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Simple Man (Part 2)

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Summary: Reader finds out she isn’t the only one in town that Officer Winchester rubs the wrong way…

Part 1

Pairing: cop!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Third and fourth parts tomorrow!…

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monsta x with normal jobs


  • works at a pet store
  • was offered a promotion to be manager but turned it down since he’s also working like another 2739 jobs
  • will help out even at the groomers and sometimes the vets
  • everyone loves him
  • you would not expect a guy with such a big build working there but
  • is a little squish just like the animals there
  • the rabbits will just look so small in his hands
  • lets the children hold the animals too
  • is saddened when he has to pick out the dead fish in the tanks but will do it because it’s apart of his job
  • the best employee ever
  • is all smiley and cute and gentle and awh
  • but lowkey dies inside every time he sees someone smudge their hands over the glass panel of the bunny village that he just cleaned
  • he won’t let that get him down though because he can just clean it again
  • it means he can play with the bunnies for longer

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i was on this stone walkway with my best friend and my brother but the stone walkway was in the middle of a crowded water park. also the walkway was like, raised 6+ feet up by consecutive layers of larger and larger rocks. so we were walking along and i look ahead and i didnt pay attention and sort of slid off so i hung on the edge and screamed and i yelled for my brother to help me but he was talking to someone ahead of us on the walkway. that person was my 6th grade school librarian. so my best friend helps me up and librarian goes “hey, that isn’t appropriate for school!” i forgot to mention i was wearing a crop top (which is normal for me). so i was like “mrs L we aren’t even in school!” and she just “I don’t care it’s not appropriate, go to the principals office!” and i fell off the walkway into a pool and woke up

rememberitwell  asked:

I really like your blog, and I resonated with the concept of RSD when I discovered it. But recently I broke up with someone and I've been looking at why. I think you should encourage people to look at their attachment styles. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the people experiencing RSD have anxious/preoccupied attachment style. It really describes RSD and other symptoms we associate with AD(H)D. And this is something that once recognized can be changed with time and effort. It might be helpful

This is a really good point!

Attachment like this can result from having neglectful parents or abusive parents, but it can also result from having a neurological disorder (like ADHD) where you just aren’t always “on” when you should be in order to develop your attachment properly.

Here’s Wikipedia on attachment in adults. It’s a decent overview of what we’re talking about here. If anyone is interested in further reading, let me know and I’ll get you some book titles!


The Best Date - James van Riemsdyk Imagine

for the au prompt things you should do the movie theatre one!! (AN: with JVR because he’s my baby) “There was a mistake made by the employees of the cinema and they sold a seat twice and every other seat is occupied now we’re arguing because we both want to see this movie and wtf are you seriously pulling me down on your lap so we can watch it together” au

I hope you like this one, it took me a bit but it happened lol. Also in every gif I saw of jvr he looks so confused. Someone help him please. Anyway thanks for reading you guys!! -Accius

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I want to pack, but to be honest I don't know what a penis looks like. My parents have Very Strict web filters and I'm AFAB and don't like boys sexually and I don't know how to see one! I can't use the computer at school or the library to see a penis. I feel awkward asking someone to show me theirs too. What to do?

That’s okay, we all have different barriers for accessing resources and we all have to start somewhere. Let’s see if we can find ways to work around those limitations. The only idea coming to mind right now is to either look at or check out anatomy books from your local or school library. They’re fairly innocent, have information that can help you understand how that particular body part works, usually have drawings though sometimes also have real pictures to accompany the information, and if your parents saw the books you could pass them off as an interest in science/medicine or as research for a class. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Being Adam Cole’s Valet Would Include...

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Requested by Anon

➵ Wearing a bullet club t-shirt 

➵ Adam looking at you like your the most important person in the world

➵ Walking down the ring with either Adam’s arm around you, holding hands or your arm linked through his 

➵ Adam smirking at you all the time

➵ Taunting Adam’s opponents 

➵ Adam helping you into the ring 

➵ Adam helping you out of the ring 

➵ Consoling Adam whenever he losses 

➵ Celebrating Adam whenever he wins 

➵ Being present whenever Adam cuts promo’s or backstage interviews 

➵ Adam being protective for to know end. 

➵ Adam is not afraid to beat someone up for you 

➵ Cheering for Adam 

➵ Arguing with the crowd 

➵ If you buy some means get hurt, Adam doesn’t care about the match your his priority 

➵ Causing distractions for Adam 

➵ Being Adam’s number one guy/girl 

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I know I keep saying this and at some point it begins to lose meaning, but I am so exhausted. So mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted. I need help. I need a break. I need someone to rub my feet and tell me I’m pretty and make me a meal that I can eat without having to fight off feral baby fingers from grabbing at it. 

I wouldn’t trade a moment of being with Ava for anything and when I feel the weakest and saddest and tiredest, I hug her or kiss her or blow on her belly and make her shriek with laughter and it’s all worth it. And if it’s after she’s asleep, I look at 18 months worth of pictures and videos of her even though she’s not 10 feet away from me. She is literally everything and worth all of this sadness and exhaustion. 

But fuck. I just wish I had a partner right now. Someone to tell me it’ll all be okay. Someone to be here on Monday to help me keep her occupied so she doesn’t pull her EEG wires off her head. Someone to take point for a few hours on Tuesday so I can still work while making sure she doesn’t rip EEG wires off her head. Someone to soothe her when she gets frustrated that she doesn’t have all the words for things she wants and I don’t have the patience to keep asking her “what do you want?!” 

I just want someone. I need a person. I don’t even care if it’s romantic at this point. I just need someone to be here, by my side for this shit. 

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I saw Namjoon on the variety show Problematic Men and I just. I really fell for him. I was in a bad, bad mental place at the time since I had come out to my mom and was kicked out, and when I looked up his lyrics, I just. I found an angel to help guide me. And then I saw his support for LGBT+ and I was even more smitten. Even today, I look to him for inspiration and motivation and hope. I never really considered myself a weak man before, but his dimpled smile really melts me everytime.

Namjoon on Problematic Men was everything I ever wanted. (Especially when he was on it with Jackson. “Don’t diss me. Please. …..Please.”) 

I’m just so… happy to know that someone could help you out of a bad place like that. To think that you were kicked out for coming out and being open about who you really are, when you’re at one of the most vulnerable times in your life, that’s just. That makes me so livid. And I know some people find the idea that a celebrity or idol (or comic, or show, or movie, or fandom…) can mean that much to you and help you through tough times a little silly but this isn’t exactly a crazy concept. Outsiders think you’re idolizing a simple person, when in reality you’re “idolizing” - and deeply connecting to - what that person stands for, what that person has helped you come to terms with about your own life and feelings.

We’d be here all day if you and I listed off the ways that Namjoon is an angel. He’s intelligent, witty, talented, exceptionally kind, a caring leader, I mean… I won’t let myself get carried away. So yes, let’s focus on his cute dimples instead and save some time.

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I really hope that you’re doing well now, nonnie. I hope you are in a safe place surrounded by those who love and care for you. And I’m also here if you ever need to talk. But if you’re ever feeling like you’re at the end of your rope and there’s no where left to go, I leave you with these words from Namjoon himself:

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias

//You know, some people always try to find the negatives in compliments and being nice. Through my small handful of years, I’ve had people come and be legitimately mad at me for ‘flirting’ or thinking i’m trying to be conniving or manipulate someone, when in complete honesty I’m just usually really nice to be nice.
It takes very little effort to give someone compliments and often helps other people feel much better about their day. And personally, if I give a compliment, I mean it. Nothing I say is said just to help you feel better, it’d be hollow and meaningless then. If I say I love your writing or your characters and ideas, then I do completely. If I say you’re cute or beautiful when any of you post a selfie (Which, god damn why are all my friends on here gorgeous?), then I personally think you are and you should take pride in your looks no matter what, someone says otherwise? Fuck ‘em! Cuz you’re lookin’ damn good in my book. It takes so very little to say your mind instead of hiding the nice things you could say to cheer someone up, simply because you’re afraid it’ll be taken in a weird way or you might get laughed at or looked at like you’re crazy or whatever.

It takes almost nothing to just help people out when they’re feeling bad, an ear to listen when they need to vent can do a mountain of good for a very small bit of work. A compliment here and there, a little graphic edit gift thing, or maybe just checking in on them and saying hello, it can all mean so much for absolutely free. And, let me get real for a second, I personally don’t have the happiest home situation, and the saying ‘the saddest people are the kindest’ kinda applies here. There’s very little that can make me happier than being able to make people smile, even if it’s just a little laugh it cheers me up to no end. So yeah, I’ll be a dorky little shit, I’ll spam compliments, I’ll tell shitty jokes and be a goofball, and you can laugh away! Be it at me or with me or whatever! Because as long as someone else is laughing and feeling better, maybe gained a bit of confidence for the day or something, then I’ve done what I wanted to. I’ve made that bit of happiness happen, and i’m not hurt or down anything in the slightest.~

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I have a figure of the Undertaker, but one thing I noticed is that his death scythe looks as if he has the skull of Jesus on it. (It was also like this in the manga) I'm not sure if this is just for looks, or if it could possibly mean something. Do you think you could help me with this?

Do you mean how the skull seems to be wearing a crown of thorns? I’ve read other bloggers discussing this a few times, but I’ve always sort of stayed out of that topic. The short answer is “I don’t know”. However….

Someone once pointed out to me and others that the silhouette of Undertaker working as a reaper shows that his death scythe back then seems to have had a spine detail on the staff of the scythe but no ribs or skull. Either it was just drawn more simply for the silhouette… or he further customized it after getting so curious about life and death (possibly not until after deserting his post). We also have to consider the possibility that his scythe wasn’t customized to be disguised as a grave marker (sotoba) until he had decided to take up the profession of funeral director.

Let’s take a look at Grell’s death scythe for a moment. We know that Will arrived during the fight scene between Grell and Sebastian to (save) take Grell in (essentially arrest Grell) for breaking reaper rules regarding tampering with human lives, killing people not on the death list, and for unauthorized modifications to that death scythe. This suggests that those modifications must have been made just recently. As I’ve explained before about Grell’s death scythe, the chainsaw used in the lumber industry started out as a hand-held device used to aid in difficult births. It was later abandoned for this use for being only slightly successful and largely too dangerous. Then many years’ worth of successive modifications lent it to good use as a faster way to cut lumber. We don’t know what Grell’s death scythe looked like before, but perhaps it was some other type of wood saw (since it always needs to be associated with gardening, lumber industry, agriculture, or landscaping)… like the kind you simply move back and forth to dig the saw teeth into the wood. Can you imagine Grell collecting souls by sawing at people that way? Lol… I CAN. I think Grell’s partnership (in crime) with Madam Red might have led to those unauthorized modifications that turned whatever death scythe Grell had before… into something that is used in the lumber industry but has its roots in surgical applications, specifically having to do with childbirth. Grell’s speech to Madam Red about (them each) wanting but not being able to have kids… and for these other women to not appreciate their ability to have them (they came to Madam Red for abortions) just adds to the symbolism of Grell using a chainsaw to kill these women, including Madam Red.

Taking this into consideration, it seems likely that reapers choose their modified death scythes based on their personal experiences and/or their emotional states. In the case of Othello, he never found any reason to modify his at all. However, if something significant happens to them, a reaper might change/modify theirs even more. Ronald further modified his and only got those changes approved because he was dating someone in the department that processes modification requests. Notice that reapers can somewhat be dated by their choice of death scythe; they tend to select technology that is roughly 50yrs ahead of its time, something humans won’t be using (at least not in that area) until about 50 yrs later. A single-user handheld chainsaw like Grell’s wasn’t available to humans until just after WWII….

This seems to be the case with Undertaker, too. He probably did start out with the usual little sickle they all get in training - it’s one of the oldest agricultural tools ever, even predating the scythe. Then he selected to modify it to a scythe, which wasn’t in use *in Europe* until the middle of the 13th century (so this kind of dates him as early as the late 12th century, due to that whole 50yrs ahead thing). His scythe might have already had that spine detail then – the Ankou is sometimes depicted as having a scythe with various bone details in the shaft/handle, usually spines. Then something happened, and Undertaker modifies it to have the ribs and skull… and thorns. Instead of it being a direct representation of Jesus with the Crown of Thorns, I theorize it could be someone specifically dear to him whom he *sees as a martyr*. It might even be their real bones incorporated into the modification. My best guesses are either Molly/Mally G… or Cloudia/Claudia Phantomhive.

Generally speaking, modified death scythes should become more powerful with every modification. Undertaker’s is quite powerful, indeed. In fact, the new animation of the Campania arc, “Book of the Atlantic”, shows Undertaker’s death scythe taking on an ominous green glow. None of the other death scythes shown in the movie (chainsaw, cylinder lawnmower, or telescopic pruner) do this, even though they’ve all been modified too, at some point. That green glow might not be canon, but I’d still call it a significant detail….

Thanks for the thought-provoking ask! :)

If you’ve ever been concerned about badly screwing up while speaking to someone, let me just reassure you

There was a time when I was a manager working at a fast food place and we would have this yearly fundraising thing where you donate a $1 to “Help Beat Cancer for Kids.” It’s pretty great and all the funds collected get donated to local cancer research and on top of that, people have a chance to win free food and other prizes.

Well, on this particular day, we were pretty busy and were in the middle of a rush, about 4 cars deep in the Drive Thru.. So I ring up this person’s order and I asked, thinking nothing of it, “Would you like to donate a $1 to help beat kids with Cancer?” 

Now, let me just tell you, the uncertainty between the obvious “…. um” reaction I got from the customer and the time I realized what was said was a solid few seconds. By the time I realized and came to the conclusion of what I said, the other manager and two other employees working with me pause and are staring at me. And at this point, I am redder than a lobster boiled in water for an hour. 

So I just try to grin and bear it, while secretly hoping an asteroid will rain down the second coming of mass extinction and move onto the next car. I go through the order, things have come back to some form of semblance and I make a mental note not to do it again. But, as my luck would have it, my brain just decides that I’ve gotten off too easy, and so after repeating the order back I ask, “Would you like to donate a $1 to help beat kids with cancer?”

Now, I’m still here and I’m still alive, but for the rest of that night, my soul had left my body to join my ancestors somewhere in a land far far away.

louis questionnaire

thanks @sundownlouis for this cute set of questions. Thanks @cobaltwriting for tagging me. 

rules: you must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 louie blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the question

I tag @dunquirky @tommoandnialler @teatimetommo and @appreciatetommo (sorry if someone already tagged you)

Favorite Look: (Louis in that almost sheer black t-shirt, tight jeans and those shoes. God help me)

Favorite Tweet: This one from yesterday. He’s always so astonished at his own talent. It’s precious. 

Favorite Interview: This one. He was so cheeky and they were all so handsome that day.

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Favorite Hair Style: I like it long. 

Favorite Family Member: This little nugget.

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Favorite 1D Bromance: Niall and Louis. 

Favorite Celebrity and Louis: Norman forever and ever amen. 

Favorite Tattoo: Chest because reasons.

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Instagram Post: This one because I’m a sucker for my baby with his baby. 

Favorite Music Video: Night changes. Louis driving a hot car in a suit and a trench coat with that giant quiff? Good lord help me. 

Favorite Song Written by Louis: No Control

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Favorite Lad and Dad Moment: The sweetest. 

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Now Answer:

Name: K

Age: Older than Louis

Where you live: East Coast of the US

Have you ever seen Louis live in concert or met him? God I wish. 

What’s your favorite thing about Louis? He’s strong mentally and emotionally. I think he likes to party and have fun, but he works really hard and loves fiercely and that is how I operate as well. So he feels like a kindred spirit. 

What’s your favorite line/lyric of Louis’ on a 1D album? “I’m sorry if I said I need you. But I don’t care, I’m not scared of love.”

What is the song that reminds you the most of Louis? Make you feel my love by Adele. I wrote that song into a Louis story (he sings along to it as he’s dancing with my OFC) and it seems like a good love ballad he’d like. 

What is the movie that reminds you the most of Louis? Weirdly enough, Begin Again reminds me of him. I always think that Louis will end up a record executive and something about Mark Ruffalo’s character feels like how Louis would create music. 

How long have you been a Louie? Since I became a fan about 2 and a half years ago. 

Where were you when Just Hold On came out? I was at work and had to go into the wellness room to have a little freak out. 

What are you expecting from Louis’ first unconfirmed, unreleased, but totally still happening solo album? I’m not sure. I didn’t think he’d do EDM as his first solo single, but I think he is just experimenting and finding his voice now. I’ll be happy to listen to anything he creates really. 

What are your tags for Louis on tumblr? my main louis tag is ‘#louis but I also tag him with #so proud of you louis, #I love him an awful lot and #that’s my baby

Who is your favorite Louis blog? I like anyone who isn’t an intense l*arrie that is also Louis fan. (The tinhats are too much for me.)

If Louis could read this right now, what would you say? I’m so, so, so proud of you. You’ve not let fame take away your spirit, and I can’t wait to hear more of your music. I love you an awful lot. 

That ol Razzle Dazzle.

The woman raised her feeble hand to her eye to remove the prison allowing him to come out. Her body transformed into a tall lanky man with long hair and a tan. “Ladies and Gentlemen a pleasure..” he would boast flickering his hair in a flamboyant manner.  The figure smiled and did a little head nod with a manic laugh. “Name is Hallelujah. “The man would bow.  He would glide in a flamboyant manner to each side of the stage with his long lanky arms wide open.

“I need a volunteer. “  He would look into the crowd. “Someone would like to come up and help out. It will be real quick I promise. “He would wait until someone volunteer.  He would grin at the volunteer sizing them up. “Oh yes, you will do just fine.”  Hallelujah flicks his wrist and a tiny top hat would appear. He showed the audience and asked, “See anything yes or no?” He handed to the volunteer. “Please state if it’s empty. “

A smirk would grace his lips. “Now hand it back to me thank you.” Hallelujah did some hand tricks flipping the top hat to and fro. He popped it once and placed it upside down in the palm of his hand. He pulled out a skinny elegant sword. Hallelujah placed the top hat on the ground upside down. He took the sword and balanced the sword on his finger tip. With a few whirls and small dance he stopped.

Hallelujah placed the tip of the sword at his teeth tilting his head back the sword began to slide down his throat slowly. He would bend over showing the sword is down his throat with a wink he bends back up.  He would swing his hips side to side playfully. He motioned his assistant to grab the hat. He pulled another sword out. Hallelujah placed the tip on the teeth and it slides down his throat with ease.  

He would motion his assistant to grab the handle. He would grab the other and with a motion, they would pull the two swords out together. Hallelujah would showcase his assistant and would bow as well. “Thank you all. I must go for now. “He would wink once more raising his hand to be set back into his prison. The form would change back into the female that was standing there before.

@clandestine-carnival @small-powerful-deeds 

Something's up with Nicki

I went to her dorm about half an hour ago, to bring her some coffee and help her study since she’s been so stressed. I got there and she seemed fine, but about ten or fifteen minutes later, she just got this weird blank look on her face for a minute and passed out!?! I’m not a doctor, but that doesn’t seem right to me…