ‘s lovely human Bill au and @videogamelover99 ‘s amazing fics.


Pride and Prejudice as a modern tale of music & love.

Elizabeth Bennet (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is an aspiring songwriter. She spends most of her days writing songs, much to her sisters’ amusement. Jane (Lupita Nyong’o) is happy being a quiet accountant, but Lydia (Jessica Sula) dreams of stardom, of singing the songs her sister only wants to write. 

One day, the Bennet sisters are invited to an exhibition for aspiring musicians, attended by some of music’s elite. Most notably is Fitzwilliam Darcy (Oscar Isaac), the intense singer-songwriter who criticizes one of Elizabeth’s songs without realizing she’s behind him. Jane meets Bingley (Ruth Negga), Darcy’s beautiful and kind agent. The sisters also meet George Wickham (Scott Michael Foster), the infamous pop star.

Elizabeth finally finds a hit song when she writes the song “Proud” about the interaction with Darcy, which becomes a YouTube sensation when Lydia performs it for her vlog. As their lives become more intertwined, Darcy becomes suspicious of Jane’s affections for his agent. As Jane and Bingley fall apart, his interest in Elizabeth grows. He writes a song for Elizabeth called “Ardently”, which confesses his attraction for her at the same time as belittling her station as an amateur, her stardom-seeking sister, and his own reservations about her. 

Elizabeth is not amused.

The two continue to circle each other as Elizabeth is signed as a songwriter by his label, Pemberley, and they begin to work on writing songs together. Things are interrupted, however, when they discover that Wickham has been manipulating Lydia with promises of the spotlight.

UGHHH i am so sorry. JUST… i’m speechless. words can’t describe how much i love this scene


Yixing + plushies and kisses

Darling, just hold on ♡