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Spoilers season.

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I may have missed something ? Who is the amputee man you’re talking about :0 ?

Hello! I’m going to assume you’re caught up with the manga, or that you don’t mind being spoiled! (I tag all my posts with snk spoilers but I know some people don’t blacklist it). So If you don’t want to know, then stop reading right here! 

Amputee-kun is how the fandom has named a mysterious man that appeared on the last two chapters of the manga. 

We first saw him in chapter 93, he appeared casually on the side, looking at Reiner and the kids. 

The reason why we focused on this person specifically is because his armband was on the wrong arm. This caused a lot of speculation and it was seen as a hint, something to catch our attention and tell us that this person was somehow relevant.

In chapter 94, this man appeared again, and we realized that he’s missing a leg. His face is covered with bandages and his long hair, and on every panel it seems like Isayama is purposefully avoiding to show us his face. 

We don’t know who this person is yet, but many think it’s Eren! This is why we’re so eager to see if his identity is revealed on the next chapter :)

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I’m like that too, I can’t wait! :P

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After finding out about the 4 years time skip, i am actually scared about the main characters. 4 years are too much, they may have changed too much and i am not sure i want to see how are them when time comes. And i'm afraid Levi wont be the same man we loved and appreciated for 84 chapters anymore. Do you think he still thinks about the promise or Erwin? :)

The only way I’ll be ok with the time skip is if Levi has grown out his hair and is wearing it in a ponytail with the sides shaved. If that happens I will forgive everything.

Seriously, while I have plenty of concerns with Isayama’s  storytelling, I have very few about his characterizations. I think of Hitch last chapter, for instance. She got 4 panels and a handful of sentences but they were flawless. Isayama doesn’t forget the nuances of his characters. I can’t think of any moments where his characters haven’t felt on point.

So I don’t worry about Levi. I feel confident that when we see him again, it will be the same Levi. I saw someone mention on twitter how at this point Levi’s been separated from Erwin almost as long as they were together, but I think after developing their relationship with such care, Isayama will make sure it’s remembered.

Where is She? (Part 1)

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Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader x Will Halstead (Siblings)

Requested: Nope

Summary: There is an explosion at the hospital and no one can find you.

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Part 1 - Part 2

A high pitched sound rang through my ears. I was disorientated, confused as to what happened. Then it hit me.

I was with a patient, he came in earlier with a women and were now both treated for both internal and external injuries, and I was helping him see the women he was with who I thought to believe the person she loved but turns out to be someone who she truly hates. He was her attacker. When I found out though it was too late. He already had a scalpel against my side and seethed in my ear. “Do as I say and I won’t hurt you. Keep walking and don’t let on to anyone that you’re in distress. You’re going to get me the hell out of here, okay?” I nodded in response.

I was scared, no terrified. I had no idea what to do. All I could think was ‘what would Jay do?’ But nothing. My mind came up blank so now I was even more nervous than before. The thought that I may never see my brothers Jay and Will ever again scared me. They were my everything, my rock, I loved them to bits.

I was jolted from my thoughts when the man who was holding me hostage whispered in my ear. “I thought you said no one would be down here.”

“There shouldn’t be.” I replied. “But I’ll get us past and he won’t suspect a thing.” I tried to reassure him.

“Hey, Dr Halstead.” Connor said with a hint of uncertainty, unsure of the situation. He noticed how nervous I looked and my erratic breathing. “Is everything okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Just taking the patient for a walk. It’s required.” I replied. On one hand I hoped he would see that I was in distress but on the other hand I don’t. If I just get this man out of here in one piece without the police then there’s a good chance I’ll live.

“Okay, do you need any help?”

“I’m good, Connor, but thank you.” I smiled at him.

“Well see you around, Y/N.”

“Yeah, you too Connor.” I smiled at him one last time before he left around the corner then my nervousness came flooding back. I was more tense then before.

“Good, now keep moving and I do hope for your sake that we have no more disruptions.” He asserted whilst stroking my hair. I shuddered as he did it.

I scanned my ID across the panel to open the door but nothing. It just beeped at us and the light stayed red signalling it was locked. ‘No, no, no, no.’ I thought to myself. We were now trapped. The hospital was on lockdown which only angered the man more. “What are you doing? Open the door.” The man said anger slowly bubbling inside him.

“I- I can’t. The hospital is on lockdown. The doors won’t open unless…” I stopped immediately what I was saying as I knew it was a terrible idea but he caught on to the fact I wasn’t finishing that sentence.

“Unless what?” He had the scalpel at my throat now with enough pressure on to make it bleed a little.

“There was an emergency, like- like a fire. If the fire alarms go off the doors will open and you can leave.” You replied trying to reassure him.

“Great! Then that’s what we’ll do. We’ll set a fire and get out of here.” He said crazily looking around the place for some flammable supplies to set a fire. He found a lighter, some rags, and a bottle with flammable liquid in and drenched the rag in the liquid dropping it to the floor and carried on with trying to light the rag. With him distracted you quickly grabbed the bottle and squirted him all over with the liquid causing him to catch on fire. What you hadn’t taken into account was him running towards the massive tanks of flammable substances. You tried to stop him but it was too late, they exploded sending you back and becoming trapped under equipment.

Your arm was trapped by a metal pole going through it, your head was bleeding when you banged it, and your chest started to hurt from the smoke. 'I have to get out of here’ you thought but the only way was to remove the pole from your arm which you started doing.


Downstairs everyone heard the explosion which sent everyone into panic. The protocol was to remove every patient from the hospital and onto the parking lot which everyone started doing. Will however was worried because he couldn’t find you anywhere, he started asking his fellow colleagues if they’ve seen you but they hadn’t but they would keep an eye out for you which he was grateful for. Outside on the parking lot he was treating a patient when his brother Jay finally caught up with him. When Will was done with the patient he gave him a hug and said. “Thank god your okay!” He let go of Will to look at him and asked. “Where’s Y/N?”

Will’s face immediately masked worry. He thought you may have been busy with patients on the other side of the car park, that’s why he hasn’t seen you yet. “Wait, you haven’t seen her yet?” Jay shook his head, his face with the same mask of worry as Will’s. Jay immediately began calling your phone and Will spotted Connor and asked him. “Hey, Connor, have you seen Y/N? I can’t find her anywhere.”

“Wait, she’s not down here?” Will just shook his head in response. “She was with a patient and-” that’s when it clicked for Connor. He heard that there was a woman’s attacker on the loose in the hospital and earlier he saw Y/N with a patient looking nervous. “Oh, god. I saw her earlier with a patient near where the explosion happened. Will, I think the patient was the attacker on the loose.” Will left Connor and went to Jay to relay all the information Connor just told him.

“She’s going to be okay, Will.” Jay assured his brother. “She’s going to be okay.” He repeated, this time a little unsure himself. With that Jay went off and informed Voight and Chief Boden of the situation.


Now free from the metal pole you wrapped your arm up tightly to stop the bleeding. You got up off the floor and began to make your way to the door to the stairwell. Before you got to it though the ceiling fell causing your only exit out to be blocked. “Crap.” You cursed under your breath. Looking around the room for a solution you spotted a sink and some fabric. You soaked the fabric in water, wrapped it around you and ran through the fire over the rubble from the ceiling that had just fell and out of the door. Slamming into the railing you started coughing, smoke began to fill your lungs and you knew that if you didn’t get fresh air or oxygen you’d die. Going down wasn’t an option as that was blocked so the only way was up to the roof.

When you got up there you noticed you didn’t have your key card on you to open the door. You cursed again under your breath and slid down the wall, the sudden realisation of your situation hitting you like a ton of bricks. You had nothing with you other than this wet towel. The stairwell began to heat up, smoke accompanying it. Breathing became difficult and you were becoming heavy, you knew this was the end you just prayed that you would be found soon. The lack of oxygen was now getting the better of you, you tried to stay awake but you couldn’t anymore. Your world began to get dark but before your eyes closed for good you thought you heard someone shout. “Fire department! Call out!”

Then silence.

A/N: So this is inspired by the Season 13 finale of Grey’s Anatomy but I changed it a little to fit in with Chicago Med. Also I know it’s longer than usual and there wasn’t much interaction with reader and the Halstead brothers but it’s the direction I wanted the story to go in so I hope it’s okay :) My next post will hopefully either be a Teen Wolf one or a Riverdale one.

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River Babble (The Mod): Well THAT took me an age and a half. Sorry for the delay, but here’s the Part 2 I promised weeks ago, wherein I give a little more insight into Pitch Black’s relevance to the plot. Not TOO much, though, I hope. I gotta leave you guys something to ask questions about. ;D

                                       Fun Facts For This Page!
(Because it took forever and I wish to smother it with affection)

- A little something is hinted here regarding Salespitch’s magical capabilities/limitations, if you pay close enough attention. 

 - Pitch Black’s hair is correct in this page. Those who remember when he was first introduced may have noticed that his mohawk is more floppy now, but actually, this is how I originally designed him. I tried the straight mohawk out on that page, thinking it made more logical sense, but since when does pony hair ever REALLY make sense? It was just a touch too severe, and Black isn’t as severe as one might think on first meeting.

- COLORING is REALLY HARD for me, especially backgrounds, man that took FOREVER! But I persevered for you, my readers!!! (And for myself, because just drawing ponies on blank backgrounds feels really dull after a while.)

- I really like how Black’s face turned out in Panel 2. Thanks go to Doodlee-a and Artsehsis for advising me on how to color a bruise.

- I really like how Black’s magic came out in the last panel.

- I really like Black. He is the best older brother I have ever created.

- I thought it’d be fun to start sneaking in cameos where I can, and Ruby from @ruby-mark-attempts seemed a natural choice (see Panel 2). I like her design. =D

More pages in the works! Thanks for reading!


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I can so see Aiden and Rose doing the lift button prompt in that badass prompt thingy you just posted :D

Regarding this post

Rose was early, but only because she’d been forced to leave work early. Apparently, mandatory psych visits were no joke. She’d been assigned to a few months worth after an encounter with some decidedly not tourists from a planet called Lybsengue.

She told them she was fine. Having to shoot one of the teal beetle-esk aliens, resulting in being covered head to toe in orange goop, wasn’t all that bad. But it was her first on the job kill shot.

Early may not have been accurate, she was basically on time. Crossing the lobby of the business complex, she saw a man enter the elevator. When he saw her, obviously heading toward him and the otherwise empty car, she saw him reach out. Her eyes narrowed as she realized he was hitting the “door close” button repeatedly.

The door, however, did not close before she reached it. She may have jogged the remaining distance, and squeezed in as they were trying to shut, but she made it.

The man grunted out in frustration, and Rose decided she’d had enough. Smiling smug she reached over in front of him and ran her hand down the panel. In one sweep she’d lit up every floor, except the one she needed. With a chuckle she gently pressed the last one.

“Are you 5?” His tone was manic and Rose chewed her lip, smiling smuggly.

She looked over at him, meeting his eyes and choked on the words she’d been about to speak. He was gorgeous. Light brown, almost blonde hair, streaked with grey. Dark brown eyes, freckles, pouty botto- Holy hell he could be the Doctor’s twin brother!

She lowered her gaze, and tried to ignore how nicely his shirt stretched across his broad chest. “You started it.”

The doors opened to the second level and they both stared out into the empty hallway.

“I’m gonna be late now!” In her periphery she could see he’d actually put his hands in his hips.

“Me too. How ‘bout that?” Her smile was returning. His fatherly posture making it impossible for her to keep a straight face. She tried to remember which floor had already been selected before she’d lit them all up.

He let out another growl and threw himself back against the wall.

Finally Found A Match - Part 1 (Pavel Chekov Imagine)

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First Star Trek imagine ever! Hope you guys like it!

“Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Can I get your assignment record please, as well as your name?” a man in a red shirt said as you walked on board the ship for the first time. You nodded back respectfully before introducing yourself, “Thank you, sir. My name is Ensign (Y/L/N). I’ve been assigned to the medical bay, under the supervision of Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy.” The man was quickly sorting through files and records on his PADD, mumbling lightly under his breath until he let out an exclamation, “Aha! Found it here! Yes, Ensign (Y/N) (Y/L/N), “requested as medical support and direct aid to CMO Leonard McCoy”, it says. Very well, Ensign, the medical bay is a few levels up and don’t hesitate to ask around for help. Everybody here has been in your place at some point.” 

“Thank you, sir,” you replied, giving the officer a small smile before heading on your way. To say that the Enterprise was bigger than you thought was a HUGE understatement; this ship was absolutely massive. ‘How do people find their way around here?’ You thought to yourself as you gazed around in wonder. Officers, Lieutenants and Ensigns wearing different colored shirts ran around, trying to get their jobs done and prepare the Enterprise for launch. You saw many of them shooting you curious or inquiring looks, but you simply brushed it off; you were one of the youngest cadets ever to graduate from Star Fleet Academy, and you were the youngest of your graduating class. You had specialized in medicine and had extensive knowledge of different diseases and, more particularly, toxins. The Enterprise was simply making a stop for repairs and restocking in order to prepare for a 5-year journey into deep space. And one thing that had been highly requested were new officers to help on the ship. Dr. McCoy, whoever he was, had requested the finest new medic the Academy had, and so, you received your assignment. Now, here you were, wandering around an enormous ship with no idea where to go or who to look for. 

Well, think about it, (Y/L/N),’ you started thinking to yourself, ‘You’re in the medical and sciences branch. What color shirt do you wear? BLUE. So ask people who wear the same shirt as you!’ At that moment, you spotted a slightly older man walking down the hallway, looking rather pissed off about something. You faltered a second before stepping up and catching his attention, “Um, excuse me? Sir?” The man turn to look at you, his face showing clear irritation and annoyance, “What is it, kid? You lost? Well, spit it out cause I’m in a hurry and haven’t got all day.” You swallowed hard, feeling your face paling several shades as you nervously spat out, “I-I’m looking for the med bay and Dr. McCoy. I’m the new medical aid.” 

At this, the man’s face softened and actually turned into slight surprise, “You’re my new assistant?” You looked up at the man in shock and stuttered out, “D-Dr. McCoy?” “Yeah, in the flesh, kid,” the man grumbled before quickly checking his watch and sighing exasperatedly, “I’m gonna be late to the bridge, dammit. Come on kid, gotta get to the bridge. You’re like my First Officer of sorts anyways.” You nodded your head before following your new Chief Officer as he headed towards the bridge. You walked right behind him, continuing to look around and occasionally jogging to keep up with him when you got too swept away by the amazing vessel that was the Enterprise

“I asked for the best medical officer the Academy had and they sent me someone who’s barely an adult,” he grumbled lightly, but you picked up a tone of amusement rather than bitterness. You felt your face heating up and you had to bit your lip to prevent from bursting out and exclaiming that you were an adult; you were 18 years old, so technically, you were an adult. “So, kid, what’s your name?” Dr. McCoy asked as the two of you walked into the lift to the bridge, glancing down at you in mild interest. You stood up straighter and looked him right in the eyes (despite the fact that he was a head and a bit taller than you), “I’m Ensign (Y/L/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” At this, Dr. McCoy looked at you a bit strangely before extending his hand, which you shook firmly, “Well, Ensign (Y/L/N), nice to meet you. As you know, I’m doctor Leonard McCoy, but everybody ‘round here calls me ‘Bones’. You can too.” 

You nodded at this and smiled lightly, “Pleasure to meet you too, Bones.” At that moment, the door of the lift hissed and opened, revealing the bridge of the Enterprise. You almost gasped out loud as you looked around and stepped onto the bridge after Bones; it was absolutely incredible. All the technology and monitors that were stationed around, being expertly used by the officers in charge, and the stars and endless reach of space as you looked out the window. You quickly scampered after Bones as he approached the Captain’s chair, and there sat James T. Kirk; Captain of the Enterprise. However, he hadn’t spotted you yet as he was speaking to Bones. So, you decided to continue looking around. You ended up making eye contact with a pretty, young lady in a red dress who wore an earpiece and who smiled at you, an Asian man who sat on the front-left side of the panel in front of the captain, and then, your gaze landed on a young man who didn’t look a day over his late teens with curly blonde-brown hair and bright blue eyes. However, the last young man wasn’t looking at you; he was poring over his screen, quickly typing away and doing whatever it was he was assigned. This, however, didn’t stop you from thinking to yourself, ‘Dammit….he’s CUTE!

“….And this is my new assistant and second-in-command, Ensign (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” You heard Bones say, and you quickly turned to look at the captain; Kirk smiled down at you, and you smiled back up at him; he seemed pretty friendly. “Welcome to the Enterprise, Ms. (Y/L/N). Hope you enjoy working with Ole’ Bones here. If you need anything, or have something to report, feel free to come here whenever required,” Kirk said, and you nodded at him before replying, “Thank you, Captain. It’ll be a pleasure serving on such an incredible ship, with an even more incredible history.” Kirk scanned you up and down, and he exchanged a look with Bones before clearing his throat, “Hope you don’t mind me asking, but how old are you? You seem a bit……well, young. And shouldn’t you be a lieutenant of Second Medical Officer or something, if such a position exists?”

At this, you suddenly felt many pairs of eyes turn your way, and the bridge suddenly became way quieter than it was before, all prior conversations and work having ceased for a moment. You felt yourself blushing as you replied, surprisingly confident and calm, “I’m 18 years old, sir. Graduated  as the youngest cadet of my class and youngest ever in the medical program. As for the rank of Ensign, well, I don’t really know but I won’t complain cause I’m here, on board the Enterprise, about to embark on a five-year mission.” The bridge was silent for a few moments, before Kirk suddenly burst into laughter and looked at Bones and then the Asian man sitting in front of him, “That is amazing! Bones, Sulu, looks like we finally found Chekov a match!”

You looked up at them confusedly, before asking softly, “W-Who’s Chekov?”

Then suddenly, from a little ways away from you, a soft, heavily-accented voice spoke up, “Zat vould be me.” You spun around to see the cute, curly-haired young man looking straight at you, his face turning bright red as he locked eyes with you. You felt your own face turning red but you quickly nodded, “Oh. Nice to meet you, Mr. Chekov.” 

“Mr. Pavel Chakov here is the ship’s main navigator, and only a year older than yourself, (Y/L/N). He was our youngest crew member, up until today. Maybe it’ll do him some good to have someone who’s within a year of age difference. What do you think, Chekov?” Kirk said, smiling cheekily at the Russian, who was turning redder by the moment as he gazed at the pretty new recruit standing a little bit away from him. Kirk could tell that the young man had taken an immediate liking to you, and he could see that you too were curious about him. And Kirk had a hunch that this was going to develop into something more. So he was just helping things alone.

“I-I think it vould be very beneficial, Keptin,” Chekov replied, looking back at you. This time, you smiled at him kindly to signal that you wouldn’t bite, and he returned the smile before approaching you and extending his hand to you, “Nice to meet you too, Ms. (Y/L/N). As ze Keptin said, I am Ensign Chekov. Pavel Chekov.” You smiled at him and shook his hand, trying to ignore the tingling sensation that traveled up your arm at his touch, “Please, call me (Y/N). “Ms. (Y/L/N)” makes me feel old.” At this, Chekov started to laugh, and you grinned at him before looking back at Bones and Kirk; the two of them were in full blown conversation, so you figured it wouldn’t hurt to get to know your new acquaintance.

“So….Pavel, if the horribly confusing calculations I’m about to do are correct, based off of what the Captain said, you’re 19 years old, yeah?” You asked, causing Chekov to chuckle happily, “Indeed. And, if I heard correctly and followed you vith zees difficult calculations, you are 18, correct?” Now it was your turn to chuckle, “Yup! Congrats, you can do basic math. Your family must be so proud.” Chekov smiled at you before the two of you began to walk back over to his station. You were liking this guy more and more with every passing moment.

“How long have you been working as part of the crew of the Enterprise?” You inquired, genuinely curious about this fellow “prodigy” you had just met. Chekov tapped his chin thoughtfully for a few moments before replying, “Vell, I started vhen I vas sewenteen, so zat would mean I have been vorking here for two years.” Your eyes widened before asking, “Seventeen?! Woah! Awesome!” Chekov beamed at your approval before returning favor and asking you a question, “So, I take it you are a doctor?” At this, you shrugged lightly, “Call me what you will. Doctor, Ensign, Supreme Overlord of the Universe, whatever.” Chekov snorted lightly at this and you grinned at him before continuing, “Actually, I specialize in toxins and dealing with them, as well as the development of new remedies for brand new diseases. Bones requested some help, so here I am!” 

“Zis iz your furst day?” Chekov asked, his eyes widening a bit as you nodded in reply, “Yup. I’m brand new, and already totally lost. I got lost looking for the medical bay, but luckily I bumped into Bones on his way here.” Chekov chuckled at that, “Do I vant to imagine zat?” You shook your head, opening you eyes in mock terror, “He just about ripped my head off for stopping him to ask for directions.” Chekov rolled his eyes playfully, “Vell, zat iz Bones for you. But he iz a brilliant doctor, so I cannot complain. Anyvay, if you need somebody to show you around ze Enterprise, I’d be glad to do so. I can meet you in ze Medical Bay. Only i-if you v-vant to, I mean?” At this, you smiled; you had only met this guy a few minutes ago and he was already so sweet. 

“I look forward to it, Mr. Chekov. Please don’t get me lost, I’d rather not get fired after my first day here,” you said, and Chekov laughed at this, “Don’t vorry, (Y/N). You can trust me. I promise you zat.” “Good,” you replied, “I’m counting on you.”

“(Y/L/N)! We gotta get down to the Med Bay. Leave Mr. Chekov to do his work in peace,” You heard Bones calling, and your face turned bright red before turning quickly to Chekov one last time, “Sorry for keeping you. Thanks for the offer. Can’t wait for the grand tour. See you later!” And with that, you spun on your heel and dashed after Bones, leaving Chekov standing there with a goofy little smile on his face and a warm, fuzzy feeling in his heart. He had only met you a few minutes ago, and it seemed that he had already really taken a liking to you.

“You alright there, Mr. Chekov? You seem a bit distracted,” Kirk said, trying to suppress a large grin appearing on his face. Chekov jumped at this, turning and even darker shade of red before sitting down and quickly getting back to work, “Sorry, Keptin!’ 

Kirk just chuckled at this; looks like Chekov just had his heart stolen by the new medical recruit, and by the looks of things, he wasn’t gonna get it back any time soon. 

The Killing Joke script (flashback scene)

In this first panel, we have a composition which mirrors almost exactly that used in the last panel on page six. In the foreground, over on the right, we can see a little of the midsection of a young man in fairly down-at-heel clothing, most conspicuously, we can see his hands. They are perhaps a little grubby, with dirt beneath the fingernails, but basically they seem pink and unused to work. The fingers are long, sensitive and artistic, and the hands themselves seem to betray a sort of nervousness. Here, we see them nervously holding a battered old trilby that looks as if it’s long since lost its war with the rain. The hands clutch the brim, toying with it uncomfortably as the off panel person stands there holding his hat at waist or crotch level, wherever we saw the Joker holding his hat in the last panel of page six. Looking beyond this, we can see  the terrible cramped untidy room that the young man and his wife share. The wallpaper is peeling and was in any case awful to start with. In the room there is a washbasin, a small gas stove, two chairs a small table and a cramped looking double bed that would perhaps sleep one person comfortably. The room is so small that we can probably even see a lot of this detail in the first panel. There is a small window in the room, with grimy glass and faded curtains that once had a pattern and now barely retain its ghost. The window looks out onto a red brick wall situated six feet away across the alley. The room is littered with all sorts of, newspapers, dirty washing. maybe there is a line hanging some where in the room..maybe over a radiator. On which some recently washed men’s underwear (the big white baggy old fashioned kind that my father used to enjoy and probably still does for all I know of the matter) is hanging to dry. There is a small and ineffective-looking electric fire, perhaps, or any other mundane and sordid-looking details that you feel like throwing in. Sitting towards the left, upon one of the wooden chairs positioned more or less exactly the same as the fat lady was upon the freak show poster, we see the young man’s wife, Jeannie. She is six months pregnant, and obviously hasn’t bothered to dress that morning, still wearing her housecoat, night gown and slippers. She looks quite sickly and washed out, and the fact that her body is naturally quite small and slight tends to emphasise the state of her pregnancy. Her hair is long and lank and greasy-looking, and while she isn’t unattractive, she’s certainly no beauty. C’mon Brian, you complacent old bastard, here’s a challenge for your jaded sensibilities: draw an average-looking woman. She looks up with a hopeful expression as the young man enters the room, hat in hand, up in the foreground.
Jeannie: Well?
Jeannie: How did it go? Did they like your act?

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Arg you were doing so well until the last panel of today's comic! FYI, showing a trans person taking off some part of their appearance (a prosthetic, a wig, makeup) is a really prevalent and nasty trope that usually implies they're not really the gender they present as. And coming after that line about "the better man" makes it looks as if you're saying that Sam isn't really a man. I know you didn't mean it that way, but that's how it comes across.

Sam hasn’t undergone any treatments that would allow him to grow facial hair like that on his own, he’s still presenting himself as he was assigned at birth most of the week, and there have been readers for whom it had yet to truly sink in that Sam is trans.

I fail to see how it is nasty to show that particular aspect of his situation beyond the potential for being reminded of less flattering portrayals. I can understand it being wise to avoid certain things for similar reasons, but the fact that Sam resorts to artificial facial hair is part of his current situation and struggles. If his story is to be told, that needs to be shown.

As for the better man comment, my position is that Larry’s assessment was correct and the better man did get the date.


Couldn’t go to sleep last night so I decided to do the usual late-night doodling. This time, I did them of my oldest OC and the character I got my username from, Earthsong (aka Rhea). I have so much fun drawing her, but I’m trying to get a better feel for her facial structure, so I focused mostly on her expression and hairstyle (if you can call it that since she basically walks around with a bedhead). I think my favorite doodle would be the one on the bottom left though; it’s around the time when she had a much shorter hairstyle (to her neck and not to her knees), and around the time she was in a terrible fight with another shapeshifting dragon? I haven’t figured out who or what she was fighting, but whatever it was, it broke her left horn in half while she was in dragon form, and gave her the scars on the left side of her face (of which damaged the sight in her left eye). As you can imagine, she’s pretty pissed off. :/

Gosh I have so many scenarios and stories about this character’s daily life but I don’t wanna bore you guys (and honestly half of the stories don’t quite fit the context of these doodles) so I didn’t type any. Maybe someday :U

In the meantime, in the second panel thing it’s just me doodling teeth, specifically Rhea’s; even in human form she has some pretty wicked fangs and her teeth are situated slightly diffeerntly, so I’m playing with how they look. And finally the last panel thing is just of a very quick scribble of how her wings might be placed upon her back, and how long her hair actually is. 

But uh… yeah. Just some OC stoof. Enjoy I hope? O:

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Reverse of the Maid AU. Jack is a butler for a rich Rapunzel.


The white haired man paused in mid stride, his white sleeves were rolled up, shirt untucked from his pressed black pants. His mouth was open, trying to sneak a pastry in before going back to shining silverware. He tucked the flaky goodness behind his back and turned a heel, looking into the door way.

Inside the rather large coat closet was the lady of the house, Mrs. Corona was always busy with fundraisers, dinners, and city hall that she rarely was seen in the house. Mr. Corona, the major of city, was much the same. Usually he forgot when they were actually home. He gave a charming white smile,

“Yes, Mrs. Corona?”

“I’ll be heading out for my flight, please do make sure that Rapunzel gets her dress for the ball tomorrow night and that she does actually attend this time.” The woman said with a sigh, gathering her coat and placing it over her arm. Jack gave her a nod,

“No problem.” He replied.

The woman gave him a smile and a pat on the shoulder before walking past him. He watched her walk away with a sigh. He had been working for this family for three years now. His step father, North, was a good friend of the mayor and the go to man for all the construction in the city. When Jack needed a job, the mayor had the perfect one for him: being a butler for their rather lonely daughter.

Rapunzel went to all private school her entire life, even now she went to the most prestigious college in the city. She had wanted to go to London to study but her parents wanted her close to home. The twenty year old was only a year younger than him and had the life experience of a ten year old. But…

Jack walked down the hall, chewing on his stolen snack as his eyes drifted through the large window to the gardens. He stopped, couldnt help but stare out at the beautiful girl sitting on a little wooden swing. Her feet were bare, her long golden hair fell down her back and swayed with her movements. She wore a summer dress with no shoes. She often spoke to him about her dislike for footwear, preferring sandals or nothing at all. Her big green eyes looked down at her romance book, smiling to herself.

The butler always thought that the daughter was pretty. He knew that the fact that she was rather beautiful, a little naive and the only child were some of the reasons the Coronas kept her as safe as possible. Jack’s breath caught in his throat when green eyes met his through the window. There was a moment before she gave him a smile and a small wave. With pale cheeks a bit pink, the boy waved back before walking out of sight. How embarrassing.

Hours were spent cleaning dishes, shining silverware, collecting clothes and running errands. He didnt mind his job. It paid well and his bosses were all nice. Not to mention he usually had a set time to arrive and leave everyday with the exception of special events at the mansion. The sun had set and he walked up the large master staircase to the blondes room, her mother had left for the week and Mayor Corona was gone as well on business. He knew that she usually locked herself up in her room at night so he carried the new finely hung dress bag to her room. He was dressed in his best slacks and white button up shirt, only this time he wore the black vest and tie with it as well. He wasnt a fan of the jacket so he usually just rolled up the sleeves when the parents were away.

“Rapunzel?” He called, giving a soft knock on her door. He sound of rustling along with soft taps on the hard wood floor made his brow furrow. His hand went to the knob and turned one of the french doors. “Punz, I grabbed you dress for– what are you doing?”

The blonde was dressed not in her pajamas but instead in pink party dress that hugged her figure, her silver heels in her hands and her hair curled in soft gold waves. Her green eyes were wide for a moment before she gave him a nervous smile.

“Umm…going out?” She answered, grabbing a purse off her vanity and putting it over her shoulder. Jack stared at her for a moment, his masculine tendency to be in awe of a girl like her. When she opened the window, everything snapped from her soft skin and cleavage back to the present situation. The butler moved to the window and looked her in the eye as sternly as he could muster,

“Whoa, princess, you can’t go out. Your mom has me driving you to appointments all day tomorrow to get ready for the ball at Dunbrochs.”

Rapunzel rolled her green eyes, “I’ll be back in time,” putting her heels on the window seat.

“Where are you going anyway?” He asked.

“To Han’s place for a party,” she grinned dreamily, “he actually invited me!”

Jack felt something constrict in his chest, imaging the blonde beauty in another mans arms, some spoiled brat who cared more about his designer shoes then another person. The last thing he wanted was his-no not his- innocent Rapunzel drinking and letting her guard down around some snotty college boys. Who was going to look out for her? No one, that’s who.

The white haired butler moved in front of the window, blocking it as she reach for the panels again. The girl looked at him and pouted, a flash of irritation in her eyes.

“You’re not going. The entire staff was told to make sure you kept to your studies and got ready for this ball.” Jack couldn’t believe the words coming out out of his mouth, the same mouth that used to smirk at the idea of getting in trouble. The mouth that used to be able to talk himself out of any situation he ever got in. God, he was turning into North and it was all because of some girl. Jack crossed his arms to make his point that he was not budging.

Rapunzel frowned, “Come on Jack, you can’t be serious!”

“Dead serious, princess.”

“It’s just one party!”

“Not happening.”

“I’m twenty years old, I can make my own decisions.” She argued, her hands on her hips.

Something about the fire in her eyes intrigued him, the way twin pools of emerald green flashed brightly. She was petite, only coming up to his shoulder; her pink dress shimmered in the light of her room and complimented her slim figure. Jack tilted his head and gave her a look that clearly read his disbelief.

“Well, your parents pay me to make sure you don’t make bad decisions. This would be one of them.”

Rapunzel threw her hands in the air with a cry of frustration. She spun around, putting her back to him with her arms crossed, “This is so unfair.”

Jack sighed, feeling guilt creep into his gut. If he was honest with himself, the only reason he wasn’t allowing her to leave was because of his own jealousy rather than his instructions from the Coronas. This was ridiculous. She was his boss’ daughter and some blue blood heiress. He should just let her run around because he shouldn’t care. He looked at her as she refused to look at him.

“If it was my call, I’d let you go but I’d like to keep my job. Hell, I’d be scheming to get the f-heck out of here too.” He confessed, “but if they found out I let you leave–”

Rapunzel turned to him, her bottom lip pursed with her disappointment. Her eyes were filled with sadness and her shoulders heavy with defeat. Well, now he just felt like shit.

“I have only been to dances and events my whole life, never an actual party like normal college girls. You know how they try and keep me here to ‘protect’ me but I’m not some investment that needs to be watched. I’m a twenty year old woman who hasn’t even had her first real kiss yet!” The blonde gushed, hands animatedly moving with her indignation.

Jacks eyes widened. He knew how sheltered she was, he was her driver and constant companion for awhile now. She told him about her childhood and the constant need to get away from her over bearing family. He never knew just how sheltered she was. They probably expected her to marry some equally wealthy law student, keeping her away from the 'riffraff’. He had to stop himself from rolling his eyes at his own thoughts.

“I dont want to be the 'mayors daughter’. I just want to be normal.” She mumbled sadly, walking past him to the window once more. Only this time she held herself lightly and stared out at the night sky.

Jack watched as her dress shimmered in the moonlight, her gold spun hair shone like a halo around her. If he was honest with himself, he could admit that he had always been attracted to her. He would have to be blind to not be. But it was more than that. There was something about her that he wanted to protect, something about her that made him want give her the world but shield her eyes from the bad parts. God, he sounded like a sap.

“I’ll show you.” He said suddenly, his mouth working before his brain caught up.

The girl turned, her eyes met his and her head tilted to the side. Curiosity bloomed around her and she raised an eyebrow at him, pursing her lips.

“Show me what?”

Jack ran a hand through his messy white locks, “I’ll show you everything you’ve missed, all the things that you’ve been protected from. If I’m there, there’s less of a chance I’ll lose my job.” He gave her a smirk.

It was like watching the sun come up, a child on Christmas Day. Her eyes lit up and her lips widened into a beautiful smile. She practically glowed with excitement. Even in her pink dress she hopped up and down, looking like a blonde bunny. Jack chuckled before he was attacked. Her arms went around him and pressed herself against him in a hug that he was lucky she wasn’t that strong. She giggled,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She cried, pulling away to back up toward the window. She sat on the window seat and grinned, “We can go to parties and bars! Oh, maybe a club? What about sky diving? I could get a tattoo, well not one my mom would–”

“Whoa, whoa slow down there, princess.” Jacks head spun with her words, imagining the amount of shit he was going to be in if Mayor Corona or North ever found out he was helping Rapunzel rebel. The butler walked up to her, looking down at her to try and seem stern, “We have to be discrete, so one thing at a time. You need to learn to be sneaky or this isn’t going to work.”

Rapunzel nodded enthusiastically, “Got it.”

Jack raised an eyebrow at her, “you’re gonna get me fired aren’t you?”

Rapunzel giggled, moving so that she sat up on her knees, closer to his height standing up. She held out her pinky to him innocently,

“I promise not to get you fired, if you promise to show me the world. Deal?” She offered. Jack looked at her small pinky. Inwardly he couldn’t help but find her adorable but on the outside he crossed his arms and gave her a suspicious look. With a bat if her eyelashes and a small smile, he sighed and raised his pinky to her. They wrapped their little fingers around the others.

Her eyes met his and there was a look he couldn’t place.

“First request?” She said softly.

He didn’t say anything but moved closer to her. With a tug of his little finger, her lips touched his own softly. His eyes widened for a moment, yet she didn’t pull away. His heart raced and he closed his eyes, pressing his lips against hers as well. He knew he shouldn’t being doing this. He was taking her first kiss, for Gods sake. But his mouth moved without his consent, lips moving against hers. He knew that she was following his lead, her movements were hesitant, copying the way he opened his mouth a bit to take it deeper.

She tasted like cherries.

He took a step forward, his body moved towards her, never wanting to break contact. He brushed his tongue over her bottom lip and felt her gasp. He liked that sound. Lips moved, sighs and gasps came from her as if he choreographed it each time when his knees hit the window seat, he leaned forward to capture her lips again…

Wait, lean forward?

Blue eyes opened just as the blonde pulled out of the kiss. He found himself leaning over the window seat and almost to the open window. His eyes met mischievous green. With a smile and a small wave, the blonde beauty made quick work of the lattice fence piece under her window, hoping down the ivy covered wood then jumping onto the soft grass. Jacks mouth was open in shock.

“…” He stuttered, leaning out the window.

Rapunzel smiled and picked up her shoes she had tossed out the window. The butler watched her as she bowed. The entire kiss was a distraction. She had backed out the window without him even noticing.

“So I’ll work on my sneaking when I get back, okay?” She said with a Cheshire smile and a skip in her step as she turned and headed off the property.

The butler scowled, pale cheeks pink, “Spoiled brat.”