that makes it all the more important that we remember

guys OKAY listen. i never normally Speak Out but….. you know debate about theories can be really fun? like. the word discourse stems from communicative debate but it’s been reclaimed in this way that has come to mean not accepting there are other opinions and interpretations, alongside throwing buzzwords into the mix to invalidate another argument. also losing a respectful tone with each other so often (not all the time, but lbr!)

discussions - real discussions willing to take into other POVs - are genuinely so fun! like idk i remember at college i went to a debating society which was never my thing bc public speaking really makes me nervous haha but. it was so fun! and someone would make a HELLA SICK POINT on one side and you’d see the other person on the other side like “well… shit. okay damn. that’s … i don’t agree but that’s actually a good point and now my next point is compromised. BUT!!! A-HA! look at THIS!” and the exchanges were really 👀👀👀 in a way more positive way bc there was always a level of general acknowledgement it was just a debate at the end of the day. at the end you shake hands and that’s that lol. 

you can still have heated passionate debate without it being an attack on each other or employing some tactics with certain usage of words to make the other side X and Y. 

i think it’s important to remember that literally none of us can speak with full authority on stuff here, because we’re not the writers of the content. we can have our opinions and be critical. it’s gonna play out how it’s gonna play out, regardless of what we think or feel. at the end of the day, we are the audience and as a result our commentary is interpretive by nature. in fanworks we are transformative ect. 

we all want to see something in a story. there are universal themes and sometimes there are more personal themes. despite taking a stance on something, there is always gonna be this undeniable level of subjectivity in some level just there because we are all individuals and it’s impossible for every single person to see things the same way. there’s also gonna be other points of view. AND THAT MAKES SENSE. bc we all want different things, we all relate to different things and have different experiences.

tbh there’s so much in this show that honestly would be so enjoyable and engaging to openly discuss together without animosity rather than conform to the way debate has regressed into something very hostile, demeaning and negative (often scary LOL) on this website. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! Can I ask where this " Jeremy Shada said we don't need to worry about lgbt representation, we will be happy" comes from? Is there like a video or a tweet that proves that? Bc I never saw evidence and honestly I am concerned that this is just sb messing with our hopes. Also, isn't it possible that the lgbt representation has nothing to do with lance? Maybe it is sb else. Idk. I hate getting my hopes up ._.

it’s from this post! i doubt the OP is messing with us lol also it’s 100% something to do with lance, my good dude……… BECAUSE……

this is official art by lauren montgomery. i have said this before and i’ll say it again, but pidge’s sign has to do with her arc, her gender reveal. keith’s sign has to do with his arc, his galra heritage reveal. this was posted before s2 aired and it clearly foreshadows galra keith. not coincidences. lance’s sign definitely has to do with him and his arc, his sexuality reveal. lauren would not make keith’s sign and pidge’s sign related to them and then make lance’s sign have nothing to do with him. this stuff is all planned from the start. 

she’s also the one who said this…

[on expressions] “if we know that a character is feeling something about that- that moment- especially if we know there’s something coming up down the line that maybe hasn’t been revealed, but it would make that character feel a certain way- we try to insert in there a nod to it.”

which is important to remember while watching the show but also when looking at this art because a lot can be taken from their expressions. keith, pidge and lance look much more unsure and nervous and they’re holding their signs with both of their hands, indicating that HEY this is my sign, it has something to do with me and i’m anxious about it. hunk, allura and shiro appear to be showing support, shiro and hunk also, especially, look very confident. allura has both of her hands on the sign but her arm is around pidge, like a hug. allura’s the one who tried to coax pidge into telling her gender. shiro easily could’ve been put with pidge since he was very supportive of her… but allura has her own connection to the gender sign (and shiro’s put with lance for a reason). she’s a princess but she is not your “typical princess.” here’s a comment someone left on my klance masterpost about this and i completely agree…

I think Allura has one more reason for holding a gender sign with Pidge, and that is because she challenges the gender stereotypes. She’s not your typical little princess who needs to be protected by all means. She’s a tough young woman that can (and will) kick your ass, and I think that alone is a very powerful message to all the girls that watch this show. It’s a reminder that, no matter what society might claim, they are strong, and they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it.

hunk has his hand on keith’s shoulder, showing support. he stood by keith after he found out he’s part galra. he was cracking jokes about it and he was there for him. think “belly of the weblum” and all their moments together. also, in “stayin’ alive” when allura thanks hunk for getting the scaultrite, he says, “no problem. you know, keith was there too.” hunk is samoan, so he also has his own connection to the race sign. 

then, we have shiro holding the LGBT sign with lance, one hand on his shoulder in support. the LGBT rep definitely has to do with lance, you shouldn’t worry. there’s so much backing it up. i think shiro will play some sort of supportive role when it comes to lance’s sexuality and since hunk and allura are connected to the signs they’re holding, shiro may end up being LGBT, too. 

also, the sign art connects with the paladins of old, as well… which was pointed out to me by @farmlandtensions

zarkon, a galra, was the original black paladin.
keith, a part galra boy, is the current black paladin.

trigel, the only female paladin on her team, was the original green paladin.
pidge, the only female paladin on her team (before allura became a paladin, obviously) is the current green paladin.

blaytz, who was shown flirting with a male galra, was the original blue paladin.
lance, a boy who is totally not straight, we grew to know as the blue paladin.

they make parallels and show similarities between blaytz and lance to show that, yes, they’re comparing them… rather than comparing blaytz and allura.

FOR THE 100TH TIME, this stuff isn’t a coincidence. 

the bi flag colors and the gay flag colors have been used in the show on two separate occasions now. first, in s1, ep6… an episode with some great klance moments. next, in s3, ep3… another episode with some great klance moments. studio mir is animating VLD and they also animated TLOK. the bi flag colors were in the background of the finale of korra.

i’ve always theorized that since pidge’s gender arc was in s1 and keith’s race arc was in s2, that lance’s sexuality arc would be in s3. other people think this, too. seeing as how s4 is basically just part 2 of s3, taking the BIG amount of development between keith and lance in s3 into consideration and the fact that lance did not flirt with allura for the entirety of s3, or anyone, actually. i think this will, hopefully, come to fruition in s4 and they will touch on lance’s sexuality. 

also, in interviews, they don’t always simply say lance flirts with girls. jeremy shada, especially, does this. in lance’s birthday livestream, he says… 

[about lance] “a super like, flirty person that’s hitting on every *hesitates* person that has two legs.”

i’m not kidding btw, he literally hesitates a little before saying person. i don’t have the link to the vid but you can find it easily by googling lance’s birthday livestream. in the famous “lance falling in love” quote, he does this, too… 

jeremy would def know by now that lance isn’t straight and it’s really obvious that he’s sitting on that information. he’s done this at least one other time that i know of, as well. if lance was straight, if he only liked girls… this stuff? it would not happen. they would always just say girl/girls.

So, I decided to make this post for you guys and I hope you find these tips as helpful as I did :) 

1. Never compare yourself to others, but really, NEVER do it.

From my personal experience, I can tell you there’s nothing more destructive than comparing yourself to another person. Every single one of us unique and has their own amazing skills. Maybe one of your friends aces Physics class but you rule when it comes to Chemistry class or a foreign language. Also never let anyone make you feel like you’re not awesome because you are. As Eleanor Roosevelt would say “No one can make feel inferior without your consent.” So don’t let them and wWhat you do, do it for you.

2. See what you’re missing and do it.

If you pay attention and make fantastic notes, but still you don’t reach your desired goal and you know you can do better, check what is missing. Maybe is studying for the exam. Maybe is handing in the homework. Maybe it can be related to a poor sleep or nutrition. You gotta identify what is wrong and do something to change it.

3. Sit up front.

Again, I have experienced this and when I sit in the back I completely lose my focus and immediately start to talk with my friends and doodling on the back of my notebook. Look for the seats right in the front, you’ll be able to pay more attention to what the teacher/lecturer is saying and you’ll be more likely to get done your work fast.

4. Time management.

As a big procrastinator, I can tell you that not having a schedule or not planning your tasks can be really harmful to your grades. I know sometimes Season 4 of Sherlock sound more fun than Spanish reading but you need to prioritize. Make a list, from the most important task to the least, that way if you do not complete everything, you will have ready the most essential duties. Be strong and work hard, then relax.

5. Eat well and sleep well.

As I wrote in one of the past points, sleep and food can be a really influent factor in your school performance. If you only eat junk food and sleep four hours, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep in class or even to suffer a lack of focus and energy because of not nurturing your body properly. I know sometimes homework takes more time that we expected to get done but if it’s not school work or something really important, you should try not to stay awake (even more if your reason to lose hours of precious sleep is to be scrolling down Instagram or Tumblr, which can be done next day). Eat your veggies and get 8-hour sweet dreams.

6. Stay hydrated.

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It increases energy and relieves fatigue, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins and will get you closer to the perfect skin we all want.

7. Pray

Personally, this has been really important to me, especially when it comes to a big exam or a contest. Praying always gives me peace and makes me feel more confident. I invite you to try it, you’ll see the difference. Also, studies have demonstrated that prayer helps you to have more self-control and makes you less vulnerable to the negative physical health effects associated with stress.

8. Pretend that you’ll have to teach the material you are learning, that way you’ll pay more attention and be more likely to memorize it fast.

Always do your best and remember that good thing take time.

Gentle reminder that not every person can be an activist and that is okay. Especially considering our audience is mainly queer people we really want to stress how important it is to take care of yourself. Right now the world feels very loud and every news story is more important than the next but what is more important is keeping yourself safe. And we want to remind you of an older quote we have discussed before from a flyer at New York City Pride in 1990:

“You as an alive and functioning queer person are revolutionary”

And this is vital to keep in mind in the coming years. While activism is important and useful, you are more important. And while it may not seem like it all the time you existing and making a life for yourself is a form of revolution. The forces we are to face want you unhappy at best, and non-existent at worst. So rebellion can come in the form of being happy and existing as loudly as you can. So yes, picket if you can, sign petitions, do all you can. But remember when there is nothing left you have yourself and being yourself in times such as these is revolutionary.   

How to let go of your ex once and for all (even if it feels impossible)

It took me nearly 3 years to get over my ex boyfriend. If you have ever been through a breakup, you know it is one of the hardest most heart-wrenching things to go through.

After weeks of fighting, the day came where there was no other option than to break up. When he left my house that day I felt like he had ripped off a piece of my soul. I had loved this man with all my heart, it was a raw all consuming intense kind of love. I couldn’t grasp the reality of what had happened. My best friend came over and I was just lying there with lykke li’s song possibility on repeat. I had cried for hours and there was no life left in my eyes. 

For the first few months after the breakup I was in denial and I went into party mode, but not dealing with the pain slowly started to take its toll. And eventually (also because of some other factors) I fell into a deep black depression that would last for about a year. After the depression it still took me a long time to completely let him go.

It was the hardest and most valuable experience of my life.

So what helped me to let him go?

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How to Recover from a Broken Heart

There are few things worse than a broken heart. You desperately want to be free of the pain, and to pick up the pieces and get on with life again. The following suggestions can help you with this.

1) Remember that healing is a long slow process - Breaking up is painful and unleashes strong emotions - anger, hurt, confusion, sadness, loss and emptiness … You may also find you suffer from insomnia, have dreams about your ex and lose all interest in life. If you can hang on in this tough time, and accept the pain it brings, you will find that it will speed up your recovery. So allow yourself to grieve – and don’t expect too much at first – but know that these emotions will pass in time.

2) Accept some relationships are not meant to last – It’s a fact of life that we all want different things, and we’re not always suited to the person we’re dating. It’s not that you’re a failure or an awful person. It’s actually quite normal – even though it feels so sad.

3) Reflect on what you’ve learnt from the relationship – We learn about ourselves and our personality … what we like and don’t like … what we won’t tolerate … and what really matters in relationships. Take the time to process this important information so you grow through your experience … and become more self-aware.

4. Rediscover who you are as a person in your own right – Too often we lose sight of who we are deep down insight - when we’re part of a couple, or a close relationship. But once we’re on our own again, we rediscover who we are – and remember all the dreams and the wishes we once had.

5. Use this time to invest in your interests and passions - Once you start to remember all the things you once enjoyed, and what makes you happy and makes you feel fulfilled, you can start to formulate and work towards new goals. For though it’s good to be in relationships, there’s so much more to us, and so much more to life, than being with one person, and doing things with them

After walking through these steps you will find that you are stronger, and you’ll start to rediscover your true value and worth … and you’ll know that you’ll survive this … and you’ll enjoy life again.

Friendly PSA to Killing Stalking Anti’s from a rape/abuse victim

Please stop being our “voice.”

Originally posted by empirefoxtv

A lot of the arguments I’ve seen against Killing Stalking have been in the defense of people who’ve been raped/abused. We’re big girls/boys and we don’t need you to police our voice for us. Those of us who can handle reading this mature, adult comic, know that it’s fiction. And while we are uncomfortable with aspects of it for personal reasons, we appreciate the in depth look into a serial killers psychosis, and from a psychological perspective, it’s honestly riveting. 

When you try to speak for us, it’s insulting. Sorry. It just is. It’s like making us out to be delicate. Like we’re made of glass. We appreciate your consideration. We really do. However, we’re actually stronger than you make us out to be because of the experiences we’ve gone through. And to those of us who are still dealing with their trauma, they simply don’t touch Killing Stalking–just like I didn’t touch Law and Order SVU for a while after I was raped. I couldn’t handle it. It triggered me, and that’s fine. That’s okay.

We all handle works of fiction differently, but it’s important to remember that it’s just that: a work of fiction. If you like Hannibal, you’re not a serial killer. If you like Bates Motel, you don’t have a mother-complex. If you appreciate the book, “Lolita”, that doesn’t make you a pedophile. People like me can appreciate works of fiction in all forms, because they deal with sensitive topics, and those give perspective. If I shied away from every book or show with a controversial theme, I would be a much more ignorant person; and I think it’s rather ignorant to assume that you are what you read.

Last but not least, just because Killing Stalking has gay characters, doesn’t mean it’s romanticizing abusive, gay relationships. Note, I don’t say “couple”. Bum and Sangwoo are not a couple because there’s nothing remotely “romantic” about their relationship. The creator never intended to make this “romantic” or “cute”. This is a horror comic about a killer and his captive, and it covers a range of disorders from Stockholm syndrome to PSTD. It is from the warped perspectives of warped individuals, so you’ll hear their ‘warped’ opinions. They are both unwell, so they will both have unwell thoughts.

Those in the fandom who try to romanticize the abuse between the two main characters are, frankly, either trying to find a crumb of happiness from the already terrible situation, or are too immature to be reading the comic. Plain and simple.

You’ll find these people in any fandom, gay or straight. Harely Quinn and the Joker? Remember how many people said they were “relationship goals”. It’s messed up, yes, but it happens. So try to understand, and if it bothers you? Black list the tag and its keywords. It’s simple logic. Thanks for reading.

Things To Pay Attention To For Dream Analysis ✨🔮

Okay so usually I only interpret dreams but I figured it might help for me to point out certain factors that hold significance.

  • Where are you? This is important because the location will usually hold personal significance to you. If you dream you’re in school, how did/does school make you feel? What does it represent to you.
  • Who are you with? This is very important because this is where archetypes come in. Often when we dream of others, they serve a purpose (unless the dream is stress or emotionally induced). They represent archetypes that we sometimes need to take advice from. E.g - Dream of a grandparent? Time to start exercising wisdom and patience, dream of a crush or partner? Better start loving yourself more. *Its very important to remember that different people hold different significances for all of us*
  • Day or Night? Not something that a lot of people pay attention to but I’ve found it sticks out to me a lot. Pay attention to dreams set in the night and how your dream self feels about the darkness.
  • General vibe? What’s the theme of the dream? Is it positive? Negative? Fearful? Euphoric? All of these things are very important to pay attention to because it’s your brains ways of telling you how your subconscious is dealing.


  • Dorian: Vivienne, we can continue this dance forever, if you wish.
  • Vivienne: Presuming both of us are capable.
  • Dorian: I mock Orlesian frippery and nonsense, you mock Tevinter decadence and tyranny.
  • Dorian: There is, however, something far more important we should remember.
  • Vivienne: Just what might that be?
  • Dorian: At least we're not Antivan.
  • Vivienne: Quite right. Thank the Maker.
10 Pieces Advice to Give Yourself.

1. We all fear the things we might not know. And that’s okay. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Put your best foot forward and trust in God. Remember everything happens for a reason. It might not make sense now, but eventually all the puzzle pieces will come together and you will see the bigger and clearer picture. 

2.Take time out for yourself. Period. Follow your passion. Learn new things. Pursue what you love. Give your soul that serenity that it needs, and express your true self 

3. Surround yourself with positive people. Remove any toxic people from your life . Sometimes to add to our life we need to subtract. 

4. Your mental health is more important than work. Your mental health is more important than school. Your mental health is more important than anything. 

5. Listen to music. Open yourself up to new songs, new genres, and new artists. Find yourself in the lyrics. Disconnect from the world and connect to the music. 

6. You have a voice. Use that voice. Stand against injustices. Say your opinion. You have the right to be heard.

7. When life gets hard, just take a moment. Step back and breath. You will get through any struggle that comes your way. Just believe in yourself. 

8. Talk to new people. We learn a lot from our experiences with others. 

9. Not everyone you meet is going to stand with you. Life is a rollercoaster. People come on the ride with you; some may be there for the whole ride and some might be there for a period of time. Learn from every individual who chose to ride with you; wether they affected you positively or negatively. 

10. Love Yourself. self love isn’t selfish. self love is important. Always remember that you are good enough.  

A quick reminder...

Don’t be afraid to say hello to someone you want to roleplay with.

The whole point of being in the roleplay community is to get to know each other and help one another develop characters and have fun! 

  • Send an ask
  • Respond to a meme
  • IM the blog
  • Say hello

Just let the person know you’re interested in interacting! 

I know we all get nervous about rejection, or think we’re being imposing or annoying, but no one would know others are interested in roleplaying with them unless we say something

And remember: if they aren’t interested, there’s plenty of other blogs itching to meet people, and if they’re rude in response to your request, then you shouldn’t associate with them anyway. 

It makes someone feel good when they find out a person wants to interact.

So get out there and make some friends! We’re all in this together!

I think people tend to forget that fan authors get a lot of their motivation from the response that their fics receive. It’s quite important because one of the worst things as a writer is planning and working hard on an idea that you really love, posting it and receiving little to even no response. It’s like a crushing blow to how you feel as a writer and if you’re really as good as you’d like to think you are. It’s like screaming into the void where no one is listening or people hear you but they don’t bother to say something back. And you keep seeing the views go up and up but nothing else aside from those budges. It’s…really hard especially when you’ve put so much hard work into something that you’re proud of. 

Sometimes you begin losing that pride and looking at your fic as you begin to wonder if it was a bad idea. It’s horrible when the self doubt creeps in and wrangles at your throat and makes you ponder if writing is really for you. 

All I’d like to say is something that has been said multiple times but doesn’t get less important. Leave a kudos on a fic that you’ve enjoyed because trust me, it really perks up an author’s day. I actually smile when I see kudos on my work because it makes me feel like someone has heard me and has gone ‘yeah, i enjoyed this!’. Comments are fantastic and are the one thing that an author would love to see. Comments that are positive or provide constructive criticism are awesome and if you’ve read a fic that you’ve loved and you feel confident enough then leave a comment if you can. Obviously, it’s not by force but if you scream at an author about how much you’ve enjoyed reading their piece, they’re gonna scream back at you with an abundance of happiness and thanks.

 Another very important thing that I’d like to say is that you shouldn’t look at how many kudos a piece of work has. Don’t look at how many comments it holds or bookmarks or anything like that. I’ve realized that people (even myself) usually tend to look at the stats of a fic before clicking on it. I think it comes with the notion of the more kudos it has, the better the fic will be when that’s not the case in the slightest. I’ve read many fics which have a low kudos rate and they’re absolutely fantastic and it’s painful to see them not get more recognition because most people are looking for the ‘popular’ ones. That sort of mentality within fandom hurts those authors which haven’t gotten recognized. 

Of course, not all fics are going to be everyone’s tastes and I’m not saying that you should read every single fic that is on the fandom archive you’re on. At the end of the day, it’s all about preference and what equates to you as a good fic to read. But don’t hesitate to pick one of your favorite tropes/genres and just go through the tags to see what’s there. If you see a fic that intrigues you, click on it whether it’s brimming with kudos or not. Give everyone a chance within fandom to feel like their work is meaning something and is not simply being ignored by everyone else. 

I’m not a saint, I’ve been guilty of silent reading and not leaving kudos or a comment but I’ve been trying harder because I know how much it makes an author happens because damn it, it makes me so happy and makes me want to continue what I write. 

All in all, writers within fandom are wonderful and they work just as hard as authors who publish books and maybe even more. They offer their time and effort in the form of writing beautiful stories that we save to read over and over again and have even made us happier than reading an actual book. 

It’s just important to remember them and that they’re here and trying their hardest and doing something fantastic. 

It’s a simple push of a button to leave a heart, make an author’s day. 

And fuck those who say that writing fan fic isn’t real writing, get off my lawn.

Hey everyone! So you may remember a previous post of mine where August 9th was declared Bottom Hannibal Day. Well @cannibalcuisine​ and I got together and decided to make it a little more “official,” so…

         On Wednesday, August 9th, we humbly invite                    everyone to participate in Bottom Hannibal Day! 

BUT WHYEvery few months, this fandom spends a few days bogged down in the discourse of Bottom Hannibal, usually spurred by someone who is vocally unhappy that they had to witness it in some form or another. Recently the fandom has acknowledged that this gets a little tiresome, so, we propose making this less about repetitive discourse, and more about celebrating our favorite cannibal getting the pounding he truly deserves. After all, this fandom is full of Top Hannibal/Bottom Will, and it’s important to remember, in the words of Bryan Fuller, “They flip.”

OMG WHEN/HOW: On August 9th, post your Bottom Hannibal contributions with the hashtag #BottomHannibalDay or just #BottomHannibal. Please feel free to tag @cannibalcuisine and I (@feyestwords) as well, we’d love to see everything & will be reblogging works. We will also likely add a collection to AO3 for the day (depending on how many people intend to participate).

WHAT?!: Not just fanfiction or art - everyone is invited to contribute whatever they want. Videos, manips, edits, gifsets, murals, dissertations, powerpoint lectures, interpretive dance - all are welcome.

                           We can’t wait to see your beautiful work!

Day 9 - How to avoid Jahannam

The purpose of this dunya is a test. “Whoever manages to save himself from the fire of hell, and is caused to enter Jannah. That is the one that has truly achieved success.”

Ten methods from the Quran and Sunnah, that can be used to save yourself from the hellfire.

  1. Tawbah (Repentence): Tawbah is an action of the heart, literally meaning “to return yourself to Allah (swt),” because a sin distances you from Him. No sin can withstand Tawbah, Tawbah forgives everything and Allah can forgive all sins, but only if you submit to him. The Prophet  said, “The one who repents from sin is like the one who never sinned.” [Ibn Maja (3240)]  When Allah (swt) created humans, the angels asked him, “Why would you create an inferior species that sins? We are perfect and sinless.” Allah (swt) wanted to reveal his merciful side, that he will forgive even those who sin
    Conditions for repentance:
    - Leaving the sin
    - Remorse over having committed the sin
    - Resolve never to return to the sin
  2. Istigfar (Verbal Repentance): The verbal act of tawbah. Tawbah is a state of mind and heart, while istigfar is manifesting tawbah on your tongue. The most common way is to say “Astagfirullah,” meaning “I seek forgiveness from Allah (swt). Make it a habit to say Astagfirullah100 times throughout your day.
  3. Good deeds: Your good deeds will cancel out your bad deeds. Pray, help others, and give charity as much as you can.
  4. The Dua of others: You can be saved from Jahannam when others make dua for you, especially by your name, but even generically as well. It is a command of Allah to seek forgiveness for all of your fellow believers. We pray for others, so that inshAllah, Allah (swt) will cause them to pray for us.
  5. Hardships: Every physical and emotional pain you suffer will dissolve your sins. Allah (swt) is so merciful and understanding of our pain in this dunya. That is why we must say Alhamdulillah for any suffering, because it is to rid us of our sins. Allah is testing you, so that your sins will be forgiven.
  6. Punishment of the Grave: For major sinners and those who deserve Jahannam, Allah (swt) will punish you in the grave, so that you do not go to Jahannam. Those are punished in the grave, will not know that it is their punishment. They will think that after the grave, they will go to Jahnnam. However, Allah (swt) is the most merciful and sends you to the gates of Jannah on judgement day.
  7. Punishment of Judgement Day: The day of Judgement will not be easy except for those who Allah made it easy for. Allah (swt) will use the suffering of Qiyamah to forgive the major sinners of the suffering in Jahannam.
  8. Good deeds gifted by others: The good deeds gifted by the living to the deceased. A son/daughter, relative, or friend, giving charity in your name, making dua for you, reading the Quran and asking Allah to pass all of the rewards to you. This is why it is important to help and benefit others as much as you can when your alive, because in return those people will remember you and think of you even more when your dead. Your friend will remember, “He gave me a loan last month, may Allah forgive him.” That one sentence will help you when you most need it. Narrated from Abu Hurairah that, “A man said to the Prophet ﷺ, “My father died leaving wealth but no will. Would he be pardoned if we gave charity on his behalf?” The Prophet ﷺ said: “Yes.” Let people remember you only for good and inshAllah they will ask Allah to forgive you. 
  9. Intercession of the Prophet : Make dua and say, “O Allah make me amongst those whom the Prophet makes Shafa’a (intercession) for.” Whoever gets it, will go to Jannah. The Prophet said whoever makes this dua sincerely, he will be the Shafa’a for on the day of judgement.
  10. Mercy of Allah: The pure, undeserved mercy that Allah (swt) gives to whom ever he chooses. There will be millions who deserve Jahannam, however for some he will still have the utmost of mercy. Allah has stored 99 to use on Yaumul Qiyamah. The purest Rahma of Allah.
Axis25′s theory corner!

Hello friends and followers, and welcome back to another exciting instalment of Axis25’s theory corner! And hopefully by now everyone who is reading this should have seem up to Starcrushed (especially since that is the main point of this theory) so if you haven’t then considered this your spoiler warning. Now how about we get right to it?

So after watching Starcrushed, crying for a bit, writing a fic to help me get through the pain, and trying to think of how Jackie will take Star’s confession and subsequently trying and failing to form a theory around Jackie wanting Star and Marco to get together in the long run, I came across something that is … interesting (I would like to point out that I couldn’t focus on the first because this caught my attention, I’m not saying it’s not possible). Let’s talk Toffee, you know, one of the smartest bad guys in all of SVTFOE? He has always played the long game, it almost seems like everything he does is to further his own goals, like … nothing is for nothing. For example, take Mewnipendance day,

We all know that he planned for it to only work for him (I’m not sure how exactly) so that he could get Yvgeny, the only person who was trying to speak against him, thrown out. In simpler terms, he was removing potential threats but let’s be real, this was a precaution, Yvgeny wouldn’t have been able to stop him from enacting his plan. Sure, he would be against Ludo getting thrown out but we all know that the odds were still in Toffee’s favor. Does that mean he should have left him in? Heck no, I’m just saying that Toffee isn’t one to overlook a simple annoyance, and yes, that is important for today’s theory. And what is that you ask? Only something Toffee said.

Creepy, isn’t it, but … that’s just it, everyone remembers what happens next, right? Moon goes to Star and convinces Star to leave Earth but … why would he want his finger? Sure, it might make him hole again or he couldn’t regenerate it but I would like to remind you all of something, at this moment, he’s missing a bit more than his finger.

Now sure, that doesn’t mean much, maybe for reasons we don’t know yet, he does want his finger, so let’s assume that, he wants to get his finger back … for whatever reason, why tell her that? To scare her? To boast? Because of pride? That doesn’t seem like Toffee, telling Moon that he is after her daughter and something that is in her possession would cause Moon to take Star and try and flee as far away as possible. Given, that may have happened anyway but this is Toffee, wouldn’t he avoid something like needlessly invoking fear in Moon? Wouldn’t the best thing to say be that he’s out to get revenge on Moon and he will destroy anyone who tries to stop him? That would make moon distance herself from Star and make her easier to track down along with his finger. And another thing

Look at this, he took Moon down with ease, sure he might have gotten the drop on her but look at this

This guy, Omnitraxus Prime, the space time guy, was taken out in a single hit, as well as the rest of the magic high commission. But … not a few moments later, he’s fighting Moon

Now one could say that he took her by surprise at first … but … look closer

Oh, and before someone says that he didn’t knock her down to get at her magic

That’s about as knocked down the others were … he was playing with her, letting her survive, oh, and look at this.

He took that blast to the face and was unscathed, you really think that he couldn’t have taken her in a single hit? Now I know what you are thinking now, maybe he was just savoring the moment? Well then why not just incapacitate her and savor it when she can’t retaliate? He was showing her just how outmatched she was, he let her live and escape

Do you really think this would be enough to slow him down? No, he is more powerful than that, he is letting her get away, and he is letting her run to her daughter to deliver the message

He wanted to make Star run. He isn’t after his finger, not yet anyway, he is after something else, something that will help him in the long run.

And yes, I do see you there shouting that he was after what I’m about to mention all along, I’m aware I’m not the only one to realize this but there is a bit more too it so just sit for a moment while I get through this part and I will get to something you may not have known soon enough.

Now where was I? Oh, yes, what was Toffee really after? Well …

Yup, that’s what I think, Toffee is after Marco, he gets Star to run away and Marco will be more than easy to take, but here’s the burning question, why would he want Marco?

Well, one thought is that he might want a better vessel than Ludo and those two are the only two to be affected by the forbidden chapter

(Now that I take a closer look at it, his teeth almost look like monster Arms teeth)

But a better theory is that he will use him to get Star to give him what he wants. I mean we all remember that scene from the end of season one.

How easily she gave up her wand for him (and that’s before any of us were sure she had a crush on him). Now we can’t say for sure if she did have feelings for him at this point but the presence or absence means nothing, she will give up the same or more for this boy and that will make things so much easier for Toffee.

But here’s part two of this theory … why? I mean sure, he wouldn’t have to fight Star (or Moon) but we all saw how powerful he is now, he would still have to track down Star and Moon (Assuming there on the run which they should be if their smart) so why go through all this trouble, why make more work of tracking them down … when you could just … *ahem* kill Moon and wipe the floor with Star, like you did Moon and the magic high commission? Well, the answer is simple, and I will show you using a series of clips

Did that get your attention? Star is significantly stronger than her mother, ‘she’s far beyond it’ as Baby put it. And did you see the clip of Toffee’s face? He saw this power, and he … is at least concerned, concerned enough to not want to risk a fight with Star if he can help it. Concerned enough to want to avoid this unnecessary risk.

Normally this would be where I would put my conclusion, summing up everything I just went over, but I would like to make a quick note here. Moon is the DUMBEST queen I’ve ever layer eyes on. Even if she doesn’t put Toffee’s plan together, Toffee has already kidnapped Marco once already and used him to make Star destroy her wand, don’t you think … I don’t know, he might try something like that again?! Oh, and less we forget,

And who heard this song? Only THE ENTIRE KINGDOME OF MEWNI!!! Moon you idiot! At the very least tell Marco to go into hiding or say something along the lines of ‘Hey Marco, I know this must be difficult times for you what with my daughter, who just so happens to be your best friend, having feelings for you even though you’re dating someone else but I really need you to go into hiding so an evil lizard person that I know from when I was young, and has a vendetta against me and Star, who has kidnapped you in the past to make Star do what he wants, doesn’t try and kidnap you again and use you to blackmail my beloved daughter who is actually more powerful than I am and may be the only hope of stopping said lizard.’ You know, something like that? But no, she leaves him unguarded in a dimension with no means of contacting any other dimension (Moon doesn’t know about Marco’s dimensional scissors probably) so that he could literally be picked up like milk at the supermarket!

*Sigh* enough raging, let’s get to the conclusion, Toffee let Moon escape and scared her into taking Star away from Marco so that he could steal Marco and use him as leverage so that he doesn’t have to fight Star who he knows is much more powerful than her mom and might be a problem. There, I’m done, what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Have something you want to add? Have something you want me to examine? Then send me a message or add a comment, now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to Jackie wanting to get Star and Marco together.

How to Write an Engaging First Chapter

I probably get this question every day, so I think it’s about time I did a post on it. Many writers are concerned with writing their first chapters and they have trouble figuring out what they should include and what they should leave out until later.

When you’re submitting a manuscript in order to get an agent or find a publisher, it’s important that you hook them from the opening paragraph. A lot of agents have admitted that sometimes they ONLY read the first few sentences and if they’re not intrigued, they won’t read the rest of it. That might sound cruel, but why should they continue to read something that they think is boring when there are so many other stories in their “slush pile” to read? You need to engage the reader right from the beginning if you want them to care about your novel.

I learned this the hard way. The first few stories I wrote lacked an engaging opening. I think the best way to learn is to revisit some of your favorite books. Most of the time, they had something that caught your attention right away. There was something to it that made you keep reading. You need to make sure you have “that thing” in your own novel.

Here are the dos and don’ts of writing an engaging opening hook:


Construct a scene that best represents your character

I’m not going to tell you there’s a wrong and right way to open your novel, because it really all depends on your novel. You need to know your character before you can begin writing your story, so only you will know how you should start it off. The best advice I can give is to construct a scene that helps us best understand your character. If they’re on the run, show us that they’re being chased. If they’re sad and lonely, construct a scene that lets us feel their isolation. You don’t necessarily need to open your book with action, but you do need to introduce the conflict. Think about what your character wants and go from there.

Help set the scene

The first chapter is a good time to explore the setting of your novel. You’re not going to use this chapter to completely describe your world, but you need to give your readers a taste of it. Use all your senses to present the setting to us. What does your character feel? Are they afraid? Are they happy? Are they cautious? Putting emotion into your scenes from the beginning will not only help set the tone, but we’ll get an immediate understanding of your world.

Introduce only important information

The first chapter is not the time to give us a long, drawn-out explanation of your world and characters. You need to find the simplest and most exciting way to get information across to your readers, so that they’ll be hooked from the beginning. Get your audience to care about your story. Don’t drag it down with details that don’t matter yet. Think of your first chapter as an introduction to an essay. You don’t go right into the points immediately, but you set us up for something good.


Describe your main character in detail

We don’t need to know everything about your main character in the first chapter. We don’t need to know everything about what they look like, their best friends, how they would describe themselves in the mirror, etc. If you want to do these things, they’re best left for later chapters. Your readers do not need to know everything from the beginning to get into your story. Give them a taste and draw them in.

Give long explanations

When writing a scene, it’s easy to get caught up in everything that you want to talk about all at once. You have to remember that you’ll have time to explain things later and it will probably be much more interesting if your readers have to wait. You don’t need to mention everything that’s happening and why it’s important. Present the information in the most engaging way possible and avoid these long explanations. We don’t need you main character to make a page long speech in the first chapter of your novel.

Fill your readers with unnecessary back story

Again, too much back story in your first chapter will kill your momentum. Anything that’s unnecessary to know from the beginning can be put off until later. I know it’s exciting to get into the meat of your novel, but your readers have to care about your world and characters before you keep talking about it. Don’t be afraid to cut something or push something back to later chapters. You’ll also improve the pacing of your novel if you keep these things in mind.

It’s super important to remember that all of these things won’t apply to every novel. There are times when the opening of your novel will break all these rules and there will be exceptions to every single one of them. However, if you keep getting feedback that people “can’t get into your novel”; it might be because your first chapter is weak. Also, if you’re having trouble with your first chapter and can’t seem to get it right, leave it for later. You can always go back and change something if you don’t love it.


Lets remember the time that Matt and Harry won an award for Malec that has 10x more true meaning and impact than a Teen Choice Award

Maybe one day Teen Choice Awards can change their ways of being prejudice and rigging things

But for now we all know the actual truth and that’s important maybe by combing our voices we can make them change for next year and the rest 

lamarrdavis  asked:

do you mind posting Jesses actual popcorn recipe here too

Sure thing! May I present Jesse McCree’s Famous Popcorn!

So a lot of the amounts on this can be varied depending on personal preference, this is just what I use.

You’re going to need a stove-top popcorn popper like so:

Ours is a bit old and has taken some damage, not dirty I promise! You can get them at specialty stores and on Amazon. This recipe assumes a 3-quart popper, but I know they make other sizes.

You also need a container for mixing/eating from. A bowl is acceptable, a Tupperware container is also acceptable, but the best tool for the job is this bad boy:

You can buy one once at your theater and you keep it all year (cheap refills at the theater too) or you can just get something similar at a store/online. They come with a lid, this is key. Also, who doesn’t like a bucket of popcorn?


3 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil (this is just the brand the store had that day, we’ve used all sorts)

2-4 tablespoons of popcorn topping (the golden-orangish flavored oil)

Fine-grain popcorn/nut salt to taste - fine-grain is important! Anything bigger, such as table salt, makes the popcorn feel gritty and pools at the bottom of the container. Fine-grain salt coats evenly and clings to the pieces

And ¾ cups of popcorn kernels. The type of kernels you use is completely up to you! The grocery store has the standard kernels we all recognize, but you can get some really interesting varieties online for cheap! (Remember, popcorn kernels go a LONG way) They have some varieties that have been grown to have less shards, more fluffiness, and even some that make tiny popcorn!

1) Put 3 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil into the popper.

2) Take 2 or 3 popcorn kernels and drop them on top of the coconut oil in the popper–these are our test kernels for temperature.

3) In a small bowl, put 2-4 tablespoons of popcorn topping – the more you add the more buttery the flavor. Don’t overdo it, or you won’t get the flavor from the coconut.

4) Set oven to medium-high heat.

5) When the test kernels have popped, add in ¾ cups of popcorn kernels and close the lid, then continuously stir with the handle. Keep the kernels moving in the oil to avoid burning! In just a few minutes the popcorn will pop.

6) After the popper fills up, immediately take off of heat and put the popcorn in a big bucket.

7) Cook the butter topping in the microwave on high for 30 seconds.

8) Add fine-grain popcorn/nut salt to taste. Usually I shake some salt over for a very light coating, shake up the popcorn, then repeat 2 more times. Don’t ever dump in all your salt at once or you’ll get an uneven coat. Remember, you can always add more; you can’t remove it once it’s in there.

9) Slowly pour in the butter while shaking up the popcorn. Then, if you have a container with a lid, put the lid on and shake the popcorn thoroughly. Remove lid and enjoy!

I am also experimenting with adding flavors to the popcorn, and if I get a collection I think is Jesse-worthy I will make an addition to this! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this popcorn as much as Jesse and Hanzo!

“A person wearing headphones and/or avoiding eye-contact when you are talking isnt necessarily ‘rude’. That person may be autistic and most probably finds it easier to listen like that! Please respect their sensory needs!”

Just a quick PSA. 

I’m feeling a lot less pissed off at neurotypicals today so that calls for less angry art. 

Avoiding eye contact and wearing headphones all the time is often perceived by neurotypical people as a rather rude gesture. This is unfortunate and is something that really has to be unlearnt for the benefit of autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people who do these things. 

Autistic people (as well as some other neurodivergent people) avoid eye contact because the experience ranges from uncomfortable and mildly distressing to very painful and upsetting. Avoiding eye contact is much more comfortable and natural for a lot of us and makes us feel a bit more at ease interacting with people and the world in general. (I will add though that not all autistic people avoid eye contact but enough of us do that it needs to be respected. If you meet a person who says they are autistic but are able to make eye contact yes they are still autistic.)

Forcing an autistic person to make eye contact with you is not only incredibly rude and insensitive, but it is also an act of ableism. You are in no way entitled to force anyone to make eye contact with you. Please respect autistic and otherwise neurodivergent peoples need to avoid eye contact. 

Wearing headphones all the time is something a lot of autistic people and people with sensory processing disorder do to avoid sensory overload and meltdowns that can be caused by loud noises or too many noises at once. It is important to remember that our hearing can be more sensitive than yours so what we perceive as loud might not seem that loud to you but that doesnt change the fact that it may still be painful to us. 

If an autistic person wears headphones while interacting with you they are not being rude, they are avoiding pain, sensory overload and potential meltdowns. Please respect this. If you try to force an autistic person to remove their headphones you are being rude and insensitive and being very ableist. 

That is all for now, unless I have forgotten something. Thank you. 

Here’s some tips for writing poetry:

1) You don’t always  have to rhyme with the next word, instead you can use a word that fits into the ryhtym and compliments the last.
Experiment with different styles of poetry and go out of your comfort zone on purpose, trust me it will help.

2) If you’ve been running out of ideas try these few tips to help you start writing again: try an image prompt, pick a theme and run with it, join tumblr writing competitions or writing competitions in general, pick a random sentence or a sentence of your choice in a book and write a poem about it.

3) Use stream of conciousness writing to write a poem (Stream of conciousness is a writing style where you let your writing flow without pausing to critisize or think about how the writing should sound you write without stopping if you can help it)
Trust me doing this will generate so many ideas! I had someone tell me that one of my stream of consciousness poems could be made into many poems…so it’s great for ideas.

4) Keep a notebook wherever you go, you never know when a idea good or bad will pop in your head.
Keep every poem you write even if it’s bad poetry one day you can look back on it to see how you’ve improve or you can possibly rewrite one of your old poems to showcase how you’ve improved.
For me it was fun looking back to my early years of writing and to see how verbose I was .

5) Write about what’s hard, whatever in your life that is hard if you write about it in poetry so much burden can be lifted off your shoulders.
With poetry you have a voice loud and colourful.

6) What do you want to do with your poetry? Think about it for a second.
Do you want to make a poetry book?
Do you want to submit to a publication with your poetry?
DO you want to spread a certain message?
DO you write for fun?
Do you want to help others with your poetry?
Finding out what it is you want to achieve and will help you create a path to self-fulfillment.

7) Practice rhyming with the last word for as long as you can in a new poem.
Never force out a rhyme it just won’t sound good enough.

8)It can be hard to come up with ideas for writing poetry and it is easy to get stuck while writing a poem so here’s what can help: if you  get stuck while writing a poem think of a word that rhymes with the last and see if you can make it fit your poem, then continue the narrative and if I can’t find a word to rhyme with the previous verse I make a new verse and rhyme it with the line before that.
Here’s an example:
When I look at the sky
I see clouds floating by
The sky bright blue
I see your face was drawn
I thought that we were through
But now this cloud makes me remember you.

9) Not all poetry has to rhyme, in fact it’s fine if it doesn’t.
What's more important is the rhythm in the piece of poetry and sticking to the overall feel or theme of the piece.

10) My final piece of advice when it comes to poetry is to share and build a fan base but save your special poems for yourself or if you’re interested or incline to a publishing house.
Prompts can really help when you’re stuck in a writing block, message me if you want free prompts just tell me how many you need and I’ll pm them back to you free of charge.
Poetry tells a story even if it isn’t a novel, so never forget that you have the tools to change, help and make a difference with your writing!

—  writingsaboutwhatever