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know any fics where jungkook is just a huge dork with huge crush on jimin? (^: slow burn too?mybe?

sure,but even though i read A LOT of jikook fics..i’m the type to remember the plot but not the title. so..i’ll rec some that i remember. but it’s not going to be much, sorry.

oh, he is by sunsmiles 

The name Jimin has five letters. So does “crush.” The name Jungkook has eight letters, and so do the words “no chills”.

(jungkook is such a dork in this au. like,literally)

read it HERE

More Than Your Body by whenIseeUsmile

Jungkook got an assignment to create a documentary about something he can get involved in and in the beginning, he had no idea what to do. However, when he sees Jimin dance, he knows what he wants.

Or in which Jungkook is a film student and may or may not be a little obsessed with the silver-haired man he keeps seeing on his way to university.

( this is sooooo good)

read it HERE

Color me blue by Palejimin

Jeon jungkook grew up in a rich family, a big mansion and he could have anything he wanted by the snap of his fingers, he had it all as many would like to say.

But his parents were never home and most of his childhood were spent alone only with the servants. Jungkook had it all except for happiness. Trapped in his own darkness he meets jimin. a guy with many secrets and the most complicated personality he had ever seen but the prettiest eyes.


A story where jeon jungkook falls in love with park jimin’s sad eyes and learns things about the world he never knew. He learns about colors aside from black and white and experiences emotions like love and heartbreak, getting lost and finding himself in the embrace of the man he loves.

(this doesn’t really have dorky jungkook but awkward jungkook..but this has some good slowburn with top jimin)

read it HERE

also,thanks guys for sending asks. i really appreciate it

i LOVE punk!richie dont get me wrong but...

if yall rly think this stupid dork would be hella smooth when hes in highschool, YOURE INCORRECT. my man IMPERSONATES VOICES dude he aint goin out wooing every person within a 2 metre radius. INSTEAD hes gonna go home, do his fkin homework, practice his voices in the mirror, listen to the cure and play air guitar dont @ me 

Five Fics By Me!

I was tagged by @whelvenwings​ to post five of my fics! :D I don’t publish all that much (what is time), so these are most of my recent fics xD

How to Be a Superhero Love Interest (Spider-Man: Homecoming/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peter/MJ)

Twin confusing things are happening to MJ. One, she’s getting an unusual amount of attention from their friendly neighbourhood superhero, Spider-Man. And two, she might be starting to develop a crush on her ridiculous dork friend and teammate Peter Parker. More to the point, she thinks he might actually… like her back?

Being MJ, it isn’t long before she manages to put two and two together. After that, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to be a superhero love interest.

This is easily my favourite fic that I’ve written over the last couple of years. I’m also currently writing a Daredevil crossover sequel in which Peter and Matt become terrible influences on each other and Michelle and Foggy bond over having boyfriends with suicidal tendencies xD

so far it’s 15k and I’m barely halfway through, someone send help

Puzzles (Inception, Arthur/Ariadne)

Ariadne has always loved puzzles. It was inevitable that she would be fatally attracted to inception, to the puzzle of it, from the moment that Dom Cobb handed her a notepad and ordered her to design a maze.

It’s only afterwards that she realises she might have been paying attention to the wrong puzzle.

I had so much fun writing this for i-reversebang last year. I’d never participated in a big bang or a reverse bang before, and I started out with this little idea about ace!Arthur and his relationship with Ariadne that I figured would be about 5k.

Instead I wound up with a 17k Arthur POV movie gap-filler with an Ariadne-centric epilogue and I’m really proud of it!

#yourbaecouldnever (Yuri!!! on Ice, Yuri/Otabek)

At the Four Continents, 2017, U.S. skater Alex Hale livetweets a dramatic confrontation between two power couples of the ice skating world. #shook #couplefights #yourbaecouldnever

(Inspired by chapter 3 of ‘soldier boy, tripping over himself to win my praise’ by thissupposedcrime)

This is a companion fic to the amazing soldier boy, tripping over himself to win my praise by thissupposedcrime. It makes sense if you’ve read the fic, but basically one of the chapters mentions someone livetweeting the events that take place, and I decided to write what those tweets would be like xD 

I learned how to make a “Twitter” skin on AO3 and code emoji just for this fic (and then forgot how before I could write a tutorial ToT)

Bad Boys and Nice Girls (Harry Potter, Teddy/Victoire)

Between a virtuous, pure, innocent young girl with shining blonde hair and a lanky, dangerous, blue-haired half-werewolf who lurks in dark corners, there’s no question about who’s leading whom astray. At least, that’s what the rest of the wizarding world believes. Victoire Weasley knows better.

Inspired by and based on medleypond’s fantastic gifset on Tumblr and burdge’s amazing fanart.

This is an older one (written in early 2014), but these two are just too cute :D I got into Teddy/Victoire after the release of HP7, but never anticipated writing any myself - until J.K. Rowling’s Quidditch World Cup “gossip column” and an amazing gifset gave me the perfect material.

Agonisingly, the gifset is no more because the creator shut down their blog, but the fanart which inspired it is still there, and still wonderful <3

a Film by Peter Parker (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter/MJ)

“Hi everyone. I’m Peter Parker, and this is my documentary presentation. The title is 'Perseverance’.

“I mostly think that the film speaks for itself, so I’m just gonna hit play, and uh, I’m happy to answer any questions afterwards about the footage, the editing, the choice of shot or well, anything, really.”

“And uh, even though they’re not here, I’d like to thank my close friends and family for putting up with me while I shoved a camera in their faces for three months.”

Peter is given an assignment to make a documentary film about the people closest to him. In the process, he learns some things about priorities, the people he cares about, and life beyond Spider-Man. Set two years after Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This is my most recent fic, and kind of an experiment style-wise (it’s told almost entirely through film footage). It took me a long time to finish and I struggled with it at several points, but finally on Saturday I managed to finish and post it \o/ And since then I’ve had loads of lovely comments and kudos!

If you see this post, consider yourself TAGGED (yes, especially you, @pangallimaufry! You can write about unpublished fics if you want ;D) and you should write a post about five of your fics. Y’know, if you want to. No pressure!

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We can all help you figure it out if you'd like? We're all just a buncha dorks who love you and we won't make you do anything you don't want to

you….are literally the sweetest person alive

but yes thatd be lovely!!! id love to talk to you guys more i just get nervous about discord stuff but like….the last time i decided to do something despite my anxiety it actually went really well and made me really happy so idk maybe the risk is worth it???

i dunno man i cant decide things like EVER lmao