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Okay, so if a pibling is what you call a gender-neutral aunt/uncle, what would you call a gender-neutral parent? Like, what would the kid refer to their parent as? I only ask because I REALLY want to properly respect gender-neutral people.

well, parent is gender-neutral in and of itself, but if you want to know what you might call your parent it’s “ren”!

there’s been a post going around recently about it
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Anyone want a spoiler for the new chapter of Two Men, Same Name?

It might seem that @melsanfo and I have fallen off the face of the earth, but we haven’t! And we’re working on the next chapter of Two Men, Same Name (which will be the next-to-last chapter, according to our plans).

To get y’all fired up, we want to give out a spoiler for this next chapter. But we want to know what kind of spoiler you would like!

Please vote in this Twitter poll to cast your vote!

We’re hopeful that the new chapter will be up by this weekend. So this gives y’all time to re-read, get caught up, and tell us if you’re excited–because we sure are!

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