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How does one go about moving out when they have no means to do so?

*sigh* it’s been a long time coming. I’m turning 25 this year and there’s so much I wanna do. One of it would be moving out of my parents’. I can’t tho. I literally have nothing to my name save a few possessions I could sell but would be loath to part with. I know moving out requires sacrifice and it requires a level of personal discipline to get your act together and take on bigger things. But damn that scares me.

I don’t have the means to leave. I have everything I need. But I can’t progress if I’m stuck being dependent on my parents. People say, leave the nest learn to fly, but I’ve been raised much like dogs are. In a family group. You grow up, you accept the duties of the family and you stick together.

Man I wish it were easier. I wish I knew were to go. But I don’t and it’s upsetting. This year is a year of growth. I need to move and get going. What the hell am I so scared of?? The unknown? Failure? Starving? Those are simple side effects to real growth. So what’s holding me back?


I have to figure it out.

Just a little tidbit - the money that I spent on Void and their lies was my financial aid refund. I CANT AFFORD COLLEGE THIS SEMESTER BC MY GPA ISNT GIGH ENOUGH ANYMORE LOLOLO L ITS A FUCKING LOAN I HAVE TO PAY BACK

Went to the hospital July 2016, tried to jump back into school in September, didn’t fucking work bc my ass was too fucked up for structured education

Also I had to use my hospital visit as a plea bargain for the school to even let me in again in September cause i was UCKING WORKING!!! THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF OF 2016 !! AND COULDNT FOCUS ON MY STUDIES !! CAUSE VOID HAD ME BELIEVING THEY WERE IN AN ABUSIVE HOUSEHOLD AND I COULD GET THE MEANS TO HELP THEM MOVE OUT LOLOL

I got played hard as fuck by this white racist shitstain but if yall wanna continue to get played too then be my guest, they’re damn good at what they do (that sweet, sweet manipulation)

As for the future of this blog, I plan on returning. Im doing a JoJo rewatch (since u know i have all the time in the world now bc i dont have a job or school – thanks again shitstain ) so I will probably tweak my theme and rules a little in the next couple of days.

Show Me Love 12

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Plot:  Coming home is never easy.  Goodbyes are even harder.

Warnings: The return of Wanda and Nat, girl talk, Language, ANGST

A/N: I’m so sorry.

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⬅️⬅️PART 11 ||| PART 13➡️➡️

You sigh as you shove yourself deeper into your old couch, a glass of water on the coasters you hadn’t used since you moved out, painkillers scattered beside it.  

Wanda had moved into your old bedroom when you moved out, meaning the only place available to crash was the couch.

Thank god it was the most comfortable couch known to man.

Or perhaps it’s because you were too drunk to tell the difference.

Classes weren’t set to start for another week, and after your trip, you were dying for some quality girl time.

That and you couldn’t stand the tension that was hanging between you and Bucky anymore.

And not the good kind.

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  • Berukia: Which country has the most birds?
  • Berukia: Portugeese.
  • Berukia: Wait.
  • Shamrock: That's a language.
  • Tsubaki: Portugull!
  • Otogiri: Nice recovery.
  • Tsubaki: Don't you mean nice redovery?
  • Higan: ... Turkey. How did we miss Turkey?!
  • Sakuya to himself: I wish I was a bird myself so I could get the fuck away from this bunch.

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I'm placing my bets on 2017 being the year they a) move out and away from each other, b) do less and less vids together, c) reveal they're either single or have been in relationships the whole time. I can't help but think SO many people are convinced something MASSIVE is going to happen in 2017 that is will actually be the opposite.

Are they really trying to say Louis is allegedly paying Breep $15k a month and she can’t be bothered to find a new place for herself and her kid so she is just staying at a family friend’s house, or that Louis wouldn’t place them in a freaking hotel at the very least if the situation was normal, genuine, and organic? Suuure Jan.


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What do you mean by moving out?

Not sure which moving out you’re asking about but, there was a video posted that shows Danielle and a friend (Lane) where the friend refers to Danielle as her “future roomie”. So people are speculating that the new narrative is that D is no longer meant to look like she’s living at Louis’.

Also, there was some Snapchat (that I didn’t see, so I have no link) of Briana and Ashley supposedly in a UHaul parking lot I think? And the house that B has been living in with “Freddie” is up for sale. Whether that is a coincidence or not, and whether the owner of that house is selling it because the contract for the stunt is over, remains to be seen.


“It was very important to us to get a happy center to the friendship. 

They don’t suffer each other – otherwise they’d move out. I mean, especially someone as pragmatic as Doctor Watson, a campaigning soldier – he would just leave, he would find somewhere else [to live].

But what happens is, Watson comes back wounded and really without any reason to live; he’s complete flat, like a flat battery. 

And he meets this man who turns his life upside down, and gives him adventure again – and he has a reason, and excitement in his life. 

And for Sherlock – he meets this man, as I say, who gives him a more human dimension.

Actually… slightly takes away some of his roughest edges, but never completely tames him.”


– Mark Gatiss, 2011.

30 Things Said By Musicians Preparing Recitals
  1. “Does this instrument make me look fat?”
  2. “What do you mean we can’t move the pianos out of the practice room??”
  3. “I’m considering buying a cot and just setting it up under the stairs so I don’t have to leave the building.”
  4. *crying because the vending machine filled with Starbucks isn’t working*
  5. “I will trade my firstborn for that cookie.” “Wouldn’t your wife object?” “She’s a teacher she can just steal a new one.”
  6. *bribing their accompanist with coffee in exchange for upping the tempo*
  7. “So I almost broke the pedal board on the grand trying to practice, so I went home and screamed into a pillow instead.”
  8. *oboist crying because their professor knocked over a concert reed*
  9. *vocalist actively swearing because their significant other has strep*
  10. “If you touch my bass, I will kill you and hide the body in its case.”
  11. “Is wine bad for your embouchure?”
  12. ‘My larynx feels like a pogo stick after this song, I think I need to take a day off.”
  13. “I will be you slave for all of next semester for half a slice of that pizza.”
  14. *happy crying because they finished memorizing 90% of their repertoire*
  15. “Three of my classes today were cancelled, it was great!” “What did you do?” “I, uh, practiced an extra two hours and ate lunch for the first time this week.”
  16. *yodeling because their professor said it might help*
  17. “I should just take up a super rare instrument, then virtuosic performance would be waaaaay easier.”
  18. “Were you playing a kazoo in the practice rooms?” “SHUT UP IT HELPS.”
  19. “I drank caffeinated tea today and I could feel the entire vocal faculty judging me.”
  20. *tells a freshman on New Student audition day that heard them practice that yeah, they were totally auditioning into the program later*
  21. “Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I’ve cried in my lesson the past three weeks?”
  22. “Is it a good thing or a bad thing that my teacher cried in my lesson yesterday?”
  23. “****ing Brahms.”
  24. “**** TRILLS.”
  25. “I’ve taken some business courses, opening a coffee shop in Maine is TOTALLY a viable career path.”
  26. “Are those pajamas you’re wearing?” “I call it ‘Musician Chic,’ and it’s what happens when you have to choose between food and getting your favorite practice room in the morning.”
  27. “How is designing a poster SO HARD.”
  28. “Do you think my professor would notice if I submitted last year’s program for this recital, too?”
  29. “I fell asleep on the piano so I decided it was time to go to the lounge to sleep instead.”
  30. “You should all totally come to my recital, I think it’s going to be amazing! :) :) :)”

You were bored so you decided to pay a visit to Liz at the bar. Walking up the stairs towards the bar, you notice the bar is pretty empty. Liz is behind the bar hand drying glasses. You see James sitting at a table nearby chatting with a girl you’ve never met. He’s sitting down smoking a cigarette and she’s standing up. You didn’t really think any of it, thinking she was just passing by or something. Then, you see her laugh and she rests her hand on his shoulder.
James knows better, so immediately he removes her hand.

You almost reach the top of the stairs, so you stop and move your fingers along the railway while mean mugging the hell out of her. You’re thinking to yourself, who does she think she is? does she not see the ring on his finger that he’s a married man?

For safety reasons, James always tells you to have a pocket knife with you. You were still standing at the stairs thinking and you just remembered you have one in your back pocket.
You had an idea and said to yourself, “fuck it.”

You pulled out your pocket knife, having it out and ready to use. Immediately, you walked up to their table. The girl looks at you, but before she has a chance to say anything to you, you slit her throat.

She slowly starts falling to the ground with blood gushing out of her throat while you stared at her with your poker face on the entire time. James sat there surprised, not saying a word. His eyes were widened. Liz still stood behind the bar with one brow raised.

“Now, clean that shit up James.” You looked at James, then walked away, heading back downstairs and into the elevator.

Double the number of Superstars performing the same move on a rival means double the pain being doled out. Here’s the 10 most dominant moves being executed by Superstars in 2-on-1 fashion!