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Commenting on Fanfic: A how-to guide for not being an asshole. Even unintentionally.

You’ve just read a fanfic that has left an indelible impression, and the siren song of the comment box is calling your name. It begs for you to send your opinion to the author… but should you? Are your thoughts really helpful or encouraging or even all that important?

Well… lets break it down! What do you want to say, and should you say it? And if you should, what should you say?


I want to flail at them because their writing is amazing! My comment would be nothing but effuse praise and adulation.

Full speed ahead, captain! By all means! You post that comment! Write for days! There is not enough positive feedback in all the world if you’re a fanfic author. We drink that shit up like it’s the blood of the innocent.

And if you feel awkward about commenting on explicit fic, don’t fret. We’ve all been there. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but if you want to say something positive about an explicit work, go for it! We wrote explicit fic. We know why you’re here.

Something to consider: While, “THIS IS AMAZING! FLAILING FOREVER! THANK YOU!” is an awesome compliment to receive, it isn’t the same as positive feedback. If you’d like to have a bigger impact on an author that you really enjoy, comment with something specific about their writing and how it moved you. 

- “I liked the way you decribed <specific thing here>. It made me feel like I was part of the story.”

- “Your word choice here was amazing!” 

- “ *cut and paste a small section of dialogue or action* This was my favorite part.”

This is not necessary by any means. Flail-comments are still the greatest thing ever, and are the best part of any writer’s day. It’s not a matter of one being better than the other. It’s about what sort of impact you want to have on the writer. Praise and flailing are ego and mood boosters and are sure to help us keep writing, and writing more of what you like. Specific positive feedback is a great way to help a writer find and improve their voice when writing. 

And “thank you” is always nice. It’s good to acknowledge that fic writers do this on their free time, and let them know that you appreciate it.


This fic is amazing and I want to encourage updates or ask when it will be updated!

Tread carefully here. While on one hand, you could simply be meaning to encourage a writer to keep writing, but I know a lot of writers (particularly who start publishing before they are finished) that get anxious over requests for updates. Be mindful of your wording, and be sure you tell the author that you’re enjoying the work. Keep it positive and encouraging. 

Remember that fanfic authors have lives outside of writing fic. There may be some real world obstacles in the way of their fic writing, and guilting them about updates will not help. And in fact, it may hinder their ability to write. Not everyone responds well under pressure when it comes to creative outlets.

Something to consider: Pair your request with compliments! And avoid outright demands for updates.

Do: “This story is so amazing. I really love your pacing throughout the chapters. The suspense is amazing. I can’t wait for more! Thank you so much for writing!”

Don’t: “When are you updating? I’m dying here!” or “Update soon !!!”


Eeek! This fic I really love has a typo/grammatical error! Can I tell the author in a comment?

Pause for a moment! We are now treading into the dangerous land of uninvited criticism. While your intentions are no doubt good, this could very very easily be taken the wrong way. Or just flat unwanted for whatever reason. This is criticism that is coming quite possibly from a total stranger. There are a few things to consider.

First, check the author’s notes on the fic itself. Do they state that it’s unbetaed and invite corrections? Some do! Myself included when I publish something that has been edited by no one but myself. I know I miss things. When this is the case, I always put an invitation for corrections in my author’s notes, and many other fic writers do the same. Or they put it in their author bio on their main page. 

If you see no explicit invitation for corrections, do not do it. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care how egregious the errors are. It is quite simply not your place.

If you do see an invitation for corrections, a few steps are advised. First, go leave a comment on the fic. Make no mention of the corrections there. Just let them know you enjoyed it and thank them for their work. Then, send them a private message, not anonymously, with a gentle wording of the correction. Don’t do this in a comment that everyone can see. There’s no need to be exhaustive if you’ve caught a lot of errors. Sometimes just one or two corrections are enough to make an author go back through with a fine-toothed comb themselves. Then, thank them again in the private message and lay on a compliment or two there as well.  Again… this is not their day job, nor are you their writing professor.

Do: In a private message, “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I absolutely loved your fic “Fic from the Pairing X.” You invited spelling corrections in your author notes, and I wanted to let you know that this word was mispelled here.” *copy/paste line where mispelling takes place* “Your work is incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share with us! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: In a public comment, “I found errors X, Y, Z, AA, BB, and CC.”

Something to do instead: If you’ve got a good eye for editing, and you’re really interested in helping out fanfiction writers, consider becoming a beta reader. I see requests for beta readers all the time, particularly from people writing in their second/third/fiftyseventh language, and some of the more established fandoms have lists of beta readers. Just know that this can sometimes mean forming a relationship with a writer that goes beyond just comments on their work. Part of what makes unsolicited corrections icky is that they’re coming from total strangers.


The author did not appropriately tag something! Can I tell them?

This is a similar situation to the above scenario with corrections. Even though you may not feel like it be careful, especially with your wording. 

First, consider if there’s something seriously misleading going on? Is the maturity rating wrong? Did they fail to tag triggering material that would have been important to you to know about for safety reasons? 

If it truly is something serious, especially regarding triggering material, very gently tell them using the same method as for corrections. And remember that even though you might be upset, aiming that negativity at the author for what might be an honest mistake or just flat ignorance about tagging is not helpful in the long run.

Do:  “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I really appreciate that you take the time to write fanfiction for our fandom. In your fic, “Character Has a Bad Day” there is a scene that contains XYZ triggering material, but the fic is not tagged as containing XYZ material. Would you please update your tags so that your readers can be aware if they need to be? Thank you again for your work! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: Flame or even shame them in a public comment. Or be rude or angry in the private message. 

Regardless of what the author’s response is, move on with your life. You’re not the fandom police. 


Oh no! I just read a fic and I didn’t like the pairing/ending/a plot twist! I with they had done something else! I need to tell the author!

No, you don’t. 

It’s as simple as that so let me repeat it.

No, you don’t.

Here is where we get into the most valuable tool in a fic-reader’s commenting arsenal. 

Not Commenting.

Yes, it’s true! The option exists to just not comment. You can read something, not like it, and then move on with your life! 

Odds are good the author chose to write what they did for a reason that is personal to them. The idea of changing canon, keeping to canon, shipping a pair, not shipping a pair, or whatever it was spoke to them and they wanted to explore it. Or it was a request from a friend! Regardless, let them do so in peace. 

Or go write your take on the same pairing and write it how you think it should be done. I’ll be honest, I’ve read some fanfic where I’ve gone… “Yeah, I don’t know that I like that. I think I would like this better.” And then I go write it! Or at least bat the idea around awhile until it’s out of my system. Hell… isn’t that what fix-it-fics and non-canon-compliant actually is?

Do: Click the little “x” window. Go read a favorite fic you do like. Leave another positive comment for that author. 

Don’t: Leave negative comments.


That’s the ultimate takeaway here folks. Negative comments are not helpful to fic writers. Full stop. If you feel the author needs to know you didn’t like something, particularly if it has to do with what they chose to write about, or how they chose to portray a character/pairing, I would ask you this:

Why does the author need to know? 

Why does the author need to know about your personal tastes in fandom/fanfiction? Especially if it doesn’t include what they are writing. They aren’t here to cater to you and your personal tastes. That is what fic commissioning is for. That’s what tagging is for. So we all can find what we want to enjoy.

So enjoy things. And let other people enjoy things. And most importantly, let authors enjoy writing the things they feel moved to write about.

This has been a public service announcement.

*vanishes in a puff of feathers and caffeine.*

Writing Dialogue in Stories: Some Tips and Advice

Writing dialogue can be tricky, but I found that I got better as I wrote more conversations. Here are some tips and advice I learned through practice:
Disclaimer: Like I’ve said before, there are no absolute rules for writing. What works for me may not work for you. Feel free to experiment.

1. Condense

If your characters are going to say something, then it should be worth saying. Your dialogue will be smoother if you read it over and cut out the filler. Remove the redundant things and condense. Sometimes it’s better to remove a line entirely and replace it with an action or a description.

2. Listen to people, talk to people

One way to learn how to write great dialogue is to listen to people in real life. Sometimes we don’t realize that some phrases and lines that are often used in fiction might not actually be realistic(if you’re going for realism).
Listening to people and talking to people help you understand the way conversations work. People can get distracted while they talk, they can let their emotions/state of mind affect their words, and they mix gestures and actions and expressions into their speech.

3. Read it out loud

This helps to fix the flow. Say the words, mouth the words. Judge whether or not a certain phrase would be a mouthful or if it would sound awkward.

4. Know that dialogue reveals character

The little details about people always manifest in their words. Sometimes people slip up or their wording hints at something without them realizing it. Let your characters take over. Know that even if they’re putting on a mask in front of other people, sometimes that mask can fall.
While you can reveal character through words, don’t overdo it. Remember that the conversation should blend into the context. Sometimes using words that imply are more effective, and sometimes it’s better to have something dawn on the reader by using hints.

5. Know that dialogue reveals plot

Pick your words carefully. They can help you lead or mislead your reader. Again, don’t overdo it. There are some cases where it would be better to reveal plot in other ways. Dumping information on a reader’s head might make the scene dull or boring to read.

6.Try putting emphasis on actions instead of using fancy dialogue tags

I’m not going to be one of those people who says that all dialogue tags other than said are bad, but overusing different dialogue tags can slow down your reader if they have to consult a dictionary every few lines. 

Personally, I like to replace dialogue tags with actions. It helps ground the conversation and keep the scene in motion. The subtle things like our expressions and our actions are just as important as our words, and it builds layers on the scene when you add that to your writing. It’s likely that your characters aren’t just bodiless voices speaking in a void, so pay attention to the setting and the objects around them.

7. Plan what you can

I like to plan important conversations by writing down lines that should be said. Still, remember that if you’re forcing your character to say something, then it could come off as awkward. There have been points where I’ve had to omit details that I planned because I knew that they wouldn’t fit, and sometimes that happens because you have to accept that you can’t fully control your characters.

8. Keep the setting of your world in mind

Build the world of the story through dialogue by asking yourself questions like:
What expressions were popular at this time? Do the people in this world have concepts of deities and/or heaven?(we often use swears having to do with the people we venerate/religion we practice) What words are considered inappropriate? What class of society does the character belong to and what is their educational background?
There are many more, but these could be a jumping off point. Know the culture and history of the world you’re writing in. Then integrate that culture and history.

9. Have fun with it

Dialogue is one of my favorite things to write, so enjoy writing it and your readers will enjoy it too.

I hope this helped you guys. Happy writing!

Riddler stuff giveaway :D

“Indy, you’ve been saying you’ll do this for like the last YEAR”

I know, and now for reals I am.

The details are under the cut because we all know I talk too much. 

The giveaway is open for entry between 5 pm EST July 1 and 5 pm EST July 14.  I will reveal the winner no more than 48 hours after this period ends, depending on my work schedule at that time.

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Introducing our newest artist, Bea! ( @radicalhoodie )

This is the principal’s office-technically Asgore’s office, but one is much more likely to find him in the school’s garden, or in a classroom, “helping” with a lesson. Toriel and Flowey tend to spend the most time here, when not in their own classrooms.

-Dev Nop

And what the promo DIDN’T tell us...

Disclaimer: I really suck at not spoiling spoilers. I’m sorry. I spend so much time trying to put together clues from the obscure (and let’s be real, frequently misleading) comments Martin Gero and the cast make that I forget the rest of you might not be QUITE as obsessed with Blindspot as I am. (In which case, I’m not entirely sure why you’re following me, but thank you and I’m glad you’re here!) I will TRY to remember to tag my posts as spoilers, but honestly, anything that looks like me rambling on trying to figure out what’s going on probably contains some sort of spoilers, so feel free to skip to the ones that are obviously gifs or clearly labeled as “fanfic.”

Anyway…. we got a few clues from the S3 Blindspot promo that NBC slipped onto the air without telling anyone. But a few huge questions remain:

When/where/how was Jane tattooed? MG told us that Roman is behind them and that the new tattoos sometimes refer to the first layer of tattoos, which made sense since 1) Roman is hella mad at Jane, and 2) he is one of the few people (or the only one?) left with the knowledge of the first layer of tattoos. But Jane seemed pretty surprised to discover she turns into a human Lite Brite, so apparently she didn’t know she had been tattooed. So when would Roman have done this? Jane would ostensibly have gone into hiding immediately after she left Kurt. So if the assassins couldn’t find her… how would Roman? Unless… Jane has been in contact with Roman. It seems in character for Jane to decide that if she was going to be a fugitive anyway, she might as well use that time to hunt her brother down. (And she might suspect him of being behind the hit.) When Kurt found her in Nepal, she immediately asked if Roman was behind the team being abducted… which would suggest that she is aware that he is still out there and up to something, which is information she didn’t just happen to hear from the monks while hanging out on a mountain for eighteen months. So what was Jane up to while she was running from assassins?

We’ve been told that the tattoos contain secrets about the team. Now are they secrets from before she joined the team (I assume that Shepherd knew every deep, dark secret about every single thing they ever did, so Roman would likely have known too) or secrets from what they’ve been up to during the two year time gap? If the latter, then the tattoos must be fairly recent, in order for the team to have had time to acquire said secrets and for Roman to have learned about them and incorporated them into the tattoos. (Although I still want Jane to learn about Tasha’s gambling and the fact that she sold Jane out to Carter in order to pay her debts.)

All of which means…. Jane left Weller, was off doing something somewhere for some period of time (trying to find the person who ordered the hit, perhaps?) before coming back into contact somehow with Roman (either with or without her knowledge).

Which brings us to the second big question: Who ordered the hit on Jane? It can’t have been Roman. If he wanted her dead, he would have just killed her, instead of going through all the trouble of designing fancy tattoos and abducting her. But since he didn’t, he must not have been the one to order the hit. So who else would want Jane dead? 

Shepherd would be a likely candidate, since Jane ruined her grand plan. But Shepherd is in jail and apparently isn’t going to play a major role this season. And it’s not very likely that Nas and Keaton are letting her have visitors or access to her bank account in whatever hole she is occupying. So someone else in Sandstorm? We know that her inner circle is basically dead, except for Jane and Roman. So someone above Shepherd? Where did Sandstorm get their money? We saw Roman withdrawing money from a trust fund with Alice’s name on it, but where did that money come from originally? Was it really Alice’s, or was it from someone else, just being held there for Alice to come and collect, or Ian in the case of her untimely demise?

Or was the hit ordered by someone outside of Sandstorm? We know that Orion had ordered a hit on Remi once before. If Shepherd gave them any information at all, it was likely of the “I am writing all the wrongs of the universe” variety, which would probably include information about Orion/how corrupt the government is. (Honestly, I would expect Shepherd to mysteriously die in custody before she could talk too much.) So whoever was in charge of Orion– remember, there are still a few players we have yet to meet, like the White House Chief of Staff or the Director of the CIA– is still out there and might want Jane silenced before she has a chance to reveal anything that she knows. (And I’m gonna guess that since they were hinting so heavily about it at the end of last season, her memory is coming back, which would increase her liability to the Orion side.) Plus, if it’s the government, they’ve got some pretty deep pockets to hire assassins, ahem, consultants

All of which is a really long way of saying that in the world of Blindspot, we are all Jon Snow.

Supergirl: Gender, Race & Shipping

Full disclosure: I am currently working on a research project about fan ship preferences within the Supergirl fandom for part of my grad degree, which I will happily describe more in a separate post if anyone’s curious. If this is a topic you’d like to discuss on the record, let me know!

Okay, so. A lot of speculation goes on in the Supergirl tag about about how people behave when they create & consume fanwork with regard to which characters get loved/hated/ignored/portrayed in problematic ways. There is definitely some truth to those complaints, but it’s a bit more complicated than we’d all like to think. 

As of the end of October, I’ve now spent a full calendar year performing data collection/content analysis on the AO3 Supergirl tag to see what people are actually doing … and the answer is: not entirely what you’d assume based on tumblr discourse. There is, however, some weirdness I cannot explain via numbers & patterns alone, which is where I suspect the issues with bias lie, so… opening it up to y’all for more insight.

First off: we can’t talk about interest in any male character in this fandom without first acknowledging that a whopping EIGHTY-NINE PERCENT of all the fic on AO3 produced to date is focused exclusively on the women, either romantically or platonically.

This fandom, as a whole, doesn’t give a shit about any of the guys. How do we know this? Because that sliver of 9.7% includes sixteen different M/F ships – meaning that any one het pairing makes up an average share of less than 1% of all the Supergirl fics on AO3. (The six slash pairings combined, meanwhile, also account for only 1% of all fic.)

Second: Which male characters get love from authors vs. readers? Again: not entirely who you’d expect if you just listened to tumblr.

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On Ashley (Stick with me, This might get interesting)

(yooooo. I’m already seeing a bunch of Ashley hate in the tags on the director commentary post. I feel like my summary may have been misleading so I figured I’d better post the verbatim transcript of the whole ashley/chris conversation before I unintentionally fuel a war with shoddy info.)

Why does ashley tell you to shoot her but then locks you out anyway? Did she panic or was that just a mistake in development that got overlooked? 

Tom: Definitely not a mistake in development, it was very deliberate… definitely planned. Ashley had been through a lot that night, had a gun pointed at her, and fired at her, seen a friend murdered,she’s in a very stressful state. she had a very hard time, and she is unpredictable, its gotta be said..

I’m confused, so did Ashley mean it or did she not?

Jez: or did the player mean it? 

Tom: Well I don’t know if the player meant it. I think ashley.. that was quite deliberate by Ashley, not letting Chris in. yes I think thats definitely the case. 

Jez: Because of what had gone on before. 

Tom: Very upset. Maybe an over reaction? I don’t know. its difficult to judge isnt it, I mean whos been in that situation? I know I havent

Basically the developers confirmed that Ash deliberately killed Chris, but they’re clearly sympathetic to her as well- which we should acknowledge too. The take away shouldn’t be that Ash is a heartless bitch, more like hey, look at what traumatic stress can do to the human psyche. That specific death scene is one of the most obvious examples of inaction causing a character’s death, but this is actually an omnipresent theme in the game. Almost all the characters do it- Matt can choose not to help Em and let her fall to her (presumed) death, Sam complains but doesn’t actually do anything to stop the prank, She can also choose not to save Mike, No one but Beth went running out after Hannah, christ, even Chris does it in the scene immediately after Ash could have done it to him. He sits back and does nothing when Mike shoots Em. Different scenarios, different motives, but does that make any of those deaths more acceptable? Are we in any position to pass that judgement? Josh’s subconscious addresses this theme specifically:

“I don’t know which is worse, actively triggering events that lead to someone’s death, or passively allowing tragedy to occur.”

Man, think about that, not from the perspective of the characters, but as players. We forgive and ignore these other characters’ examples of inaction leading to death because they aren’t as obvious, or we like the character, or we find a way to justify it, but we look at Ashley’s choices and see no redemption? We demonize her for playing god while we are simultaneously playing god ourselves. This is so fucking meta and cool to think about guys. Yes, it’s confirmed that Ash deliberately kills Chris if he chose to kill her earlier, but to only take that info and use it to dismiss the door opening scene with a “Fuck Ashley” is to really miss out on what makes her character, and all these characters interesting and human. The idea that no one is innocent, including the player, and how that doesn’t mean they aren’t still worth saving… it’s really cool.

We’re the players though- We are omnipresent. We have the potential to know and control things the characters can’t, and we do it all from the comfort of our homes. We have the tools to make better choices than these characters ever could in these scenarios. How can we know we wouldn’t react the same way in that situation? I mean, do you really know what you would do? Isn’t it sort of scary to think about? Sorry, I’m getting super off track. Ashley isn’t even my fav or anything, I just think we (myself definitely included) are a bunch of pots callin the kettle black about some of this stuff sometimes. We can take for granted the perspective we have as players, you know? 

I don’t know. its difficult to judge isnt it, I mean whos been in that situation? I know I havent.” (Tom Heaton, Design Director for Until Dawn)


I’ve been seeing quite a bit posts lately about shipping, whether it’s about asking shippers to tone it down, all the way to shippers that seems to take it up their ass when someone else ships a different ship. 

Like are you for real? I’m sure most people would agree with me when I say shipping is purely imagination? Like I think these two look cute together, or they have great chemistry so I ship them. How does this affect anyone else? 

And for the people that is so overly sensitive about the contents (whether its explicit sex scenes, or abuse, etc.) of these fics, it’s just imaginary jfc. It’s created and it stays in people’s head, that’s all, don’t be such a party pooper. If it’s not for you, move on to the next fic, simple. 

Also I saw a post that day that is asking people to not make proof videos or evidence videos of ships because it’s misleading. BRUH. If you believe those videos in the first place, then you stupid, soz nothing can be done and I’m not even gonna waste more time addressing that. 

Was totally not gonna write about this because I thought no one was taking this seriously but now that I’ve seen so many posts regarding this, might as well drop one and be done with it. 

Asktheblueoceangem’s/Wend’s Askblog Tips and Stuff!

Okay, before I answer this, I’m assuming you want to know how to make an askblog like the ones I have. This would be an askblog that gets asks and answers them using fanart that only you or your co-mod has drawn). I’m not going to cover roleplaying blogs or askblogs that don’t use drawn responses.

Yeah, there’s a lot of info here but honestly, it isn’t that hard. I’m just a really wordy person.

Table of Contents: (These are not links btw oops)
-Choosing a Character
-Making the Blog (URL tips, Theme, Icon and Description)
-Managing Your Askblog
-Starting off Your Blog
-Tips and Managing Your Blog (Art, Answering, Tips on Posting and getting questions)

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Update on the DameRey Fan Fiction Collection @ ao3

It’s going well.  The collection can be found here.

We now have 74 works in the collection by 24 writers:

  1. allureofproductivity 
  2. amidalanna 
  3. AquaWolfGirl 
  4. bigsunglasses 
  5. camillamacaulays 
  6. chalantness 
  7. faithharkness 
  8. frostfall 
  9. helluvadameron 
  10. iamvalthepal 
  11. Jadzia_Bear 
  12. koalathebear 
  13. lannisterslioness 
  14. livdameron 
  15. lovesrogue36 
  16. missybennet 
  17. Neutronpenguin 
  18. q_urious 
  19. quilldanced 
  20. Starcrossedjedis 
  21. Starwars_nerd 
  22. StarWarsLover 
  23. ThereCanBeNoRedemptionWithoutBlood 
  24. youareiron_andyouarestrong 

For the authors who have not added their fic to the collection (or are have fic at a location other than ao3), for your ease of reading we have bookmarked 22 fics by the following 15 writers:

  • HerNameWasAlice 

If you are a writer of Rey/Poe, please consider adding your fic to the collection.  If you see a fic, please contact @lannisterslioness, @wonderlandozdreams or @koalathebear and we’ll bookmark.  Or better still, contact the writer and ask her to add her fic to the collection.

The reason why we’re doing this is that if you look on ao3, it says that there are 198 Poe/Rey fics.  This isn’t true at all due to misleading tagging.  If you want to read fic that is Rey/Poe or Rey & Poe, you have to wade through a lot of other ships, too which is great if you have time but not great if you don’t.  This means that people might be missing out on reading Rey/Poe fic so the collection is a great way to make sure you get read by people who are interested in your ship of choice.

Some stats based on ao3.  Based on tags, ao3 has:

  • 5512 Star Wars the Force Awakens fics
  • 1,601 Poe/Finn fics
  • 825 Kylo Ren/Rey
  • 317 Finn/Rey fics (although this poor ship has the same problem as Rey/Poe and I suspect that the actual Finn/Rey fic count is a lot less).
  • 198 Rey/Poe fics.  As mentioned above, the actual number of Rey/Poe fics is less than 100.

Given that Rey/Poe fics (and indeed Rey/Finn) fics) are a relatively tiny percentage of the overall fic count, we need to try to encourage more people to join the ships or at least write for the less popular ships.  What can you do?

  • write fan fic
  • read fan fic
  • do fan art
  • comment on fic you like
  • recommend fic you like
  • comment on fan art you like
  • reblog fan art you like

Fic can inspire fan art and fan art can inspire fic so if you see a fic you like, consider making some fan art from it.

Notes on behaving badly...

This is a true story that needs to be told. 

The following behavior doesn’t belong on Tumblr and certainly not in the Photographic community of Tumblr.

Recently an editor at Lensblr quit over a dispute with Senior Staff about our rules governing the content of posts and the number of times any particular photographer can be published in a 30 day time frame. We have rules regarding these types of things and a host of others.

Like, did you know that:

  • We rarely publish children because we can never be truly sure of the context in which the photo was shot?
  • We don’t publish full frontal nudity?
  • Hate against anyone?
  • Road kill?
  • Bondage, sex acts, and a host of other things?
  • We don’t publish any photographer more than 4 times in a rolling 30 day time frame?
  • Or that photographs from the same artist are generally spaced out by at least 10 days?

This is all pretty mundane stuff and staff members at Lensblr are free to come and go as they please so why an editor would quit over this is beyond our comprehension level.

But that’s not what this post is about. 

This post is about what the (ex) editor did after he quit Lensblr and our effort to publicly set the record straight.

What our (ex) editor did after he quit was to start writing and sending mail to other photographers (who we had previously published) making misleading, defamatory and untrue statements about our policies. For example; He told one very well known photographer that we had “banned” him from further publication. This is completely untrue and fabricated. We do “ban” blogs from appearing in our internal “tracked” pages where we do our curating work but only when the blogs are owned by rebloggers and not “Original Photographers”! Everytime a reblogger uses one of our tracked tags there is a minute risk we might mistakenly publish something that isn’t their own and we only publish work that comes directly from the photographer’s own blog. We are not down on rebloggers, in fact, we love them dearly! The work has to be your original work and not someone else’s in order to be published on Lensblr.

So why do we care?

Because the photographer that our former editor wrote to has clout and influence, as well as a large following, our (ex) editor probably knew that if he mistated, misconstrued, fabricated, and twisted our words around about our policies the photographer might get mad and publish the mail. The only reason anyone would write such a thing to anyone else is to damage or defame another party and in this case it was Lensblr.

Well, the photographer did publish the mail our (ex) editor sent him and then compounded the situation by proceeding to slam us for banning him which, of course, couldn’t be more untrue.


As stated above we do limit their exposure on Lensblr because our Mission is to promote all photography and all photographers and that includes the emerging, the unknown, under published and under appreciated. Our viewers and followers want variety not 30 posts or more per day from the same artists over and over and over again. We need to spread the love around!

To make a long story short we contacted the photographer that published the  (ex) editor’s mail and the post was pulled from his blog. Because the seeds of a lie were planted, we asked for and received a retraction and an apology from the photographer that made the post. This photographer is someone who has had the benefit of being published well over a hundred times in the last three years by Lensblr. 

Okay, so what? Why this lengthy post?

Because, before the defamatory and untrue post was pulled, some of his followers had “liked” the post-including one of the photographers/editors from another curated site (whom we have also published many, many times). This last bit is the most disturbing part of this saga because this “like” constitutes a tacit agreement that these types of false accusations and hit and run tactics are or should be condoned on Tumblr. They should never, ever be condoned.

Why is this relevant to you?

Don’t let lies and innuendo and false accusations permeate your blog. Don’t spread hate. Don’t get caught up in hate. If you see something wrong speak out but get your facts straight first. Don’t fabricate information just because you didn’t get your way. 

Don’t make posts that contain personal attacks on others or “like” posts that contain personal attacks on others.

Please don’t condone this type of behavior!!!

We as a Tumblr community of like minded Photographers can do better than this…


Jim Storment (Editor in Chief, Lensblr-Network)

CPLeblow (Editor at Large, Lensblr-Network)

anonymous asked:

I was on Pinterest and I think I found a photo of you as princess tiger lily is that you?

Yuck. Yeah that is an old photo of me unfortunately.

Actually lets talk about that photo. Now I don’t want to excuse the photo or my actions of doing Tiger Lily makeup, I just want to put a little backstory into it. Basically I saw the 2003 movie of Peter Pan. I saw the makeup they did for Tiger Lily and wanted to recreate the look. So I did. At the time I was maybe 18-19 (so 5/6 years ago.) I was very unaware of how racially insensitive it was. This was back when tumblr wasn’t super popular or had many resources or blogs that discussed racial issues. Actually when I posted the photos way back then I received nothing but positive remarks on how well I did the makeup and lots of encouragement. Now of course I wasn’t consciously being racially insensitive, but it was. I just thought the makeup was beautiful and I didn’t do it for Halloween, but this ISN’T excusable. I won’t post the photo again because I don’t want it hurting any one else. Instead I’ll describe it. The image was me in the exact makeup from the Peter Pan 2003 movie standing in front of a wall. I didn’t darken my skin, I didn’t have any feathers in my hair or anything Native American looking like clothing, it was just the makeup (not that that’s any better.) After watching the behind the scenes footage of the movie years later and learning it was based on a real native design, I immediately took all photos down from every social media site o had access to and even contacted a site to remove a photo as well. *However I don’t know how to get the image removed from Pinterest. I don’t have an account and have no idea how Pinterest works.*

First I would like to apologize again for the photo. Some of you might say “whoa that happened years ago, why apologize now?” - Well I never really did a formal apology on the issue. I didn’t even know the makeup was truly based off a real Native American design (or that the actress playing Tiger Lily was a Haida descendent.) When you accidentally step on some ones foot you apologize, but their foot still remains sore. It’s the same with emotional pain, even unintentional. What I did was offensive so I want to truly apologize to all those who were personally hurt by the image and all those who were not. Next I want to apologize to all those who didn’t think it was offensive. I made it seem like a cool makeup accessory and I mislead you. I made it seem okay to do. Let’s look at the repercussions of my actions. This image is now tagged on Pinterest as “halloween costume” and “sexy” I made room for people to trivialize the importance of the makeup. It was viewed as a costume and sexualize (although I’m not sure why because I wasn’t in a sexy pose or wearing fishnets or anything. It was literally just me standing in front of a wall.)

I’m sure people might try to defend me by saying “wait a minute Ciara didn’t you make a post about your Native American heritage?” And I would like to clarify - I do in fact have distant Native American heritage but from that post I admit to not knowing pretty much anything about it aside from what family has told me all my life, which isn’t much. That being said I refuse to use that as a get out of jail free card to excuse the makeup. (Also I don’t know enough to even say that my heritage used that particular design any ways.)

Sorry for the long post I have more I could say but I’m at work so I can’t really get into this full blown. I don’t want to hide from my actions and I take full responsibility for being awful. I won’t waste time with white guilt, poor me boo hoo, because that accomplishes nothing. I just want this to be seen as something not to recreate.

To be honest, it’s reached a point where I feel really frustrated going into the tags a day or two before scanlations are released. I understand that people are excited to know what’s going to happen in the next chapter, and want to share the spoilers when they’re released, but please read and check before reblogging something.

The images of Natsu that have been going around are not spoilers. One of them is Zippi44’s fanart, and another is an edit of an old manga panel, based on what the original poster thought Natsu might look like. They wouldn’t have been passed around as spoilers if everyone had bothered to take a look at the tags and captions in the original post (that clearly state what these images are) before reblogging. It doesn’t help that some people repost without a source, so people just assume that the images are real spoilers since they don’t know where it comes from.

And fake spoilers? (I’m not talking about those obviously made just for the laughs.) Why would someone even want to make up things to mislead everyone. As a general rule of thumb, any spoiler that doesn’t originate from a Japanese website (even if typed in Japanese) is fake.

By the way, the only spoiler that is real for chapter 418 is the one with the picture of Lucy and the short paragraph accompanying it. The more detailed one has yet to be released. The people claiming to have read the complete spoilers, that is anything longer than what has been posted… I really don’t know where you’re getting it from.

anonymous asked:

I'm your previous Rucas anon. About the previous spoilers, I know what happens in ski lodge and I'm excited for it but honestly I'm a little worried after the misleading upstate spoilers we got that some scenes in ski lodge might be slightly exaggerated by the shippers. I don't usually go through your blog for obvious reasons but I want to see if your spoilers differ in the rest of them. What tags do you recommend for the ski lodge episodes? I just want to know what your take on it was.

My #girl meets ski lodge tag has a lot.

And frankly, it’s not that shippers are exaggerating Ski Lodge 2 spoilers so much as it is that they’re not acknowledging how it doesn’t really connect narrative-wise with what seems to be going on in the episodes going into the two-parter, and they’re also not really acknowledging the fact that we’re missing half the narrative in terms of how they get from Tri/Upstate/TM to the events of SL2. I think SL2 makes sense in terms of the OVERALL narrative of the series as a whole (especially once you account for Maya’s emotional regression and Josh’s role in how things play out), but in terms of just the Tri-SL2 arc alone it doesn’t quite connect, you feel me?

At the taping I was a little bit confused for a few minutes because I was thinking of everything in terms of just this arc contained within itself, but then once I let it sink in for a second, once the importance of SDLM, GLONY, TOS and I Do coming AFTER Ski Lodge hit me, once I thought about it terms of the series as a whole I was like, “oh, of COURSE. This actually makes a lot of sense.”

That said…I will say that “proposal” is REALLY overselling the Rilucas convo. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute and all—I “awwwww-ed” as much as anyone, ngl—but to me “proposal” implies that the conversation was much more deeply romantic than it actually was, ya know? Because many spoilers have been using the term “proposed,” I think a lot of people are envisioning him taking a knee and asking her to be his girlfriend or something like that…but that’s just not what actually happens at all. Their conversation is…it’s actually rather odd once you let it sink in, tbh.

Anyhow, I have largely held off on any serious interpretation of the events of part two because to me, we definitely need part one to understand how they got there from the episodes immediately preceding SL1. For the most part I’ve stuck to clarifying things that have been telephone-gamed to death in terms of misrepresenting tone and what little context we do have.

homophu  asked:

hey, it's me, a "plain 'ol" gay person because you asked. homosexual is an extremely derogatory term. it is a rare day indeed to find a gay person who likes being called homosexual. it has such a negative history that you and your community cannot "redefine" it to suit your needs. it is inappropriate and it needs to stop. let me just repeat this one more time: stop using the word homosexual. it is homophobic. please stop

furthermore, you do realize that gay only means same gender attraction right? it doesn’t inherently mean sexual attraction. same with bisexuality. as a matter of fact, the definition of bisexual, or bi if you prefer, is attraction to multiple genders, not necessarily all in the same manner or capacity. so instead of using the homophobic and biphobic split attraction model, e.g. biromantic homosexual, why wouldn’t someone just call themselves bi? it fits within the definition and isn’t harmful

if you want to further understand how different ace discourse is harmful to the lgbt community, i’d implore you to check out monosexualqueer’s tagged/attraction-division to see why dividing attraction is harmful outside of ace/aro identities. furthermore, i’d ask to not use homoromantic/homosexual and simply use gay/lesbian ace/aro, as well as encouraging het ace/aro people not to shy away from identifying as straight as this helps people deny their straight privilege, which they do in fact have

I appreciate you writing in, as well as sending a resource to look at. 

I definitely can appreciate that, outside of asexual and aromantic contexts, our model of splitting orientation doesn’t work for everyone. I also can understand the history behind homosexual and why some do not want to use it, and I apologize for our insensitive use. It is to each person who feels sexual attraction to people of the same gender to decide if they want to use that term or not, as it is with any term.

The word “gay” has an interesting multitude of uses. It does mean “unspecified attraction to the same gender,” but it also means “men who are attracted to men,” “homosexual men,” and even “anyone who isn’t straight.” Because it has both a variety of meanings and gender-specific meanings, it’s not always the best choice for some people to use, and it’s okay if they don’t want to. The same can be said of many other terms. 

There is a difference, however subtle you might find it, between an abbreviation that is essentially the prefix on its own (such as bi or pan) and a colloquial term (such as gay or straight). Bi can refer to bisexual or biromantic, and because the suffix is not added, that is ambiguous until/unless the person clarifies. It functions as an abbreviation rather than a term unto its own right. 

Moreover, split attraction is not inherently phobic in any capacity - in fact, it is vital for many in the asexual and aromantic community. It probably can be misused to hurt some, but identifying as, say, biromantic homosexual is not phobic. It’s an explanation, in two words, of the feelings “I find people of the same gender sexually attractive but I find people of two or more genders romantically attractive.” That kind of clarity in terminology is really useful. That person might not want to call themselves just bi or bisexual because they don’t find people who aren’t the same gender sexually attractive and have no desire to have sex with them. They could feel it’s misleading or hurtful to say something that they don’t feel is true. 

However, I really hope you notice the hypocrisy in telling us not to use homoromantic and trying to force gay, lesbian, and straight on people who do not want those terms. Every single person is entitled to use the terms they feel best describe them. Additionally, I recommend you read this tag. Because as we’ve said vehemently several times, being heteroromantic asexual or aromantic heterosexual is not the same as being heteroromantic heterosexual, and the privileges heteroromantic aces and aro heterosexuals have are not the same as classical straight privilege because they come at the cost of being out. When ace and aro folks come out, they lose often lose those privileges - which is why we call it straight passing erasure. 


A Guide to Leaving Reviews

Sometimes, you read a story and it makes you feel things and you don’t know how to say it, but you really really want to. Well, friend, you’re in luck! I’m here to help out, because comments are the best thing about writing fanfiction and we need more of those - but they need to be done right.

You liked it

Awesome! You might not know why exactly you loved the work of an author - if you do, that’s great, you can add that in your comment with as many details as you can remember. If you don’t, that’s fine too! Just dropping by to say “I love it” might not seem like a lot to you, but to a writer it’s heartwarming. Please try not to simply demand an update; every writer puts time and energy in a fic, and believe me when I say, they are the first ones who can’t wait to update it! No writer wants a story to be a work in progress for long - it just happens sometimes, and your understanding means the world. If you want the story to be updated quickly, the best way is really to send the author lots and lots of love. 

You did not like it

It totally happens! It’s really okay. Not all stories are for everyone, and sometimes it just isn’t a match. It can be sad, especially when it’s a longer work you’ve been invested in for a while, or a writer you’ve grown to love. If you want to share what you disliked, you are absolutely welcome to do so! However, please keep in mind that the author spent a lot of time and energy on this work, and that they shared a piece of themselves in it. Try to be precise about what didn’t work out for you, while keeping in mind that what turns you off might get someone else invested in a story. Your comment’s goal should be to help the writer better themselves, and not to put them down. After all, we all want more fics in our lives, right?

You are confused about something

Ask the author! There’s no reason to be shy. It’s possible a part of the story has been left open or vague for your own interpretation, or that it’s going to get cleared up later. But it’s also possible that the author hadn’t meant for it to be unclear, and they’ll be glad to know so that they can fix it right away, or later on in the story. Simply state in a light, non-aggressive tone what is confusing you, and they’ll be happy to tell you what’s going on - unless, of course, it would spoil the rest of the story for you.

You disagree/are angry about something

Some works can be downright disturbing for you - especially if something hasn’t been tagged properly, and you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. It happens - please keep in mind that no author wants to harm or trigger people; sometimes they simply don’t know the tags exist, have forgotten about them or do not understand how their work can affect others. When asking them to tag something, please remain polite and try to explain calmly why this has affected you. If you need a moment to collect yourself before writing the comment, take it! Breathe, and then formulate your thoughts. There’s no need to rush. When we’re emotional sometimes we want to get the words out there fast, but chances are, it’s not going to make you feel better to pressure yourself into commenting right away.

It’s entirely okay to be angry at the way some stories go sometimes. Your expectations might not be fulfilled. You might feel mislead, or even disrespected by some stories. The important thing is to remember to take a moment to collect your thoughts before reacting, so that you can remain respectful of the author and express yourself clearly.

All in all, comments are there to create a dialogue

When commenting on a story, you are addressing the author to make your feelings and thoughts known. Please remember that the writer has something specific in mind when they are writing a story. They are telling something from their perspective, one that is as legitimate as your own. No matter how you feel about their work, it’s important to keep in mind that you are addressing a human being like yourself, with their own feelings and thoughts. Be honest in your reviews, but stay respectful as well.