that love moment

What happened, happened once. So now it’s best
in memory—an orange he sliced: the skin
unbroken, then the knife, the chilled wedge
lifted to my mouth, his mouth, the thin
membrane between us, the exquisite orange,
tongue, orange, my nakedness and his,
the way he pushed me up against the fridge—
Now I get to feel his hands again, the kiss
that didn’t last, but sent some neural twin
flashing wildly through the cortex. Love’s
merciless, the way it travels in
and keeps emitting light. Beside the stove
we ate an orange. And there were purple flowers
on the table. And we still had hours.
—  Kim Addonizio, ‘Stolen Moments’
Forever Breathes

Forever breathes 
somewhere far away
skimming stones 
on a summer’s day
breathless lovers
with sheer delight
catching the stars
of a wintry night
hands and hearts
sharing the miles
a journey tasted 
in tears and smiles
lifetimes counted
by moments small
a secret revealed 
waste none at all

After Watching Justice League three times

I wanna say that:


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anonymous asked:

I gave up on animal crossing like an hour into it... the game kept crashing and it’s not as fun I think. This will be like Pokémon go and be cool for a month and then be stupid later

wow way to ruin other people’s fun anon…

But seriously, Animal Crossing has been my entire childhood. 
Like actually. 

The Gameboy version came out in early 2000-2001 right before (or after?) the Gamecube version was released. I begged for that game so many times whenever we went to Hollywood Video or Blockbuster (YEAH I’M THAT OLD JUDGE ME) and they never had it in stock until my parents just gave in and got it for me for christmas. 

I cherished that game like it was my life. I was no more than 6 or 7 at the time. My eyes were glued to the tv on the daily, playing as this character, rearranging things in my house, even messing with my brother’s character and making him send me money (because he always had more money than me) 

I memorized characters and themes and story lines. I fast forwarded time and rewound it to “cheat” the system. (Anyone remember the early morning aerobics on the gamecube version?? Or the NES games? GOOD TIMES)

I owned Animal Crossing on the DS and I got Animal Crossing City Folk for the wii THE DAY IT CAME OUT. THE ACTUAL DAY. BACK IN 2008. AND I PLAYED IT FOR HOOUUURRRSSS. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Animal Crossing means to me and all the stories I’ve had with friends and the towns I’ve created and the drama I’ve gotten into with all the animal friends. How many weeds I’ve had to pull, how many fish and fossils I have found. How many KK songs I’ve heard (all of them, the answer is all of them btw)

I never got it for the 3DS because I never had a 3DS and my heart is still bitter about never being able to experience every single animal crossing. 

SO anyway, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp might not be that big of a deal for you, but it is for me. It’s going to be my therapy, as it’s so calming and gentle and nice. 

Give it another try. You might surprise yourself on how nice and beautiful the game is. 

8-bit ballet

chest tight, eyes closed, knees drawn.

curtains hiding your soul from the world.

you can’t tell what’s real or not

what’s yourself and what’s others

so you make a choice,

a decision,

and hide it all away.


you’re a sham. a fool.

performative art given life.

one beat, and then two

before you smile.

the show must go on.


perhaps it’s all a dream.

it certainly feels like one, with the way faces drift


blur and


truth slides through fingers like mist.

lies slip through lips like any other exhale.

you are untethered to this world. like god, like player 1, like a ghost.

you are so much more.

and yet. and yet.