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Um ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 Tumblr has some really fucked up ppl that are guised as educated and woke and u really don’t see it until u look from the outside in lmao some of y'all really need to take a step back log off and reevaluate ….. reassess ….. some of y'all deadass lost ur humanity bc u think it’s cool to be as extreme as possible


@espersona​​ week, Day 2: Awakening

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me, getting any kind of attention: this is so awkward just leave me alone???

me, as soon as the person giving me attention leaves: no wait come back ):

“I think Riggs is quite tortured, and I don’t think there’s anything on this planet that’s gonna ease that pain.” – Clayne Crawford, 24/07/2017

So I was fortunate enough to have my question answered during an interview last night, and it was great to learn what he thinks about Riggs and how he sees him in the future.

Unsurprisingly, his vision concides with mine:

My question: “Where do you see Riggs at the end of the series, in the very last scene of the very last episode, and how would you like it to end for him?”

Clayne: “ I would like him to find peace, and I only think that comes in death so ideally, I would like for Riggs to have the opportunity to go home, you know, to go be with Miranda and his unborn child. To me that kind of seems like a very fitting ending.”

There’s still a long way to go, and depending on how long the show will last they might not go there at all but it was revealing to hear that. He understands and loves his character enough to know there’s only one way to go.

Feel free to disagree and/or share your opinion.

okay but like what if aunt anna worked in animal rescue and fostered kittens so petermj’s first meeting was her knocking on the door and him answering it and her saying “face it tiger…you just hit the jackpot” and peter is like “…” and then mary jane holds up an orange tiger kitten and says “this is jackpot, the kitten your aunt wanted to adopt” and peter goes “well knowing parker luck, this might be the only jackpot i get in my life” and then they fall in love and live happily ever after

// When I was writing Clark, I used to have a Rule!63 verse where Superman was a woman named Claudia. They were almost exactly the same person with a few key differences that distinguished them from each other. One of the most interesting things I found while I writing my Claudia verse was that I would be applauded for writing her and using Tatiana Maslany as her FC, while being bashed at the same time because I used Claudia a lot for my interactions. As a matter of fact, I was once forced to change the FC of a thread because the other person didn’t like that they were writing with Claudia because, as they said, reasons.

Let me tell you guys something here. I put my heart’s blood into writing Claudia and making her a three dimensional equal to Clark. I gave her a back story. I gave her a face. I gave her an address, hobbies, and reasons for why she turned out the way she did while Clark went in the complete opposite direction. I made her into one of my favorite characters and she spoke to me on a very deep and personal, but you know what? Claudia was ultimately the reason why I deleted Clark because Claudia was a woman and she was problematic.

When I came here, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t make a Rule!63 version of Bruce. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t do it, but I made Bronwen because it was something I needed. I haven’t encountered people being hostile to her here and that’s a relief, but Claudia’s story really points out a huge double standard that exists in this community when it comes to female characters.

Let me be blunt. There are some people here who believe that a female character is nothing more than a sex toy. Yes, a sex toy. In other words, they just want to smut with her, use her for sex, and throw her away. If she’s not a sex toy, then she doesn’t exist unless she’s a serial killer or something and even then it’s all uphill. And the worst part of it is that I have watched very good writers quit because their characters were treated this way.

Female characters are hard to write, but this site makes it ten times harder to write them because they never get the respect they deserve. Guys, I cannot overstate, but please respect the female characters that you write with as well as their muns. They’ve put a lot of time and effort into their work and they reserve recognition for it. Even if you don’t like what they do, at the very least, encourage them because their lives are hard enough as it is.


let’s talk about the level of pun in the original soundtrack, this movie just gets better the more i see of it

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