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Hi!! Sorry to bother, but I was thinking.. isn't this a not-so-smart thing to do for H right now? I mean, I'm SUPER excited for his music and I can't wait to hear it, but I honestly thought he was gonna wait till after Dunkirk. Do you think one will overshadow the other? I mean, im sure they thought about that obviously, but.. the two things just seem a little too close in time to me... (ps sorry for my English, it's not my native language, and thank you for your time!)


So, here’s the thing. This fandom has been saying that the best way for Harry to release his music would be to wait for Dunkirk promo to be over. I, for one, months ago, when asked how I’d handle Harry’s career moves, had theorised something like that. In the last weeks, though, it started being clear that their plans were different. And you know what? I think I’m gonna trust them over fandom’s talks, because they’re professional and they’re inside and close to the situation. Sure, to go with his first music project right at the same time as his first movie project, that mean they MUST be really confident they have great material in their hands. If they only put out average stuff, that’ll end up not so good. This also mean something people might not have considered. That yes, Harry wants to be an actor and a respectable one (he wouldn’t have gone for this kind of role otherwise), but that he wants to be a musician just the same, if not more. 

To do a joint, double promo push, you have to be brave and take a risk. What’s about to come for Harry is so so very delicate. They seem to be quite confident and I don’t see a reason to be worried about it. I’m personally excited and tend to trust them, if only for the huge bet they’re about to make. Harry’s been so very queit and hidden for an infinite time, he’s ready to handle this now. And if it works out as it’s meant to do, well, he’ll make a very big boom.

Your English is perfect and if it weren’t- just like mine- it certainly wouldn’ be a problem xx

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I'm mean and sarcastic little creature so I chose number 32 :) It looks interesting heh heh :) Will you write something with Prompto maybe? <3

This got a longer than I’d intended but it was fun to write.  Four of you asked for 32 so I hope you like this!  This doesn’t have any particular pairing but has a little dash of flirty Gladio.  Sorry I couldn’t bring major Prompto to this one, I just couldn’t be mean to that little ray of sunshine!

As an update - I’m still working my way through 5-word-prompts and will be dotting them in between the other things I want to write.  Apologies in advance if you’re waiting a while!  This week: the second of the unwritten rules series (hopefully!) and the first chapter of my main fic (preview/sneak peek here, if you want to check it out).

I’ll be spending my week actively trying to forget that Valentine’s Day exists SO here’s hoping I’ll be productive!


1131 words

“Noct, I’m not your pillow,” you shrugged your shoulders to wake up Prince Sleepyhead, “Wake up.”  The journey had started with high hopes and a sense of excitement, the boys were full of the novelty of being outside of the wall.  You weren’t from Insomnia and you’d seen plenty of Lucis from the battlefield, your enlistment in the Glaive had ensured that.  Your latest assignment, however, was a lot less thrilling than the usual infiltration or extraction missions - you were accompanying Noctis, an extra guard on his trip toward Altissia.  “Don’t make me elbow you in the ribs,” you laughed softly, all formalities had been left back in Insomnia with everyone figuring that it’d be a long ass journey if all you ever did was address Noctis by his titles, “If you wanted a pillow you should have brought one.”  You guessed you’d give in eventually, you’d have to, but for now you could afford to have a little fun.  “We’re not even an hour out of the city, you can’t possibly be needing to nap already.  Come on!”  

“Forget it, (Y/N), Gladio chuckled from your other side, “If he’s on your shoulder, he’s out and don’t bother trying to wake him, he could sleep through a tornado.”  You sighed and accepted your fate; a Glaive on pillow duty.  “Although, for the record, I don’t mind being your pillow if you decide you wanna nap,” he threw a wink in your direction, “Just clearing that up.”

“Really, Gladio?” you laughed, “That’s the best you can do?”  You nudged him playfully, “Now you’ve said it you can’t take it back.  You might live to regret saying it one day.” The car jolted a little but still Noctis didn’t wake.  “You weren’t kidding,” you shook your head in disbelief as the car jolted again and still, Noct didn’t register anything happening, “How does he do it?  It’s so warm out, too, I’d have no chance sleeping in heat like this.”

“Could always lose a few layers,” Gladio suggested, a mischievous glint in his eyes, “Might help.”  He was nothing if not persistent.  You’d had three days of his comments before you’d all left the city and while you often liked to fire something back at him, it’d be a long trip if you didn’t, this time you didn’t get a chance.

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The Hamilton trash fandom is the best fandom on tumblr.

Now, hear me out on this. Fandoms like Superwholock and Marvel and such are huge, whereas we occupy just a little corner of this website. But the fans here are so much more welcoming and nice! 

I just redid my blog about two weeks ago, and I already have three people who message me almost daily, almost 40 followers (!!!!!) and a bunch of other people that I know who are just amazing and kind to me in general. It really means a lot when other blogs take the time to stalk your posts (@linmanuel-istheman-da), have conversation using Lin gifs (@always-blame-jefferson) or even just have a five minute conversation about the most random things (@reading-and-writing-geek-galore) Seriously! I feel so loved & appreciated on here, and its because of all of you. Every. Single. One.

So, I’d like to take the time (and this super long post jeez) to thank everyone on the Hamilton side of tumblr. Keep sending people positive messages, saying the sweetest stuff about other blogs, asking cute anon questions, and just BEING FREAKIN’ AMAZING

I love y’all!!!!

Fun Discoveries from the Halloween Recordings

So I spent some time this morning recording all of the new Halloween voice clips from the main menu so we can find out what the characters say :) Now, full disclaimer: my Korean is essentially non-existent and I’m largely going off of the few words I know/can pick out. That’s why I have the other admins here who can actually translate this stuff :P There are a few things I’ve noticed, however:

  • Both Jumin and Seven mention their costumes (Jumin = Vampire, 707 = Elly), which might mean that the recordings were done after the poll results were completed for the costumes. 
    • Of course, it could also mean that Cheritz recorded something for all of the possible costume options in advance
    • If the recordings were done after the poll results, however, that doesn’t give them a lot of time to record – it would have been done in the last week or two. Which would imply that the VAs are likely at Cheritz to do other recordings as well – perhaps some new content for future updates? (Personally I’m super down for an Unknown or V route)
    • Again, this is all speculation. Nothing is confirmed unless Cheritz says so
  • Rika gets Halloween voice recordings on the main menu. Three of them, actually. She mentions V, Jumin, Seven, Yoosung, and Zen in them (sorry Jaehee D:)
    • This is interesting because I’ve actually never encountered her voice on the main menu (other than her saying ‘Cheritz’)
    • Of course, I know that the recordings show up randomly, but it seems extremely unlikely that I wouldn’t have come across a single Rika voice clip after recording several minutes worth of main menu dialogue during various times of day
    • This might imply that even Rika’s VA is around for voice work, because they could have easily left her out of the Halloween main menu recordings since she doesn’t show up in them regularly.
    • Buuuut this is still speculation, because they may have recorded these Halloween main menu clips well in advance.
  • On that note, everyone (meaning all the RFA members + V + Rika + Unknown) gets exactly three Halloween voice clips, from what I can tell (it’s still possible I’ve missed one or two, but seeing as I have exactly three for everyone I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I have them all)

Vague things I’ve picked up on that you can look forward to:

  • Zen literally howling like a wolf
  • Unknown sounding mildly confused about the concept of Halloween
  • Many of the characters saying stuff about Trick-or-Treating
  • V says something about Rika and then mentions ‘Frankenstein’ twice, and he giggles at the end >_<

Buuuut I’ll leave the translation of those up to people who know way more Korean than me :) On that note, though, if you know Korean and can help us with translating some of the voice clips, that would be greatly appreciated! Send a message to my other blog@zentherainbowunicorn if you’d be able to help out :) I provide all of the voice clips, so you would just need to assist with translating.  (Edit: we’ve now added a few more admins to the team to help with translation, thanks to everyone who messaged me!)

Thanks, and Happy (early) Halloween!

-Mod Rainbow Unicorn

SoCal Things about Critical Role that Confused Me

I live in LA now, but I’ve only been here for about 2.5 years, 3 if you count the semester I spent here a couple years back. The rest of my life has been spent in New England, mostly Maine. 

I love Critical Role, but there’s some stuff that’s confused, baffled, or otherwise made me pause the video and go “wait, what?” during my catch up. Some of these things on the list I understand now, having lived here, but some continue to confuse me. Here’s the full list:

  • Friends who can’t see each other during the week because of traffic
  • “clutch” meaning “good” (I think)
  • Wearing jackets when it’s 65 degrees outside
  • Nobody getting all that bothered when someone is late because of traffic, consistently, over and over again
  • “roshambo” (which I’m pretty sure is Rock Paper Scissors?)
  • Getting dramatic haircuts in preparation for summer heat
  • Nobody playing tabletop games in a basement (because there are no basements in SoCal)
  • Travel delays because “it’s raining 0.0”
  • Work shifts going late into the night
  • An otherwise perfectly nice man hating on the Patriots

Feel free to add your own in the reblogs. I’m sure international fans are confused by certain comments, for example, I’d love to hear about that.

On Board

‘I’m here.’

The text was sent to Joe’s cousin, Jimmy, seeing as he would be the one to pick me up from the airport. We had a grand plan of me surprising Joe at a Smackdown taping until my flight got delayed by eight hours. This put a damper on things, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to show my man some love. Within the few weeks since we had last seen each other, I had found out that I was pregnant. Because we had begun trying for a baby not too long ago, I know this would be a welcome surprise to him. With all the stress that he goes through physically and mentally on a daily basis, I couldn’t wait to give him one more thing to be happy about.  

After getting to baggage claim, I sent Jimmy another text to let him know where I would be waiting before retrieving my one checked bag.

Jimmy was already waiting for me when I walked out, and I noticed that Trinity was in the car too. Not surprising, they are a married couple.

Once I greeted them both, we packed up my bags and got in the car and were on our way to the hotel that most of the roster were staying in.

“So,” Trinity began, “I know that you missed Roman and all, but what made you really decide to make the trip?” She turned around in her seat to look over at me with a sly smile. “I can keep a secret.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Why do I feel like you already know the answer to that question?” I turned my glare to Jimmy. “Jon, you know I only told you the news in the first place so you could help me out. Now, you’re spreading the word to everyone like a magazine!”

“Aye, you know there’s no secrets between us. As a married person, you should know better.”

“Well, she is keeping a secret from Roman,” Trinity pointed out.

“You’re right, Trin. I don’t want that bad juice on our marriage.”

Rolling my eyes, I pretended to be busy on my phone. As they continued to talk as if I wasn’t there, I texted my husband. After shows when they had more free time, I know he usually went out for drinks with some of the other guys. Hopefully, he would still be out, but it had already been a few hours.

‘Hey babe.’ I didn’t get a notification for at least ten minutes. Instead of a text, I received a phone call from him. Because I didn’t want him to hear the peanut gallery in the front, I declined the call.

After two more rejected calls, I finally received a text back. ‘Where are you?’

‘Where are you?’ I retorted.

‘With Dean’ was his reply. Of course, the two of them would be drinking buddies till their last days. I didn’t get to reply to him because we were arriving at the hotel, but I was thankful that my prayers of him not being in his room at the moment were answered.

Jon and Trin accompanied me to Joe’s room. As he went to hand me the keycard, Trinity pulled at Jon’s arm. “Make sure you don’t stay holed up the whole time. I want to see you too, y’know.”

I pulled her in for a hug, then gave one to Jon. “Thank you guys so much for the help. I can’t make promises, but I really appreciate all that you did.”

As they walked off, Trin turned around again. “Congratulations, girl! I’m happy for you.”

Before I could put the keycard into the slot, the door opened. There, stood my shirtless husband with glazed eyes and his hair out of its usual bun. Shocked by his sudden appearance, there wasn’t much I could do when picked me up and locked our lips in a heated kiss. One arm supported my back while the other closed the door. We didn’t make it far, with him pushing me up against a wall near the door. Heavy breaths were heard within the space between us as I kissed him back. Seeing him again almost made me momentarily forget what exactly it was that I wanted to tell him. His back was smooth as I rubbed it, his hair somewhat falling in between our faces.

When he palmed my breast, I let out a moan that seemed to spur him on enough to lead us to the bed. He set me down, breaking the kiss during the process. “What are you doing here?”

“Surprise,” I let out weakly. Still panting, I pulled him towards me again. “What happened to Dean?”

“I was at the bar downstairs and when you didn’t answer my calls, I came back up.” He adjusted us so that I was laying on top of him. He began to trace shapes onto my back, and I knew that I had to get the news out soon.

“Were you mad?” I began to kiss his chest and looked up at him for an answer.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He sat up and began to kiss me again, but I hopped off of his lap before it could get too heated again. The reminder of the news that I had to tell him was the cold water I needed to ignore what we were previously doing. “Where are you going?”

Making my way to my carry on, I opened it and searched for the box I had packed in it before I left. The plane ride seemed to have shifted some stuff around, so it was a while before I found. “There was another reason for my visit,” I told him as I made my way over to him with the box in hand.

“Does this have to do with why Trinity was telling you congratulations?”

From the expectant look on his face, I could tell that he possibly had an idea of what the other reason was. I bit my lip as I just handed him the box. Inside it was a pregnancy test, with ‘pregnant’ written in the indicator box.

He opened it, dropping the lid on the bed as he pulled out the test. He remained quiet for a moment before I noticed a few tears trailing down his cheeks. He looked up at me, eyes red. “Thank you so much for coming out here. It’s so much better to get this in person.”

Crouching down next to his seated form, I hugged him before giving him a kiss on the cheek. “We both needed this, and I wouldn’t have wanted any other way to have been able to tell you.”

Slipping his hand under my shirt, he rested his palm on my flat belly. With his career, I knew that this journey wasn’t going to be an easy one, but I wouldn’t rather have it with anyone else than the man I loved.

This scene

This scene means absolutely everything. 

After years of being put through things they never would’ve imagined, not knowing if the other was alive or dead.. Here they both are

Finally, together, on the same side. In the same place. Able to be themselves.

And able to have the conversation they’ve been waiting for and wanting ever since their first meeting. They can finally get to know each other, hear each others’ stories. And turn the understanding they’d reached into a path towards achieving their goal- to change their wrong world. 

Just look. Look at the way Amon turns toward that familiar voice, how he looks at Kaneki

He looks at him with his entire soul in his eyes. (Seriously what a gorgeous panel.) He’s finally seeing his full face for the first time :’) but you know he recognizes those eyes, that voice, that white hair. His eyes are so gentle, and tired, and full of emotion. A little haunted. But he looks so beautiful.

And he calls Kaneki by the only name he knows him by.. Eyepatch :’) Just like old times. If that doesn’t bring a smile to Kaneki’s face I don’t know what will. 

He still doesn’t even know Kaneki’s name, but here they are. Finally able to have the conversation that’s been led up to for years. With this, so much can change, including each other. I’m sure Kaneki will help Amon to accept what he is now, and control his new strength and grow into it. And Amon will be able to give Kaneki the same guidance that he has ever since their first meeting.

On this little bench is where I’m guessing their conversation will happen. On the rooftop of the building, under a night sky (something that was always associated with their relationship).

This is seriously too beautiful. This means absolutely everything.

Starting Over (A-fucking-gain)

So it turns out buying a home is stressful. So in the past few weeks I had

  • Hit 199 lbs!
  • Decided to be crazy and buy a home
  • Fucked my whole schedule right out the window
  • eating has been off
  • I haven’t worked out
  • Stopped caring about everything except for, y’know, house stuff

So here I am, jumped back up to 208 lbs (boo)

But I have my own home (yay)

So, here I am, once again, deciding to commit to myself - health wise.

The house is in too much disarray for me to even think about working out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work on other stuff. \

Instead of getting a bagel and latte, I brought oatmeal to work and made a tea there.

So my little baby goals this week are

No buying Tim Hortons

Get your water drinking back on point

That’s it. Easy and simple little things I know I can accomplish. Here’s my kicking ass and taking names face


Some of us in the Caregiver/Little community are starting a means of communicating with each other! We are trying to get an Awareness Week up and running! This is to help those in our community silently, and safely, show who we are to other Caregivers and Littles!

Here is How:

Starting September 26, 2016 those who wish to participate is to wear a piece of ribbon on their left wrist for the whole last week of September. We want to make this a monthly thing! So the last week of each month will be the time to wear your ribbon to signal other members of the community which role you are and that you are open to friendship! Each role has a designed color and needs to have the first letter of their role written clearly on the ribbon itself.

Ribbon Colors:

Daddies - Blue (with a letter D written on it)

Mommies - Purple (with a letter M written on it)

Boy Littles - Green (with a letter L written on it)

Girl Littles - Pink (with a letter L written on it)

Middles - Orange (with letter T written on it)

Switches - Yellow (with a letter S written on it)

We are trying to spread this as far as we can. Too many people in our community feel alone or segregated because it is incredibly hard to find each other. So help spread the word!

Remember! This is a SAFE means of communication! Do NOT wear a ribbon if you do not want anyone (in the community) to know who you are! DO NOT mistreat this process as well! Just because someone is showing who they are does not give you the right to harass them as a fellow member!

Lets make this movement work, everyone! We need to stick together! There are enough people out there who do not like our community! This will allow our support systems to grow!



Got some more of those outfit ask things for my characters! This time it was only pokekids characters so I’m posting it here. Sorry things have slowed down a lil bit, I’ve been pretty busy with school and working on other art stuff, but I hope in the next week I can start being a little more productive.

Anyways, these were really fun to do. Kinda want to say sorry about Luana, cuz I don’t really know how to do “sexy” outfits so??? just have here in a cute dress thing. Also that was about the best I could think of for Ubon’s shirt, I don’t know what it means but I just rolled with it.

Alright then, hope you guys enjoy!

So it’s been quiet, huh?

Whoops! I haven’t been making too many posts on tumblr in regards to Soma Spirits: Rebalanace. And the reason for that is that there’s just really not a whole lot to show off right now.

Why? You might like the reason a bit more than you were expecting. Here’s the gist of it!

- The game has been in Beta for the last three weeks. That means all of the major additions to the game have been made and it is currently undergoing beta testing.
- A lot of the work that has been done on the game this past month has been technical, under-the-hood stuff.
- Most of the Steam-related stuff is finished. That’s right! The Steam version of the game will have Steam achievements and trading cards!
- Beta testing has been going very smoothly and most of the bugs have been text-related. Mostly just typos, grammatical errors, and other things here and there. There has been very little in the way of gameplay bugs.

In short, the new version of the game is almost done! I hope to have a release date announcement soon, so keep checking back periodically!



Hey guys. So I havent really talked about my boyfriend on here other than tagging some stuff with his name (He doesnt have a tumblr) but for those of you who dont know, my boyfriend Hanson is transgender. He just started T last week and is going to be vlogging his transition on youtube to track process. Please watch this video, it is his first one explaining his journey of coming out and starting Testosterone. I’m so proud of his amazing progress and it would mean the world to him for people to like and comment supportive and positive things on the video. Also if anyone has any questions for me about him or our relationship just message me! I love you all so much x

Hey everyone:) In the last couple of weeks I have received many messages saying beautiful things and showing so support. It means a world to me, and thank you all for being so kind, we should look out for each other. You are all wonderful and beautiful people, and I’m oh so very sorry if you are going through a hard time. No one deserves to feel like this, and moreover no one should fight through it alone.
I’m always here for you

Reading List Week 3

Weekly reading list is here! I honestly can’t remember what days I posted the other two but I’ve decided I’m going to try and post them on Sundays from now on, although that might change. But getting to the point, here is the list. I actually had to cut this one on half because there were too many but it’s still really long oops. Ok, here it is and happy reading! (One more thing: if there’s only one link that means that the story is not on the other site. Ok, now you can see the list.)

Educating Emma | Bond.Jane | ff

Static | Wayward Charlie | ff | ao3

The Wrong Way | pcworth | ff | ao3

we’re nothing more than dust jackets | coalitiongirl | ao3

The Queen’s Omega | Gravity In the Air | ff | ao3

Practical Magic | WifeysforLifey | ff | ao3

Coffee To Go | Unicycle Hippo | ff 

The Tale | shanesvoice | ff 

Making A Life | Starving Lunatic | ff | ao3

Happy Ending | pcworth | ff | ao3

The Handmaiden’s Philosophy | SimpleSupreme | ff

A Question of Lions | storycollage | ff | ao3

Emma’s New Family | PlayingWithShadows | ao3

Under the Tapestry | PolarBearMorgan | ao3 

Return to StoryBrooke | Skye_La | ff | ao3

Touch | Kristen_Card | ff | ao3 (the ao3 link has more chapters)

I’ve got you deep in the heart of me | coalitiongirl | ao3

i met cupid (and he eats people) | coalitiongirl | ao3

Prism | coalitiongirl | ao3

Someone has already claimed that username | coalitiongirl | ao3

I’m Stuck With You (But I Wouldn’t Want Anyone Else) | wishingonlightning | ff | ao3

Ghosts of Birthdays Past | withgirl | ff

Masquerade | Sultry Sweet | ff | ao3

The Marshal | Lelila Solo | ff

The Black Night | inkheart9459 | ff | ao3

Side by Side | EvilRegal98 | ff

Mute Swan | withgirl | ff | ao3

A Year and a Day | MegannRosemary | ff | ao3

“I met this guy while I was shopping in Lilycove one Saturday morning. He seemed nice, though he carried himself in an assertive way. But he had a certain gentleness in his voice when he invited me for a Soda Pop in the roof deck. We talked about our stress, our families, our dreams—basically slices of each of our lives. When I said that my shopping in the Department Store was on a weekly basis, he told me that he’ll see me here at the same time next week, making sure he’ll pay for more Soda Pops. Assertive, but gentle.

"That went on for a couple of weeks, the Soda Pops becoming plentier and the talks becoming deeper. We talked about each other’s lives, and shared things we hadn’t shared with anyone else before. What started out as waiting until the sun was too hot became watching the sun set in Lilycove Bay.

"None of my teammates knew about it, so it felt like my personal escape. I mean, I’m loyal to Team Aqua and all, but it’s rare to find your own thing within the team if you aren’t an admin or one of the head grunts. So this was something for me and only me. And obviously, it didn’t last.”

“What happened?”

“A while ago we had a face-off with our rivals, Team Magma, atop Mt. Chimney. Of course, I see him in a red uniform, and of course, team policy means that I’m forbidden to see him again. I was too distraught to go to the Department Store the Saturday that followed, and the Saturday after that. But I’ll go there someday, when I’m ready to face him.”

“If by any chance he sees this, what do you want to tell him?”

“That I miss you. And that I’ll see you soon.”

“You should go to the prom with me”
‘K ! I got commissioned to make a super sad romance fiction with these two. (That’s why I’m being slow in the other lol) so this story is supoused to be when Dib and zim graduate from high school, and things starts super cute but end up being totally awful and cruel D: I mean this story won’t give them mercy lols. I’ll update this story here too but this one will be harder than the other so just 2 pages per week. Hope you will like it ^^

It’s here Oikawa week is here! I’m so happy because this means i get an excuse to draw Oikawa everyday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Day 1: Late Nights | Texting | Red (Passion/Determination)

Headcanon that when Oikawa and Iwaizumi were younger they loved sleeping over at each other’s houses, not only because they get to spend more time with each other but because they get to do their one favourite thing: play-pretend! So they pretended to be super spies, and Iwaizumi went around the house on missions (like ‘rescue Godzilla from the washing machine monster’ or something) and reported back to Oikawa in the HQ (yes what you see in the image is their HQ). Since they don’t have professional walkie talkies, they communicated by text, also because calling might have resulted in their parents waking up and finding out about their late night escapade.

Both of them took these missions really seriously, and Oikawa always stared intently at his phone, just in case he ever needed to rescue Iwaizumi during an emergency (the only time it happened though was when Iwa got distracted and called him down for ice-cream).

Also, the reason why Iwaizumi was always the one going on missions was because he refused to let Oikawa go out or ‘he might get hurt and then I will never forgive myself”.

Ok i will stop here someone talk to me i have so many feelings

daily life

heya so ive mentioned on here that I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome along with Elhers-Danlos Syndrome, and I thought I would make a post to help you understand what this means/put things in perspective, since my experience with these illnesses hasn’t been nearly as bad as others. So here are the changes ive made in my daily life living with POTS/EDS


  • before standing (even to turn off my alarm) I have to rub my arms and legs to get my circulation going, and down a water bottle, so when i stand im not lightheaded and fall over (which happens if i dont do these things)
  • i have to take 50000 units of Vitamin D3 once a week, I take a multivitamin, small dose of vitamin B-12, a capsule of fish oil, and a 00 capsule with salt (that I put together, it helps me to retain water and raise my blood pressure since it is so low)

School life:

  • I drink four water bottles during the school day
  • i have a really hard time paying attention in a lot of my classes because im trying not to fall asleep, and because my mind is affected a lot of times with “brain fog”, that makes it harder for me to remember things or think clearly
  •  by lunch i have a decline through the rest of the day
  • take another salt capsule


  • by the time i get home from school, im tired beyond belief, achey in my legs and usually my arms, most days have a headache, and still have homework, chores, and other normal people responsibilities
  • i take a 30 minute walk (most) everyday, when i can handle it. i try to walk a mile, in order to strengthen my legs to help build more muscle and keep blood from pooling in my legs
  • i usually have to sit for the rest of the night with minimal movement, i get more lightheaded as the day goes on, and most nights i put the heating pad on my lower back, and my calves
  • drink a ton of water (by the end of the day i drink between 6-8 water bottles, I’m supposed to drink 12 ounces every two hours that im awake)
  • i shower every other day, hot showers use a lot of energy, and cold showers arent much better, my body is very sensitive to temperature
  • take another salt capsule!!
  • in bed between 9:30-10, if i get less than 10 hours of sleep my symptoms worsen

this is my life everyday, and many people have it much worse. i hope this helps you to understand my condition, as well as acknowledging the craziness that people whose POTS or EDS affects them worse than me, and those who have other chronic illnesses as well. it is not an easy life, and the lack of awareness doesn’t help, and I hope to play a role in changing that, and i plan to be completely honest and open about my sickness.

“but what if it’s just a phase?”

Here’s the thing about labels: they exist to be USEFUL. They exist so that you can put a name to who you are and tell others who that person is. If that means that you go through a label a week for the rest of your life, THAT’S FINE, because they’re labels that are useful for you. 

If it helps you explore your identity, if it makes you feel a little bit safer, or more comfortable, then your label is serving its purpose.You might change. Your labels might change. You might find new labels that fit you better. But never regret a label that helped you find your identity and never shy away from labels because you’re afraid they won’t last forever.