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smh bia! four is the best album and ready to run is so underrated...honestly. where is the love for ready to run???

*cracks knuckles* four is my favoritre album okay??? ready to run changed me as a person,, steal my girl?? so cute but i wish it wasnt a single. WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO MADE ME INTO THE PERSON I AM TODAY,,,,, 18 makes me cry every single time like damn those harmonies trY AND TOP THAT girl almighty is always my jam it makes me feel so good abt myself fools gold??? so fuckign amazing its relatebel and heartbreaking night changes is so goooood liek sooo good ohm ygdo mmmm so good NO CONTROL MY GOD EJSUSUF CUKG OH MGY DO I LOVE OU OH GUDP fireproof???? so. adorable.. spaces we dont talk abt bc it was real life foreshadowing…. stockholm syndrome was eyeconique,, cLOUDS GOES SO HARD I WOULD HONESLTY DIE FO RIT change your ticket is such a Bop also illusion has such good harmonies once in a lifetime can suck my dick for making me cry aND ACT MY AGE IS AMAIZNG i love htis album


If Jack sees this, I just want to thank you for being absolutely sweet and so nice. You made me feel important and happy and you have helped me in so many ways without even knowing it. I’m so happy you were ok with my request to write my username on my arm. Since this was my first tattoo, I put a lot of thought into it. I wanted something that meant a lot. And this word means everything to me. “Endless” is the username of my original vine account where I met my best friends through the Jack fandom. That username was for an account that changed my life. The tattoo will also remind me of this time in my life. The time when I met up with two friends from Alabama and Michigan and met the person who meant the most to me. And having you handwrite it made it mean even more to me since you are the reason I’m the person I am today. You’ve taught me how to love myself even though I have problems with that. You’ve taught me how to let myself be happy. You saved me. So thank you. I hope I get to show you my tattoo in real life one day. But until then I just want you to know it meant the world to me and so do you.

the best parts of the raven boys (featuring me crying)

- adam and ronan literally dragging each other on moving dollys behind the bmw like what nerds

- “if it had a social security number, ronan had fought with it”

- noah told them like 400 times that he was dead why was this news

- ronan being so extra about picking fights with declan. school? sure. monmouth? hell yea. nino’s parking lot? let’s fuckin go!!!

- the first thing blue ever sees ronan do is run into the light hanging above the booth at nino’s #clumsygay™

- ronan’s number on the nino’s bathroom stall door (honestly what the fuck)

- president cell phone

- gansey describing his friends as “the sulky one” and “the smudgy one”

- take a shot every time blue or adam call gansey condescending 

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I know round here we all agree that hot!young Harrison Ford with his carpenter’s hands is one of the most compelling arguments for time travel humanity has yet put forward, but I am here to tell you that the modern 6 year old is less easy to impress. “I thought Indiana Jones was a girl,” she said sadly, clearly underwhelmed by her first sight of him in Raiders of the Lost Ark. “Me too,” echoed her sister, slurping mournfully at a Calipo as if I personally had betrayed her by allowing this 80s classic to be made with a ~man~ as the main character. “She should be a girl. A girl with glasses.”

Move over Harrison my friend, kids today don’t want hats n whips n leather jackets, they want their swashbuckling heroes to be GIRLS. Girls who look like librarians. Get to work Hollywood, don’t leave my children disappointed.

How to let go of your ex once and for all (even if it feels impossible)

It took me nearly 3 years to get over my ex boyfriend. If you have ever been through a breakup, you know it is one of the hardest most heart-wrenching things to go through.

After weeks of fighting, the day came where there was no other option than to break up. When he left my house that day I felt like he had ripped off a piece of my soul. I had loved this man with all my heart, it was a raw all consuming intense kind of love. I couldn’t grasp the reality of what had happened. My best friend came over and I was just lying there with lykke li’s song possibility on repeat. I had cried for hours and there was no life left in my eyes. 

For the first few months after the breakup I was in denial and I went into party mode, but not dealing with the pain slowly started to take its toll. And eventually (also because of some other factors) I fell into a deep black depression that would last for about a year. After the depression it still took me a long time to completely let him go.

It was the hardest and most valuable experience of my life.

So what helped me to let him go?

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chester charles bennington ( march 20, 1976 – july 20, 2017 )

you were my hero, and you probably always will be my hero. i was in a sad and dark place as i got into linkin park, and the person i’ve looked up to from second one? it was you, it was always you. i used to call you “the light of my life” because your smile, your energy and your positivity lighted up my life, never did i knew that you’re actually one more light, and that light is now gone. you made me into the person i am today, and i’m in such a better place with linkin parks help. and i’m so sorry nobody has heard your pain, even though now that i look into one more light much more, i realize that you’ve been telling us all along and i’m so sorry, i love you so much. and i always will.

you saved millions of lives, but millions of lives couldnt save you. and even though i didnt know you in person, it always did feel like you were my friend, that your voice was there to comfort me whenever i was scared and sad. i dont know how a single person affect my life so much that i can barely function, but it feels like i’ve lost a part of myself, and now that every tear is out, i’m numb and i feel nothing.i already miss you so much.

i’m feeling very hopeless right now, and if you do too, i’m here for you. 

“who cares if one more light goes out? well, i do”

i can promise you that.

Word Count: 1,798

Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, slight swearing

Summary: Reader is an actress who is cast in the second Spiderman film. While filming, Reader’s boyfriend admits some harsh news right before an emotional scene between Peter and Reader’s character. Tom notices that something is wrong and eventually comforts and cheers her up. This is somewhat platonic but can really be taken any way. Mostly angst but some really cute fluff

Notes: In light of the new Spiderman movie that is coming out in like, two days, here’s a little thing that I’ve been thinking of. I might do a small follow up one shot if you guys want! Feedback is super appreciated, too. Enjoyyy! 


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No gym for me today; went to my friend’s wedding shower!

What kickstarted my weight loss/fitness journey a few years back was a really terrible candid photo that I saw of myself. I was so shocked at how I looked to other people and it seriously upset me for weeks until I decided to do something about it. We were all gathering today for a group photo and someone snapped this picture and it truly made me realize how far I have come and how happy I am with my body and myself in general. It has been such a long road to get here but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A little blonder and a few more tattoos, but I can’t even recognize the girl on the left.

❝ I love you too, Jungkook. ❞

Plot: You’re an idol and you’re dating Jungkook. You show up at one of his fan sign and he says to everyone that you two are dating. 

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Deciding to go meet your boyfriend during a fan sign didn’t seem to be any more a great idea as at the beginning. The black mask covered your face and fortunately your eyes didn’t reveal much of who you were. Yet the feeling of being perpetually observed didn’t seem to disappear and so the anxiety increased to every minute that passed.  

But you haven’t seen Jungkook for weeks, and if that was the only way to change the situation, you’d be well-born to be discovered.  

“Next time I’ll close you in our room.” Your best friend muttered, as well as the leader of your group and the worst advocate in the world; making you smile amused from underneath the mask.  

“I didn’t ask you to come.. Then we repeated several times that we’re their fans, even if they discovered there I know hey couldn’t see anything strange… ”  

“YOU KNOW? I swear that if I read another article where they ship me and Taehyung I shoot myself. ”  

“What a bad thing Unnie…. In short, Taehyung is an incredible guy. ” You whispered in response, not understanding all that boredom towards that sweet and a little crazy boy. “Then he is also extremely beaut–”  

“But think of your boy!”  

“You Like him! That’s why you’re bored by the articles…. because you’re ashamed to talk to him. ”  

The slap that came soon after on your shoulder only made you entertain more, while patiently expected your turn to go to get the album signed.  

He was as beautiful as always but he seemed particularly cheerful that day, he could even not to bully his hyung and his smile could make you completely melt. It’s been seven months since you started to date and you’ve already figured out you were falling in love with him, but you were too intimidated and scared to confess your feelings. It was your first serious “relationship”, although not yet effective because he didn’t really ask you to be his girlfriend and you were both so young that you were afraid that he could run away in front of your confession.  

“Jungkook-oppa!” “Jungkook, you are beautiful!” “Jungkook I love you!”  

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I went to my dream concert today. The man himself was even more handsome in person than in a photo or on videos. I screamed my guts out, hot tears in the eyes, like a 100% devoted fanboy. He must have heard me, because he waved towards my direction. He must have. I was utterly convinced. Our eyes met for 0.001 second and and at that moment, having experienced unexplainable feeling of holiness and enormous joy, I made a decision that later changed my whole life: I am going to be a singer, I am going to make music, and I am going to know (love) him.  

Gradence Musician AU work in progress ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ok not gonna lie I just picked the bgm so let’s say we will see this video in 2 weeks?


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Michelangelo x Reader


Prompt: Can you do a Mikey x reader where the reader basically is always showering Mikey in candy and other subtle things…then one day the reader is finally like “I LIKE YOU WHY HAVENT YOU CAUGHT ON??!” and Mikey had no clue and is like “OH SHIIIIIiiiii!!” But then realizes he does in fact like the reader back?

Note: I’ve kinda been on a bit of a Mikey kick lately. Not sure why.

You. Had. Tried. EVERYTHING. You brought him candy, rented him any movie he wanted, gave him your Netflix log-in, played video games with him whenever he asked you to…You didn’t know how else to tell him you liked him.

And sure, Mikey was always using nicknames: angelcakes, babe, gorgeous, beautiful, but he called April all of those too, so they didn’t mean anything different when it came to you. Mikey was just a flirty person, you guessed. You would just have to wait for another sign.

But you were done waiting.

Today, while watching a movie with him, he made a comment.

“Dang, I really wish I could get a girlfriend.” He sighed at the RomCom he had chosen. You froze in place.

“Mikey, I am literally right here.” You pointed to yourself with an expectant expression. He crinkled his eyebrows.

“What are you-?”

“Wait, have you seriously not caught on?!”

“I don’t know what you-”


“You…a gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, funny, HUMAN girl who could have literally any other human being on the face of the planet…you like ME?!”


Mikey was quiet for a long moment, eyes slowly widening as it finally dawned on him. You actually liked him.

You. Actually. Liked. Him.

“Oh shiiiiiiiiiiii….” He whispered and hopped off of the couch. “I will be right back. Don’t move.” He ran off to the garbage truck to grab something from their mini-lair in the back. He rummaged through a crate of goodies tucked up into the corner. No, no, no, no, there it was.

As fast as he could, he ran all the way back to where you were waiting half-confused, half-expectant as you tried to figure out where the hell he had gone.

“(Y/N).” he stood in front of where you were seated. He knelt down and held up a cherry Ring Pop. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, you dork. I will be your girlfriend.” You replied.

“SHE SAID YES!!” He slid the plastic ring onto your left hand. “DID YOU GUYS HEAR THAT?! I HAVE A TOTALLY HOT GIRLFRIEND AND YOUUUU~ DON’T!”

“SHUT UP, MIKEY!” His brothers’ chorus came from several parts of the lair, all in unison in the same annoyed tone of voice they always had.

“So, totally gorgeous human girlfriend, what would you like to do first?”

“Well, amazingly handsome turtle boyfriend, I would like to cuddle and finish our movies and then we could…” you ran a hand down his plastron. He inhaled a sharp breath, a chill running up his spine. “Transition into other activities~”

“I love the sound of that.”

I had forgotten what fiction was to me as a boy, forgotten what it was like in the library: fiction was an escape from the intolerable, a doorway into impossibly hospitable worlds where things had rules and could be understood; stories had been a way of learning about life without experiencing it, or perhaps of experiencing it as an eighteenth-century poisoner dealt with poisons, taking them in tiny doses, such that the poisoner could cope with ingesting things that would kill someone who was not inured to them. Sometimes fiction is a way of coping with the poison of the world in a way that lets us survive it. 

And I remembered. I would not be the person I am without the authors who made me what I am—the special ones, the wise ones, sometimes just the ones who got there first. 

It’s not irrelevant, those moments of connection, those places where fiction saves your life. It’s the most important thing there is.
—  FROM NEIL GAIMAN’S NEWBERY ACCEPTANCE SPEECH (Also in The View from the Cheap Seats)
“You ruined yourself. You had a idol face and body, too bad you ruined yourself. You are a menace to our citizens.”

 As much of you know, I’m currently spending time in South Korea for my a surprise and sudden employment opportunity that I simply could not reject. As I’d been living in the central hub of Seoul, my experiences being a member of the Korean culture (I am of Korean and Filipino blood) were never really anything out of the ordinary than any other young citizen. However, I had an experience last night that deeply, deeply, deeply, effected me and made me sit and think for quite some time on this topic, on this very night. 

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Most of the time all he talks about is Cait and how amazing she is in every little thing she does. Even when they released that scene from 2x07, he highlighted her great performance, not to mention the amount of times he mentioned her GG nominations. So, how come the one thing he is proud to show off about himself (MPC and his physical activities) must be mocked and ripped to shreds? Is it fair? He made a difference for so many! He literally changed their lives! This situation hurts my heart.

No, it’s not fair. Unfortunately people are welcome to their opinions. I haven’t reblogged or talked publicly about any of the photos and videos posted today. I personally am not a member of MPC and cannot comment on its life changing aspect. I know that many people have high praise for MPC and Sam’s involvement. To me it just seems to be a poor time to refocus attention onto Sam and photos of him at the gym. It comes across as begging for attention and positive comments from thousands of strangers. He could have done this in a much more palatable fashion. 

A confession, not a request. If you have time, please read it.

Request: hey, i just read your rules and i was thinking, in support of you and your recovery a BTS reaction(or anything you prefer) to Y/N being a past rape victim and starting a charity or something that helps victims of it to come forward (: if not its totally fine! obviously, under your circumstances. if you do thank you, i love you ❤❤

Rather than doing a reaction, I will tell you a story. I’m sorry darling, but I really take those matters seriously and I just couldn’t bring myself to write it. Every time I started, my eyes teared up and I just couldn’t. But for you I’ll tell a story that’s very close to my heart and that will make you guys understand why I protect the kpop fandom so eagerly.

I was 14 when I was raped. Also it was January 2014. Until August 2014 no one and I really mean no one could talk normally to me, without my hands to shake or my voice.If they were able to talk to me at all. My connection to the world was stopped, I didn’t go to school, I took my exams,of course and went in the next class. However, until August, I was almost uncommunicating. I was suicidial and depressed. So, I was almost always thinking about just ending it all.

My mother knew that since I was 5 *my cousin was a first genaration kpoper* kpop made me move to the rythym and love the world. She gave me her phone and shepressed the play button of the video. And a melody started. “Sometimes you’ve gotta be bold, just rock the world. BUUYA!” It was Red Velvet’s Happines. Unlike all the other attempts to make me feel something, this one just hit home. I watched the music video in awe, amazed by the fact how beautiful they were and how happy they looked. I wanted to be happy too, but how could I? I was dirty, a whore, a no one. And after the music video ended I looked up to my mother and asked her if she’ll give me her phone tomorrow to watch the live performance. She couldn’t believe that I first talked to her after such a long period of time and of course she gladly agreed. And so on, day after day I watched Red Velvet evolving as I myself started being a new person. They introduced Yeri in the group, I went to a new school. Ice cream cake and Automatic thought me that family is all I have and I shouldn’t lose it. Dumb Dumb made me want to dance again. One of these nights made me remember the pain, but also come to terms with it. Russian Roulette made me confident and feel good about myself again. And Rookie helped me find the people I belong with.

I am very greatful to them. Those girls made me who I am today. The five hearts of the Kpop community. The underrated queens wiht music I always hear people calling childish, but let me tell you. Thanks to them I am alive. I am alive thanks to the power they gave, the fact that they told me that everyday I should be happier than yesterday, because something good will happen. 

So, don’t be afraid or ashamed to listen to kpop, because this “Chin Chong” as people call them, save and inspire people lives. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, to tell your story.

My biggest dream is to have five minutes in my whole life in which I’ll be able to meet the girls. To tell them how grateful I am, what they did for me, how they are for me. I want them to know that they saved my life and that they are precious. And that girl groups can also be a big influence in someone’s life.

Red Velvet 언니들이, 고마워. 너때무네 나 한국어 공부해요. 너무 너무 감사합니다. 사랑해요. <3 

Irene, I write this for you. Happy birthday darling.

Love, Li.

13880 Days Old!

Today I turned 38.

It was the best birthday. Bailey had a surprise party for me on Saturday. Good, snacks, and wonderful friends.

It meant the world to me that people came to a party for me. I am not always a good friend and I don’t always give people the attention they deserve. I got some wonderful cards and gifts. Sweet messages and hugs. Every person really was important to me. 

And today a lot of friends - near and far - close and distant - took a moment to wish me a Happy Birthday. Every message means a lot to me. I am blessed to have people who care.

Thank you all so much.

And of course - there’s Bailey. That wonderful patient, thoughtful, amazing man. In the past, April has been a stressful month, so we’ve treated my birthday with haste. I’ve downplayed it because I just don’t want to inconvenience anyone or be a bother. But who doesn’t want their day. And Bailey made it mine.

Here’s to another year under the Sun!

- Hadrian

To my first and last love,

It’s been a year. A year now that I’ve been with you and fallen so deeply in love. I’m so grateful I was given the opportunity to discover you. You motivate and inspire me so much and without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. You make me just beyond happy and proud I can’t explain. You’ve made me feel something I’ve never felt for a human before. I will always be here to support you so always remember to keep fighting and remember there are so many people who love you. Never be sad because seeing you smile makes all us carats smile even bigger. You are so perfect in every single way and I don’t want to change a thing about you. I want to stand on a mountain and scream to the world that I’m in love with you. My heart belongs to you and only you now. Thank you for coming into my life. I will love you forever and always,
Hansol Vernon Chwe

Happy 19th Birthday baby 💘


hi everyone! i would firstly like to thank u all for the notes on my last post about learning anything in 3 steps! i am so grateful and happy that i can help people study and achieve what they want to achieve! 

today i decided to make a post about the night before the exam. for me, i get incredibly anxious at this time and i start doubting myself and all the hard work i have put in. however, i want everyone to know that these feelings are normal, and in order to deal with them, i have made a post to help u out!! no matter what happens in the exam, you will come out a better person for it, knowing more than u did when u went in. this can be difficult to realise the night before so i hope this post gives u some tips in dealing with those nasty feelings!

i’m so proud of you and what you will achieve, no matter what!

best luck and wishes to all,


asmr channels that are 10/10 (idrk how to explain what it actually is, but all these channels should have some info on it in the description bar if ur unsure!!):

albinwhisperland // whispersred // psychetruth // lauralemurex