that may have something to do with have fabulous and sarcastic will is

No Pain-No Gain

Request:  I’m not sure if you do like one shots or stuff but I had an idea for a soulmate au where someone’s soulmate can feel there pain. Like a a person breaks their foot, their soulmate will feel it to, just not have a broken foot. Image how Clarks soulmate would react with all that stuff. I think it would be cute, but could be kinda angsty. Just an idea. Idc if you do it or not, just thought it was cool. Have a nice day.
Word Count: 9636.
Pairings: Clark Kent/Superman x Reader
WARNINGS: Lots of swearing. Mentions of: low self-esteem issues, traumas, bullying, weakness complex. Angst (personally, I don’t consider this very angsty but, you need to be warned). Also, I’m sorry for any typos since this was not edited and english is my second language.
Author’s Note: Hope this isn’t to cheesy and that you will be able to enjoy it. Also… NINE THOUSAND WORDS IN LESS THAN A WEEK?! That’s a record for me! Anyway, hope you enjoy this and that the anon who requested it isn’t disappointed.

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Yes, I totally needed three gifs of Henry Cavill. You did too, don’t deny it.

I hate my soulmate, that’s for fucking sure. I totally hate him (or her, you never knew) and I don’t give a single fuck if I haven’t met him. Also, no, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest and yes, you can hate someone you haven’t met, thank you very much (and yes, even if it’s your fucking soulmate, especially mine).

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why you bring the types on your vacation
  • ESFP: you're not bringing them. why would you think you're bringing the ESFP with you? THEY are bringing YOU, and they will drag you along kicking and screaming to make the absolute most of the adventure.
  • ISFP: they will make sure you get the Real Experience of wherever it is you're going. the fabulous travel photos are just a nice bonus
  • INFP: they've been talking about going to this place for months and you felt bad about not giving them the opportunity
  • ENFP: literally everything was their idea. technically they forgot all about it, so it looks like it was your idea, but you know who the real mastermind is
  • ENTP: they have the excitement of a five year old and the random cultural trivia of a literal encyclopedia. why would you not bring them. you may need to remind yourself of this frequently when their myriad of ideas starts to threaten your budget, but still
  • INTP: somehow they know everything about this kind of trip?? when did they have time or reason to figure all of that out??? either way, you'd better not risk leaving them behind. they'll either get you out of some very weird scenarios or just provide you with unique 2 AM conversation
  • ISTP: they're down for anything as long as your idea isn't colossally stupid, and they'll help you recognize all the logical plan Bs when things go wrong. they just have all the apparent chill that you do not
  • ESTP: for the same reason there's always a normal person on Doctor Who. every adventure needs an audience conduit to remind you not to take any of it for granted and convince you to do the crazy things you can only do right here and right now
  • ESTJ: your bed is comfortable and someone has to get you out of it in the morning. come on, you said you had all these plans, are you actually planning on doing them or what
  • ISTJ: who do you think is going to remember your flight number? the time zone? that bar you wanted to check out? you??? lol yeah right. I mean you COULD just take good notes but the ISTJ will probably have better sarcastic commentary than your phone
  • ISFJ: because not only are they just a ray of sunshine, but also because you know that six months from now, you'll get a meme in your inbox that's a reference to a completely random inside joke from the trip, and this will probably continue indefinitely
  • ESFJ: they come armed with conversation starters, ice breaker games, photo scavenger hunts, week long challenges, and probably a significant list of sights to see both on the road and at your destination. it just makes sense to befriend the embodiment of the pinterest board you didn't know you needed
  • ENFJ: cross cultural communication - they will make it impossible not to at least try and understand the place where you're going, even if it's just across town. there will probably be many times you'll be glad they were there to save you from saying something stupid to a local
  • INFJ: for the free therapy, what did you expect this to say? you won't actually know how you're doing until you're sitting in the car with them ranting about things you just discovered you need to rant about. it's the best way to ensure that the trip actually does you some good
  • INTJ: they'll get you to see all your experiences from a completely unexpected perspective, and hopefully inspire you to do your research. at least, you can bet THEY are hoping you do more research next time. oh my gosh are they the only one around here that came prepared
  • ENTJ: they will tell fabulously exaggerated stories of your adventure after the fact. they just get more dramatic with every retelling and it's great. also I sure hope you didn't want to plan the entire trip cause guess what, you don't have to anymore
Ready To Go (Percy Jackson x Reader)

Genre: Romance/Humor

Word Count: 1,073

Summary: Soulmate AU where if your soulmate dyes their hair, then your hair will turn the same color. 


(A/N) This is for you anon you know who you are (also this is probably terrible and I’m sorry)                                               


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Some MBTI Types in Female Artists (still sensing types to come)

 DISCLAIMER: So basically as we all know typing celebrities is a relatively hard thing to do, to use the example of Stephen Colbert who was constantly typed as an ENTP by many websites, after taking the test on television his results was INFP. All that to say that these types might not represent the genuine type of these powerful divas but is what I think a conclusion I take from their career and lyrics and aesthetic or artistic choices. This post is just for funsies and not to be taken too seriously. 

ENTP -Lily Allen

The queen of intelligent subversive sarcasm and poking fun at society while simultaneously having a strong message of progress. Lily Allen rose to prominence with her song “smile” which includes the very catchy phrase ‘when I see you cry, it makes me smile.’ that to me is perfect example of how an ENTP would take what could be cliche break-up song and with the oh-so-clever Ne-Ti combo make into some unique snarky phrase. Other songs from her first album also use the typical dark cynicism that ENTPs usually have, like LDN where she goes about her treasured city of London and exposes it for what it truly is with her dark commentary. Her next albums expand on ENTPs vision of the general big picture of society and what they (in this case Lily) believes should change. Her song knock-em-out talks about men’s persistent behavior in pubs and how they badger and pester girls so they have to come up with ridiculous excuses to get them out of their hair. Her most recent work has included more and more social commentary such as Hard Out Here, where there is a brilliant feminist message with air of satire at the same time, she even says in the song “if you can’t detect the sarcasm you’ve misunderstood”. If you are thinking Lily’s music it too emotional for her to be a thinking type, here’re some examples of how she knows what she’s about and doesn’t sugar coat things: Her song URL BADMAN, where she mocks bloggers in the UK who aspire to work for vice, and all they do is sit behind a computer and say ridiculous things about other people, kinda like I’m doing right now, except I’m cute and Lily would probably love me. Another song that exemplifies this is: Insincerely Yours, this song is a perfect example of how ENTPs love to tell the shocking truth in a more humorous way, ironically enough she says “I ain’t being funny” in the song but the truth is Lil, you are being funny

Anyway, fight me on this, but Lily’s music to me is fabulously ENTP. Witty, intelligent, sarcastic, fun, deep, logical, and bold. 

some other possible examples: 

-Kate Nash 

-Azealia Banks (unfortunately) 

-me lmao 

-Bianca Del Rio and Bob the Drag Queen 

ENFP -Melanie Martinez 

This one might be one of my more controversial typings, and I am not so sure of this typing myself, being that Melanie could be a variety of different things. One thing is for sure to me about bby Melmel; She is iNtuitive. Her whole album is deeply conceptual and it obvious that Melanie thrives and lives in her imagination. Now according to the cognitive functions iNtuition is very strong within ENFPs and ENTPs alike, being that it is their first function, of course INTJ and INFJ as well but there is a reason I chose Ne and not Ni. I say this because the other typing someone might automatically go to for Melanie is INFP, being that they are usually the freak of the bunch. But I beg to differ, Melanie wears her oddball flag proudly and loudly, although many even herself might identify her (or her music in this case) and an introvert I will beg to differ. Melanie created a whole world for herself with her debut album and though every song we get a glimpse of that world, and get taken on a bit of a journey as she personifies her feelings (her Fi in other words) as a character named Cry Baby. I can see this as a very ENFP thing to do, to intelligently personify your deep mysterious feelings in order to understand them better. Besides Cry Baby her album also pursues social commentary with songs like Mr. Potato-Head, criticizing the way we see beauty as a society. Now its true that her songs also have an tone of darkness, and that is not characteristically ENFP, regardless I still think it fits. I think a song like Soap adds to my Melanie being a extrovert theory, where she says more than she wanted too, because as an Ne-Fi dom you suffer from the paradox of being an outspoken person who also wants to keep your feelings to yourselves because their precious, or something like that. Another song that I think adds to my theory is Alphabet Boy, now in that song she describes a relationship with a douche who thinks hes smarter than her and is obviously pretentious af, and many times because of their relatively bubbly attitude ENFPs can come off a bit ditsy, but the truth is they are highly perceptive and usually quite intelligent. I mean in your face tho pretentious lil bitch that dated her lmao she dragged you with that song. Ne is characterized as having a general big picture of society and usually something to say about it, as an Idealist Melanie would have this, and in her Sippy Cup, she slays us all with her true commentary on society and families by using a fucking sippy cup analogy. 

SO in conclusion Melanie teaches many things with her album, and to me shes a good example of an ENFP. 

other examples: 

-Hayley Williams 

-Gwen Stefani 


-Jessie J 


One might think that this would be one of the harder Divas to find being that INTJ women are rare, and INTJ isn’t usually automatically associated to music but rather world domination and or brooding home alone too tired of facing the general populations stupidity day in and day in, (because they don’t go out) But in all seriousness, BANKS doesn’t overtly empower females, like some of the other Divas do, I think it just oozes out of her with her logically coated songs. Now granted many of her songs focus on relationships and not something typical that an INTJ would focus on like how to find extra terrestrial life on other planets in order to become the king or queen of such planet. What convinced me though, is the fact that BANKS took her experience being a child of divorced parents, and did a thesis on it when earning her BA in Psychology. A great example of her INTJ-ness is her song Brain, where she says “Trying to look smart but not too smart to threaten anything they say” a perfect example of what an INTJ woman has to go through in a society that prefers Fe dominant females, not only that but what she probably experienced dating men more stupid than her, her whole life. A song that shows you should never fuck with an INTJ women is Goddess, that encapsulates the exact iron clad confidence that convinced me her music (and probably her tbh) is INTJ. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Ni dominance within INTJs usually gives them a sophisticated artistic (if they are artistically talented) cohesion in everything they do, and you can see that clearly in BANKS in how most of her music videos have the same style of monochrome cold sophistication. As well as her outfits, always the somber serious black, cold and intense. Now many may thing ‘Oh but INTJs were put here on earth by aliens and they don’t actually have feelings and BANKS does!!’ well let me tell you something my mistaken friend, they do. I know, shocker. They hide them well though, and they process them in unique ways much like BANKS does in her music. Her new album is proving my theory even more with songs like ‘’Fuck with myself’” which contains phrases I swear I’ve seen INTJs say IRL. 

Fierce, mysterious, confident, intelligent, consistent, deep, logical, These qualities are very much BANKS, and very much INTJ, do the math, bitch. 

other examples maybs: 

-idk man I cant think of any, raincheck? 

INFP -Aurora 

Aurora. She is a very recent artist, and I am proud to say I have been following her since she wasn’t too well known in America. She is sort of a prodigy of sorts with a wisdom beyond her years, but with an air of innocence about her still. To me she is the perfect example of an INFP. Her songs encapsulate the world of Fi that they create within their minds, her songs are inside the head of the ultimate idealist, but more than that they are of someone who is extremely imaginative. In “becoming Aurora"she basically confesses to her INFPness, with the opening quote of the video being “for me music has always been a way to understand myself and the world” I’m paraphrasing but as a lot of MBTI savvy people know, Fi is about self-discovery and having your sense of self deeply connected to whatever you do. She calls herself a sensitive person that is deeply affected by everything. That to me is the equivalent of screaming at the top of your lungs “IM A TORTURED INFP”. Ok granted that some other personalities are also deeply affected but she’s affected in a more ethereal way, she gets affected by the wrong doings of this earth because she lives in another dimension where people have butterfly wings and where humanity is noble. She recognizes that her songs are kinda dark but she also recognizes that there should be a kind of hope still. In the beginning of her career Katy Perry tweeted about her, and she was later asked if she was a fan of Katy's music in an interview to which she promptly said “no.” which is the clear INFP need to be authentic to what they like and who they admire. Her songs like Conquerer and Warrior show the INFP sense of bravery to fight for what they believe in, and when they decide to do so they are very brave and indeed warriors. 

Sensitive, brave, unique, quiet, creative, actual fairys, fierce, spacey, childlike, wise, Aurora, is a glowing example of INFP magic. 

another possible example of INFP; 

-Lady Gaga


-Florence + the machine 

-Regina Spektor

INFJ -Beyoncé 

Hi, yes, I did just type Queen Bey as non Se dominant. I think this is one of the myths I want to eradicate. When did it become commonly accepted that Beyonce is Se dominant? How shallow was this assessment of her behavior? Real fucking shallow let me tell you. To me artists that are obviously Se dominant are artists like Britney Spears, or Rihanna, who don’t conceptualize too much. But Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has a vision, and it has been obvious the past all-of-her-career. Now yes yes Se dominant people can have visions but not as their primary mode of operating, its not immersed in everything they do like Beyoncé’s is. What is her vision you may ask? Empowerment. Empowerment for females, empowerment for African-Americans, empowerment for African-American females. Its to take her experience in the industry and in her life and use it to empower others to be victors of their situations. Since the early two thousands she’s been telling everyone who’s boss, she is. With songs like Diva she takes a word that can be used to belittle women and flips into an empowering song. Now what that demonstrates is someone who is Ni dominant, the cohesion that all of her albums have when viewed together is astounding, since the beginning of her solo career she has been giving the same message but in different ways. Now as we all know each album has its own theme but essentially the underlying message is the same. Her most recent albums have been extremely conceptual, and the genius in which she’s chosen to go about her marketing and releasing decisions are well thought out and deeply digested. Ni is taking the patterns you’ve observed in the world and subconsciously working on them in the back of your mind to fit your long term vision. When she released in the middle of the night her album Beyoné with many music videos with no marketing whatsoever it was a well thought out subversive creative decision and of course everyone loves to credit men, like her husband for those decisions but it’s obvious that her work has a mastermind behind it, and I am of the belief her INFJ-ass is that mastermind. With the visual album Lemonade, you see people trying to discredit the genius behind the work saying oh well Warsan Shire wrote the poetry blah blah, yes she may have helped, but the whole cohesion of the albums message was created by Beyonce. She knew exactly what she wanted to say, and she said it perfectly. INFJs are the classic example of the warrior who fights against injustice, and Beyoncé’s music is not arbitrary, it has a clear vision of what she wants to change in society in general, its not about the details of her experiences (si) its not about living for the moment (se) but its about how we all can work together to solve some critical issues in society in general (Ni-Fe). 

The Queen is an INFJ, or at least her music and career seem to be. Holistic, harmonious, private, visionary, metaphorical, committed, deep, compassionate, seeks meaning.  

Also others: 

-Troye Sivan 

-Sufjan Stevens 

INTP -Lorde 

Dear Lorde, I have a bone to pick with you. Before I do that I will say that’s a really weird expression. So my bone, is that you need to release new music. I can only listen to Pure Heroine so many times, Lorde. Lorde is an INTP. She is. Her music in Pure Heroine is full of alliteration, and writing techniques that is way beyond someone of your age at the time. As well as an album that isn’t primarily focused on relationships and love, which is what most girls your age I think might be singing about. (that was not a sexist statement being that statistically speaking most girls are ISFJ and relationships would be one of their primary interests) Ti is demonstrated in songs such as Royals, where she cleverly disses many things in popular culture while at the same time contrasting the rich life she observes on TV and her own mundane life. Even her album title Pure Heroine is a clever classic Ti play on words. She likes to be the boss of her own aesthetic to directing her own music videos, and having a very cohesive style. Everyone loves to tease her “awkward” dancing and facial expressions, but I just think its classic INTP, known for not being 100% aware that they are a physical being in a physical world. And also I think her self-expression in her dancing is fabulous, and unique, but that’s besides the point. Lorde is primarily a rational being, which is why I think she’s handled so much criticism fairly well for someone so young, to contrast her and J-biebz who does not take criticism well and reacts emotionally, or even her biffle T-swizz who also reacts fairly emotionally. One of the most memorable lines from her album to me is “Im kind of over getting told to throw my hands up air, so there” why did I like that line so much? because turn on the radio and you have some Se dom telling you to throw your hands up in there, and live in the moment. Sorry Se dom, people like Lorde and I, can’t seem to get out of our heads and imaginations. Are we better than you because of it? No, but there are more of you than there are of us so be happy. Lorde’s talent and skill I would say is primarily Lyrics, her lyrics analyze the patterns around her and what she’s experienced and she cleverly phrases them in a unique way. Her music is innovative, and intelligent, and I’ve revisited Pure Heroine so many times I have memorized every song practically. I will also add that Lorde’s songs are mostly metaphorical, which is where the Ne comes in. She lives alternatively not concretely. 

Lorde has a sharp tongue and is  a ingenious, independent, original, analytical, curious, critical, logical, witty, and speculative young artist. 

Other Examples: 

-Imogen Heap 


ENFJ -Lianne La Havas 

Lianne, is a put together woman. Her voice is smooth and her lyrics are delicious. Focused on her relationships she soars through her songs in her new album going through stories and concepts and beautifully describing her put together ENFJness. “Grew a thicker skin, and now its wearing thin” Ok, so everybody who is close to an Fe dominant will have realized by now they carry the weird juxtaposition of being ruthless and opinionated but at the same time being sensitive and to the harmony in the environment, they will call you out, but in a magical mama way, so its ok. If you are looking to feel like you are doing everything right in your relationship and that you are floating in a cloud of love listen to her songs on a loop, from songs like ‘Elusive’ to ‘unstoppable’ she describes shiny diamond encrusted relationships that are something only an ENFJ can accomplish. Their state of total love for their relationships is something you see in her songs constantly as well as the emotional intelligence ENFJs usually have. ENFJs are very much masters of their own fate, and that fate usually is attained by their hard work, vision, people skills, and in Liannes case, a voice that is smoother than liquid gold. If you doubt that she is an ENFJ for any reason, just listen to her songs, really listen. It is about believing in her partners, believing in who they are and supporting and being in love with them, expressed through her metaphors and long term vision. Like the song “What you don’t do”. 

An angel brought to earth to grace us with her compassion, vision, relationship focused, diplomacy, creativity and her warm nature. Lianne is an ENFJ icon. 

other examples: 

-Corrine Bailey Ray 

-Adele (her music her personality i think is ENTJ) 

The Scorpio Woman, by Linda Goodman
“Consider anything only don’t cry …” The female Scorpio has a deep, mysterious beauty. She’s magnetic, proud and totally confident. But she has one secret regret. She was not born a man. I can almost feel the heat from here when Pluto women hear about that revelation. There’s not a Scorpio female alive who doesn’t think she’s all woman, and you may wonder what I’m talking about yourself, if you’re in love with one. This girl certainly has enough glamour, and she’s enormously seductive. But I didn’t say she looked like a boy, nor did I intend to imply she doesn’t do a bang-up job of being a female. It’s just that, unconsciously, she would prefer to be a man. Less restriction-more opportunity. It’s the one secret she even hides from herself, and seeing it exposed won’t sit well with her.

Once the Scorpio girl has figured out the difference between blue booties and pink booties, she’ll resign herself to wearing the pink ones, because she’s fabulous at making the best out of a situation. But pink is not her natural color. The true shade of her nature is dark maroon, or deep wine-red, not a female color at all. However, to give her proper tribute, she’s able to make you think it is. I know one who’s great at pretending to be a fragile, fluffy kitten. She purrs so contentedly most men guess she’s an ultra-feminine Piscean. They topple into her trap and wake up later, sadder but wiser. She is no kitten.

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Not sure how I feel about this one. The request was all good and fine but I just don’t think I did a good job. I don’t think this level of compassion is quite in Loki’s nature but I’ve done my best. I hope that the person who requested it - @totes-ma-yogurt - still enjoys it. I’m sorry it might not live up to the standard my work sometimes is. Otherwise, enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Hello again wonderful writer :D I was thinking, you write all the characters so well and I wonder how you would write them with a chubby reader. An I know you’ve prolly got tons of shy/cautious requests and I know your busy an I don’t want to stress-

“Hold Tight”

“It is only dinner.” Loki sighed as he watched you rifle through your wardrobe. “Nobody shall care what you wear.”
“I don’t care what I wear. I just care how I look.”
“In what realm are those different things?” He said, lowering himself into the seat by your bed.
“Well, I don’t care what I wear. I just want to make sure that I’m comfortable and feel good.”

Loki had faced the Avengers again when a notorious Asgardian threatened to destroy both his and their realm. After putting himself in the way of Tony and the villain’s attack, he was allowed to redeem himself. You had been responsible for the care of his injuries and it slowly developed into something… more.

Stark was hosting a small get together with the team to celebrate the birth of Barton’s latest child and he’d had the grace to invite Loki. It wasn’t necessarily formal but…

“You know my opinion.” Loki purred as he flashed you a smile. “You could wear anything or nothing and I would see you as nothing more than perfect.”
“You flatter me.” You smiled sarcastically. “But it’s not that simple.”

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Sheldon’s Visit

|Sheldon (one of Amelia’s friends in private practice) visits Amelia in Seattle and everyone gets to know a little bit more about how she was in the past. Also, Owen finds out that Amelia tried to sleep with Sheldon and gets super jealous. Overall fluff.

Sheldon walked around the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial lost like a little puppy, desperate to find his mother; or in Sheldon’s case trying to find Amelia Shepherd’s office. Finally he reached what seemed like a reception office that really was only a couple nurses chatting away like there is no tomorrow and getting absolutely no work done or looking even somewhat willing to help the lost doctor.

“Hello, I’m looking for Doctor Amelia Shepherd please. Could you tell me where her office is?”

The nurse looked at him slowly opening and closing her mouth but without uttering any words.  After what seemed like an eternity a red headed man appeared out of nowhere.

“I’ll take you to her office. Come with me.” Sheldon followed slowly. “I’m sorry” said the red headed man. “You are?”

“Oh I’m Sheldon Wallis. I’m one of Amelia’s friends from LA”

“Oh it’s so great to finally meet one of Amelia’s friends. She refuses to go to LA or anywhere remotely close or even speak about it.”

“Yeah I’ve noticed. I have to do something about that” muttered Sheldon more to himself than to Owen.

“I just realized I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Owen Hunt, Amelia’s husband.”

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Before getting into the transcript, just a quick heads up on who’s who:

CaptainSparklez = Jordan
SynHD/Syndicate = Tom
II_JERiiCHO_II = Tucker
CommunityMC/16bitdec = Declan/Dec
Champwan = Ryley (but everyone calls him Champwan anyway; he’s not in this vieo but he’s talked about a lot, so I thought I’d include him)

Everyone is on TeamSpeak during this series, so even if one or more of them is not on the screen, they are still speaking, which is why I’m starting these transcripts. As the summer comes to an end, I may be opening up for mods to apply and help out with these. I’ll let you know.

I’m putting a few asterisks (***) every five minutes or so on each video transcript, so you can keep track better of where you are. Because the intro takes up the first near-two minutes of the video, I’ll be counting five minute incraments out from 1:57 onward, instead of from 0:00 onward.

Transcript below; episode dialogue under readmore

Intro (it’s not vital for you to watch the video portion of this; it ends at 1:57 in the video if you’d prefer to read this part and then watch with the transcript below.)

(Jordan speaking) 

Alright, what’s goin’ on dudes, and welcome to the world of Mianite. But what is Mianite? Well, it’s sorta like this cooperative-slash-competitive vanilla Minecraft server with a bit of a twist, which will be explained to you as the episode goes by, about pleasing the gods and choosing your side, dark or light. But that’s for later. Uh, for now, let me give you a little bit of background.

So the server was started off by Syndicate, and the idea was just to play with some friends, have a good time, build stuff, uh, probably most importantly, mess with and troll your friends, of course. Um, and I had a bunch of people asking me to like, chat with him about, I dunno, maybe playin’ on the server, and so I talked with him a few days ago. He was like, “Yeah, why don’t you stop on by?” And I was like, “You know, I’ve never actually done some sort of long-running cooperative series before.” And so it sounded cool, ‘cause I’ve always done like, solo series in the past. And so uh, yeah! Should be, should be super fun! 

Um, what they’ve been doing is, every day of the week that they’re free and not doing other stuff, at noon Pacific Time they’ve been livestreaming on the Mianite server, and then taking those livestreams and putting them over on YouTube afterwards. So I can’t commit to doing it every single day, but hopefully it’ll give me a, an excuse to stream more consistently, because I have been wanting to do that, so yeah. I’ll let you know if I’m streaming via Twitter, Facebook, or you can follow directly on Twitch as well. All those links are in the description and, uh, yeah. Stream over on Twitch, then put that stuff over on YouTube as it is now, and it should be some fun. We’ll see how things go. 

So anyway, just wanted to give you some background before we begin, but the rest will be explained as the episode goes by. So hopefully it’s something you think is pretty cool! It’s something new, something different. Uh, feel free to give the video a rating or something if you’re interested- I dunno, either way. Uh, we’ll call it there with my intro and we’ll get into things.

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Which sign are you most similar to?

I got the idea for this quiz from one just like it that I found a long time ago, but since have lost track of.  All credit for the idea goes back to the original post, but these are my own questions.

Simply mark or keep count of the statements which you believe describe your personality.  If you’d like, give them half and full points if part of the statement is correct but another part isn’t.  Try not to let your opinion of the sign sway your answers, and don’t be afraid to say yes to some of the negative statements! Whichever sign ends up having the most points is the sign you could say you are the most like, overall :)


1. You are headstrong and outspoken and always willing to say what’s on your mind.

2. You are childish and enthusiastic, and dislike the idea of being held down.

3. You are fiercely independent and fair relatively well on your own, but you are nevertheless romantic.

4. You are passionate and brave and feel that you can overcome any challenge presented to you.

5. You come off as very confident, sometimes even cocky, but you are really rather insecure about your own confidence, as you believe it may lead others to believe that you are narcissistic.

6. You love to have a good time and are blindly optimistic.

7. You have a quick temper and your fury is extremely powerful but you forgive somewhat quickly.

8. You know yourself well and most of the time don’t let the opinions of others get to you too much.

9. You often forget things that people tell you about themselves.

10. You rarely depend on others and take yourself more into account than anyone else.



1. You tend to be neutral, not swayed heavily to one side or the other.

2. You have a keen sense of style and a good eye for beauty.

3. You do not become angry easily, but your anger lasts a life time once it arrives.

4. You are calm and some would say you “go with the flow.”

5. You are giving and very loyal, but you are not selfless.

6. You don’t like being involved in drama or being the center of attention.

7. You value safety, security, and stability.

8. You are materialistic and easily over-indulge.

9. You may come off as clingy to some people.

10. You think that it is better to be stable and content than constantly riding a wave of emotions and experiences.



1. You are interested in nearly everything; no topic is too taboo or out there for you.

2. You have a hard time committing to things because you know there are just so many more things out there.

3. You have a lot of unfinished projects and are probably thinking of a new one right now.

4. You find writing to be easy and enjoyable.

5. You are easily able to speak about a wide range of topics, but your speech may be lacking depth and actual factual accuracy.

6. You tend to exaggerate.

7. You understand many different opinions and are not very attached to your own.

8. You identify with many things, and sometimes your identities contradict each other.

9. You find it impossible to sit still.

10. You do things without realizing you’ve done them at all.



1. You generally prefer to be alone.

2. You are a natural caretaker.

3. You feel that it is your calling in life to help others.

4. You are emotional and easily overwhelmed.

5. You come off to dramatic to others, simply because they do not feel things as deeply as you.

6. Your main goal is to have a family and a great home life.

7. You are very empathetic and a superb listener.

8. You find it easy to connect with people of all ages.

9. You are somewhat conservative and you lack a sense of adventure.

10. You are sensitive and talking to others about your emotions is easy and helpful for you.



1. You like having people pay attention to you.

2. You are a devoted partner and loyal friend.

3. You are hardworking and powerful, but you are also quite bossy.

4. Your public image is important to you.

5. You like being taken care of and worshipped.

6. You are outgoing, courageous, and inspiring, and others are naturally attracted to you for your charms.

7. You expect the impossible.

8. You possess a fire within you that never goes out and allows you to come back from your failures.

9. You enjoy giving and receiving gifts more than the average person.

10. You are sometimes too focused on yourself and find that you are not genuinely interested in others.



1. You are a perfectionist.

2. You have a strong desire to give something great to the world.

3. You are not overly concerned with recognition and don’t mind being in the background.

4. You are not very in touch with your feelings.

5. You like everything to have its place, including you.

6. You are intellectual and learn things with relative ease.

7. You are critical of absolutely everything.

8. You are extremely hard working, but as a result you may neglect self-care.

9. You are quite ethereal and otherworldly and people are attracted to you for it.

10. You have a sharp wit and are likely a great writer.



1. You struggle with making decisions.

2. You want everyone to like you and you are very affected by others’ opinions of you.

3. You are naturally charming and very easy to love, and are likely popular and social.

4. You can come off as a bit insincere.

5. You strongly dislike injustice but may be scared to stand up to people.

6. You have a fabulous sense of style and you are a huge perfectionist and a huge romantic.

7. You are polite and sweet, and the worst thing in the world for you would be for someone to think that you’re a bad person.

8. You are self-motivated to work hard thanks to your desire to have a good image.

9. You are a good listener and mediator.

10. You are not very loyal and have a hard time maintaining many close relationships.



1. You are interested in the darker sides of life (and death).

2. You are very private and you do not trust easily, and you pride yourself on both of those aspects of your personality, but you will also never fully reveal yourself to anyone.

3. You have a high sex drive.

4. You are a control freak and don’t like it when people boss you around.

5. You are, more than anything else, passionate, in all areas of life.

6. You feel very misunderstood, and you are truly rather complex.

7. You are deeply romantic and emotional but may try to hide it.

8. You are very powerful and usually end up getting what you want.

9. You like to explore things completely and once you devote yourself to something, you learn everything about it there is to learn.

10. Your anger is the worst there is and you never, ever forgive.



1. You hate nothing more than the feeling of being trapped.

2. You have always been interested in foreign cultures, places, and languages.

3. You are a very relaxed person, and you tend to not take serious things seriously.

4. You can work very hard if you want to, but you usually get by on the bare minimum.

5. You are open-minded and an intellectual.

6. You sometimes feel as though you are everyone’s friend but no one’s best friend.

7. You are sociable and likable because you put others at ease.

8. You are not very concerned with what other people think of you so you do your own thing.

9. You will never own up to your own faults and rarely apologize.

10. You have excellent luck.



1. You tend to feel melancholic, and are rarely joyful.

2. You are incredibly hardworking and ambitious and could easily be described as dogmatic and ruthless.

3. You have an extremely hard time recognizing, understanding, and explaining your emotions.

4. You have always felt more mature than everyone else in your age group, and probably usually have friends who are older than you.

5. You are quite insecure and feel that you are an outsider, and you are withdrawn and reclusive.

6. You value order and can be strict, but some part of you will always be a rebel.

7. You are, deep down, a romantic.

8. You are sarcastic and witty.

9. You think justice is more important than mercy.

10. You treat everyone exactly the same way, and people often can’t tell whether or not you like them.



1. You genuinely don’t feel very emotional about most things.

2. You think that you are different from everyone else, and you are.

3. You will always keep certain parts of yourself inside of you and share them with no one.

4. You are logical but imaginative and you can easily understand and come up with new schools of thought.

5. You are opportunistic and don’t necessarily prefer any one thing much more than any other thing.

6. You tend to be more interested in things like science and politics than art and history.

7. You like to do things for the greater good.

8. You have a god complex and think that you are the ultimate say on everything.

9. You take criticism well.

10. You are friendly but other people tend to find you a bit strange.



1. You are deeply imaginative and can think up entire universes.

2. You often devote yourself wholly to a few things and completely neglect everything else.

3. You procrastinate.

4. You are extraordinarily romantic and fall in love easily.

5. You are very, very generous and you are truly kind.

6. You have a hard time admitting when you’ve made a mistake.

7. You can easily become addicted or obsessed to anything at all.

8. You like to spend time with others, but you are an introvert.

9. Your emotions are strong and you are highly reactive to them.

10. You are empathetic and you think mercy is more important than justice.



A/N: This is for @percussiongirl2017   “I’m Finally Legal Birthday Challenge”

Happy early birthday!

This was just supposed to be a drabble but it got away from me a little. So, this is somewhere between a drabble and really a one shot, I think. Enjoy!

PROMPTS: “I didn’t fall. Gravity just got stronger.” and Next Contestant by Nickelback

PAIRING: none really, Reader meets Dean and Sam



Mama’s Master List

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Hey, Stitchers fandom!

Seeing as we’re about six days from the finale and the imminent (but hopefully not permanent) hiatus, I figured I’d give everyone a recommendation to get you through to the next season of Stitchers. 

You want a well-written, hilarious, heartbreaking sci fi show that has incredible plotlines and characters so well-developed you’d think they were real? Then definitely check out Warehouse 13. It’s got the same “ragtag group of nobodies come together to make a family” vibe, lots of banter and sass, and some moments even more sad than Cameron’s death (yes, that’s actually possible - Warehouse 13 does not mess around when it comes to sad episodes). 

The premise of the show: A secret government organization (sound familiar yet?) has a warehouse in South Dakota that houses dangerous artifacts that have incredible abilities. Agents at the warehouse are tasked with finding these artifacts and bringing them to the Warehouse before they can hurt anyone. Every episode is an adventure, and there are always little jokes, lines, or sarcastic comments that are bound to make you smile. 

A quick list of reasons to watch Warehouse 13: 

  • has two POC female characters that are badass and essentially run everything (ones runs the warehouse and one owns the B&B that houses the agents
  • has a mentally ill teen that was in foster care and abused in the past but gets a redemption arc and ends up being part of the agents/the warehouse’s resident tech person
  • has a Russian Jew as the head agents of the warehouse 
  • has a gay Buddist who defies the stereotypes of both what gay men are like and what Buddists are like
  • there’s so much friendship and family bonding it’s unreal (and so heartwarming to see)
  • each character gets their own development arcs and plotlines, whether they’re side characters or one of the two leads
  • the show touches on all sorts of important things, like mental illness, discrimination, the foster care system and abuse, different religions, disabilities, sexism, and so much more
  • it’s such a good mix of seriousness and lighthearted jokes, sometimes all at once
  • there are five decent sized seasons, and the show was cancelled but given a chance to wrap up all the loose plotlines in a way that’s actually satisfying
  • there are more female characters than male, and they’re all in lead or supporting roles (such a rare things even now) 

Not convinced? Below the cut are lots of gifs, quotes, and even more reasons why Warehouse 13 should definitely be a show you all try out during hiatus. 

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Under My Wing

submitted by G!anon

sort of sequel to this fic

A/N: This is what you call a long-winded fic. Im so sorry

“I’ve decided that you are worthy of my tutorship.”

The statement was so abrupt that it almost startled Adam.


“You could say I’m taking you under my wing,” Lucifer said thoughtfully.

Suddenly Adam couldn’t see a thing. Well, nothing past the golden softness currently shoved in his face. He batted whatever was in front of his face with his hands, with a muffled cry of “What the hell!” He was enveloped in whatever the hell Lucifer had thrown at him.


Are those…feathers

“Adam, I told you,” Lucifer said, and you could hear his stupid grin in his voice, “I am quite literally taking you under my wing.”

“Well it hasn’t been very pleasant yet!” Adam said, thoroughly annoyed and through a face full of feathers. 

“I never said it would be fun.” Lucifer said, still sounding annoyingly prideful of himself. “It will be, though. Rest assured, kid.”

“Can you move your freaking wing first?” Adam complained loudly. Soft as the golden wings may be, they were more than irritating when you get punched in the face by one. 

“So petty. I'm taking you under my wing, stop being so ungrateful!” Lucifer mock scolded.

Adam spat out a stubborn piece of pure fluff. “Ungrateful for getting smacked by your wing?”

“I could have smacked you with all six.” Lucifer shrugged. “Be lucky I didn’t accidentally throw you across the room.”

Adam paused in his aggravation to fully register what was in front of him. True to Lucifer’s word, attached to his back were six ginormous wings the color of a bronze gold. All six feathery appendages were the same in their size, with a wingspan of about twenty-five at the shortest end to thirty-five feet at the longest end.

“Holy crap." 

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I have hit a new level of fluffy ridiculousness, but it seems to be one of the fandom's favorite I present to you - Nygmobblepot at the zoo (I'm so so sorry I'm such a sap)

“First stop on the agenda today?” Oswald asked over breakfast, drinking in the sight of Ed moistening his fingers to flip through a large stack of papers.

“Only one stop today, actually,” Ed replied, handing Oswald one of the reports, “There is a zoo opening up on 55th and Chestnut. The press is very excited to have the mayor there for the Grand Opening.”

“A zoo?” Oswald queried, his voice high with incredulity, “Why would someone open a zoo in Gotham? If you want to see animals here, just take a trip downtown.”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Ed chuckled, “But it might be an enjoyable day.”

Oswald merely muttered differentially.

As morning turned to afternoon, the pair arrived at the newly minted structure amid a dizzying array of camera flashes and the cacophonous cries of the press trying to get a comment from the mayor. Oswald allowed them their pictures and smiled and waved in response, but after a moment he glanced in Ed’s direction, all the instruction his Chief of Staff needed. At once, Ed stepped in to shelter the smaller man with his tall frame, shielding Oswald from view and ushering him inside. Oswald couldn’t help but smile. It was one of those many moments that had populated his life since he and Ed had become a couple - simple moments that became charged with a secret heat they tried so desperately to hide from the prying eyes of the public.

“Vultures.” Oswald scoffed once he and Ed were safely inside.

“Unfortunately, there are more vultures in here, and not just the ones behind the glass in the aviary,” Ed grinned, “I’ve set up an interview with Channel Eleven.”

“Fabulous," Oswald sighed sarcastically, before peering around the large space, "Where exactly is this interview?”

“Let me see…” Ed consulted his schedule, “Ah yes. I set it up to be in the arctic room.”

“The arctic room?” Oswald repeated, setting his tongue in his cheek.


“And nothing seemed off to you about that plan at all?”

“No, why?”

Ed wrenched open the door leading to said room and took a glance around, his mouth dropping open at once.

“Oh, I understand now,” he responded as Oswald levelled him with a glare, “Oh dear.”

For all his brilliance and careful planning, it clearly had not occurred to Edward Nygma that this particular zoo may have penguins, nor that it might create some uncomfortable parallels to have Oswald doing his interview in front of them.

“I am so sorry, Oswald, I’m an idiot. I didn’t even-” Ed began, but Oswald merely held a hand up to stop him midsentence.

“We’ll talk about it later,” he said through gritted teeth and entered the cold space.

For the entire interview, Oswald forced a smile and answered the media’s questions with as much patience as possible while the penguins in the display behind him chattered and Ed shuffled nervously. It was easily the most awkward interview Oswald had ever done and as he spoke, he could feel his lips curling into an uncomfortable, annoyed sneer.

When at last the interview ended and he had shaken hands with the board of directors responsible for the zoo and the zookeeper and stood for various photo ops, Oswald was free to escape to the quite of a bench in one of the zoo’s many covered outdoor promenades. He sat there for a while in silence, tapping his good leg in irritated thought. After several minutes, Ed arrived and sat on the other end of the bench awkwardly, something clutched gingerly in his fist. A beat passed during which neither man looked at each other, then Ed relinquished the item in his hand, setting it in the space between himself and Oswald and giving it a push forward. Oswald looked down to find the object in question was some sort of small rock.

“What’s this?” he asked listlessly.

“A pebble…” Ed said, looking straight ahead, “Penguins show their love by presenting their mates with them.”

Oswald couldn’t help but smile in spite of himself, reaching down to take the rock in his gloved hand.

“You’re an idiot…" he said, glancing over at Ed, "But you’re MY idiot, and that’s all that matters.”

Ed sighed in relief and returned the smile as Oswald pocketed the offering. He glanced around to make sure they were well and truly alone before planting a quick kiss on the mayor’s lips.

“I know. And I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you…” he whispered.

“It’s alright…” Oswald replied, sliding closer to Ed and patting his leg, “I just need to learn how to reconcile all these new parts of myself together, that’s all. I can be Penguin the king of the underworld and Mayor Oswald Cobblepot all at once. I can be anything as long as I’m with you. You’re forgiven.”

They sat like that for a moment, both men smiling in bliss, before Oswald suddenly got to his feet.

“Now come on, we have the rest of the afternoon if you wanted to take a look around,” he said, “I personally would like to go see where they house the giraffes.”

Ed got to his feet as well, dusting off his jacket with an air of confusion, “The giraffes? Why?”

“No reason…” Oswald said with a grin, glancing up at the taller man as they walked off.

humanfluff  asked:

what is dmmd about is it any good and where can i see it please

Alright so I’ve been putting this off for a while cause I wanted to really go into deep talk about this so here I go!!

Alright so to begin with, you’re this sarcastic piece of sexy ass shit right here!

Small summary: You work at a junk shop, men want to get with you cause of your voice, you hate it when people touch your fabulous mullet, you get headaches often, you live with your grandma, has a sort of power you will learn about eventually, your choice in jackets are questionable (seriously what does that look like when it’s buttoned up??), and you REALLY like it up the butt (sassy as fuck tsundere uke right really describes him well).

The series is set in the future, you live in an area called Former Residents District which is split with the North district (off limits), South District (mostly stores), East District (Where Aoba lives and work), and West District (mostly homes and apartments). A popular thing among the area are games called Rib and Rhyme. Both of which Aoba has no interest in but is often thrown into situations where he has no choice but to participate in them.

Another important area which you will eventually go to is Platinum Jail! A big extravagant area which is only allowed for people who are either invited or rich as hell to go to. It’s never daytime there so people can basically party all day and night, full of clubs and high quality stores and great eats, and is run by a man named Toue who is the main villain of the series that you must stop from doing terrible things to people! D8<

Another important factor in the series are Allmates! Artificial beings in which can do many things for you that can help you with your daily needs. Often come in form of animals! You have one named Ren who’s a cute fluffy blue dog :3

During the game you meet many colourful characters! You have the option of the character you can get with. The decisions you make will then decide the outcome of the ending. There are good and bad endings, good endings where Aoba and his lover are happily together, bad ending where… really disturbing shit occurs! 8I

Let us list the potential mates you will eventually fuck shall we!

Noiz: He only eats pizza and pasta, he likes his dick being bit, also he has piercings on his dick as well as other parts of his body, he’s obsessed with Rhyme and wants to challenge Aoba to Rhyme for reasons you’ll find out about later, loves bunnies, is filthy rich, tragic backstory!

Koujaku: A lady’s man, but awkward at times too, loves to cut hair, obsessed with Aoba’s hair, has emo hair, has a sexy tattoos on his back, childhood friend of Aoba, totes crushing on him even though he seems oh so straight but shit happens right??? And tragic backstory.

Clear: A robot, calls Aoba his master, bubbly as fuck, apologetic as fuck, sings like an angel apparently (we never fucking hear it though!!), shirt doesn’t fit him right, hides his face under a mask for a long time thinking people would hate him if they saw his face, a deep as hell talker, depressing as fuck ending I won’t say what but get your tissues ready for that!! 

Mink: Punk ass bitch! Basically. Most of the fandom kind of hates him, for good reason, rather shitty towards Aoba, but who knows you may like him anyways. Dreadlocks, wants to kill Toue more than anyone else in the game, you may or may not come to like it in reconnect, tragic backstory.

And the last person you’ll get to fuck! *drumroll*

Your Allmate Ren!

Okay uh… don’t worry, you don’t fuck the dog version of him, you’ll fuck him in this form:

Or this form:

Ren: Your Allmate, probably not as artificial as he may seem, always willing to help Aoba out when he can, “Aoba, daijoubu?”, “I’m grateful to you five million times over, baby.”, cute and fluffy and I can’t say much unless I wanna give away all the “WTF’S?!?!” of what comes with this character but you’ll find out soon enough!! Also you can’t do his route untill you finish the first four routes.

Oh and these two technically.

Virus and Trip: Well they aren’t mates but yeah at some point these two dudes fuck you but don’t be fooled by oh cute blonde twins cause first off they aren’t twins and they make note of that often, actually really awful and terrible human beings like wow a lot of fans like them but don’t be fooled they did horrible things to Aoba in this game omg I’m still recovering from how disturbing their ending was!!

Something that’s definitely worth mentioning before anyone plays this game or looks into it is it’s very trigger heavy. Things like rape, gore, guro, and other disturbing stuff occur quite often in the game. This depending on the outcome based on your decisions. Mostly the bad endings. But if such a thing were to trigger you, this is not the game for you.

But honestly it’s a really interesting as fuck game, all the characters are interesting, it’s about 75% plot and 25% porn (which is actually really good porn like man there’s a shit ton of variety in this porn you have a fetish that isn’t often acknowledged in porn related products you might get it here!), and the relationships you build are actually very well done and cute as fuck sometimes! Basically it’s a thought provoking series set in a unique universe with well written characters and really great sex!

There are more characters you’ll meet but that’s probably my best summary of this series!! 8)

Click here and there will be links to all the stuff you’ll need to download the game as well as other goodies!

Though if you’d rather not play it and you wanna watch it instead, I’ve been watching it on youtube! Just look up Dramatical Murder part 1!

Enjoy your porno you fucking weirdos!! 8D

Imagine for katelyn-topping

I’ve been dating Cameron, from Magcon, for about a year now. We are like two peas in a pod. Nothing can tear us apart. I love him more than words can describe, and as does he. I’m best friends with all the guys, they’re like my brothers. But Nash and Matt, they’re different. I’ve known they liked me ever since we all started hanging out. Lately it’s been getting on my nerves. They both keep trying to get in between Cameron and me.

On a Saturday afternoon, the boys were all up in their hotel rooms. I was downstairs getting something to eat since I hadn’t eaten all day. Suddenly, I see Matt come from the elevator. “Hey, Katelyn!” “Oh hey, Matt!” “You look beautiful today” “hah thanks! What’s up?” “Just came down to see what you’re doing. I kind of wanted to ask you something, if that’s alright?” “Sure, what’s on your mind?” “Well, I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to-“Matt was cut off by Nash who stormed into the room. “MATT, YOU KNOW I WAS GONNA ASK HER. I CALLED DIBS.” Nash exclaims. “I saw her first bro! Back off!” Matt says to Nash in an angry tone. “She’s mine! Too bad. Katelyn, do you want to go out sometime?” “NO. I was just going to ask her that.” At this point, I was pissed. Both of the boys weren’t mine, Cameron was. Sure, they’re cute and all, but I think of them as brothers. That’s how my relationship is with them. I finally butted into the argument. “GUYS. SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’M NOT GONNA GO OUT WITH EITHER OF YOU! You know I’m dating Cameron!” The room got silent and they just looked at each other in shock and embarrassment. “I don’t even know what to do anymore. You two are tearing me apart! Sure, I have feelings for both of you. But it’s just a brother and sister sort of way. Alright? Cameron is mine, and nothing is going to change that.” I tell them as tears start to fill my eyes. “Kately-“ “No, I don’t wanna hear it guys. I run to the elevator, hoping they didn’t notice I started to cry.

When I got off, I bumped into Cameron. “Katelyn? Babe? Are you ok? Oh my god! What’s wrong?” Cameron asked in concern. “It’s them. They won’t leave me alone! They both want to be with me. They don’t get it, Cam! They’re going to try everything to break us up. I don’t even know what to do anymore.” By now, I had tears running down my face. “Babe, nothing in the world can break us up. I love you and won’t let anything happen to you. Go see Taylor in the hotel room while I go talk to them, alright?” He says giving me a kiss. “Ok, please fix it. I love you.” “I love you, too.” I give him a quick kiss and go into the room with Taylor who had just heard everything. “You ok, Katelyn?” “Just fabulous Taylor, thanks.” I say giving him a sarcastic smile. “Come here, give me a hug. Don’t worry, Cameron will fix everything, for now, just rest a bit.” Taylor says giving you a comforting hug.


“Matt, Nash! Get your asses over here, NOW!” Cameron rages. “What the hell makes you think Katelyn will dump me to go out with one of you?! We JUST had our anniversary last week. And you still have the fricking nerve to try and break us up? ARE YOU GUYS RETARDED?” “Look bro, were sorry. We just really like her and, you know how close we are with her.” Matt said. “Yeah, we are all close to her. Did you two ever think that both of you can’t have her? Both of you can’t win her over. That’s not how love works.” “That’s why we decided that whoever she falls for, gets her.” Nash shrugs. “oh my god. Don’t you get it? She loves me. I’m her boyfriend. Not you guys. She may love you guys like brothers, but that doesn’t mean you can have her. I love her with all my heart, and being two of my best friends, this is very low. You are trying to break us apart. Why? What did I ever do to you guys?” “Cam, were sorry ok? We didn’t mean for this to happen. We’ll back off. All we want is for her to forgive us.” Nash said. “Then go apologize. She’s crying her eyes out right now. You’re lucky Taylor is taking care of her. You’re also lucky I’m not beating the shit out of you guys right now. Remember that time that waiter was hitting on her, and I knocked him out? Yeah. It’s a good thing you guys are my bros. Now, are we cool?” “Yeah.” “Yeah.” Nash and Matt said as they started walking to the elevator. “Good.”

Getting off the elevator:

“Matt, we fucked up big time.” Nash says. “I know. I feel like an idiot.” As they knock on the door, Taylor opens it and looks at the boys with a pissed look. “We came to apologize.” Matt said. “She’s on the bed, watching TV.” Taylor says giving both of them dirty looks. “Thanks for looking after her, bro.” Cam says to Taylor giving him a hug. “No problem.”

I didn’t even want to see their faces right now. I just wanted to keep watching TV and never come out of the bed ever again. But there they were. Ew. “Katelyn.” Nash says, sitting on the bed. “What the hell do you guys want? You gonna ask me out again? In front of Cameron?” “No. we came to apologize.” Matt said. “Look, were really sorry. We didn’t mean for this to happen. We don’t want to split you guys up. Or feelings just got in the way of our thinking.” “Yeah Kate. We don’t want you to hate us. You’re like our little sister. Can we forget about all this and just start fresh?” Nash says, trying to give me a smile, but I ignore it. “I accept your apology. Just please, stop with all of this ok? I miss my brothers.” “Deal” Nash and Matt say. I give them a smile and they both give me a hug. I feel a lot better now. “You guys are dorks.” I say chuckling. “Oh really? Want to say that again?” Nash says, as he and Matt start tickling me, and soon Taylor and Cam join in. “GUYS. HAHAH. STOP. HAHAH.” “Fine fine. How bout we all go out and see a movie? You up for it babe?” Cameron asks. “Sure legggoo.” I say already getting up and getting my jacket. The rest of the night was filled with laughter and everything was finally back to normal.

Here you go! Sorry if it sucks :/ haha but i tried. I assumed your name was Katelyn from your url :) thanks for requesting! take care, teddy bear :* katelyn-topping


He Doesn't Think The Baby Is His (5SOS)

Hey guys this was requested

[He doesn’t think the baby is his.. And he gets a paternity test. the baby would be at least 6 months or older but he doesn’t doesn’t see the resemblance. And there is a huge argument and you live apart from each other for awhile. Can you make it a mixed couple preference. Love your preferences]

Yas honey, nothing like The Swirl! Mulatto means the baby has white and black ancestry…


C A L U M 

“Hey, pretty baby. Hey,” you sing, bouncing your six month old baby on your knee. He claps his small hands, giggling wildly at your little show. He was such a giddy baby that it made you smile. Though, Calum seemed to always be disconnected from Michael and never really paid much mind to him. Which was weird since that was his son. It made you upset at how little he paid mind to him, it was like ever since he was born Calum hadn’t done anything. “Hey, Ca could you hold him for a minute?” He sat on the couch watching TV and he hadn’t once thought of holding your own son. He looked at you cautiously before turning down the TV. He really needed to talk to you. “Y/N, can we talk?” You nod your head, making your way towards him with a smiling Michael on your hip. “Yeah?” Calum sighed and took a deep breath. “I want a paternity test. Now,” and he was dead serious. You looked at him tilting your head to the side trying to make sense of the situation. “Why, why would you want,"you cover Michael’s ears ,” a fucking DNA test? Please tell me.“ "Because he looks nothing like me Y/N! And it makes me wonder what the fuck you were doing while I was gone.” Had he just gone there? That didn’t even make since. “You know what Calum all that bullshit that just came from your mouth doesn’t even make since. You do the math. Secondly- you know what? I can’t right now, I just can’t believe how stupid you sound! Tryna’ sit here and tell me you think this isn’t your son, got me fucked up.” You stood rom the seat heading upstairs to grab Michael’s diaper bag so you could get out of there. “His skin is too dark!” You pause. His skin is too dark? The skin you gave him is too dark? “Calum, I don’t know who the fuck your looking at here but you better take a fucking look at me. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I don’t have porcelain skin, I don’t have blue, green, yellow/green, grey or whatever eyes! My skin is dark and so is my son’s along with his dark brown eyes he got from me. So I’m sorry you don’t have a lighter baby or one that doesn’t look like you but you need to get your head checked because you’ve completely lost your mind.” You sit down Michael and pack an overnight back quickly trying to get out of here as fast as you can. You couldn’t even believe it, how far he had gone to the point where he called out your son being too dark pissed you off. You didn’t need to deal with him right now and his excuses because you heard enough


“I mean ,have you seen her?” Michael’s voice for sure was very loud even if you heard him upstairs, in his office. Olivia had already dozed off about thirty minutes ago and you didn’t need her waking up. You walk up the stairs to tell him if he could quiet down a bit but when you heard the words ‘nothing like me’ you froze. “Mum,  but what I’m saying is that she doesn’t resemble me, I don’t see it .” What was he thinking? You wouldn’t just pick up a random stranger and pin the baby on Michael if you knew it wasn’t his. That’s just wrong. “Yeah but I just need a paternity test that’s all. I’m not going to raise another man’s baby!” Your eyes widen, this is exactly what you thought was going to happen. The baby wouldn’t come out to look like him and he’d freak over it. You couldn’t help it though, it’s all in the genes! “Mum can you please stop yelling in my ear?” At least she was trying to knock some sense into him. “No she won’t know and I don’t want her too. Of course I love her! That’s not what I’m saying-you know what? Doesn’t matter because I’m getting a DNA test.” He hung up the phone and you quickly walk into his office bombarding him with questions. “So you don’t think that’s your daughter? Are you serious Michael!” “Y/N, not now please.” “Not now? You must be out of your mind!” He walked after you as he saw you head out of his office. “We are not going to scream or yell about this when Olivia is down stairs.” “Oh like you’d care.” “I do!” Tears of frustration came into your vision and you couldn’t even see him! Like you’d even want to. “How can you say that after I heard you wanting a test done? You are so, UGH!”


 Your 7 month old Kaden had finally gone to sleep after his bottle. He was such a fighter! Noon had rolled around and you did your cleaning, making sure every bit of his toys and mess was cleaned before Ashton came home. He was a very good father. Always there for Kaden when he couldn’t go to sleep which is why you needed him to sing him a little song to help him doze off. The house phone rang and you hurriedly rush over before he woke up. “Hello?” “Hi this is Karen from the Southeast Georgia Health System.” “Um, OK? Is there anything you need?” “Yes, may I talk to Mr. Irwin?” Why did she need to talk to your husband? “This is his wife.” “Oh well can you be sure to tell Mrs. Irwin about the DNA testing-,” “Excuse me? What?” “The DNA testing? He came in about six days ago and he wanted a DNA test done on seven month old Kaden Irwin.” You huff out in disbelief running a hand trough your hair. A paternity test. You couldn’t even believe it. “And what were the results,” you ask sarcastically. “It came out positive, that’s his son.” “Thank you Karen and ill be sure to tell him the fabulous news.” You hung up the phone after saying bye. When Ashton came home, you two were going to have a very long talk. About an hour passed and he walked through the door all smiles. “Hey baby,” he made his way over trying to give you a hug but you pushed him away. “So, I got a phone call today.” He scrunched his brows heading over to Kaden who had woken up. “And?” “It came out positive, congratulations Ashton, you are the father!” He studied you for ten seconds and fell apart. He was caught. “Im sorry Y/N! It’s just that Cam said-,” “Oh so now you’re talking to Cam again? Really!” Cam had been a very close friend to him and you really didn’t like the way she’d look at him.“Baby, please.” “Don’t baby me because for a second you thought that Kaden wasn’t even your own son! I need to, I need to get some air for a while.” “What are you doing,” he asks once he saw you travel up the stairs and into your bedroom. You took a bag out of your closet quickly hurdling clothes in it. “Why are you leaving?” “Why am I leaving? Hmm, lets see. You get a test done on your own son and then you tell me you and Cam were talking -which I don’t get! Where did you go today Ashton?” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He was with her. “Unbelievable.”


 It was 2 am and Luke had been waiting till you fell asleep. He wasn’t so sure how this was going to turn out and he did not want you to wake up. He slipped from under the covers and into the bathroom leaving you cold again. It would only take a second. He quietly dug through the drawer and pulled out a Q-tip and headed to your twin daughters’ room. Just be in and out, in and out. The door creaked open and he carefully went in. He didn’t know if be could do it. But it had to be done. His baby girl was sleeping so peacefully and he hated bothering her but he wanted to be positive that she wasn’t someone else’s. Her eyes were mixed with a brown and blue and her hair was a light brown, but the other twin had light brown eyes and dark brown hair. He wasn’t so sure. Luke gently raised the swab to her lip trying to get some saliva onto it so he could get it done for testing. “Come on baby girl,” she opened her mouth for a yawn and he took it as an opportunity as a quick swap which he did. Yes, one down one more to go- “Baby?” He drop the swab and it fell on the floor somewhere! His heart raced and he put a hand to his chest trying to calm himself down. “Jesus Y/N don’t sneak up on me like that,” he whispered trying to calm himself down. “I’m sorry Lu but I think you dropped something,” you claimed picking up the dropped Q-tip. “Why do you have a Q-tip in here? And why is it wet,” you groan wiping your hand against your shirt. “Um,” “Luke? What are you doing in here?” “I was just checking up on the twins, that’s all.” “With a Q-tip? It doesn’t take that long Luke. What were you actually doing in here? I don’t- oh. You think that-,” “Y/N please I love you and the twins, I just-,” without another word, you held up your finger for him to stop his continuous talk,“ meet me down stairs. Right now.”


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Teen Wolf Thoughts

So I’m not a meta writer, these are just some points that I found myself thinking about:

My TW fascination has always been about Stiles. He’s sarcastic, a bit of an asshole, yet he cares so deeply, and of course a human amidst the supernatural world. However, after watching the show, I did start to believe that maybe Stiles wasn’t all he was thought to be.

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