that means they are sharing a bed...?

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Orc with a girlfriend who feels insecure about her bigger figure. He frowns when ever she starts insulting herself or glares at herself in the mirror. One day he has enough of her belittling herself, grabs her throws her over his shoulder and carries her to their shared bedroom. He throws her onto the bed and gives her a smirk. His hands moves up her figure and squeezes her hips. "You hate your body... Yet your hips are perfect to birth my children "

Most of my Orc stories are like this, but that doesn’t mean I would ever stop writing this scenario in a million years. Same for people who feel they’re too thin to be attractive. Everyone is uncomfortable with their body one way or another, so whatever I can do to make someone feel a bit more accepted, the better.

“Sorry if I didn’t want my best friend to spend her whole life on a boat.”

Carol looked at him, “Bestfriend? Are you 10?” She giggled, “I mean if you want to call it that…”

He gave her a smirk “What else should I call it?”

She raised an eyebrow and tilted her head “Well, let’s see… you sleep in my bed every night..”

“Best friends share beds sometimes!” He cut her off

She nodded “We shower together sometimes.” Gave him a small smile “We’ve kissed a lot and I mean a lot.”

He looked at her “Okay how about we don’t talk and we just eat?” Shaking his head while having a small smile on it he handed her another piece of meat

A few moments pass by with silence, “What if I make us bracelets that say best friends with benefits?” She puckered her lips “Could even add some little shells on it!”

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hiii any nachaeng hcs??

oh yes!! i love nachaeng uwu

• chaeyoung is nayeon’s good little angel, and nayeon always makes sure to tell her that

• chaeng always manages to find a way to be on nayeon’s lap

• when chae is tired she’ll start whining “nayeonie, i’m sleepy” until nayeon carries her to bed

• nayeon wakes chaeng up with kisses when they share a room while abroad

ok but nayeon would totally want to collar chaeyoung just saying

• she’d just love the idea of everyone being able to see chaeyoung is hers

• and chaeng LOVES wearing her collar

• if they’re in the dorm she has it on no matter what, cause it’s pastel purple and cute and it means she belongs to nayeon

• nayeon is insanely possessive and chaeng lowkey rly likes it because seeing that fire in nayeon’s eyes cause someone talked to her baby too long is…phew

• honestly they’re such a soft couple and aftercare for them is so soft and sweet and nayeon always draws a warm bath for chaeng and makes her a cup of tea after

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N, O, S, T, U, V?

N:  Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?

Yes…I have a Captain Canary E2 story that I would really like to see finished. I have a collection of chapters, but I’m missing so much in the middle and I feel like I’m never going to have the time to work all those missing sections out.

O: How do you begin a story–with the plot, or the characters?

Almost always the characters.

S: Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?

Only one bed
Friends to lovers
Happy Endings
Redemption Arcs

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

Character death 100% for dramatic effect
Skipping over repercussions of trauma (not exactly a trope, but definitely a trend I see)
Cheating/Breakups for drama

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much. (Just three???)

@stillthewordgirl/Jael - I mean, does anyone not love her work? She does so well with all of the Legends characters, and her Chances Are verse is one of my all time favorites.

@captainwhogotthecanary/crazygirlne - Her fic Something in your eyes is the first mutlichapter CC fic I read, and plausibly the reason I ended up in CC fandom here.

@flabbergabst - My plot partner. Her short CC pieces never cease to be the highlight of my day. 

V. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose? 

There used to be a story on called Court of Souls. It was a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction taking place after the first game. But instead of Disney worlds it was all Animes. There was also a companion fic called Of many hearts that followed Riku’s adventures at the same time (the two blending together at the end)

I would have loved to see a sequel.

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lol i know people are probably joking about the room thing but honestly it means nothing like my mum calls hers and my dads room “my room” and refers to the bed as “my bed” all the time and they’ve literally shared it for over 20 years. also more importantly do we really think that phil would let dan watch stranger things without him? that would be worthy grounds for a divorce tbh

oh people are definitely joking. thankfully there’s no drama about that!! and yes it really means nothing. there are few things in life we can be sure of and one of them is that dan and phil were watching stranger things together lol

[ 02:01 ] late night talks where what you and your boyfriend Seungmin lived for.

At the end of an exhausting day of work, getting together under your bed’s covers sharing your thoughts.

It was one of those nights, but you were too tired really.

You couldn’t focus on anything his face, letting your mind run about how much you loved him and everything he means to you.

“you are just so gorgeous”

Those wee the words you blurted out to Seungmin while he was talking to you about this new song.

You had stopped listening so much earlier and you just stared at him in adoration.

His eyes glistening in excitement and joy, yours in pure love.

When he hears you, he is kinda shocked. His expression softened almost immediately at your face, kinda puffy because of the tiredness, and your sparkling eyes.

He let out a tiny chuckle before caressing your face lovingly and putting a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“We should go to sleep already”

You just nodded and got closer to him, cuddling for the rest of the night.

Fanfiction Trope MASH-UP

Rules: Send me two (2) tropes from this list + a ship and I’ll describe how I’d combine them in the same story. 

  1. Historical AU 
  2. Royal AU 
  3. Modern AU 
  4. Coffee Shop AU 
  5. Bar/Restaurant AU 
  6. Bookshop AU 
  7. Florist AU  
  8. Hospital AU 
  9. Dance AU 
  10. Airport/Travel AU 
  11. Neighbour AU 
  12. Roommate AU 
  13. Detective AU 
  14. Bodyguard AU 
  15. Criminal AU 
  16. Prison AU 
  17. War AU 
  18. Circus AU 
  19. Summer Camp AU 
  20. Teacher AU 
  21. Dystopian AU 
  22. Space AU 
  23. Performer AU 
  24. Soulmate AU 
  25. Fairy Tale AU 
  26. Massage Fic  
  27. Sick/Injured Fic 
  28. Proposal Fic  
  29. Wedding Fic  
  30. Holiday Fic  
  31. Birthday Fic 
  32. Pregnancy Fic  
  33. Baby Fic 
  34. Vacation Fic  
  35. Bathtub Fic 
  36. Text/Letter Fic 
  37. Coming Out Fic   
  38. Grief Fic  
  39. Survival/Wilderness Fic  
  40. Almost Kiss 
  41. First Kiss 
  42. The Big Damn Kiss 
  43. Dance of Romance  
  44. Flowers of Romance 
  45. Chocolate of Romance  
  46. Blind Date  
  47. Not a Date  
  48. Fake Dating 
  49. Fake Married 
  50. Arranged Marriage  
  51. Accidentally Married 
  52. Marriage of Convenience 
  53. Mutual Pining 
  54. Secret Relationship  
  55. Established Relationship 
  56. Awful First Meeting 
  57. Forgotten First Meeting  
  58. Accidental Eavesdropping  
  59. Interrupted Declaration of Love 
  60. Poorly Timed Confession 
  61. Love Confession 
  62. Love Confessor (Character A confessing their love for Character B to Character C)  
  63. Everybody Knows/Mistaken for Couple 
  64. Star Crossed Lovers  
  65. It’s Not You, It’s Me 
  66. It’s Not You, It’s My Enemies  
  67. Character in Peril 
  68. Heroic Sacrifice 
  69. Flirting Under Fire 
  70. Locked in a Room 
  71. Twenty-Four Hours to Live  
  72. Stranded on A Desert Island 
  73. Stranded Due to Inclement Weather 
  74. Huddling for Warmth 
  75. Bed Sharing  
  76. Did They or Didn’t They? 
  77. In Vino Veritas  
  78. Above the Influence  
  79. Anger Born of Worry  
  80. Green-Eyed Epiphany  
  81. The Missus and the Ex 
  82. Second Love  
  83. Intimate Artistry  
  84. Married to the Job  
  85. Innocent Physical Contact 
  86. I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On 
  87. Aroused By Her Voice  
  88. Erotic Dreams 
  89. First Time 
  90. Unexpected Virgin 
  91. PWP 
  92. Kink 
  93. Makeovers 
  94. Hair Brushing/Braiding 
  95. Sleep Intimacy 
  96. Scars  
  97. Time Travel  
  98. Curses 
  99. Magical Accidents 
  100. Accidentally Saving the Day   

Quick Guide to Celebrating the Sabbats 🌻


🧀Fruit & veg, herbed bread, cheese, honey cakes, chicken, pork, sunflower seeds, lemonade, ice tea.

🍋Lemon, orange, cinnamon, rose oils.

🔮Moonstone, tigers eye, amethyst, flourite, agate. {Or any crystals in warm colours}.

🌞See the sun rise & set, eat outdoors, make or buy a sun catcher, bake a sweet cake, let sunlight cleanse your rooms, clear cobwebs, wear a flower crown, make honey/sugar scrub, wear warm tones.

🎬Peter Pan, Fairy Tale, Ferngully, Stardust, Tinkerbell, Maleficent.


🌽Multi grain bread, corn on the cob, bbq meats, fried chicken, potatoes, soup, rice, nuts, black current juice, beer, peppermint tea.

🌹Rose, chamomile, passion fruit, all spice oils/scents.

🔮Citrine, clear quartz, tigers eye.

📖Finish a project, make a bread to share, enjoy nature, take care of plants, decorate or craft, acknowledge what you are grateful for, journal future hopes.

🎬Parent Trap, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Cheaper by the Dozen.


🍇Pies, nuts, smoked or roast poultry [bbq chicken with smoky bbq sauce], soup, corn, apples, plums, grapes, cinnamon donuts, caramel popcorn, peanut butter, butterscotch.

🌲Sage, pine, cinnamon oils/scents.

🔮Amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, yellow agate.

🌾Make scented pinecones, spend time under the stars, donate food or goods [RSPCA], burn bad habits, visit the deceased, harvest take care of plants, bask in nature, meditate.

🎬Open Season, Brother Bear, Spirit, Pocahontas, Brave.


🎃Pumpkins, toffee apples, ginger bread, chai, nutmeg or cinnamon spiced foods, hazelnuts, sweets.

🌰Nutmeg, cinnamon scents.

🔮Obsidian, onyx, bloodstone, amber, fossils.

🕯Cook a family recipe, light a fire, remember & honour the deceased.

🎬Hocus Pocus, Addams Family, Monsters Inc, Little Vampire, Corpse Bride, Casper, Hansel Gretel Witch Hunters, Underworld, Van Helsing.


🍪Cookies, fruit cake, turkey, eggnog, ginger tea.

🕎Cedar, frankincense, myrrh oils.

🔮Bloodstone, citrine, clear quartz.

❄Give or volunteer, bake shortbread or sugar cookies, share a meal with loved ones.

🎬Santa Clause, Rise of the Guardians, 101 Dalmatians, Frozen, Snow White Winters War, Narnia.


🍩Poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, bread butter pudding, scones, muffins, garlic, onions.

☕Vanilla, cinnamon oil.

🔮Amethyst, bloodstone, onyx.

🕯Light white candles, plant seeds, bless your pets, declutter & clean your living space, bake orange and poppy seed muffins or cake.

🎬Mr Poppers Penguins, Happy Feet, Balto, Ice Age, Mirror Mirror.


🍌Roast ham & pineapple, eggs, milk, seeds & nuts, banana bread, chocolate milk, green vegetables.

🌹Jasmine, light florals, sweet garden, wild flowers.

🔮Amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone.

🌹Light candles, plant seeds, share a roast ham with loved ones, bake banana bread, finish spring cleaning, lay tumbled stones in your garden bed, take deep breaths [inhale new energy & exhale old energies], wear spring colours whites & florals, collect wildflowers or buy flowers that call to you & research what they mean, walk through nature.

🎬Epic, Strange Magic, The Secret Garden, Spiderwick, A Bugs Life, Barbie Fairies.


🍞Breads, cakes, honey, leafy greens, fruit & veg, seafood, iced tea, lemonade, milk.

🌼Florals, sweet garden, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose.

🔮Amber, citrine, moonstone, red jasper, rose quartz.

🌼Wear a flower crown or flowers in your hair, dress in red or white, make a bonfire & roast marshmallows, garden, take a walk, spend time in nature, pick fresh flowers to decorate.

🎬Moana, Arthur Trilogy, Avatar, Jungle Book, Tinkerbell, Barbie.


☾Sage cleanse the house, light candles, diffuse oils.

☾Clean sheets/bedding/pillowcases/towels.

☾Eat at least one traditional food.

☾Watch a relevant movie.

☾Take notes in my BOS of how I celebrated the Sabbat to look back on next year.

☾Charge my crystals & tarot decks in the full moonlight.

☾Do a tarot reading relevant to the Sabbat.

☾Spend time outside with my dogs 🐶


SHINee- everything bright and neon / 70s and 80s style furniture / listening to jazz while drinking lemonade / Persian rugs / your favorite song playing on the radio

EXO- stargazing / dreaming about infinite galaxies / locking eyes w an attractive stranger in public / warm fluffy scarves in the winter / ripping off a bandaid to see a fully healed scar

VIXX- visiting art exhibits alone / falling asleep to the sound of thunder and rain / sweet and salty treats / brushing hands w your crush / the sweet smell of pastries in amusement parks 

Pentagon- glitter in your hands / making shapes out of clouds / playing an old song on repeat / feeling as if you’re flying when jumping on a trampoline / beat up converse

BTOB- laughing until your stomach hurts / snacking in the middle of the night / colorful pens / missing someone but never being able to tell them / fluffy white kittens

Got7- changing your lockscreen every other day / realizing you have a crush / ripped blue jeans / pastel lipstick / walking barefoot on the dewy grass

Monsta x- finger painting / wanting to make a difference in the world / collecting healing crystal gems / smokey black eyeshadow / sharing headphones while laying in bed

iKon- late night drives w friends / sparkly red nail polish / vintage leather jackets / eating cold leftover pizza / walking confidently into a place you’ve never been to before 

Red Velvet- freshly baked cookies / polaroid pictures / finally understanding the meaning behind certain lyrics / spending a whole day w your best friend / gold chandeliers 

NCT- teenage rebellion / fairy lights on the ceiling / getting goosebumps when looking at your favorite person / fruity scented candles / staying up to watch the sunrise

Stray Kids- foggy mornings / wearing oversized t-shirts / lipstick stains on your coffee cup / the smell of the grass after it rains / waking up refreshed from a long nap

Blackpink- bouquet of red roses / the calming sound of windchimes / statement jewelry / warm wind rushing against your face / secretive smiles and inside jokes 

Day6- watching the rain pour outside w a hot cup of chocolate / listening to guitar music while studying / the sound of the ocean waves / binging old disney and nickelodeon shows / denim jackets

Seventeen- cotton candy flavored lollipops / smiling bc you made someone happy / interlocking pinkies / drinking slushies on a hot summer day / cherry blossom trees

What do you mean Bakugou and Kirishima didn’t share a bed??

(tbh I didn’t even need to photoshop much besides cut out Bakugou and place him next to Kirishima- their hands fit over each other and can intertwine perfectly…I just added a few shadows, but everything else is the genius of the anime staff lol)

Damn I just realized that since the Rohirrim didn’t read or write (wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs) that means Eowyn couldn’t read or write and since she marries Nerdboy McGee who loves reading and writing more than anything you can your bottom dollar one of the first thing that happens in their courtship/marriage is Faramir and Eowyn wholesome tutoring sessions in the Minas Tirith library (!) 

More young people are leaning into the rental or sharing economy — owning less of everything and renting and sharing a whole lot more. Housing, cars, music, workspaces. In some places, such as Los Angeles, this rental life has gone to an extreme.

Steven T. Johnson, 27, works in social media advertising and lives in Hollywood. He spends most of his days using things he does not own.

He takes a ride-share service to get to the gym; he does not own a car. At the gym, he rents a locker. He uses the gym’s laundry service because he does not own a washing machine.

Johnson doesn’t even have an apartment, actually. He rents a bed in a large room with other people who rent beds, for nights, weeks or months at a time, through a service called PodShare. All the residents share a kitchen and bathrooms. Johnson also rents a desk at WeWork, a coworking space.

And he says the only clothes he owns are two versions of the same outfit.

Johnson says he owns so little that he has even been able to get rid of his backpack. “I gave that up two months ago,” he says.

He’s part of a newish group of young people. He is educated and owns his own business. He could be considered well off, but he is also, in a way, homeless. By choice.

There are two big reasons for this shift: the price of housing and student loan debt. A little more than a third of millennials currently own homes, a rate lower than Generation X and baby boomers when they were the same age.

The Affluent Homeless: A Sleeping Pod, A Hired Desk And A Handful Of Clothes

Photo: Courtesy of Steven T. Johnson

Blow a Kiss Fire a Gun | Pt.20 | Final

Teaser Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12 Pt.13 Pt.14 Pt.15 Pt.16 Pt.17 Pt.18 Pt.19 (If the links don’t work then check out my masterlist) +PLAYLIST!

Summary: You’re arranged to marry Tom Holland, Londons most feared mobster, but it’s never easy. He doesn’t seem to want you and you don’t want anything to do with him.

Words: 4.4k

Warnings: None + This is the first ever moodboard I made for this fic awe

Italics are flashbacks!+ I apologise in advance if the read more doesn’t work!

Twelve days you spent in the hospital. That was Twelve days of hospital food, needles, bucket loads of medications, having to be escorted everywhere and sitting in a lonely bed when you’d grown so used to sharing one with someone. There was no one to tug the blankets off in the middle of the night, no muscular arms making there way around your waist and no incoherent groans damn near midnight.

It was also twelve days of nightmares from the incident and twelve days of thinking about Tom, asking yourself over and over if you were making the right choice by leaving.

“So, because you got me the ring, does that mean that we can have a proper wedding?”

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Comp het moods
  • i cant believe i made eye contact with that man i guess that means im in love with him??
  • my dream guy? haha gives me space, isnt clingy, long distance, provides emotional fulfillment but never wants intimacy, may or may not look like a girl
  • all the guys i like are gay :( literally all of them
  • haha guys are so lucky they get to date girls dating a girl sounds fun haha :)
  • im a really good christian girl because i am saving myself until marriage! i dont understand why its so hard for everyone to wait??? what do you mean you WANT to be with him???? what about GOD
  • so what if i really like shego from kim possible and may or may not be in love with her that doesnt mean im like GAY or something
  • ya my crush is this one guy who goes to a different school whose instagram i sometimes look at he has a really pretty gf though so i guess i just have to deal with the disappointment
  • thinking literally every single woman dating a man is way out of her boyfriend’s league
  • i dont want to get married i do want to have a best friend i live with and share a bed with and adopt two cats and a dog with a foster kittens with and cook dinner with and go on friend dates with though :) not really into the idea of marriage though. too close with my gals!
  • feeling REALLY uncomfortable in the locker room when changing for gym class
  • having one or two men you would go straight for. they may or may not be fictional. they are definitely unattainable. really unattainable.
  • i cant wait to get married :) to a man :) i have dreamed about my wedding so much before :) with the faceless humanoid man at the end of the aisle :) whomst is obviously a man i love :) and want to be with :)
  • feeling ugly and undesirable so u seek out the attention of men but the SECOND u get it u call ur uber and are OUT OF THERE
  • i bet ALL girls just feel like this about other girls :) who HASNT had gay thoughts and ruminated about them for hours and hours and days and weeks and years?? haha #straightgirlthings;)
  • yeah i would make out with a girl at a frat party. because guys think its hot. i dont just want to kiss a girl lol. haha this is a straight girl thing :)
  • men are icky and i hate them and they are at best tolerable as friends but anyway i cant wait to meet my prince charming who will be perfect and nothing like any men i have ever interacted with in real life :) also if he could be exactly like my best friend (but like!!! A Dude!!!! Not a girl!!!!) that would be perfect.
  • one time i watched lesbian porn and it was gross so im obviously not a lesbian otherwise i would have enjoyed porn that sexualizes and dehumanizes women for the male gaze haha :)
Confessions - Carl Gallagher Imagine

Originally posted by zgallagher

Warning: Sexual content, swearing, etc.

Word Count: 2277 

“Carl, give it back!” you yelled, rolling your eyes and chasing your best friend up the stairs of the Gallgher house.  Since you had stopped to text a few times while the two of you were playing a video game on the couch, he took it upon himself to snatch the phone out of your hands and run away with it.

“Hey, I just wanna know who could possibly be so important that they could distract you as I kicked your ass in Call of Duty,” he teased, sprinting into his room and unsuccessfully attempting to slam the door before you put your foot in the doorway.

“Ow, what the fuck, Carl?” you yelled, limping in on the foot that hadn’t been crushed by the door.  “I was literally just answering my brother to let him know that I was spending the night here per usual!  And I was letting him know that I’d go grocery shopping tomorrow.  Now give me my phone back so I can finish kicking your ass downstairs.”

Carl smirked and raised his eyebrows at you, plopping down on Ian’s empty bed.  “Your brother.  Mhmm.” His eyes continued to nosily scan the screen of your phone.

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How The Paladins Cuddle {Headcanon}.



- Shiro has a thing with hugging in his sleep.

- If you stay up longer than him, you can feel him roll over and press his chest against your back, pulling you into him.

- Even though, when he falls asleep to begin with, he insists that cuddling ‘isn’t for him.’ Like, he’ll go to the ends of the earth to avoid touching you when he’s falling asleep, because he just hates the feeling of human contact.

- When he wakes up {which is often before you since he’s an early riser} he blushes and unravels himself from around your body.

- When confronted on the fact that he was hugging you, he will act completely oblivious and be like, “What? No. You know I don’t cuddle.”

- On the special occasion {;)} he’ll cuddle with you when he’s conscious, just because in those paRTICULAR MOMENTS he just wants to feel close to you.


- Okay. For all the shit this guy talks about being tough and mysterious and all this – he literally can’t sleep unless you are latches around his god damn neck.

- I’m not even kidding. If you take a nap without him, he will literally stay up until you wake up just so he can ask you to hug him, because he can’t sleep without you.

- And his cuddles are severe. Like, he’ll wrap your arms around his neck, lay your head on his chest, tangle your legs together, place his arms around your shoulders, his chin on the top of your head.

- You literally look like a knot.

- And he loves it.

- He smiles until he falls asleep, hugging you closer and closer because god damn it, he’s lucky.

- You kind of stop nightmares when you cuddle with him, and you can’t help but admit that it helps you sleep as well.


- He only cuddles if you want to cuddle.

- Growing up, he had a load of siblings who he often had to share a bed with, meaning he isn’t a bed hogger at all, and he has gotten so used to keeping in his own lane when going to bed, that you have to ask him to cuddle.

- When you do, he’s happy as hell.

- His cuddles are surprisingly calm. Like, he’ll be the big spoon and hug you really close, but he also likes being the little spoon when he’s in a bad mood.

- The day Shiro went missing, you two went to bed and it was all silent. And then he just rolled onto his side and you knew. You wrapped your arms around him and he just started to cry {the image of this in my head – fuck}.

- That’s kind of like your thing as a couple. You see Lance rolling over onto his side after a hard day and you just know he wants hugged and comforted, even if he doesn’t ask for you to do so.


- Our boy takes a long time to get comfortable with sharing a bed.

- At first, he thinks he’s taking up too much of the bed so he just cowers in the corner of the bed and falls asleep there, leaving you to your own side.

- Then he’s afraid he’s snoring so for a little while he just refused to go to sleep before you.

- Then one day, a tragedy happens {one of the paladins gets injured idk} and you’re upset and crying in bed and he just holds you until you fall asleep.

- Even after you’ve fallen asleep, he doesn’t let you go. He’s afraid you’ll completely break if he’s not there to hold you together.

- After that night, he completely loses his self conscious side. Sure, he still constantly asks you if he’s being too loud or if you have enough room ect ect, but he doesn’t let you go.

- Then when he’s upset, you rest your head on his chest and he hugs you close to him.

- Even when it’s too warm to completely cuddle, the two of you still hold hands underneath the covers because he’s just so afraid that something will happen to you if he can’t feel you beside him.


- Okay. Okay. The woman doesn’t see the point in cuddling.

- Pidge doesn’t even sleep, bitch.

- Like, she sits on your bedroom floor with all her god damn technology and she just waits until you fall asleep and then she gets to work.

- You have to literally remind her that human beings need sleep and she needs to come to bed.

- And then one day she actually does come to bed whilst your still awake and she just rolls over and hugs you.

- Without you even having to say anything, and she acts so natural about it.

- And you’re just like Pidge??? Is that you????

- Because Pidge doesn’t just show affection and act natural about it.

- Literally, who is this imposter.

- She just moves your hair away from your neck and rests her head in the crook of it, falling asleep.

- And you’re up all night just completely shook surprised because ???

- Pidge???

- Cuddling???

when will you fall in love with the world? thank the barista who gives you coffee. he is just as tired as you this morning, he also uses humor to deflect his pain and he also stays up at night wondering if his life will ever find its direction. offer your five dollar bill to the homeless women. she feels the cold, the disdain in stranger’s faces, the thinness of her coat, the holes in her gloves and her lungs. she used to look like you, with bright eyes and a heart that didn’t know how to do anything else but love, love, love, love. smile at the bus driver. her mind is also cluttered with the people she has dared to love, she also gives more than she gets and just like you, she wishes the scales of attention will tip in her balance someday. if your heart is broken because someone else did not see you in their future, in their bed, or at the kitchen table after a night of sharing secrets and skin, remember that this does not mean you no longer exist. you are everywhere— in the reflection of the eyes of strangers, in the hands of women, in the hopes of train conductors and waitresses. you are everywhere. you are everywhere. you are everywhere. go everywhere, and see yourself in every nation, every city, every person you meet. fall in love with all of it, the raw, undeniable thrill of being free and human and full of hope. because if only you learned to love the world as much as you learned to love them, you would not believe the enormity of the affection you’d receive in return.

—ap (2.12.19) maybe loving them was practice for falling in love with everything else


I sleepwalk. I mean, I haven’t done it in years but, um, a couple years ago I woke up and I was standing next to Peter and Charlie’s bed when they shared a room… and they were completely covered in paint thinner. And so was I, from head to toe. And I was standing there with a box of matches and an empty can of paint thinner. And I woke myself up striking the match which also woke Peter up and he started to scream. And I immediately put the match out, like immediately. I mean I was just as shocked as he was! And it was impossible to convince them that it was just sleepwalking. Which of course it was. But the timing was awful, Peter and I had gotten into this stupid quarreling phase just forever arguing about nothing, such… frivolous stuff. And Peter always held it against me. And there’s nothing I can say or nothing I can do, because it happened. While I was asleep.

Hereditary (2018) dir. Ari Aster


@parkkate commissioned me to draw this scene from her Consent Fest piece, You Set My Soul Alight. I highly recommend you go read it!– It is an honest, nuanced, and heartfelt exploration of what it means to both give and get consent–as well as the importance of communication with your partner and yourself–with a delightful balance of humor, mystery, heartache, and reconciliation, delivered beautifully in Kate’s masterful writing. 

(There’s a nice dose of romance too, of course, with all the best: bed sharing, UST, enemies to lovers… Go read it and you, too, will have your soul set alight~  ~ 😘)

I had so much fun working on this comic, thank you Kate!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤