that made me fall in love with him while reading the manga

justallthedalish  asked:

I just read your Momo post and while i generally agree about it she's not really a common body type. And I say that for one reason. Her boobs are way to big for someone that skinny and athletic. Woman that naturally thin and muscular generally won't have much because since the fat get burned off (also cause hers are disproportionately large) And even then to be able to do the large amounts of fighting she does she'd need a high impact sports bra. Add that and the costume is better and realistic

i think the problem here is that i used only anime screen shots, which hirokoshi did not draw himself, bc i was making more of an emotional point than one specifically about her body and outward appearance

in the wiki it says this about her power and use of fat cells

“Momo’s body breaks down fat at a molecular level, which will then be re-used as material for her to shape into objects with her Quirk.[2] Because of this, considerable ingestion of food is necessary for the Quirk to be effective. This means she would likely become extremely under weight if used too much.“

momo has the quirk equivalent of an extremely high metabolism

so she must keep eating and constantly keep up her weight to properly use her quirk, and to not accidentally become underweight through overuse of her quirk

now check out this manga panel straight from the hands of horikoshi



you can tell that in the original art her boobs actually look PERF for her body type.

still the biggest in the class but they look naturally big

not like outrageous anime big haha

even in the anime character refs her boobs look perf for her body imo

a lot of the problem comes in how they are animated but thats on the production company, not on horikoshi

im guessing changes were made simply bc it was cheaper/easier to animate this way


and about her not having a sports bra

“Her hero costume consists of a simple red skin-tight outfit that exposes most of the center of her torso, arms and legs, with a large light gold belt so she can more freely use her Quirk.”

any more fabric would limit what her quirk can produce
and as my buddy @arr-jim-lad just pointed out to me this is probably a big reason as to why she did poorly during the tournament
she could only use what she could make from her arms since they were all required to wear their gym uniform so no one has an unfair advantage

omg also when i said it was a super common body type i didnt mean “athletic bod + big boobs”

i meant its super common for lots of teens to go from flat chested child to big boobed child so fast they have no idea what to do about it, and they can be completely unaware of the change for a while. according to her wiki she’s 15 so its not only possible but entirely probable her character is just unaware of how her hero costume looks beyond “this is the most functional outfit”

i mean if it were made only for sex appeal why would horikoshi put a book of references on the back

“The Yaoyorictionary: This equipment is made of lexicon compiling all the constructs and materials that comes to Momo’s mind. It also has magnets attached to the cover and inside pages so that it doesn’t open or fall.”

damn what a sexy book

its not mentioned much in the anime but if you look up these characters on their wiki it describes in great detail the purposes behind their costumes

its not at all just aesthetics, everything about their designs has a very unique function to greater utilize their quirks!!

((imo uraraka’s is especially interesting!! really you should check it out!!))




yes he didnt have to make a teenager w large breasts w a quirk that used her skin.

but i love that he did

bc he found a way to do it and make it natural and completely unsexualized

despite what the angries on tumblr would have you believe, there is absolutely no instances of momo being sexualized over her body or outfit by anyone other than mineta, and even then most characters act like he doesnt exist (except the blessed frog and lovely jiro who usually beat him for it)


Saezuru 25: Doumeki in Focus

It was worth it to wait for the scanlation because with translated words I think Doumeki will be better understood. Because not only Yashiro but absolutely Doumeki - the controversial man of the hour - deserves to be in focus in this chapter.

I’m fortunate that I was never in Yashiro’s shoes and will therefore just discuss this in terms of fiction, art and literature taking into account not just this chapter alone but looking at it in a wholistic view of the story. After reading the chapter and understanding it I still stand by the opinion that Doumeki is a good man, it was loving, it’s not without consent nor was it violent. If you are not on the same page as me I suggest for you to just ignore this opinion of mine. And it’s a long read.

It is another very good chapter. The build up was so great and gripping that you are not fully expecting it to happen but when it did you are more than satisfied. It wasn’t rushed and it was filled with details, very detailed in fact. And I love the intensity and passion that abound in every page. The art is so beautiful and the story always pulling a heart string or two that made it probably the best love-making I’ve seen in mangas of all genre.

When all this part of the plot started it was Yashiro who asked for it first. Doumeki was the first to refuse. And with that rejection Yashiro started to crumble.

It was pretty much the same kind of rejection he was afraid of before with Kageyama.

Only now with Doumeki he is still not yet fully recognizing that he loves this man. But the rejection triggered Yashiro to rub salt into Doumeki’s old wounds bringing into surface Doumeki’s own trauma and fears.

And Doumeki laid his feelings and everything for Boss and still did not do it. The point is Doumeki refused and even after Yashiro’s exit to the bathroom, he still thinks at that moment that his decision was the right thing to do but also started to question it.

What changed it?

Everything changed when Yashiro put down some of his walls in that moment of vulnerability in the bathroom. It changed when Yashiro said he is afraid to lose Doumeki.

It changed when Yashiro for the first time expressed his true emotions. And Doumeki came to understand him better.

Yashiro needs someone. That’s why in that moment Doumeki hugged him and kissed him.

And Doumeki showed him another side, another angle of this fear “if losing me scares you so much, then why are you so afraid of being here with me now?”

There’s nothing for Yashiro to be afraid of with Doumeki beside him if it is losing him that he fears. Yashiro is fearing something else. He is afraid not of Doumeki but he is afraid of “feeling” and of being truly hurt. Yashiro trained himself to be numb and make himself believe he likes pain. But he is afraid that Doumeki will erase all that. He is not running away from Doumeki but he is running away from the things that would hurt him just like what he had always done all his life.

Again, that’s why at that moment Doumeki hugged him and kissed him. Yashiro’s pain and fears I would also like to hug it all away if only that could help him.

I love it that Doumeki knows what Yashiro truly needs. Yashiro needs to face what happened in the past at least once in his life to be able to break free from it even at least a little. Face it without joking, without the air of indifference and casual dismissal, face it seriously head-on as the reality that it is.  And to face the love and affection that is in front of him now.

Would you say there was no consent and Doumeki forced it because we haven’t heard it explicitly?

Here is Yashiro’s answer. 

Doumeki stopped and pulled up respecting the silence. But very clearly Yashiro gave his answer and brought his hips up to Doumeki’s stuff. 

A silent answer. A clear plea of mutual desire. He wants it. And Doumeki made Yashiro face him. 

Doumeki made Yashiro face him, made Yashiro want him…not the pain but the man in front of him and all his feelings. He will not fuck him. They will make love.

It was not totally without consent. Yashiro wanted it too. Yashiro is protesting to doing it in the front and to Doumeki pleasuring him with real pleasure. But not to the act itself. Doumeki continues on with giving him pleasure and treating him gently because Yashiro needs to know that he can be loved and that pleasure does not equate to pain, he can feel good and he can feel pleasure without pain, and Yashiro needs to admit to himself that he does not really like pain. 

And Yashiro initiated this one.

This is Yashiro’s first time being treated so delicately, and kissed so tenderly like this while doing it. and I love this kiss in the forehead sooo much.

Doumeki is probably the first to refuse to inflict pain on him despite his words; the first to know that what he really needs is gentle love despite his conflicting contradictions; the first to say he is beautiful and made him feel he is an existence that should be treasured.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Doumeki… you made many fall for you.. with the feelings you are showing to Yashiro, with every caress, with every embrace, with every loving gaze, with every kiss you shower Yashiro.

It triggered memories of his haunting past and the ghosts he has been battling and suppressing all these years. And those were pages of memories that broke hearts. But it made time and emotions flow again for this frozen man.

Voltage Inc. Developer Interview Pt. III

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Peek behind the curtain with us in this final section and discover what goes into creating your favorite characters and stories!

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Two and a Half Minutes

Warning - I don’t care if you ship Sasusaku, Narusaku, Narusasu, or Naruhina this post is gonna hurt. It’s long - but that’s because it is addressing something that has been going on a long time.

So, the fandom, myself included, have been giving Sakura Haruno a lot of sh** for her “two and a half minute” date with Sasuke.

But I’ve been rereading the series - and a realization slowly dawned on me. A realization that Sakura Haruno - one of my most hated characters - might in fact be one of the most tragic characters in all of fiction.

Now, if you’re out of the loop, the “two and a half minute” date meme comes from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 17. Ino takes Sakura to where she had her first date with Sasuke. 

Sakura remarks, with a wistful smile, that the date only lasted two and a half minutes.

Now, many people view the above as Studio Pierrot being “biased” against Sasusaku. That since the above episode is anime original, that it’s just Studio Pierrot crapping all over Sakura and Sasuke because they dislike the characters. I fundamentally disagree with this view. There’s many reasons i disagree with this view - the notion of an entire studio disliking a character is absurd and childish, Sumire was an anime original character but she is appearing in the manga as well - Boruto had a movie before the manga proper started - but the main reason I disagree with this view is because I think the shortness of the date - along with other visual elements - hints towards a plot that has been going on since the very beginning of Naruto as a series

So before we ask “what significance does two and a half minutes have?”, let’s examine where Sakura sits when she “reminisces” about her date.

From behind, Sakura sits on the left side of the bench. Now, remember - she’s reminiscing about her first date with Sasuke here. Try and figure out what’s wrong with the above picture - specifically, the problem with Sakura sitting on the left side of the bench. Give up? Well, remember, this is supposed to be Sakura and Sasuke’s first date. Sakure and Sasuke do not begin dating until chapter 700. With the above in mind - that the first date is sometime after chapter 699 - and with Sakura sitting where she sits - there’s something she and Sasuke cannot do.

Hold hands.

If Sakura sat on the right side of the bench - then Sasuke would have to sit on the left. To hold hands, Sakura would have to hold out her right hand - and Sasuke his left. But Sasuke can’t do that.

He lost his left hand in his fight with Naruto in chapter 699. 

So what’s going on? Is the evil Studio Pierrot painting Sasuke and Sakura as so clumsy as to not sit properly to hold hands?

No, I don’t think so. But before you write off Sakura’s placement on the left side of the bench as a coincidence, remember, Studio Pierrot has been very persistent about Sasuke’s missing left hand. In the second ED, Sayonara Moon Town, Sarada reaches for Sasuke’s left hand - which of course isn’t there.

The imagery here is obvious - Sarada doesn’t know her father well enough to know he is missing his left hand. But there’s more left hand imagery in the ED than that.

Specifically, towards the end. Sarada sees a blurry picture of her mother and her father holding her hands - with Sasuke using his left right hand. But when Sarada puts her glasses on - the image is revealed for the fake it is. Just as Sasuke never held Sarada with his left hand, Sarada’s family was never truly united.

There’s a lot to say about Sarada - she is in my opinion the most interesting character in Boruto by a mile. But this post is about Sakura - and about understanding Sakura’s dilemma - Sakura’s tragedy. I will not mince words to appease the concerns of shippers - what Sakura Haruno faces transcends OTPs and petty shipping. 

So I’ve been saying that I do not think Studio Pierrot is biased against Sasusaku. I stand by that statement 100%. However, I do think Studio Pierrot portrays Sasusaku for what it is - a broken marriage.

Primarily, it is Sasuke’s absence that causes the Uchiha family stress - but ultimately, it is Sasuke’s lack of communication that hints towards broader problems. Sasuke leaves Konoha, Sakura, and Sarada to investigate the Moon People. 80% of his missions take place in locations where cell phones do not work. In a healthy marriage - you’d expect Sasuke to still vist and contact Sakura and Sarada once in a while - but in the show…

For those who think Studio Pierrot is the devil, note that in the manga Gaiden story written by Kishimoto, Sarada never met her father once either - and in terms of letters, keepsakes, and momentos, all Sarada and Sakura have are a pair of glasses, and a picture.

Now, I am not trying to demonize Sasuke - or any character. But what I am doing, and what Studio Pierrot is doing - is humanizing them. Boruto as a series focuses on what happens after the “happy ending” - after the hero achieves his dreams and saves the day. 

The easiest thing in the world a sequel can do is rehash the first story. It’s a rather simple fanfic level of writing a bad sequel strives for - all the characters from the first series marry, have kids, and are completely content for the rest of their lives, as their carbon copy kids retrace their steps. 

Boruto is not a bad sequel. Boruto is an extremely good sequel - because Boruto takes risks - and realistically appraises what happens after the end.

For example - what happens to the dango obsessed badass fighting ninja after the war is won and peace prevails?

She gets an office job and becomes fat.

What happens when Naruto becomes Hokage like he always dreamed?

He gets swamped with paperwork, and his family life is strained.

So it’s no surprise that when Sakura marries the guy who tried to kill her on multiple occasions, that their married life would be unstable, and unhappy. That Sakura would go into denial, and insist that Sasuke loved her - going into violent mood swings when even the slightest bit of doubt was cast onto that premise. This is Boruto, folks. It is a sequel that takes risks and builds upon the foundation that Naruto laid. It isn’t needlessly dark - but it isn’t unrealistically sappy either.

As I mentioned previously - I hated Sakura for the longest time, because I just could not figure out why she was in love in with Sasuke.

Not only did Sasuke try to kill her -

But he explicitly viewed her as worthless

And has held a low opinion of her since the start.

Even Sasuke seems confused by Sakura’s love for her - and calls it a “fantasy.”

And for the longest time - I agreed with him. I did think Sakura’s love for Sasuke was a fantasy - that her feelings were fake, shallow, worthless.

But that’s not the case at all. Sakura is, in fact, the most genuine character in the series. Her feelings were not wrong. What was wrong with Sakura, were the circumstances that led her to her broken marriage. -And the fantasy she IS trapped in. 

So let’s return to Sakura, Ino, and the bench.

Remember what Sakura said - her first date with Sasuke was near a bench, and that the first date only lasted two minutes and thirty seconds.

Can we think of anything from the original series involving Sakura, Sasuke, a bench, and a time limit? Well, rather than a time limit, a reason for the date between Sasuke and Sakura to end prematurely.

I can. The bench isn’t quite the same, but Sakura is sitting on the right side of it. Now, when I say go back to the original series, I mean go back allllllll the way to chapter 3 of Naruto.

You might realize what’s up immediately, but play along. View these events through Sakura’s perspective.

Sakura is bummed. She’s angsting over her appearance - she doesn’t think Sasuke will like her. But her depression fades away as the boy she has a crush on appears - and looks at her with warm eyes.

Sakura fantasizes about Sasuke telling her a cheesy one-liner - and then immediately dismisses it. She’s not a kid. She’s not living in fantasy. But then, miracles of miracles - her fantasy becomes true.

At a time when she was down on herself - Sasuke came over to her - flirted with her - and made her daydreams into reality.

They say a cynic is just a romantic who secretly wants to be proven wrong. And here, Sakura’s cynicism was smashed apart - by a boy with warm eyes.

But just as she leans in to kiss her prince -

He leaves.

Sakura’s encounter with Sasuke must not have lasted long. All said - probably no more than two and a half minutes. But two and a half minutes is a long time for a girl with low self esteem - and for a boy with warm eyes to cheer her up-

But unlike Sakura - we know the truth of her “first date” with Sasuke. We know that the Sasuke with warm eyes was in fact Naruto.

Naruto, immature, and with a crush on Sakura. He disguised himself as Sasuke, and Sakura fell in love with Sasuke. What once was a childish crush became something more - how could it not?

But I don’t think Naruto is aware of the repercussions of his actions. By coming to Sakura when he did - Naruto made Sakura fall in love with a Sasuke that didn’t exist.

A Sasuke with Sasuke’s appearance, but Naruto’s warmth. And for all the bad Sasuke did, Sakura didn’t forget that warmth. She became a romantic - determined to save Sasuke - to save the boy that saved her.

But Sakura was never told that the Sasuke she fell in love with was Sasuke dressed up as Naruto. That isn’t to say she oblivious. Read the following - and consider the implications of Sakura switching from talking about Naruto in the third person, to addressing Naruto in the second person.

See? She starts talking about Naruto in the third person - but then turns to “Sasuke”, and says “All I want is for you to acknowledge me.”

Sakura is no dummy - and one thing established from the start is that Naruto is good at transformation jutsu. She seems to have her suspicion the Sasuke she sees is Naruto - but she doesn’t seem to really mind who the boy with warm eyes is. Such warmness and emotional honestly causes Naruto to understand his crush on her.

But Sakura is left without closure. And when she sees Sasuke’s heroism on Team 9 - it begins to make more and more sense to her that she is in fact in love with Sasuke.

Even when Sasuke turns evil - and attempts to kill her, Sakura is determined to save him. Or as Kakashi puts it…

But Sakura’s doubt - or perhaps her search for the boy she fell in love with - it does come up again. This time in Shippuden. When she confesses her love to Naruto.

Her confession is clumsy, and awkward. She has to explain why she doesn’t love Sasuke anymore - and it all sounds terribly unconvincing.

But then she says this.

“I realized… who you really are.”

It is snowing when Sakura confesses. Snow equates to love in Japan - and Hinata and Naruto are given plenty time in the snow to showcase their love.

But to all of what Sakura says, Naruto says in return -

“I hate people who lie to themselves!”

It makes sense, from Naruto’s perspective. Sakura has been so desperate to get Sasuke back - and there’s no way someone like her could love someone like him.

But while Naruto remembers all the times Sakura pleaded to save Sasuke, he forgets the time he and her almost kissed by the bench.

He forgets because much like Sakura, he has low self esteem. He can’t imagine someone would love him. Not just a tsundere like Sakura - his future beloved wife needed to confess to him and almost die multiple times before Naruto could get it through his head that he was loved. And speaking of tsunderes - guess what Naruto acts like when he realizes he loves Hinata?

A tsundere. Just like Sakura. There was a time when Sakura loved Naruto, and when Naruto loved Sakura - but due to their low self-esteem, and circumstances beyond their control - along with misunderstandings up the yin-yang, they never got to be a couple. it’s ironic, it’s tragic, and its awful - but I have a strong feeling it’s the truth.

But while Naruto ended up with a wife that loved him, and he loved back - Sakura ended up in an uneasy marriage - one built upon misunderstandings and compromise.

Sasuke felt guilt for his actions - and Sasuke needed to rebuild his clan. As for why he would marry Sakura, well, grim necessity might be a way to describe it.

And why Sakura would marry Sasuke - well - surely, he was the boy she was chasing. Naruto told her not to lie to herself, after all.

And when it comes to her love of Sasuke, Sakura definitely isn’t lying.


Shiratorizawa HCs

-So Semi and Tendou are legit called “Mama and Papa Swan” behind Semi’s back. Tendou basks in all it’s glory.
-Sometimes they argue in the middle of practice and then subsequently make out in the middle.
-Reon is a polite cinnamon roll and decent child so he turns away and pretends not to see anything.
-Yamagata covers Goshiki’s eyes.
-Shirabu gags.
-Ushijima doesn’t really know what’s going on.
-Kawanishi is a not-so-closeted fudanshi who takes tons of pictures.
-Tendou once tricked Goshiki into believing in a Volleyball Ghost in the gym by the old Fishing Rod trick.
-The poor baby was traumatized for weeks until Shirabu gave him a nice, no filtered lecture about how ghosts weren’t real and “How were you stupid enough to fall for that you dumbass?”
-Shirabu has a bad habit of staring at Ushijima when he thinks no one is looking. Staring alot. And turning red.
You can practically see the heart eyes and the drool.
-They all notice actually. Sans Ushijima of course, and well maybe Goshiki, who is the only person as dense as Ushijima.
-Tendou pops up like “Kenjirou-kunnnn~ How’s Wakatoshi-kun’s ass today?”
-Shirabu chokes and buries his face in his hands.
-They gossip in the clubrooms like “Oi, did you hear about Oikawa and Seijou’s Ace being a thing?” And “Are those two freaks #9 and #10 from Karasuno dating?”
-Reon surprisingly knows lots of gossip. They all thought he was so pure.
-Semi and Shirabu get lots of gossip from the Pretty Setter Squad ™.
-Ushijima is just kinda confused.
-Taichi just sits there and listen to all the gossip while reading one of his BL mangas.
-Taichi really isn’t even trying to be subtle about his love for BL.
-“Hey Ushijima-san, if you kiss Shirabu, I bet he’ll toss more accurately.”
-“Hmm.. If you say so Kawanishi.”
-Ushijima literally spins Shirabu and dips him and gives him a sweet short kiss.
-Shirabu is a blushing mess.
-Taichi then proceeds to take lots of pictures.
-Taichi’s phone’s gallery is pretty… packed. He also has tons of pictures of Semi because “He’s aesthetically beautiful let me enjoy his beauty.” (A.K.A. A Not so subtle crush on a taken man.)
-No one tells Semi.
-“This is why you’re single idiot.” -Yamagata.
-Yamagata SLAYS on the drums so like when he’s not playing volley, he drums.
-Reon is an amazing artist. Some even buy his art and give comissions.
-“Draw my Semisemi for me pleasee~” “I think Shirabu would be amazing to draw, wouldn’t you?” “I’d love to pose for you while I drum, sure.” “DRAW ME YAOI”
-Mention “Oikawa” or “Yahaba” and Shirabu will throw a volleyball to the person’s face. (Except of course, Ushijima.)
-“Those… incompetent foolish no good setter with no class and no strategy and-”
-“Awwww Shit-rabu don’t be jealous because Ushijima wanted Oikawa to set for him instead of you and Yahaba is more skilled than you are.” -Semi
-Glaring contest ensues.
-Goshiki hangs out alot with “Karasuno’s Chibi-chan” so he’s picked up a few of Hinata’s mannerisms.
-??????? The rest of the team is like ??????
-Goshiki thinks Hinata is super cute and sweet and “Why aren’t there any people like that in Shiratorizawa…..”
-“You should have come to Shiratorizawa” is banned to be said ANYWHERE near Shirabu or else.
-Ushijima likes puppies so occassionally he’ll bring in injured puppies to the gym and dorms secretly and nurse them back to health.
-Shirabu has fallen way too hard.
-Tendou likes anime.
-How many times have they all heard him laughing at anime and sobbing like “I CAN’T BELIEVE THE CUTE WHITE HAIRED ONE IS DEAD.” In the middle of dead night.
-Overall, they get along pretty fine in their own quirky ways.

My Top 10 Favourite Anime Guys


10. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Best character development ever. He would be a lot higher but it’s been a really long time since I’ve last watched TG. Probably should just read the manga.

9. Ja’far (Magi)

I’m not even sure WHY I like him. I just do.

8. Satoru Fujinuma (ERASED)

He is my adoptive son. Period. 

7. Todoroki Shōto (BnHA)

For obvious reasons.

6. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Because he’s bald, awesome, has a great personality and can totally beat Goku and Superman any day.

5. Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom)

Because never have I been so scared, impressed and attracted to a character at the same time. 

4. The Four Dragons (Akatsuki no Yona)

I can’t choose who I love the most.

3. Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

Can we all just admit that he’s the teacher we wish we had?

2. Ed Elric (FMAB)

I never expected to fall in love with him like this. At first, after watching the first few episodes of FMA, I hated Edward Elric. But while watching the Brotherhood series, I grew to love his character a lot. Like really, A LOT. I love how strong, mature and wise he is, unlike a lot of other shounen protagonists. I love how he is ambitious but still so kind. Also, he’s short like me.

1. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Haha. Just kidding.

I. Do. Not. Like. Levi. Because. I. Find. Him. Hot. Or sexy. Or anything like that. In fact, he’s one of the first anime characters that I fell in love with only because of his personality. I really did not think he was handsome when I first saw pictures of him. But then I saw how he fought and I thought he was cool. But what really made me fall for him is his personality and actions, especially during the Female Titan arc. The guy who was already slowly starting to like from just shot up to become my #1 favourite anime guy. He’s not cold or emotionless. He’s one of the bravest, strongest, kindest and most selfless person in any work of fiction I have ever seen. Humanity’s strongest soldier, indeed.

I’m going to tag @lexinthymia and @herprettysmile to make a top ten anime ships/characters list. If you guys want to, that is.


These are by far my all time favorite Homosexuals relationships in Anime. I won’t use the term Yaoi because I don’t think it’s exactly appropriate for this.

Now for this list I’m talking about canon gay relationships. And I already hear the people talking about No. 6. Look it’s genre is under Shonin Ai and the the closer you get to the source material the gayer it gets. Now let me express why I love these specific couples. I think one way or another these are pretty healthy relationships between two men.

First let’s talk about His Favorite:

Now his favorite is more of the slice of life comedy side when it comes to the story of the manga. And it does have some clichés from other yaoi series. But it has a lot of characters that makes the story a lot more charming and fresh. As you can see the ‘uke’ Yoshida isn’t the typical wide eye girly boy we usually see in these kinds of series. In fact he is as far from the typical ‘uke’ that we’ve come accustomed to with Yaoi Manga. But if you actually take the time to know him Yoshida is actually a good guy that’s always willing to stand up for others when he can. The ‘seme’ Satou is very sadistic and heartless on the inside that loves to see others suffer while on the outside he plays the heart throb prince of the school that the girls obsessed over. The reason why he’s so jaded is because of his rough past. I won’t spoil anything.

Anyway these two meet again after being separated and Satou is very open with his feelings while Yoshida is still trying to figure out his own. It may seem like the flustered uke and perverted seme story, but it actually focused on thier relationship pretty well showing their personalities are work very well off each other. I highly recommend that you buy it online and read it for yourself.

Next Gravitation:

Alright first let me say this. I actually thought the Anime did a better job telling this story than the manga did. Sure the manga had some cool developments when it came to Shuuichi’s music career and style. But there were some extreme​ parts that they couldn’t handle writing and near the end of the series there was a fucking giant panda robot that destorze everything in the USA. So yeah the Anime was better version of this series.

Shuuichi is a young singer and song writer that is trying to make a name for himself, while also falling for this mysterious handsome Book Author named Eiri who criticize his work. Now what I love about them is the fact that it wasn’t the same gay love story that we always got with the same uke and seme dinamic. At least from what I’ve seen in these old gay love stories.

It was like some fresh air from the past. It was a short but nice series that should be looked at seriously showing you can make gay anime about more than just thier sexualities. At least that’s what I think.

And last but not least No.6:

This is by far my most favorite out of the three. It had great story while also having a great relationship between these two men. It did what I think anime should start doing. Having interesting stories with some one from the LGBT community as the main character. Not as side characters or joke charecters. But an actual main character thats taken seriously. I understand why No.6 had to play down the physical affection from the source material.

They knew if they had the story made like the original, people wouldn’t take it seriously. These two actually have smart conversations, they will help each other, they’re affection, they kiss, they would fucking die and kill for one another. That just tells you how far these two will go. If Nezumi and Shion aren’t in love I don’t know what love is man…

Anyway those are my thoughts. If anyone has anything to add feel free to!

Detective Conan File 1004 [Japanese to English Translation]

Finally, the 1004 that exploded the fandom!

  • There’s something he wants to ensure while he’s still Shinichi…

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“Age Gap” anime & manga

It’s funny how watching something you like can quickly lead you down the path to finding other shows just like it. This was the case for me with lots of different genres of anime and mangas that I’ve really come to enjoy. For example, sports anime wasn’t something I had really considered liking until I watched “Kuroko no Basuke”. Prior to that I would always look at the tags for sports animes and think “nahhh…” But what a colossal shame it would have been if I hadn’t actually bothered to check it out. To think of what my anime experience would be without the likes of “Kuroko no Basuke”, “Free”, “One Outs”, “Giant Killing” etc. makes me rather sad actually. The same happened with the yaoi genre.. I read the synopsis of “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” and was initially like “huh? the person the main character went out with in high school was a guy? really?” and I left it at that.. What a fail! My curiousity got the better of me though and instead of going for something like “Junjou Romantica” or “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” which makes yaoi palatable for a general audience, I dove headfirst with “Okane ga Nai” as the first anime/OVAs that I watched in the yaoi genre (incidentally, there’s an age gap here too). My eyes nearly fell out of my head initially, but beyond that, I began to appreciate that there was more to it that just the guy x guy vibe. With this in mind, I went back to “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi”, gave it a chance and checked it out. After that, the rest is history.. I fell in love with the genre and haven’t looked back since.

Now, those are pretty standard genres I’ve given as examples. but these days I find myself drawn to a bit of an obscure “genre” if you want to call it that.. “Age Gap” anime and manga. I’ve given it that name since I see that a lot of people use this as a tag when referring to manga/anime where the romance is between people with vastly different ages, whether it be a younger girl with an older man, vice versa or a younger guy with an older man (think: Miyagi of Junjou Romantica). In all honesty, I think I’ve always been drawn to these kinds of animes but it’s only recently that I have recognised it as one of the genres that I have a deep liking for. I know I’m not alone here, because why else would such manga/anime exist if there wasn’t anyone who enjoyed this? It might sound odd to some, but this kind of topic is usually handled with a lot of care by those creating it so as not to make it perverse. When there is such an age gap, where one party is more mature than the other, the owness usually lies with the maturer of the two to be the responsible party. They usually endure a lot of conflict as a result of their age and the consequences of being with someone much younger are always taken into consideration - a realistic approach to the situation. The other strong emphasis with these types of stories is that the focus between these couples is more on romance/feelings/caring/protecting/supporting each other than it is about getting down to business, so to speak. The love that the characters share doesn’t always have to be expressed in a physical way and that’s another thing that makes it appealing. Sometimes, the “love/romance” aspect is just hinted at in the background but it’s enough to make us feel that we want those characters to be together.


In the interest of full disclosure and protection of the eyes of those who have not watched the shows I’m about to talk about, please note that there are some spoilers ahead about “My Wife is a High School Girl”, “Speed Grapher”, “Angel Heart”, “Skip Beat”, “Glass Mask” and “Ristorante Paradiso” among others.

I did say that it was only recently that I realised that this actually a genre that I enjoy and it’s the anime “Glass Mask” (the 2005 remake) that made me see it. 51 episodes of watching Maya and Hayami grow closer together was bound to make me swoon and the more I watched, the more I realised that this is the kind of thing I love.. Hayami and Maya have an age gap of 11 years between them and they meet when she’s only 14 and in middle school (making him 25 at the time). Even so, as a consequence of their jobs they get to know each other and maintain a kind of working relationship over the years where Hayami gets to watch Maya grow up and Maya comes to understand more about the adult Hayami. Their history becomes rather complicated and the as time goes on, he becomes more attached to her. She is the only one that treats him so normally - whether it be sharing a biscuit together or having a fight/war of words, which slowly makes him realise that he does indeed have feelings for her. As such, he struggles with the idea of being so much older than her and is even more frightened by the idea of being rejected by her. She is someone that he never wants to lose and would even be willing to remain in her life anonymously, so long as he can be around/in contact with her somehow. So you see, it’s not about him just wanting to get in her pants.. It goes beyond that because of his consideration of the consequences and the things that he does for her, without her even knowing it.

One of the first shows I watched that addressed this topic has to be “My Wife is a High School Girl”. To be honest, I watched it because I had to see what it was about - the title sounded a bit insane so I gave it a go. Again - turned out to be rather sweet and in fact, it’s the girl who wanted to “be with” her husband, but out of respect for her father he’s avoided doing that at all costs until she’s 18. Sure, it’s probably unrealistic to think that he would be able to hold out, but look, the show was made for the public so of course it would have to be this way. In any case, it had its moments - like when she fakes being sick, he sees her in the hallway, drops all his books and insists on carrying her on his back to the infirmary - like any good husband would do. Like I said -it was rather sweet.. He looks like a bit of a nerd (although beyond the glasses he’s actually rather cute) but he’s a good husband (despite having to keep it a secret) and is protective of and loyal to his wife.

“Speed Grapher” was another one and probably one of my favourites.. Tatsumi (33) and Kagura (15).. From the moment he sees her, he’s spellbound and after finding out about her circumstances, he makes it his mission to save her. He rescues her time and again from those that wish to use her for their own purposes and over time, she comes to develop feelings for him and him for her. As is usually the case, he looks after her more like a guardian but you can tell that it slowly evolves into something more than that as they spend more time together. They never cross the line but they do acknowledge their feelings for each other as Tatsumi pleads with Kagura to live on.. If not for her sake, then at least for his.. The best pay off is the ending, where we fast-forward five years from the events that brought the two of them together. Kagura has moved around a lot after that and eventually comes back to Tokyo to be with Tatsumi. And even though he’s now blind, he knows that she’s there the moment she returns to him. It was super satisfying as an ending and it made you feel alright to want them to be together because she’s now 20 and he’s 38.. Still a fair age difference, but at least now she’s an adult and they’re both still in love.

“Genji Monogatari” follows the exploits of Genji - a man hailed as one of the greatest lovers.. Although he initially falls for a girl that’s a little bit older than him (and his father’s wife), he manages to distract himself rather well with a whole host of girls.. But I wouldn’t have included this in the line up if there wasn’t a little something extra that made this one memorable for me. And that is the last few episodes. Although he was with plenty of women and have quite a few lovers, a young girl is brought to his residence and she ends up living there. She initially sees him as an older brother kind of figure but as she grows and becomes more aware of herself, she develops feelings for him and only wishes for his happiness. Just before Genji is to leave his place for a while (a few years perhaps?), she lets him know of her feelings for him and he is flattered and returns her sentiment. It’s then that he proclaims her to be his bride and they spend the one evening together - just talking and being in each others’ presence. From what I understand, she waits for him to return and is the one he is with at the end. I could be wrong though because I haven’t read the books and the anime is quite open ended. Although she wasn’t such a major character, you could see that way she felt about him and he always took good care of her and treated her well and as someone precious to him. That’s why it was rather nice to see that she got the man that she had always wanted and that he had no issue with being with her either. Then again, this was waaaay back in the day when getting married at 14 to men who were old enough to be your grandfather was no problem.

“Skip Beat” is similar to “Glass Mask” in some ways - a young girl trying to make it into show business and changing the life of a man that she gets to meet through her profession. The concept is slightly different because the only reason that Kyouko gets into acting is because of her wanting revenge on her ex-boyfriend. And even though she doesn’t initially get along with Tsuruga Ren - the major star from her agency (and her ex’s main rival), she eventually comes to respect him for his talent.. He initially doesn’t like her either because he hates her reasons for wanting to become an actress. Even though they are initially at odds, they slowly come to know and understand more about each other and it’s also revealed that they actually met when they were kids.. She doesn’t realise that this is the same boy that gave her comfort when she was a little girl. As time goes along, situations and circumstances put the two of them together and the once apathetic Ren finally starts to care about someone. The anime didn’t quite hit the mark with the pay-off (probably because they thought that there would be 2nd season or maybe in an effort to make you read the manga to get to the pay-off) but seeing how their relationship changes and how he becomes affected by her being around him was really touching. You realise how lonely he actually is and she comes into his life and changes that.

In fact, a lot of the animes/mangas that focus on age gaps seem to use that concept - the loner old guy whose life regains excitement and changes thanks to a younger girl coming into the picture. In my opinion, it’s their youth that actually plays into this. If this same concept is applied to two adults, it seems like a normal romance story, but the thing is that adults don’t have the same direct nature and purity of emotion that teenagers do. And this is the difference. These loner dudes are usually quite content to be loners and to maintain their sense of normalcy and other adults would usually respect that and so things would continue as normal. But when you have the introduction of a younger character, that straightforward nature pushes these loner types out of their comfort zones and shakes things up. That’s why it works. The don’t treat their potential partners as business associates or colleagues because they haven’t acquired that skill set yet and so these loners get treated like normal people, no matter what rank they may hold..

Actually, thinking about it now, even a show like “Brothers Conflict” has some age gap going on.. Masaomi is 31 when he meets the 16/17 year old Ema.. And a lot of the brothers are way older than she is.. Doesn’t stop us from wanting to see them vying for her affection now does it? Lol.. And “Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie” has Sayuri sharing special bonding moments with her teachers, seeing them as people rather than just instructors.


“Angel Heart” fell a bit out of the norm in terms of the romance thing because although it initially seemed like the main girl was going to fall in love with Ryo Saeba, it became a situation where they became more like father and daughter. She is 15 and he is in his 40s so it makes sense in that respect, but even though you know that the idea is that he is her guardian, there is undoubtedly a secret part of you that kind of wishes that they would actually be together in some way. The age gap is huge, but nevermind.. Love can overcome it in an anime right? Lol.. Even though there wasn’t any romance, the connection and bond between Ryo and Xiang-Ying is something special and I don’t think there is anyone but him that can get through to her and help her get back to being a regular girl, rather than an assassin. Ryo, having a similar background and getting involved in fights etc. is the best person for her and seeing how close they become is rather heart warming.

“Ristorante Paradiso” is definitely an in-your-face age gap anime seeing as the main character, Nicoletta, not only hangs out with waaaaay older men (in their 50s) but also falls in love with one of them. Although the age gap is a bit too extreme for me - I prefer protective men versus overly knowledgeable men - it was actually rather sweet and instead of finding it creepy, you find yourself routing for Nicoletta to be with Claudio. They meet and she falls for him but his complicated history makes being with him a challenge for Nicoletta and she has to take her time to try and get him to see her as more than just a worker in the restaurant. That said, he’s her confidant and the person she always turns to and even when he thinks he should be putting distance between them because he knows how she feels but isn’t sure that he can return her feelings, he finds that he can’t bring himself to be so cruel and goes back to being by her side. She exercises her patience but it surely pays off, which was rather nice to see..

“Junjou Romantica”  is by one of my fave mangakas, Shinjiku Nakamura, and she has been known to use age differences (along with height differences) as one of the defining features in her stories. The most obvious one is the age difference between Shinobu (a high school student) and Miyagi (a literary professor) who also happens to be his ex-brother-in-law.. The storyline falls under the “Terrorist” subplot and is about how this young guy convinces his ex-brother-in-law that they are fated to be together. They go through a lot of ups and downs where Miyagi tests Shinobu to see if he’s being serious about this and they constantly fight and argue but at the end of it all, Miyagi eventually gives into his “fate” by being with Shinobu. He deals not only with being with someone younger, but also agonises about the fact that he’s loving someone new (a huge issue for him) and that it also happens to be a guy. The main characters, Misaki and Akihiko also have a big age difference between them (10 years) and most of the men that go after Misaki, e.g. Ijuuin and Haruhiko also have a similar age gap.. However, unlike Miyagi and Shinobu, Misaki doesn’t pay too much attention to the age gap but worries more about the fact that he may cause trouble for Akihiko (because they’re in a relationship - everyone close to Akihiko knows that he’s gay but they don’t want that information to become public) and he worries because he needs to figure out his life at this stage.. And in “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” the biggest age gap there is about 9-10 years between Kisa and Yukina - something that Kisa tends to agonise about a lot.. even though he’s so baby-faced that he actually looks younger than Yukina.


Sticking with yaoi, another one of my faves is “You’re My Loveprize in Viewfinder” and the age difference between Asami and Takaba is 12 years. It shows in the most spectacular fashion in their attitudes, the company they keep, they way they dress and just the way they live their lives in general. Where Takaba is carefree, freelance, casual and hangs out with friends, Asami is serious, has numerous businesses, always dresses smartly in a suits and has very few, if any, friends. But in spite of all the glaring differences, they are naturally drawn to each other - a case of opposites attract perhaps? Asami sees Takaba as naive and reckless, and Takaba sees Asami as controlling and condescending, but each respects the other. Asami loves the fire and fierceness that accompanies youth in Takaba and Takaba thinks that the things Asami has achieved is amazing and wants to be on his level someday. This difference in life experience is something that plays more of Takaba’s mind than Asami’s - which is somewhat different from the norm - having the younger party worry about the age difference. Whereas Asami doesn’t care what anyone thinks - such is his level of power that he answers to no one.

Apart from anime, there is also the world of manga that awaits in terms of the age gap genre.. Just the other day I came across a manga called “Kore Wa Koi No Hanashi” and although the age difference is astounding (21 years between them), it’s actually been handled rather well. The difference makes him more of a guardian to her initially but there is potential brewing in the background. The initial volumes that I’ve read thus far are more about how this girl changes this man’s life just by being there.. Her presence introduces something new to him and for the first time, someone seems to be showing him genuine care. The developments are sweet and there are enough characters around so that it doesn’t become a complete creep-fest and there’s actually a fair amount of humour involved too. That’s why I say that even though age gaps could be considered creepy from a face-value point of view, the way that these stories are portrayed lends itself to being more sweet than anything.

Other mangas which I’ve only heard about that fall in this category (which I’ve sourced from doing some investigation - I haven’t actually read these yet) include: Hotaru no Hikari, Eden no Hana, Sugar Family, Hana no Namae, Ingènuo, Mademoiselle Butterfly, Love So Life, Hakuji, Antique Romance, Veins, Wagahai wa Yome de Aru, Toriko - Aigan Shoujo and Hana to Akuma. So if you’re looking for something to read that falls in this vein, then checking these out might be a good idea. I know I’m going to.

To be honest, the whole idea of younger girl, older guy probably screams “daddy complex” but I don’t see much of a problem with that.. After all, this is what anime and manga is - something we watch or read for our enjoyment. No one can tell you what to feel about it and whether or not it’s your thing is completely up to you, as an individual. I’m sure some people will probably think “lollicon” when they hear the words “age gap” and that’s entirely up to them. But for me, the age gap genre is about how love & just caring for someone can always transcend age. Changing someone’s like doesn’t come with an age requirement and watching how these unlikely pairings change each other for the better over time is always so satisfying to watch. There are always moments of doubt and frustration with these stories, but the wait is always worth it.. To get that happy ending and see the triumph of the couples who believe in each other and the good of having that person around.. Sure, it’s idealistic to think that way, but hey.. that’s why we love manga and anime right? :D

Update: Part 2 is out here!

SnK Chapter 96 Poll Results

The chapter 96 poll closed with 1,469 responses. Thank you to everyone for participating. Let’s do this!

(1,402 Responses)

There was an increase of strong NOPES with 6.5% rating this chapter a 1 verses .07% for chapter 95,  but otherwise like last month, the majority gave the chapter a favorable rating.

With every chapter focusing on the Warriors, they steadily climb the list of some of the greatest characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about. I love everyone in this manga, but the complexity, moral ambiguity, and tragedy of these three just continues to astound me. No matter how this manga concludes and no matter how imperfect AoT is as a whole, I applaud Isayama for writing some of the best antagonists I’ve ever seen.

Warriors background and sob story is always good to see. However, I do want a bit more progress in the story. I can wait a bit longer to see Paradis cast.

96 is probably the highlight of Marley focus so far, and is a well deserved title. It honestly never crossed my mind for some reason that we would see the opposite side of the attack on Paradis, and it did surprise me with how much of a rush and danger it was for RBA.

I liked the other chapters better since they weren’t all about flashbacks; they had a nice mix between current and previous events

I don’t really like the Marley chapters but this chapter has been amazing. Best chapter of this arc so far.

It has a huge emotional content but I feel like it had less substance than previous chapter. The insight on Annie is interesting though.

i think seeing the fall of wall maria from RBA’s perspective was a very good (and heartbreaking) decision for yams to make, and a good way to segway into finally revealing what the SC are up to hopefully lol

It seems like Isayama has a thing for writing heartbreaking and sad chapters in August *sides eyeing to chapter 84* and btw, I’m still not over serumbowl. I don’t even think I'llbe over that someday ;;-;;

It was really insightful to see more of RAB and actually see R&B relationship with Annie (I honestly thought Annie hated them and vice versa). We didn’t see 3 monsters but 3 little kids, traumatized and forced to shed innocent blood

fuck this chapter, i dont even mind the marley chapters but this literally told us nothing interesting aside from royalty not being subjects of ymir


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about yoonkook, studio visits, and subtlety (or lack thereof)


“they’re catching on.”

yoongi shrugs.

namjoon sighs, arms folded, shoulder digging into the doorframe of genius lab.

“i see no reason to lie,” yoongi says. namjoon makes a sound half choke half laugh and all desert dry. says,

“sure you do.”

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[Villain! Deku AU] Tempo

Even as a villain, Deku has a moment of weakness.


Midoriya Izuku was one of the strongest individual Kurogiri had ever known.

Kurogiri had seen him kill someone by teleporting the other’s heart out of their chest, or when he teleported someone’s neck away from their head and laugh after he did so. Kurogiri had seen him charm All For One himself, bending the other’s will with a smile and beautifully-crafted words. Kurogiri had seen him smile at the most egoistical man Kurogiri ever knew and got away with what he wanted.

Kurogiri never doubted Midoriya Izuku’s ability in anything, not with everything he had seen in the few years, but Kurogiri always wondered where he would go when he was feeling weak.

Because Shigaraki Tomura always went to him when he was feeling weak and Izuku-san would comfort him with the loveliest of words and patience of a matron saint. But then, Izuku-san was just a child himself. Where would he go?

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The Harlequin Formula || Peter Parker x Reader

You all know about those short novella like romance novels published under the name Harlequin, right? Well, there’s also many manga artists who often transcribe the written text into a graphic novel form that I just adore reading!

So reading Harlequin comics is like one of the things I do for like, guilty pleasure and stuff because those kinds of comics is super pandering to young women (like me). Sure, a lot of the times the romance seems forced and unlikely to happen, but let me tell you, I read a Harlequin comic last night and the fact that it had a strong heroine who wasn’t afraid of the main love interest AND could read him like a book-

I was hooked.

So this whole story is inspired by the whole “harlequin formula” usually seen in those types of stories and how the ‘reader character’ tries to break them in hopes of finding a genuine type of love.

I hope you readers will enjoy this story ;w; .

warnings: none

word count: 3,300+

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


When you were younger, you often filled your romantic daydreams with Harlequin novels. You didn’t know what true love felt like and often read these short novellas in order to get a glimpse of how love worked.

It was through these short stories that you learned the following things:

Love is when a demure woman falls for a powerful man.

The powerful man is often a multi-billionaire of some sort who comes off as cold and aloof, but is innately missing something all the same.

And whatever he was missing would always be love, to which the leading lady would offer him almost unconditionally, regardless of how cruel he was to her.

After the end of these novels, you would find yourself with tears in your eyes at just how wonderful the love story was. “That’s what true love has to be about, finding love in unexpected places while following your man to the ends of the earth.”

Each time you would finish a story, you would sigh and fall back against your twin bed, your hair fanning out beneath your head as you clutched the novel to your chest before softly murmuring (as if hoping that the more times you said it, then it would likely come true), “I honestly can’t wait to fall in love.”


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“Capturing Her Damaged Heart”

Summary: A deadly disease plagues the world. People are dying, the dead are rising. The infection spreads too fast to stop. Everyone tries their best to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, but things get messy for Natsu when he finds a blonde woman on one of his missions. Natsu takes it upon himself to help her, protect her, and accidentally fall in love with her? Zombie Apocalypse AU. Hurt/comfort, angst, romance.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Read on or AO3.

A few warnings before we get started: This is rated M for explicit language, violence, torture, physical and emotional abuse, character death, sexual abuse, eventual sexual content, possible triggers, controversial topics, drug use, and adult situations.

As you can see, the zombie apocalypse can get quite messy. This is not a story for the lighthearted. The triggering content won’t go into extreme detail, but I did want to put a warning.

In the beginning of chapters where there’s either smut or a possible trigger, I will post a warning so you can choose if you want to read it, skim it, or skip it. (Keep in mind, it will be a while until either happen.)

If at any time you decide you don’t want to continue reading this story then please don’t feel any pressure from me to keep reading. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, so don’t compromise your well-being for the sake of a story. That being said, I also want to say I will not change how I write this story. The main plot has already been decided. It’s not meant to be a fluffy piece, but there will be good times shared here and there for our survivors and there will be a relatively happy ending.

I would also like to warn this is a ‘slow burn’ story! So keep that in mind while reading. This is a NALU story, but be warned, this will be a bumpy ride.

I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does! I only own this specific plot, and my OC’s if I choose to create some. There is no updating schedule.

I sincerely hope you read all the warnings and didn’t skip straight to the story, but if you did, good luck. Either way, enjoy!

Chapter One: Section Six

(October 4th, 2017, Wednesday Morning)

Flipping the page of his manga, Natsu read out loud, “'We just said that’s the wrong name!’” He took a breath, changing the tone of his voice a bit. “'No, it’s not! When I made him that shrine, Yato was so happy! He’d wanted it for so long! It can’t be wrong!’”

Eyes flitting to the next page, Natsu continued. “'Or he wouldn’t have cried like that…’”

He sighed, closing his manga and setting it beside him. He didn’t need to turn the page to know what came next. Muttering, he recited the words from the next few pages because he had them memorized. “'Yaboku! Wheeeeew… Welcome back, Yato.’”

Green eyes shut as he leaned back on his mattress, staring up at the fluorescent lights that didn’t work anymore. “This is so boring,” he moaned to himself. He had read his tenth volume of ‘Noragami’ twenty, no… twenty-one times before today.

'If only I had the other volumes. Maybe then I wouldn’t be so bored.’

Shifting against his bed and covers, he tried to get comfortable for a nap. However, the sound of a female’s voice captured his attention. “If it’s so boring, why do you keep reading it?”

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anonymous asked:

ive been meaning to ask you but what do you think about what happened with hinami in the latest chapter :(( our ayahina D:

I love her, of course, she’s my Princess who can kick ass. :D I got kinda annoyed when it did come out because I felt like her character went backwards? I thought her slapping Kaneki and questioning him in Cochlea meant that she had stepped away from her fixation on him and I really regarded that scene as a huge step for Hinami’s character when she questioned him about his flaws. So seeing 142 was a little upsetting for me because, like she went back to what she used to be? Or at least that’s how I saw it the first time I read the chapter. But my interpretations of that scene with her keeps changing ever since the chapter came out. 

At first I thought she had romantic feelings for Kaneki, but I’ve been hearing that the original Japanese raws don’t seem to imply it? Idk but, either way, the more I think about it, the more I feel really sad for her because let’s be honest, she’s very distant from both Touka and Kaneki right now. 

I was thinking about how Hinami used to be really close with Touka and Kaneki back in the beginning of TG. They were like a mini family of their own and Hinami was always being doted on by them. Even during the post-Aogiri arc, this still continued when Touka and Kaneki were apart and Hinami, who was in touch with both of them, was one of the things that were still keeping them together. Her reaction to Kaneki wanting to go back to Anteiku was that she’ll be happy to see Kaneki and Touka together again. I think deep down, she just wanted that mini family she had back together again and she still keeps holding onto that dream. 

But in :re, her relationship with both of them had deteriorated. Not to say they don’t care about her or anything, but the distance between them had grown to such a huge degree. And in a way, even Touka and Kaneki had gotten distant, but they managed to close that distance recently and really fast as well but there had been no development to Hinami’s relationship with them since she hasn’t had a conversation with either of them ever since they got back from Cochlea and no, her fighting together with Touka and asking Touka to go on ahead doesn’t count.

 So in a way, she’s watching Touka and Kaneki move on and take their own relationship to the next level, while perhaps feeling left behind, 

which is why she’s looking at their backs as they look on ahead. 

Not to mention, when they do have a kid, where would Hinami stand? I’m sure that Touka and Kaneki would still consider her as a part of their family, but the issue here is, would Hinami realise that they actually do, since she believes that she has to prove herself before being able to gain a spot beside them? 

The Hinami in Aogiri was her when she believed she no longer had Touka and Kaneki in her life. It was Hinami standing on her own and acting on her own. She was a respected leader among her underlings and one her peers looked up to and relied on as well. Chapter 33 wasn’t just Ayato standing up to Tatara. Ayato had the support of Miza, Naki and Torso in this– they all wanted to save her. Miza points out how rare her ability is. Torso had previously also admitted how amazing Hinami is. She was a central figure of their circle. 

Perhaps joining Goat and having Touka and Kaneki back into her life had resulted in her relapsing to what she used to once be, because she’s once again pushed to the sidelines and being made to rely on people, particularly Kaneki who’s the King. Almost everyone, aside from Touka who’s pregnant and probably excluded herself, were involved in some form of mission or at least some strategy meeting when they were in the 24th Ward, except for Hinami. It probably explains the return of her former mindset and why she seems to have gone backwards with her character development.

And with that, her world is back to what it used to be– Touka and Kaneki.

Hinami probably feels really lonely right now, just like how she felt really lonely after her parents died and in a way, left her behind. Hinami’s relationship with everyone from Anteiku and the 6th Ward gang isn’t what it used to be (eg. that scene she had with Banjou about Akira). She’s not as close as she used to be with them anymore. 

It also probably doesn’t help that these feelings might have all rushed out and intensified with the raid and the danger everyone’s in, which resulted in her desperation to prove herself and to protect everyone in the current arc.

Which brings me to my next point. :D A smiley face to start of some Ayahina discussion. Also, if you’re gonna be a salty asshole about Ayahina, just don’t read any further. 

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Fall 17 Anime to Watch

The year of sequels continues with Shokugeki no Souma season 3. This will be the best anime of the year, no contest. If you like food porn, you’ll love it. If you like porn featuring food, you’ll also love it.

It centers on Soma Yukihira’s rise to the top of Japan’s premier culinary high school. If that sounds boring, think less Isekai Shokudou and more Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s mainly head to head cooking battles where the opponent postures for 10 minutes and then Souma explains to them how he won. I will say SnS definitely suffers from too much fanservice, but is otherwise the pinnacle achievement of the shonen genre.

Black Clover is a must-watch for Hero Academia fans. It’s the same initial premises, though taken in drastically different directions. 

The main character, Determined McShonenson Asta, is born without magic in a world where everyone is a wizard. But that won’t stop him as he and his prodigy best friend, Nicer Bakugou Yuno, each set out to become the Wizard King. 

I read a few chapters into the manga and decided I’d rather be surprised by the anime for this one, so please no spoilers.

ClassicaLoid of all things is getting a second season. It’s good, stupid fun, and I highly recommend it. Classical composers are reincarnated/made in a lab and escape into the modern world with magical girl -esque powers and they fight aliens or something. This season Wagner and Dvorak join the cast as… a small boy and a smaller hippo. It’s pure harmonic insanity, and you need to see it for yourself.

Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) is getting a second season. Think Men in Black with blood magic. Warning: there’s blood, just soooo much of it. But it’s not just a gorefest, despite the ultra-violence aesthetic, it delivers an entertaining and emotionally captivating story. I was not expecting to cry while viewing this, but season 1 had its fair share of stirring and touching scenes against a backdrop of violent tragedy.

RoboMasters is an original this season about a college Battle Bot team. I’d expect all the usual sports shonen tropes, as well as just the blandest, confidence-lacking protagonist. My first thought was, “Wow, that MC looks just like Sota from Re:Creators.” My second thought was, “Wow, they even have the same voice actor.” But I think the rest of the characters will provide plenty of personality to make it a fun show.

Ancient Magus Bride - The synopsis really sells this one short. It hasn’t started yet, but the first 3 episodes are out early. AMB seems to be about the tragic past of an unloved child with the curse of seeing magical beings, and the present tale of that girl’s magical apprenticeship and apparently a budding romance. I’d call it leisurely. It’s very slow paced and peaceful, save for the tragic parts.

Runner Ups

There are some more series on my radar, but I’ll have to wait and see which ones make the cut. I’ll summarize some honorable mentions. 

Saredo Tsumibito - SciFantasy, Alchemist duo for hire

Dia Horizon - FantasyAdventure, it might exist solely to promote a game…

Vanishing Line - Cyberpunk Mystery, it’s a mystery

Two Car - Lesbian motorcycle sidecar racing league

Another Fate Movie - If you’re not into the Fate franchise yet, like me, you’re now even further behind

Svt's Reaction to their S/O who's secretly an otaku

Requested by anon

Seungcheol- Is it just me or would Seungcheol be super confused at first? “Babe, a package came in the mail? It’s a bunch of manga and anime stuff? When did you buy all this?” He’d find it super cute though when he finds out. A lot of teasing… “Damn sweetheart, you don’t even obsess about Seventeen as much as some of this…” He’d probably be super curious what it was all about. Finds out your next shipment of stuffs is coming at 5:00pm and ends up staying up until 4:00am reading/watching anime. He’s hooked. Now he obsessively nerds out with you about all your favs and y'all get into fights over who’s merch was who’s.

“Stop stealing my manga to read on the toilet, y/n!!!”

Originally posted by scoupstv

Jeonghan- Probably doesn’t understand it whatsoever, but he loves you so he’s not going to complain about it. Unless you’re not paying enough attention to him, then he’ll jokingly take your stuff and hide it somewhere high up or under his shirt. “Yah! Are you in love with this or me, huh?” Always falls asleep on the couch with his head on your shoulder while you’re catching up on the latest and unapologetically fake snores or tickles you to get your attention. Surprisingly takes extreme care to never damage any of your prized possessions until maybe one day when something goes missing and he claims it wasn’t him although you found it under his pillow.

“I swear, I was just using it for scientific research, don’t kill me, y/n.” 

Originally posted by eggyyoon

Joshua- This dork is freaking the fluff out, he’s always been super into this kind of stuff and can’t believe you never told him so he could have someone to fanboy/girl over it with him. “Have you seen/watched/read this?” “You have to check this one out, y/n!” You both probably have every evening dedicated to geeking out together and making theories, a lot of discussions and arguments over plot, favorite characters, best ships. He’d probably be more happy about the whole thing than you are because now he doesn’t have to hide it either.

“Y/n, this just means we're a better match for each other, more than we thought!”

Originally posted by lovejoshua17

Jun- Oh my god this boi will tease you forever I swear. But not in the mean way, just enough to make you react in a way he thinks is freaking adorable. And because he wants to make you think he’s jealous. “Wouldn’t you rather be staring at me all day?” You of course tease him back and say no, which he lowkey get’s offended. You always explain the plot to him over and over because he forgets a lot. He wants to understand what he’s watching or reading but also just wants to hear you talk about something so passionately. Eventually he’ll want your attention on him again. 

“Babe I’m so much better. Better looking, I’m a real person, which means I can touch you…”

Originally posted by soohuis

Hoshi- Turns into a little fluffy hamster because even if he doesn’t like it as much as dance, he can appreciate you and your loves. In his mind it’s like, me = dance, y/n = anime. Thinks your reaction is the fluffiest ever so constantly buys you manga or anime plushies. Definitely will watch your shows with you. Cries when someone dies. “Y/n why? did? that? why?” “Soonyoungie, that didn’t kill them, they have powers.” “Oh.” Gets inspired by the manga or anime and creates seventeen’s choreography with it. So next time you guys watch or read together,

“OOO! Remember that choreo I showed you, it was from this.”

Originally posted by howon

Wonwoo- You know this boy already loves to read. So when he finds out you like anime and manga, he’s reluctant. Not because he’s judging you but because he wants to like it too but what if manga isn’t his thing. Ends up really liking some of them because he really likes the plot, character, etc. Becomes comfortable with all the pictures with words. And secretly loves it just as much as you. “Y/n~ look what I got.” “HOW. THAT JUST RELEASED!” “Hehe, when me and the guys were in Japan…” You guys read them together. Always. But.

“BABE, did you read the first chapter without me?? I can see the book creases!”

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

Woozi- He’s the one pretending to not understand why you’re obsessing over this when he knows perfectly well why. Endless teasing, “Babe, why is there a small plastic person staring at me when we sleep?” Secretly thinks it’s adorable but would never admit it to you. He also loves anime but every time you bring this up he’s like, “what? who”. Denies any kind of fanboying he’s ever done. “nope you got the wrong person.” One day out of nowhere, he makes you listen to this track. “I got inspired while you were listening to that ost, and your love and passion for it made me realize all over again how beautiful you are and I put this together to remind you of that.”

“I can sometimes pay attention, you know y/n, and what I saw, I won’t forget, passion and beauty, something I admire a lot.”

Originally posted by letmebangteen

Dk- Practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. Will ask you to explain everything too him with a bright smile. Get into multiple anime and manga but forgets it all. Always wants to watch it to see what’s it about but asks questions. “I DIDN’T KNOW THEY COULD DO THAT” Still fanboys with you, hypes everything up, buys you gifts when he remembers. You think he’s the most adorable ever because he’ll fanboy about something not knowing it at all. “Do you remember this character at all?” “Nope”

“Which one is that, y/n? Should I style my hair like that? Would it make you laugh?”

Originally posted by shininghoshi

MIngyu- Protests about it at first, but will end up doing everything with you. Only protests because he wanted you to fangirl about him. He tries really hard to get into stuff with you, but he doesn’t really ever understand what happens. He’s too distracted by their hair colors and outfit choices to pay attention to the plot. He’s willing to bake themed cakes and make other themed foods for you whenever though, keeps dinners interesting. And good luck if you fangirl/boy over just one character too much. That’s going to make Mingyu playfully jealous, a lot of tickling and teasing and chasing around the sofa if you keep going on and on about your fav.

I mean I admit he’s handsome and cool, but I’m a much better visual to stare at.”

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

The8- He’d probably act the most indifferent on the outside, ”I’m not stupid, y/n, there’s a life-size cardboard cutout in the closet, did you think I didn’t notice?“ "Everyone has their own likes and preferences, doesn’t change the fact that I love you. So why even hide it in the first place?” Secretly looks at your stuff so one day when you’re talking about your fav otp, out of nowhere he says, “ ______ makes a better couple though.” You both would probably playfully bicker over the best couples all the time. He still pretends he’s not just as obsessive as you are though.

“I love you, quirks and all. Plus if you can still love me after trying to flip water bottles for a good hour or so, it all works out in the end.”

Originally posted by rappershua

 Seungkwan- Is like what is this? at first. But honestly just pretending because he already kinda knew because of Joshua. Just wanted to see you slightly offended because you look cute. He’s going to be EXTRA af though. Goes around screaming character catchphrases and singing the OST’s at the top of his lungs. Cosplays as characters he barely knows and jumps off of chairs and from behind doors to scare you. “Guess who I am babe?” Acts out scenes repeatedly and runs around yelling and overacting as usual. Is fascinated by the costuming choices,

“Gosh for seventeen next concept, we’ll dress up as anime characters.”

Originally posted by kyungminie

Vernon- Finds it hella hilarious because he fanboys over stuff all the time and now he knows you do too. Y'all now both have your own fandoms that you always obsess over and neither of you want to get into the other’s. “A new episode comes out tonight!” “I already called dibs on the tv though!” A lot of tickle fights to see who gets the tv. He thinks it’s great that you have obsessions like he does and although you both aren’t really interested in each other’s fandoms, y'all fangirl/boy together. Also steals your fav character body pillow to snuggle with.

“I don’t know who this is, but if you want it back y/n, you’re going to have to take its place.”

Originally posted by sneezes

Dino- This cutie is a confused marshmallow. He’s really respectful of your interests though, and never refuses you when you ask him to watch something with you. He can’t help it, you’re too cute to refuse. He, like Minghao, wouldn’t understand why you had to hide it though. He’ll drag you out to stores he researched and ask you to pick out all your favs, and then just listens to you rant about certain issues or episodes or characters. He loves listening to you go on and on about it and out of curiosity ask you to point out stuff in shops and explain the whole plot to him.

“SO you’re telling me, that there are like 60 characters you have to keep track of? How?”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen


~ admin jess & seri (but mostly jess haha)

Holy shit its a meta post on the worst mp100 villians.

Honestly every character in Mob Psycho is so relatable. Even the worst villains in the series are super relatable!!!! But the way they’re handled makes them so much more important than everybody gives them credit for!! 


Touchiro: “I have a Very Special Thing so I am Better Than Everybody.”

This is VERY relatable, especially if you’ve grown up as a single child or as some sort of ‘gifted’ program or had a very special talent or skill and were constantly praised on that!!!

The thing is, the way he ends up being defeated shows that He Is Not A God. It is not a good thing to find yourself relating to Touchiro, its a cautionary tale that shows that you still need to grow because Touchiro is a story of Hubris. Even the strongest people in the world have their weaknesses and in the end if you’re alone in your pretension and self-righteousness it won’t matter jack shit about how good you are at anything, because you’ll still lose in the end.


Mogami: “Everything in my life is shit so i’m gon be a shit person and drag the world down with me.” 

This is a very relatable feeling, especially when you’re under constant pressure or abuse or anything of the sort. Its Very Very easy to fall to your anger and bitterness and hatred and take out your feelings on other people!! Mogami to me is so incredibly relateable, but again his relatabilitly is not shown as a good thing!!! This is also shown in other characters such as Lapis from Steven Universe, but I feel like Mogami personally is the best character to show just how Bad this mindset can be, because its the absolute and most extreme version of it!!

When Mob goes through those six months of hell, the same bitterness ends up building in him and he does end up acting on it, and he almost does do something really bad because of it! But he was able to break out of that mindset thanks to Dimple and that shows us that It Is Possible to overcome your own hatred!! 

That is a really really important message to me!!! This entire ARC is incredibly important to me!!! ITS SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!

Even Minori ends up realizing how shit she had been!!!

Its!! A!! Good!! Arc!!

If you only act on your hatred and bitterness, it will end up consuming you entirely and you won’t be able to recover from it, but if you actually do make an Active Effort to not let yourself be consumed by that, you will grow and change and become a better person!!!


Psycho Helmet/Broccoli: “This is all i’ve ever known so it must be right.”

Yeah I know i’m listing a sentient vegetable in a relatable villains list, but if you try and tell me he’s not a worst villain i’ll actually fight you. Rip Dimple ;w; but Psycho Helmet was made with the powers of a god, and then manipulated into a desire to take over the world as one. Then, when Dimple stopped and wanted it to end, Broccoli continued because he literally knew nothing else!!!!!


Don’t only get your information about things from one place!!!! While you hopefully won’t be dumped into the ocean to rot, you’ll still find yourself being made a laughingstock if the information you were given was wrong!!!


I just love ONE-Sensei’s writing so much. Is so important and I might actually cry over this. Perhaps I’ll do another one of these weird meta things, but i’ll leave it here for now. :D

Thanks for reading!