that means that in falling in becoming demonic

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Does anybody really stop to think about Gravity Falls' Sock Opera episode? I mean, the contrasts between the A plot and the B plot are unnerving. Mabel's plot revolves around her weekly crush on a boy who loves puppets and she spends the whole week creating a fantastic and fun sock puppet show to impress him- it's cheery and bubbly. Meanwhile, Dipper's plot revolves around him descending into sleep deprived madness while trying to crack a code to a computer that might give him all the answers to Gravity Falls, and when the information on the computer is threatened, he is desperate enough to make a deal with an untrustworthy demon who literally ends up using his body as a puppet. This gives Mabel's puppet show a much darker meaning, since her brother's body becomes part of it- both in the fact that there is a demon in Dipper's body and that Dipper's soul has to possess one of Mabel's socks in order to be heard or seen. Also, Mabel didn't even notice that her brother's behavior was out of the ordinary at first, and if Dipper hadn't figured out how to contact her, he could have died (as revealed in Journal 3). Bill, as evidenced in the various actions like sticking forks in Dipper's arms and throwing his body down a flight of stairs, could have cared less about the state of Dipper's physical self while using it to achieve his own ends. In fact, he even wrote a suicide note to Mabel from Dipper, and would have thrown Dipper's body off the Gravity Falls' water tower and framed his death as a suicide, leaving his mental self to wander the Dreamscape forever in madness if Dipper had not gotten his body back. Literally how is this a canon series of events in a kids show what in the everloving f-

My 204 theory? I mean, I know that my theories usually don’t pan out, but it’s so much fun to speculate! So, my 204 theory?

Izzy will be possessed first, that’s how the demon will get inside the Institute - remember the black goo she and Clary were investigating in the 204 promo pics? And remember the S2 promo where Izzy grabbed at the back of her neck, all distressed? I think the goo will drip down on her and that’s how she’ll become infected. Aldertree will then take care of her wound, maybe a burn? And that’s how she’ll start falling for him.

And then from her, it’ll jump to Alec, who’ll murder or severely injury someone, my bet is either Lydia or Raj - probably Raj since Matt mentioned that nobody had it as bad as Jace, Alec or Raj in one of his tweets. 

Now, what I would WISH to see? Magnus drive the demon out of Alec. Alec, still possessed, slips out of the Institute and goes to Magnus - and tries to kill him. But Magnus contains it without injuring Alec and exorcises it. But before the demon goes, it tells Magnus that it was Asmodeus who sent it to kill Magnus, that’s why it needed to get inside Alec, to get close to Magnus. That would nicely bring in Asmodeus and open up another part of Magnus’ life!

Yeah, probably not. But still, IMAGING it! It would be glorious!

If you take notice about who wrote each album, it becomes really fascinating. Like, Plastic Beach has a few songs about lost love and Murdoc wrote it… WHO IS HE WRITING ABOUT???? The Fall has a lot of self hate in it and 2D wrote it… NO STUART YOU ARE PRECIOUS!!! Demon Days I’m like NO NOODLE JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE A KID WITH A GUN DOESN’T MEAN THEY TURNED YOU INTO A MONSTER, YOU ARE PRECIOUS!!!

Hahaha, geez, you meatbags get more and more amusing every day, don’t you? You act like becoming a dream demon is like strolling into a temp agency and filling out a fun little application!  Think again, kiddo…dream demon applications are not fun!

And by applications, I mean the cataclysmic fate that the universe sears into the very liquid of your boiling, burning soul!

In a nutshell, I’m basically saying that you’re born with it!  And, haha, well, not quite born, not like you little organ-sacks shoved out of some unassuming birth canal, but rather—let’s call it manifested, huh?

Either way, some folks are born dream demons, some are born petty humanoids, and yet others are born as those weird frogs in South America that look like colored Rorschach tests and can poison you to death in less than three minutes!

I love those guys!

Anyway, You wanna learn to be powerful, kiddo?  Either make a deal with me, or, uh, I dunno, take up Pilates or something.  I’d highly recommend the first one, though! Cause if you haven’t noticed, I don’t just “have” powers.


Modern Sleepy Hollow high school AU maybe? Yeah.

Abbie is a troubled student that Corbin pairs with uptight douchebag tutor Ichabod in the hopes he can help her graduate. They eventually become friends and fall in love and fight demons after school while simultaneously dealing with teen drama and trying to graduate.

one-shot: lightweight

Shitpost o’clock only lasted for a few minutes because the Kanye/Kim thing kinda short-circuited my brain. Instead of a slew of stupid jokes, I’m ending the night with a stupid drabble. It was supposed to be a drabble but apparently it stopped being a drabble 1000 words in. I guess I don’t know what that word means. Unless they don’t ID check in Gravity Falls, Dipper is clearly an adult in this. 

“HEY.” The demon’s voice exploded directly into his ear with all the subtlety of a megaphone; Dipper winced. “Hello, Bill.”


There was literally no way short of suddenly becoming completely deaf that he couldn’t hear him, and it was with gritted teeth that Dipper responded, with the perfect amount of restraint, “Yeah man. Everyone can hear you.”

Dragging a wasted dream demon home from the only bar in Gravity Falls was not how he’d planned on spending his Saturday night, or any other night given that wasted Bill Cipher was apparently the worst kind of drunk, but also because his current state of intoxication prevented him from simply teleporting them back to the Shack. The night had started out rather pleasantly, with an actual date instead of battling semi-Eldritch abominations in the woods (not that he was complaining), and while strolling along the street trying to figure out where to go next they’d noticed the bar. The small, dimly lit place was the textbook definition of a hole in the wall, and Dipper was kidding when he joked about stopping for a beer or two. 

He should have known not to joke with Bill. 

His stupid demon boyfriend shuffled along beside him, with his arms awkwardly looped around Dipper’s neck, continuing to disregard the concept of volume control. “OKAY CAUSE I WASN’T SURE YOU COULD HEAR ME.”

“I can definitely hear you." 


“Yes, Bill. I can hear you.”

He guessed that somewhere along the line he’d forgotten that Bill’s human form would have limitations that his didn’t, at least in some cases. Dipper didn’t drink very often so his tolerance was nothing to write home about, but it was at least better than Bill’s given that the demon had only managed one and about three quarters of the second bottle before losing his balance and laughing uproariously while Dipper hastily paid their tab and ushered him out before he started setting things on fire or summoning screaming heads or opening portals to the abyss. 

“I told you I could do the thing,” Bill bragged, and Dipper could imagine the shit-eating grin on his face without even having to look up at him. 

“You did,” he deadpanned. “That was an impressive two drinks you made it through.”

“Everything I do is impressive!” He wasn’t shouting anymore, but he was still far louder than he should have been; Dipper was glad they’d made it to the path in the woods leading back to the Mystery Shack. 

As aggravated as he was, Dipper had to smile at that. “Because you’re a being of pure energy with no weaknesses?”

“Damn straight.” Dipper raised an eyebrow, but decided not to ask him where he’d picked that one up from. It wasn’t as bad as some of the English vernacular he’d began employing the use of at often inappropriate times. 

Speaking of inappropriate, he stopped walking outright as his stupid demon boyfriend leaned in closer to actually run his tongue over the shell of his left ear; he told himself that the ensuing shudder was entirely involuntary. “Does that turn you on, Pine Tree?" 

"Oh my god.” Dipper buried his face in his hands. “Next time I’m cutting you off at one." 

It took a few minutes to convince Bill to avoid molesting him until they got home, after which Dipper picked up the pace – not out of anticipation, but because Bill was progressing through the various stages of drunk at an alarmingly rapid pace. He fell silent for awhile after a good ten minutes straight of describing, in vivid detail, everything he planned to do to Dipper once they got back (Dipper doubted he’d be able to follow through on any of it). 

It wasn’t a bad night. Early summer, not too hot, pleasantly balmy, with the crickets serenading them as they made their way along the path illuminated by the soft glow of a full moon overhead. His irritation slowly melted away, and Dipper decided it wasn’t a bad note to end it on.

"Am I pretty?”

Oh no.

“I want to be pretty. For you.”

Dipper sighed. He should have seen the weepy phase approaching from a mile away. “Yes, Bill. You’re pretty.”



There was a shortcut through a wooded area, and Dipper steered the drunken dream demon past the treeline, holding on to his hand while leading him along and praising the powers that be that he still had excellent motor control. 

“I just…” There was something resembling a sob in the demon’s voice. “I love you. Like, if you ever died, I’d burn this entire town to the ground because its existence would be meaningless without you.”

Dipper stopped walking again, mulling over this in his head. It wasn’t the most disturbing declaration of devotion he’d heard from his significant other, and it was sweet in a way (as long as he disregarded the notion of mass homicide and property destruction on his behalf.) “That’s really disturbing, but I love you too.” He leaned against the demon, ducking his head to hide his smile. “Please don’t become an arsonist.”

Taking advantage of the situation, Bill laughed, tackling him and bowling him over into a patch of soft, springy grass. “What the-"The demon curled around him, purring like a cat. "You’re warm. And cuddly. Cuddly tree." 

Dipper rolled his eyes. "You’re worse than Mabel.” He allowed himself to relax, with Bill’s hair tickling his chin. The demon seemingly didn’t intend to let him up anytime soon, so he resigned himself to the inevitable. “I guess we’re spending the night in the woods.” It wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last. “We’ve really got to work on your tolerance, man. This is kinda sad.”

“Oh, I’m not intoxicated.”


Dipper sat up, looking down at him incredulously. “What?”

Bill grinned; a vexing, shit-eating grin.  "I’m perfectly sober.“


The demon released his grip on him long enough to sit up as well – then immediately latched onto him once again. "This isn’t a normal human body, remember? It would probably take enough of that disgusting beverage to kill you for me to feel any effects from it.”

Dipper narrowed his eyes, glaring at him. “I just dragged you out of a bar and halfway back to the Shack yelling like a jackass. What do you mean you’re not drunk??”

Bill shrugged. “I was faking it.” He leaned in close once more, whispering into his ear mischievously. “You’re cute when you’re irritated.”

Dipper groaned. “You…you’re such an asshole.”

“I love you too, Pine Tree!” The demon said cheerfully; and then his voice took on that husky quality that sorta made Dipper forget all about being mad. “And yes, we’re spending the night in the woods.” His tongue flicked against his ear again, and then Dipper really did forget about being mad. 

Yeah. Definitely not a bad note to end the night on.

Why I am Currently Sobbing Uncontrollably
  • When I read Magi: *Alikou doesn't become canon*
  • Me: That's alright I can live with that and respect the other ships and I'll still have my fan art etc to deal.
  • When I watch Dr3: *Chisa dies*
  • Me: Well, I was quite fond of her but okay, I'm not that attached, I mean I haven't known her for very long...
  • Dr3: Maiya's a robot by the way, controlled by the demon spawn. Real Maiya's dead.
  • Dr3: Oh and we're going to make you fall in love with Seiko through her talented VA and adorable but sad backstory
  • Dr3: We're also going to make you somehow like Izayoi for some unexplainable reason. And hate Ruruka so you end up shipping him with Seiko
  • Me: Oh well um-
  • Dr3: Yeah and they're both gonna die too. Ruruka'll live though. The only one you didn't care about.
  • Dr3: Juzo's still alive and kicking (literally)
  • Dr3: Chiaki is still waiting for Hinata to come back. He's not coming back.
  • Me: Yeah but I knew that would happe-
  • Dr3: Ryota Mitarai. You love him don't you.
  • Me: Yeah, he's my child that must be protected-
  • Dr3: He's evil. He's gonna be evil. Or fall into despair. Or both.
  • Me: ...anything else?
  • Dr3: *foreshadows Kirigiri's death*
  • Me: Dammit. Can my week get any worse?
  • Fairy tail: ...
  • Fairy Tail: *kills Juvia*
  • Me: ... WELL FUCK.
Why i love Assassins’s Creed

By any means this series is far from perfect.But i consider that people overlook this franchise just because it got a yearly released.This collective of video games is more than needs the eyes it may have their glitches and bugs but the positive overcome the negative.First the main characters they are very human and down to earth they have their demons and problems but they struggle to become a better person just like everyone not a fight about good and evil is a fight for ideals and whats good for human kind.Having multiple main characters show us that they universe dosen’t turn around on person but is diverse is interesting and they are just people with they own unique a place where everything is run by fps . this franchise at least has the balls to give us a unique experience.this is just my opinion and i think it should be more appreciated