that makes it worse!!!!

Yknow the whole comparing blue diamond to hitler thing rly bothers me as a Jewish person.
Stop comparing a character to someone who was responsible for real life atrocities. It’s no better than comparing Voldemort to Donald Trump. It’s irritating and it is honestly upsetting
You can say blue diamond is a dictator and cruel without saying she’s like hitler
Just watch the show see what happens, like it could turn out that she isn’t as cruel as we think
Or that she is as cruel as we think
We have almost nothing to go off of so just wait and see how it unfolds before you jump to judgement and comparing a /character/ to /hitler/

i promised more Miraculous x Hunter art and HERE YA GO

there is so much about this that I like and don’t like–there is something about this that still doesn’t look right to me (maybe the perspective?) but oh well. :/ sorry for my sketchy art style lmao

sometimes Gon(as Ladybug) tries to put the moves on Chat Noir(Killua) and sometimes he gets close to getting what he wants–but it usually ends up with Chat pushing him off a building from embarrassment XD

More of this AU:
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The Signs as the Ugliest Ships
  • aries: bellarke
  • taurus: karamel
  • gemini: bughead
  • cancer: skyeward
  • leo: reylo
  • virgo: finchel
  • libra: snowbarry
  • scorpio: chair
  • sagittarius: vauseman
  • capricorn: captain swan
  • aquarius: klaine
  • pisces: snermione

remember that Buzzfeed article released earlier last week that ripped into Taylor Swift for making her career off of playing the victim? at the bottom of the article it now says 


He’s, doing his best ,