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The REAL story of “I am Legend”

This video is The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price.  This is the only faithful film adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I am legend.

 Most people don’t know it but “I am legend” was not about zombies or mutants.   The Creatures were old school, traditional vampires.  Warded by symbols of faith and garlic.  And killed via stake through the heart.   The hero learns (at the end) that he had been killing the intelligent race that had replaced humans.  Killing them when they are most vulnerable (in their daytime sleep).  He had become their boogie man. 

That’s where the line “I am legend” comes from, the moment he realized he was the monster in a world of vampires… 

The twist, the meaning, these things have been so distorted that no one would recognize a faithful adaptation of “I am Legend” today, they’d think it’s a stupid vampire knock off version or something ot that effect.  I wish someone was brave enough to try a faithful version again…

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finished my kenny wig!! it’s a little extra poofy, but the con’s in a couple of weeks and I’d rather have too much hair rn. also, i did not plan on wearing my ibushi shirt so i could take pictures of myself cosplaying kenny in it.