that makes sense yeah

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@ the Anon below: Yeah! I really think Alex was as well. Bc if you think about it, his childhood was super fucked up.. he lived through so many heartbreaks. Also I saw somewhere that apparently he had depression and bipolar disorder...? (Which explains a lot smh) and I know how horrible that is bc I speak from experience lol rip me. But yeah. It really does make sense.

Crapedy crap :0

the more i think about it, twincer has to be AD

or at least, twincer is real and super involved in the events of the finale. if not, the airport scene makes absolutely ZERO sense. and yeah, marlene has always been great at including random scenes and characters that make no sense, but this close to the finale knowing that everyone will be hyper critical since she has to tie up all the loose ends, i can’t imagine why she would include that scene at all if it wasn’t super important, especially making “spencer” say what she did to ezra with absolutely no other mention of it just doesn’t make sense!!! and obviously wren is connected/involved somehow, why else would she intentionally bring him back just to include him in that one single scene (other than the finale) if it wasn’t pivotal for the finale. PLUS that makes sense where tyler said something like “we’ve never seen ad, well you have but you haven’t, it’ll make sense when you see it.” idk, maybe it’s just wishful thinking for a relatively plot hole free finale… i guess we’ll see in a few days

I vill kill him so many times until he die!

Dr. Schneeplestein, also known as “The one true doctor of death”

Because yeah, that makes sense!

•From: TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR | Bio Inc. Redemption #4

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One thing about the discourse that I don't get is how they say we're letting in cishets. Like no. We are letting in asexual and aromantic people. That would be like blaming people who let in 'bihets' are letting in allistic people. Or saying letting in pan people is letting in cis people. Or that letting in nonbinary people is letting in white people. Like. No. You don't say you're letting in allistic people. You say you're letting in pan people. Does that make sense?

Yeah, I think I get what you’re saying.

–Mod Mercy

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Is Dom seriously at Vidcon as a Creator, but Scott didn't? I don't hate Dom or anything, but doesn't Scott have a lot more followers and much more quality content than him?

yeah it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, Scott deserved a creator pass…a lot of semi irrelevant people were able to get full access passes while Scott, Zane, Heath, etc. got nothing 

“and this is spag!” 

*confused muttering*

“It’s short for spaghetti”

*collective exclamations of understanding! Ah yeah that makes more sense ok*

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gary loves movies and acting (theater too?) because he sees it as another form of like.. tricking the audience into thinking you're something you're not? deceit and all that. plus it incorporates his favorite thing (comedy) into it a lot of the time too! also he's gay. what straight person is named gary. (gamma... gay-mma... I'll be here all week.)


i just…i love this like yeah! it makes a ton of sense for him! i will single handedly fund any of his shows in a heartbeat. you go gary i love you

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am I the only one who's kinda curious as to why gooverly took control when that homophobic dick tried to invalidate waverly's relationship with nicole? part of me wonders if maybe waverly's love for nicole overrides the possession

that homophobic dick trying to invalidate her bisexuality triggered whatever’s possessed her and i’m glad it did tbh???? i felt like it was really important but i wish it’d been waverly instead of that thing or whatever… anyways it looked like she forgot that she’d eaten her own lipstick so i’m hoping she’s still in control somehow so she can remember what she did. idek if this will make sense to you but yeah


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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)


It hasn’t been too obvious here on tumblr, but those who follow me on ig will know that I’ve been obsessed with this AU for months. So! I love the movie When Marnie was there, and while I was watching it for the nth time I thought “Hey, a victuuri AU would be nice!”, so I have like a ton of sketches about this, and I finally drew something “serious” lol. (*Spoiler*: I’llchangethefactthatMarniewastheprotagonist’sgrandmaforthisAUtho, cough

Speak your language day

Une des choses que j'aime le plus en français, c'est les expressions qui nous paraissent normale à nous qui sommes habitués mais qui ne veulent absolument rien dire si on les traduit dans n'importe quelle autre langue.

One of the things I like the most in French are the totally weird expression which seems normal for us but don’t mean anything in any other language

( and YES I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten weird looks from English friends because: no, “ It’s like peeing in a violin” isn’t something that make sense in English)

So yeah in honour of this day, here are some of my favourite ( with approximate traditions )

- être copain comme cochon / friends like pig -> being best friends

- “ t'es con comme un balais” / “you’re as dumb as a broom” -> you’re a fucking idiot

- “vas te faire cuire un œuf!” / “ go and Cook yourself an egg” - > fuck off

- “ Elle pète plus haut que son cul” / “ she farts above her ass” -> she’s full of herself

- “ on s'en fout comme de l'en 40” / “ It’s as relevant as the 40’s ” -> I don’t give a shit about that

- “ je vais péter les plomb!” / “ I’m gonna break a fuse” -> go crazy

- avoir le cul bordé de nouilles / to have one’s ass filled with noodle -> be lucky

- “ça casse pas trois pattes à un canard” / it doesn’t break three legs to a duck -> it isn’t that extraordinary

And my favorite:

- “ouais c'est ça et mon cul c'est du poulet!” / “yeah right and my ass is made of chicken” -> I know you’re lying

Feel free to add, in French or in your language!

Is funny when you realize that Percy smells like the ocean and yet, for a few weeks, no one knew who his godly parent was.

“Man this new kid is only 12 but he wears cologne all the time”

*Percy is claimed*

“Oh yeah that makes more sense”

Danganronpa Re:Birth Updates

Miwashiba has updated each individual tumblr post to include every Danganronpa Re:Birth character’s design as seen from the back, as well as additional clothing reference/body references.

Such as the Gourmet whenever she’s eaten her full, the Poet’s sailor uniform and hidden bandages under her jacket, the Dancer’s shorts, etc. I doubt I’d reblog them again because it seems too…. repetitive if I do so. Unless major changes occur and I’ll reblog it again.

Furthermore, they have added a new page to the blog containing icons they have made per character, as well as enlarged pixel artwork of each characters.

Which you can use freely as long as it is for personal use, and you state that they are not official, but rather, Miwashiba’s fancreation instead. (Do not make profit out of them nor claim that they are yours.)

Important Announcement that regards the use of their works.

This one is the latest post in Miwashiba’s april fool’s blog, @eipronpa. This is written in both japanese, english, and chinese. Posting it here as well, in english:

Terms of use regarding Cosplay, Fanarts, and other related terms:

  • Make sure to state that Danganronpa Re:Birth is a fancreation of Miwashiba (it is NOT an official work of Spike Chunsoft)

As such, please refrain from using tags and such that includes the official title of ‘Danganronpa’. Instead, we highly recommend you to use the tag #DRRB.

  • Do not use with the purpose of slander in mind
  • Do not significantly edit with the images to such extent that it causes trouble with the official franchise.

Please avoid using them along with the official franchise because this will lead to troubles.

  • Reposting and editing the images, even those using them for fancreations based off Miwashiba’s work, are strictly prohibited.

For icons for tumblr blogs, sprites for roleplay blogs, etc.

Please use the images Miwashiba have made available instead.

If you are to follow the rules mentioned above, then you are free to do what you wish.

Since this is a fancreation (a sensitive topic), please make sure to handle it with care.

The last rule Miwashiba added is the most important rule in my opinion, this is what most people do by accident, because this generally states that the use of their designs to make icons, edits, etc. and then you SHARE THEM PUBLICLY is prohibited. You can make edits and use them but only PERSONALLY (make edits and then use them as your phone background, desktop background, etc., just… for you, and you do not share them online.)

This is because by taking their creations, editing them, and then sharing them to an unspecified amount of audience, then most likely there will be people to mistake them as official characters. This could lead to trouble, so please do not do this.

I sent them an example of an edit, one you would usually find if you search DRRB icons, and they have deemed it to be prohibited.

So from now on, please do not make edits and share them publicly. If sharing of icons/sprites are necessary, please only make use of the original ones Miwashiba has created and make note to mention that it is from a fancreation, and not officially made by SC.


i have no excuse for this and i am sorry

  • Isaac: What the hell is that?!
  • Derek confused, looking down at his bags: I went to the farmer’s market....
  • Erica, smirking: I don’t think we can all eat that.
  • Derek: ...
  • Boyd: You weren’t supposed to bring back the farmer.
  • Stiles, looking at his plaid shirt, pointing at the pack while walking away: I’m putting you all up for adoption!