that makes him so adorable though

he gives me so much butterflies making me never want to stop thinking about him. he’s always the last thing on my mind and i’m always making fake little scenarios i wish would happen. seeing him in person makes the butterflies in my stomach seem like nothing. he’s always smiling which makes me want to smile back. his eyes make me drown even though they aren’t even close to the color of the ocean. his voice and his laugh are just so adorable. his personality and how he likes to have fun makes me so happy. he’s so hyper and just so ‘loveable’. i’m falling for him so badly but he can’t see how i can make him happy. how i can help him in bad times, how i can always be there for him, he just doesn’t see how much i want to be there by his side. it stings me just knowing that i think about him all day when he has probably never even thought about me once. i wanna be his but i also want to get over him but neither is happening.
—  rant.

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I've just finished binge reading this whole blog :^) you're writing is amazing! 🌚💕 how would the rfa (+ V and Saeran) act around mc if she was super sensitive. Just by seeing something cute start crying, like as simple as a butterfly. Danks 👅💦

Thank you so much!! 


  • Everyone in the RFA had always made fun of him for being sensitive
  • But now they’ve met MC
  • They didn’t know it was possible for someone to be this sensitive
  • Yoosung thinks it’s adorable  
  • But he’s always nervous about making MC accidentally cry
  • Even if they aren’t upset while crying he’s just still scared of making them cry
  • And even though he is used to MC being sensitive about stuff he still freaks out when they cry
  • He’s the type to start crying by seeing people he cares about cry
  • But he always tries to hold back tears when he sees MC cry
  • But it doesn’t always work so sometimes they cry together


  • She didn’t know about this at first
  • How did MC even keep it from her for this long
  • She found out when the two of them went on a date at the park
  • They were sitting under a tree enjoying how calm it was
  • “Jaehee look”
  • Jaehee looked over at MC and they were feeding a squirrel who had approached them
  • She was about to comment on that this was cute but then she noticed that MC was crying
  • Immediately asked if MC was okay
  • “It’s so cute, Jaehee”
  • Jahee was so confused about why MC was crying. Should she be comforting them???
  • She moves closer to MC and holds on to them, causing the squirrel to run away
  • Which led to MC crying more
  • Not because they were upset that it left
  • But because it was too cute how fast it ran on how it’s tail moved
  • Jaehee makes sure not to be too alarmed if they see MC crying


  • He walked to the living room to see MC covering their face sobbing
  • He freaked out instantly ran to hold on them
  • “Sh, Babe, babe it’s okay. Tell me what’s wrong”
  • “I saw this video.. This video where this guy.. He risked his life to save a puppy”
  • What
  • He was so confused
  • “Ah MC I thought something bad had happened!”
  • MC showed him the video to prove that it was too touching
  • He didn’t cry but he agreed it was sweet
  • He still freaks out like this everytime MC cries over small stuff


  • He was quick to get used to that MC cries over pretty much nothing
  • And he thought it was cute but sometimes got worried about MC crying so much
  • One evening they were relaxing in the living room they were both chatting with wine
  • But somehow MC had ended up on the floor lying in front of Elizabeth 3rd
  • Elizabeth 3rd rubbed her nose on MC’s nose before lying down by MC’s arm
  • This was enough to make MC start tearing up
  • And then start crying
  • Jumin asked them what’s wrong
  • “That was so cute, She rubbed her nose on my nose that means she loves me” MC said while half sobbing
  • This was the cutest thing for him
  • He was probably tearing up tbh
  • He loves when MC cries over Elizabeth being cute tbh


  • He would probably tease MC about it all the time
  • But the first time it happened he freaked out
  • He thought he did something that upset them
  • MC was holding their phone and crying and he grabbed them in a hug
  • “MC, What’s wrong? ”
  • “I just read that-”
  • “Read what? Did something happen?”
  • “That cows have best friends”
  • “…What?”
  • “They get stressed if they’re separated”
  • He couldn’t help but start laughing
  • He thought they were really upset about something
  • Nah just cows being pals


  • They were doing a photoshoot together
  • He would often let MC try to take pictures with his camera
  • They didn’t turn out very good but he thought they were amazing
  • Even tho he could barely see them
  • But it was a day where he was taking pictures of MC and then he heard them suddenly start crying
  • A small butterfly had landed on MC’s hand while V was taking pictures of them
  • He tried to take pictures of MC holding the butterfly
  • They didn’t get really good pictures since MC was crying in in each one
  • And MC sort of didn’t like professional photos of them sobbing
  • But V loved them


  • When he saw MC cry he was ready to fight someone tbh
  • He asked MC why they were crying
  • “Saeran.. Can we get a munchkin cat?”
  • “What?”
  • “They have tiny legs and are so adorable can we please?”
  • “…Is this.. Is this why you’re crying?”
  • He really doesn’t understand Why MC is crying over small cats?
  • MC shows him a video of a munchkin cat running
  • Now he understands

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Victor DEFINITELY rambled about Yuuri to Makkachin before visiting Hasetsu.

He must’ve said stuff like “Oh Makkachin, he’s so adorable! He wears dorky glasses and clothes and even though hes gained a little weight he is still so handsome and his tushy is just the CUTEST thing! I think I love him!”


i love the scene when they capture ulaz and no one except shiro thinks its a good idea to go into the blade of marmora hq… allura least of all because she hates galra so much

every single paladin agrees with the princess though, and side against shiro unanimously

he doesnt really put up a great argument, besides just a feeling in his heart that he has about it. and how allura responds to him is the part that makes me adore this scene:

allura, despite her deeply ingrained hatred and distrust, and the support of literally everyone else in her decision, trusts shiro. 

and he was right. it’s such a quiet moment about allura’s innate wisdom as a leader to not have a headstrong response when everyone is telling her she’s right except the one person in the room who has first hand experience with the situation at hand. and listening to them.

okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man

little things to love about jihoon
  • he’s the number one producer 
  • makes great music 
  • can play the guitar and piano
  • he can rap yall check out one of svt’s mixtapes thx
  • just overall talented 
  • yall one of his nicknames is documentary iM CHOKING LMAOSAJDKLS
  • bc sometimes he gets ‘too serious’
  • aside from being serious, his laughing outburts are HILARIOUS 
  • when he laughs it’s so fun to watch, it makes me laugh too
  • sometimes when he laughs he just slowly approaches the ground and lays there lol same
  • also he cares for his members a lot
  • even though he doesn’t show it often
  • like that one time he payed for seventeen’s meal without letting the members know
  • such a sweetheart
  • poor boy doesn’t like aeygo but his members make him do it anyway 
  • cutest eye smiles
  • “if you recover from your wisdom teeth, you’ll die” thanks man great advice
  • “adore u is a funky pop song with fun and fresh lyrics that matches seventeen’s age on top of an addictive melody”
  • leader of intros to songs
  • when he becomes all sentimental, he starts cringing and honestly same 
  • this frickin video of adorableness
  • aka grandpa
  • bc sometimes he can’t keep up with 12 energentic members
  • the ‘oW’s you hear in svt’s songs? yeah that’s him
  • spends countless nights in the studio just to perfect seventeen’s music
  • if that’s not dedication, i don’t know what is
  • have you all notice? he has pretty handsss~
  • jihoon with long hair and a smol lil ponytail is a blessing
  • when he had his pink hair during adore u
  • he looks so good in oversized sweaters
  • ppl call him a fairy sometimes and hes like “what? no”
  • the way he starts and ends his twitter menpas lol
  • “start”
  • “end”
  • the iconic moment of jihoon about to smack mingyu with a guitar. amazing
  • probably one of the most hard working inviduals ive ever seen
  • here’s to many more, for jihoon and seventeen

I’m not joking about Harry getting his own cooking show though. Give me a happy Harry in a decorative yellow apron, detailing slowly and passionately how to layer a red velvet cake. Imagine his brow furrowing as he concentrates on pouring the batter or getting the icing just right. And then he’s glowing at the end when it’s finished, smiling as he says to join him next week when he makes special Christmas-themed cupcakes.

Head Canon: Anakin Skywalker Things he does while being intimate

Requested: Yes

-DOMINATE (  no shock there though )

-when cuddling things get heated and when he starts moving his hands up and down your body he’d LOVE to feel you squirm underneath him when you get turned on

-Anakin adores your lips. He loves the curve of them. He loves the color. EVERYTHING. So when you guys are making out he tries sucking and biting on them as much as possible. Bringing your bottom lip in between his teeth and looking into your eyes while doing it is so arousing he almost cums in his pants every time.

-during sex you HAVE to beg for him. It’s his favorite thing.

-kissing every inch of you so you know how much you mean to him is a must when being intimate. He wants you to know you intoxicate him ( in such a good way ) 

-at night when you guys are sleeping Anakin sometimes has nightmares about almost becoming a Sith Lord so when he wakes up shaking and sweaty feeling your body next to him is all the comfort in the world to him

-he likes to spoon ( of course being the big spoon most of the time )

-but sometimes you like to take control and be the big spoon and he doesn’t mind he finds it very cute

-your body is the most precious thing to him. So when cuddling he likes to cradle EVERY inch of you. 

All I constantly think about

Is the moment Even first saw Isak. 

I can’t help but wonder and obsess over what it was that made Even go completely loco over a boy he had never met. What made him so desperate to just meet him, and know him and be around him, even though he knew he could never be with him. What made him so desperate that he went to a group he didn’t care about, followed him to the bathroom, took all of those paper towels whilst looking super weird, and pretended to forget his ID just to spend more time with this boy that made his heart sing from the moment he saw him. 

What was it?

Yes obviously Isak is an adorable, silly, caring, dorky little sunshine that makes all of us glow with love. But imagine, Even is a 19 year old boy in a long term committed relationship with a girl he says, knows him better than anyone. a boy who has been through more chaos, pain and stress than we could ever know, who has started a new school to move on with his life and gain control. The last thing he would want or expect is a random second year whom he has never met before, making him feel and want and need things, that not only he can’t understand but that throws his whole world upside down again. 

Which would explain why it took him two months to actually talk to this boy. 

So I wonder what it was. What was it that left a strong enough mark inside him, that made everything I listed above mean nothing compared to the way this boy who he never met and didn’t know, made him feel. What was it that made him spend two months trying to shake those feelings and needs away, only to be thrown deeper in the complete exhilaration of needing to have this boy in his life. 

What was it that made him decide he was worth the chaos?

What was it that made him look at Isak Valtersen and know that he was going to change his life?

Dating Newt Scamander

• at first he’s a mess because he’s never met someone as beautiful as you before but he tries to act all gentlemanly and you find it adorable
• queenie always reading your mind
• this leads to lots of misunderstandings
• even though you are a wizard and fairly familiar with the magical world the first time he leads you into his briefcase you’re in awe
• him just looking at you exploring and it makes him fall even more in love with you
• newt being the kind of guy not wanting to do the do until he’s been in the relationship long enough
• and you just give him this unbelievable sense of security and he’s so in love with you
• you expect your first time with him to be innocent and fluff with just a dash of awkward
• and it lowkey is but you’re amazed at what he can do
• [plus i mean he knew what that erumpent was mad for so whats to say he didn’t know a few things about you ;)))]
• he’s still a very passionate guy and he’s still a cinnamon roll and hES JUST SO PERFECT
• him lightly brushing the hair out of your face
• don’t get me wrong, he’s still awkward and easy to fluster
• him showing you all of the animals
• in return you try and teach him a few things about new york but you’ve barely been there longer than he has and you’re more used to london
• the both of you agree to go out together when you return to london
• you enjoy taking him to see different marching bands
• he absolutely adores the way you look when you get lost in the music
• cuddling sessions
• you two would share the most passionate kisses
• newt is not a morning person
• you’re actually pretty surprised from the effort it takes to get him out of bed since he’s usually so full of energy
• newt is protective but he knows well enough not to smother you and still let you have a life
• you two are soulmates and just love each other so much

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valentine’s day headcanons
  • it’s everyone’s favorite holiday y’all
  • let’s talk about yamaguchi and how much of a romantic he is
  • v-day brings out the cheesiest side of him
  • he gets flowers for EVERYONE
  • tsukki is allergic to pollen so yams buys him plastic ones
  • they don’t die though, so tsukki doesn’t throw them out…
  • …..which means his closet is full of plastic bouquets from years past
  • anyway
  • yamaguchi takes his time to make treats for all his friends
  • which he packs into adorable pink gift bags
  • with personal notes about why he loves whoever the gift bag is for
  • so the whole team gets one, obviously
  • tsukki doesn’t get one, however
  • it’s the first year he’s been left empty-handed
  • yams has the smuggest smile while everyone else unwraps their bags in the club room and tsukki is just. dumbfounded.
  • so he complains
  • “yamaguchi, where’s my bag?”
  • “i left it at home. you can come by and get it once we finish up this meeting!”
  • so tsukki agrees
  • and yamaguchi still looks smug
  • they go to yamaguchi’s house
  • tsukki does not see a gift bag anywhere and complains again
  • but yams tells him to close his eyes
  • and he makes him promise not to look while he goes and gets the “gift bag”
  • except
  • it isn’t a gift bag
  • tsukki feels a long rectangular box in his hands
  • and yams tells him to open his eyes
  • and it is a box. a black box with no writing on it or anything
  • “are you proposing to me?”
  • “just open it, you dummy.”
  • tsukki opens it and
  • wOAH
  • it’s a….bracelet
  • it’s plain black leather with a tiny silver circle
  • it kinda looks like the moon
  • but it has an engraving of the letter “T”
  • he assumes it’s for “Tadashi”
  • and suddenly tsukki is blushing but not ANYWHERE near as much as yams is
  • “it matches mine.”
  • and yams is wearing one just like it
  • except, upon closer inspection, it has the letter “K”
  • which is obviously for “Kei”
  • and tsukki, although still salty he never got a gift bag full of food..
  • is very happy
  • because he loves his boy
  • even if he is the cheesiest
  • “happy valentine’s day, tsukki.”
  • “so this means we’re valentines now?”
  • and yams blushes even harder but nods because DUH
  • tsukki hates consumerist holidays but
  • he could never hate one that yamaguchi loves
  • because DUH
  • he loves him

its that time of year again…..give me your aggressively adorable gangsey friendsgiving fics where they all pile into 300 fox way and it’s noisy and warm and chaotic and gansey is trying to help maura cook but he keeps messing up so instead blue makes him set the table (because gansey knows exactly which side the fork goes on and how many spoons you need even though all the plates are mismatched and the utensils are different sizes) outside, noah and ronan are raking leaf piles and trying to throw each other in while adam watches, rolling his eyes until ronan picks him up, throws him over his shoulder and tosses him in a leaf pile. meanwhile henry has opal on his shoulders and helping her reach the pie stashed on top of the fridge.

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OMG YOUR SCOUT IS ADORABLY AMAZING I COULD JUST KISS HIM!!! (and your hands cuz omg the art <3<3<3)

Anybody seen my phone? I got an ask to answer.

Seriously, though: Thank you so much Anon! I’m so happy you like my art and took the time to write me :) I’m still making a face like Scout in the first panel tbh :D

the foxhole court family <3
  • basically neil adores his family 
  • like he is 100% invested in them 
  • and they are so proud of him (yes, even kevin)
  • like kevin and him will sit for hours rewatching the same Exy games, making terrible exy jokes (’hey, day?’ ‘what?’ ‘this is exylent’) 
  • and neil will agree to sample his protein shakes even though they all taste horrible and healthy 
  • like basically the two are indeed friends, no matter what reporters says, seeing kevin day basically screaming at neil for being so fucking stupid half the court away, neil flipping him off without even looking. 
  • neil also always waits for renee after her bible group. they meet late every wednesday and end around 10 at night and he finishes class at 9 but he doesn’t mind waiting because it is a long walk across campus at night and he knows renee is perfectly capable of walking by herself, he just thinks she might not mind the company. 
  • she always tells him what pastel colour she plans on dying next, and he always asks how she does it exactly because renee’s hair always looks so perfect and they exchange hair dye tips and tricks. 
  • allison makes him go shopping 
  • and neil lets her critique his barely held together converse shoes. 
  • basically they spend entire days together and she drives him far away from the university and it helps him deal with his anxiety, with the car going faster and faster until the stress goes away. 
  • he’s also right there beside her at women right protests and movements, because he does not understand why guys think its weird to support how strong women really are. 
  • allison totally paints his nails for those events and he never minds. he likes it most when she does orange and white because he is such a team spirit nerd. 
  • dan and matt always take him out for pizza since it’s his favorite food. 
  • they go see a movie and basically run around taking the weirdest instagram photos e v e r. 
  • like neil planking in front of a fountain? got it. 
  • dan flipping off the statue of christopher fucking columbus? got it. 
  • matt trying to coax of a bunny rabbit in the park to trust him and be his forever best buddy? you better believe they got it. 
  • fans adore their instagram accounts. 
  • basically neil is dan and matt’s child and they adore him 
  • some idiot tries to attack nicky for being gay on twitter?
  • ohhhh poor life choice buddy because did you not know that is neil’s domain? 
  • like riko may have thought he was king of exy, but neil is the master of twitter. 
  • like basically he does not stop. he shreds the poor ignorant bastard and educates him on why exactly he is wrong and basically whenever someone tries to attack nicky’s sexuality he is right there ready to fight. 
  • (he is also the more polite one nicky can introduce erik without as much fear to because really? aaron or andrew? please son. neil is the one with more evolved manners, even if they aren’t much.)
  • aaron and him have a more basic relationship. 
  • sometimes neil hands him a bottle of water instead of throwing it at his face 
  • BUT 
  • he is always nice to Katelyn. that is without fail. 
  • and well 
  • andrew 
  • andrew is a bit more special 
  • “it’s always a yes with you”  
BAP!boyfriend - Yongguk

Himchan | Daehyun | Youngjae | Jongup | Zelo 

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•One word can sum up this guy in a relationship: Passionate
•It will take him a very long time to fully open up and let himself be consumed with a relationship, but once he’s confident in you as well as himself and the strength in your bond, he will literally give his all
•Literally hundreds of songs written about you
•Gummy smiles of adoration
•Though he tries with all his might to always be strong, there will definitely be points where he stumbles and needs your support to keep him from spiraling into the dark parts of his mind
•Huuuuuuuge plethora of stuffed Tiggers all over the place. You can expect you won’t be sleeping alone with Bang
•He cares so much more about making sure you’ve eaten and are well rested - you’ll definitely have to get on his case about taking care of himself as well
•Random dates spent at an orphanage or volunteering together
•Very private relationship
•You two have your own little world when you’re together
•Most of your time together is simply relaxing together.  There isn’t necessarily a need for conversation or touching.  Just being in the same room with you means the world to him. He loves that he can work or read in silence but still have the pleasure of glancing up and finding you on the couch enjoying the comfortable silence yourself
•Disagreements are almost always handled with utmost care and maturity. He never raises his voice to you.  If things get too heated, he will simply walk away to clear his mind or call a truce because fighting with you is the very last thing he ever wants to do
•Though you’d probably have to beat it out of him before he admits it, you are his rock
•Sweater paw hand holds
•He won’t voice ‘I love you’ terribly often, but his actions will speak his feelings loud and clear
•Super shy, awkward confession that comes after a very long time of knowing each other
•Many late nights spent at the studio - You’re always more than welcome to join him, even if you are just going to pass out on the couch.  The presence of his muse is something he cherishes most
•Being with him would also means being family with the rest of the group
•Zelo is now your adopted little brother. You have no say over this. Who would argue with that anyway?
•Back hugs while you’re cooking
•Deep chuckles of adoration when you do something cute or kind
•Speaking of that deep voice, he will love to tease you for just how much you love it - low whispers in your ear when he’s in the mood? Check.
•Black and white photo of you as his phone’s background
•Featuring you in songs, even if it’s just a small snippet of your laugh or sweet spoken words that you didn’t even realize he recorded
•Daily texts just to let you know that he’s thinking of you - though these texts won’t necessarily flat out say that
•Dragging the other members out to support you, whether it’s to celebrate a promotion or to watch you perform.  He’s not only your #1 fan in whatever you do, but he’s the president and founder of your fan club
•You are his queen and he most certainly treats you as such
•He looooooves it when you steal one of his hoodies or shirts
•Forehead kisses
•Protectiveness - he will not stand for anyone disrespecting you
•Will try to hide it when he’s feeling unwell to save you from worry, but will grump at you if you do the same
•Holds your hand while you get a tattoo
•A hundred more songs about you
•Late nights together sharing new or old songs that you each love
•You will never meet anyone as understanding as he is no matter the situation
Overall~ There is no doubt that Bang is going to be an amazing boyfriend; though, it will take a considerably special girl to win his heart. With past relationship failures, it’s going to take some time to fully earn his trust.  Give him some time and tender love, he will fully heal and be able to give love as deep as his voice.  With him, a relationship will be a mutual understanding of feelings that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance for it to work out well.  Also, there will be mutual support for one another in their chosen careers/hobbies/passions - this is something that would mean the very most to him because he fears his woman feeling like she comes in 2nd place to his job. Privacy will also be very important to him because his life is basically already an open book to the public, so he would really love to be able to keep you and things between the two of you to yourselves - not only simply for privacy, but for your protection as well.  He also likes being able to share parts of himself with you that very few others get to see; it’s like your own sweet, shared secret.  And though this relationship will seem very mature from the outside, you can bet there’s going to be a definitely playful love between you behind closed doors.  He will enjoy lightly teasing you from time to time to get you riled up, just so he can be the one to calm you back down. His girlfriend is so much more than just his romantic companion - she becomes a part of himself that he’d be lost without.

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Headcanons on "The Dancing Demon" cartoon and Bendy's little skirt?


  • His show is one that is full of mischief.
  • There are always songs of repentance or what they’re going to do.
  • The mischief ends up badly, and they have to do something to make up for it.
  • They never learn, it’s in their childish nature.
  • Boris is the good kid while Bendy drags him into random stunts.
  • It’s only for the show though.
  • Other wise, they are both pretty careful.

Bendy’s tutu/skirt

  • He actually wears it quite often.
  • Bendy has multiple.
  • He will always wear it when kids come to see him or Boris.
  • The reason why is that kids love to see him in it.
  • It always succeeds in making them smile.
  • He looks damn adorable in it anyways so what’s the harm?
  • Definitely dances around in it. Every single time. 
Jason Todd Headcanon 1

Imagine a young Jason trying to kick a door down all cool like people in movies do. He ends up breaking his foot in the process and Bruce has to drive him back to the Batcave.

“You make it look so easy.”
“I’m a grown man, Jason. You’re a fourteen year old.”
“Dick could do it though.”
“Dick usually picked the locks first. The kicking was just to make it dramatic.”

Jason ends up in a cast for six weeks. However by the time the cast comes off he’s become even better at picking locks.

Imagine it being your birthday! You go the whole adventure for that day without a single mention of it from the Doctor. You even try to drop really obvious hints, but they seem to go right over his head. Then when you are both safe in the TARDIS after a long days work, you head to bed, bummed that he hadn’t seemed to remember at all. Only to find an hour later, when he called you back into the console room, that he had lit candles all around- on the railings, and the console. You found him standing next to the console, a destroyed cake upside down on his head, looking miserable.

“We had a bit of a malfunction.”
“… Aww, Doc, you look so adorable when you’re sad!”
“I did try to make it perfect though! I got you a present and everything… I’m sorry about the cake… Happy Birthday, Humany.”
“Thank you, Doctor. This is… truly adorable. I thought you’d forgotten!”
“No no no! There were just lots of… challenges.”

(Requested by @willow-days02, Happy birthday!!! I don’t know when you sent in the request, but still :DD)

So I know there’s a lot of TimKon content about Kon comforting/helping Tim, and that’s great content!I adore it. But I feel it can feel a tad onesided at times? So can I take a moment to appreciate Tim helping Kon, because they saved each other. 

Tim making consistent trips out to Smallville, even though the travel is time consuming, because he wants to check on and see Kon. 

Kon waking up from a nightmare to find Tim curled around him and telling him it’s just a dream. 

Tim being there for Kon when Clark didn’t really accept him.

Tim being the one to reassure Kon he is good when Kon is focusing on his Luther DNA, and being ready and willing to counter every negative thing Kon may come up with to say about himself. 

Tim being so absolutely in love with his boyfriend and making sure Kon never forgets that