that means he's had orange hair for a lot longer than we knew ok

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May i have a Nalu, “wtf you’re not my roommate, how did you get in here? oh sHIT you’re really drunk aND NOW YOU’RE CRYING OKay okay it’s okay shhhh, you can stay here i guess??” au. Thanks and have a nice day ^_^

bless you people for having the patience of the gods to deal with me and my slow updates.

I am currently dead inside from having to deal with finals and whatevs but thank god for fanfics to keep me going.

Thanks for the request and whoever you are anon, please enjoy!

Never again.

Never. Fucking. Again.

When next Natsu sees Loke-that stupid pretty bastard-he’s gonna break his nose and strangle him with that furry coat of his.

Natsu knew he shouldn’t have agreed to the party, even in his slightly buzzed thoughts when Loke suggested it, something banged pots and pans screaming at him “NO”, but of course he didn’t listen to the crazy little voice in his head the one time it was saying something smart.

A slice of pain shot through Natsu’s head as his eyes slid open. God he was hungover, in the literal sense and like that movie trilogy with those guys because for one, he couldn’t remember shit from last night.

Two, as he sat up, cracking his back with a satisfied grunt, the place was trashed mercilessly. Like there was cake on the ceiling (who does that? He’s done weird stuff but even then, standards) and something suspiciously like vomit on a spot a few feet from him. Also he was surrounded by empty bottles of Red Stripe.

At least he found his answer to the headache.

And third, like Doug from the first Hangover movie, Loke’s ass was nowhere to be seen. He’d have to check on the roof later to make sure last night really didn’t follow the plot of that movie.

But after his post hangover breakfast. Loke can wait when a cheese omelette and toast is calling.

The journey to the kitchen was longer and harder than he ever imagined, everything was a crutch, holding Natsu up as he hobbled to his goal of a healing meal.

He clutched his chest half way there to catch some breath. His shirt was gone, lost to the events of last night. As was his shoes. And his pants. Natsu was practically naked and he still couldn’t remember a damn thing.

God he hoped none of this made it on the internet.


What the hell was that.


Well either the old fridge was acting up again and decided to start screaming in the early afternoon or someone was here with him, and it didn’t sound like Loke.

Natsu knew what a hungover Loke sounded like and he never sounded this alert.  Well at least whatever it was is in the kitchen. Saves him some energy.

Sparkly red pumps attacked Natsu’s weak eyes, abandoned on the dirty tiles next to bare feet. Bare feet belonging to the woman with her head currently in the sink, groaning and maybe close to throwing up.

Uh……..” Her head flew up, damp blonde hair sticking in clumps to her forehead. Well it looks like someone thought drowning herself was a good way to get rid of a hangover.

“You’re not Cana.” She said, voice raspy with sleep and alcohol.

“Nope. And you’re not Loke are you?”

“Oh thank god no.”Her raspy voice devolved into a fit of giggles. Cute hiccupy giggles. They sounded a little bit like alcohol.

“So i’m guessing this isn’t my apartment either.”

“Bingo.” “Cana isn’t here?” Mystery girl brushed wet hair from her eyes, propping herself up on the counter.

“I haven’t found anyone else yet so i’m guessing no.”

Natsu shouldn’t have said that. He should not have said that. If he were sober he wouldn’t have said that.

Small tears leaked from her eyes making them even redder and puffier. “You mean she left me? Cana went home without me……?” she choked up a sob and he realizes that maybe she’s a bit drunker than he probably thought.

“No wait! I just woke up!” Natsu exclaimed, trying to ease her distress.He shuffled a bit closer. “I haven’t searched the rest of the apartment, your friend might still be in here! We can go look!”

She hiccuped and let out another sob that had his semi-drunk self feeling so helpless and lost that even a few tears started to prickle at the corners of his eyes.

But Natsu held those back. Two people crying usually ended up in a never ending loop of tears. That happened once with Gajeel and he wasn’t gonna go through that again.

“You wanna maybe sit down?” Natsu suggested, “I think I got some orange juice left, you could have that and just take a breather to calm down or if you want I can get you something else to drink.”

She took a heavy breath through her nose to even out her breathing from crying.It took a few more but the tears stopped and Natsu couldn’t help a tiny sigh of relief.

“You ok now?” He asked cautiously.

“Yeah…..sorry about that, I just got a little…..overwhelmed.”

Natsu nodded. “You the emotional drunk?” “Yeah. You?”

“Calm and dead. Not a lot of stuff phases me.”

She gave a slightly sober chuckle. “Looks like we balance each other out. Must be a drunken twist of fate.”

Sh held out her hand and he grasped it with a weak shake. “I’m Lucy and well, sorry about the crying and for being in your place like this.”

He grinned. “No problem, you’re not the first hungover person i’ve dealt with. Had to knock out the first guy though. You want breakfast before we look for your friend?”

“If it’s not too much trouble.” “It ain’t, plus you can tell me about last night ‘cause i can’t remember jack shit. You like cheese omelettes?”

“Who doesn’t?”

Oh god.

That’s not what she think it is written on his chest in her handwriting, in her bright blue lipstick that she got herself on valentines.

“Hey is there something on me? You keep staring.” Natsu eyed her curiously as he shoveled the last of his meal in his mouth.

Yeah…NO! No, no no,no. You’re fine! Everything’s just fine!” Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down

“Really? ‘Cause with how you were looking at me you’d think that there was something…….Did someone draw a dick on me?”

His gaze lowered to roam over his naked chest. He looked.

And no doubt he could read the word ‘MINE’ boldly written on him and see the smeared lipstick mark a little bit further down, close to inappropriateness.

No way….” His eyes shot back up to meet Lucy’s and, dear lord, she must’ve had some still on her lips because his face twisted into something sinister.

“Did you do this?” He asked playfully,cackling at her reddened features.

“We were both really drunk and nothing happened!”

“You sure? Because this looks a bit out -” “Yes I’m sure! Just, stop talking! Our drunk selves are different people who we don’t know and must never speak of!”

Alright, alright.” The argument was dropped but that evil smirk was still plastered on his face. He motioned for her to hand over her empty plate and glass as he moved to the sink.

Water gushed from the faucet as Natsu cleaned up, and of course he just had to close off the issue properly.

“Just for the record Lucy,” he called, “You should probably take someone out to dinner first before calling dibs on them.”

She buried her face in her hands. No way in hell was she gonna tell him about the ‘JUICY’ cheekily peering at her, partially hidden by the band of his boxers.

Play Along

The (overheard, unintentional) prompt: “You know those pianos they put in airports? So I was waiting for my flight, and this one guy was playing a really sad tune. And suddenly, this other guy walks up with a violin, all smiles and good cheer, and starts accompanying him?  He seemed so into it, but the piano guy just glared at him and stormed off. I thought the violinist would keep playing, but he seemed so sad, and he went after the pianist instead. I dunno if they knew each other.” Thank you, random citizen.

A focus on Mikasa and Izzy bonding over having silly sort-of-brothers and overall being the cool sisters they are, musician Ereris, airports are awesome.

Read on Ao3

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Christmas Confessional

It’s the holidays (Christmas), and Narukami receives more texts in a row from Yosuke than usual, the last one asking him to call him right away.

Series: Persona 4

Pairing: Yu Narukami & Yosuke Hanamura

Rating: Safe. Nothing nsfw, just Yosuke’s mouth.

Word Count: 1764

AO3: link

Comment: This is a trade (kind of?) with lurvie, since she asked for a cute fanfic and motivated me with art. (I’m kind of easily motivated with art moreorless…) But yes. It’s kind of rushed at the end, but that’s because it’s late and I wanted her to at least read it before she went to bed.

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Or for another prompt Neil and Andrew are living together and it's a Sunday morning and they've got nothing to do no traveling no games just enjoying each other alllll day *heart eyes*

I wrote this one as them still being at Palmetto State. Thanks for the prompt! I listened to Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson as I wrote this because I am a massive sap, and that is where the first four lines come from.  

And I know I said this would be a Sunday morning post, but turns out I lost my patience!

We got everything we need right here and everything we need is enough. 
Just so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms,
Do we really need to pay attention to the alarm?
Wake up slow. Wake up slow.


When Neil drifted awake he could hear the soft patter of raindrops on their window. He shifted slightly and felt cool sheet against his fingertips. Beyond the rain he could hear the swish of cars passing the Fox Tower on wet roads. A girl outside shrieked at her friend to get her car open quicker. A few doors slammed, but otherwise Fox Tower was quiet. 

In the room itself the sound of his own breathing mixed with another’s, soft but deep. Neil finally cracked open an eye and rolled his head to look at Andrew, fast asleep on the other side of the bed. He lay on his side with his back against the wall, hands stretched out towards Neil and the edges of his hands resting on the dip of Neil’s elbow. His face was so relaxed Neil wanted to run his fingers over it, down the strip of his nose and across his pale cheeks. 

But that was a good way to get himself stabbed, so he didn’t.

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werewolf ashton [part 8]

PART 1  || PART 2 \ PART 3 || PART 4  || PART 5 \ part 6|| PART 7

You looked in the mirror, making sure that you looked nice for Ashton. He had told you to dress comfortably, still not giving you any sort of idea of where he was taking you. You had spent most of yesterday texting him, which with every text you couldn’t help but smile at your screen. You wanted to call him, wanting to hear his voice, but when you wanted to hear his voice, it was almost midnight, and you don’t think that you wanted to call him at that hour. Plus you didn’t think your aunt would be too happy with having you call Ashton at hour, even if he actually liked him.

But still in the back of your head, you couldn’t shake the idea of Ashton and Pup having the same injury. Their injury was in the same place, that was just a bit too much of a coincidence, but even Ashton’s excuse seemed odd. It seemed a bit too odd for him to get those injuries from just falling, but you had to trust him. Why would Ashton not tell you the truth? Then there was the wound itself, it didn’t look new, it looked like it was healing, especially his bruises, they looked like they were close to healing, but they were new right?

Still you had to shake those thought out of your head, you were going to see him soon, and didn’t want to ruin your first date with Ashton by your thoughts. You heard your phone vibrate, a new message. You went to your phone, already knowing it was Ashton, and a smile growing on your face.

You ready? –Ash

You bet your lip to hold back your smile but you still couldn’t keep from smiling. You quickly replied telling him that you were, which he responded that he will be there soon to pick you up, and added that you should also bring a sweater, and comfortable shoes to walk in. you were glad that you were dressed very casually and wearing comfortable shoes.

You soon heard a knock on the door, and you raced to go get it before your cousin would answer the door, seeing as how you didn’t want him to feel attacked by her. You were glad that no one had opened the door and took in a breath before you opened the door.

There Ashton was waiting, the sun bouncing off his curls giving him a sublime look that almost entranced you. He turned to look at you his hazel eyes, lighting up the moment that he saw you standing at the door.

“Hey”, he said a bit nervously as he scratched the back of his head, his cheeks slightly reddening.

“Hey”, you said with just as much nervousness.

You didn’t think that this would be so nervous, but now the feelings of going on a date with Ashton, were making themselves known.

“Do you want to get going?” he said with a smile.

“Uh… yea, let me just get my keys and we can head out”, you said reaching for them before closing the door.

As you both walked down your steps, you felt his hand ghost over yours, before reaching for your hand. He slowly intertwined your right hand with his left one, not keeping his grip tight, in case that you wanted to pull away. You gently tightened your hold on his hand, feeling your cheeks warm more. Ashton pulled you closer, letting your sides touch as he walked slowly with you, enjoying the touch of your body like the way you enjoyed it.

“So where are we going on this mystery date?”  You looked over at him with a smile.

“We are going to the woods”, he said bashfully, “but trust me this time we are having a picnic, and I did promise not to abandon you”; he said hoping that you liked the idea.

“Glad you remembered”, you said in a mocking tone, “so where exactly is it?”

“I do keep my promises (Y/N), the place isn’t that far, just up the trial”, he said leading you down the trail, “hope you don’t mind”

“I don’t mind Ashton, I do actually like your company”, you said as you gripped his hand tighter.

“That’s good then, because it’s about at most a half hour walk, I would have driven there, but the trail wasn’t made for cars at all” he said with a smile.

“I don’t mind”, you said as you placed a soft kiss on his arm.

You wanted to peek over at his right arm, wondering how the bruises were like, if they looked any better, but he was defensive about them yesterday, so you thought that maybe it wouldn’t be the best thing to bring it up. you two casually talked about your day, he kept asking you questions about things you liked, saying that he wanted to know everything about you, and you would ask questions of your own, trying to not make them too personal incase he didn’t want to answer them.

“We’re here”, he said as he pulled you off the trail, “we’ll almost”, he said making sure that you weren’t going to fall over anything.

You didn’t even notice that you had spent that long time walking with him, but I guess when you were with Ashton, time really seemed to fly by. You could faintly see the glow of lights in the distance, making you wonder if that was where you were going to have your picnic date. You approached and noticed that on the floor was a large blanket illuminated by electric lanterns, giving everything a beautiful amber glow. But what really made you awe, was the beautiful lake that was not too far from his set up. The sun was still up, but it would soon set. The sun’s rays giving the lake a soft orange glow as the sun was setting.

“It’s beautiful”, you said just taking it all in.

“Glad you like it”, he said bashfully.

You looked up and couldn’t resist his lips any longer. You leaned up and kissed his lips, letting your lips sweetly kiss. You rested your hand on his chest, as his circled your waist, as he leaned down a bit to better kiss you. You felt him smile into the kiss, and you did the same. Your hands trailed up from his chest, to the back of his neck, pulling him closer to you, as your fingertips played with his hair. You could feel Ashton let out a small groan that vibrated in his chest as you pulled his hair, his grip want to your waist, and tightened. His grip tightened a bit, a bit harder than he usually did that you let out a small wince, which made him instantly stop.

“Are you ok?” he said his hands clenched as he looked all over your body.

“Yea I’m fine”, you said your face flustered.

“I’m sorry (Y/N)”, he said hoping that he didn’t upset you.

“I’m fine”, you said placing your hand on his arm, letting him know that you were ok.

He smiled, and reached for your hand, and pulled you over to the blanket. You took a seat, the sun close to setting.

“You didn’t have to go through so much trouble”, you said noticing that he must have spent a good time setting all this up, especially bringing a large cooler, without any help.

“I wanted this date to go perfect, I mean how else I am supposed to get the girl”, he said with smirk.

That was your cue for your face to heat up at hearing him sort of admit that he did want to be with you. You bit your lower lip, holding back the smile, “I’m pretty sure you already have the girl, without all of this”, you whispered.

“Still, I want to do this for you”, he replied. 

You didn’t think that he would actually hear you, you said it so low but he clearly heard you, not even asking you to repeat yourself. Maybe you had said it louder than you thought.

You watched him pull out food out of the cooler, varying from fruits to chips and asking you what you would like to drink.

“I know it’s not so fancy, but I figured you would enjoy a simple picnic, then those awkward first dates in restaurants”, he said pulling out a tray of sandwiches varying of meats and veggies, “but we could do those later, at least I hope we can”

“I think that we can do those too”, you said reaching for a sandwich on the platter, “so how did you find this, because last I knew my aunt never mentioned this lake here”.

“Most people don’t come up here, especially now with people being afraid of the so called ‘monster wolf’, but I come here a lot, and well I hoped you would like it too, trust me it gets better as night approaches”, he said as he reached for his own sandwich and handing you a plate to get so you could serve yourself everything else, which consisted of salads and other things as well.

“So they really don’t go into the woods at all?” you asked taking another bite.

“No, not really, unless it’s to set up more traps”, he said with a bit saddened tone.

“Well I guess we won’t have anyone to ruin our date”, you said with a smile hoping to lighten the mood.

“Yea, your right”, he said as he leaned over to kiss your lips softly.

You smiled feeling a bit bashful; the air between you two shifting that happy state that just came so naturally between you two. Just being with him, made you feel so bright, he was the sunlight that you craved. You leaned against him, loving how he was so warm. Ashton wrapped his arms around you, letting you better lean against his chest, pulling you closer as you just enjoyed what Ashton had planned for you.

You both talked, about more things, random facts to make you both laugh, and having small food fights and chasing each other as the night was flowing. Soon the stars were shinning the moon bright in the sky, making the lake look like a beautiful silver veil, lined with diamonds from the reflection of the stars.  Soon the summer air, brought fireflies to glow and dance across the lake. You just awed, you thought that it was beautiful when it was sunset, but now it looked like a completely different scene.

Ashton rested his head on top of yours, your back pressed against his chest as he looks at how you are taking in everything.

“This has to be one of the best dates I’ve been on”, you said as placed a small kiss on his cheek.

“hope you like every other dates we go on”, he said moving your to hair to place a sultry kiss on the back of your neck, making you gasp and bite your lip, he continued to kiss your neck, his warm lips making your body feel like it was on fire.

That small heart tugging feeling was making itself known, as he continued to kiss your neck. You don’t know why but you broke away from him, Ashton looked up at you expecting you to be scared of you, but instead he saw this playful look on your face. He smiled as he stood up and started to chase you. You turned to get away from Ashton, your laughter not helping you hide from Ashton. You could hear his footsteps behind you making your try to stay quiet, wanting to hide from him.

Your heart was racing with excitement, as you hid behind a tree, hearing Ashton’s footsteps come closer. You thought you heard him pass you by making you let out a sigh, and plan out a way to surprise him. You were going to sneak up on him, but first you had to find where he was.

“Boo”, he said as he came from behind the trees, literally making your jump.

“Ashton!” you screamed placing a hand over your heart, which was still racing but now from fright.

Ashton’s arms placed themselves on either side of you, caging you in, nowhere left to hide. The silver light from the moon kissing his skin, making him look like marble, chiseled to perfection, but his hazel eyes almost looked like they were glowing. His eyes were lit with a fire, something deadly, and you his prey. He started leaning in, but this time you placed your hands on his chest, making you look sternly at him.

“What are we Ashton? I need to know that you feel something for me, I can’t just continue to kiss someone who doesn’t feel the same as me”, you said sternly.

“We’re whatever you want us to be (Y/N)”, he said with a voice as soft as velvet.

“Do you feel anything for me?” you just needed to know.

He let out a small chuckle, as one of his hand reached for yours, his hand feeling warmer than before. He held your hand over his heart, feeling it pump hard against your hand, almost matching the pace of your heart.

“I feel so much for you (Y/N), you have no idea how much, but if you don’t want to put a label on us then I don’t care, as long as I get to be with you in some way”, he whispered to you, “I’ll be yours, as long as you will have me, I won’t leave you unless you tell me to, I promise you that”, he admitted to you pouring himself out to you.

“I guess we are stuck with each other, because I don’t think I can leave you either”, you said shyly.

“You really won’t leave me?” he said his eyes somewhat breaking, letting you see for a second of how damaged he was.

“No, unless you tell me to leave”, you said as your face grew hotter.

“I don’t think I will be able to leave you”, he said as closed the space between your lips.

His kiss sent your body on fire, feeling every nerve underneath come to life. There was something more to this kiss, something you couldn’t place, but it just made it more enjoyable. You didn’t think you would be this addicted to his kisses, but you were, always making you want more and more. You let out a small moan, as he pressed you more to the trunk of the tree, his body pressing more against yours. Your hands tangled in his hair, wanting to hear him moan like last time.

“Ashton”, you breathed breaking the kiss to get some much needed air.

However, that didn’t stop Ashton from kissing you. His lips leaving a trail of kisses down your jawline, a trail of fire, to your neck. You craned your head back, giving him more access, loving the feel of his lips against your neck. He would only kiss your neck, not wanting to leave any bruises, but he was looking for that small weak spot that he knew you would have.

You gasped…he found it.

Ashton continued to kiss your weak spot, loving how your body was reacting to his kisses. He smiled but slowly you felt him nibble your weak spot, making you let out a small mewl. His nibbles were starting to get a bit harsher, his teeth almost starting to feel different. But despite all of that, your body never felt more alive, it was almost as if you’re very being wanted this, you just wanted Ashton. That same heart pulling feeling, making itself known again, the pull almost gravitating you towards  Ashton, feeling like small magnets that were pulling each other closer. You couldn’t care; you wanted more of him to begin with. Your hands tugged on his hair, almost pulling him closer to your neck wanting him to continue his ministrations.

“Mine”, you think you heard Ashton say, feeling his teeth graze your weak spot, feeling a bit sharper than before, but you weren’t sure if it was because your skin was sensitive. His nose trailed up your neck, smelling your skin, as you felt the tip of his tongue; glide up as well, before you felt his hot breath caress the skin he had been teasing on. You could feel the tips of his teeth almost going to bite you, but instead of pushing him away, you wanted him too, something in you wanted feel him bite you.  

But suddenly he stepped back, putting space between you two, leaving you a ravished mess, your breath quickened, as you tried to process the amazing feeling he had made you feel. Your hand went to your neck, feeling the skin a bit tender, but you actually thought he had bitten you for a second.

“I’m sorry I got carried away”, Ashton said his fists still clenched keeping his eyes from looking into yours.

“I don’t mind, I mean, I did like it too or I would have stopped you”, you said as your hand touched his face, so he could look at you directly in the eyes. “You don’t always have to apologize for wanting something”, you said to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“You’re too good for me”, he said letting out a small chuckle, “it’s getting pretty late, let me walk you home”, he said taking your hand and leading you over to the picnic area to retrieve a lantern and a flashlight.

“What about the stuff?” you said gesturing to everything else.

“I’ll pick it up tomorrow, I mean we did pack up the food in the cooler, and no one is going to come this far to take it, pretty sure it will last the night”, he said as you started walking down the trail.

You noticed that the path was really well lit, the moon’s light illuminating beautifully, “it’s almost a full moon isn’t it?” you said looking up at moon.

“Yea, in two days”, he said looking up at it with a weird look on his face.

“So are we official?” you asked.

Ashton chuckled a bit before leaning down to place a soft kiss, “if you want us to be, then yes”

“We’re official”, you answered as you gripped his hand tighter as he walked you back home.


Can some of you guess what is happening to Ashton, I feel that some know, but I want your guesses, and ideas for what you want to read on this

OK SO THIS GOING TO BE OFFICIALLY A FANFIC (I’m sorry if that is not what you want, but I was reading though a lot of messages, and I think most of you are ok and I want to make this a fanfic, so yea…) NOT SURE IF I SHOULD POST IT ON WATTPAD, SINCE I HEARD SOME PEOPLE SAY I SHOULD…IDK


IDEAS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!




WELL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other masterlist

Escape to the Astronomy Tower

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Characters: Reader, Draco, Mcgonagall, Snape, Peeves

Warnings: None, really
Y/n = Your name
Y/l/n = Your last name
(Written in first person)

Masterlist here

It was like I was suffocating even though there was fresh air surrounding me wherever I went. It was like I was being smothered by people without actually being smothered. Stress was creeping up on me by the day like branches growing over a wall. Studying wasn’t getting any easier and family life wasn’t either. I couldn’t take it anymore. I took to sitting at the back of the classroom to be the first one to leave, and sitting on my own at meal times, trying to avoid as many people as possible and hurrying back to my dormitory to draw the curtains around my bed to shut the world out. I was losing my friends, and, quite frankly, myself.
Being me, I didn’t know how to cope. So instead of staying in my dormitory when I couldn’t sleep, I snuck out to find something - anything - to do, to try and just … breathe. Wondering around the castle on one particular night, narrowly avoiding Mrs Norris, I ended up at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Astronomy Tower, and when I reached the top, what I saw (ironically) took my breath away. The view was spectacular; it was something I never thought Hogwarts was surrounded by. Stars littered the sky as the moon took over from the sun; massive, countless trees surrounded the waters which reflected the world above it. It gave me a new sense of feeling. I could’ve stayed there for hours, so, whenever I felt like I needed to get away, that’s where I went. I was never really a rule breaker, but that’s a place where no one went. I could be alone.
‘Where are you going now?’ one of my friends asked.
‘Just back to the library. I need to read up something for that Charms homework,’ I lied, leaving the common room. I’d make all sorts of things up just to get away.
I ended up leaving night after night, and one particular warm evening, which had nothing to do with the weather, I was in time to watch the sun set which was what I needed after a hectic day. I walked to the railings and looked out, admiring the beauty. I climbed over them and let my legs fall over the side, as if I wanted to get as close as I could. I took in several breaths of cool air and all my vision could see was the sun reflecting on the water, slowly drifting down behind the Earths edge, stars starting to reveal themselves. I just felt so free. But someone cleared their throat behind me, taking me out of the happiest trance I had experienced. Annoyed, yet slightly nervous as the Astronomy Tower was out of bounds, I turned around. I was surprised to see it wasn’t a teacher, but a student. I recognised his bright hair from the Slytherin table.
‘Back again?’ said the voice.
'Erm … What do you mean? H-have you been watching me?’ I said shifting to my left slightly to look at him, still sitting on the railings.
'Not on purpose. I usually come up here myself. And normally there’s a reason someone comes up here if it’s not for class. Especially after hours.’
I eyed him for a moment before asking 'What’s your reason then?’
He stepped towards me slightly, but stopped when he saw my face.
'Similar reasons to yours, I expect. May I?’ he said, indicating to join me at the railings. I nodded slowly and he proceeded. He lent against them and looked out. I resumed my admiration of the view and the sky had changed rapidly from when I was interrupted. It was no longer a fiery orange, but now more golden with pink.
'I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.’
'Yeah, I’ve- I’ve heard. I’m y/n y/l/n. So how long have you been seeing me here for?’ I asked.
'For about a week, on and off,’ Draco replied, still looking out at the horizon.
'What? Why didn’t you say anything?’ I said a little louder than I should have, turning sharply towards him. Draco looked at me slightly amused.
'Because I knew you wanted to be alone so I always left you to it. But seeing you back here tonight, I thought I’d finally ask why,’ he straightened up.
'You first,’ I said.
'OK,’ Draco took a pause before answering. 'I feel I’ve got nowhere else to go, like … like I need to escape. Everywhere else I feel like I’m being smothered, but here, I can relax a bit. I’ve got a lot of pressure put on me and when I’m up here, it’s like it leaves me.’
I looked at him quite baffled. He felt the same as I did.
'That’s … exactly how I feel,’ Draco looked at me and smiled at the expression on my face. As I realised my mouth was open, I shook my head slightly and asked a question that made him look away.
'So, what’s stressing you out?’
'Just family stuff. I’d … rather not talk about it. What about you? You’ve been coming up here for a while and always sit like that,’ he said pointing at me sitting on the railings.
'I sit like this because when I look out, I can’t see the castle. All I see is this,’ I gestured to the grounds and the distance. 'And I don’t like standing behind the railings because it’s like they’re holding me back. I don’t want to feel even a tiny bit trapped. When I’m like this, I feel like I’m … I’m free,’ I shrugged the last two words and continued. 'Studying is driving me insane, I’m losing my friends and family life is chaotic. I didn’t know what else to do.’
'Sounds familiar,’ he said back. We sat in silence again until Draco suddenly spoke.
'Well, I’ve got to go. I’ve got some stuff to do. I saw Peeves on the way here and I need to make sure the little shit didn’t follow me. I’ll see you around,’ and he made his way back to the staircase. I nodded and turned back to the now darkening blue sky. A sudden cackling shout sounded right behind my head which made me jump out of my skin.
'DETENTION FOR YOU, MISSY! I’M TELLING, I’M TELLING! ST-’ but I didn’t hear the rest. I had slipped and lost grip of the railings. I cut the air with a scream that most likely got the attention of the whole castle. I was plummeting towards the ground like a rocket going in the wrong direction. The Astronomy Tower got bigger and bigger as I was falling away from it.
I’m going to die I thought. There’s just no way I’d survive. I heard a distant shout of 'PEEVES!’ and then my name and saw a tiny lightheaded figure leaning over from where I just fell, pointing something at me. The rest was unknown as my vision went black.
I opened my eyes. Was this death? Had I awoken in another life? Everything was dark; my heart was pounding. I looked up and I saw a canopy of several small, silvery dots with something that looked like a dull torch shining in the corner. But then I heard footsteps … they grew louder …
Y/n, y/n!’ A voice said frantically, half whispering, half shouting. I felt a hand grab my cheeks and shake my head slightly which made me look at this person. That lightheaded figure was next to me, now suddenly close up to how I just saw him.
'I’m not dead?’ I asked him.
'No, no you’re not dead,’ Draco breathed nervously.
'How- I-I don’t understand?’
'Looks like I cast Arresto Momentum just in time. Are you OK? Can you sit up?’ he asked.
'I think so …’ I pushed myself up with the surprising amount of strength I had left.
'We need to go. We can’t be seen here or we’ll be in serious trouble,’ Draco got my arm and helped me to my feet.
'Since when do you care about being in trouble?’ I said looking at him, hastily walking back into the castle. He looked back at me and I said 'Yeah, I’ve heard about you, you know.’
Draco chuckled slightly and replied 'Well, seeing as it involves you falling off the Astronomy tower, that’s pretty serious. I’ll have Peeves for this, the b-’
'Careful, you sound like Filtch,’ I said smiling slightly, still quite shaky.
'Mr Malfoy, Miss y/l/n! What on Earth is going on?’ We whipped round. Snape was walking towards us with McGonagall at his side.
'You should be in your common rooms! Was that you two making all of that noise? Screaming and yelling, honestly, you’ve disturbed most of the castle!’ she said.
'It was Peeves, he scared y/n and I sent him away, professor,’ explained Draco.
'It’s all my fault. I was somewhere I shouldn’t have been and Peeves was going to tell on me, so I got what I deserved.’
'You didn’t deserve that! It wasn’t your fault!’ said Draco suddenly.
'You do look awfully pale, Miss y/l/n,’ Snape said.
'Where were you? What happened? Explain yourselves!’ McGonagall was getting irritated at this point. My eyes flickered upwards to the Astronomy Tower then at Draco. She took a moment to repeat my gazes and put two and two together.
'Were you- were you up- up there?’ she said pointing up, looking outraged. I nodded. 'The Astronomy Tower is out of bounds! Twenty points from each of you and detention tomorrow after classes. Follow me up to my office now!’ McGonagall marched off as me and Draco followed behind her with Snape silently walking with us, casting us both suspicious looks at random times.
We arrived at McGonagall’s office and was greeted with a sleepy warm glow. Me and Draco sat in the chairs opposite her desk, waiting for her to speak.
'Professor Snape, if you would go and make sure no more students are out of their common rooms that would be much appreciated,’ and Snape left without a word, his face did the talking for him. He shut the door and McGonagall looked down at us both.
'Tell me exactly what you were doing up there and what happened. The truth, please, unless you want more detentions. This is a serious matter, especially the way things are these days.’
So I did as she had asked. I explained everything from how I was feeling trapped and stressed out over those past few weeks, how I needed somewhere to go, how I came across the Astronomy Tower and its view and how it made me feel. Then the nights events.
’… we were just talking. Then as Draco was leaving, Peeves shouted from behind me which made me jump. My foot slipped and I lost grip of the railings and I fell. I don’t know what happened. I think I blacked out because when I opened my eyes, it was dark and I-I thought I was dead … or something.’
McGonagall didn’t say anything for a moment. She just looked at me. Then she reached for a tartan tin on her desk, opened the lid and offered me something from inside.
'Have a brandy snap, y/l/n,’ she said.
'I-what?’ I said confused.
'Take one. I daresay you need a bit of a sugar boost after what you just went through,’ I hastily took one and said 'thank you’, but held it in my lap as I didn’t want to chew through silence.
'Don’t punish Draco, professor, he saved me. If he wasn’t there then I don’t like to think what would of happened,’ I pleaded. Draco looked at me, then at McGonagall. She let out a sigh.
'No house points will be taken from Slytherin. But I will have to give you a detention as you were out of your common room, too, Malfoy. Then that will be the end of it. I must insist that neither of you go up there again, or there will be more severe consequences. Would you like a biscuit?’ she asked Malfoy.
'No thank you, Professor,’ he said sounding mildly surprised.
'You should, you know, they’re really good,’ I said giggling as started on my own brandy snap, holding it up at him. McGonagall let a smile form on her mouth before Draco took one from the tin.
'Do you feel like you need to visit Madam Pomfrey, y/l/n?’ asked McGonagall.
'No, no I’m fine, Professor. I reckon I’ll sleep well tonight, though.’
'OK, if you’re sure. Now, both of you, go straight back to your common rooms please. I need to have a word with the Bloody Baron about Peeves. I’ll see you tomorrow after dinner for your detentions.’
We both stood up, left her office and thanked her again before I shut the door.
'Thanks for trying to get me out of trouble, y/n. I don’t mind detention though. But I still have those twenty points, which means Slytherin can still beat your house,’ he smiled.
'You can try. But where am I going to go now? I’m used to going up to the Astronomy Tower when I need to get away,’ I asked, frowning slightly.
'Come and find me and we’ll find a place that isn’t out of bounds. And you’re right about these,’ he added, holding up the brandy snap, 'they are good.’
I giggled as the both of us walked back towards our common rooms, nibbling on our new favorite biscuit.  

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