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I’ m   p r o u d   o f   y o u.


“Lincoln and Reedus were behind McBride and Lincoln started laughing and was unable to maintain any actor composure in front of photographer Dan Winters’ camera. […] Lincoln yelled for Reedus to stop and Reedus shouted, ‘Why? No one’s gonna see this!’ After a little investigating, we realized Reedus had been trying to hold Lincoln’s hand in the photos behind McBride’s back. […] I asked the trio if we could shoot them from behind, and then I told Melissa McBride to turn her head towards the camera. They all complied, and then Reedus and Lincoln gave us something a little extra—taking their bromance to a whole other level.“ || EW cover shoot

Katie McGrath vs. Supergirl producers: part II

Producers: so Katie, we discussed it yesterday and we thought we should mention AGAIN that your character is… well, straight.

Katie: Yes, I know that. Is one of her major traits.

Producers: Great, we’re glad we’re finally sorting this out.


Melissa: So, what did the producers want Katie?

Katie: They wanted to remind me that my character is straight. I already knew that, I mean, she straight forwardly flirts with your character.

Melissa: Are you sure that’s what they meant?

Katie: What else could it be?

baby check-in

Heya cuties,

I’m back on track with progress for chapter 18. I finally caught up on AO3 and replied to all 200+ comments sitting in my inbox, and with that came a new surge of ambition after rereading what you guys had to say about Home. I finished a few real-life projects too, so now I have much more time for doing illustrations! I’ll probably be posting another sneak peek within the next couple weeks :)

Thank you for your support! <3

Isn't there a reason why Daryl hasn't "settled down" yet?

Beth is dead.

Carol is (now) taken.

Jesus looks at him like he is his whole world.

Daryl stares at Jesus like he finally found his home.


You keep choosing this life, you will die.



There’s a reason why every dress Amy wears out on dates/parties is a really bright colour. Amy has a rack of all her colourful dresses at home that she’s organised in a way that it covers the entire colour spectrum. It’s the perfect balance between Organisation and Self-Expression for her.


“You mean you still haven’t told your brother?” Your mom asked looking at you with an expression of pure shock.

“Well, it’s not like it’s an easy thing to do mom, I mean what am I supposed to say? ‘Hey, Scott I’ve been dating your best friend dating your best friend behind your back for the past month.’ Yeah for some reason I don’t see that going too well.” You told her.

“A month? You told me two weeks.” Melissa said raising an eyebrow at you.

“Well I may have fibbed just a tiny bit.” You admitted.

“(y/n)” She scolded. 

“Don’t make a big deal out of this, I was just lying about two weeks.” You said in an attempt to calm her down.

“Oh and the fact that it was only two weeks is supposed to make everything better?”

“See this is exactly why I don’t wanna tell Scott. If you’re reacting like this over two weeks then how’s he going to react over a month?” You shot back. 

“Who’s gonna react to over a month? What are you guys talking about?” Scott asked as he walked into the kitchen.

His presence alone sent your heart into overdrive and the fact that he could hear it due to the whole werewolf thing didn’t do anything to help calm your nerves.

“(y/n) you good?” He asked. 

“Yeah totally fine, I’m actually not that hungry anymore. Later guys.” You said as you tried to make your escape.

“(y/n) get back here.” You mother ordered as you made your way out the kitchen door and towards freedom.  

“We’re family, we don’t lie to one another, now either you tell your brother or I do.” She threatened. 

You wanted to bring up the fact that Scott had lied to her for a long time before telling her about the whole werewolf thing but something told you that it wouldn’t help your case. 

You let out a deep breath to help calm you down a bit before you spoke up.

“Scott, Stiles and I have been seeing one another for about a month now.” You said keeping things simple. 

There was an immediate change in his posture and his eyes started glowing the bright alpha red. 

“What!” He shouted slamming his fist on the table. “How could you do something like this to me (y/n)! How could you– I’m just kidding, I’m sorry I couldn’t keep going without laughing.” Scott said as he broke down laughing. 

“What?” You asked looking at him in awe. 

“Dude I’ve known about the two of you for a while, Stiles asked if it was cool to ask you out.” Scott said still laughing. 

“You ass, you had me so scared, why didn’t you say anything sooner?” You asked punching his arm as you relaxed a bit. 

“Did you really think I’d be mad? The two of you are two of my favorite people, I’m not gonna be mad about the two of you dating, besides, you don’t need my permission to date someone.” Scott stated as he wrapped his arms around you. to calm you down. 

“If he makes you happy then I’m happy.” Scott reassured.

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“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

                                                       - A.A. Milne

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Wait, how do you know that Chris and Melissa are dating? I mean I'd be super happy about it but is there actually any proof?

if you follow either of them as closely as i follow melissa there is a shit ton of proof. firstly there was the circumstantial evidence: them breaking up with blake/hanna at the same time, blake and chris unfollowing each other, melissa’s sisters following chris on social media etc etc etc

now there is actual legit proof- multiple sightings of them looking ‘coupley’ in vancouver, pics of them in vancouver airport, pics of melissa walking both their dogs and video of them arriving in los angeles a couple of days ago arm in arm cuddling up to each other. (watch here)