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Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Episode 37

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The episode was written by Yasuko Kobayashi (Ep1, Ep2, Ep4, Ep9, Ep14, Ep16, Ep20, Ep24, Ep26, Ep27, Ep30, Ep33, Ep34). There were 4 directors for this episode: Tetsurō Araki (Ep1, Ep25), Yoshihide Ibata (Ep27, Ep34), Takayuki Hirao (Ep32) and Satonobu Kikuchi (Ep8).

The episode covered ch50 and it overwrote ch51 from page 1-45.

Even in my nightmares, I never thought they’d change things so much. As someone who has read the entire manga more than 10 times, and who is a hardcore manga fan who just wants a faithful adaptation, this was by far the worst episode of this season for me.

I think that you’ll only find salt in the “thoughts” section, they’ll be under the green line, and I’m not forcing anyone to read it.

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Heyo! I love sailor moon but only really watched it when i was little. There's different ones and i don't know what order they go in or which ones are remakes, can you help me order them?

No problem! The original 90’s anime is in this order..
First season is just Sailor Moon
Season 2 is Sailor Moon R & the movie for this season is Promise of the Rose
Season 3 is Sailor Moon S & the movie is Hearts in Ice
Season 4 is Sailor Moon SuperS & the movie is Black Dream Hole
Season 5 is Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

The new remake is Sailor Moon Crystal (it follows the manga closer than the original series) & currently there’s 3 seasons covering the dark kingdom, black moon & infinity arcs of the manga. A new season has been confirmed but there’s no info yet as to when it will be released.

And then there’s the live action PGSM & the musicals.. but I’m not really too knowledgeable about them. I’m sure someone else in the fandom can give the info if you’re interested.

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Hell, now I'm going to be on tenterhooks this whole month @.@ I hope for the best (anime 2nd season), but I'm afraid for the worst (the ending). I just kinda feel like it's still to early for manga to end - like, the pacing would have to increase incredibly to cover the prophecy and all the drama between the trio in one arc, and there's so much to uncover about Su-won, too @.@

I’ve included “manga ending” as one of the possible announcement options, but that usually happens when there’s only 4 or 5 chapters left to a series, and I don’t think we can close AkaYona in that chapter span (not now, at least - there are too many loose ends that need to be tied off). However if they decide to do something like, “AkaYona enters it’s last arc!” then it could totally happen, because I can imagine it reaching its conclusion in one more arc.

But more than anything I am 150% on board for a second anime season - I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but Lord above, let it be a second anime season!!

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An unpopular opinion: The end-game will be Eren~Armin

Happy birthday Armin!!! Hopefully this post can cheer up my fellow Armin fans.

Before chapter 86 came out, I thought, and feared, that Armin will be separated from Eren and Mikasa by the end of the series. I thought like that, because of the several interviews that Isayama gave us about Armin and Eren having a different way of thinking, possibly going in different paths, and because of the very strong Eren x Mikasa fan-base (goddamn reddit) that attacks anyone thinking that Eren and Mikasa could be separated, without any real arguments, other than ‘Mikasa would never leave Eren’, but still, it influenced me, sadly.

I’ve realized that my thoughts aren’t really based on the actual content of the manga and its foreshadowing. However, there was one thing from the manga that I thought supports that theory: Before chapter 85, we believed that Armin is a part of the 'defiled race’ within the walls, while Eren has 'special bloodline’ from outside the walls, because that’s where Grisha came from, and Mikasa as well has special Ackerman/Asian bloodline. But, chapter 86 blew that away completely. Eren doesn’t have ‘special bloodline’, in fact, Armin and him are Elodians, while Mikasa is the only non-Elodian character that we know of.

I’m usually quite pessimistic, and after ch86 I again started questioning how Armin will get separated from Mikasa and Eren. I’ve re-read some chapters, and after a long thinking I’ve realized…that all I could find from the manga is foreshadowing for Mikasa to get separated from Eren and Armin at the end, not Armin from Eren and Mikasa.

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Thinking about WHEN we could get Magi Season 3

Okay so, if Sinbad no Bouken airs in April, it should end in June since they said it will be a three month anime. Considering Ohtaka has stated she wants more Magi fans to get more familiar with Sinbad’s story before the main anime continues, I’m confident season 3 could be greenlit in late 2016 and aired in 2017. By that time the manga will probably be completely wrapped up, meaning that the final Season 4 can be greenlit and aired in 2017 shortly after the end of S3. They did this with Labyrinth of Magic and Kingdom of Magic; the former ended in 2013 and the latter premiered in the same year.
S3 would cover Chapters 198 to 282 and S4 would cover the final arc which starts at Chapter 283.
Let’s hope this is the case because I NEED IT. I NEED MY ANIMATED SOLOMON AND SHEBA. 

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Hello, I'm actually new to the K fandom and I was just wondering if you can tell me or recommend to me where to start 'cause I'm so overwhelmed with all this materials from K I'm seeing. And I'm really really grateful I found your blog! And I'm really grateful for this blog. BTW, I've already watched the 13ep anime and the K:Missing Kings movie :) I hope you can help me. Thank you! :)

June 2017 Note:

This is sort of old! But given that the fandom has become less active, the newer novels aren’t fully (if at all) translated so this list can still be used as a rough guide.

Heya! Since you’ve finished the anime and the movie you’ve already covered the present story line.

The more important things to catch up with right now would be the novels and mangas, since you can save the short stories and dramas for whenever you feel like it. (Most things in the indexes are listed in order of release date if that helps.)

Since the mangas are shorter than reading the novels I’ll put them higher up so you can get through more content faster. (If you’re interested in a particular clan/character, you might prefer to read their K SIDE: xxx novel first)

*Note this is my personal opinion on ordering, others may disagree

  1. K: Memory of Red & K: Days of Blue (Since MoR was the first thing to come out, yes, even before the anime, I usually put this first. I would’ve put Countdown first but MoR and DoB are quite short and Countdown has a few references to them so I think you’d enjoy it better if you get these two down.)
  2. K: Dog & Cat  (Kuroh and Neko after the anime and would have very high priority but no scanlations yet now moved to 2.)
  3. K: Countdown (I would’ve put this first if it wasn’t for the references. Covers events between the movie and season 2. Should read before season 2.)
  4. K: Stray Dog Story (Kuroh pre-anime story. Also is one of the earlier mangas along with Memory of Red.)
  5. K SIDE:BLUE (Learn about Zenjoh, Kusuhara and Munakata ASAP, I have a feeling Season 2 would make more sense with this context. Is also the first novel that was released. Should read before season 2.)
  6. K SIDE:RED & K SIDE:BLACK&WHITE (RED I would have recommended reading before Missing Kings because there was a huge amount of referencing, but since you’ve watched the movie already, BLUE takes priority. BLACK&WHITE has all the individual backstories of the Silver Clan and emphasizes why they are so important to one another)
  7. K: The First (Manga remake of the anime with small tweaks and added detail everywhere. Recommend reading it, but the background materials have higher priority since you haven’t gone through those yet.)
  8. K: Lost Small World (Novel & Manga) (Both being translated / scanlated at the moment. Covers Fushimi and Yata’s background. Manga adapted from the novel.)

The rest:

  1. K: Missing Kings (Remake, not much difference to the movie, no scanlations yet)

Notable short stories / dramas set between the season 1 and the movie. :

  1. K: Missing Kings - Short stories (Distant Sea of Dogs and Cats, Birthday, Blue that Melts in the City of Red, Public Stance, Mukaebi, Under the Empty Sky, I Talk with the Late Mentor in Late Summer)
  2. K: Missing Kings - Radio Dramas (If there was Homura, As Long as there is Scepter 4)

I hope this post hasn’t overwhelmed you…

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where can I read diabolik lovers? you've made me interested in it LOL

Hmm first I need to tell you that Diabolik Lovers is actually an otome game ( in other words, a dating sim game).

So far the game has one season anime adaption and one OVA. The second season for the anime is in making (at least I heard that a second season is confirmed). There are 4 games of Diabolik Lovers so far (Haunted Dark Bridal, More Blood, Vandead Carnival and Dark Fate), a lot of Drama CDs and Character Songs. It has also a Manga adaption, you can read the Anthology here. Don’t be surprised if it’s a bit confusing, the Manga (and Anime) covers all routes of the boys (or at least the highlights) so there is more than one pairing/love interest. For translations of the Pre- and Sequels Manga and other related stuff, visit narihira‘s translation-tag. There are a lot of gems on her blog!

If you want to watch the anime.. well I am sure you will find sites to watch it if you are interested ;-).

If you want to read the translations of the game routes, I suggest Ilinox’s blog for the Haunted Dark Bridal game (she did all of the brothers routes, pick your favourite!), akuichansera‘s translations for More Blood and Vandead Carnival and I think she is currently working on Dark Fate. Check her out, she really does an amazing work and has a few scanlated dounjins too.

If you want to find out more about Diabolik Lovers first (or after you are totally hooked), visit the DiaLovers Wikia, everything you need to know is on there (character and game information etc.). There are also all the game’s CGs (and some rough translations), so it’s totally worth to check it out!

I hope I covered every information that needed to be mentioned. But let me tell you, Diabolik Lovers is.. a very dark game/anime/manga. You whether love it or hate it, but it’s definetely one of a kind.

KnB Stageplay Report 4/17

So I went to the evening show for today, April 17th, so here’s my report of the stageplay. Some might be stuff others have mentioned in their post but I’m just gonna write everything out anyway. 

  • The storyline follows the anime/manga pretty straight forward. It covers most of Season 1 of the anime until the part when Kagami and Kuroko reconcile after their loss to Touou. The Touou vs. Kaijou match was not included in this stageplay. 
  • The characters and teams were introduced in the opening by dancing to “Can Do” Yes. Dancing. Think of it like High School Musical
    • Yes, even Midorima danced
  • Yes they did take off their shirts. Though we didn’t see Kuroko take his off. 
  • There were first years but no Furihata, Fukuda, or Kawahara. Just random cast members. Maybe in a future stageplay….
  • Yes they did use a real basketball. They actually did passes and stuff for easier plays and Kuroko even did a couple of his “misdirection” passes. When Kuroko and Kagami first played against each other they used a real ball, though I guess it was doable since Kuroko basically sucked XD;; They even did simple warm-ups using a real ball.
  • They used real hoops, but made them lower so the actors could easily do dunks.
  • The Kise “fangirls” were the extra cast members offstage in raincoats and squealing in high pitch voices XD
    • They fought over his jacket at one point.
  • Moriyama kept trying to flirt with the audience. And of course Kasamatsu kept kicking his team. It’s tough love. 
  • Midorima had his lucky items. Mr. Ribbit, his bear, and this GIANT Tanuki statue looming over the stage, which was later revealed as a guy wearing the statue head as a costume XD;;;
  • Takao actually pulled Midorima in a rear cart as he drunk his red bean drink.
  • Takao can also spin the ball on his finger. 
  • Oh right, the matches were done creatively with a mix of actual passing, dribbling with an “air” ball, and interpretive dancing. 
  • Koganei is constantly bullied throughout the play by being the “monkey in the middle” in warm-ups XD; He also had a session where he took shots but missed every time. From other people I’ve talked to it sounds like this is done on purpose. Maybe for the finale next week he’ll make one in.
  • No one can remember Tsuchida’s name…..
  • We actually laughed at Izuki’s puns XD
  • Kagami did stick a lemon in Kuroko’s mouth, though you can tell in actuality Ono Kensho was the one who stuck it in his mouth XD;
  • Okonomiyaki scene was well done. They had a small store set-up. For Takao flipping the Okonomiyaki, some dude wearing a black ballet outfit took the okonomiyaki and did some over-exaggerated ballet to carry the okonomiyaki and slammed it on Midorima’s head. 
  • They included the BEEP for Midorima’s censorship XD
  • When Kagami hurt his legs in the Shuutoku match, Kuroko lost in rock paper scissors and had to carry Kagami. He actually did but walked VERY SLOWLY……until he dropped him. 
  • They actually did Teiko flashbacks and wore the Teiko jerseys. Even Momoi was in her Teiko outfit with her ponytail. Murasakibara and Akashi were not shown for these though they were briefly mentioned at some point. 
  • No pool scene with Momoi.
  • Also no Nigou appearance.
  • Midorima actually wore sunglasses over his glasses, and his lucky item was a Takao Hiyoko pillow. 
  • Seirin’s loss against Touou was actually heartbreaking. Some girls in the theater actually started crying…
  • Kagami and Kuroko reconcile and the stageplay ends with a fistbump. 
  • Curtain call was the “Can Do” instrumental. 
  • For this performance, we had Mitobe as the daily speaker. Ono Kensho said, “You guys are lucky! Today, we’ll finally get to hear Mitobe speak!” and we cheered, but then Mitobe went off stage to get a notebook with his lines written. He really meant it when he said he’s gonna stick to his character. So Kensho says, “Oh okay, I guess we’ll have Koganei translate for us.” So Koganei starts reading off of his notepad and Kagami yells, “You’re just reading it!!”
  • Ono Kensho is a living real life Kuroko. 

I’ll put my thoughts under a cut.

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Got my HQ raws, however due to it being Easter, I’ll be spending the day with family, therefore, don’t expect the translation until Monday evening or so.

In the meantime, here’s some HQ scans of the Noragami-related ads, including the cover, the ad announcing Season 2 of the anime, confirming that it will cover the Bishamon arc and feature the same staff and cast as season 1, and an ad for manga volume 13 coming out on 4/17, plus a preview of the poster that will be included with Magazine R later this month.