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About the Mari thing, idk if you even want opinions sorry, but as a kid with a parent who didn't want to be one, it's better for the child if the parent is either there or just not there, those little visits hurt the most bc it can give the kid the idea that they are the issue instead of the parent not wanting a child. idk if I explained this right...

Yeah, that totally makes sense. That’s basically what I was thinking too. Mari loves seeing her mom but these short visits arent worth the pain she feels afterwards. 

one time i slept out in the snow because i didnt want to be in the same house as a rapist

I’m going to regret this but, I just don’t understand this fucky trend of treating fictional characters like real living people who are being personally affected over x thing because that’s not how it works? At all? It’s like people can’t differentiate nuance of context so everything is either One Situation or the other, no exception.

With the bi craig drama (god I hate that I’m saying something on this, but honesty this post can be taken in a broader sense too) if we were talking about a real person then in that case, yeah, some people’s opinions would make sense because it would be fucky to erase a person’s sexuality or aspects of them!! So in that context, you wouldn’t be wrong!

But the thing is fictional characters are not real people and their function is NOT to be treated like real living people. They exist to be related to and projected onto because they are CONCEPTS and that is how you know you succeeded as a storyteller, when people do personally relate to parts of them! Everyone views the world through their own experiences and everyone is going to take different things from a character. Hell, even people who work on teams to make these characters have different ideas about them, and a creator’s opinion can shift which is why inconsistencies can happen. The whole point of a fandom in the first place is to explore stuff that deviates from canon anyways which everyone does, because no matter how ‘in-character’ you think you are being, even your small headcanon about what a character might do in an imagined scenario is not canon.

Craig isn’t a real person and he isn’t going to give a shit or be affected because his purpose isn’t to exist as anything other than a concept to be related to.

Like telling people to just “pick a different character” misses the point because people are going to like the characters THEY RELATE TO and want to see aspects of themselves in the characters THEY RELATE TO. Telling them they can’t relate to a character they resonate with most and have to go find another one is really, mean?

Also in case this comes up: there’s a huge fucking difference between “I’m going to make this character bi to defend my straight ship” which is usually done by straight people and rooted in biphobia and homophobia and was for a while a majority mindset that perpetuated harm because it was a majority mindset in fandom communities, versus the COMPLETELY DIFFERENT context of “I am a bi person who really relates to the personality of this character and relationship they are in and would find extreme comfort in projecting and working through personal feelings in exploring it because this dynamic isn’t really presented in the other characters.”

When you treat the former like the ONLY reason people do this (which is the argument people keep using as justification to be aggressive about this, and i’m sorry but it’s not what is happening here from what I’ve seen so stop using it) and don’t consider that there are multiple contexts such as the latter being one, then there’s a problem. If people were making Craig bi to make him “more straight” or were doing it to deny that gay people aren’t really exclusively attracted to the same gender, THEN that argument would hold up more, but that’s not what I’ve seen at all. Everyone I’ve seen still seems to ship him with Tweek or other guys despite having a different LGBT sexuality headcanon for him.

Instead all I’ve seen is people who headcanon him as bi because they relate to him a lot and want to see themselves in a character who maybe has a personality or is in a relationship that is comforting, not because they are looking to take away gay rep, which is literally impossible to do if he’s widey accepted as gay and canonically gay apparently. And because Craig is a fictional character, someone could literally take him and make an original character just like him and suddenly it’d be fine and people couldn’t throw their arms up about this anymore. But my point with that is fictional characters are malleable and people should be able to not have to feel they have to do that because not everyone is a creative type and people absolutely should be allowed to enjoy characters that are already developed that have a source material that they can indulge in.

If it’s not a majority opinion, if canon says otherwise, and if the person is doing it for comfort regarding themselves but understands that gay people are exclusively attracted to the same gender, then no it’s not perpetuating harm. It absolutely is harmless.

And this isn’t even coming from someone who headcanons Craig as bi. I see him as gay. I just think it’s disgustingly petty and cruel to give others a hard time for a thing that ultimately is NOT causing harm because it literally isn’t? It’s not erasing anything because canon is still the same, the vast majority still feels the same, and if one individual person wants to relate to a character in a way that makes them feel comfortable in their own time but still understands that gay people are exclusively attracted to the same gender, then I don’t see what the point is in becoming aggressively defensive about it because this is NOT a moral issue in that context, and it should stop being treated like one.

Like honestly just leave people alone? Of all the stuff to get justifiedly upset over, this is not one of those things. You don’t have to like it but you can also ignore it and stop trying to shame people. The way individuals interact with fictional characters will always be different and context is everything.

Real talk though.

“The gems are too brightly colored!”

They’re gemstones

It’s. Kind of their thing.

Edit: temporarily removed the gif of the shiny gem orb because I can’t move the gif warning tag up to the front of the post and idk if it’ll get caught in everyone’s blacklist from the very end.

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you wanna hear something embarrassing? one of the things that helped me accept im pan is deadpool. fucking deadpool. bc its canon for him and it was the first comic i ever read. so, uh, you have a fictional fourth-wall-breaking marvel character to thank for this. before that i was too ashamed to tell anyone.

I KNOW RIGHT ?! SAME ! Dude, Deadpool is one of my favorite comic book characters (I’m an avid comic book reader), and when it became canon that he was actually pan (which makes so much sense) I was like : FUCK YEAH REPRESENTATION ! :D Anyway. It’s not embarrassing. It’s great. 

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I just rewatched halo 5 and there is something that bothers me more than anything else. Why was the fight between master chief and Locke so even? MC came out on top, in the end. But before that, Locke could land some serious blows (see visor). Did MC hold back for some reason? It makes little sense to me. Do you have an idea??

Yeah, that’s always seem to bother me also. I don’t really think there’s a canon explanation, but I tend to rationalize it as John being confused on whether he should fight a brother-in-arms or not, kind of like what happened in the gym on the Atlas in Fall of Reach. Also, I’m sure John wasn’t looking to seriously maim or kill Locke, just incapacitate him for a little bit so that might be why it seems like he held back. John has had kind of an unspoken personal rule since Eridanus Secundus to never kill another human being again, so I’m sure that’s a factor. 

I refuse to believe that the SIVs are as strong as it seemed in the fight. The reason why SIIs are so ostracized and feared is because they are so beyond normal human strength and even super-human strength. 

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Hmmm....I'm wondering if when Rey is meditating & she sees the Light, Darkness, and "Something Else" that is calling to her, and then Luke yells at her to resist it & yells her name louder, maybe she was connected to Kylo thru a Force Bond vision and that's how he finds her on Ach-To. In that moment, he knew where to find her.

I’ve been thinking Kylo finds Rey through the Force for like 2 years now yeah. It would make sense, but my guess is that it actually happens a little bit later than what that scene looks to be. He probably feels her in the Force but not strong enough quite yet. I think when she and Luke get to the Force tree, whatever vision or event that happens there is what draws Kylo to her finally… maybe. Just my guess.

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This was done the week of her being in LA after Drake's party. She has that same flash tattoo on her left hand as shown in the candids when arriving to Drake's party.

yeah, that timing makes sense to me too, hooray for details


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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)

Shiro: I’m Japanese.

Lance: I’m Cuban.

Hunk: I’m Samoan.

Keith: I’m half-Galra. Dunno what my Dad was, but it doesn’t matter.

Pidge: Whoa, that’s so cool! I’m not entirely sure on all the details, but I’m probably, like, 25% Italian? Maybe less than that? Definitely have some British and Irish roots somewhere, maybe a little Dutch and German? A smidge of French?

The other Paladins:

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Hey in a post you said "For the longest time I could’ve sworn there was an episode where Dean only had hours to live and his one objective was to see Cas before he ran out of time. I wanna say they sat in the backseat of a car together?"which episode is that? Thanks!

(This is the post being referenced in case anyone else needs context.)

Hey Nonny, I was referring to one of the excellent episodes of the most recent season. 12.09 First Blood. 

I don’t know if you didn’t watch or don’t remember, but in the episode Dean and Sam had been locked up in a government facility for weeks but no one knew where they were, just that they had been taken and were missing for a while.

Not that any broken-hearted individuals were counting.

So, Dean and Sam make a deal with sexy Reaper Billie that she’ll help them bust outta there and in return they agree that one of them will die super for real by midnight or some such Cinderella-esque nonsense. 

Point is, they get out and are on the clock, running down time until it’s game over. And Dean–who is definitely on the chopping block since the whole thing was his idea and he could never let his son/brother die in his place–he gets out of there and uses a phone to call Cas. 

Call 1: rings and goes to voice mail. 

Call 2: still no answer 

(Can you tell Kas Cas is on his mind???)

Call 3: Cas finally, finally  picks up. Good thing too. I don’t think Dean would have called anyone else. I mean, he could have and he doesn’t. He’s not calling for help or because he and Sam need a ride. They’re the fucking Winchesters and this isn’t their first prison break. 

He doesn’t call his mom. Or another hunter. Even though either could be hours closer to his location. He doesn’t even call Crowley who worked with them in the previous episode and was shown apparating with Kelly Klein in tow. He doesn’t try any of those things because this isn’t about need. It’s about want. Dean knew he was dying by the end of the day. He told Cas to haul ass just because he wanted to see him one last time. 

Look at his shocked face when he gets to.

Sam is surprised too, but if you watch the scene Dean looks like he can hardly believe they just trampled their way through some trees and found Cas. 

Anyway, they all pile in the car and Dean sits in the back with Cas.  The clock strikes midnight.  Dean’s time is up and we get this shot.

Life over. 

Much regret.

Almost like there was something he meant to do. 

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can I just say that I’m also so glad that, through his emphasis that he’s now in a better place, dan also showed that it’s okay to get better and that doing so doesn’t invalidate your experiences or mean everything has to be perfect all the time. he made it clear that even when things are better, they’re not always good, and as someone who’s doing better and often feels as though that dismisses my bad days and means everything should be sunshine and rainbows, that was really important to me.


It hasn’t been too obvious here on tumblr, but those who follow me on ig will know that I’ve been obsessed with this AU for months. So! I love the movie When Marnie was there, and while I was watching it for the nth time I thought “Hey, a victuuri AU would be nice!”, so I have like a ton of sketches about this, and I finally drew something “serious” lol. (*Spoiler*: I’llchangethefactthatMarniewastheprotagonist’sgrandmaforthisAUtho, cough

Will Supernatural‘s Sam and/or Dean have a romantic interest in Season 13?

“I don’t think this is that show, honestly,” executive producer Andrew Dabb tells TVLine.

“Neither of them is looking for love, let’s put it that way. Sam has been in love multiple times, and Dean has had his own relationships… There was a time when Sam and Dean, and particularly Sam at one point, thought they could have a normal life and walk away from the fight. I don’t think either of our guys look at it that way anymore. They know they’re going to fight until they can’t fight anymore, either until they win or they die. 

When you’re committed to that fight, the idea of bringing someone into that and being like, ‘Hey, let’s get married’ [doesn’t compute]. I’m not sure either of our guys is really looking for that at this point in time.”


Rest Stop Part 3

The nest always felt so empty without Lance. 

Keith knew his wings flickered with the thought. The soft nest of blankets hidden in the corner of the common room was well rounded with seven out of eight of the team cuddled up inside, but without Lance, it felt like there was a desolate spot, a blank filled with grey longing and melancholy. Keith frowned. He wanted Lance to fill that space.  

The others did too. Pidge sat in Shiro’s lap, and Allura leaned against Coran like always, but this time everyone stared at the empty spot next to Keith. The spot Lance would fill.  It was normal, expected even, the cuddle a teammate or family member before they went off to do something dangerous by themselves, like Pidge was going to, but Lance still hadn’t come. Did he still feel unsafe with the team, distrustful and unsure, lacking trust in them to show his wings? He never let them out either. It wasn’t healthy, for Lance or for their relationships. Keith was so surprised when it hadn’t hindered them forming Voltron. Was it like the first time on repeat for Lance, all about survival and having to or die?  

Lance hadn’t come, even after Keith had caught him in the nest after he skipped a preening session. He always skipped, or was pulled away, or was sleeping. Keith was hoping he had reassured the other, at least enough for him to come and have his wings cleaned and cuddle a little. Apparently, he hadn’t. There was no way they weren’t filthy. Was Lance, who loved skincare and being clean, deliberately leaving his wings dirty so he wouldn’t have to show the team, show Keith? Was he really that suspicious and uncomfortable, did he have so little faith in them, even Hunk?  Keith wasn’t sure to be hurt or concerned. 

Deep down, he knew. He was both. 

“Lance, c'mon! we’re going to fly with Pidge before she leaves!" 

He sighs at Hunk’s call. Just how long until they know? 

He pokes his head in the doorway.  

"I want to, but Blue needs some re-wiring. I promised her I’d do it this morning.”

“You could ask Hunk to do it afterwards.” Shiro kept deliberate eye contact. “Blue probably wouldn’t mind an engineer like Hunk fixing her up so you could fly.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind either. Space ships were going to be my career anyway. It’s no trouble, Lance.” Hunk appealed. His arms were crossed reassuringly, and there was a cocktail of emotions on his face. Lance didn’t miss the fleeting glances out the open hangar doors.

“I would, but…” Lance trailed off, eyes sliding away.

Blue’s commanding roar echoed from her hanger.

Thank you.

“The lion has spoken.” He finished, slipping into the hallway, away from the team, away from Shiro’s disappointed-dad frown, Hunk’s sigh and sad eyes, Pidge’s frustrated huff and scuffling feet, from Keith’s melancholy stare and lonely apathy.

I’m sorry.

Holy hell.

Slicing through a sentry, Keith kicked it down to finish it, letting the others coming at him trample it. The rescue mission hadn’t gone as smoothly as hoped - they had had to clear the hallways and send the prisoners into escape pods through the PA system, instead of straight to the castle when the work camp surprised them with a small fleet of jets crowding around the castle. The prisoners had been ejected around the planet, some floating in the water and others on islands. It had been Lance’s idea, and it made something warm like pride tickle Keith’s chest. It was safe, it was sturdy, it was clever. Better than anything else they had come up with.

Now, they had to finish off the connected hangers filled with Galra robots and soliders.

A bright blue laser, a streak through the mundane purple ones, cut past Keith, knocking a solider to the ground. He kept hacking and slashing, sword pulling through cold metal bodies, but a small smile was hidden in his helmet at Lance covering him. The fluidity of them working together always brought Keith home from the battle, from the war he was fighting, from the war he wasn’t fighting alone. From the sharp knives and purple fur and screaming aliens.

Lance never left him alone.

Keith sends three hunks of metal crashing to the floor, wings arched high. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see a sentry lining a shot at his wings. He can see the hand pulling the trigger squeeze. He can see Lance jump over him.

He can see Lance get hit and fall to the floor hard enough to bounce, clutching his arm.

He can see the blood spilling on the floor, not purple blood, not purple, red, red, crimson, scarlet, red, paladin-

The half dozen robots in front of him are done away with a few swift movements, he’s screaming at Shiro and Coran through the coms, and he doesn’t recognize what they’re saying other than “bring him to medical”. Lance is staring in shock at his arm, and then Keith is picking him up. The others materialized from thin air and create an opening that Keith dashes through, and if there’s anything following him, he’s lost it in seconds. Lance is still in shock, but his good arm is gripping Keith. His wings knock the shit out of a sentry when they turn the corner, then the castle is in front of them, and he’s running up the ramp, giving Lance to Coran. He spares a moment to stare at Coran rushing Lance down the hallway, the bright red trail behind them worrying him.

Don’t leave me, Lance.

He spins on his heel, and heads back into battle.

Coran doesn’t waste time inputting the code for the pod to put Lance in the medical suit when he walks in. The pod rises from the floors, cool steam escaping into the room, and he sets the half-conscious paladin inside. Blood loss out in space without human donors is dangerous, Coran had figured that much day one, so he sets the pod to do a full scan and heal as fast as he can.

“Sleep well, Lance.” He nods, locking the pod closed on the boy he sees as a son. Wistfully, he stares at Lance’s sleeping face, before placing a hand on the glass. With a sigh, he pushes off and strides out into the corridor, heading back to help the princess destroy the Galra who hurt his grandchild.