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Best Damn Thing in the Galaxy

First Poe Dameron writing, so be gentle.

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Poe Dameron stood next to General Organa, listening to the mission plan for the following day. A routine Intel mission that involved little danger, at least not for one of the best pilots in the Resistance. General Organa finished giving the orders, before dismissing everyone. Poe stood next to her looking over the map set before him, while the rest of the crew wandered off.

“Go to her, Poe. She needs you.”

The pilot peered his eyes from the map, giving the General a confused look.

“She was only 10 when her parents were killed. They were my close friends, so I took her in.”

Poe listened contently, as the older woman continued.

“(Y/N) is like a daughter to me. Today’s the anniversary of her parent’s death.”

Poe was not aware of this, his heart sunk at the thought of you somewhere all alone. He turned to leave the room, but Leia calls out to him, “She’s with her baby. That’s where you’ll find her.”

He nodded with a smile before disappearing to find you.

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🇩🇰 Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰 

Length of Reading: 6 Mins

Turban Tolerance: 4.7/5

Copenhagen the capital of Denmark, a place known for delicious pastries, open sandwiches, and a little mermaid. If you’re looking for somewhere cheap then don’t even think about going, not for the frugal. Nonetheless, it’s a very cool and interesting place with loads of different things to do.


The Danes were some extremely friendly people that were always willing to help, the trick is to have a map and look extremely confused, without a doubt someone will approach you. Everyone and I mean everyone spoke English so there was no language barrier. Some friends and I even got invited to play some basketball, three brown boys! Hello, that wouldn’t even happen in London.

The City 

I will get on to the attractions, this section will cover the city in terms of the vibes and geography. In my opinion, vibes have two key components which are the people and surroundings, as I have already explained the people were extremely friendly. The surroundings, one of the strangest regarding architecture, size, and placement. Architecture had two influences one is the modern minimalist/hipstery look and the other was the historic monuments, which complemented each other very well as there wasn’t a feeling of a concrete jungle which has happened to a majority of capital cities.


Pastries were amazing, can’t leave Denmark without having a Cinnamon Whirl trust me you won’t be disappointed. Easy to enjoy with a cup of coffee, as Cafes are far from scarce (Danes on average drink four cups a day, just a useless fact for you). Open Sandwiches, sorry these things are overrated, if you like them then you suck, ‘Schønnemann’ was overhyped by everyone we had spoken to. You may be thinking what is an Open Sandwich, don’t think outside the box, think of a sandwich where the top slice of bread has gone missing or used for a different open sandwich. What a disappointment! Two places that were really good for food were Papirøen (5 min walk from Nyhavn) and the Meatpacking district, real selection of places with quality food. Tip, avoid eating at Nyhavn as it’s overpriced and nothing special unless you are one of those individuals that just have to eat at the most iconic places in a city.


The best viewing point in the city, in my opinion, is above the ‘Church of Our Saviour’, no glass panes and provides a 360-degree view of the city, plus you have to climb quite a few stairs so you really feel like you have deserved it once you get up there.

Most Enjoyed Attractions:

  • Tivoli Gardens, described as an amusement park if you ask me it’s more like a permanent fun fair. It was okay, not amazing but one of those things you just have to check out when you’re in the city, don’t get your hopes up. Just a heads up, there’s an entry fee and the rides are extra. We attended a Danish rap concert in Tivoli which none the less was eventful.
  • Malmo, Sweden – I understand a different city being a thing to do, but a whole different country. Well get this, Malmo is only 30 mins away by train (under the bridge they don’t shut up about). It’s a cute town that is in love with Zlatan and can be enjoyed in half a day.
  • Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s most Iconic place, this is a must! Not because it’s amazing and out of this world, you will be classed as a ‘Mug’ if you don’t. So, just be quiet, go and take photos. It’s the thing behind me in the photo.
  • The not so ‘Little Mermaid’, you will understand when you go see this monster. The Open sandwich was little, this is human sized. Plus, who the hell knows the actual size of a Mermaid? Again, a place you just have to see because it’s Copenhagen. You will see a sea of Asian tourists, which gives you the confidence that it’s a must.



  1. Turban Tolerance – Remember, Past performance does not guarantee future results
  2. Hipstery – Yes it’s a made up word, but you know what I mean
  3. Papirøen – I just really like the ø, this place is also called ‘Copenhagen Street Food’
  4. Mug – British slang for a fool (Verified by Urban Dictionary)
Treasure Hunt

summary: Once, there was a time when most of the villain kids did get along — or, well, they could stand each other slightly more to be able to come together to try and best each other in competitions.
pairing: Hevie — slightly younger, no exact age established
style: one-shot; canon divergence — pre Uma & Mal rivalry, no banishment
notes: Since some of the other Isle kids don’t have much of a canon description, I’m definitely taking some liberties. Not much of the actual hunt is happening because I couldn’t think of anything, but a lot of banter.
other locations: ao3 | ffnet
fic requests are open!

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BB8 : Love Guru

(Prompt : BB8 sees that you and Poe would be perfect for each other and tries to get you together!!)

It was a warm day at the Resistance base, so you were inside looking over the map that lead to Luke Skywalker with Finn. He had woken up from his coma about 4 days after Rey left with R2 and Chewie. You and Poe had been there when he was waking up, which happened in a panic. He woke up screaming for Rey to run, he was snapped back into reality when Poe hugged him. The whole scene was rather emotional. It was his single question of “Where’s Rey?” that lead you to where you are now.

“I have no idea what any of this means!” Finn said as he studied a map. BB8 let out a beep (I’ll get Poe) and you nodded, “Good idea BB8.” You started to find it strange that whenever you were alone with BB8 he managed to talk about Poe or went to go get the pilot himself. You had figured it was because he hated being separated from Poe since Jakku, but it happened quite often. “It’s alright Finn, BB8 went to get Poe. He’ll help figure out exactly where Rey is.” Your words seemed to calm him slightly, but you knew he wouldn’t rest till he knew for certain that Rey was safe.

Soon a familiar voice and the clunking of BB8 coming down stairs reached your ears. “Alright, Alright BB8!! I get it! I’ll do something about it!” Poe said as he entered the room. Your breath caught slightly due the pilots appearance. His curly black hair was messy and untamed, and he seemed freshly showered. “POE! Help us find where Rey is!! She hasn’t sent us a message since before I woke up and-” Poe laughed wholeheartedly which made you smile widely and for BB8 to beep. “Fin, buddy, you are so whipped.”Poe said through his laughter. His words caused you to laugh as well, and Poe met your gaze with a smile. You felt your cheeks heat up under his eyes, and you looked to a confused Finn. “I don’t…know what that means…” Finn said a little sad. “It just means you care for her a lot.” You replied. Finn nodded and then turned back to Poe, “Will you help us?” Poe smiled, “Of course buddy.”

After an hour of Poe talking Finn through how to use the map with the help of BB8, the planet had cooled down. You left the map room to head outside in the cool air. You were sitting there thinking when you heard the crunch of dirt under boots. You turned your head and saw Poe walking towards you, and you gave him a small smile which he returned. “It’s cute isn’t?” Poe asked looking at the falling sun with you. “What?” You asked, having no idea what could be cute at the moment besides him perhaps. “How Finn feels the need to protect Rey like that.” He said meeting your eyes. You nodded, “Yeah. Do you think that they’ll go any further than friendship?” You asked out of general curiosity. Poe laughed lightly before saying, “No, I don’t think so. Rey seems pretty independent, and Finn has a lot to learn and work through.” You nodded at looked back at the sunset. “Why did you come out here?” You asked.

Poe’s brown eyes met with yours, and he took his bottom lip in between his teeth.”BB8 has been trying to get us together, and he told me I should come out here.” You couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re saying your droid is a love guru?” You said still giggling. He smiled and said “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. BB8 is a love guru.” You both started laughing. You laughed so hard you almost fell off the log you two were sitting on. As you started to fall backwards you felt Poe’s arm catch your back. “Whoa there!” He said smiling at your blush. You stood up, as did he. The sun had set and you should be heading back inside. “Thanks for helping Finn. I had no idea how to read that map.” you said still blushing. “It’s no problem. I know what it’s like wanting to protect someone no matter what.” He said looking softly into your eyes. “BB8 is a lucky droid!!” you said smiling. Poe laughed quietly before saying “He’s not the only one I care about…”

You felt Poe take your hands in his, he looked like he was about to speak when a single beep was heard and you both were suddenly falling. You both hit the ground with an ‘oof’, but you were on top of Poe's’ chest. “Godammit BB8!” Poe said loudly. You saw out of the corner of your eye the little droid roll back into the base. You started laughing, and so did Poe. You both got up and followed the lovable droid into the base, hand in hand.

You both walked down the halls of the base until you reached the door of your room. You turned to face Poe, and looked into his eyes. You felt his hand brush over neck, causing your heart to start thumping like mad. Gently, he moved your face closer to his, and your lips brushed together before meeting. The kiss caused warmth to spread to your face and your heart to burst. He pulled back, smiling at you with love in his eyes. “I’ll see ya tomorrow, yeah?” he asked, brushing his fingertips against your cheek, his thumb near the corner of your now swollen lips. You could only nod and kiss him lightly again before opening the door. “Goodnight Y/N Y/L/N.” He said smiling. “Good night Poe Dameron.”

As Poe walked away from your shut door, Finn stood in the hallway watching all of this happening and thinking “And he thinks I’m whipped…”        

Fire emblem warriors is super fun. Took me a bit to get into it, but now i’m absorbed. Not gonna critique it for being what it is, it’s another warriors game. Using the map to direct the other characters like an rts is really cool though, i was impresswd by that. The roster definitely is a bit bland, but a lot of the characters i love are there and i never max everyone out anyway, so it’s fine for me. The only confusing one is including Celica but not Alm. Looking forward to the Olivia dlc for sure.

Game of Thrones Writers' Room
  • Benioff: Hey Dan, I've been might be a good idea if we mention Dorne in Episode 1.
  • Weiss: Oh, like, we'd seed it so viewers wouldn't be confused. That's really smart, David. What did you have in mind?
  • Benioff: I don't know, maybe a character talks about it?
  • Weiss: Which character?
  • Benioff: Well the Dornish like sex and are cool with gay people, so obviously Loras.
  • Weiss: Obviously.
  • Benioff: Maybe there could be a map lying around, or...?
  • Weiss: I don't know, why would Loras be looking at a map?
  • Benioff: You're right, you're right. He only ever has sex with Olyvar.
  • Weiss: Maybe we could work it into that? Like...maybe there's Dornish sex move or something?
  • Benioff: Wait, no. I've got it. Let's give Loras a birthmark in the shape of Dorne. And Olyvar would like, point out landmarks on it.
  • Weiss: That's absolutely brilliant.
  • Benioff: And thematically it's a great way to introduce Dorne, you know? Through sex.
  • Weiss: It's so good. This is going to be our best season yet.