that means he's not maskless enough

Little Kylux things I get emotional about at night

Hux and Kylo are rivals, and although I love their hatefuck-proneness as much as the next guy, rewatching the movie again (and again, and again) I became obsessed with the thought that their resentment might be pretty fucking recent, and that despite everything, Kylo trusts the shit out of Hux. Emotinal and biased meta under the cut.

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Is a redeemed Kylo bad for marketing?

I’m sure this has been touched on before but I haven’t seen anything about it personally…

Marketing Star Wars is huge. The demand for merch, toys, clothes, etc is ridiculously high and will continue to be high. So what I’ve been wondering lately is… is it marketable enough for Kylo Ren to become a redeemed character?

He’s the face of the sequel trilogy, the main baddie, almost all SW merch currently has Kylo’s mug on the top right/left corners of the packaging, mask & crazy lightsaber included. If he does leave villainy behind I mean… that symbol won’t change into Ben Solo’s face. Kylo is “cooler” as a villain, more recognizable. It has been ingrained at this point. Darth Vader was different, he was redeemed in his final moments and was maskless for ten seconds of the OT… if Kylo is redeemed earlier than the last 10 minutes of Episode IX and remains ALIVE… (and with Rey *wink*) that would definitely affect money-making from the marketing standpoint would it not?

Many of the target audience & customers would always prefer him to be/stay a villain. They could reject redemption altogether and thus Kylo in general. And that could mean less money in Disney’s pockets because people will flat out not buy anything with that “pussed out” villain on it, etc. I would think Disney would always want people to keep buying Kylo merch no matter what (and I have SO MUCH Kylo merch, dear lord) and would always want Kylo Ren as a character player at Disney World… but what about when he’s not the villain anymore but a grey hero? Who else would replace him as the symbol of the sequel trilogy? Who else could be the *extremely intimidating* scary character at Disney World? I don’t think of Ben & Kylo as two different people, but if he is redeemed it just seems silly to keep his dark persona as the main focal point of the logo on the merchandise or to see Kylo swaggering around at Disney knowing that particular Kylo is past-tense and doesn’t wear his pretty black dress anymore because he’s good now? To me that’s like keeping old villain Vegeta (scouter & all) as the logo for DBZ merchandise when he’s not a villain anymore and hasn’t been for over two decades.

Anyway, it makes me wonder if that could ever be a reason that they won’t give him a redemption arc in the end. Money rules all with most companies, Disney is no exception. Or am I thinking too much and it’s stupid thing to wonder/worry about? lol